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March 21, 2019

Mr. Anthony Housefather, M.P.

Chair, Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights
Sixth Floor, 131 Queen Street
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Housefather and Committee Members:

I am aware that on March 18, 2019, the Committee passed a motion stating that meetings had now
concluded on the study the Committee was conducting on “Remediation Agreements, the Shawcross
Doctrine and the Discussions Between the Office of the Attorney General and Government
Colleagues”. As such it is my understanding that no additional witnesses will be called and that I will
not be re-called as a witness to complete my testimony or to respond orally to statements that were
made by witnesses after I testified.

In the course of my testimony there was a request for me to provide further information. In
particular, a request was made for “copies of text messages and emails” that I referred to in my
testimony on February 27, 2019. Having taken that request under advisement, I will provide copies
of messages that I referred to in my testimony.

Related to these requests, I also have relevant facts and evidence in my possession that further
clarify statements I made and elucidate the accuracy and nature of statements by witnesses in
testimony that came after my Committee appearance.

As such, in response to these requests, and consistent with the standard practice of the Committee
of receiving written submissions, I will be providing a written submission to the Committee in
relation to matters within the confines of the waiver of cabinet confidence and solicitor-client
privilege in Order in Council number 2019-0105.


I trust that the Committee will receive this information as part of, and in follow-up to, my testimony
on February 27, 2019. Further, I do hope my response to the Committee’s specific request and the
additional information will assist the Committee in completing its study on this important matter
and in preparing its final report.


Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, P.C., Q.C., M.P.

Member of Parliament for Vancouver Granville

cc: Mr. Marc-Olivier Girard, Committee Clerk, Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights
Members of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights