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Demand No. 16 Plan Head 36- Other Electrical works

Particulars of work Allocation Cost

(in ‘000s Rs.)
Provision of Grid connected Solar Generating System on Roof Top CAP 71,96
of Rail Sadan Building at Bhubaneswar,


“Vision document 2020” mandates that 10% energy used would be sourced from renewable sources
in non traction applications on Indian Railways. The energy generated by grid connected solar
photovoltaic system will be utilized to feed railways “electrical load during day time”. As a result,
during day time the purchase of electricity from electricity authority will get reduced.

The pattern of KWH Consumption in ECoR is as tabulated below:-

Year : 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
KWH Consumption : 84.14 MU 80.98 MU 81.63 MU 82.51 MU 83.00 MU

Railway has taken several measures for Energy Conservation and increase in units’ consumption has
been considerably restricted. Due to adoption of generating Green Energy, the effective
consumption of conventional source of energy shall also decrease.

The projected electrical consumption by 2020 shall be around = 90 Million Units.

In terms of Board’s letter no. 2001/Elect.(G)/159/1/Pt.I, dtd.27.12.2012, 10% Energy used would be
sourced from renewable sources. Hence 10% of total projected demand by 2020 = 9 MU to be
achieved during next 7 years. Therefore addition of renewable source of energy per year would be =
9/7 MU = 1 MU approx.

For achieving 1MU we have to install Solar Panel of capacity= 1 MU / (8 hours x 365 days) = 342 KW
or say 350 KW. Hence, per year 350KVA of power we have to obtain from renewable sources. The
grid connected solar system of availing energy is the most reliable and convenient. The space
available in south block for about 800 sq.mtrs. in two patches are adequate for provision of 70 KWp
solar panels in 2 patches – 35 KWp each. By provision of solar panels direct sun rays hitting the roof
can also be avoided. Hence, it is proposed to avail 70 KWp (Kilo Watt Peak) power from Roof Top
Solar Generating System which will be connected to Grid of Rail Sadan for utilization in Rail Sadan,
Bhubaneswar. RDSO has circulated specification No. RDSO/PE/Spec/PS/0092-2008 (Rev.0) Amdt.4
for Grid connected Solar Generating System of cap 10KWp to 100 KWp.

During rainy days, the hybrid inverter will draw power from Grid to meet this solar connected load
requirement. As per RDSO specification, Railway will adopt crystalline based technology. For the
proposed capacity of 70KWp, the cost of solar power plant is Rs. 97.63 lakhs as per budgetary offer
submitted by Crux Power, Bhubaneswar. After considering subsidy on capital investment of 30%, the
plant shall cost Rs. 68.34 lakhs, after contingency and D&G charges it comes to Rs.71.96 lakhs. The
payback calculation & cash flow statement is enclosed as Annexure. The ROR of the project arrives
to 14%.
Since power availability is not a problem in ECoR/HQ building, it is better to go for a system of
without battery back up to reduce maintenance and hassle free operation. New metering concept
will be adopted so that the surplus power feed to Grid can also be calculated. In 1st phase it is
considered to extend Power Supply through Solar Generating System to the lighting loads of Rail
Sadan on experimental basis. Subsequently, it will be provided in other places of E.Co. Railway on
successful working of the same.

In light of the above and considering the importance of the use of non-conventional source of
energy, it is proposed for provision of 70 KWp roof top grid connected solar generating system.