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Remuel B.


Media and Society

Read the succeeding case study and answer the question that follow.

1. If the second part of the report was aired, what do you think would its
content be? Do you think the truth - that the “mysterious” disease was in
fact psoriasis and leprosy - would have been presented?

ANSWER: Well, I think that the content of the second part of the
report was a continuation of the network’s claim about the
mysterious disease happened in Pangasinan. Yes, the DOH
disclaimer was correct since it was scientifically proven. The DOH
data was undergoes in different examination and experiment before
they claim that it was a psoriasis and leprosy and not a
mysterious disease.

2. What do you think are the lapses of the people and group involved in
creating the report?

ANSWER: In my opinion, I think that the people and group involved

in creating the report has a lack of knowledge about this. As we can
see, the report was only composed of thoughts based on the
“Prophecy” which is wrong because if you were a reporter you must
make your news reliable to the audience. Moreover, in
professionalization, you must make your article not bias to the readers
or an audience.

3. In what way could the network have prevented the lapses to happen?

ANSWER: They must always consider the the both sides before they
make a report, like this, in order for them not to deliver a fake news
to the people. Since they are a reporter, they need to gather an enough
data first before giving a conclusion on a particular event.
Researching about this topic and putting citation as well can
strengthen their claim.

4. What did the network do upon learning about the DOH disclaimer?

ANSWER: The DOH disclaimer was really matter on the reporter

since it will serve as a warning for them in making such news or
article. I think that after they hear the side of the DOH, they will
become more careful and conscious whenever they are making a

5. If you were put in a similar situation, what would you do to fix the
ANSWER: Well, if I am on a shoe of a reporter, I must follow the
correct steps in making a reliable news. Even if I am only a student I
will always consider the professionalization in making any article.
First, I will do a background research with regards to this topic and
starts disseminating the correct information to my fellow reporters in
order for them to know what is the topic all about. And before I
published it online or broadcast in air, I will review it first to avoid
any uncertainties.