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95 NOVEMBER 2018

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BN-2A-26 Islander N409WB (3008) of New England Airlines at Westerley, RI on 8th September 2018, still wearing Air Flamenco colours. [P Smithson via BN

Beech E18S N18LK (BA-230) owned by Gerald D. Quitney at Sherman / Denison, TX - North Texas Regional Airport / Perrin Field (KGYI) on 27th October 2018.
[Jarrod Wilkening]

Hawker 850XP FAM-002 (258750) of the Força Aérea de Moçambique taxiing for departure at Lanseria on 19th September 2018. [Pete Longley]

November 2018
ISSN 0950‑7442

United Kingdom Register … … … … … … Alan Johnson … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2117
AHUK Register… … … … … … … … … … Lloyd Robinson … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOT THIS ISSUE
Around & About … … … … … … … … … Stuart McDiarmid… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2125
United States Register … … … … … … … Barrie Towey … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2143
Overseas Registers … … … … … … … … Ian Burnett… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2157
Display Diary … … … … … … … … … … Trevor Warren … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2188
Hot Air Ballooning … … … … … … … … Mel Kirby… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2189
Preservation Notes … … … … … … … … Bob Ogden … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2193
Military Aviation … … … … … … … … … Steven Wells and David Woods … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2198
Emergency Services … … … … … … … … Bryn Elliott … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2221
Islander News… … … … … … … … … … BN Historians … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2224
Biz‑Props … … … … … … … … … … … Ton van Soest … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2225
Biz‑Jets … … … … … … … … … … … … Steven Sowter … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2232
Commercial Airline News … … … … … … Stephen Moon… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2246
Commercial Scene … … … … … … … … Colin Frost, Mark Gould, Peter Hillman, Stephen Jakeman,
Charlie Stewart and Tony Pither … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOV.2281

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COVER: Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub N5378Y (18-8141) of Ragwing Flyers LLC at West Houston Airport (KIWS) on 2nd November 2018. [Jarrod Wilkening]

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October was a fairly quiet month for new registrations, mainly As usual our thanks go to the UK CAA and IOM registration
dominated by airliners. Among the restorations, as expected, the Miles authority, and my thanks go to Richard Cawsey and Bernard Martin for
M.28 Mercury OY-ALW has rejoined the UK register as G-AHAA. their input to the data appearing below.

G-CKYP AgustaWestland AW139 41339 VH-ZFO 15.10.18 Bristow Helicopters Ltd Aberdeen International
G-CKZJ Kubicek BB26E HAB 1483 16.10.18 M R Crossley Old Newton, Stowmarket
G-CKZX Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStar Max-4 5374 N98MX 22.10.18 P M Harrison Strubby
(built by M L Calkin)
G-CLAE Boeing 747-4EVF 35170 VQ-BUU 12.10.18 Cargologicair Ltd London Stansted
N368DF, OE-IBG, B-2439
G-CLAU Airbus AS.350B3 Ecureuil 8597 18.10.18 Airbus Helicopters UK Ltd Oxford
G-CLBM Robinson R44 Cadet 30040 24.10.18 Heli Air Ltd Wellesbourne Mountford
G-CLBO MBB Bolkow BO.105P 6059 86+59 26.10.18 AB Airflight GmbH (Dusseldorf, Germany)
German Army
G-CLBR Parajet Explorer/Apco Cruiser 500 110078BA 01.11.18 G B N Cardozo (Lawn Farm, Gillingham)
G-CLDD Piper PA-32R-300 Cherokee Lance D-EEMY 10.10.18 J L Mossman (London N1)
32R-7780248 N2489Q
G-CLDO BRM Bristell NG5 Speed Wing
LAA 385-15555 15.10.18 R Potter Sywell
G-CLWJ Schleicher ASW 27-18 E 29748 03.10.18 P Johnson Milfield
G-DAYR Bombardier CL600-2B16 Challenger 605 D-AFAC 11.10.18 Gama Aviation (UK) Ltd Farnborough
G-DGUN Agusta AW109SP Grand New 22222 VH-CZT 29.10.18 Castle Air Ltd Trebrown, Liskeard
G-DHKZ Boeing 757-236(PCF) 25620 VH-TCA 25.10.18 DHL Air Ltd East Midlands
G-ELAK Sportine Aviacija LAK-17B FES 249 LY-GRD 15.10.18 G N Fraser & G A Marshall (Bathgate/Kinross)
G-ERGP Pilatus PC-12/47E 1564 LX-ERG 05.10.18 Eden Rock Aviation SARL (Luxembourg)
G-ETPB Pilatus PC-21 311 HB-HYY 18.10.18 QinetiQ Ltd MoD Boscombe Down
G-ICEL Robinson R66 Turbine 0892 10.10.18 HQ Aviation Ltd Denham
G-ISLM Avions Transport ATR 72-212A 762 M-ABKN 12.10.18 Blue Islands Ltd Jersey
G-JZBP Boeing 737-800 64440 10.10.18 Dart Group PLC (operated by Ltd)
Leeds Bradford

Bombardier CL-600 Challenger 605 G-DAYR (5764) departing Bournemouth on the evening of 23rd October 2018. [Martin Uzzell]

Embraer EMB-135ER G-SAJB (145473) of Loganair at Manchester on 22nd October 2018. [Denis Norman]

G-KENL Sackville BM-65 HAB KL01 24.10.18 K F Lowry Tilehurst, Reading

G-LAVA Airbus EC135 P3 2064 12.10.18 Airbus Helicopters UK Ltd Oxford
(change of ownership to Heligroup Operations Ltd, Wycombe Air Park 22.10.18)
G-LINJ Robinson R44 Raven II 12168 YR-JTG 11.10.18 Helicentre Aviation Ltd Leicester
G-NPTC Boeing 737-83N(F) 32612 N474SR 02.11.18 West Atlantic UK Ltd East Midlands
B-5125, N326TZ
G-OFZY Eurocopter AS355N Ecureuil II 5744 G-ORDH 08.10.18 Atlas Helicopters Ltd Lasham
G-PAWW Ultramagic M-90 HAB 90/187 30.10.18 S J Thomas Wick, Bristol
G-SAJB Embraer EMB-135ER 145473 G-RJXJ 19.10.18 Loganair Ltd Glasgow
G-SPTX Dassault Falcon 7X 282 F-WWHD 24.10.18 Concierge U Ltd (London W1)
G-TACN Diamond DA.62 62.044 OE-FHM 05.10.18 Flight Calibration Services Ltd Brighton City
G-TALP Cessna 172N Skyhawk II 17271900 G-BOUF 17.10.18 Tatenhill Aviation Ltd Tatenhill
G-TCCF Airbus A330-243 248 C-GJDA 23.10.18 Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd Manchester
G-TCCG Airbus A330-243 251 C-GUFR 01.11.18 Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd Manchester
G-TCCI Airbus A330-243 728 C-GUBL 29.10.18 Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd Manchester
B-6121, F-WWKQ
G-TTNF Airbus A320-251N 8408 F-WWBD 27.10.18 British Airways PLC London Heathrow
G-UZHN Airbus A320-251N 8409 D-AVVW 19.10.18 easyJet Airline Company Ltd Luton
G-UZHS Airbus A320-251N 8506 D-AUBV 26.10.18 easyJet Airline Company Ltd Luton
G-UZMC Airbus A321-251NX 8386 D-AYAR 10.10.18 easyJet Airline Company Ltd Luton

G-AHAA Miles M.28 Mercury 6 6268 OY-ALW 01.10.18 S A Blanchard North Coates
(cld 31.08.56 as re-regd in W Germany) D-EHAB, G-AHAA

G-CIMU AgustaWestland AW139 31583 VH-ZHH 15.10.18 Bristow Helicopters Ltd Aberdeen International
(cld 24.06.15 as re-regd in South Korea) HL9614 , G-CIMU, I-PTFR
G-MMDJ Mainair Tri-Flyer 250/Solar Wings Typhoon 03.10.18 A M Webb (Great Fransham, Dereham)
070-24582 & T1082-633
(cld 23.06.97 by CAA)
G-MNZP CFM Shadow Series BD (modified) K039 03.10.18 G C White (Park Gate, Southampton)
(cld 02.11.15 as wfu)
G-MTBH Mainair Gemini Flash II 524-187-5-W327 10.10.18 M Sheehy (Celbridge, Co Kildare, RoI)
(cld 08.05.15 by CAA)
G-MVPY Solar Wings Pegasus XL-Q SW-WQ-0188 05.10.18 P Lombardi (Birdbrook, Halstead)
(cld 10.08.15 as wfu)
G-MWOV Whittaker MW6 Merlin (modified) 18.10.18 T J Gayton-Polley Hadfold Farm, Adversane
(cld 06.08.18 by CAA) PFA 164-11301
G-OSTY Cessna F150G F150-0129 G-AVCU 01.10.18 A P Daines Beccles
(cld 20.05.16 as wfu)

The restorations above were first regd in the UK as follows:

G-AHAA/26.01.46; G-CIMU/27.02.15; G-MMDJ/09.09.83; G-MNZP/19.09.86; G-MTBH/28.10.86; G-MVPY/28.03.89; G-MWOV/09.01.91; G-OSTY/21.03.97.

M-ABLM Airbus A330-343 773 B-6125 26.10.18 Yamasa Sangyo Co Ltd (Okayama, Japan)
M-SAAN Embraer EMB-135BK Legacy 600 14501008 TC-VSR 02.11.18 Autolex Transport Ltd (Mahe, Seychelles)

2-YALA Bombardier CL-600-2B19 CRJ-200LR 7486 XY-ALA 26.09.18 Constel Aviation Services SARL Ljubljana, Slovenia

With particular thanks to Bernard Martin:

G-AMPI SNCAN Stampe SV.4C 213 Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd Duxford 26.10.18
G-ARIH Auster 6A 2463 D Potuznik (Potsdam, Germany) 24.10.18
G-ARKM Piper PA-22-108 Colt 22-8313 S Hutton & G J Prisk Perranporth 16.10.18
G-ASCH Beagle A.61 Terrier 2 B.619 D S Wilkinson (Swindon) 12.10.18
G-ATJN Jodel D.119 863 L Jackson tr Real Hart Flying Group Wickenby 29.10.18
G-ATOR Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-21696 E M Taylor tr G-ATOR Flying Group (Amesbury) 29.10.18
G-ATSI Bolkow BO.208C Junior 605 J E Chorley tr GATSI Bolkow Group (Walsall) 31.10.18
G-AVSA Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C
28-4184 D M Edes & D H Munro tr Easter
Flying Group Easter Farm, Fearn 03.10.18
G-AXBW DH.82A Tiger Moth 83595 WJE Associates Ltd (Crowthorne) 02.10.18
G-AXRT Reims/Cessna FA150K FA1500018 D Andersen (Lillestrom, Norway) 06.10.18
G-AYIJ SNCAN Stampe SV.4B 376 J H D Newman tr India Juliet Stampe
Group Headcorn 15.10.18
G-AYSK Phoenix Luton LA-4A Minor PFA 832 P A Gasson (Hersden, Canterbury) 18.10.18
G-AYUR Slingsby T61A Falke 1736 C O’Mahoney (London SW11) 17.10.18
G-AZFA Beagle B.121 Pup Series 2 B121-143 M R Badminton Bagby 05.10.18
G-BAFT Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub 18-5340 J F Hammond (Market Rasen) 19.10.18
G-BDAI Reims/Cessna FRA150M FRA1500266 S J Brenchley Solent 11.10.18
G-BDAR Evans VP-1 Series 2 PFA 1537 P W Cooper & A J Gillson Seighford 17.10.18
G-BGGA Bellanca 7GCBC Citabria 1104-79 P C Woolley Cadwell Park, Louth 08.10.18
G-BHCC Cessna 172M Skyhawk II 17266711 Staverton Flying School @ Skypark Gloucestershire 04.10.18
G-BKKO Cessna 182R Skylane II 18267852 M A Smith Sherburn-in-Elmet 06.10.18
G-BLXT Eberhardt SE.5E – Flying A Services Ltd Sywell 02.10.18
G-BMUZ Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II 28-8016329 Redhill Air Services Ltd Redhill 26.10.18
G-BOWY Piper PA-28RT-201T 28R-8131114 D R D Lassiter, S G Moreley & B Moseley Blackbushe 25.10.18
G-BOYB Cessna A152 Aerobat A1520928 Fly Elstree Ltd Elstree 16.10.18
G-BPDT Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II 28-8416004 Westwings International Ltd (Swindon) 30.10.18
G-BPUL Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub 18-2517 B M Reed tr Vintage Tug Group Lasham 23.10.18
G-BRJV Piper PA-28-161 Cadet 2841167 Redhill Air Services Ltd Redhill 26.10.18
G-BSTI Piper J-3C-65 Cub 19144 S P Reeve (Haslemere) 12.10.18

Beagle B.121 Pup Series 2 G-AZFA (B121-143), seen at Leicester on 28th October 2018, changed owners earlier in the month. [Nigel Bailey-Underwood]

G-BUAB Aeronca 11AC Chief 11AC-1759 P King Eastbach Spence,
English Bicknor 02.10.18
G-BUAR VS.358 Seafire II – Flying A Services Ltd Sywell 02.10.18
G-BUGW Slingsby T61F Venture T.2 1962 G M Wiseman (Southampton) 16.10.18
G-BURH Cessna 150E 15061225 C Sheridan (Collon, Co Louth, RoI) 31.10.18
G-BVEA Mosler Motors N-3 Pup 01GB M D Grinstead Boston 09.10.18
G-BVMM Robin HR.200-100 Club 41 Gift of Flight Ltd Bournemouth 18.10.18
G-BVZZ DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0687 Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre RNAS Yeovilton 19.10.18
G-BWRC Avid Hauler Mk.4 PFA 189-12979 R A Stephens (East Winch) 02.10.18
G-BXFK CFM Streak Shadow K 206 P D Curtis (Boston Spa) 04.10.18
G-BXMX Phoenix Currie Wot PFA 058-13055 M W Bodger Yeatsall Farm,
Abbots Bromley 12.10.18
G-BYMD Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk 38-82A0009 NWMAS Leasing Ltd Hawarden 08.10.18
G-BZDF CFM Streak Shadow SA K 241 K Davies & D O’Keefe (Skewen/Port Talbot) 05.10.18
G-BZPI SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad 1814 P G Leonard Little Gransden 05.10.18
G-CBFN Robin HR.100/200B Royal 112 A F Gillett (Detmold, Germany) 19.10.18
G-CBUN Barker Charade PFA 166-13520 D R Hall (Matfield, Tonbridge) 16.10.18
G-CBWO RotorWay Exec 162F 6597 N T Oakman (Hampstead,
Saffron Walden) 08.10.18
G-CCOB Aero C.104 247 H C Tomkins Spanhoe 25.10.18
G-CCOW Mainair Pegasus Quik 8008 S Gibson & D Rickard Greenhills Farm,
Wheatley Hill 25.10.18
G-CCUT Evektor EV-97 Eurostar PFA 315-14191 D A Large tr Doctor & the Medics Croft Farm, Defford 30.10.18
G-CDFJ Skyranger Swift 912(1) SKR0404490 K S Reardon Rochester 25.10.18
G-CDPD Mainair Pegasus Quik 8051 G Tomlinson (Chester-le-Street) 26.10.18
G-CDYG Cameron Z-105 HAB 10870 N-E Kjellen Skovde, Sweden 23.10.18
G-CEEL Ultramagic S-90 HAB 90/89 Anga Company SRO Znojmo, Czech Republic 16.10.18
G-CEFV Cessna 182T Skylane 18281538 G H Smith & Son Ltd Sherburn-in-Elmet 19.10.18
G-CEJY Aerospool Dynamic WT9 UK DY165/2007 E Kaplan (Andover) 26.10.18
G-CEKJ Evektor EV-97A Eurostar 2006-2822 D K Short & G Thompson (Southam/Redditch) 12.10.18
G-CFEG Schempp-Hirth Ventus b/16.6 279 D K McCarthy Talgarth 31.10.18
G-CFGH Avtech Jabiru J160 T132 P J Watson Fenland 29.10.18
G-CFJF Schempp-Hirth SHK-1 58 D W McCormick Milfield 17.10.18
G-CFWU Rolladen-Schneider LS7-WL 7080 T W Arscott Lasham 19.10.18
G-CGAX PZL-Bielsko SZD-55-1 551190008 D J Brunton tr Golf Alpha Xray Group Portmoak 17.10.18
G-CGNO P&M Quik GT450 8522 J W Thurstan (Cutthorpe, Chesterfield) 04.10.18
G-CGPO TL 2000UK Sting Carbon 08ST 292 N A Quintin Henstridge 31.10.18
G-CGTV ICP MXP-740 Savannah VG 10-12-51-928 R Thompson Sandtoft 25.10.18
G-CGWK Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 1103-7133 B H Goldsmith Clench Common 30.10.18
G-CHEO Schleicher ASW 20 20410 S G Lapworth Lasham 09.10.18
G-CHWN Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 1302-7240 G Colby Sywell 29.10.18
G-CHYZ Skystar Kitfox Vixen - P B Davey Headcorn 06.10.18
G-CHZM Rolladen-Schneider LS4-a 4762 W S H Taylor Seighford 30.10.18
G-CIGG P&M Quik GTR 8690 P C Smith (Great Cambourne,
Cambridge) 12.10.18
G-CIOV Ultramagic H-31 HAB 31/14 H Board West Malling 05.10.18
G-CIUF Aviad Zigolo MG12 4/2015/27 J D C Henslow & C B Jones Ingrams Green, Midhurst 26.10.18
G-CJBT Schleicher ASW 19B 19075 Black Mountains Gliding Club Talgarth 17.10.18
G-CJCD Schleicher ASW 24 24101 G G Dale & A K Laylee Lasham 17.10.18
G-CJCU Schempp-Hirth Standard
Cirrus B 688 P E Pearson tr G-CJCU Group Saltby 31.10.18
G-CJOT Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 1606-7459 Cumulus International Services Ltd Yatesbury 30.10.18
G-CJPN Cessna 152 15280337 M Pirrie (Milngavie) 17.10.18
G-CJVN Lindstrand LTL Racer 65 HAB 024 Slowfly Mongolfiere SNC Mondovi, Italy 05.10.18
G-CKLK AutoGyro MTOsport 2017 M01460 R Peach (Rowthorne, Chesterfield) 19.10.18
G-CKVH Airbus AS.350B3 Ecureuil 8508 Kelair (IOM) Ltd Liverpool John Lennon 05.10.18
G-CKVV Piper PA-28-181 28-7890529 London Transport Flying Club Ltd Fairoaks 19.10.18
G-CKYT AutoGyro Cavalon RSUK/CVLN/027 A Sinclair Inverness 08.10.18
G-CLLX Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus T 255 J F Paterson Portmoak 04.10.18
G-CRES Denney Kitfox Model 2 PFA 172-11574 I Foster tr Silver Fox Group Letterkenny, RoI 17.10.18
G-CTCG Diamond DA.42 Twin Star 42.046 Dea Aviation Ltd Retford Gamston 02.10.18
G-DAGF EAA Acrosport II PFA 072A-11129 M G Pahle (London N8) 04.10.18
G-DCRN Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus 234G D J van der Werf (Sketty, Swansea) 25.10.18
G-DEPF Centrair ASW 20FL 20515 S G Lapworth Lasham 09.10.18
G-DFBM Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-3/24.5 73 D J Blackman Parham Park 09.10.18
G-DGKB Centrair ASW 20F 20127 F W Wiltshire Bidford 17.10.18
G-DRPO Cameron Z-105 HAB 11822 J F A Strickland Harpole, Northampton 17.10.18
G-EFLY Centrair ASW 20FL 20133 S A Whitaker Parham Park 26.10.18
G-EGAL Christen Eagle II 0042-86 D Williams Hill Farm, Nayland 17.10.18
G-ETPE Airbus AS.350B3 Ecureuil 8462 QinetiQ Ltd MoD Boscombe Down 29.10.18
G-EWES Alpi Pioneer 300 129 P W Carlton & D F P Finan Morgansfield, Fishburn 29.10.18
G-FBNK Cessna 510 Citation Mustang 510-0067 Jetpresso SA (Meinier, Switzerland) 15.10.18
G-FOXU Aeropro EuroFOX 912S(1) 47415 K P I Kent & Simply Signs Ltd Draycott 25.10.18
G-GOHI Cessna 208 Caravan I 20800040 Headcorn Parachute Club Ltd Headcorn 23.10.18
G-GVFR SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad 1240 A E Allsop Lydd 25.10.18

