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For North Eastern Region (RPS-NER)

(Scheme Document)

1.1 Objectives
(a) To enhance the coverage of the RPS Scheme only for North Eastern Region to provide
support to Technical Institutes located in the far flung areas of NER.
(b) To improve infrastructure, quality, Capacity Enhancement, Modernization of Lab,
Competence of faculty and to improve learning outcomes in institutes of NER.
1.2 Eligibility
(a) AICTE approved technical Institutions/University Departments with relevant PG Programme
with at least 5 years of existence.
(b) Full time regular faculty with research experience and publications.
(c) The preliminary research facilities should be available in the institute.
(d) One proposal from one PI will be sanctioned at any point of time within the duration of
1.3 Duration of the Project
(a) Duration of project will be three year from the date of receipt of funds in the institute’s
1.4 Limit of Funding
(a) Total funding of Rs.25Lakh.
(b) Recurring 15% and Non-Recurring 85% of the total grant.
1.5 Disbursement of the Funds
(a) 1st instalment : 100 % Non-recurring Grant and 90% of the total sanctioned Recurring Grant.
(b) 2nd Instalment: 10% of remaining recurring grant.
1.6 Processing Methodology:
(a) Application will be called from AICTE approved technical institutions in North Eastern
Region only.
(b) Principal Investigator and students will present the research proposal before Evaluation
Committee at AICTE Head Quarter, in person.
(c) Absolute marks shall be considered for qualification and not grades under RPS-NER Scheme.
(d) Qualifying criterion be reduced to 50% marks as average of all the 3 evaluators.
(c) The recommendation of Evaluation Committee will be put up before Competent Authority.
(d) The Evaluation Committee shall be constituted as prescribed under Research Promotion
1.7 Terms and conditions
(a) The RPS-NER is an exclusive scheme for the Professors or PI working in institutes in North
Eastern Region. The Professors/PIs of other departments of same institute are eligible to
submit application under General RPS scheme which is already in existence. The funding
shall accordingly be made.
(b) The release of grant-in-aid under RPS-NER shall be made as per the existing guidelines and
provision contained in Research Promotion Scheme.
(c) All other Terms & Conditions shall be same as prescribed in Research Promotion Scheme.


Application Form Cum Evaluation Sheet

1.1 Institute Details

(a) Institute Permanent ID No.:
(b) Institute RPS-NER Application Id No.
(c) Name of the Institute:
(d) Contact details
(i) Email
(ii) FAX
(ii) Telephone
(e) Reference of Extension of Approval letter for the Letter No: Date:
current academic year

1.2 Year Details of the PG Course under which Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) proposal is requested
(a) Title of the Project Proposed:
(b) Name of the Lab to be funded where research
would be conducted:
(c) The Department under which the Lab is established:
(d) AICTE approved PG course of the Department under
which the research is to be conducted:
(e) Does the institute have AICTE approved PG course Yes/No
under which the proposal for the RPS is requested?
1.3 Details of the Principal Investigator
(a) Faculty ID
(b) Name of the Principal Investigator
(c) Department
(d) Contact details Cell no email

(e) Appointment Type Yes/No

(Only Regular faculty is eligible)
(f) Whether any ongoing AICTE sponsored RPS Yes/No
Project by the P.I. :

1.4 Credentials of Principal Investigator

Parameter/Criteria Input by Input by Max. Marks awarded by the Marks Awarded by
Institute Institute on Marks system the Experts

(a) PG Select(Yes/No)

(b) Ph. D Select (Yes/No)


(c) Teaching Experience in Enter Years

years 2

(d) Research & Industrial Experience Enter Years
in years 6

(e) Number of publications in last 3 Enter numbers

years (National/International 6
(f) Number of patents Registered Enter numbers

(g) Number of Ph. D Enter

students Guided Number 3

(h) Membership of the Select

Professional/ Learned Yes/No
Bodies/ Societies 2

(i) Awards Select

Yes/No 2

Sub Total 30

1.5 Credentials of Institution/Department

Parameter/Criteria Input by Input by Institute on Max.

Institute specialization Marks
(a) Consultancy Projects completed Enter
ted in last 5 years Number 5

(b) Number of courses Accredited in Enter

the institute Number 5

(c) Research Projects completed in Enter 5

last 5 years Yes/no

(d) Type of Institute whether selected 5

under TEQIP

(e) Whether the PG course under which Enter

the proposal submitted, is Yes/no 5
accredited by NBA?
Sub Total 25 <Total>

1.6 Justification of Project

Parameter/Criteria Input by Institute Max. Marks Marks Awarded by
(a) Objectives & Relevance of the Research <Input by Institute maximum 300 words>
Project 10

(b) Expected outcome <Input by Institute maximum 200 words>


(c) Research Methodology <Input by Institute maximum 150 words>

(d) Technical novelty and utility <Input by Institute maximum 150 words>

(e ) Possible patentability of the research <Input by Institute maximum 150 words>
outcome 10

Sub Total
Grand Total

1.7 Budget Non - Recurring

Recommendation (if
Cost per Number of Estimated Proposal is
S.No. Proposed Equipments Specifications Justification Unit (in Units Cost (in recommended)
Rs.) Required Rs.) No of
Yes/ Amt
No in Rs.

Total amount
Total Budget Estimate : recommended
by experts

AQIS Funds Disbursement

Requested for Recurring Budget : (Yes/No)
Requested Budget Recurring Amount
Requested Budget Non Recurring Amount
Total Fund Requested:
Limit of Funding:

I/We solemnly confirm and verify that the information uploaded on the portal in respect of this proposal for seeking
grant from AICTE under AQIS is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. In case, at any point of time it is
found that information provided in this proposal is false or incorrect, AICTE will be at liberty to withdraw the grant given to
us and we shall be liable to refund the entire amount of the grant with interest thereon and also liable for any other action
that AICTE may deem fit. We also understand that AICTE may not consider our future proposal in this circumstance.

Applicant Signature
All India Council For Technical Education
Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070
Mandate Form (For Institutes / Colleges)
Name of the Institute
Permanent ID of the Institute
Head of the Institute (Tick one) Director/Registrar/ Principal________________
Type of Institute (Tick one) Govt./Self Finance/Private etc. ______________
Address of Institute

PAN of the Institute (enclosed the
Telephone No. of the Head of the
E-Mail id of the Head of the
Name of Bank where RTGS
amount is to be sent
Branch Name
Address of the Bank

Telephone No. of the Bank
Name of the A/c holder
Account Type (Tick one) Savings Bank/Current Account
Account Number (Full):
Banker’s IFSC Code:

It is declared that all information we have provided are true in all respect.

Signature of Account holder

Or authorized Signatory with Seal Banker’s Signature and Seal

Date :
Place :

Note: (1) All Data needs to be filled mandatorily for facilitating RTGS transfer of the
amount against Institute name.
(2) Name of Institute and Name of Account holder should be same for remitting

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