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Have an upcoming

Merritt Printing event?

& Office Supplies is
We have forks
now your local agent for BLACK’S PHARMACY
& knives! Bandages

$$ 99
99 38
At $20/box for 1000pcs
you can't go wrong! Heatwraps
Drop Parcel
in andpick
1951 Garcia
see up
us &
:) drop off hours are
Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm, M
rRr Ii Tt tT M
rNn Ii N
Please recycle
recycle 10-60’s
1951A Garcia St 3-4’s
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808
Black’s Pharmacy
FREE Delivery for Seniors & Those with Restricted Mobility
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC 2037
2037 Quilchena
Quilchena Ave., Merritt
Avenue, MerrittBC
BC(250) 250-378-2155

help wanted News,

EQUINOX EDITION — MARCH 20, 2019 #3263
midweek  edition — july 25, 2018 #3176
opinion, eventsevents
community & classifieds since 1996!
since 1996! Box 2199
Box 2199, Merritt,
Merritt, BC V1K
BC V1K 1B8 1B8
we are looking for a friendly, energetic, smart, and
T (250)378-5717 F (250)378-2025
Tel: (250) 378-5717
Fax: (250) 378-2025 Email:
responsible person to join our small, fun, and
happy team on a part-time basis.
Celebrate On special
Must be available bythis
On special
thisand up the BBQ!
Ben Tyner’sban
Campfire disappearance
starts Congrats, deemedLuke! suspicious Mon, Tues, Wed 7am - 3pm open
Mon - Fri
Now, nearly 2 months after a week-long search for the missing Nicola Ranch man- Thurs, Fri 7am - 3pm
100% Canadian aa/aaa Effective at noon on Thursday, July 26, The Edmonton Oil Kings have hired until 7pm


potential for more hours if needed.
drop off yourCanadian aa/aaa
resume at the shop, or send us an
ager, policewill
campfires havebeannounced
prohibitedthat they now consider
throughout Ben’s disappearance
Luke Pierce as Assistant Coach. as suspicious.
Saturday: 7am-2pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm

BarOn Of Beef rOasts Sunday: 9am-2pm & Fri

the“Sometimes at the onset jurisdiction.
of an investigation, theretheir
are 3pieces that relocate
don’t quite fit
Beef rOasts
electronic copy: Kamloops Fire Centre’s Amy and sons will to Ed-
and,Thewhile there is Service
BC Wildfire nothingisdefinite,
dealing with they warrant further investigation,”
monton later this summer. said RCMP Sunday: 9am-2pm
w here fri en d s mee t to e at

Active outdoor play

Come check us out! Sgt. Janelle Shoihet. where friends meet to eat
THIS WEEK Come check us out! several
as ahaving
fires in the Kamloops Fire
result of had the opportunity
lightning storms that to review all the pieces, we believe that the
2101 quilchena ave.
210 1 qui lc h en a av e. ((250)378-0331
250 )37 8-03 31
moved throughsurrounding the Okanagan Mr.lastTyner’s
The WeCare mayCrewinvolveandcriminality.”
Smart Step pro- Findus
us on
on facebook
Find facebook
and dryhaving looked at
conditions arewhat is nowto
expected almost
Merrittofare investigative
trying to follow
promote up
and investigation,
continue. The fire they’ve
danger determined
ratings in the that not all the
healthy pieces are
lifestyles andfitting
outdoor quiteplay.
like they should,
Kamloops and that
Fire Centre areitnowappears
generallyMr. Tyner’s disappearance
They is not boxes
are creating utility of his filled
own with
tion.” To protect
likely increase
with any
the integrity
or “high”,
this week.
of the
but these investigation,
is asked to
various the
goods details that
locations RCMP
can will
be provided.
be placed
town. The vision db Beauty Bar
or the Southeast activities
Districtwill Major also include
Crime Unit tip
for line boxes is for the equipment in them