G-IBEA Piper PA-28-181 Archer LX 2881027 J Dobson Wycombe Air Park 05.10.18
G-IIDD Van’s RV-8 82814 A D Friday Lydd 29.10.18
G-IIDW Flylight Dragon Combat 12T DA121 J S Prosser (Poundbury, Dorchester) 05.10.18
G-IMAB Europa Aviation Europa XS 331 N J France Holly Meadow Farm,
Bradley 09.10.18
G-JDBC Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 34-7570150 Bristol Flying Club Ltd Bristol 10.10.18
G-KGAO Scheibe SF25C Falke 2000 44386 Midland Gliding Club Ltd Long Mynd 15.10.18
G-LAVA Airbus EC135 P3 2064 Heligroup Operations Ltd Wycombe Air Park 22.10.18
G-LCKY Flight Design CTSW 07-05-04 D Subhani tr LCKY Sandown 09.10.18
G-LOSM Gloster Meteor NF.11 S4/U/2342 D G Thomas Bruntingthorpe 23.10.18
G-MTGW CFM Shadow Series CD 054 N Hart (Sudbury) 17.10.18
G-MTIL Mainair Gemini Flash IIA 549-687-5-W338 D J Robinson (Keadby, Scunthorpe) 17.10.18
G-MTPH Solar Wings Pegasus XL-R SW-WA-1263 D Bannister (Nelson) 17.10.18
G-MVCD Medway Hybred 44XLR MR001/34 C R Buckle Blackmoor Farm, Aubourn 26.10.18
G-MWPP CFM Streak Shadow K 166-SA R B J Gordon (Farnham) 05.10.18
G-MXPH BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk.84 EEP/JP/1931 Voodooair Ltd RAF Leeming 30.10.18
G-MYAT Team Mini-Max 88 PFA 186-12017 C J Gillam (Whitwell, York) 30.10.18
G-MYGP Rans S-6-ESD Coyote II 0992.349 The Spirit of Goole Low Hill Farm, North Moor
Messingham 30.10.18
G-MYHJ Cyclone AX3/503 C 2103073 D H Edwards (Tynreithyn, Tregaron) 06.10.18
G-MYXC BFC Challenger II CH2-0294-UK-1099 N O’Brien (Kilkenny, RoI) 09.10.18
G-MYXZ Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7023 Light Vending Ltd Moss Edge Fm, Cockerham 15.10.18
G-MYYS Team Mini-Max PFA 186-11989 D Brunton Morgansfield, Fishburn 09.10.18
G-MZCI Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7231 J Riley Little Staughton 17.10.18
G-MZIU Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7371 E A McCabe Perth 26.10.18
G-MZKS Thruster T600N 9038-T600N-022 J R Gardiner Bodmin 25.10.18
G-MZNO Mainair Blade 912 1167-0798-7-W970 E McCallum Athey’s Moor,
Longframlington 24.10.18
G-MZOV Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7512 B E Wagenhauser Westonzoyland 15.10.18
G-NEAL Piper PA-32-260 32-1048 S G Watson (Darlington) 09.10.18
G-NKEL Robinson R44 Raven II 10488 G Martinelli (Milan, Italy) 03.10.18
G-OBEE Boeing Stearman A75N1 75-1174 R H Mackay Easterton 26.10.18
G-OBPP Schleicher ASW 27-18E 29563 R A F King Bicester 22.10.18
G-OMEX Zenair CH.701UL PFA 187-13556 J W Johns (South Molton, Exeter) 17.10.18
Commodore 180 12074 S R Winter (Llandovery) 17.10.18
G-OPAR Van’s RV-6 21877 L V Adams (Hertford) 19.10.18
G-OSPY Cirrus SR20 GTS 1546 C Deretz Elstree 15.10.18
G-RSAF BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk.80A EEP/JP/3687 NWMAS Leasing Ltd Hawarden 08.10.18
G-RTFM Avtech Jabiru J400 268 A H Hamilton (Cairndow) 23.10.18
G-STBY Flylight MotorFloater MF012 B C C Middleton (Normandy, Guidford) 19.10.18
G-STNS Agusta A109A II 7324 Eurotech SRL (Caiolo, Italy) 15.10.18
G-SWEE Beech 95-B55 Baron TC-1406 T Slotover Elstree 16.10.18
G-TEZZ CZAW Sportcruiser 700539 K McKay & B M Tune Beverley (Linley Hill) 17.10.18
G-TPPW Van’s RV-7 LAA 323-14966 R S Grace Sywell 02.10.18
G-TTOM Zenair CH.601HD Zodiac 8346 D H Pattison Lower Upham Farm,
Chiseldon 06.10.18
G-USKY Aviat A-1B Husky 2261 R F Pooler Lower Grounds Farm,
Shirlowe 17.10.18
G-XDEA Diamond DA.42 Twin Star 42.AC012 Tesla Aviation Ltd Coventry 30.10.18
G-YEOM Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain 31-8352022 Strata Aviation Services Ltd Elstree 09.10.18
G-YSMO Mainair Pegasus Quik 8049 T M Shaw Eshott 25.10.18
G-ZAZU Diamond DA.42 Twin Star 42.187 Cloud Global Ltd Perth 17.10.18


G-CBOP Avtech Jabiry UL-450 0355 T Briton Greenhills Farm,
Wheatley Hill 17.10.18
G-GIBB Robinson R44 Raven II 11777 Vegetation Management Services Ltd Sywell 16.10.18
G-REEV Robinson R44 Clipper II 12448 SNG Yachting and Aviation Ltd (Wolverton, Milton Keynes) 16.10.18
G-THAT X’Air Falcon 912(1) 613 M C Sawyer, tr G-THAT Syndicate Hunsdon 29.10.18
G-TORK Cameron Z-105 HAB 10968 M E Dunstan Bath 30.10.18

G-AXVK Campbell Cricket (CA-327).  Cld 15.10.18 by CAA with G-BALY Practavia Pilot Sprite 150 (OS-10009).  Cld 22.10.18 as
PtoF expired 27.04.15. wfu.
G-AZLH Reims/Cessna F150L (F15000757).  Cld 30.10.18 by CAA G-BFSR Cessna F150J (F150-0504).  Cld 30.10.18 by CAA with CofA
with CofA expired 30.11.03. expired 17.07.09.
G-BAEU Reims/Cessna F150L (F15000873).  Cld 16.10.18 as G-BIKB Boeing 757-236 (22173).  To Madrid 02.08.17 for part-
destroyed. out/scrap. Cld 30.10.18 as destroyed.

G-BPYS Cameron O-77 HAB (2008).  Cld 07.10.18 as wfu with CofA G-JNAS Grumman AA-5A Cheetah (AA5A-0604).  Cld 19.10.18 by
expired 03.01.10. CAA with CofA expired 09.03.07.
G-BSUW Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7870081).  Cancelled G-MTUJ Solar Wings Pegasus XL-R (SW-WA-1297).  Cld 08.10.18
30.10.18 by CAA with CofA expired 07.09.10. by CAA with PtoF expired 31.05.94.
G-BUZT Kolb Twinstar Mk.IIIA (K0009-0193).  Cld 30.10.18 by CAA G-MTXB Thruster TST Mk.1 (8038-TST-065).  Cld 29.10.18 as wfu.
with PtoF expired 03.07.07. G-MVKJ Solar Wings Pegasus XL-R (SW-WA-1396).  Cld 08.10.18
G-BVOC Cameron V-90 HAB (3291).  Cld 01.10.18 as wfu with CofA by CAA with PtoF expired 07.06.02.
expired 27.03.14. G-MWIG Mainair Gemini Flash IIA (790-0690-7-W583).  Cld
G-BYBJ Medway Hybred 44XLR (MR156/135).  Cld 31.10.18 by 15.10.18 as wfu with PtoF expired 15.11.07.
CAA. G-MWZJ Solar Wings Pegasus XL-R (SW-WA-1534).  Cld 30.10.18 as
G-BZNS Mainair Blade (1263-1000-7-W1057).  Cld 08.10.18 as wfu with PtoF expired 30.08.05.
destroyed. G-MYDD CFM Shadow Series CD (K 197).  Cld 09.10.18 by CAA with
G-CBSS IAV Yakovlev Yak-52 (833707).  Cld 26.10.18 as destroyed PtoF expired 22.11.95.
after the forced landing between Couvain and Chimay, G-MYDR Thruster T300 (9072-T300-505).  Cld 08.10.18 by CAA
Belgium 14.02.17 – see page 2017/MAR.379. with PtoF expired 18.01.13.
G-CBVE Raj Hamsa X’Air Falcon 912(1) (766).  Cld 04.10.18 by CAA G-PHRG Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander 10 (001).  Cancelled
with PtoF expired 28.03.11. 01.10.18 as wfu after the accident at Cardington 18.11.17
G-CDCK Mainair Pegasus Quik (8116). Cld 09.10.18 by CAA. – see page 2017.DEC.2239.
G-CEHA British Aerospace Avro 146-RJ85 (E2333).  Cancelled G-PVML Robin DR.400-140B Major 80 (972).  Cld 24.10.18 as wfu
18.10.18 as wfu. Parted out at Cranfield, fuselage to with CofA expired 27.08.12.
Cotswold for scrapping. G-RVRC Piper PA-23-250 Aztec E (27-7405336).  Cld 08.10.15 by
G-CHKW Robinson R44 Raven I (1504).  Cld 05.10.18 as destroyed CAA with CofA expired 18.03.15.
after the accident at Perth 13.03.18 – see page 2018/ G-ZENI Zenair CH.601HD Zodiac (6-5837).  Cld 29.10.18 as wfu.
G-CKDB Schleicher Ka 6CR (6431).  Cld 07.10.18 as wfu with CofA Transferred to other UK marks (including those returning to
expired 12.03.16. former marks):
G-IMHK P&M QuikR (8462).  Cld 26.10.18 as destroyed. G-BOUF/G-TALP G-ORDH/G-OFZY G-RJXJ/G-SAJB

The following accidents include those most recently reported in the AAIB’s October 2018 Bulletin (on their website):
G-APRO Auster 6A (-).  Stalled on landing and struck the ground ground. The left wheel dug in, the aircraft pitched down,
at Old Buckenham 19.07.18. The landing gear collapsed the propeller struck the ground and the aircraft
and the engine cowling and propeller were damaged. overturned. Damage to propeller, engine cowling, right
G-BGSV Reims/Cessna F172N (F17201830).  Crashed at Watton upper wing and left interplane strut, and engine probably
Beck, Leven, E Yorks 10.10.18, 1 mile NW of Beverley shock-loaded (Irish AAIU report, with thanks to Antoin
(Linley Hill), while on approach after a flight from the Daltun).
Scottish Boarders. Both persons on board were fatally G-BSZT Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8116027).  Veered off the
injured and the aircraft was later removed to the AAIB runway on take-off at Brighton City 26.10.18, went onto
premises at Farnborough (from a report on the rough ground and into a ditch and some bushes. website). Substantial damage (report on the
G-BICS Robin R2100A Club (128).  Failed to attain flying speed website).
on take-off at Park Farm, Eaton Bray 06.05.18 and collided G-CDJV Beech A36 Bonanza (E-951).  The landing gear collapsed
with a hedge at the end of the runway. Substantially on returning to White Fen Farm, Benwick 26.06.18 due to
damaged. engine problems soon after take-off. Damage to landing
G-BRSY Hatz CB-1 (6).  Veered to the left on landing at Coonagh, gear, locker door hinges and ribs, and propeller.
RoI (EICN) 21.04.18 and went off the runway onto soft

The wreck of PA-38-112 Tomahawk G-RVRR (38-79A0199) at Compton Abbas on 13th September 2018. [Mike Cain]

G-CGSO P&M Quik GT450 (8540).  Touched down in a field of left wing and propeller struck the ground. Extensively
barley on short finals to Moss Edge Farm, Cockerham damaged.
06.07.18 and came to rest on its side. Severe damage to G-LYNI Evektor EV-97 Eurostar (2004-2311).  While en route
the wing, repairable damage to the trike. from Spanish Point, Co Clare, RoI (EISP) to Inishmore, Co
G-CIHH AutoGyro MTOsport (RSUK/MTOS/057).  Lost airspeed Galway (EIIM) 22.06.18, the aircraft decided to land at
while operating 2 miles NE of Blair Atholl 30.06.18 and Inisheer, Co Galway (EIIR) instead. The aircraft touched
made a heavy, controlled but unplanned uphill landing. down at the very start of the paved surface, bounced,
Extensively damaged. veered to the left and struck a raised area SW of the
G-CTFL Robinson R44 Raven (1912).  After lifting to the hover at runway. The nose landing gear collapsed, the propeller
Cumbernauld 05.05.18, the helicopter reversed off the and lower engine cowling were damaged, and the engine
landing pad, unaware that another R44 Raven (G-HYND – is thought to have been shock-loaded (Irish AAIU report,
see below) had landed behind and was being shut down. with thanks to Antoin Daltun).
One of G-HYND’s rotor blades collided with G-CTFL’s G-MZNX Thruster T600N (9098-T600N-026).  The nose landing
engine housing, control of G-CTFL was lost and the gear collapsed after a heavy landing at Longside 05.08.18.
helicopter struck the ground several times before coming The left wing struck the ground and the fuselage pod was
to rest in a nose-up attitude, with the tail resting on the damaged.
ground. G-CTFL was extensively damaged. G-OYAK Yakovlev Yak C-11 (1701139).  Made a wheels-up landing
G-CWMT Dyn’Aero MCR-01 (302).  The right wing touched the in a field 150 metres short of the runway at Little
ground on landing at Old Park Farm, Margham 10.03.18 Gransden 21.06.18 due to engine problems on the
and the aircraft came to rest against an earth bund and downwind leg. Damage to the engine, engine mountings,
the base of a fence. The aircraft is thought to be damaged flaps, propeller and lower fuselage.
beyond economic repair. G-RRCU Robin DR.221B Dauphin (129).  Turned rapidly to the
G-ECKB Reality Escapade 912(2) (JA.ESC.0003).  Struck the right on landing at Tatenhill 03.06.18, the left main
runway heavily on landing at Coate, Devises 02.07.18 after landing gear collapsed and the propeller struck the
the flying controls were restricted by the passenger. The ground.
left main landing gear detached, the aircraft bounced, G-RVRR Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk (38-79A0199).  Failed to
then landed on its right main landing gear and tailwheel. climb while making a touch-and-go at Compton Abbas
The left wingtip then touched the ground and the aircraft 15.05.18 and struck a hedge beyond the end of the
veered to the left. Additional damage to the propeller. runway. The aircraft is thought to be damaged beyond
G-GAEC Aquila AT01 (AT01-100A-312).  Bounced on landing at economic repair.
Breda International, Netherlands (EHSE) 05.10.18, the G-VSKP Leonardo AW169 (69018).  Crashed soon after take-off
nose landing gear collapsed and the aircraft went off the from the King Power Stadium 27.10.18 while departing
runway (from a report on the website). after Leicester City’s home football match against West
G-HARD Dyn’Aero MCR-01 ULC (319).  Crashed on landing at Ham United. The helicopter crashed and caught fire in an
Eshott 18.10.18. The pilot was injured and the aircraft was adjoining car park. All five persons on board were killed,
substantially damaged (from a report on the including the owner of Leicester City FC, Vichai website). Srivaddhanaprabha (from reports on the
G-HEVR Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 (1510-7422).  Swung to the left website).
and tipped up on landing at Lydd 12.06.18 during a G-XALZ Rans S-6-116 Super Six (0205.1638).  Touched down
training flight. Damage to nosewheel leg, propeller and short of the runway on landing at Morgansfield, Fishburn
wingtip. 25.06.18. The left main landing gear detached and the
G-HYND Robinson R44 Raven (2433).  Involved in a collision with aircraft slid along the runway with its left wingtip on the
R44 Raven G-CTFL at Cumbernauld 05.05.18 – see above. ground. Additional damage to the propeller.
G-HYND’s main rotor blade was damaged. G-XCUB Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub (18-9109036).  Overturned
G-JBTR Van’s RV-8 (PFA 303-14562).  Control was lost on landing while stationary on the runway at White Waltham
at Perth 23.06.18 and the aircraft went off the runway to 06.06.18 when take-off power was applied with the brakes
the right. The left main landing gear collapsed, and the still on. Damage to tailwheel and rudder, and engine


G-BDWP Piper PA-32R-200 32R-7680176 D-E 22.10.18 G-MVKW Pegasus XL-Q SW-WQ-0134 LY- 01.10.18
G-BOVX Hughes 269C 380673 F- 31.10.18 G-OZBO Airbus A321-231 1207 UR-CSE 02.11.18
G-BTDI Robinson R22 Beta 1670 D-H 10.10.18 G-POWC Boeing 737-33A 25402 C-GFFN 29.10.18
G-BWZS Eurocopter AS.350BB 2945 C- 03.10.18 G-RJCC Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S10525 I- 17.10.18
G-BXMD Eurocopter AS.350BB 3026 C- 03.10.18 G-SBCB Cirrus SR22T 0523 OK- 31.10.18
G-BXVM Van’s RV-6A 24974 SP- 24.10.18 G-TAWH Boeing 737-8K5 38107 C-GQWH 15.10.18
G-BZZD Reims/Cessna F172M F17201436 S5- 02.10.18 G-TRMP Sikorsky S-76B 760362 N 15.10.18
G-CBFM SOCATA TB-21 Trinidad GT 710 F- 19.10.18 G-TWOA Schempp-Hirth Discus-2a 82 D- 30.10.18
G-CBMK Cameron Z-120 HAB 10293 PH- 22.10.18 G-WTAY Robinson R44 Raven II 13637 OK- 24.10.18
G-CGPV Cameron C-80 HAB 11466 F- 04.10.18 G-YORC Cirrus SR22 2206 D-E 01.10.18
G-CHJC Rolladen-Schneider LS6-c 6290 F-C 08.10.18 M-ABKN Avions Transport ATR 72-212A 762 G-ISLM 11.10.18
G-CKEP Rolladen-Schneider LS6-b 6188 D- 01.10.18 M-ABLJ Airbus A330-343 713 9M-XBD 19.10.18
G-CKMU Boeing 787-9 63313 LN- 24.10.18 M-BASH Bombardier CL-600-2B16 5745 N609SA 31.10.18
G-DDSB Schleicher Ka 6E 4300 F-C 01.10.18 M-BULL Cessna S550 Citation II S550-0148 N 25.10.18
G-EJAR Airbus A319-111 2412 N315NV 25.10.18 M-FINK BAe 125 Series 1000B 259037 Unknown* 16.10.18
G-ELUX Rolladen-Schneider LS8-18 8277 F-C 30.10.18 M-LEYS Beech C90GT King Air LJ-1804 N155RS 09.10.18
G-EZEZ Airbus A319-111 2360 N314NV 01.11.18 M-MARI Bombardier CL-600-2B16 5826 C-FYTZ 30.10.18
G-EZRR Airbus A320-214 8075 HB-JXL 31.10.18 M-TSLT Bombardier BD-700-1A10 9762 T7-KLT 25.10.18
G-FDZD Boeing 737-8K5 35132 C-FTZD 25.10.18 M-WMWM Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2
G-FOZZ Beech A36 Bonanza E-2788 YR- 09.10.18 525A0113 VH-EJT 18.10.18
G-IIIO Schempp-Hirth Ventus-2cM 41/73 OK- 16.10.18 2-ASIA Avions Transport ATR.72-212A 585 HB-ALR 05.09.18
G-ISSV Eurocopter EC155 B1 6757 D-H 03.10.18 2-CARQ Boeing 737-33R 28869 ZS- 05.09.18

Eurocopter EC155B1 G-ISSV (6757), at Denham on 13th August 2018, has been sold to Germany. [Brian G Nichols]

2-CAVL Boeing 737-36N 28569 ZS- 05.09.18 2-WFBA Avions Transport ATR.42-300 317 YL-RAJ 17.08.18
2-OSJN Airbus A320-231 0308 9H-MGF 22.08.18
2-PSGI Boeing 737-55D 27418 PR-SDH 23.08.18 * The IOM Register says ‘new state of registry Unknown’ - it may have
2-VSLJ Airbus A320-233 3570 TC-ODC 11.09.18 gone to France.

