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jEL CIELO CANTA ALEGRIA! (Heaven is Singing for Joy) for Two-Part Treble Voices & Piano Words and Music by Pablo Sosa A arranged by Allegro energico ¢ = poe Dera Piano Treble ov, 1.jEI cie-lo can-taa-le - gri - a! y 1.Heav-en is sing ing for joy, — : ant Treble IL ne ——- 1. {BL cie-lo can-tag-le-gri- al jA-le - lu 5 yal I.Heav-en is sing ing for joy, Hal-le - lu jah! Sf B Porqueen tu vi-dayla mi-a bri- lla la glo - ria de For in yourlife aid in mine is shin- ing the porqueen tu vi-dayla mi-a bi- lla la For in your life aid in mine is shin- ing the glo - ww of God. ‘Text and Music © 1958 by Pablo Sosa. Copyright Renewed. This arrangement © 2005 by Pablo Sosa. Exclusive Administrator in the US, Canada and Australia and New Zealand; OCP Publications, $536 NE Hassalo, Portland. OR 9 All rights reserved. Used with permission, M.051-47662-6 Engraved & Printed in US. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The unauthorized copying of the whole or any pant of this publication is legal iA Hal le le lu lu Hal yal jah? Te- Iu le- lu iA e- in - yal Hal - te- lu - jah! iA ee Hal - le - 2. iE1 cie-lo can - tag-le - 2.Heav-en is sing ing for mp ————_—_ p = —— —_- ae y iA - le-lu yal jA-Ie-lu - yal Hal - le- lu Jah! Hal - le -lu Jah! Hal -le-lu = jah M-051-47562-6 =— : Fa = = as aed je Sele yal por-queatu vi- day/la joy.— Hal-le - Ww - jah For your. life and _ —— —_—= SS So eS ae jA-le-lu- yal jA-le-m - yal jA-le-lu - ya! jA-le-lu - yal Hal-le-lu - jah! Hal-le-lu - jah! Hal-le-tw - jah! Hal-te-lu - jah! mi-a las— unepl a - mor de mine u-nite- in the love of our God. jA-le-lu - yal jA-Je-ly - ya! jA-le-lu - ya! jA- le-lu - yal Hal-le-lu - jak! Hal-te-lw - jah! Hal le-lu - jah! Hal le-tw - jak! jA-le-Wi- ya! jA-le-lu- ya! jA-le-lu - yal jA- le. Iu - yal jA-le-l Hal-le-lu - jah! Hal-le-lu - jah! Hal-e-lu - jah! Hal-le-lw - jah! Hal-le-lu ~ jah! M.051-47662-6