the use of: fireworks, sky lanterns, burn to be used freely by all members in the com-
We offer: Thoughts
barrels from cages
or burn outside the box
of any size or de- munity, with the hopes people will get active special
•facial $45
• Competitive Pay Rates
• Full Medical Benefits
• Year-round Troublesome
scription, binary exploding targets, tiki and
torches and similar kinds of torches,
spark interactive
Nicola are
Society from
for support the
presents •Lash extensions $45
• Paid, In-truck Orientation • Home Everyday Will I die with
chimineas, outdoormy passionstovesinside? & other Will people of Merritt by donating their no-
I rise? Will the world disguise not my CSA- Stephanie Winton
tries? longer-being-used and/or unwanted on Rattlesnakes and Wed-Fri 1-8pm, Sat & Sun 10am-2pm
FRI-SUN LUNCH BUFFET $13.99 portable campfire apparatuses I truly wanted to excel. Roadkill in British Columbia.
mean to sporting equipment to fill the boxes.  Ifis Stephanie
or ULC-approved. FinesI$1150,
rebel. I penalty
meant well. Yet, built a conservation researcher with Thomp- Book online:
Phone 1-800-700-4445 trative of $10,000 or, ifdifferent
convicted in anyone has equipment to donate they can
2350 Voght St., Merrittor•email 250 378-2254 in a world designed to stimulate purpose- contact son Rivers University and Environ- or on facebook • 250-936-8763
court, up to $100,000 and/or sentenced Olivia Schmid at 250-936-8314
year in Ijail. If the contravention or
stumbled. ment Canada. She recently completed
I don’t
deny my
responsible realities
to aabnormal
may be are Community
the her Masters degree assessing impacts
foreign. to of roadkill on Western Rattlesnakes in
southern BC. Her work led to important
Andall firefighting
I know the world and seesassociated
me as costs.differ- Music in the Square
ent. I’m infrom motion Outside
alongside the Box eyes alien conservation applications to assist this
July 26, Yale Country Jug Band plays
to mine. These alien eyes saw me trip at Music in the Square.Excellentthreatened species. research on Merritt’s Auto Glass
The New World
Merritt Real Estate Services Aug 9 Jackson Hol- 2001
TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700 and act-up a bit. These alien eyes Druidspassed low, an enigmatic species. Thursday March
Aug 16 Swing Cat Bounce, Aug 23 Specialists INC.
The evidence
judgment. And to insupport
today’sa world,
visit by the I’m Fin 21st, 7PM at NVIT Theatre. All welcome
de Fiesta Flamenco, and Aug 30
okay with of Ireland
it. But how (Emerald Island) is Robert
will tomorrow’s - membership of donation. 
Bertrand, and Dawn Marie &
ICBC Claims
mindyet,see amine?
visit is still a possibility. Non-profit
Tonya Chypyha. comm. Bringengagement
your lawn chairs fair •Commercial •Residential
2 bedroom in 4 plex .............$850 plus utilities A Druid can
History is thebespiritual
cruel. Many member Community
amid & blankets.
thinkers Futures Nicola
FMI Civic Centre 315-1050. Valley will
host a fair highlighting groups, services &
•Automotive •Industrial
4 bedroom duplex ..............$1500 plus utilities the
were Celtic people,
vilified. So, and a true
I’d like to Druid,
ask thelike a Baillie
crit- House Christmas in July
true Singh,you is master the organizations at work in the community. It 2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
ics—Are cleverof enough
the tool we to call
distin- Everything Christmas will be on
3 bedroom duplex ..............$1100 plus utilities human body, lies,transcends maya/mam- is also an opportunity for non-profit orga- 378-4531
guish between tries, sabotage, tears, sale  July 27 & 28  at the Baillie House,
3 bedroom townhouse........$1000 plus utilities mon,
truth,isandable to govern
racist stories? the unseen reality, nizations to attract volunteers and increase
open 10am-4pm each day.
Since my with childhood
The Great Spirit, daysassists membership. If you’re looking for some-
I’ve Summer
Please feel free to stay in touch as there’llMarket
what’s on
the weak and
hummed the needy, protects
troublesome and I’ve dharma,
played thing to do, be lots to take in!
L i v i n g inventory may change very quickly.
Legends Four Nicola Valley Artists and
in theserves only The
righteous Infinite.
rebel’s Death is
marching not
band. The fair is onthe
Check out newCivic
at the Ctre, evening
Friday Saturday
feared by them. Death is their companion. summer
Mar 23, night markets,
10am-4pm. Free 6-9pm onspon-
admission, the
March 8-30, 2019 Some days it’s a one man parade but I 2000 block of Quilchena Ave.
Nicola Valley Community Arts Council
Hrs: Thison.
march type If of personwho
I don’t, is fewelseand will?far The
be- sored by the City of Merritt and Entrepre- Courhouse Art Gallery
MOVEDReception TO 3499 Friday, VOGHTMar 8, 4-7pm STREET. Thurs-Sat12-6pm
tween, especially inearthly
this day and age.who The Spences Bridge farmer’s flea market Merritt Real Estate Services
change I desire is but those neurs with Disabilities Program (EDP).
Come pay us a visit! masses are too selfish. The many are more EveryKennySunday at the old school yard,
march entertain Angels. Nonetheless, Kinda • Art Walk Show
(250) 378-1996 direct line to the
concerned with pleasing their senses, ac- 10am-3pm.
marching solo is seen as weird and sus- TrinityFor a table,Church
United 250-458-2314.
call Terrypresents the FORonRENT
till Sunday, July 29th
Property management department
cumulating resources, and stroking their Fundraiser
pect, and in the mind of a bigot, I’m up leading Kenny Rogers tribute show, Kin- for Jordyn Tolles Come get your beads before it’s all over!