G-APZX/EI-GHI Piper PA-22-150 G-FELC/I-FELC Cirrus SR22 ZJ-HLH/9H-VIP+ Eurocopter EC135P2
G-CCNC/4X-BNL Cameron Z-275 HAB G-GWAA/F-HBBK Eurocopter EC135 T2
G-CEOI/OE-ZEO Cameron C-60 HAB G-LALE/T7-PAM Embraer EMB-135BJ * cld 20.07.15 by CAA.
G-CFDC/36-RI/F-JBOT* Pegasus Quik GT450 G-LLOO/N500TB SOCATA TB-20 Trindad + cld from the Jersey register by 04.18 – see
G-CGNY/HB-LMN Cessna 340A G-NTAR/N4T MD Helicopters MD.600N page 2018/MAY.939.
G-CKUY/D-HNHF Eurocopter EC 155 B1 G-OLFF/LZ-ACT Cameron Z-120 HAB
G-COBI/V5-WAN Beech B300 King Air G-PTCA/EI-SKP Reims/Cessna F172P With thanks to Ian Burnett/Overseas
G-COBM/V5-WAU Beech B300 King Air G-SNSF/PR-CGN AgustaWestland AW139 Registers, Barrie Towey/ US Register,
G-CROP/OK-1986 Cameron Z-105 HAB G-SSCA/PH-KFA Diamond DA.42NG Steven Sowter/Biz-Jets & Cyril Leeson.
G-EXLC/4X-CXY Extra EA.300L G-TRAN/9A-PAD Beech 76 Duchess


NB the date shown is the date of amendment to the official record, not the date of modification, etc:
G-CCRB Type to Kolb Twinstar Mk.III (modified SS) 26.10.18 G-MWYJ Type to Solar Wing Pegasus Quasar IITC (modified) 16.10.18
G-FCTK Type to DH.82C Tiger Moth (modified) 24.10.18 G-MZHG Type to Whittaker MW6-S Merlin (modified SS) 10.10.18


G-ARAZ DH.82A Tiger Moth (82867).  The owner should read Three amendments from Mike Didsbury:
Avalon Ventures Ltd (2018/OCT.1924 – with thanks to G-OSUP Lindstrand LBL-90A HAB.  Shown on 2018/MAR.421 and
Peter Budden). MAR.485 as becoming EC-MUV but then on 2018/JUL.1323
G-BZMD SA Bulldog Srs.120/121.  C/n should be BH120/247. and JUL.1370 as becoming EC-MYO. EC-MUV was re-regd
(2018/OCT.1927 – with thanks to Cyril Leeson). EC-MYO 05.18 – see 2018/OCT.1975.
G-PROW Evektor EV-97 Eurostar.  The final part of the owner’s G-TMRB Short SD.360 Var.100.  Shown on 2016/SEP.1418 as
details should read tr Quantum Syndicate becoming OY-FBY but then on 2018/JUL.1323 and JUL.1365
(2018/OCT.1926 with thanks to Peter Budden). as OY-PBY, which we believe is the correct identity.
M-AGMF Bombardier BD-700-1A10.  (N988ONE) among the list of
p.i.s should read (N880NE) (2018/SEP.1711).


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AAC MIDDLE WALLOP, HANTS – The Museum of Army Flying at Middle at month end); Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II G-LEEZ in 14th, out 20th;
Wallop is about to undergo a revamp over the coming winter. The Agusta A109S G-SGRP in 24th (still present at month end); Sikorsky
museum closed to the public (apart from some WW1 commemorative S-76C G-ROON in 26th, out 31st and Airbus AS350B3 G-CIWO in 27th,
events) on 29th October with a planned reopening in time for Easter out 29th.
next year. In that time the display is to undergo some changes. The Cessna 208B G-EELS was being used as the camera ship for the
majority of the aircraft will be moving with some that don’t having to Women’s Golf Championships at Royal Lytham and circled endlessly
be partially dismantled to allow others past, hence the public closure. just to the south of the airfield. The Blackpool Air Show was held over
Two aircraft will be leaving (Edgar Percival EP9 G-APXW/XM819 and the weekend of the 11th & 12th, accounting for the various unusual
Miles Magister G-AKKR/T9707) and two will be coming out of long term types over the period.
storage (Islander AL.1 ZG993 and Agusta A109A ZE410). There was a
August 2018 visitors:
third new aircraft in the plan (an Apache AH.1), but despite it being a
 1 Phenom 300 CS-PHG; Piper PA-34-200T G-BOCU o/s; Flight Design
Wattisham hangar queen, there appearing to be no one in the MOD CTSW G-CENE; Beech 400A G-ERIE n/s; Piper PA-28s G-GURU &
who knows how to release it and the National Army Museum at Chelsea G-RVRN; Piper PA-31-350 G-JAJK; Beech B200 G-JASS n/s; Piper
thinking they should have it, the museum’s plans for it are having to PA-38-112s G-LFSH & G-RVRK; Robinson R22 G-OASH; Cirrus SR20
be changed (on almost a daily basis). If it doesn’t arrive there will be a N203CD o/s; Daher TBM-930 N930SA ×2
space left for it or another one. The EP9 will go into store and the  2 Evektor EV-97 G-CDCC n/s; Pilatus PC-12 G-DYLN ×2; Piper
Magister will go back to its owner the RAF Museum, which presumably PA-28-180E G-LFSG; Robin HR200 G-WAVA
means in store at RAF Stafford.  3 Learjet 35A D-CTIL; Piper PA-28RT-201T G-BHFJ; SOCATA TB-10
G-BNRA n/s2; Leonardo AW109SP G-HLCM; Cessna 401B 2-AZFR
ALDERSHOT, HANTS – Jaguar GR.1 XX751/10, previously with a private  4 Learjet 35A D-CAPO n/s; Eurocopter EC130T2 F-HIKE [7774];
collector in Ash, Surrey has been moved to the Aldershot area. Cirrus SR22 G-GCVV o/s; Piper PA-28s G-GURU & G-TSGJ; SOCATA
AYLESBURY, BUCKS – Leonardo AW169 G-HHEM ‘Helimed 55’ visited  5 Phenom 300 CS-PHF n/s; Piper PA-28s G-BOER & G-BSLU; Piper
Stoke Mandeville Hospital on 22nd October, landing at 14.18. PA-38-112 G-RVRY; Eurocopter AS355NP G-WECG n/s; Cessna 510
OE-FHK n/s
AYLMERTON, NORFOLK – Further to SEP.1717, Mike Burdett has also  6 Evektor EV-97 G-CDOA ×2; Guimbal Cabri G2 G-CJEK; Piper
acquired Cameron O-56 G-BMOJ (CofA expired 27th July 1989 & PA-38-112 G-LFSH; Piper PA-34-200T G-RVNO; Eurocopter
cancelled 11 November 2011), picking it up from near Grantham on AS355NP G-WECG; Cessna 510 OE-FHK n/s
14th October.  7 CASA 1-131E G-BJAL n/s; Wittman Tailwind G-BMHL; Cessna 172M
G-BTMR n/s; Robinson R22 G-BXSG; Cessna T206H G-NIME n/s
BAGBY, N. YORKS – Evektor EV-97 G-CCEJ has moved out to the strip  8 Phenom 300 CS-PHB; Robinson R22 G-BXSG; Commander 114A
at Felixkirk. Cessna F172N G-CLUX is currently up for sale. G-NATT o/s; Agusta Bell 206B JetRanger III G-ONTV n/s
 9 Cessna 182J G-ATPT; Cessna FRA150M G-BDRD; Cessna F152
BIGGIN HILL, LONDON – A couple of recent reports from here G-BIOK; Piper PA-28RT-201T G-BOYV o/s; Robinson R22 G-BXSG
revealed a number of previously unreported residents, namely ×2; Piper PA-28-161 G-EJRS; Diamond DA 42 G-EMPP o/s; Agusta
Gippsland Airvan G-CSPT, Cessna 525M2 G-ORAW, Hawker 800XP Bell 206B JetRanger III G-ONTV ×2; Cessna F406 G-RVLW o/s;
G-XSMC, HS.125-800B M-DSML (stored), Challenger 604 M-OLOT, Cirrus Robin HR200 G-WAVV
SF50 N50AG and Cirrus SR22T 2-ZERO. Cessna F152 F-GBFL is still 10 Cessna 680A CS-LTI; Phenom 100 D-IAAD; Piper PA-22-150
marked as such, despite have been officially re-registered as G-CKAT G-ARFD; Piper PA-44-180 G-BGCO; Jodel DR1050M G-BIOI; P-51D
back on 3rd February 2017. Mustang G-BIXL n/s; Chipmunk 22 G-BYHL n/s; Embraer EMB-145
The airport is seeking a development partner for a new Light G-RJXI; Eurocopter AS350B3 G-SPVK n/s; Piper PA-28-181 G-VOAR;
Aviation Centre (LAC) to continue its role as a general aviation airport, Stearmen N74189 n/s & SE-BOG n/s
whilst growing its business aviation activity. The new centre will 11 Learjet 31A D-CAMB n/s; Druine Turbulents G-APVZ ×2 n/s,
include hangars with a minimum capacity of 21,000 sq ft and an G-ARGZ ×2 n/s, G-ARMZ ×2 n/s & G-ARNZ ×2 n/s; P-51D Mustang
aircraft apron of the same size. Much of the existing light aircraft G-BIXL n/s; Pitts S-1S G-BKDR ×2 n/s; Chipmunk 22 G-BYHL;
parking, both indoor and outdoor, will be relocated to the LAC. Agusta AW189 G-MCGR; Aerospatiale AS365N2 G-NHAB; Extra
EA300/Ls G-OFFO ×2 n/s, G-ZEXL ×2 n/s, G-ZXCL ×2 n/s & G-ZXLL
BLACKPOOL, LANCS – Westair’s Cessna F150H G-UFLY returned on ×2 n/s; Robinson R44 G-OONA; Eurocopter AS350B3 G-SPVK n/s;
18th August after its lease to Isle of Man Flight Training. Van’s RV-7 Piper PA-38-112 G-SUKI; Piper PA-28-181 G-VOAR ×2; Global 6000
G-TRVR arrived on 19th August and is currently resident in the High G N10HD n/s; Cirrus SR22 N199ZZ; Stearmen N74189 n/s & SE-BOG
hangar. Further to OCT.1929, Piper J3C-65 G-BTSP arrived back on the n/s
21st and seems resident again. Stemme S.6RT D-KSLT, which arrived 12 Cessna 560XLS CS-DXU n/s; Phenom 300 CS-PHH; HOAC DV 20
on 19th July, departed again on 29th August. There was rare activity at D-EUCH [20083]; Druine Turbulents G-APVZ n/s, G-ARGZ n/s,
the Air Centre hangar on the 30th, when Piper PA-28-140 G-BIYX was G-ARMZ n/s & G-ARNZ n/s; Cessna 182J G-ATPT; Pitts S-1S G-BKDR
noted outside, receiving attention to its engine. n/s; Extra EA300/Ls G-OFFO, G-ZEXL, G-ZXCL & G-ZXLL; Agusta
Westair Engineering had Piper PA-28RT-201T G-SKYV out 1st A109S G-SKBL; Stearmen N74189 n/s & SE-BOG n/s
August (in 19th July), in 3rd, out 25th & back in 25th (still present at 13 Bölkow Bö209 G-EFJD n/s; Cessna 550 G-IPLY; Eurocopter
month end); Piper PA-28-140 G-AZEG in 2nd, out 29th; Piper PA-23- AS355NP G-WECG
250F G-CALL out 2nd (in 6th July); Robin HR200 G-WAVV out 9th (in 14 Vulcanair P.68C-TC G-PDGV
25th June); Cessna F406 G-MAFA in 15th (still present at month end) 15 Phenom 300 CS-PHG; Cessna 525A D-IJOA n/s; Piper PA-28-180E
and Cessna F406 G-MAFB out 16th (in 11th April). G-AYAW n/s2; Beech 200 G-BGRE; Ikarus C42 G-CLAI n/s;
UK Aviation Services had a reasonable number of helicopters Robinson R44 G-NESH
through its facility during August, starting with Leonardo AW109SP 16 Piper PA-28RT-201T G-BOYV o/s; Robinson R44 G-BZGO; Van’s
G-HLCM out 1st (in 29th July); Agusta A109S G-SKBL in 1st, out 24th & RV-9A G-CGXR; Cirrus SR22 G-GCVV; Piper PA-28-161 G-GURU;
back in 24th, out 25th; Hughes OH-6A G-OHGA in 6th, out 22nd; Leonardo AW109SP G-HLCM; Beech B200 G-IASA o/s; Beech 250
Sikorsky S-76B G-TRMP out 13th (in 29th July) & in 30th (still present G-IASB; Piper PA-28R-201T G-JDPB o/s; Vulcanair P.68C-TC G-PDGV

o/s; Cessna 550 G-SPUR; Diamond DA 42 G-ZAZU o/s & n/s; Piper SA341G N58283 [1015]. This appears to be a new import, but whether
PA-46-350P JetProp DLX N14EF n/s it is based here or not is uncertain at present.
17 SOCATA TB-20 G-OMAO; Piper PA-46-350P JetProp DLX N14EF
18 Beech 76 G-BXXT o/s; Piper PA-46-350P G-DNOP o/s; Robinson BOURNEMOUTH, DORSET – Arriving for the Airbourne Colours
R44G-ENSX; Piper PA-28-161 G-LACB; Cessna 560XLS YU-SPB paintshop on 2nd October was Thomas Cook Airbus A321-211 G-DHJH.
19 Piper PA-22-150 G-ARFD; Piper PA-28-180 G-BOHM; Van’s RV-9A It left on the 11th, now in the new grey & yellow Thomas Cook livery.
G-CGXR; Beech 250 G-IASB & o/s×3 Next in was fellow Thomas Cook A321-211 G-TCDA from the 14th to
20 Piper PA-28RT-201T G-BOYV o/s; Robinson R44 G-BZGO; Van’s 23rd for the same treatment. Arriving on the 23rd was Jet2 Boeing
RV-9A G-CGXR; Piper PA-28R-201T G-JDPB o/s; Beech 250 737-86N G-DRTN in an unusual paint scheme of all pale yellow with a
G-OWCD; Airbus AS350B3 G-LEOG; Sikorsky S-76C G-ROON; red rudder! As the doors & emergency exits had red banding this was
Cessna 525A G-SONE; Cessna 182S G-TPSL; Piper PA-28R-200 not primer, but may have been connected with an aborted sale to the
N7954J n/s2 Russian carrier Saratov, which had a yellow livery, before it ceased
21 Piper PA-28-161 G-BGPL; Zenair CH.701SP G-CKFF n/s; Beech 200 operating.
G-IASM o/s At European Aviation resident Airbus A340-642X 2-FIXP was taken
22 Partenavia P.68V G-RVRE; Piper PA-38-112 G-RVRU; Cessna 525A out for a quick air-test on 4th October. Visiting from the 17th to the
G-SONE; Commander 114TC N115MD; Embraer EMB-145 G-RJXD; 22nd was Boeing 737-548 9H-MAC.
Beech 250 M-OTOR n/s At Airtime Aviation Luscombe 8E N575DW flew a local flight on 8th
23 Beech 250 G-IASB ×2; Sikorsky S-76C M-ONTY; Cirrus SR22 October and may now be resident here. It’s been advertised for sale by
N211SE [2208] n/s; Eurocopter AS350B N330MG Airtime for a while but was Compton Abbas based. As previously
24 Phenom 300 CS-PHB; Agusta AW109SP G-HLCM; Beech B200 predicted, Peter Lovegrove’s Nord NC854S G-BCGH is also now for sale
G-OLIV; Piper PA-28-181 G-VOAR; Eurocopter EC135T2 G-WASC by AT Aviation. However it’s probably still here with Airtime as there is
25 Phenom 300s CS-PHH & CS-PHL n/s; Learjet 35A D-CDIM; Airbus no sighting of it flying yet. Beech 350 2-FPLF departed on the 2nd
H145 D-HOAE; Cessna 560XLS G-CKUB n/s; Robinson R44 G-COPR; while BN-2T-4S Defender G-WPNS was here in early October and left
Piper PA-38-112 G-LFSM; Eurocopter EC135T2 G-NWAE on the 18th. Robin DR400 G-GGJK visited on 19th October and Piper
26 Global 6000 N7777U PA-23-250E G-BCCE on the 22nd. Still outside on the 26th was Cessna
27 SOCATA TB-20 G-OMAO; Nextant 400XT G-SKBD; Commander F172N G-OBMS. Resident Robin HR200 G-BVMM has changed to
114TC N115MD n/s another local owner. The former owner has now purchased Aeroprakt
28 Cessna 172P G-BYEA; Nextant 400XT G-FXKR; Piper PA-28s G-GURU Foxbat G-CGSX. There has been no sighting here so far, but Google
& G-LACB ×2; Piper PA-28R-201T G-JDPB o/s; Piper PA-38-112 Earth shows a strip cut at the owner’s New Milton address, along with
G-LFSH; Piper PA-31-310 G-RHYM; Robin HR200 G-WAVV a hangar. With private access only on the nearby roads, a closer looked
29 Phenom 300 D-CHIC; Rallye Club G-ASAU; Piper PA-28-181 is difficult. At the Airtime paintshop Beech 200XP G-KVIP arrived on
G-BMIW; Piper PA-23-250F G-CALL; Sportcruiser G-OCRZ n/s; 2nd October and was stripped to bare metal by the 10th. Beech A36
Piper PA-38-112 G-RVNA N25FP [E-2720], which arrived on 10th September, was outside on 10th
30 Chipmunk 22 G-BWNT; Ikarus C42 G-CJBE n/s; Robinson R44 October in an all pale blue livery with clouds & paper aeroplane logos.
G-NOXY; Cessna 425 M-MANX; Cirrus SR20 N781CD Also that day Piper PA-24-250 N5839P was present in a new red &
31 Pipistrel Virus EI-FEJ n/s; Cessna 152 G-BNUT; SOCATA TB-20 white livery. Piper PA-28-161 G-BOHA arrived on 7th October & was
G-BTEK n/s; Guimbal Cabri G2 G-CJEK; Diamond DA 42s G-DJET & partly stripped by the 10th.
G-ZDEA o/s; Piper PA-28-161 G-EJRS; Van’s RV-7 G-FIXX; Cessna Scenic Air Tours have operated Cessna 172M G-CDDK on local
510 G-GILB; Cessna T206H G-NIME n/s; Piper PA-38-112 G-RVRM flights since early 2018. There have been no sighting of it recently, but
×2; Legacy 650 G-WIRG n/s; Eclipse EA500 N117EA n/s; Cirrus arriving on 30th September was Piper PA-28R-200 G-CBVU which
SR22T N53LG; Cirrus SR20 N781CD parked where G-CDDK normally stays. Jersey-based Robin HR200
Regular visitors were Cessna 208B G-EELS out 1st (in 30th July) & n/s; G-BCCY was in use with Scenic Air Tours between the 18th and 22nd
2nd ×2 n/s; 3rd n/s, 4th n/s & 5th n/s; Cessna 560XLS G-GARE on 9th, October, and is listed as PCOO on G-INFO. Meanwhile Cessna 172M
10th, 11th, 12th, 23rd & 26th; Cirrus SR22 G-ILHR 2nd ×2, 3rd, 19th, G-CDDK & Piper PA-28-140 G-AVLD (CofA expired 11th June 2006) are
25th o/s & 29th o/s; Agusta Bell 206B JetRanger III G-XXIV on 5th also listed as PCOO on G-INFO – the latter having the same registered
n/s2; 7th n/s; 11th n/s6, 16th ×4 n/s & 17th ×2 n/s. owner as G-CDDK & last known on rebuild.
A couple of late September departures from Gama Aviation were
BOURNE PARK, HURSTBOURNE TARRANT, HANTS – Noted at a small Beech 350 M-WATJ & Cessna 560XLS G-LXWD, both on 29th September.
event held by the Gazelle Squadron on 27th October was Aerospatiale Beech 350 M-SPEC left on 1st October followed by Challenger 604

