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TEN HYMN TUNE VOLUNTARIES Book I Book Ir Darwall's l48¢? Franconia Leicester Wiltshire Stockton Abridge Richmond Old 100% Wareham St.Columba Far thre ORGAN HENRY COLEMAN Copyright: Prize 8]6 238s London. STainer & Bert L? Made in England. may all be played apon one Manual, though the use of a second Manual faallable ‘They are complete without the Pedal pert, which may be introduced or omitted at will, When the Pedals Manuals coupled as directed,it is unnecessary to play with the left hand those notes which are played by the feet. The ‘pon the upper stave will generally be taken with the right hand,and those apon the middlestave with the left,though it will some- times be convenient when changing stops if the notes on both staves are taken with one hand. ‘The bracket sign L (seo Pranconia,Book Il, page 8, last two bars, und other places) indicates that certain notes vn 1 be played by the right hand. Care should bo taken that all repeated notes, except those joined by a tie — are sounded again, and not held. This is specially Important where such notes occur in the melody of the Hymn Tune. (See Wiltshire, Book Il, page 4, and similar places.) He. Book I D. ARWALL’S 1 4gth Peterborough, Sept. 1988 “YE HOLY ANGELS BRIGHT” middle stave should HENRY COLEMAN Majestic > >> F> > MANUAL ay Ped. Gt. PEDAL Copyright,1983, by Stainer & Bell Ltd. Lesbourne Rd,Reigate,Surrey. Sapaiop Slower S. & B.4409 BOOK J