Call for all your residential or

ego than working toward improving the daSunday,
to something nefarious. No matter, until
world—heaven on earth can be ours.
Kenny, on July 29, 1-10pm
Sunday, at theInAb-
Apr 7, 2pm. the •1 BDRM
Art Walkbsmt
Up 6:30-8pm, Aug 17,plus utilities
at the Sum-
Heaven’s entourage fails to attend, I’ll erdeen Inn pub
Sanctuary. in Lower
Tickets are only $20,Featuring
Nicola. available 3 BDRM fourplex..................
mer Nights Market $1000 plus utilities.
commercial property management needs! Researchers are suggesting that the BC-based musician Myles Murphy, and
at Black’s Pharmacy. This is the show 3 BDRM
to march,hitched

hum, and
a boat
to bring your instrument to jam. 50/50 raffle
seen on Oprah, Jay Leno & CNN. If you • Artrenovated
Walk Artists’ duplex....
Show Aug $1500 plus1st
2-Sept utilities
doug strand Evelyn Armstrong this continent with the Carthaginians. It’s & much more. FMI Desiree 378-2933.
best-selling author like Kenny, this is the show, check it out 3 BDRM • Faye Gustafson: Kids Summer Paintingutilities
house on the Bench. $1600 plus &
possible they were fleeing persecution.
For in this Yug, the spiritual masters are on
Int. Savings Moonlight Movie Tour 3 Sculpture
BEDROOM Workshop home in Sunshine
Aug 13-17, Valley
9:30-12 noon,
pius chong jackie stibbards Help with income taxes Thelow Moonlight DropTour
Movie at Central ................................................. $1500
hunted. Which group of spiritual adepts Help for people with incomes. by Crossroads 5 mornings of fun art! plus utilities.
Community Church any Tues during MarchPark& on July
April 29. Ferdinand
9am-12noon, willall
with shown
bethe info
wasn’t attacked and pushed to the edge
needed to complete your tax return. on a giant inflatable screen starting at Please
Ages 6+feel$125,
stay inprovided
touch as
of extinction? Inscriptions in the ancient
Celtic MarketOgham,
language, AGM Thurs, were Mar found 28,on
sundown, 7pm. There will be family-
6-8pm, Rm 4 at the Civic Ctre. FMI 250-378-2124. inventory
Come may change
join the NVCAC Arts Tablevery quickly.
activities at the
friendly activities and a concession stand Summer Nights Market. 6-9pm. Bring your kids!
cave walls in Colorado. These inscrip- 3499 Voght St. Merritt
He Neverto
Pan always flying?proceeds
with Collettville Quebec trip.
tions communicate aWhy is Peterastrologi-
complex Lands! Decorate a hat or a crown!
A donation of $3/person or $10/family is
cal understanding
But, Daddy... My husband such as andthe equinox.
I took our two-year-old
suggested. daughter
Funds to the home-improvement
raised benefit the Ty (250)Mic
• Open 378-1996
Nights direct line to the
Fri, 7-9pm @ Kekuli Cafe
However, the Native
store. Madison got tiredAmericans,
of walking,orsoan- my husband let her ride on his shoulders. Property management department
Pozzobon Carving. Bring lawn As he
other group,
walked, Madison might’ve employed
began pulling his hair.thisAlthough he asked her to clothing,
stop several times,
blankets & warm and cashshefor Call
all your residential or
kept on. system,
Getting since
annoyed, the hesystem
scolded, was“Madison!
not Stop that!” “But, Daddy,” she replied, “I’m f.m.i.
admission & concession.
Nicola Valley
Community Arts Council

exclusive to the Celts.

commercial property management needs!
1840 Nicola Ave., Merritt, BC | (250)378-6515 | | just trying to get my gum back.”
Cultural scientist, Hans Giffhorn, is convinced that the Chachapoya people of
South America descend from Europeans—possibly the Celts. Giffhorn points to the
physical similarities of the Chachapoya such as their light skin, red-hair, and freckles. MERRITT PICKLEBALL CLUB
Presents the
He presents his argument in the book, Was America Discovered in Antiquity? Carthagini-
1st annualans, Celts and the Mystery of the Chachapoya. Giffhorn’s view is also supported by ge-
netic examinations that link the Chachapoya with Europeans.
Playing M/W/F: 8:30-11:30am, Sport Box, Central Park
(2975 Voght•FREE
Centre (1950
Street) T/TH:
to theMerritt
Ave) Great fun and
•Live music in the morning

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT FAIR Archaeologist Robert Pyle, in the 1980s, uncovered a bone needle in West Virginia, drop-ins welcome. Demo paddles and instruction avail-
and some time around the 5th or 6th century AD, it was etched using the Ogham writ- able. FMI call•Information from
Brian 250-378-7452 or Gary 250-280-0105.
ing system. Pyle also discovered an ancient skull near the area where he unearthed community organizations
Saturday, March 23rd, from 10:00am to 4:00pm
the bone needle. DNA & C14 testing conclude that the skull is of European origin and
it dates back to the 7th centrury AD. —M. Bhangu, Amazon best-selling author
•Volunteer opportunities
space for your ad
•Q101 on location
at the jokes
Communist Merritt Civic
aren't funny Centre
unless everyone gets them
Tel • fax 378-4700
bigger the more OFFERED
you take from it?IN
lower class...
Apparently, they're not making shortbread any longer