Beech 300 Super King Air 350 VH-VPX (FL-1143) of Royal Flying Doctor Service departing Bournemouth on delivery on 22nd October 2018. [Martin Uzzell]

G-FABO on the 6th and sister-ship 9H-MIR on the 16th. RAF Shadow August 2018 visitors:
R.1 ZZ418 was in for work from 28th September until 9th October while 13 Beech C23 G-BARH; Robinson R22 G-BXSG; Piper PA-8R-201T
Challenger 604 G-RCAV arrived on 4th October. Beech B200 G-IASA had G-OOTC
sneaked in on 6th September & left again on 13th October. Royal September 2018 visitors:
Flying Doctors Beech 350 VH-MQD arrived from Keflavik on 17th  4 Luscombe 8E G-AGMI; Hughes 369HS N500HL; SOCATA TBM-700
October followed by VH-VPX on the 19th and both departed to N700CS
Belgrade on the 22nd. Gama’s new Challenger 604 G-DAYR was only  5 Piper PA-28s G-AVNU & OO-KLX [2843025]; Aerospatiale AS355F1
registered on 11th October & was in from 19th to 23rd October, leaving G-NETR
for Alicante. BAE Systems Beech 250 M-CDJC left on 9th October, while  7 Cessna F150L G-BIFY; Diamond DA 40 G-CBFA; Cessna 152 G-FIGA;
company Beech 250 M-CDMS was in from 9th to 22nd October and Aerospatiale AS355F2 G-INTV; Bristell NG5 G-PIPZ; Jabiru J400
sister-ship M-CDBM arrived on the 22nd. Beech C90GTx M-TSRI arrived G-RTFM; Cessna T206H G-SEMR; Diamond DA 42 G-VLTT; Cessna
on 23rd October, while expected for a quick repair over the weekend of T182T G-VONY; Eurocopter AS355NP G-WECG; Antonov An-2
27th & 28th October was a slightly larger visitor, British Airways Boeing LY-TED [1G235-51]; Cessna 414 N44NE; Piper PA-32R-301T N73BL;
747-436 G-CIVX for minor repairs. This of course being in the hangar Cirrus SR22 N147KB; Piper PA-28RT-201T N799JH; Cessna P210N
where Boeing 747-8ZV VQ-BSK lived for a number of years. This OK-TGM [P210-00328] (f Bournemouth t Bielefeld, Germany);
recently found a new home in Turkey, having been donated by the Cessna T207A 9H-FMJ [207-00590] (f/t Mönchengladbach)
 8 Piper PA-28-180F D-EACN [28-7105041] (f/t Stuttgart); Robin
Qatar Government.
DR400 F-GIDA (f Le Havre t Caen); Piper PA-28Rs G-BHWY &
MCA Aviation had Beech B200 EC-MME in from 27th September
G-WWAL; Cessna T206H G-CHJK; Cessna 152 G-HART; GlaStar
until 5th October, but no other activity was seen here.
G-SKUA; Beech F33A OO-DXZ [CE-500] (f/t Kortrijk-Wevelgem);
Jetworks had Basler BT-67 C-GEAJ outside for engine runs on 11th
Pilatus PC-12 OO-PCI (f Glasgow t Charleroi); Commander 114B
October & it was still present on the 26th. Stored Cessna 550 AP-BHD 2-LAND
was also out for engine runs on 22nd October. 24 Eurocopter AS350B3 G-JBBZ; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFM
TechnicAir had Cessna 525B M-CITY in on 28th September & it was 28 SZD-45A Ogar G-BKTM; CAP-10B G-BXBU; Piper PA-28-161
air-tested the next day. On return it visited the AV8Jet hangar for a G-CBWD; Robin HR100 G-EOMI; Cirrus SR22 N868CK [3412] n/s2
night-stop before departing on 1st October. Cessna 750 T7-TAN arrived (f/t Teuge)
on 3rd October while Cessna 525A M-PMCN was in between the 8th and 29 Piper PA-46-350P D-ERCW [4636298] (f Neustadt-Aisch t Finow);
24th October & Cessna 525C N22UB arrived on the 18th. Robin DR400 F-GSRI [2394] (f/t Albert-Bray); Piper PA-28s
With Jets Engineering Challenger 601 2-CUTE arrived on 1st G-BLVL, G-BOTF, G-BYHH & G-LORR; Mooney M.20K G-BYEE;
October & was re-registered 9H-ART a few days later. Its first Skyrangers G-CETO & G-SNUG; Cessna 172s G-CFIO & G-OOLE;
appearance outside in the new marks was 19th October. Hawker 850XP Piper PA-32-300 G-DIGI; Robinson R22 G-EFOF; Agusta AW109SP
N73SL was in between the 7th and 16th October and was back again G-IWFC; Van’s RV-7 G-STIX n/s; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFW; Cirrus SR22
on the 23rd. N226BB [3426]
Alto Aviation received one more Diamond DA 40 when G-CTSS 30 Robin DR400 F-BVMC [955]; Bulldog T.1 G-CBID; Cessna 182T
arrived on 19th October for pre delivery work. G-CJAF; Magni M.16C G-KTCH; Piper PA-28-161 G-SEXX; Cessna
172P G-WACW; Cessna F172P G-WACY; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFC;
Spicejet’s latest DHC-8-402 VT-SQB was delivered through
Bournemouth on 24th October, arriving from Keflavik & leaving for
Bucharest an hour later. The callsign was “SEJ4584” which, as usual, is
BRISTOL, N. SOMERSET – Leonardo AW169 G-DSAA (‘Helimed 10’) was
the construction number. at Southmead Hospital between 14.35 & 15.45 on 10th September.
Further to SEP.1718, the Falcon 8X should have read M-VITC, rather Leonardo AW169 G-KSSC (‘PLC33’) was at the Bristol Royal Infirmary
than M-VITB. between 14.33 & 15.50 on the 28th and Eurocopter EC.135T2 G-GWAC
(‘Helimed 65’) was also at the Bristol Royal Infirmary on the 21st and
BREIGHTON, N. YORKS – Jodel D112 G-AYCP arrived on 5th September 31st.
and is now resident. SIAI-Marchetti SF260D N405FD [770] has been
sold and is now based at Michelstadt in Germany. BRUNTINGTHORPE, LEICS – Venom FB.50s G-DHVM (cancelled by CAA
8th February 2018, marked as WR470) and G-VENM (cancelled to USA
BRIGHTON CITY, W. SUSSEX – A selection of recent movements 13th August 2018, marked as WK436), were roaded in here from
reported here are: Coventry during September. Gloster Meteor NF.11 G-LOSM (Permit to

Beech G36 Bonanza OO-VDC (E-3916) at Cranfield on 31st October 2018. [Dave Lythgoe]

Fly expired 17th October 2017, marked as WM167) is also expected to October for a total re-spray, returning on the 18th. Starspeed’s
be moving here from Coventry soon. Eurocopter EC155B G-LCPX appears to have taken over duties from
their AS365N2 G-LCPL.
CLIDDESDEN, HANTS – Robinson R44 G-EEZR lives at a private Global Rotors, a new division of HQ Aviation, was recently set up
helipad in the grounds of a large house off Pett Bottom Lane here. It and is an approved Robinson factory distributor, hence Sloane
is easily visible on Google Maps. Helicopters are no longer involved in the importation of Robinson
helicopters destined to HQ.
COATE, DEVIZES, WILTS – Given the AAIB Bulletin report of a landing
After the September ABN close out the following were noted:
accident here on 2nd July, Escapade G-ECKB would appear to be based
28 Cirrus SR22T N139LC [1769] arrived from Florida via Goose Bay,
here and not at Clench Common.
Narsarsuaq, Reykjavik, Rotterdam and Weston to take up Denham
COTSWOLD, GLOS – A second former Turkmenistan Airlines Boeing
29 Cirrus SR20 G-CTUK; Robinson R22 G-PSJS; Van’s RV-6 G-RVAN n/s
717-22K, EZ-A107, callsign ‘TUA717’ flew in from Turkmenbashi, via
Izmir, Turkey on 3rd October. Then on the 12th another one, EZ-A101, Moving on to the October 2018 visitors:
arrived as ‘TUA3101’, also via Izmir, Turkey. Former Germania Boeing  1 Robinson R44 D-HEXE [11711] (visited HQ Aviation,
737-75B D-AGEU flew in from Erfurt on 20th October as ‘GMI790’, also f Gloucestershire t Lille); Piper PA-28-180C G-ASWX; Hughes 369E
for parting out by ASI. Yet another Turkmenistan Boeing 717, this time G-HWKW; Robinson R22 G-JKAT
EZ-A102, arrived as ‘TUA3101’ on 29th October, again via a refuelling  3 Pilatus PC-12 D-FLAT f/v (f/t Aschaffenburg); Robinson R44s
stop at Izmir, Turkey. There is reportedly one more to come, with two G-COPR (in HQ for maintenance), G-GRZZ & G-YARD (in HQ)
others to be broken up in Turkmenistan.  4 Cessna F152 G-BJVJ; Sikorsky S-76C G-PACO; Pilatus PC-12 T7-PBL
f/v n/s (f Lausanne t Saanen)
COVENTRY, WARKS – A visit on 10th September found Piper PA-38-  5 Cessna F182Q G-BHIB
112 G-BOLE back from lease at Nottingham City. The stored Cessna  7 Pilatus PC-12 G-KFTI; Eurocopter EC120B G-TGGR; Beech V35B
FT337GP N456TL has disappeared, it was previously parked up without Bonanza N30VT [D-9439] f/v n/s as such (f/t Weston) having
engines, so may well have been parted out or scrapped? visited both Denham and North Weald in 2005 as HB-HER).
Taylor Titch G-OJON (Permit to Fly expired 4th September 2012)  8 Eurocopter EC130B4 F-HANA [4590] (in with AS Aerospace);
was noted departing by road on 20th October, destination unknown at Eurocopter EC155B G-CFOJ; Agusta A109S G-LITO
present.  9 Hughes 369E G-MDDE
11 Eurocopter EC135T2 G-HOLM
CROOME PARK, WORCS – The forward fuselage of Meteor NF.11 12 Robinson R44 G-OHAM; Pilatus PC-12 T7-PBL (f Lausanne
WD686 arrived from Old Sarum for display at the RAF Defford Museum t Saanen)
on 28th August. It is owned by the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection 13 Guimbal Cabri G2 G-RJVH
and was due to be on display until the end of October. It should then 15 Agusta A109S G-POTS n/s
move back to Old Sarum to join the rest of the aircraft and return here 16 AA-5B Tiger G-BFXX; Robinson R22 G-KRRN (in with HQ)
for display as a complete machine next year, although again probably 17 Eurocopter AS350B3 N9FJ (f Goodwood n/s t private site in
only on a temporary basis. Norfolk); Robinson R44 RA-04177 [1332] (f Moscow via Le
Touquet into HQ for maintenance)
DEANLAND, EAST SUSSEX – Although the ownership change on 25th 18 Agusta AW139 EI-LIM (f Leopardstown t Shannon); Robinson R22
January to Deanland Flight Training Ltd. was shown in ABN for Ikarus G-DOGI; Airbus AS355NP G-PERX; Bell 429 G-RIDB
C42 G-HEVR, BIR2018 failed to reflect the change from Durham 19 Chipmunk 22 G-BBMN; Piper PA-28-151 G-GUSS; Flight Design
Aerosports! CTLS G-HECT; Van’s RV-6A G-ONUN
21 Van’s RV-6 G-RVST; Robinson R66 G-SDWV (f Athens for HQ)
DENHAM, BUCKS – Robinson R44 G-OBHE (ex G-PRET) took to the UK 22 Piper PA-28-161 G-BHRC n/s
skies as such for the first time on 1st October. Robinson R66 G-HKPC 23 Aerospatiale AS355F1s G-BPRI & G-IDEB (visiting Helicopter Film
was assembled by HQ during early October and made its maiden flight Services); Robinson R44 G-HALS (to HQ for maintenance);
as such on 19th October. R66 G-ICEL was registered to HQ Aviation on Eurocopter EC135P2 G-WPDE; Airbus AS350B3 N506JA (to AS
10th October and arrived crated at Culter Helipad, Aberdeen on 23rd Aerospace)
October for assembly there. It is expected to arrive at Denham in early 24 Agusta AW109SP G-SGRP
November. Robinson R22 G-OVNR departed to Thruxton on 3rd 26 Agusta A109E G-DMPI

Beech V35B Bonanza N30VT (D-9439) at Denham on 7th October 2018. [John Kirkbride]

Eurocopter EC155B1 G-LCPX (6748) at Denham on 16th October 2018. [Brian G Nichols]

DUNKESWELL, DEVON – New with AT Aviation during September were PA-28RT-201 G-VOID; Van’s RV-9A G-XCRT; Tecnam P2006T
Piper PA-28R-200 G-AZFM and SOCATA TB-9 G-BHOZ. Zlin Z.526 G-XVAX; AutoGyro Calidus G-YROZ
G-BPNO has departed to Solent Airport after being sold to a new  8 Cessna F150M G-BDUM; AA-5B Tiger G-BIPV; Europa G-BZTN;
Portsmouth owner. Dyn’Aero MCR-01 G-CBZX; Zenair CH.601HD G-CEAT; Quik GT450
A visit on 19th October found a number of newcomers with AT G-CEPP
Aviation, namely Piel CP.301C G-BJCF, Sportcruiser G-DVOY, Piper  9 SOCATA TB-10 G-BKBW; Piper PA-28-161 G-BFNK; Pioneer 300
PA-24-200T G-GFEY, Maule MX7-180A G-LOFM, Van’s RV-9 G-OPVM, G-CGTL; Quik GTR G-CIDY, G-CIHZ, G-CIIH & G-GTRE; Evektor
Van’s RV-3 G-RODZ, AA-5B Tiger G-TGER, Cirrus SR22 N219DW and Pitts EV-97 G-LBAC & G-OCMS; Robinson R44 G-OESP & G-SWNS; Quik
S-2A N414MB. In for work with FlyMoore Aircraft Engineering were GT450 G-ROBG; Robinson R22 G-ULZE
Mooney M.20 D-EOSD, Commander 112B G-CRIL & Cessna FR172J 10 Piper PA-28R-200 G-BBZH; AA-1B Trainer G-BERY; AA-5B Tiger
G-HSVI, whilst in for painting were AA-5B Tiger G-BPIZ, Cessna 182P G-BIPV; Cessna 150F G-BSZV; Robin DR400s G-CCZX & G-CEKO;
G-HUFF and Piper PA-18-95 N7238X. Westland SA341B G-CDNO; SOCATA TB-20 G-CORB; SOCATA TB-10
A further visit on 24th October found that former PTT Aviation G-PCAT; Van’s RV-4 G-RVIV; T-6G Texan G-TEXN; Chipmunk 22
PS-28 Cruiser G-DTFT had arrived for AT Aviation, with their Piper PA- G-ULAS
28s G-BOFZ, G-BXLY & G-BZLH and Cessna F152s G-PTTA & G-PTTB 12 Cessna F150F G-ATMC; Cessna 182T G-IZZI; Beech C33A HB-EJV
arriving later that day. Also present in Hangar 18 is a dismantled SAC [CD-1028]
Spitfire 26 marked as PR478 (registration unknown at present). Jodel 13 Jodel D.11 G-BAZM; Piper PA-28s G-BJBW & G-BPOT; Bell 206B
D120 G-DIZO was in Hangar 3, while Pegasus Quik G-MRJJ was in JetRanger II G-BOLO; Robin HR200 G-BYNK; Skyranger G-CDDR;
Hangar 7 with Somerset Microlights, but its uncertain whether these Cessna 172S G-CFIO; Europas G-EORJ & G-OBJT; Piper PA-24-180
two are residents or not? N5839P
September 2018 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates): 14 Dyn’Aero MCR-01 G-CBZX; Agusta A109E G-JBCB; Cessna F172L
 1 Chipmunk 22 G-APYG; Piper PA-28s G-ASVZ, G-BRBD & G-EEKY; G-OFCM; Piper PA-28-140 G-OFTI; Van’s RV-4 G-RVIV
Ikarus C42 G-GNJW; Piper PA-28R-201T G-SHUG; Agusta A109E 15 Piper PA-28s G-BASJ, G-BHWZ, G-BNNO, G-BZHV & G-OONY; Robin
G-TXTV; EuroFOX G-UFOX; Evektor EV-97 G-XBJT DR400 G-BEUP; Jodel D112 G-BGWO; Jodel D120 G-BHXS; Zlin
 2 Piper PA-28s G-ATON, G-BEYL, G-BJBW, G-DKTA & G-LFTB; Z.526 G-BPNO; Cessna 150L G-BPWN; Commander 112B G-CRIL;
Rollason Condor G-AXGS; Cessna FRA150M G-BFRR; Chipmunk 22 Aeroprakt A22 G-FJTH; Piper PA-32R-301 G-JPOT; Cirrus SR22T
G-BPAL; Van’s RV-7A G-EGSR; Van’s RV-9A G-CETP; Ikarus C42 N65TL [1747]; Hughes OH-6A N239MY
G-SFLB; Agusta A109E G-TXTV 16 Robin DR400 G-BAEN
 3 Jodel DR1051 G-AYLC; Bell 206B JetRanger II G-BZNI; Piper 18 Robinson R44 G-NESH
PA-28-161 G-CDDG; Robinson R44 G-PIXL; Eurocopter EC130B4 21 Jabiru UL G-ENRE
G-SASY; Eurocopter EC135P1 G-WPDA; Beech G58 N256PT 23 Hughes 369E N124PD
 4 Aerospatiale AS355F1 G-BPRJ; Bell 206B JetRanger II G-BZNI; 24 Beagle Pup G-AZCZ; AA-5 Traveler G-BCEP; Cessna F172M G-BKII;
Agusta A109E G-JBCB; Robinson R44 G-NESH Piper PA-28s G-BNOP & G-BOPC; Ikarus C42 G-CDHR; Robin
 5 Cessna F150s G-AWUJ & G-TEDB; Cessna 172s G-BBKZ, G-BTMA & DR400s G-CEKO & G-RONS; Commander 112B G-CRIL
G-HLOB; Cessna F172s G-BEUX & G-BJWI; Cessna 150J G-BOTP; 25 Piper PA-28s G-AXIR & G-JADJ; Piper PA-28R-200 G-BAMY; AA-5
Piper PA-28s G-BUFH, G-BXIF, G-CDEO & G-ZEBY; Grob G.109B Traveler G-BCLI; Cessna F172s G-CBME & G-DODD; Skyranger
G-BYJH; Piper PA-28R-201 G-BZKL; Bell 206B JetRanger II G-BZNI; Swift G-CZMI; Evektor EV-97s G-CHMW & G-CIWI; Van’s RV-7A
Europa G-BZTN; Pioneer 300 G-CGTL; Van’s RV-7A G-COLS; Agusta G-PROS
A109E G-DVIP; Leonardo AW169 G-GETU; Bulldog 122 G-GRRR; 26 Piper PA-28s G-BABG & G-JACH; Jodel D11 G-BAZM; Cessna 172M
Van’s RV-9A G-IINI & G-XCRT; Cessna 208B G-OJMP G-BBKZ; Beech C23 G-BBTY; Aeroprakt A22 G-CGSX; Ikarus C42
 6 Piper PA-32R-300 G-BHBG; Agusta A109E G-DVIP; Cessna F172H G-HNGE; Agusta A109S G-HRDB; Jabiru UL G-ICDM; AMF Chevvron
G-MFAC G-MZMK; TL-2000 Sting Carbon G-OMCB; Cessna 152 G-OWOW;
 7 Piper PA-28s G-AVBT & G-BFNK; Cessna F150 G-AVER & G-AYGC; SOCATA TB-20 G-TIBS; Piper PA-30-160 N25PR
Cessna 172RG G-BILU; Cessna 150F G-BSZV; Cessna F172P 27 Piper PA-28-140 G-ATOR; Rollason Condor G-ATVW; Piper
G-DODD; Flight Design CTs G-HECT & G-RILA; Cessna 172s PA-28R-200s G-AYPU & G-BEWX; Cessna 182P G-BCWB;
G-HLOB & N19753; Robinson R44s G-HVER & G-TCAL; Van’s RV-12 Commander 114 G-BFXS; Zenair CH.601HD G-CCAK; AutoGyro
G-MUJD; Robin DR400 G-RONS; Eurocopter EC120B G-TBLY; Piper MTOSport G-CGNC; Cessna F172P G-DODD; Van’s RV-4 G-RVIL

