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Substitute Plans

Teacher: Liebman

Grade Level:


Date: 2/26/19



Teacher Instructions

Sub Notes






1st Period




2nd Period

Room405-Aaursh, Nicholas, Abhay



In one of the buckets in the cart, there are new cello method books for the boys. Give them a book and have them put their names in it. Go over the first page with them and assign it as homework. With the time that is left, help them start GPS. Take one set of measures at a time and help them with the correct rhythms. Room 405-Ben, Megan, Ari, Ella In their cello book, go over Brandenburg concerto. I forgot what page it is on, but they will know. They were also given the bottom two lines on the whole bow/half bow page as a practice assignment. Next, have them take out their trio and everyone play part


Play along on the piano. If everyone can play

part 3, have everyone play part 2. If that works, split them up 2 on a part and put the 2 parts together. Do not work part 1.

3rd Period




4th period




5th Period

Bobbi has the official lesson plan. We start as a large group in room 405. Then, my group goes into room 403. They need to practice their melody so they can share it next class period. After they feel they are prepared, they should work in their workbooks.

Coverage needed


6th period

Room 404 Simran, Jaina, Lea. Lea has the packet the girls need to finish by the end of the year. Simran and Jaina’s packet is in the middle school tub. Have Lea explain the first two pages I went over with her and have her go over them all together. I told them we would start shifting, but that will wait until I am back. With the time that is left, have them start looking at GPS. Room 404: Emaad, Maya, Hena. They need to go over the practice assignment carefully. It was the last two lines before the whole bow/half bow page and the last two lines of the whole bow/half bow page. Play the lines on the piano. They should sing the note name while you play. Then they should sing the location (number of fingers that go down). Then they can play the line. Work out difficult measures. It will take them the entire lesson to do all 4 lines correctly.



7th period







Pack Up and Move to Dismissal Rooms