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17020976584 > 12035964032 RANDAZZA © Cie ee LEGAL GROUP 11 March 2019 Vio Fox and U.S. Mail Waterbury Judicial District 300 Grand Street Waterbury, CT 06702 Foax: (203) 596-4032 Re: Lafferty, Erica et al. v. Jones, Alex et al, Case No. UWY-CV18-6046436-5 Dear Clerk of Court Lam writing in to inform the Court that in my application for permission to appear Pro Hac Vice in the above captioned matter, | reported discipline imposed by the Supreme Court of Nevada but, | ako reported that | was unaware of no other grievances, with the exception of reciprocal proceedings arising from the discipline. In Afizona, | had at the time of my affidavit, knowledge of a “screening.” This “screening” involves the same set of operative facts as the underlying discipline in Nevad. Its simply ‘a reteporting of the same exact thing. Accordingly, for two reasons, | did not separately reference this in my affidavit. 1) Itisnot ‘a “gtlevance," but a “screening.” 2) In disclosing the reciprocal proceedings, | considered it to be accurate to say that there were no other matters pending. ‘Since then, it has been brought to my attention that at least one person disagrees with me on this interpretation. This person is not a lawyer. Nevertheless, if even one person thinks 1 have not been 100% clear with the court, | feel it necessary to coect the record. | presume it does not matter, since the Honorable Judge Bellis denied my application anyway. Accordingly, any omission was of no effect. Nevertheless, | do wish to moke sure that there is not even the penumbral shadow of a hint of a lack of candor in this matter, 1am available to discuss this with the court if the court wishes to discuss it with me, ond | ‘apologize if this might have been in any way seen as less than perfectly forthcoming. Sincerely. More J/Randazza 2764 Lake Sahora Drive, Suite 109, Las Vegas, Nevade 89117 | 702.420.2001 pg 1of3 © 03/11/2019 3:16 PM 17022976504 > 12035964022 p92 0f3 Latterty, fica et al. v. Jones, Alex et al.. Case No. UWY-CV18-6046436-5. =. RANDAZZA Page 2 of 2 LEGAL GkouP hereby certify that a copy of the above was electronically defivered on this 11 day of March 2019 to ail counsel and pro se parties of record in this matter: Wiliam M. Bloss Matthew S. Blumenthal KOSKOFF KOSKOFF & BIEDER 350 Fairfield Avenue Bridgebort, CT 06604 Attomeys for Plaintiffs Stephen P. Brown WILSON ELSER MOSKOWITZ EDELMAN B DICKER 1010 Washington Bivd.,. 8th Floor Stamford, CT06901 stephen> Attomey for Defendant Midas Resources, Inc. Wolfgang Halbig 25526 Howks Run Lane Sorrento, FL 32776 SeltRepresented Defendant Lawrence L. Connell REGNIER TAYLOR CURRAN & EDDY 100 Peat Street, 4th Floor Hartford, Connecticut 06103 Attomey for Defendant Cory T. Skianka Ted Anderson Genesis Communications Network, inc. 190 Cobblestone Lane Bumsville, MN 55337 Representative for Defendant Genesis Communications Network. inc. Norman Pats, Esq. Pattis & Smith LLC 383 Orange Street, Ist Floor New Haven, CT 06511 Attomey for infowars Defendants