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Materials Testing

Product Information
Electromechanical Creep Testing Machine Kappa SS

Kappa 50 SS

Application Load Frame and drive system

The Electromechanical Creep Testing Machine KAPPA • Stand-alone floor machine
SS offers a wide range of applications. • High stiffness, precision and durability by
4-columns-design and central single screw
• Creep tests • Precise axial alignment according to
• Creep rupture tests ASTM E 292 by precision crosshead guiding and
• Stress rupture tests special seating load train
• Relaxation tests • Requires no special base or foundation
• Creep crack growth tests • Includes vibration isolation with Sylomer dampers
• Definition of individual stepless sequences of load under the load frame
and temperature • High resolution crosshead resolver and high
• ‘Advanced creep‘ - Tests resolution load channel permit excellent control
- Creep fatigue tests: tension - tension only characteristics
- Creep strain modelling (e.g. to give creep • Precise speed of +/-0.1% of set speed in range of
strength at various levels of strain) 1µm/h to 100 mm/min (no load or constant load)
- Creep ductility measurement (average over 5 sec or 10 mm)
- Creep property deterioration due to ser- • High durability by use of brushless AC-motors
vice exposure • Load-, stress- and strain-control
- Creep data from component tests • Optional integration of high temperature controller
PI_ 88_950_12.2017

• Tensile, compression, flexure and fracture tough- in Kappa SS base

ness tests • The high drive control frequency of 1000 Hz en-
• Ambient or elevated temperature ables fast, precise force and strain control.
• For long term tests (reaching up to 10,000h)
Materials Testing

Product Information
Electromechanical Creep Testing Machine Kappa SS
Specification 50 SS / 100 SS
Technical data:
Kappa 50 SS Kappa 100 SS
Load capacity 50 kN 100 kN
Test area-depth unlimited unlimited
Test area-width 720 mm 720 mm
between drive screws
Test area-height max. 1400 mm max. 1400 mm

max. 1400
min. 1150
Crosshead stroke s 250 mm 250 mm
Lateral support of Precision sliding bearing on four hard chromi-
moving crosshead um-plated columns (40 mm diameter)
Test speed range 0.001 mm/h to 100 0.001 mm/h to 100 2312

mm/min mm/min
Return speed 100 mm/min 100 mm/min
Crosshead speed +/- 0.1 % of setting +/- 0.1 % of setting
accuracy (no load or constant (no load or constant
load averaged over 10 load averaged over 10

mm or 5 s) mm or 5 s)
Resolution of stroke- 0,068 µm 0,068 µm
Frame Dimensions 860 x 655 x 2312 mm 860x 655 x 2312 mm 720 260
860 200 655
Weight 700 kg 700 kg
Power requirements 230 VAC, 1 kVA 230 VAC, 1 kVA