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With Ms.


Weekly News…February 2019

Welcome Back
Our first weeks back in the New Year for Kindergarten was a great success! The children have done a great
job of readjusting to our daily routine. We will continue to review classroom rules and procedures as well as
behavior rules and proper indoor voice level. Thank you for all of those who were able to attend the Open
House on Tuesday, and I will post the power point on our blog page for those who were unable to attend.
Thank you for all of your support with the donations from our supply list for the children. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful weekend!
Ms. LeShea

Dates to Remember Sight Letters/Words Remember:

(for next week) • Thursday is the kick off for
2/11: Valentine’s Family Dinner the cookie dough fundraiser.
Ii • To return the daily folder &
2/18: School Closed (Presidents Day) sign the monthly behavior
2/22: School Pictures Aa slip at the end of the month.
• To bring appropriate shoes
Bear for outside recess.
• Students may check out one
Clock book with each library visit.
• Bring a lightweight jacket.

Star Student A Look at Next Week…

The theme will be “All About Me & My
Feelings”. We will discuss how we are all unique
and special in our own way. In Phonics, we will
learn how to identify the letters I and A and
complete fun activities to help us learn the shapes
and sounds of these letters. We will also work on
the words Bear and Clock. In Math, we will begin
Every week we will feature a new student. They sorting activities using math manipulatives. We
will bring home a “All about Me” worksheet to will also be practice counting the number of
share about themselves with the class. Feel free objects in various places. Thursday we will visit
to let them share anything they would like with the Media Room on for our orientation and meet
the class like. with our new Book Buddies in 6th grade.