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Welcome to the Charlie Longsdon Racing Club

Be a member of the Charlie Longsdon Racing Club

For anyone who is a racing fan the ultimate dream is to own a horse. The fun of
seeing your horse on the gallops, the opportunity to hear first hand your trainer’s
plans, the buzz of being part of a busy and successful yard, the excitement of
seeing your horse in the parade ring and for the lucky few, the thrill of standing in
the winners enclosure. For the 2018-19 season your dream can easily become a
reality with the Charlie Longsdon Racing Club. Limited to 45 members and
running two horses, the Club is a low-cost way to join a trainer who has so far
trained over 550 winners and won more than £3 million pounds of prize money in
only 12 years. Charlie trains from his superb facilities at Hull Farm, just outside
Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.
Owned by the club, Harry is by a favourite sire of Char- This season the club has leased this lovely young
lie’s in Sir Harry Lewis who is also the same sire as horse who has learnt with every run. He bene-
Loose Chips. He was formerly trained by the late Alan fitted from three runs last season over hurdles be-
Swinbank who managed to win five races with him, fore running over fences this season. He was suc-
three of which were chases. The change of scenery has cessful on his second start over the larger obsta-
done him the world of good and the change of tactics cles at Huntingdon and there is more to come
suited him with wins at Ludlow and Huntingdon from from this progressive youngster.
his seven runs for us. He is now up in the handicap but
remains competitive off his mark of 98. Harry is much
loved by us all, he is a complete character who likes to
do things his way or not at all!
Get to Know Charlie Longsdon Scott Memorial Fund Assistant Trainer’s
Charlie gained plenty of racing experience Scholarship and spent time in the US,
whilst at Oxford Brooks University, spend- working for flat trainer Todd Pletcher. Char-
ing his summers working for national hunt lie took his licence out in 2006 and started
trainers Oliver Sherwood and Nigel Twiston training from the Cotswold Stud and in
Davies. On graduation he spent time 2009 moved to his purpose built current
breaking in youngsters on a game reserve base at Hull Farm near Chipping Norton.
in Kenya before returning to England to Among his many winners so far Charlie has
work as Assistant to national hunt trainer won seven Grade 2 races, his first the Blue
Kim Bailey. In 2001 he moved to Nicky Square Champion Hurdle Trial in 2009 with
Henderson as Assistant where he gained Songe and his most recent this season was
valuable experience including caring for Castafiore winning the Patrick Coyne Me-
Grade 1 winners Bacchanal, Marlborough morial Novices’ Chase at Haydock.
and Trabolgan. In 2004 He won the Alex
The team behind the Charlie
Longsdon Racing Club runs a successful syndicate with a group of
SOPHIE LONGSDON Charlie and Sophie were friends and will manage the Charlie Longsdon
married in 2008 and have one daughter Milly, Racing Club as the syndicator. He will host gal-
and twin boys, Harry and Fred. Her younger lops mornings and race days.
brother, Ben Pauling, also trains and she is al-
ways welcoming when you visit the yard. GEORGINA SCOTT, SECRETARY Daughter of fel-
low trainer, Jeremy Scott, Georgina spent two
ALAN ROCHE, HEAD LAD Roche has been our years at Andrew Balding before joining us two
Head Lad for 10 years and he is an invaluable seasons ago. She supports the day-to-day run-
part of the team, keeping everything running ning of the Club and is members main point of
smoothly and everyone in check. contact.
The outstanding facilities at Hull Farm

Hull Farm is a beautiful 450 acre farm in

the heart of the Cotswolds. The current facilities include:
Previously a Dairy Farm, it now boasts • 82 stables
purpose built 82 stables. The majority of • A five furlong wood chip gallop
the stables are all within large, light, • A two furlong all weather circular gallop