28 Jodel D150 G-BVSS; Rans S.6 G-CCTV; Piper PA-28-161 G-CDDG;  8 Phenom 300 CS-PHE; Cessna 525B LX-FPF n/s; Gulfstream 450
Van’s RV-6 G-CEYM; Cessna F182Q G-OHAC; Piper PA-28R-200 N450EE n/s4; Cessna 525A OE-FUX n/s; IAI 1125 OE-GBE
G-VFAS  9 Beech 200 G-IASM; Aero AT-3 G-SACP; AA-5B Tiger G-ZERO; Global
29 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAWO; Piper PA-28s G-AYJP, G-BAHF, Express XRS N121RS
G-BHWZ, G-BOJW & G-BPCK; Jodel DR1051 G-AYLC; AA-5 Traveler 10 Piper PA-28-161 G-BODB
G-AZVG; Beech C23 G-BASN; Piper PA-32R-301 G-BKMT; Grob 11 Beech B200 G-WCCP; Challenger 850 9H-BOO
G.109B G-BLMG; Robin DR340 G-BOZV; Tecnam P2002 G-CEOC; 12 Eurocopter EC135T1 G-CHSU; Aero AT-3 G-SACP; Cessna 560XLS
Van’s RV-4 G-CEVC; X’Air Hawk G-CFKE; Cessna 172M G-EGLA; Van’s G-SNJS f/v; Gulfstream 450 N450EE n/s3; Piper PA-46-500TP
RV-7 G-IILL; Christen Eagle II G-KLAW; Van’s RV-3A G-RODZ; N526AG [4697562] f/v
Commander 1414 G-TECH; Cessna 180K N180HK 13 Aerospatiale AS365N2 G-NHAB; Piper PA-46-500TP N526AG
30 AG-5B Tiger D-ENTO; Robinson R44 D-HEXE [11711]; Piper PA-28s [4697562]
G-ATOP, G-AVNS, G-BOTI, G-BPCK, G-BZHV & G-DJJA; Robin DR400 14 Piper PA-28s G-CJJS & G-VOAR o/s; Leonardo AW169 G-GETU n/s2
f/v of type; Boeing 737-322(SF) G-JMCL; Cessna 560XLS G-SNJS
G-JBVP; Cirrus SR20s G-JOHA & G-OAWM; Cessna F172M G-OAFA
n/s2; Falcon 7X OH-WIX n/s; Cessna 680 PH-RLG n/s
A couple of regular visitors were Cessna 172N G-BNKD on 1st, 5th, 7th, 16 Learjet 35A D-CGRC; Agusta AW109SP G-IPGL n/s2; Cirrus SR22
10th, 12th, 13th, 21st, 25th, 26th, 27th & 29th and Piper PA-28-161 G-VBCA c/ts
G-LOTE on 5th, 21st, 25th & 29th. 17 Robinson R22 G-WIZR; Sikorsky S-76C G-XXEB
18 Eurocopter EC135P2 G-POLA c/ts
DURHAM TEES VALLEY, CO. DURHAM – Following the failure pf PTT 19 Cessna 560XLS CS-DXZ; Pilatus PC-12 M-GETS
Aviation last month, Scenic Airtours have expanded their operations 21 Agusta A109 G-HRDB n/s; Pilatus PC-12s M-GETS & M-PCPC
and now offer fully certified PPL training and night & IMC ratings. To 22 Piper PA-28-161 G-BOJZ n/s; Cessna 560XLS G-GAAL; Sikorsky
cover this expansion they have leased Piper PA-28-161 G-BOJZ, which S-76C G-XXEB
arrived on 22nd September. 23 Aerospatiale AS365N2 G-NHAB
Former PTT machines Piper PA-28-161 G-BOFZ & Cessna F152 24 Piper PA-28-161 G-BODB; Eurocopter ES155B G-LCPX n/s; Agusta
G-PTTB were returned to NAL Asset Management. Both arrived from A10S G-MCAN; SOCATA TB-20 G-PEKT c/ts
Newcastle for storage, the former on 13th September and the latter on 25 Cessna 182P G-BBYH ×2; Cessna 550 G-CGEI; Piper PA-38-112
the 23rd, and both departed to Dunkeswell, via Sywell, on 24th G-ETBT; Robinson R44 G-PIXX; Cessna 208 N215BT o/s ×2; Piper
October. The based air ambulance, Aerospatiale AS365N2 G-NHAC,
PA-46-500TP 2-COOK f/v as such (ex N526AG)
departed to Leeds Bradford for maintenance on the 18th and returned
26 Learjet 45 D-CSOS n/s; Cessna 550 G-CGEI; Cessna 560XLS G-SNJS
on the 21st. Nothing arrived to cover while it was away. Mooney M.20K
n/s; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFV n/s; Cessna 525A 9H-ALL
G-OPWS departed to Coventry on 3rd September for work prior to
27 Agusta A109s G-IPGL & G-MCAN; Aerospatiale AS365Ns G-MFLT &
onward delivery to its new Oxford owner.
September 2018 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates): 28 Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFX
 1 Pipistrel Sinus VT-NBF [-?-] n/s (Wick div); Challenger 350 9H-VCE 29 Piper PA-28-161 G-BODB; Cessna T210N G-WYLD; Sikorsky S-76C
n/s G-XXEB; Piper PA-32R-300 N101DW n/s
 2 Gulfstream 150 C-GZCZ out (in 26.8); Hawker 850XP I-TOPH n/s2 30 Mooney M.20J G-BKMA; Piper PA-28-161 G-BNOH; Diamond DA 42
 3 Robinson R44 G-ODHB; Eurocopter AS350B3 G-OGUN G-DJET ×2; Piper PA-32R-300 N101DW
 4 Aerospatiale AS365N2 G-CGGD o/s; Learjet 45 I-AVND n/s2;
Gulfstream IV-SP N711EG n/s2; Pilatus PC-12 2-LIVE A regular visitor was Cessna 650 HA-KAP on 2nd n/s, 5th n/s, 16th
 5 Cessna 560XLS D-CEHM; Slingsby T.67M G-BUUJ o/s; Robin R2160 n/s3, & 30th n/s.
G-BWZG o/s; Ikarus C42 G-GPWE; Cessna 152 G-OWOW n/s;
Gulfstream IV-SP N620JH n/s EAST KIRKBY, LINCS – Skyranger Swift G-CEKK has moved out to the
 6 Cessna 560XLS CS-DXS; Learjet 60 D-CNUE; Piper PA-28-161 strip at Northfield Farm, Mavis Enderby.
G-BRBA; Agusta A109S G-XXEC; Cessna 525B LX-FPF n/s; Cessna
525A OE-FUX n/s; Beech 350 OO-GMJ; Dornier 328JET OY-JJB n/s2 EDDSFIELD, OCTON LODGE, THWING, E. YORKS – Titan Tornado
 7 Agusta A109S G-MCAN; Gulfstream IV-SP N620JH; Cessna 560XL G-NADO is under construction locally and has yet to appear at the
OH-RBX n/s airfield.

Beech B36TC Bonanza N644BL (EA-492) at Fairoaks on 9th October 2018. [Brian G Nichols]

Pilatus PC-24 LX-PCA (111) of Jetfly at Farnborough on 10th October 2018. [John Murray]

ELSTREE, HERTS – On 30th September Cirrus SR22 G-OSPY moved in residents, only Cirrus SR22T N986DT [1630], Beech B36TC N3084M [EA-
from Newquay Cornwall (via Turweston) and was re-registered to its 480] & Cessna 340A N385RE (was Bournemouth) require adding to
new London owner on 15th October. Beech B55 G-IPEP finally moved BIR2018. Piper PA-28-140 G-PIKK (CofA expired 17th December 2016)
in from Rochester on 3rd October (having been re-registered to the was moved to the ‘graveyard’ area at the end of October.
Elstree owner in June!). Another Beech B55, G-SWEE, moved from Great
Massingham on 5th October and the same day saw refurbished FAIROAKS, SURREY – Former resident Cessna F172M G-BGVS arrived
Robinson R44 G-OBHE arrive from Denham for the Borehamwood back on 25th August and is now resident again.
owners. AA-5A Cheetah G-CHTA was sold via Just Plane Trading at Top
Farm, Croydon and has returned to a new local owner! Another new FULL SUTTON, E. YORKSHIRE – Lazer Z230 G-CDDP has moved out to
resident arriving from France during the week ending 13th October Pocklington, and should be moving on to Breighton once the new
was Beech B36TC N3084M [EA-480]. Departures have included Cessna hangars there have been completed. Based Jodel D117 G-BCLU was
P210Ns N55EU & N220T (to USA). Cessna 340A N340YP (the one-time badly damaged in a take-off accident at Traben-Trabach in Germany
G-OCAN) was receiving new propellers and other inside attention on on 18th May.
12th October, and returned to Biggin Hill on the 24th. A new resident A visit on 17th October found SA.102.5 Cavalier G-AZHH, Kitfox
arrived on 26th October in the shape of Cessna F150L HA-JDH [0734, G-BPKK, Zenair CH.601HDS G-BYJT and Pitts S-1T N697RB are now in
ex D-ECLQ]. Its pilot works for WizzAir out of London Luton. residence.
A resident review by our part-time man-on-the-spot in Control
reveals only a handful that have escaped our attention: Cessna F152 GOODWOOD, SUSSEX – Boultbee Flight Academy has announced
G-BFLU seems to have returned on lease after its return to Leicester in plans for Spitfire LF.IXe G-IRTY, currently on rebuild with Historic
April; Cessna 152 G-BSZW used by Stars Fly on lease from Tom Gilbert Flying at Duxford, to undertake a four-month, 27,000 mile round the
at Enstone; Aerospatiale AS355F2 G-NBPL; Piper PA28-236 G-LEAM is world flight next year. The Spitfire will be accompanied by a Pilatus
confirmed; Diamond DA 40D G-OCCU used by Flyers Flying School and PC-12 specially adapted for filming the journey as well as acting a
Bellanca 8KCAB G-OCOK. Of the large contingent of Non-UK registered support ship.

Cirrus SR22T G-DRDR (1386) at Leicester on 22nd October 2018. [Nigel Bailey-Underwood]

GREENHILLS FARM, WHEATLEY HILL, CO. DURHAM – East Durham 27 Phenom 100 D-IAAB f/v; Learjet 45XR M-ABGV; Boeing 737-8 MAX
Microlights has been granted planning permission to build a new OK-SWF f/v; Canadair CRJ-100LR D-ANSK; Airbus A220-300 YL-CSN
hangar here to house a maximum of 12 fixed-wing aircraft. f/v
29 Boeing 737-8 MAX EI-FYI f/v; Boeing 787-9 G-CKWN f/v
HIXON, STAFFS – Robinson R66 G-GOMS is based at the premises of
Bri-Stor Systems off Church Lane on the Pasturefields industrial LONDON HEATHROW, MIDDLESEX – There were no first timers among
estate. The actually helipad is visible on Google Maps, but the the nine smaller business jets visiting this month, the first of which
helicopter probably lives inside. were Gulfstream 550 N671LE and Gulfstream 650 N761LE, both from
Venice on the 2nd. The former visited twice more during the month,
LEE-ON-SOLENT, HANTS – Please note that from this month this from Paris-Le Bourget on the 16th and Nice on the 30th. Another
airfield will be listed under Solent Airport, reflecting the official repeat visitor was LEA Challenger 604 G-MOCL from Athens on the
website & CAA usage. See there for the report. 23rd and from Farnborough, en-route back to Athens on the 30th. The
other biz-jet visitors this month were Flying Services Cessna 680
LEEDS EAST, N. YORKS – Cessna 525A N525JN is no longer resident OO-KIN from Brussels on the 10th, Cessna 525s OO-IDE on the 14th,
and is thought to have returned to the USA. also from Brussels and Blue Jet’s SP-KCK on the 22nd from Birmingham,
NYCO Cessna 510 F-HAHA from Le Bourget on the 22nd, EAC Air
LEICESTER, LEICS – Further to OCT.1936, Tony Houghton’s Beech 3TM Challenger 604 N637TF from Glasgow on the 23rd and the only trans-
G-BKGL was a prominent visitor to the LAA Rally at Sywell, wearing the Atlantic visitor, Eva Air Learjet 60 N60LJ on from St John’s on the 27th.
familiar USAAC markings 1164/64. Thus, a CAA ANO Marks Exemption Of the airliner first visits, noteworthy were Airbus A340-300 OO-ABB
dated 16th August 2018 for the same marks (that it has used since on the 3rd operating for BA, Tianjin Airlines Airbus A330-300 B-302D
c2002) raised question-marks among the UKR team! Obviously we had on the 3rd, Jet Time Boeing 737-700s OY-JTR on the 14th, OY-JTS on the
overlooked an earlier Exemption (pre July) that permitted it to fly in an 19th and OH-JTZ on the 7th, all operating for SAS and Philippine
overall grey scheme wearing D-AUST and WW2 German-style Iron Airlines Airbus A350-900s RP-C3503 on the 15th and RP-C3504 on the
crosses beneath the wings (because of the dynamic nature of G-INFO 21st.
webpages, earlier data is simply “overwritten” so we do not have a
precise date for this Exemption). However, G-BKGL was observed September 2018 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
several times towards the end of July performing simulated crash-  1 Airbus A320-214 D-ABDT f/v; Airbus A330-243 HZ-SKY2; Airbus
landings on Llansteffan Beach, near Carmarthen in South Wales. The A320-232CJ A7-HSJ n/s; Airbus A320-251N SE-ROP f/v; Boeing
reason transpires to be a forthcoming film entitled ‘Six Minutes to 777-2KQER VP-CAL n/s
Midnight’ set just before start of the Second World War, starring Eddie  2 Airbus A320-214 HZ-XY7 n/s; Gulfstream 550 N671LE; Gulfstream
Izzard (also the co-writer), Dame Judi Dench & Jim Broadbent. One 650 N761LE; Boeing 787-9 VH-ZNF f/v
wonders if the German marks have any significance in the screenplay,  3 Airbus A330-243 B-302D f/v; Airbus A340-313E OO-ABB f/v;
since it was noted flying over Aust, Gloucestershire on the Severn Boeing 737-8LJ VQ-BWB f/v
Estuary on 28th July.  6 Airbus A330-202 A7-HHM n/s; Boeing 747-422 A6-HRM n/s
A new resident is SR22T G-DRDR and the Aero Club has sold Cessna  7 Boeing 747-400s A6-COM n/s & A6-HRM n/s; Boeing 737-73S
A150L Texas Taildragger conversion G-TXAS. OY-JTZ f/v
 8 Boeing 747-8F VP-BBP f/v; Airbus A321-211 VQ-BTT f/v
arrived on 6th October to join the Helicentre fleet, despite its 10 Airbus A380-842 A6-EUR f/v; Boeing 777-300ER A7-BEW f/v;
registered owner’s Isle of Man address. Then on the 19th Cirrus SR22T Airbus A319-115CJ A7-MHH; Airbus A320-271N D-AINM f/v;
N19DW arrived and is now resident. Cessna 680 OO-KIN
11 Airbus A319-115CJ A7-MHH; Boeing 787-8 A4O-SZ f/v
LONDON GATWICK, W. SUSSEX – September was a quiet month both 14 Airbus A350-1041 A7-ANC f/v; Boeing 787-8 G-ZBJK f/v; Cessna
for newcomers and for business aircraft. Amongst the latter only 525 OO-IDE; Boeing 737-73S OY-JTR f/v
NetJets Cessna 680A CS-LAU on the 25th and Arcus Executive Phenom 15 Airbus A350-941 RP-C3503 f/v; Boeing 777-2KQER VP-CAL n/s
100 D-IAAB on the 27th were first time visitors, the Cessna 680 from 16 Airbus A350-1041 A7-ANE f/v; Boeing 777-300ER B-1282 f/v;
Figari and the Phenom from Manchester. Other noteworthy business Gulfstream 550 N671LE
jets were Flying W Challenger 350 N225FW on the 25th from Madrid 18 Boeing 787-8 A4O-SA f/v; Boeing 787-9 4X-EDF f/v
and Ryanair Learjet 45XR M-AGBV from Stansted on the 27th. 19 Boeing 737-7K2 OY-JTS f/v
Interesting larger visitors included TunisAir Airbus A330-200 TS-IFM 20 Boeing 777-212ER N777UK n/s; Boeing 787-9 N838AA f/v
on the 5th, PrivatAir Boeing 737BBJ D-AWBC operating for BA on the 21 Airbus A350-941 RP-C3504 f/v
7th, TAP Airbus A321Neo CS-TJJ on the 15th and Norwegian Boeing 22 Airbus A320-232CJ A7-HSJ n/s; Cessna 510 F-HAHA; Cessna 525A
787-9 G-CKWN on delivery from Boeing at Everett-Paine Field on the SP-KCK
29th. 23 Challenger 604s G-MOCL & N637TF
September 2018 visitors (nothing noted on missing dates): 26 Airbus A320-251N SE-RON f/v
 1 Airbus A320-214 G-EZGY f/v 27 Learjet 60 N65LJ n/s
 2 Boeing 737-800 EI-GSD f/v 28 Challenger 604 G-MOCL
 3 Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFN n/s; Airbus A320-214 OE-IZC f/v 30 Gulfstream 550 N671LE
 4 Diamond DA 62 G-GBAS n/s; Airbus A330-203 TC-JNC f/v
 5 Airbus A330-200s TC-LNA f/v & TS-IFM f/v MIDLANDS – Apologies for the vague location but it has been reported
 6 Airbus A380-842 A6-EUR f/v that a Midlands-based aviation engineering company has acquired no
 7 Airbus A330-342E B-5957 f/v; Boeing 737-7AK D-AWBC f/v less that eight Tupolev Tu-2s from China and intends to put at least
10 Cessna 650 OY-JPJ n/s; Challenger 350 9H-VCB one of then back into flying condition. No doubt more will be revealed
11 Cessna 525C OE-GCZ n/s in due course!
12 Gulfstream 650 N1AL n/s
13 Boeing 737-8 MAX LN-BKC f/v MONEWDEN, SUFFOLK – A visit on 30th September found AutoGyro
14 Learjet 60 D-CFAF n/s MT-03 G-CFGY was still in the hangar, although the owner, Andy Hawes,
15 Airbus A321-251N CS-TJJ f/v; Embraer EMB-145 G-CIYX f/v is looking to possibly set up an autogyro operation at Beccles, in which
16 Beech B200 G-PCOP case in time it would move there.
18 Airbus A380-842 A6-EUW f/v During September MiniMax G-MYCT arrived. This is now also owned
19 Boeing 737-800 EI-GSF f/v by Andy Hawes (although G-INFO still shows it with previous owner).
25 Cessna 680A CS-LAU f/v; Airbus A321-231 HA-LTE f/v; Challenger It is uncertain how long it is staying.
350 N225FW n/s Also arriving in September as new resident was Quik GTR G-FRCX,
26 Boeing 737-800 EI-GSG f/v; Airbus A320-251N G-UZHM f/v the owner having moved from up north to Stowmarket.