HUGE selection of gifts: Wake & Bake mugs,

candles, stickers and more!!! Toll free: 877-420-1116
Giftware • Grinders
Vapourizers • Water pipes • PIPES • CIGARS • Hookahas
ZIPPOS • Clothing and tons of ACCESSORI ES
2013 Quilchena Ave, Merritt, bc • 250-378-9686 420 Trans canada Hwy, Salmon Arm, bc • 250-833-1414 259 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, bc • 250-554-1501

WEDNESDAY EDITION — MARCH 20, 2019 #3264 Merritt’s Auto Glass 2001
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 T: (250) 378-5717 F: (250) 378-2025 E:
Specialists INC.
4 17” TOYOTA Tacoma alum rims $200 CARAVELLE chime  clock $75obo.

Your photos or art on a mug — great gift!

378-6033 Trunk, cedar-lined $75obo 378-6027
1925 QUILCHENA AVE lots of tools:
thickness planer 12 1/2 /2 1/2 HP, band-
99 CHEV Cavalier exc cond, lw km, 936-8297 2 WHEELCHAIRS, treadmill 525- ICBC Claims
0240, 315-2345
saw with disc sander combo, compressor
with hose air chucks 4 guns and paint
98 DIESL truck, 3/4-tn, nice shape 100k
on nw motor, brnd nw tires, auto, 4wd 5 BOXES of Christmas ornaments, gift •Commercial •Residential
$11,500 378-5220 wrap, nativity scene etc $100obo. 280-
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
sprayer, reasonable prices, downsizing
call Don 315-5742 SET 4 new all-terr. m&s P235/R16/85 0569, •Automotive •Industrial
on Ford 8-bolt rims. Text 778-868-7102 FIREWOOD reas. rates 936-8185
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808 SHULUS COMM. HALL Mar 23 &
4 31X1050R15 lt snowflake m&s Good- HOUSEPLANTS: aloe, spider, joya,
2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
24, 9am-4pm. Kitchen, household, tools
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC
315-9815 to book a table $10 ea. year Wrangler tires, 1 BF Goodrich at
snowflake m&s TA, lk nw $200/all obo
etc. 378-9545 378-4531
MERRITT SENIORS CTRE Sat Mar PAIR MEN’S Sorel winter boots, lk nw,
30, 8am-3pm, 1675 Tutill Crt 315-0074 sz 7 $100obo 378-9545
cigarette lighter in vehicle) never used
SPACE FOR YOUR AD SALE Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 10:30am-
3:30pm. Raising money to paint the still in box $50.  378-4177
has fabric and sewing notions. Nw fabric
from Katja’s Quilt Shoppe 378-3734
TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700 buildings on the Baillie property. Thanks
to everyone for their wonderful support
02 FORD TAURUS low mileage, gd
cond, very clean, $4500 378-2701
UNPASTEURIZED raw honey: $40 for
8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5
in 2018. 05 EPICA v6, 136k, wntr & summr tires, for 1 cup. Locally grown organic garlic,
MARKET@UNISERVE.COM personal grt shape $3800obo 280-1250 $10/lb. 378-4947
92 FORD Explorer 4x4, 4-dr, v6 auto, for sale - furniture
RING LOST IN MERRITT, simple radio, clean, nw 235x75x15 winter tires,
band of orange cloisonné with blue/sil- trlr hitch, body gd, white, minor dents, WARDROBE closet/craft storage/shop
ver flowers, not valuable but sentimental. roof rack, moon roof, gd glass,  280k, storage 72”x48”x20”, many uses. $60
315-9150 rns smooth/no oil leaks, good batt., quick pics on Craigslist. Pantry cabinet white
BOOK NOW for Easter Break & Spring sale $1500 250-319-2101 $30. 250-572-3329
Break. Need someone to take care of 4 225/55R17 Goodyear m&s tires 90% KITCHEN table, wood, round with drop
your home & pets? Honest, reliable. Bill tread, $400 378-8198 edges, two wood chairs- matching. Cof-

Nicola Valley Kinesiology

315-3621 04 HONDA Elantra $400 obo 280-7474 fee table and two end tables, all three
LOOKING FOR a profess. upholsterer with drawers, matching. All in good
FIBERGLASS canopy, 6’8” by 5’3”, condition with regular wear. $150obo for
to re-upholster recliner & couch 315-0179 sliding windows, semi-new, 378-4493
THIS COWGIRL is back for ranch-sit- everything. 378 2883, 280-0524
98 HONDA Civic $1500 378-0441 LARGE Desk $30. Green armchair $15
ting, house-sitting best in the valley, RC-
MP-approved 378-7435 4 CHROME PU rims c/w 3 mounted 378-3934
Deep Digger radial tires 33x12.5R18 LT. 8’ LOVESEAT $25obo 280-0779
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) A white truck box for 08 GMC 3500 HD c/w
support group. Tues. mornings at United tailgate, lights, liner & edge moulding, nw KING SZ RV mattresss, clean, blue co- NICOLA VALLEY COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL
Church Hall 1899 Quilchena. FMI 378- cond. plus bumper & hitch frame $2900obo lour. $70 Call/text 250-936-8612

Four Nicola Valley Artists

5225.  New members welcome. BURGUNDY leather couch and love Living
ANGIE’S TEA LEAF READING. 93 MAZDA MX3, stndrd, vry crazy ste- seat $275. Brown leather electric reclin- Legends
Anytime, gift certificates avail., will do reo & big boombox 315-4873 er like new  $425. 378-5140
group tea leaf reading. Future, money, 2 IKEA dsks, Green couch & love March 8-30, 2019 Reg Hrs:
love, relationships, business. 378-8326, 07 FORD Taurus 4-dr small 3.0 v6 auto w/
315-8685 frnt whl drv, drk grey w/ grey inter., loaded seat $250obo ChutterRanch@ Reception Friday, Mar 8, 4-7pm Thurs-Sat12-6pm
w/ all options, a/c ,brnd nw disc pads, wifi
employment opportunity Sirius radio, phone hk-up, 5-cd factory cd, CHINA CABINET 280-9433
CONAYT FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY is mp3 player stereo, all-seas. tires & 4 nw WOOD desk w/ hutch $40 378-6456
seeking a Finance Mgt (FTE, 5 days/37. spare rims to put summer tires on, rns exc for sale - electronics/software
w/ 160k paint & body, windshield just re-
Looking for work?
Hrs/wk) Candidate will be responsible 40” SAMSUNG tv 4k $250 525-0369
for Society’s accounting systems. Qual- placed  $4550obo OTF Escape or Jeep YJ
ifications/requirements: post-sec. Educa- 525-2024, 604-256-6794 TV, 55” RCA, 2 yrs old $200. Ralph
tion in finance, accounting, bookkeeping 00 BLACK Ford F150, minor problems 378-8108

We can help. with some consideration given to busi-

ness graduates; CPA preferred. Min. 5
yrs responsible accounting/bookkeeping
$1600obo. 280-7474 3/4 TON, 1990
Ford for Parts, 4X4 - 5 Speed, 273-Fyall
Rd. Lower Nicola. 378-8764
OLDER surround sound (with wiring) &
3 speakers $40 obo 378-4177
CANON PIXMA 6700D printer , works
experience. For full description & list of 13 DODGE Ram 1500 quad cab 4x4, v8, very well, has some ink $10. Canon Ca-
• Resumes & Cover Letters • Skills Training requirements, contact Conayt. Closing nw tires/brks, 86k. $23,900. Murray 378- noScan 5600F scanner, hardly used $50. doug strand Evelyn Armstrong
• Current Job Postings • Work Clothing & Gear date: Fri, Mar 22, 5pm. Submit cover 2352 ext #8 aft 5pm 378-2458
letter & resume to: Board of Directors, 97 HONDA Civic, vry gd running cond, CASIO KEYBOARD CTK 3000- $200
• Career Planning • Government Funding 2164 Quilchena Ave., bx 1989 Merritt, clean 525-1250, 378-9948 37-6272 pius chong jackie stibbards
• 1 on 1 Employment Workshops • Disability Supports BC V1K 1B8, CANOPY for Chev truck, nw locks, 1954 ELECTROHOME TV, complete.
• Career Assessments • Self Employment Programs CONAYT FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY black $250obo 378-3496 Offers 315-5473
is seeking an Executive Director, full- 70-73 VW parts, chrome steering wheel,- KAITO Voyager KA600 port. work ra-
*eligibility conditions
time temporary (6 mos.) Looking for a seats door panel, more. Moto master dio, bst offr. 280-0569,
WorkBC Merritt offers FREE PROGRAMS AND SERVICES, highly qualified & motivated individual, hydraulic jack $70. Nw 07 Dodge 5.9 FREE: Electric calculator with printer
the use of our Self-Serve Resource Centre and one-on-one to administer the day-to-day business of diesel cab filters in box for $60. Truck 7x9in 378-2801
CFS services & programs. Must provide chains 16” and cable chains 15” new.
assistance with an Employment Advisor.
leadership to staff, volunteers & com- LINKSYS WIFI Router model N600
280-0569, wireless N, used for only 6 mo, dual
munity partners. Ideal candidate will be 89 OLDSMOBILE, gd shape $1100.
a proven Indigenous Leader. Must pass band, usb port& 4 ethernet ports. In orig-
250-458-2401 inal box w/ all acess. Nw $60, sell $15.
250-378-5151 Criminal Record Check, have valid BC
Driver’s Lic. Preference will be given to 4 BRIDGESTONE winters 215/70R16
$350 378-4315
250-319 -2680 applicants of Aboriginal Ancestry. For for sale - recreational
full description & list of requirements, 07 DODGE Caravan, gd run cond $2900
contact Conayt. Closing date: Fri, Mar obo 372-5119 650 HONDA Generator with battery Nicola Valley
WorkBC Merritt 22, 5pm. Submit cover letter & resume DEMCO manual adjust. towbar w/ charger, used rarely and runs well. Community Arts Council

