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Production Schedule

Please include location, time of film, what you are filming and team
members including actors

Date Plan of action Evaluation / behind

Week beginning the scenes
19th March LO1: Context – 3 ideas, Proposal, Weekly Blog
production schedule, survey, outline of
main idea

25th March Secondary research of codes and Weekly Blog

Look at 2 or more professionals

Analyse at least 2 videos

Primary research (social media send outs –

(include secondary research in it))
1st April Specify audience, platform Weekly Blog

Organise actors

Create infographic

Complete research Evaluation

8th April Make sure all research is completed and Weekly Blog
make any improvements possible
15th April Pre-production: Weekly Blog
- Script
- Storyboard
- Location recces
- Health and Safety
- Crew List
- Props List
- Equipment hire forms
- Found footage (including sounds)
23rd April Can carry on planning if needed. If not, Weekly Blog
then film
29th April Film/Edit Weekly Blog
6th May Film/Edit Weekly Blog
13th May Film/Edit Weekly Blog
20th May Complete Final Evaluation: Weekly Blog
- Send out survey for feedback
- Compare against professional
27th May Prepare pitch Weekly Blog
3rd June Prepare pitch + present pitch Weekly Blog
7th June Submission of pitch