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TECHNOLOGY) MAX. MARKS. 35 8. A (n) ……. enables a modem to determine

whether data has been corrupted and to
Question # 1 request that it be retransmitted.
(Do all parts in this question) (10 marks) (a) TCP protocol
(b) File transfer protocol
Answer for all the parts in Question # 1 must be written (c) Internet protocol
on the answer sheet. Write on the answer sheet the (d) Error-protection protocol
part number and your selected answer letter (e.g. A or
B or C or D) against it. No need to write the question 9. Which of the following is a network that
on answer sheet. extends over a large geographical area?
(a) WLAN
(b) WWAN
Multiple choice questions: choose the correct option.
(c) WEP
Only one option is correct. Cutting and overwriting in
(d) WSAT
this, question will be considered wrong.

1. You can use this output device when you need 10. In some tables, the primary key consists of
to send information to other computer. multiple fields, called a ………
(a) Disk (a) Composite key
(b) Speaker (b) Secondary key
(c) Monitor (c) Key field
(d) Modem (d) Column
2. Which of the following memory has shortest Attempt any TWO out of Question # 2,3 and 4. All
access time? questions carry equal marks.
(a) Virtual Memory
(b) RAM
(c) Cache Question # 2
(d) Registers a) How does internet facilitate to keep you connected
with your friends?
3. Which of the following memory needs refresh?
b) What is a web server and how does we access a
(a) DRAM
webpage hosted on a particular web server? 6
(c) ROM
Question # 3
(d) All of these
a) Which operating systems are used in handheld
devices? Explain the facilities they provide to the
4. A CPU that is following a series of steps to users.
complete an instruction is using ……… 6.5
technology. b) What are the different output devices a home user
(a) Threading may use in his or her computer? 6
(b) Cache
(c) Pipelining Question # 4
(d) Multitasking a) How does database facilitate a businessman to
access their business record efficiently? 6.5
5. The Process of preparing a disk’s surface for
storage is called ………. b) Why do we need to use antivirus software? Write
(a) Polarizing the names some antivirus software. 6
(b) Charging
(c) Formatting
(d) Accessing

6. Which type of software is used for creating

slide shows?
(a) Web design software
(b) Presentation software
(c) Word-processing software
(d) Spread-sheet software

7. The operating system manages ………

(a) Users
(b) Programs
(c) Hard disk
(d) B and C