The Employment Program of British Columbia is 2099 Quilchena Ave. to: Board of Directors, 2164 Quilchena wiring, safety cbls & man. $275 250- $100obo 378-2883, 280-0524 1840 Nicola Ave., Merritt, BC | (250)378-6515 | |
funded by the Government of Canada and the
Province of British Columbia Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Ave., bx 1989 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8, 319-2680 07 FLEETWOOD regal 46.5’, 2-bdrm, sips 7, 2 hd sat rec., cble hook-up, 2
for sale - pets / livestock baths, surround sound, extras, currently

Under neowwnership
5 CATAHOULA/border collie puppies set up leased lot on Nic lake, gazebo, 5
SMALL ENG. repair & tune ups 936-8083
for sale, 9 wks old, first shots & medical dcks, playhouse, shed, more $41,000
completed, call or text 315-5749
TC PAINTING. 17 yrs exper. lic. & ins. 378-6439
WANTED: 6-10 week old kitten for
reas. rates. with refs. interior only. Tina FULL SET ladies right hand Taylor
604-767-4866 adoption. Catherine 378-6840, 280-9016 Made golf clubs & bag. $500, pd $2100
RETIRED BUILDING contractor will OLDR SOW for breeding 250-458-2482. 315-4506
FREE: elliptical exercise trainer 378-9838
SPACE FOR YOUR AD mentor start up builders. 315 7748
BROILERS, red rooster, 250-458-2314
5 KITTENS to give away, 4 blk/wht, 1 ELECTRIC outboard motor $60 obo
TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700 available for installs  and repairs in the
Merritt Kamloops area. Rob 378-6110
mostly black, shorthair, ready to go 280-
30/06 w/ Bushnell 3200 scope & case
ON-SITE Livestock Slaughter Service.LK NW - Six twelve foot portable green $575 378-4572
MARKET@UNISERVE.COM Master Butcher & Slaughterman offersHAMSTER cage, guinea pig cage, 2 30- T/C PRO HUNTER 300 WinMac
fully equipped professional, humane gal aquariums, 280-9433 c/w muzzle brk & Burris 3x9 full fld
farm slaughter of beef, pigs, sheep/goats. scope, 300 dies, ammo, brass, ammo
HAPPY PUPPY DOG GROOMING. pouch, stock pouch $1250obo. Ruko
525-0396 Dogs up to 10 lbs. Flexible hrs 378-6289
ND HOME RENOS? Skilled handyman 22 semi-auto, 10 shot clip w/ scope, exc
OUTDR 6-compartment rabbit complex cond $250obo. Tasco 3x9x40 world class
with 20+yrs exper. in lt framing, plumb-
on stnd 315-4873
ing, drywall, finishing, taping, textured scope w/ Weaver rings, nw $100 firm.
ceilings, flooring, custom woodwork for sale - miscellaneous Must have PAL 378-4904 Tel (250)378-8283 • 1953 Nicola Ave
such as shelving etc. Free estimate plse
MICROWAVE, grt cond, wht. Stereo. 303 BRITISH SMLE w/ case & 2 box-
call 315-8679. Refs avail. upon request
Antique dishes & lamps 378-8326 es shells, rifling is good, Peep sites $375 ANTIQUE kitchen wood stove for rent
EAGER, RELIABLE man w/ 4x4 truck 378-4572
SINGER sewing mach w/ walnut cabi- 07 ARCTIC CAT M800 Snow Pro, FULLY RENOVATED & spacious,
& trailer avail. for dump runs, delivery,
net 378-2361 wanted/wanted to buy
plywood, dirt & gravel, appl. housewares 5600k, 130 compression, only ridden immaculate 2 bedroom suite on
and more. Greg 315-7525, 320-2054 1950’S LIONEL TRAIN SET /  engine hand full of times since owned. Billy 8-10’ ALUM. boat 778-255-0675 armstrong st, full bath, laundry, fire-
Fast, courteous service. 5 cars buildings track etc. make an offer. 315-7047 TRAVEL Trailer, Tandem Axel, 17- place, fully fenced large backyard.
Don 315-5742 or stop in 1925 C Quilche- GOLFERS: now’s the time to have 19 ft., 1990’s, good, clean condition, Available April 1. $1200,00 plus util.
DRYWALL, textured ceiling, Ave to see items
Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066 your clubs regripped, repaired or re- everything working. Jim 315-9491 Will consider small pets with pet de-
ROCK OF AGES Jewellery Box. placed, certified club maker. Free esti- WTD IMMED: Camper for 1/2 ton posit. First showing Monday, March
CERTIFIED tree faller w/ small wood Beautiful jewellery  case  containing a