well ventilated barns which ensures a • Three horse walkers

dry and sheltered area to work in even • An outdoor school

• A weighing machine
here on the Cotswold hills! We are con- • Plenty of off-road hacking
stantly improving and adding to the • Turn out paddocks
Farm trying to give all the horses every
opportunity to fulfill all their potential.
The benefits and costs of becoming • Entry into the draw for Owners and
Trainers badges on race day
a member • Post-race reports
The primary benefit of joining the Club is the • A share of any prize money
opportunity to be involved with two horses at • A share in the proceeds should a Club
very low cost with one of the top trainers in horse be sold
the country. In addition all members will en-
• Exclusive hosted Club mornings on the You can be part of this exciting club for just an
gallops at Hull Farm initial joining fee of £888 and 12 monthly pay-
• An invitation to the Charlie Longsdon ments for the season of £74.
Racing Open day
• Regular Club updates on the progress
and plans for both horses
• Information about entries and declara-
This is what our members say...
Thank you for sending such a wonder- It certainly has been an interesting season.
ful summing up of the season for the racing Watching Harry win at Ludlow was fantastic
club--and what a great season it was-- he ran a great race that day. I am looking for-
amazing! You do a fantastic job keeping us in ward to next season, hopefully we can surpass
the picture ---love the photographs too. the results of this season.
I cannot believe that we are getting a cheque
as well! Fantastic that we all have a little bit back as
well as having such a successful and exciting
We have been in a few syndicates and I have season!
to say yours stand out. The communication,
photos videos and stable visits and feeling of
inclusion is wonderful you really feel like an
owner and part of the team. Keep it up and
looking forward to next season
Your Next Steps
If you would like to be a member of this exciting venture, here is what we would like you to
 Email us asking for membership to be reserved in your name
 Make your joining fee payment of £888 by Cheque or Bank transfer to:
Charlie Longsdon Racing Club
Sort code: 60-93-03
Account number: 11011235
Please identify the transaction as CLRC Fee
You will then receive a joining pack.
 The annual training fee is £888, you can either pay this as a lump sum or as 12 monthly
payments of £74.
 Sign the attached members agreement, keep a copy for your files and return the original
to: Georgina Scott, The Charlie Longsdon Racing Club, Hull Farm Stables, Chipping
Norton, Oxon OX7 5QF
badges. Randy will establish the cost for these in his conver-
Your questions answered sation with the Racecourse.
Q. What are the Club’s racing colours?
Q. Can I bring a guest to the gallops mornings or owners
A. They’re as in the picture on the right, they
were Charlie’s first winner and 501st winner
A. Afraid not. In both instances the increased numbers
(Fly Home Harry)
mean it wouldn’t be practical.
Q Do members get to see and approve the Club horses
Q. Will members have an input into when and where the
before they are acquired?
Clubs horses run?
A. No, it wouldn’t be practical. Charlie has a good reputa-
A. Nope; that’s Charlie’s job and he will be thinking first and
tion for acquiring horses for owners under similar circum-
foremost about what’s right for the horse. However, Charlie
stances so we’ll trust him!
knows that the best bit of owning a racehorse is being on
the course to see it run so he’ll try to do what he can to
Q. Why is the cost of joining split between a £888 joining
make sure all members, no matter where they are based,
fee and then 12 monthly fees of £74?
have the a chance of attending meetings
A. Simple; the £888 membership fee covers the cost of ac-
quiring the horses, the monthly fees cover the costs of
Q. Will the Club’s horses be insured?
training, etc
A. The Club’s horses won’t be insured
Q. How will the draw for free Owners and Trainers badges
Q. So what happens if a Club horse is seriously or fatally
be made?
A. It’s worth being clear that our aim will be to give as
A. Sadly, both are a possibility. Like all owners, the Club will
many members as possible a chance to go racing as an
take the risk that this won’t happen but if it does there is no
owner. When a Club horse is entered for a race Randy
provision in the Club’s finances for replacing a horse
Weeks will get in touch with all members to ask who can
make the race. He will also contact the racecourse to see
Q. What happens to my membership fee if I leave the
how many badges will be made available for the Club (it
varies course to course and meeting to meeting). The
A. Obviously it is in the Clubs best interest to have a full
names of all members who want to attend will be put in the
membership of 45. If you leave the Club after the first 12
hat and names drawn for however many additional badges
months then every effort will be made to replace you with a
are available. If a member’s name is drawn, they will not go
new member. When that new member is signed up and
back into the draw in a season until everyone who wants to
pays their joining fee, you will have your joining fee repaid.
attend has had the chance (they effectively go to the back
of the queue!)
Q. What happens if I stop paying my monthly fees before
12 months is up?
Q. If my name is not drawn for an O&T badge can I still go
A. Depending on when you stop paying your monthly fees
to see the horse race?
the unpaid fees will be deducted from your £888 joining fee
A. Yes. Most racecourses will also offer the chance for a
when it is eventually repaid.
number of syndicate members to buy discounted O&T
16. Syndicate horses will not be insured
CLRC Terms and Conditions 17. There can be no guarantee of any prize money. Similarly,
there can be no guarantee of any proceeds on the disposal
The purpose of the Charlie Longsdon Racing Club is the involvement of a syndicate horse
of the members in racehorses for enjoyment and not to receive a 18. 75% of any prize money (after the standard Weatherbys
financial return. The horses will be owned or leased by CLRC to be deductions) will be distributed amongst the 45 members at
raced and not necessarily sold for profit. the end of each season
1. The Charlie Longsdon Racing Club will be run as a syndicate 19. 25% of any prize money will be distributed to the trainer and
as defined by the BHA syndicator (15% trainer, 10% syndicator) as soon as it is
2. The Club will run two horses to be trained by Charlie credited to the syndicate bank account
Longsdon 20. On the sale of a syndicate horse the proceeds of the sale
3. There will be a maximum of 46 shares in CLRC. 45 shares will minus any costs attributed to the sale will be distributed
be held by members, 1 share will be held by Randy Weeks equally amongst the 45 members
who will act as syndicator 21. All decisions about the welfare, training, administration,
4. Each membership will represent a 2.22% share of rights i.e. entries, euthanasia following injury or illness and general
voting, members proceeds of the sale of horses, etc management of the syndicate horses will be the responsibil-
5. The syndicator’s share will not be included in the distribu- ity of the trainer and syndicator
tion of any members prize money but may be used to vote 22. The decision to sell, retire or otherwise dispose of a syndi-
on decisions that require a membership vote cate horse will be taken by the trainer and syndicator
6. Members will be required to pay an initial joining fee of 23. Under exceptional circumstances i.e. specialist medical
£888 (2.22% share in the Club horses) and then an annual treatment following injury or illness, members may be asked
charge of 12 monthly payments of £74 (to cover training to vote on the contribution of additional funds to cover
fees, etc) these costs, either from Club prize money or members pay-
7. Membership will run for a minimum of 12 months from Au- ments
gust 1 2018 or, if a member joins at a later date, from the 24. All efforts will be made to obtain as many Owners & Trainers
date of payment of the £888 joining fee badges as possible for each race. O&T badges will go into a
8. It will then continue of a rolling quarterly basis and may be draw amongst the members able to attend
terminated subject to three months notice by either side by 25. Members will only be able to visit Hull Farm Stables on ar-
email to or from the syndicator ranged days or under special circumstances by prior agree-
9. Should a member leave the syndicate, every effort will be ment with the syndicator
made by the Club to replace the leaving member. Once the 26. The syndicator is permitted to recharge all reasonable oper-
replacement member has joined the leaving member will ational office, phone and travel expenses to the Club
have their £888 joining fee reimbursed 27. All rights conferred on a member by the Club are not to be
10. Failure to provide the syndicator with three months notice transferred, gifted, loaned, sold or assigned to any third
of leaving the Club will result in the deduction of three party except by agreement with both the syndicator and
months training fees from any returned joining fee i.e. a trainer
deduction of £222 28. Should applications to the Club not reach the required num-
11. Once a member leaves the Club, they relinquish all current bers, CLRC reserve the right to withdraw all membership and
and future rights conferred by membership of the Club return all fees to members
12. A share cannot be purchased by or for any person under 18 29. CLRC reserves the right to refuse membership to any appli-
years of age cant for whatever reason
13. A share cannot be sub-divided 30. Members are permitted under British Horse Racing Board
14. The syndicate will operate a bank account with Weatherbys rules to back the Club’s horses but not to lay them
15. The racing colours are the intellectual property of the Club
and cannot be used for any purpose by members except
with the agreement of the trainer or syndicator
Tel: 01608 645556 Email: