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Appendix A

The Instruments

Table 1
Experts’ Evaluation on the Content of the Module
Content Indicators Mean Equivalent
Suitability to students cognitive level
Accuracy and up-to-datedness of facts
Concretized abstract concepts
Emphasis on the scientific principles
Appropriateness of the activities to concepts being developed
Level of complexity of data processing and logical skills developed
Weighted Mean
First Session Assesses prior knowledge through real-life situations
Allows students to understand the concepts behind
Develops the skills needed by the students to answer the module question
Middle Session
Students reflect on the concepts they have learned in the context of the module question
Weighted Mean
Allows the students to pull together hat they have learned to answer the module question
Assesses the students' learning of concepts and scientific thinking skills
Final Session Allows the students to think critically about their answer or solution to defend it with
sound scientific arguments
Weighted Mean
Overall Mean

Table 2
Measurement Scale for Students’ Attitude Towards Physics

Scale Range Symbol Description

5 4.50-5.00 SA Strongly Agree
4 3.50-4.49 A Agree
3 2.50-3.49 U Uncertain
2 1.50-2.49 D Disagree
1 1.00-1.49 SD Strongly Disagree

Table 3
Measurement Scale for Students’ Interest Towards Physics

Scale Description Range Interpretation

5 Strongly Agree (SA) 4.50-5.00 Very High Interest
4 Agree (A) 3.50-4.49 High Interest
3 Uncertain (U) 2.50-3.49 Moderate Interest
2 Disagree (D) 1.50-2.49 Low Interest
1 Strongly Disagree (SD) 1.00-1.49 Very Low Interest