chipper,  truck & trlr w/  all the gear. mates Ray 378-9169 truck, gd cond. 525-0013 4 (4:30 and after) Please call or text
white  rock from Jesus burial site. Certif- ATV CHAINS, new, fit 25x11 25x12, Dale 604-351-5111
or just hauling debris to the dump. icate of authenticity, black velvet bag for CHICKENS, still laying 378-8326
378-6431 24x10, etc. $40. 378-7505 LOOKING for a VCR 378-6776 FURNISHED room, kitchen/laun-
the rock, a scroll, a key to lock the case. dry priviledges., tv, wifi, linen sup-
GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat Engraved plate that says Rock of Ages. 30T/C Thompson Centre necked down DOUBLE-WALL insulated stove
has fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734 .308 Win., no longer in production c/w plied, n/p, n/s $600 315-5951
$35. 250-572-3329 pipe for wood stove 378-7505
Weaver long range scope, 200+ brass, BDRM for rent $600 2918 Angus
childcare SOAP/CANDLE supplies. Everything SMALL or midsize pickup truck St., Nooaitch Res., Hwy 8 525-1077
you nd to get started. Profess. made wood- RCBS dies, walnut checkered stock with either 4-cyl. or V6 engine,
WILL MIND your children all day or $1550. email 1-BDRM ste, furn’d, util incl. 378-6899
after school 378-0870 en soap mold & soap. Cutting mold  to must have long box suit. for small
make bars same size. $25ea (Cutting tool). ADULT-SIZE Super GT snowracer. lightweight camper , good cond. 1-BD SUITE furn’d, f/s/ micro-
LICENSED CHILDCARE Family Make your own lipsticks, eyeshadows, Offers 315-5473 525-0361 wave, Living, bdroom w/ Posture-
Place for children 0 – 12 years. We will
blushes, lip gloss. Silicone soap molds WE THE People bmx $500obo 280-7474 pedic Sealy bds, kitchen, Wash-
help complete subsidy paperwork. Open 2-MAN post hole auger, gas 280-0543
$2.-$5. Eco soy wax $3. Lb. Some wicks, 06 650 GRIZZLY ATV exhaust.$50. room. Free complimentary WiFi
Mon-Sat-. Drop ins welcome. Hours are RESP. OLDER GENTLEMAN on (High-Speed Internet 75),Cable,
dye blocks, clamshells Some fragrance 280-0569, pension looking for 1-bdrm or Bach,
6am – 9pm. Located at Railyard Mall.oils/essential oils. Bath salts, and packag- Phone(US/CAN long distance), Pest
2172 Coutlee Ave. FMI 378-4878 PORT. ice fishing fire pits, no mess on prefer util. Incl. n/s, n/p, n/partying,
ing Too many items and prices to list. See ice 378-4904 Control, and Cleaning weekly.)  in-
for sale - appliances walking/mobile scooter accessible cludes utils. $420 + tax for 15 days, 
pics on Craigslist. 250-572-3329 CARDIO STYLE ET100 elliptical $600 approx 250-613-5070
SEWING MACHINE table. 378-9838 trainer with adjustable tension and com- Occasion BBQ use. 525-0323
AIR COND., exc cond 506-321-9145 ORIGINAL X-Box games 378-3554
FIREWOOD for 2019-2020 winter,
WHIRLPOOL st stl stove, flat top $200. puter monitor. 378-4853 1-BDRM ste, immed. 378-2352
CANADIAN TIRE Team Canada 30’ X 60’ building metal cladding.
10,000 btu window a/c $200 280-0569 clean timbers (fir) 36in long x12in wide NR NW men’s bike $165 firm 315-1786 hockey cards. Tom 778-288-4095
& 9in high, have lots (250)224-5925
10 C.F. deep freeze, wrkng cond, wht, 200 amp service. Nat. gas ht, incl.
for sale - tools/equipment TRUCK DRY BOX preferably less office & washroom. 604-364-3410
cln $125. 604-825-1942, 378-5220 PAMPERS CRUISERS, 125, sz 3, $25, than 52” wide, price dependent on
GAS RANGE $200 378-3934 new/purchased wrong size 378-9545 HOMELITE GENERATOR 3500 BACH SUITE, microwave, coffee
starting, 3000 running watts. 193cc condition. 378-4853 maker, util incl. immed, 378-6899
2 ELECTROLUX vacuum cleaners, RUSSIAN button accordion $150. Text
250-280-1423 4-stroke OHV motor. Virtually nw. 5 yrs for sale house/property BARN BUILDING. 45’ by 90’.
best offer 378-4177 old but hour meter confirms no hrs. Call
REPLICA German knives, pictures, me- MOBILE HOME: w/ dwnpayment, 4050 sq feet.  Door openings 20’
“POP” COOLER, available as is. & see $300. Local seller 604-657-4360 wide by 14’ high. 2nd door 14’ by
dallions, medals, all new, worth $1000,
Needs to be picked up. Is outside of food OAC, (fin. avail.). pre-owned 3-bdrm,
sell $500 or trade. 315-7119 DELTA hvy duty 10” table saw 21/2 HP on 2-bth w/ lrg hobby wrkshp, lrg lot in 14’ high.  30’ ceiling. Plus man door.
bank, back door. Donation would be ap- rolling stand. Craftsman 12 1/2 thickness Water & electricity.  604-364-3410
preciated. GLASS & chrome 5-shelf $40. Elect. prk. Lrg dbl-wide 3-bdrm, 2-bth dis-
fireplace $40. Oak table, 6 chairs & hutch planer 2 1/2 HP 2-speed on rolling stand. play home, paved driveway. Call to 3-BDRM hse upstairs, 2 bths, lvn-
INDUSTRIAL steam cleaner great for Compressor w/ hose air chucks and 4
$200. Pr big speakers $200 315-4661
domestic/industrial, upholstery, detailing view 315-1000, 1-800-361-8111, ww- grm, diningrm, 525-0240, 315-2345
guns. Band saw w/ 8” disc sander on stand. 2-BDRM Sandpiper $900 + hydro +
LRG LOADED stereo, works great
cars, exc shape. Or start your own busi- Black & Decker 10” combo chop saw. All at
ness. Albert 315-9843 $90obo. Microwave lk nw $25. Book- COZY 1 & A HALF Bdm. 840 sq. dam. dep, refs req’d 378-8104
reasonable prices ...down scaling. Don 315-
STACKABLE 1-pc washer & dryer shelves wood, $10. 378-8326, 525-0013 5742, 1925 C Quilchena Ave to view ft. in Merritt Mobile Home Park 55+. STOREFRONT AVAILABLE on
CANADIAN TIRE Team Canada hock-
(washer works fine/dryer doesn’t work) Pad tent $410.00,full price$12,000 Quilchena Ave., Merritt Business
JOHN DEERE 240 Ridem mower with owner financed. (250)315-5268 ideas? call Don @ 250 315 5742
$175. Call/text 250-936-8612 ey cards Tom 778-288-4095 rototiller attachment $2100obo. Power
17”LX14”WX20”H dehumidifier, 45 4X6’ ANT. cherry dining room table. Fist gigantic fan $200. Gas Fireplace 95 SNGL WIDE mbl home, 2-bd, CLAPPERTON MANOR 2-bdrm
Bottles for beer 378-2136
pint, for a medium sz house $100 280- $200 378-3934 2-bth, lndry room, lots kitch. cup- units $925 incl ht/hot water/laundry.
0569, NEW 60” folding cargo carrier, hitch 2” OIL HEATERS, hardly used, pd $79ea, brds, priv. porch, fncd bck yrd. in call/text Randy 525-0144
W/D, elect. stove 525-0240, 315-2345receiver $150 378-5165 sell $40/both 378-8326 Riverside MH Park, $89,900 250- FREE WIFI, prkng, cbl, tel., equipped
WEDDING RING set, 2 rings, pd $2500, 258-7777, 315-3623 kitchn, wrkng people, 525-0323
WASHER & dryer, wrkng cond. $250 MOTORS: older 8hp briggs & stratton
List your garage sale &/or get our listing mail-out 378-5549 sell $700obo, sz 8 378-2646 Maria motor w/ tiller  $100obo. Older 3hp briggs FOUR 50’ city lots Quilchena Ave. 2-BDRM apt. furnished in Merritt
BOBBY GARCIA new CDs for sale, $239,000. House on large corner city to share, wrkng prsn only. 378-1581
Email: for sale - automotive
enjoy the Nashville sound. Avail. at Yaki
& stratton motor $50obo. Older 3hp
lot $249,000 378-2337
briggs & stratton motor on volume pump ROOM FOR RENT for adult stu-
00 VW Jetta, diesl 280-9433 Joe’s Pizza or text Murray 604-319-4777 $70obo 378-4177 HOUSE, 3-bdrm, large beaut. treed dent going to NVIT. Adult student,
MERRITT PICKLEBALL CLUB 04 TACOMA, 1 ownr, lw mil., re- TENS MACHINE, as seen on TV, by DAYTON power plant - needs voltage lot, trade for house near Kamloops n/s, n/drnkng, n/p Colleen 936-8763
1-level, garage, 3-bdrm 378-8326
Playing M/W/F: 8:30-11:30am, CMS Gymnasium (2975 cent inspection, wntr & summr tires Dr. Ho. Dan 378-2136
$12,500obo 378-0032 CHILTON  Hayes Peterson auto repair
regulator $50 obo. Older John Deer pow-
er saw $80 obo. Toro Rotor-rake $40 DOUBLE building lot, Collettville
NWLY Reno’d, studio, 1 bath,  in
4 plex, wood floors $625 mo. John
Clapperton Ave) T/TH: 6:30-9:00pm, Merritt Civic Centre 4 225-55R17 m&s, 90% tread 378-8198 manuals  $10ea 378-6027 obo 378-4177 $115,000. 280-1017 604-800-3400, txt 425-772-3400
(1950 Mamette Ave). Come for fun and exercise, drop-ins
welcome. Demo paddles and instruction available. POST YOUR CLASSIFIEDS… VOICE MAIL (250) 378-5717 , EMAIL MARKET@UNISERVE.COM