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• Case Law
- Keshavananda Bharti v. State of Kerela, (1973) 4 SCC 225.
• Journal/Article
- Bonnie Docherty & Tyler Giannini, Confronting a Rising Tide: A Proposal for a Formatted: Font: Italic

Convention on Climate Change Refugees, 33 HARV. ENVTL. L. REV. 357 (2009); Commented [Ma1]: You can find bluebook abbreviations
for Journal here, refer
• Internet Source
Formatted: Small caps
- Conor Seyle, Making Somalia Work Government without Governance, FOREIGN Commented [Ma2]: Name of the author
AFFAIRS (Dec. 18 2017), Formatted: Font: Italic

10/makingsomalia. Formatted: Small caps

Commented [Ma3]: Publishing website
• Books
Commented [Ma4]: It is the date which appears on the
- JAMES CRAWFORD, THE CREATION OF STATES IN INTERNATIONAL LAW 59 (2nd ed. website or if you want to refer the last visited, it will be (last
visited Dec. 18 2017)
Oxford University Press 2006).
Commented [Ma5]: Page no.
• Treaties Formatted: Small caps

- International Covenant on Civil and Political Right, art. 14, Dec. 16, 1966, 999 Formatted: Small caps

U.N.T.S. 171. Commented [Ma6]: No comma in between

Commented [Ma7]: Date of Publication (Remember it is
• Indian Constitution not the date when the treaty came into force)

- INDIA CONST. art. 14. Commented [Ma8]: Publication Reference,

Can be found of Refworld
• Statute Commented [Ma9]: No comma in between
- Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, §16. Formatted: Small caps
Commented [Ma10]: This is not Bluebook 20th ed.
Citation, 20th ed. gets quite complex w.r.t. Statutes. So, are
just taking this Standard citation format for our Report