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Passive Circuits
2. Elements of Communication; analog and Digital Communication
3. Frequency Ranges; Time and Frequency Domain; Power Measurements
4. Type of Noise
5. Amplitude Modulation
6. Angle Modulation


1. What is passive network?

2. What is attenuator pad?
3. Enumerate the three type of attenuators
4. What is Series Tuned Circuit?
5. When Does Series Resonance Frequency occurs?
6. Is the ratio of the current at any given frequency to the current at resonance?
7. It is the useful measure to tuned circuit in frequency selection and it is by selecting a specific
frequency while rejecting the others frequencies.
8. It uses tuned Circuit Wave trap to select the wanted signal for the selected frequency while
rejecting the unwanted signal. Simply it traps signal at the resonant wavelength?
9. What is parallel tuned circuit?
10. It occurs when the reactive part of the impedance is zero.
11. It is a connection of the resistor and inductor in series while parallel to the capacitor to design as
a wave trap to the unwanted signals.
12. It is an inductor that has a capacitance distributed between the turns of the winding.
13. What do you call to the effect where the current turns to flow near the surface of the
14. What do you call to the reaction in between of the inductive circuits that are physically isolated
as a result of common magnetic flux?
15. Is a coupling method that is widely used to reduce the damping effect of a load or a source of a
tuned circuit?
16. Is called to the process where the telecommunication selects the desired signal from the range
of signals. It also minimizes the effects of noise and interference on the wanted signal.
17. A crystal where when the electric potential is applied, it is usually bend or deforms


1. Passive networks are a network that contains resistor, inductor and capacitor connected in
various ways.
2. Attenuator pad is a resistive network introduce between a source and a load.
3. T-attenuator; pi-attenuator; and L-attenuator
4. Series tuned circuit is a circuit consist of coil connected in series with the capacitor.
5. Series Resonance Frequency happens when the reactive part of the impedance is zero, and
the phase angle is zero.
6. Relative resonance
7. 3-dB bandwidth
8. Series Tuned wave trap
9. Parallel tuned circuit is a connection of inductor and resistor in series while connected in
parallel with the capacitor.
10. Parallel Resonance
11. Parallel Tuned Wave trap
12. Self-capacitance of a coil
13. Skin Effect
14. Mutual Inductance
15. Tapped Inductor
16. Filtering
17. Piezoelectricity Crystals


1. What is digital Communication?

2. Illustrate the process of Digital Communication.
3. It is an electronic machine used for communication like cell phone?
4. It is the process to translate information into code such as binary codes?
5. What is GSM means?
6. What is WAP means
7. It is a device that mediates the transmission routes of data packets over an electronic
communication network?
8. It is electronic communication network that connects computer network to organizational
9. What do you called to the machines that receive the codes?
10. It is a process in which an encrypted code translated or convert into its original form


1. Digital communication is an electronic transmission of information through any of the digital

media. It is also defined as the process of sharing ideas, information and messages through
digital media such as cell phone, computers, etc.
3. Device
4. Encrypt Code
5. Global System for Mobile Communication
6. Wireless Access Point
7. Router
8. Internet
9. Receiver
10. Decrypt Code


1. It is defined as the cycle per seconds?

2. Who discovered the frequency?
3. Give the specifications of Extremely Low Frequency
4. Give the specifications of Super Low Frequency
5. Give the specifications of Ultra-Low Frequency
6. Give the specifications of Very Low Frequency
7. Give the specifications of Low Frequency
8. Give the specifications of Medium Frequency
9. Give the specifications of High Frequency
10. Who discovered the general expression of non-sinusoidal wave?
11. Determine rms value of the current drawn by the 2 F condenser, which is connected across a
source of potential. The potential has a third and fifth harmonic components, which are 30%
and 20% respectively of the fundamentals. The fundamentals sinusoidal component has a peak
voltage of 1000 volts and 60Hz frequency.


1. Frequency
2. Heinrich Hertz
3. Extremely Low 3-30Hz 10,000-100,000 m Underwater
Frequency (ELF) Application
4. Super Low 30-300Hz 1,000-10,000m AC Power
Frequency (SLF)
5. Ultra-Low 300-3000Hz 100-1,000 m
Frequency (ULF)
6. Very Low 3-30kHz 10-100km Navigation Beacons
Frequency (VLF)
7. Low Frequency 30-300KHz 1-10km Am Radio
8. Medium 300-3000kHZ 100-1000m Aviation and AM
Frequency (MF) radio
9. High Frequency 3-30MHz 10-100m Shortwave Radio
10. Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier
11. 0.89Amperes


1. It is defined as transfer rate of energy per unit of time.

2. Enumerate the uses of power measurements.
3. Who demonstrated the wireless transmission in the late in 1800?
4. He is an Austrian physicist who develops the wire techniques as a method for measuring
frequency of an RF or microwave oscillator?
5. In 1993,Who is the name of the engineer in Westinghouse Company that refines Tesla’s ideas of
wireless communication
6. Enumerate the type of measurements
7. Enumerate the type of scales


1. Power
2. It is used to measure a signals amplitude
It is the primary amplitude measurements quantity of any RF or microwave signal
3. Nikola Tesla
4. Ernst Lencher
5. HV Noble
6. Distinctiveness
Ordering in magnitude
Equal/Unequal Intervals
7. Nominal Scale
Ordinal Scale
Interval Scale
Ratio Scale
Absolute Scale


1. It is commonly known as disturbance an electrical disturbance?

2. It is the process of calculating the level of noise immersion?
3. It is known as the free electrons within an electrical conductor that possess heat energy
exchange between the conductor and surroundings.
4. This is usually used to measure amplifier goodness, or its aperture from the ideal.
5. It is the temperature that generates noise power in a system?

1. Noise
2. Noise Calculation
3. Thermal Noise
4. Noise Figure
5. Noise Temperature


1. Enumerate the three type of modulation

2. A type of modulation that is widely used in transmitting radio waves over a wide range of
technology such as Wi-Fi and GSM?
3. Is defined as the modulated variable of the carrier signal?
4. It is used in FM radio to described maximum difference between FM modulated frequencies?
5. It is the ratio of the actual frequency to the maximum allowable frequency modulation?


1. Phase Modulation
Frequency Modulation
Amplitude Modulation
2. Phase Modulation
3. Modulation index
4. Frequency deviation
5. Percent Modulation

Prepared by: Jevan Ayco Calaque

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