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POP Marketing Project

About POP:

Welcome to the world of interactive screenshots.

With POP (download here), you can add and access your favorite services with style, and share
what you see via PopCards - screenshots that turn into live pages, quite literally, with a single

Live Marketing Project:

It is a chance to be on driving seat, plan and execute what you believe can create a brand! To
get selected to this 2 months Live Marketing Project Internship, prove your metal by submitting
below tasks to selection panel:
Task 1: While keeping POP’s DNA in mind, analyze and suggest a product-market fit of POP in
India and suggest how it can meet younger generation needs better.
Task 2: Create a plan for below marketing objectives:
- Digital Marketing Strategy: Plan for promotion and awareness about Pop in colleges of
your region through Digital Channels
- On Ground Strategy: How you can increase awareness and usage of Pop in your college
and other colleges of your region
Note: Use the app extensively for next 10 days to get into a power user’s shoe and master
the app
Selection Process for 2-month Project Internship:
- Please submit a PPT not more than 5-7 slides/pages on above 2 tasks before 10th Feb’19
- Each team has to present their plan on Task 1&2 over video call to Marketing team of
- 2 selected teams (2 students/team) will get an opportunity to execute their plan in 2
months and get support for the same from our Marketing Team
- Tips:
o Targets and measurement are key for any marketing plan, so get going with
o Put on your entrepreneurial hat and do some hard-core ground research to back
your strategic thinking….and buckle up for lot of questions 😊
Rewards and incentives:
✓ Hands on brand creation and marketing experience for 2 Winning teams
✓ Experience certificate and a letter of recommendation highlighting their contribution on
successfully completing the project
✓ Merchandises, gift vouchers & surprise gifts will hop your way frequently
✓ How about the eternal right to brag about your contribution is shaping the next big tech

Learning opportunities:
✓ During the project, you will get an inclusive exposure to Tech Product’s Launch
✓ Exercise and build your communication and networking skills
✓ Hone your strategy building abilities for a global product launch
✓ Be entrepreneurial and not just think to become one

Quick References:
- Website:
- FB:
- Insta:
- Youtube: