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ee ee ee ee ee ee ‘coMFORT 145 Eye HAs Not SEEN REFRAIN Gente and flowing (d = a. 96) Ema D Em7/D D ACH Bm Melody Eye has not 7 ear has not heard Keytoard | Et Fim Ae 7D. Em7/D D Fe ‘who love him; Spir-it of love, come, give Bm G DIF 'G Dike ay a) D Fine feach us the wisdom of God, —————_ Text sed on 1 Corihins 25-0; Mat Hauge, b. 1950, Text and music 1,1, GIA Publications Inc Alright teserved. Used wth prison ‘COMFORT '145—EYE HAS NOT SEEN, com. (2) ‘VERSES GB Gm/Bb 1. When pain and sor - row weigh us down, be near to us, OO 2. Our lives are but a sin - gle breath, we flow - er and we 3. To those who see with eyes of faith, the Lond is) ev - er 4. We sing a mys - try from the past, in halls where saints have DIA Bm7 DEE 1. Lord, for - give the weak- ness of our faith, ‘and bear us up with - 2. fade, yet. all ourdays are in your hands, so. we_re-tum in 3. near, re- flect-ed in the fac - es of all the poor and 4. tod, yet ev-er new the — mu-sic rings to Jesus, Liv-ing op. A GA DIA AT oe 1, im your peace - ful word. 2. love what love has made. 3. low-ly of the world. Song of — God.