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Employees should understand the manager

It’s not the managers who should work to build a successful manager and subordinate
relationship; rather subordinates should build and gain an understanding of the boss. A
subordinate should learn to appreciate the manager’s goals and pressures as well as
his/her strengths and weaknesses. An employee should try to figure out following question:

* What are the pressures from the organization?

* What are your boss’s long suits and blind spots?
* What is his preferred style of working?
* What’s his personal goal and objectives?

Employees should be a good supporter

Personally, I believe a subordinate should adjust his/her working styles in response to their
manager’s preferred method of receiving information. Based on an article published in
“timesjob”, “Peter Drucker divided Managers into “listeners” and “readers”. Some Managers
like to get information in a report so that they can study it others like it better when
information is presented to them so they can ask questions. So the implications are obvious
(says Drucker) if your manager is a listener you brief him/ her in person then follow up with
a memo. If your manager is a reader you convert important items in a memo and then
discuss them. “

Employees should be a communicate openly

It’s not only the manager who should communicate openly; but also it’s the responsibility of
the subordinates to communicate openly with the respective manager. If a subordinate’s
faces problem or having dissatisfaction at the work place, he/she should communicate with
the manager rationally. It’s the two way communication that builds a good manager-
subordinate relationship.

Employees should manage expectation

Managing the expectation of the manager is definitely a skill that every subordinate should
master. End of the day, the burden falls on the subordinate to find out what the manager’s
expectations are. From day one, a subordinate should make clear him/herself that what
his/her manager expects from him and it’s also important that the subordinate doesn’t give
false hope. Otherwise, a manager might have high expectation from a subordinate, and
unable to meet the expectation will result with nothing but negative score in the evaluation
scorecard in the end of the year.

Employees should build dependability

Let’s be practical, No one is intentionally undependable. A commitment to an optimistic
delivery date may please a superior in the short term but become a source of displeasure if
not honored. It’s difficult for a manager to rely on a subordinate who frequently misses
deadlines or unable to improve him/herself based on previously given feedbacks. Therefore,
a subordinate should try to live up to his/her words and should learn to improve from
feedbacks given by the manager