Noted in the small hangar was the fuselage of a replica Spitfire. It Updating Potential Sales on JUN.1107, the trike of Medway Raven
is coded DW-N with R6806 written on the tail framework. X G-MVIF (cancelled as PWFU 11th July 2018) was noted in the back of
Jabiru UL G-BZYK has been sold to a new owner in Finchampstead one of the hangars.
and departed. Finally, the Airfield owner has purchased a new another
aircraft, Van’s RV-6 G-USRV, which he was going to pick it up from RUFFORTH, N. YORKSHIRE – A visit to the McLean Aviation workshop
Andrewsfield in early October. on 24th October found Rolladen-Schneider LS8-t D-KKSX [8416], which
had just arrived from Germany and will be going G- in due course. Also
MORGANSFIELD, FISHBURN, DURHAM – MiniMax G-MYYS has been present were Glasflugel 304B G-CHMM, Glaser-Dirks DG200 G-CJVP and
sold to a new North Shields based owner and has been replaced by DG-1000T G-RIEF, while in the spray-shop was based Hoffmann H36
Rans S.6 G-MYLO. G-KOKL.

MOUNT AIREY FARM, SOUTH CAVE, E. YORKS – Further to SEP.1726, SANDOWN, ISLE OF WIGHT – New here are Piper PA-22-150 G-ARHR
Kitfox G-BTDC only stayed here about a month before being sold to a (reportedly for the proposed new museum) and Ikarus C42 G-LCKY. See
new owner from Cosby, Leicestershire (not Leeds) and moving on. under Sunnyside Farm, Whitwell for a couple of departures.

NORTH COATES, LINCS – Further to the mention of Gemini Flash II SANDTOFT, LINCS – Grob G.115A G-CIMI arrived from Humberside on
G-MTAG on SEP.1726, Andy Sellars has sold it on. By 7th October the 1st August and is now resident. Then on 14th August Cessna F172H
sale of his Piaggio FWP.149D D-EARY was imminent and it is likely to G-HILS and Piper PA-32R-301 G-JAFS arrived from Wolverhampton
have moved to a new owner in the Midlands. Halfpenny Green and Earls Colne respectively. Finally, the 18th saw
Jabiru SP G-PHYS arrive from its former base at Bodmin.
NORTH WEALD, ESSEX – Skyranger G-CCLU had moved in by 20th
October (CHOW in progress after 10 years with the previous Bletchley SEIGHFORD, STAFFS – A visit on 7th October revealed previously
owner). Also here is the ex-East Hanningfield Vampire T.11 XD459 now unrecorded potential residents Schleicher ASW19 G-CHLV, Twin Astir
effectively complete after a long rebuild (including wings and booms G-DDRO, Astir G-DFDF and T65 Vega G-DEGT, although this may just
from XE872) but it is en route to a new owner as a gate guard to a have just been visiting from Bicester. The fuselage of H36 Dimona
private museum in France. Some extensive work has been done to the G-CEUT (cancelled as PWFU 13th October 2014) was being used as a
pod since the days of it sitting unloved at Long Marston in the 1990s! spares source, reportedly for Fournier RF-5 G-AZJC, which seems a bit
London Stansted based Hawker 850XP N188B landed here on 8th strange! Obviously many others remained unseen in their trailers and
October. Its owner previously owned based King Air C90 M-RLEE and 20 that we have recorded as resident were not noted on this day.
then Cessna 525B N181KA, which was also based at London Stansted.
The Gnat Display Team’s Gnat F.1 G-SLYR undertook its first post- SHERBURN-IN-ELMET, N. YORKS – A visit on 30th September found
rebuild taxi trial here on 28th September. Pitts S-2A G-OPTZ on rebuild in the ‘Aerobatic’ hangar. Following the
Jaguar T.4 XX841 has arrived here, reportedly to made ‘live’ again. Aero Club obtaining a 25-year lease extension on the airfield site,
It was previously stored at a private location in Royal Tunbridge Wells. construction of a new hangar is underway, which will house the
Personally I’d be surprised if the CAA allowed it to fly, what with being aerobatic and club aircraft, with room for more. The existing ‘Aerobatic’
a ‘complex’ jet with afterburners! hangar will become an engineering hangar.
Further to OCT.1939, it would seem that Hiller UH-12E4 G-ASAZ was
OLD WARDEN, BEDS – Further to OCT.1938, Albatros D.Va replica perhaps not as badly damaged as had been reported and it was
G-WAHT (marked as D.2263) actually arrived here by road on 19th recently entered into an auction, although it did not reach its reserve
September following its sea journey from New Zealand. It is a price.
replacement for Mr. Wulff’s previous Albatros replica ZK-TGY [0087],
which crashed at Pimp Hurst Farm, Bethersden, Kent on 19th SLEAP, SHROPS – A visit on 30th September found Luscombe 8E
September 2016 and has been deemed damaged beyond repair. The G-BRHY in one of the hangars. BIR2018 had it based at Liverpool John
new example will be based at Stow Maries, Essex in due course. Lennon, but it has never been there. Bulldog T.1 G-DOGG, Gippsland
A private visit to the normally inaccessible hangars on the far side Airvan G-VANX and Piper PA-32R-301 G-WILI were all in for work with
of the airfield on the 5th revealed a number of previously unreported Shropshire Light Aircraft.
residents in the shape of DH.85 Puss Moth G-ACUS; CASA Jungmann
SOLENT, HANTS – Firstly please note the adoption of a new name,
G-BHSL (marked as Luftwaffe KG+GB, currently up for sale); Rearwin
reflecting the official website & CAA usage, for what was (and always
185 G-RWIN; Bristell NG5 G-ZGAB and Stampe SV.4A ZK-BBV [199]. I
will be to most people!) Lee-on-Solent.
wonder if the latter machine arrived in the same container as the new
New residents during September were Cessna FRA150M G-BDAI
from Popham and Europa G-IVES from Templehall Farm, Midlem. X’Air
Hawk G-IEEF, which arrived on 2nd, is a possible new resident. Spitfire
PAULTON, SOMERSET – Guimbal Cabri G2 G-UIMB visited a private
Tr.9 G-ILDA (marked as SM520/KJ-I) is temporarily based until early
site in this village at 21.40 on 18th September.
November. Further to last month OCT.1935, Agusta AW189s currently
here are G-MCGM, G-MCGN (arrived 20th), G-MCGO & G-MCGP, in
PLAISTOWS FARM, ST ALBANS, HERTS – New here, following a
addition to the two AW139s G-CILN (in 25th September) and G-CILP
nominal CHOW to PJ Kelsey t/a Plaistows Farm DAR120 Group, is DAR
(in 19th September) in long-term store.
120 Solo G-CKYI.
Tiger Moth G-ANLD arrived on 28th August and departed again on
26th September.
On 15th September a Battle of Britain Day flypast over-flew the
G-TBUC lives at a private helipad on the estate here. The helipad and
field, consisting of Chipmunks G-ALWB, G-APLO, G-APYG, G-ATHD,
hangar are both visible on Google Maps.
G-BBND, G-BCIH & G-CIGE, Beagle Pup G-AXNS & Bulldogs G-BCUS,
(Permit to Fly expired 18th March 2016) arrived by road during September 2018 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
September. It has not flown for a couple of years, but the new owner  1 Beech V35B D-EGHZ; Jodel DR1050 G-ATFD; Cessna F172 G-AWUZ
plans to refurbish it and find a new engine! Pitts S-1S G-CCFO is & G-BJWI; Piper PA-28s G-AXTA, G-BNRP, G-BNVE; Grob G.109B
currently up for sale. The owner has acquired Stampe SV.4C G-AYZI, G-CINO; Cessna F150G G-DENC; Aerospatiale AS355F2 G-NLDR;
which he is basing at Tibenham. Europa G-RIKS; Robin DR400 G-ZIPI; Mooney M.20E HB-DVN
[807]; Cessna 172R OO-KPA, plus the Great War Display team for
ROCHESTER, KENT – A visit on 22nd September confirmed the the Bournemouth Air Festival RAF Be.2C G-AWYI; Replica Plans
presence of Titan T-51 G-CKVJ, under construction in the building next SE.5As G-BDWJ & G-CCBN; Bowers Fly Baby G-BNPV, Sopwith
to the café. Also new was AutoGyro MTOSport G-CGPG. Triplane G-BWRA, Fokker DR.1s G-CDXE & G-CFHY all n/s

Beech V35B Bonanza D-EGHZ (D-10024) at Lee-on-Solent on 1st September 2018. [Terry Coombes]

 2 Cessna F172H G-AWUZ; Piper PA-28s G-BNZB, G-EKIR, G-JACA & 15 Jodel DR105s G-AWWO & G-AXLS; Robin DR400 G-BHJU; Piper
G-RECW; Robin DR400s G-BSDH, G-GDKR, G-ITOY & G-KIMY; PA-28-161 G-BTNH; Cessna 172M G-CDDK; AutoGyro MT-03
Replica Plans SE.5A G-BUOD; Europa G-CGVX; Ikarus C42 G-CIIT; G-CDZZ; Beech A36 G-JLHS; PS-28 Cruiser G-PALI; Robinson R44
PS-28 Cruiser G-EGLK; X’Air Hawk G-IEEF n/s (still present at G-WTAY
month end); Van’s RV-7 G-IRAR; Piper PA-32RT-300 G-OJCW; 16 Cessna F182Q G-BGAJ; Piper PA-28-161 G-CBAL; Van’s RV-4
Bristell NG5 G-STDO, Piper PA-28RT-201 N29566 G-BZPH; American Champion 8KCAB G-TPSY; EuroFOX G-UFOX;
 3 Cessna F172E G-ASUP; Piper PA-28s G-BFXK, G-BSLK & G-FIAT; Evektor EV-97 G-XBJT; Cirrus SR22T N479BC [1073]
Cessna 185A G-BLOS, Piper PA-18-135 G-DRGL; AA-5A Cheetah 17 Cessna F150M G-BFIY; Rallye 235E G-BIAC; Cessna F172Ms G-BJDE
G-PURR; Mooney M.20J N201YK & G-CDDK; Europa G-BXDY; Piper PA-28-161 G-CEZI; EuroFOX
 4 Piper PA-28s G-BJCA, G-KAIR & G-ZSDB; Cessna 182P G-BSDW n/s G-UFOX; Beech 58 2-DOLU
(still present at month end); Falco F.8L G-BWYO; Piper PA-28R-201 18 Cessna F182Q G-BGAJ; Robinson R66 G-HKCC; Cirrus SR22T
G-BZKL; Sportcruiser G-CFNV; Aviat Husky G-GUMM; Van’s RV-7 N479BC [1073]
G-IILL; Flight Design CT2K G-PRAH; Piper PA-28RT-201T G-RCMP 19 Cessna 182S N369AN; Piper PA-32-300 N2923N
 5 Piper PA-28s G-BNMB, G-ODUD & G-WOLF; Diamond DA 40 21 Cessna F182Q G-BGAJ; AA-5B Tigers G-BGPH & G-WMTM; Robin
G-CBFA; Bulldog T.1 G-CBID; Agusta A109S G-OPOT DR400 G-BRBK; Piper PA-32RT-300 G-BRHA; Piper PA-46-350P
 6 Chipmunk 22A G-ARMC; Piper PA-28s G-AZRH, G-BPOT, G-CLAC & G-DNOP; Piper PA-39 N39CR n/s (still present at month end);
G-JACH; Beech C23 G-BASN; Robin DR500 G-CDMD; Long-Ez CAP-10B N4238C; Cirrus SR20 2-SMKM
G-LGEZ; Europa G-MAUS; Piper PA-28RT-201 G-MERL; Cirrus SR22 24 Spitfire HF.VIIIc D-FEUR; Piper PA-28s G-ATOR, G-BSBA, G-BXTZ,
N151CG G-CEJD, G-CHIP & G-OPUK; Piper PA-28R-200 G-AZFM; Piper
 7 Partenavia P.68C-TC D-GEMF [237-03-TC] n/s2; Piper PA-28s
PA-23-250E G-AZYU; Bell 429 G-HPIN; AA-5B Tiger G-MPFC;
Bristell NG5 G-STUU; Pitts S-1S N44EW; Cirrus SR22T N179JD;
8E G-BTCJ; Cessna F152 G-CDTX; SOCATA TB-20 G-CPMS; Pilatus
Piper PA-32-300 N2923N
PC-12 G-MAKN; Van’s RV-4 G-ORCA; Eurocopter EC135T2 G-POLC;
25 Piper J3C-65 G-AXGP; Ikarus C42s G-CDOK & G-HBBH; Cessna 182T
Bristell NG5 G-STUU; Cessna 182S G-ZINC; Cessna 680 PH-MDG;
Diamond DA 40D PH-TDS [D4.250]
PA-28R-201T G-OBAK; Europa G-ODIG; SOCATA TB-10 G-SERL o/s
 8 Robin DR400 F-BXEO [1017]; Piper PA-28-181 G-CCHL; Beech A36
26 Piper J3C-65s G-AXGP & G-HEWI; Beagle Pup G-AZEW; Robin
DR400 G-BNFV; Piper PA-28s G-BRJV, G-CGVC & G-EHLX; Cessna
 9 Piper PA-44-180 G-BGTF; Cessna F172M G-BHYR; Piper
F172M G-BEMB; Luscombe 8E G-BUKU; Spitfire Tr.9 G-CCCA;
PA-28R-201 G-CBZR; Diamond DA 20A-1 G-DAZO; AA-5B Tiger
G-MPFC; Piper PA-28-181 G-ODUD Evektor EV-97 G-CGOG; SOCATA TB-20 G-CPMS; Piper PA-18-150
10 Piper PA-28-180 G-BBBN; Europa G-BWDX; Diamond DA 20A-1 G-ECUB; Cessna 182T G-HHDR; Cessna T303 G-INDC; Kolb
G-BXPC; Ikarus C42 G-CIDS; SOCATA TB-10 G-FLEA; Bell 429 Twinstar G-MYLN
G-HPIN; Piper PA-32-300 N2923N; Cessna 401B 2-AZFR 27 Cessna FR172E G-AWCN; Piper PA-28s G-AVYM, G-BRKH & G-BXTZ;
11 Beech 58 G-BTFT n/s (still present at month end); Cessna F150M Chipmunk 22 G-BBMV; Cessna F172P G-BJWI; Falco F.8L G-BWYO;
G-CSBM; Bell 429 G-HPIN; Europa G-RJWX n/s (weather div) Robin DR500 G-CDMD; Cessna F152 G-CDTX; Piper PA-18-135
13 Cessna F172H G-AWUZ; Beagle Pups G-AXNR & G-AZDG; Robins G-DRGL; Europa G-IBBS; Robin DR400 G-RONS
DR400s G-BAFX & G-BRNT; CASA 1-131Es G-BECT & G-BUCC; Piper 28 Robin DR400 G-BBAX; Piper PA-38-112 G-BOMZ; Piper
PA-32E-301 G-BMJA; Piper PA-28s G-BPOT, G-BUIK, G-OONY & PA-28RT-201T G-BWMI; Piper PA-18-135 G-DRGL; Van’s RV-6A
G-OPUK; Bellanca 7GCBC G-BVLT; Van’s RV-9A G-CCGU; Jabiru SP G-HACE; Van’s RV-7 G-IILL; Cirrus SR22 G-JONT; Piper PA-31-310C
G-CDFK; Europa G-CGVX; AA-5A Cheetah G-MPFC; Van’s RV-12 G-ONAV; Cessna 182P N22NN; Diamond DA 40 N824US
G-MUJD; Robinson R22 G-OASH; Robinson R44 G-OTNA; Cirrus 29 Robin DR400s F-HNEZ [1304], G-BAMU & G-LEOS; Piper PA-28s
SR22 N151CG; Cirrus SR22T N479BC [1073]; Commander 114 G-ASIL, G-BRPK, G-RECW & G-WARV; SOCATA TB-10 G-BKBW; Piper
2-GNSY PA-32-300 G-IFFR; Ikarus C42 G-IRED; Cessna F172M G-NEEE;
14 Piper PA-28R-200s G-AYPU & G-BIKE; Cessna 152 G-BMTB; Robin Cessna 182S N369AN
DR400 G-BRNT; AutoGyro Calidus G-CIKG; Piper PA-32-300 30 Piper PA-30-160 G-ATXD; Piper PA-28s G-ATYS & G-BXAB; Europas
G-EDEL n/s3; Cessna 310R G-FFWD n/s2; Cessna F182Q G-GHOW; G-CCJX & G-MFHI; Ikarus C42 G-CLIF; Diamond DA 20s G-DAZO &
Europa G-MFHI; Sportcruiser G-MISJ; Bulldog T.1 G-SIJW; SOCATA G-NIKK; Van’s RV-7 G-IVII; Piper PA-28R-201T G-JESS; Bristell NG5
TB-20 N5ZY; Piper PA-28-181 N787CE; Cirrus SR22T N3600X n/s2 G-STUU; Aerospatiale SA341G YU-HEY

McDonnell-Douglas MD.600N N4T [RN073, ex G-NTAR] at Sywell on 18th October 2018. It is bound for Antarctica. [Peter Bowater]

Regular visitors were Cessna 152 G-BNKV on 10th, 17th, 27th & 30th Correcting JUL.1136, AG-5B Tiger F-GITZ is confirmed as back in
and Piper PA-28-161 G-LOTE on 14th, 15th, 17th, 20th 22nd & 24th. residence. Piper PA-12 G-BCAZ is not a permanent resident, but rather
is here on extended maintenance, delayed by engine issues which are
SOUTHAMPTON, HANTS – Noted among the hangared specimens slowly being resolved. Cessna FA152 G-ZOOL has been resident for
here on 8th October was Piper PA-34-220T G-CRGD, which we had last years, but has been relocated to a different hangar due to space issues.
based at Bournemouth. The operators have a Whiteley, Fareham Cirrus SR22 N17UK was never resident, only visiting.
address. Dynamic Aviation Beech RU-21H N96Y [LU-8] passed through Also correcting SEP.1752, the dismantled Chipmunk is G-BBMR not
here on 1st October en route to Reykjavík, via Inverness, and onward G-BAPB, which departed for Old Buckenham some time ago. G-BBMR
to Burlington, VT. (no UK CofA or Permit issued to date) has recently been purchased by
a new owner and is in the process of re-assembly, repainting and
STURGATE, LINCS – Dyn’Aero MCR-01 G-LMLV arrived here at the end ultimately test flying. The last paragraph was completely wrong. Piper
of August and is now resident. Based Pulsar G-LUED, which was roaded PA-28-180C G-ATHR was just visiting, AA-5A Cheetah G-BFZO was in for
in for flying, was damaged beyond repair on 31st August when it over- maintenance with AKKI and Van’s RV-8 G-DUDE actually lives at
ran on landing and flipped upside down. Hinton-in-the-Hedges but is a frequent visitor. Bell 505 G-GLLY was
just visiting having recently been purchased, it lives at the owner’s
SUNNYSIDE FARM, WHITWELL, ISLE OF WIGHT – Rans S.6 G-CDYB residence, and Piper PA-34-200T G-IFLP was also just in for
and Sportcruiser G-CZSC have moved in here from nearby Sandown. maintenance with AKKI. I’m sorry there seems to have been so much
duff ‘gen’ from here of late but if no-one sends in information to me I
SYWELL, NORTHANTS – MDH MD600N N4T, the former G-NTAR, which
have to try to glean it from whatever sources are available.
has been with Skytech Helicopters here for a few months, is due to be
shipped to Antarctica, if indeed, it hasn’t departed already?
WESTON-SUPER-MARE, N. SOMERSET – Building work has begun on
the new extension to the museum, to house new, modern facilities
TATENHILL, STAFFS – After being parked on the other side of the
such as shop, café, offices, conference facilities and exhibition space.
runway for about two years, Citation 500 G-BWFL (CofA expired 13th
Helipad movements during September were:
December 2016) has been moved. It has been cleaned up and is
 8 Eurocopter EC135T2 G-GWAC ‘Helimed 65’ (f/t Filton)
currently residing next to the gate by the road. Cessna 120 G-BUJM is
16 Bell 206B JetRanger III G-MFMF (f/t Bristol, Air Experience fights)
a new resident. Piper PA-38-112 G-OEDB left by road on 18th October,
18 Guimbal Cabri G2 G-UIMB (f Cotswold t Paulton)
having been parked on the grass by the maintenance hangar since its
accident back on 28th June. 29 Sud Aviation SE3130 G-BVSD (f/t Cheltenham)
Eurocopter EC.135T2 G-GWAC (‘Helimed 65’) visited Castelbatch
TAUNTON, SOMERSET – Leonardo AW169 G-DSAA (‘Helimed 10’) Park, Worle between 15.45 & 16.20 on 21st September, departing to
visited Musgrove Park Hospital here between 15.00 & 16.05 on 25th the Bristol Royal Infirmary, whilst on the 30th it was on Weston Beach
September. between 09.50 &10.20, again departing to the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

TIBENHAM, NORFOLK – New here is Stampe SV.4C G-AYZI, previously WILLINGALE, ESSEX – A check of one hangar on 20th October
based at Sherburn-in-Elmet. confirmed our base shown for Quik GT450 G-CDSM, Skyranger Swift
G-CETV & X’Air G-TANJ, but added Quantums G-BZLX & G-MZKF, the
TULLEY’S FARM, TURNERS HILL, W. SUSSEX – A visit to the ‘Shoctober base for the latter not having been changed when the Harlow owners
Fest’ Halloween event here provided confirmation that SOCATA ST-10 acquired it on 21st December 2015! Urban Air Samba XXL OK-JUA 03
Diplomate G-AYKG (cancelled as PWFU 27th June 1975) is still here. It (last reported at Coldharbour Farm, Willingham) was in another
was seen from the tractor ride through ‘Horror Wood’. hangar, but others remained locked.

TURWESTON, BUCKS – A full residents list for the 21st October WOLVERHAMPTON HALFPENNY GREEN, STAFFS – Noted inbound on
revealed a number of previously unreported residents in the shape of 12th October was AutoGyro Cavalon G-CLAZ. Rotorsport’s Facebook
Wittman Tailwind G-BDBD, Robin DR400 G-BPHG (corrects AUG.1534), page said: “An epic flight today by Gerry (Speich) in slightly sporting
AutoGyro MT-03 G-KEVG, Piper PA-28-181 G-LOGN and Evektor EV-97 conditions for Gyroplanes. From Hildesheim to Wolverhampton.
G-ZZAC. AutoGyro MT-03 G-PILZ should have departed by the time you G-CLAZ is the first to have the uprated Vne to 120mph. It’s fitted with
read this. Further to OCT.1944, Europa G-ITST was indeed visiting for full Garmin glass cockpit, and of course can pre rotate to 320rpm.
test flying with the LAA. World CLAZ flying in a World CLAZ Aircraft”!

WYCOMBE AIR PARK, BUCKS – Recent activity with Barry Parkhouse BLACKHILL OF NAVEN, MAUD, ABERDEENSHIRE – Based Thruster
specimens included the B-25 Mitchell (one time allocated G-BKXW but T600N G-MZNX was badly damaged at Longside airfield on 5th August
originally 44-30861) about to depart on a low-loader on 13th October, after a flight from its base at nearby Backhill of Knaven farm when it
although the wings still remained later in the day. The nose, wings & suffered a high rate of sink and bounce on the runway, coming to rest
tailplane of the hybrid Meteor WL360/WL345 were also noted in the on the grass at the side with the nose landing gear collapsing and the
field area just in front and to the left of the Heli Air Hangar. wing contacting the ground. No injuries were sustained and we assume
Among the movements Europa G-STUE departed to Maypole Farm, the aircraft was recovered by road back to base for assessment.
Chislet on 26th September, closer to the owner’s home at Orpington.
Updating BIR2018, Robinson R44 G-CGNE seems to operate out of CULTER HELIPAD, PETERCULTER, ABERDEEN – Robinson R22 G-EPAR
here these days, rather than Wellesbourne Mountford. returned on lease to HJS Helicopters at Culter Helipad on 20th October.
Piper PA-46 M600 N8007K [4698088] was delivered in to the UK It was last here earlier in the year (but went unreported) and seems to
agents British European Aviation on 23rd October. It was actually seen alternate with G-MACA.
by your section editor at the Piper factory at Vero Beach, FL on the
16th and collected the following day, routing via Davidson County, NC, CUMBERNAULD, N. LANARK – Piper PA-28-181 EC-JQH [28-7790373]
Bangor, Goose Bay, Narsarsuaq, Wick and Oxford, arriving at the later arrived on 10th October and is a new resident; it will go G- under Group
on the 19th. ownership. It went south via Blackpool not long after arrival,
Another new semi-resident on 21st October was Airbus EC135P3 presumably to have this work done.
G-LAVA (registered the following day to Heligroup Operations Ltd) Two Robinson R44s operated by Heli Air Scotland were in the wars
which is expected to spend time between here, Oxford and a private at the company’s Cumbernauld base on 5th May. This from the AAIB
site near Reading. report – “After lifting to a hover, the pilot of Robinson R44 G-CTFL
reversed his helicopter unaware that a second Robinson R44 G-HYND
had landed behind his position and was being shut down. One of
G-HYND’s rotor blades collided with G-CTFL’s engine housing, startling
SCOTLAND the pilot of G-CTFL with the result that he lost control and the
helicopter struck the ground several times before coming to rest in a
tail-down attitude next to a parked R22. Safety action has been taken
ABERDEEN INTERNATIONAL, ABERDEEN – Babcock MCS (Offshore) is by the helicopter operator to improve the helipad arrangement,
taking an Airbus EC175 on loan from Airbus Helicopters in Spain, procedures and RFFS response.” G-HYND was seen under repair at Heli
identity awaited. Air’s main facility at Wycombe Air Park on 1st October, and on FR24
Bristow’s SAR Sikorsky S-92A G-MCGL, which is normally at flying from Wellesbourne Mountford on 21st October, then back on
Stornoway, visited Aberdeen for maintenance during September then station at Cumbernauld on the 25th.
routed south on the 29th to provide temporary cover at Humberside
for G-MCGE, which came north for its turn in the hangar from the 3rd EASTERTON, MORAY – Stearman G-OBEE arrived from Old Buckenham,
to 24th October, returning south thereafter. Agusta AW139 VH-ZHH via Audley End, on 10th October to become based with RH MacKay, who
was seen road running north on the M73 on 18th October and is to be also owns Robin DR400 G-BTRU here.
restored as G-CIMU after maintenance at Aberdeen before moving to
become based at Norwich. A second aircraft, VH-ZFO [41339], is also FALGUNZEON, DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY – Facebook reports EuroFOX
due and was registered as G-CKYP on 15th October. G-CKZD as a possible new resident with Dumfries & District Gliding
NHV Helicopters Eurocopter AS365N3 OO-NHY [6754], hangared at Club but it’s not yet registered on G-INFO so time will tell. Shares are
Aberdeen and unflown since arriving by air on 28th August, left by being advertised locally in an Avid and we assume this is G-BUZM,
road on 5th October and was seen on the A14 heading east two days which has a Dalbeattie owner and was displayed on a road trailer at
later, destination unknown but possibly to enter service with the Threave Castle in July. So it too may be resident here although
French Navy. interestingly it is also being advertised for sale so we assume that if a
Group isn’t formed around it then it will depart.
unknown residents are X’Air G-BYPO, which has an owner in Patna and GLASGOW, RENFREWSHIRE – Loganair SAAB 2000 G-LGNS gained
Thruster T600T G-MZHA owned locally although both are advertised Royal British Legion (port) & Poppy Scotland (starboard) tail art in
for sale on AFORS so may not be present much longer. early October.

PA-46-600TP N8007K (4698088) at Wycombe on 31st October 2018, having been delivered on the 23rd as a newly-based demonstrator. [Trev Davies]

here on 26th September was Airbus H145 G-HEMC. WALES
Sportcruiser G-DVOY departed south on 1st October to Dunkeswell LLEWENI PARC, DENBIGHSHIRE – Just to contradict what I previously
where it continues to be advertised for sale via AT Aviation. Robinson said about powered residents not being allowed here, a visit on 30th
R22 G-BTDI, based at Prestwick and also often at the owner’s house in September found that Tecnam P92 G-WHEN has moved in from
Dunlop, has been sold to Germany. It was with HeliAir at Wycombe Air Hawarden.
Park on 1st October being prepared for departure.
MOD ST. ATHAN, S. GLAMORGAN – Former Small Planet Airbus A320-
Deliveries passing through in October were:
214 LY-SPI arrived on 24th September from Vilnius as ‘LLY9364’ and ex
  1 Pilatus PC-12 HB-FQJ [1825] (westbound f Stans-Buochs
Primera Air Nordic Boeing 737-7Q8 2-RLBB [28210] flew in on 17th
t Reykjavik en route to Denver-Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO)
October from Chania, Crete. Both are for parting out by eCube
  8 Pilatus PC-12 HB-FQK [1826] (westbound f Stans-Buochs
t Reykjavik en route to Denver-Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO)
Over at Horizon Aircraft Services Hunter F.6A G-KAXF (Dutch
10 Daher TBM-930 N930PM [1255] (westbound f Tarbes-Lourdes
markings as N-294), which arrived from Leeuwarden for work on 19th
t Reykjavik en route to Camarillo, CA)
March, departed back there on 3rd August. Pembroke C.1 N48EA/
17 Pilatus PC-12 HB-FQL [1827] & HB-FQN [1829] (both westbound XK885 will be departing to the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre at
f Stans-Buochs t Reykjavik en route to Denver-Rocky Mountain Newquay Cornwall soon. Lastly, Gulfstream IV-SP N235KK arrived at
Metropolitan, CO) Horizon on 20th September and does not seen to have flown since?
23 Pilatus PC-12 N88AQ [1209] (westbound [f Geneva t Reykjavik en GJD Aerospace/Wales Aerospace Centre has taken delivery of a
route to Hondo, TX] number of flight decks recently. Those noted are from Airbus A300B4-
25 Daher TBM-910 N910BH [1256] (westbound f Tarbes-Lourdes 622R(F) A7-ABX (broken up at Bruntingthorpe 2014); Boeing
t Reykjavik en route to Groton, CT) 747-236Bs G-BDXG (b/u Bournemouth June 2009) & G-BDXH (b/u
Bournemouth May 2008); Boeing 737-229 G-CEAG (b/u Bournemouth
LEMPITLAW FARM, KELSO, BORDERS – Europa G-IVES, which has only July 2009); Boeing 747-285BF G-MKCA (b/u Cotswold January 2016)
been based here for about a year, has been sold to a new owner in and Boeing 747-236F N747KD (b/u Cotswold October 2008). The
Lee-on-Solent. It has been replaced with DG Lewendon by Europa XS cockpit section of Sea King HC.4 ZD627 also arrived from
G-BYPM. Bruntingthorpe during October and Robinson R22 G-GDAY (cancelled
by CAA 29th September 1999), which is mounted on a trailer and was
PERTH, PERTH & KINROSS – Updating OCT.1943, damaged Van’s RV-8 used as a travelling fund-raiser by the Wales Air Ambulance, arrived
G-JBTR was removed by road on 29th September and is believed to from Dafen, Llanelli in September. Tornado GR.1 ZA326 was roaded in
have gone to Tim Rayner’s workshop in Tranent for assessment and from Bruntingthorpe on 27th October.
possible rebuild. Cassutt Racer G-BOMB has been sold to a new owner Phantom FG.1 XV582/M is being moved here from RAF Cosford,
and departed on 4th October, initially in a container to China for an air where it moved a year ago in preparation for appearing at the 2018
race. Pegasus Quantum G-MZIU has been sold and is now based at Cosford Airshow. The aircraft is owned by Gary Spoors, owner of GJD
Easter Poldar Farm, Thornhill. Both of the recently arrived Piper PA-28- Services and managed by the British Phantom Aviation Group, who
161s, G-BSHP and G-BZLH, returned to the Leeds area on 18th October performed the complex task of removing the aircraft from RAF
and have been replaced with ACS at least initially by G-GHKX – the Leuchars and restoring it for temporary display. However, with the
reason for the swap is as yet unknown. tenure at RAF Cosford now at an end, the aircraft must relocate for the
restoration work to be able to continue.
PORTMOAK, FIFE – LAK-17B G-ELAK is new at Portmoak with GN Paul Wright, Chairman of the BPAG commented: “The facilities that
Fraser & GA Marshall, while Glasflugel 304 Shark G-CJPI has been sold GJD have at St Athan are the ideal environment for this to take place
from Portmoak to a new owner at Saltby. and we are looking forward to starting work at the earliest possible
To close the circle on former glider tug Piper PA-25-235 G-BSTH, opportunity”. Dismantling of the aircraft began at RAF Cosford over
which was wrecked in a crash here in August 2014, it went to East the weekend 6/7th October and the move is due to be complete before
Winch in Lincolnshire and has been rebuilt for a new owner down the end of the month.
south. It was restored to the Register in late September. Further to OCT.1944, Vampire T.11 G-OBLN is actually owned by
Canadian-based Jon Varish, who has entered into a partnership with
RAF LEUCHARS, FIFE – Leuchars Flying Club Robin DR400 G-GBVX was the UK Heritage Aviation Trust, the organisation working to rescue
hangared with Westair at Blackpool on 7th October, possibly away for Handley Page Herald 209 G-CEXP (cancelled by CAA 22nd March 1996)
maintenance and to eventually return to Leuchars. from London Gatwick, for UKHAT to rebuild the Vampire, hopefully to
flying condition. With regards to the Herald UKHAT are hoping to start
RAF TAIN, HIGHLAND – Thruster T600T G-MZHD has been sold from work soon, cleaning and preparing it for a move to St. Athan.
the small airstrip at the RAF Tain range site to a new owner at
Bottesford near Nottingham. SWANSEA, GLAM – Tornado GR.1 ZA355/TAA, previously on external
display here, moved to White Waltham for film work on 8th September.
STRATHAVEN, S. LANARK – Skyranger G-CFUD, damaged here in early It subsequently moved again to Duxford and was noted being
April, was seen road-running north on the M74 on 9th October assembled on the day of the Air Britain AGM, 6th October. It was
returning from repair with Flylight at Sywell, where it was seen carrying spurious markings, presumably for filming?
hangared during the LAA Rally on 1st September. Kitfox G-LESZ has
moved back in for a few months after a short period away.
WICK JOHN O’GROATS, CAITHNESS – The 1st of October found Piper
PA-46-310P N4346P [46-8408040] routed via here en route from
Reykjavik to Italy and Piaggio P180 N61WC passed through here on BELFAST CITY, CO. DOWN –
3rd October en route from Keflavik to Belgrade on its ferry from the October 2018 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
USA to Singapore.   1 Cessna 525A D-ISLT; Gulfstream 550 N175NH n/s2
Moving on to the 8th and Diamond DA 42NG N42LA [42.063]   2 Learjet 75 G-XJET
arrived from Sturgate on its way from Weiner Neustadt to Reykjavik,   4 Cessna 560XLS G-XSTV n/s; Pilatus PC-12 HB-FVC n/s2; Gulfstream
with a final destination of Raleigh Durham, NC. Sister-ship N142NG 550 N175NH n/s
[42.082] followed the same routing the following day, the 9th   5 Pilatus PC-12 PH-CYP n/s
On the 22nd Beech 58 N581PS [TH-1903] arrived from Klagenfurt   6 Airbus A320-214 EI-GAM f/v; Cessna 560XLS G-LEAX n/s
and departed to Reykjavík en route to Merced, CA.   8 Pilatus PC-12 HB-FVC n/s

  9 Falcon 2000EX CS-DFK n/s; Cessna 421C G-ISAR
14 Cessna 680 SE-RFH n/s POTENTIAL SALES
15 Beech 250 M-WATJ
16 Cessna 560XLS D-CSUN; Beech C90GTx M-TSRI
19 Global 6000 9H-VJP Paul Risdale has put several of his Classic microlight items on eBay.
21 Cessna 560XLS YU-SVL First is Hiway Skytrike/Solar Wings Storm G-MNGO powered by a
22 Phenom 300 CS-PHJ; Cessna 560XLS D-CAHO Valmet engine. He initially acquired the project with plans to get the
26 Pilatus PC-12 PH-CYP n/s2 Storm sailwing approved, but abandoned the difficult task and offers
27 Cessna 560 G-IPAX n/s it for potential SSDR use. It was stored at Husbands Bosworth for some
28 Legacy 600 G-THFC; Global Express N68005 time, but stored with the present seller for over 10 years – presumably
at Tower Farm, Wollaston, where he also has Ultrasports Tri-Pacer/
BELFAST INTERNATIONAL, CO. ANTRIM – Flexiform Solo Striker G-MMWS for sale. The wing is an unusual design
October 2018 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates): with the leading edges being held in position by bracing wires from
  1 Boeing 767-35EER(BCF) C-GYAJ out (in 30.9); Phenom 100 D-IAAY the front tube or bowsprit rather than bracing tubes or cross tubes
n/s10, Eurocopter AS355NP G-WECG; Challenger 601-3A 2-CUTE within the wing. Pitch stability is achieved by a small upturned tail
out (in 27.9) rather than the more usual practice of turning up the rear of the wing
  2 Pilatus PC-12s G-FLXI out (in 29.9) & M-YBLS; Boeing 737-36N tips. Powerplant is a Rotax 377 although a 250hp Robin is also
G-GDFK; Piper PA-32R-301 G-WILI n/s; Hawker 400XP N497XP mentioned. Paul also mentions that Sally Huxtable used this aircraft
n/s; Boeing 737-804 PH-CDF in the 1982 Round Egypt Microlight Rally (which she won) although the
  3 Cessna 560XLS G-CKUB n/s; Beech B200s G-IASB & G-JASS only bits remaining that actually went to Egypt are the rear axles and
  4 Pilatus PC-12 M-YBLS bracing tubes! It has been categorised as an SSDR since 2011 although
  5 Phenom 100 D-IAAT flown only occasionally since the original Permit expired in 2008. Also
  7 Boeing 737-4Y0 EC-MFS; Cessna 525M2 M-CARA for sale is the Robin EC-34-PM (s/n 82-00021) originally fitted to
  8 Hawker 800XP G-XSMC n/s2; Gulfstream 280 N285GA (westbound Southdown Puma (Lightning 190) G-MMWI given to the seller some 15
f Tel Aviv n/s t Halifax en route to Dallas-Love Field, TX) years ago. It is now without carburettors and a somewhat rusty
  9 Boeing 737-8DC C-FJVE (westbound back to Canada at end of exhaust, but could be refurbished or used as a source of spares.
lease to Smartwings); Airbus A320-214 OE-ING f/v as such Pictured in the same workshop/hangar is at least the sailwing from
11 Falcon 900EX D-AHER n/s; Airbus A320-214 ES-SAS f/v (operating Mainair Tri-Flyer 440/Southdown Lightning DS G-MMKR.
for easyJet); Learjet 45 LX-RSQ; challenger 605 N213GS n/s From the Barnstaple and Chichester owners comes another 1980s
12 Cessna 680 D-CAWB n/s; Learjet 35A D-CTRI; Cessna 560XLS Classic in the shape of Huntair Pathfinder G-MJJA which was
G-JALS considerably refurbished between 2011 and 2014, when it became
15 Hawker 800XP G-XSMC n/s2 SSDR status and last flown in August 2015. Work included re-anodising
16 Learjet 35A D-CTRI; Airbus A319-112 9A-CTL of all airframe tubes with the exception of the main fuselage tube;
17 Cessna 560XLS D-CSUN n/s; Hawker 800XP G-XSMC n/s; Airbus replacement of all hardware with aircraft quality AN parts; renewal of
A320-214 OE-IZC f/v; Global 6000 9H-VJQ all fuel lines and electrical wiring; new skins; new flying control cables
18 Airbus A320-214 ES-SAS; Pilatus PC-12 M-YBLS; Boeing 737-86N and some new flying wires; new instrument panel; installation of Robin
OK-TST f/v; Beech 350 SE-LLU n/s EC44PM engine driving a Newton 54x32 wooden prop through a
19 Airbus A320-232 G-POWM ×2; Airbus A320-251N G-UZHL f/v toothed belt drive. It has flown only 63 Hrs since original build and has
20 Beech B200 G-IASA; Beech C90GTx N155RS f/v n/s been kept stored on its trailer in a barn since its last flight. The seller
21 Airbus A320-251N G-UZHN f/v says “This is an aircraft that is best kept rigged. As there is no facility
24 Cessna 525B N34SJ f/v (westbound f Paris-Le Bourget t Reykjavik locally for me (which of the co-owners is making the offer is not stated)
en route to Knoxville, TN) to do this, the aircraft is unlikely to be flown by me again. So,
25 Falcon 900EX D-AHER; Airbus A320-214 ES-SAS; Daher TBM-930 reluctantly, I have decided to offer it for sale so that someone else can
N930EE [1255] (westbound f Tarbes-Lourdes t Reykjavik en route enjoy flying this delightful aeroplane”.
to Pompano Beach, FL); Cessna 750 N950M n/s; Cessna 510 Another of the Microlight Classics, Weedhopper G-MTNK is re-
OE-FZB n/s offered after the last eBay buyer failed to complete the transaction.
26 Cessna 560XLS D-CGAA n/s; Legacy 600 G-THFC n/s; Challenger It is always interesting to see one of the less common types being
604 N438E n/s offered. A Mong Sport racer is available as an unfinished rebuild
27 Learjet 45 M-ABJA project from a Colchester seller – with own strip. We have only ever had
28 Cessna 560 G-IPAX; Airbus A321-231 HA-LXQ; Gulfstream IV one on the UKR (and on the LAA Project list) and that was G-BTOA, a
N7176S; Global Express N68005 n/s; Cessna 525A 9A-JSD n/s US import ex N1067Z that inhabited Swanton Morley for a while and
29 Airbus A320-251N G-UZHS then was cancelled by CAA 26th October 2000, but the one currently
30 Beech C90B N6111V n/s; Gulfstream IV N7176S on offer has no connection. From the photos of the plates etc, at least
31 Boeing 737-8AS SP-RSA we can identify it as N7JP c/n 111 DoM 1970 by John Pierce and it
received an Experimental Category CofA on 24th March 1983. From the
A regular visitor was Beech 200XP G-FLYW on 8th, 14th, 19th & 20th. FAA N-Reg site we can add that it was last registered on 15th December
1993 to Herman D Duke, Granbury, Hood, Texas and was cancelled on
CAUSEWAY, CO. LIMERICK – New here is Skyranger G-CDLK. Cessna 3rd December 2014. Apparently it was involved many years ago in a
F172H G-AWLF (CofA expired 5th January 2007) has departed to the ground loop (presumably while still in the USA) and, sadly, the initial
owner’s home in Nutts Corner. restorer passed away, and the current owner no longer has the time
available to continue with the restoration. To date, the Main Top wing,
CITY OF DERRY-EGLINTON, CO. LONDONDERRY – Noted visiting on two lower Main wings, Tailplane, Rudder and Elevators have all been
28th September were Cessna 172P EI-SAC and Piper PA-46-350P freshly fabric covered and the airframe is clean, straight and in an
G-DNOP. airworthy condition. Although it has no engine, many spare parts of
suitable Continental C85, C90 & O-200 etc are included in the project
NEWTOWNARDS, CO. DOWN – New here is X’Air G-CBDO. A visit on package.
19th October found Mainair Gemini Flash G-MNIF (cancelled by CAA CASA Jungmann G-BEDA has appeared for sale via Vintage &
18th December 2009) in store. Piper PA-22-160 G-APUR was still Prestige Fine Motor Cars, a leading classic car specialist based close to
present following the issue of its new CofA, so should probably be the M25 in Grays, Essex, England providing automotive clients from
moved to resident status now. around the world with some of the finest Rolls Royce and Bentley
vehicles available today. Although most details are known, it does
REDHILL, DROMORE, CO. DOWN – Aeroprakt A22 G-CGSX, which was confirm that owner Lynne Atkin (who has been involved as a co-owner
based here, has been sold and is now based at a strip at The Weir since 2nd July 1981 and as sole owner since 14th June 2013) had the
House, Ossemsley, Hampshire. airframe shipped to Albacete, Spain where it underwent total

restoration by an ex-CASA apprentice. After return to the UK for configuration with eventually a new sailwing (and presumably a new
assembly and testing and reunited with the Tigre G-IV-A5b engine it registration!).
made a f/f 8th June 2014. It has kept good company in recent times, Another repeat is for a Murphy Maverick kit with wings built and
since one of the Directors of VANDP is none other than Mike Biddulph, signed off to Stage 1 and with all paperwork and manuals and all parts
well-known for being part of the multiple Proctor restoration team at and materials to complete, except fabric and power unit. All in a large
Great Oakley. crate on a road trailer, that is included. The seller is from Bowness-on-
Derek Pike offers his Sherwood Ranger G-MWND after a few years Windermere, in South Lakeland, Cumbria.
in storage – Permit expired 13th June 2003. This is a pre-TLAC-built Currently hangared near New Cumnock, Ayrshire is Thruster T600T
example and needs some TLC tidying and refitting of the Rotax 532 G-MZHA and Peter Stark’s son offers it for sale. The airframe is
engine. upgraded to 450kg specification with Thruster Air Services-supplied
Back in June 2010 an advert in the LAA monthly journal contained parts and new skins fitted in 2008, although Permit expired 6th
an item headed ‘RV7 KIT FOR SALE STILL BOXED’. The seller (Steve) September 2017. Powerplant is a Rotax 503.
reported that he bought the wrong RV kit and this was shipped from It is never easy to pin down the identity of many of the projects
Van’s on 12th May 2010 and was due to arrive at Felixstowe at the end and parts collected by Carl Buckle and a Streak Shadow currently
of that month. Obviously there were no takers at that time and it now operating under SSDR status and powered by a Jabiru 2200 is no
appears from the same owner as part-built: wings completed including exception. He also refers to it being built in South Africa under the
tanks, flaps & ailerons. Empennage completed. Main fuselage un- guidance of Shadow designer David Cook and has flown for some 300
touched complete with sliding canopy and tailwheel configuration. It Hrs before being stored for a few years. If the South African reference
has so far proved impossible to associate with an LAA project number. is of a more generic nature, G-CJWI started life in Zambia as 9J-YCN and
Tim Fray regularly visits the LAA Rally with Jodel D112 G-BIZY from is a potential candidate, although currently registered to a Henstridge
Ranksborough Farm, Langham, but now offers the remains of Fournier owner. Sale is as rebuild a project, since the engine is removed and a
RF-4D G-BUPJ which shares the hangar. This started life as N7752 and Rotax 912UL is also available after removal from a Mainair Blade.
was cancelled 23rd April 1991 on export to England from the last Kestrel Caravans Ltd, located 1.5 miles east of the A14 at Junction
owner in Galveston, Texas. It was imported as a rebuild project by 10 in Warkton Lane, Kettering, Northants, is seeking a redundant
Michael Shelton but remained at Tatenhill with little work performed rotary specimen. On their webpages, they currently show Piper PA-25
towards restoration and was cancelled as PWFU 28th October 2000. It Pawnee G-ATFR in May 2018, tied down among the many mobile and
is now offered as a potential rebuild project. static motor-homes. This was formerly tugging at Milfield until finally
From the Nuneaton area comes a Robin EC-44-PM-powered Gemini cancelled by the CAA 20th March 2018. It was acquired at the end of
Flash offered as a potential SSDR or full restoration project to full last year by the company’s Chris Butler, who used to crop-spray with
Permit status. It is unflown since 2002 and stored with sailwing Pawnees in the 1960s!
bagged. From these limited details, it is not possible to establish an Last reported at MoD St Athan, Cessna 172C N5043X (one time
identity. G-BWJP) was converted some while ago for use as a travelling flight
With the owner having moved to France, Pegasus XL-Q G-MTZS is simulator (less wings and tail). Although the Caerphilly seller reports
for sale, being kept in a dry garage in the Leeds area and the Rotax 447 that “The airframe condition is excellent having undergone a £5,000
regularly run up. The owner of Quasar TC G-MWIM has relocated to repaint 4 years ago and the 4 seat interior is mostly present. The tail
Australia and a friend in the Gloucester area is offering it for sale. It is fin and stabilator are present, but removed for storage and still in
a refugee from Long Marston a while ago and has been stored in a bubble wrap from the paint shop. The fuselage rear of the bulkhead
shed. The advert includes a photo of the Pegasus data plate, which has been separated, for both ease of storage and transportation. A
confirms the trike and sailwing and the registration is displayed in the propeller and spinner are included. There are no wings or engine”, the
pod. inbuilt instrument panel is of rather basic construction and poorly
Medway EclipseR G-CCZR was officially transferred to the Republic finished. Whilst the original instruments have been removed (they are
of Ireland on 30th April, but the trike, less engine and propeller, is now all still available) they have been replaced with a Sytek flight simulator
for sale from Pro Marine in Ireland. The UK marks are still shown on the system comprising Dell PC with 4 screen graphics card, Yoke, Pro Flight
instrument panel in the pod. 2012 Raven Wing in wing bag 162 hours Pedals, Throttle quadrant (2 available), Multi panel, Radio panel,
since new. Also for sale from the same seller are a 40-litre front fuel Switch panel, LCD Multi Instrument panel. LCD screens are 2 × Dell 22”
tank and two Jabiru engine mounts, all for a Zenair CH701. Full HD and 1 × 18” for PFD/MFD. Microsoft Flight Simulator X with
Quik GTR G-MABL is for sale from the Perranporth owner. Given the many add ons. All working perfectly. The PC is located in the engine
seller’s reference to “After a minor accident P&M full upgrade to GTR bay and can be reached though the oil filler access door to power ON/
Explorer 7th November 2012 with brand new engine and wing”, some OFF. The Flight simulator alone apparently cost £1,600.
background might be worth repeating. Sandra Reid originally had
QuikR G-SUKY from 27th May 2009 but this was cancelled 28th March
2013 after it rolled to the right and struck the ground while landing at
Old Sarum 22nd July 2012. Both persons on board were injured. The
aircraft sustained damage to the wing, trike, engine and propeller. The
remains were taken to P&M and some parts absorbed into new-build
ISLE OF MAN – Loganair replaced Eastern Airways on the BA Cityflyer
c/n 8635 as G-MABL and Sandra was first owner from 11th December
services with effect from 1st September. Now painted in their bright
2012. It is now offered in “stunning Yellow & Red and with Tundra
blue “house” colours, Blue Sky Investments (née Woodgate’s) former
wheels with wider spats.
survey Chieftain G-MAPY was first noted on the 9th. Long term Andreas
As reported on Page OCT.1928, Ace Aviation Magic trike G-JNAR has
resident Van’s RV-6A G-BXVM flew down from Andreas on the 14th
had its original Touch sailwing changed for an As-Tec 13. However, the
September to await delivery (in early October) to its new home in
original Touch sailwing has been mated with another Magic trike (less
Rotax 447 engine), thus meaning that two sailwings are currently
marked as G-JNAR (since the CAA regard the sailwing of a weightshift September 2018 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
as the primary identity one may require a re-registration!). The eBay  1 SAAB 2000 G-LGNS
seller of the Touch combination from near Warminster bought the   2 Cessna 560XLS CS-DXG n/s16
package with the intent of fitting a paramotor type engine, but has   3 Beech F33A D-EMWR n/s2; Pilatus PC-12 G-PCIZ f/v as such;
decided that lack of time to do any further work, beyond the Cessna 550 G-SPRE
acquisition of a new engine mount from Ace Aviation, suggests a   4 Falcon 2000EX CS-DLG n/s; Alpha R2160 G-ILUA n/s
removal from his garage and for someone to continue with an SSDR.   5 Robin HR100 G-BBAW; Pioneer 300 G-LXUS; Cessna 208 N533DL;
The quoted postcode is for Hill Deverill, so the location may not be far Cessna 650 PH-MYX
from our earlier reported location of Wing Farm for the original   6 Van’s RV-9A G-CGXR; Legacy 500 G-HARG ×2; Agusta A109S N449C
G-JNAR. [22026]; Commander 114B 2-MIKE
Another case of a weightshift doing what this column was designed   7 Challenger 350 CS-CHF; Phenom 300 CS-PHD; Phenom 100
to cover! Grant Cousins is selling the Q2 sailwing removed from D-IAAW f/v n/s; Piper PA-28-140 G-BBDC; Beech 200 G-FSEU;
Quantum 15 G-CCIH, while the trike is being converted to Quik Pilatus PC-12 G-PCIZ; Agusta A109S N449C [22026]

Van’s RV-6A G-BXVM (24974) at Isle of Man on 16th September 2018. [Barry Tippett]

  8 Cessna 525A G-TWOP 2-GOLD (ex ZS-DAM) was registered on the 28th. Another aircraft with
  9 Phenom 300 CS-PHG; Vulcanair P.68C G-GIGA; Beech 200 G-IASM; South African connections, Beech A36 Turbine conversion ZS-PAV [E-
Piper PA-31-350 G-MAPY f/v; Airbus A320-214 OE-IZW f/v 3487], was delivered in from Santiago, Spain on 24th, and finally,
10 Learjet 45 CS-TFR n/s3; Piper PA-46-350P D-EKEU; Beech 200XP Jersey Aero Club’s two new Tecnam P2008s were delivered back in from
G-KVIP; Cessna 550 G-SPRE Bournemouth after some modifications had been carried out, G-JACM
11 Beech B200 G-WCCP on the 17th and G-JACN on the 27th. Cessna F182Q N90DJ has
13 Pilatus PC-12 G-PCIZ; Airbus A320-214 OE-IVC f/v apparently been sold and departed on 23rd August.
14 Falcon 2000EX CS-DFG; Van’s RV-6A G-BXVM (temporary resident);
September 2018 visitors:
Airbus A320-214s G-EZOY f/v & OE-IJZ f/v
  1 Piper PA-28R-201 G-BEWX; Piper PA-28RT-201 G-BVDH; Robin
15 Cessna 182Q G-BHVP; Maule MXT-7-180 G-BVIK; Beech B200
DR500 G-BZIJ; Robin R1180TD G-GEEP; Cessna F182Q G-GHOW;
G-IASB; Partenavia P.68B G-RVNP; Cessna T206H G-SMER;
Legacy 500 G-HARG; SOCATA TB-20s G-TBXX & N91ME; Tecnam
Phenom 100 G-SVRN; Legacy 500 G-TULI (delivery f Bangor, USA
P2006T G-TECT; AG-5B Tiger N85YE [10145]; Cirrus SR22 N87LS
to Centreline, Bristol)
[1830]; Commander 114Bs N6039X & 2-GNSY; Cessna 510 OE-FZE;
16 Learjet 45 CS-TFR; Embraer EMB-145LR G-CIYX; Beech 200
Piper PA-28-161 2-CHEZ; SOCATA TBM-700 2-PLAY
G-IASM; Airbus A320-214 OE-IZV f/v
  2 Challenger 350 CS-CHA; Phenom 300 CS-PHG; Cessna 525A
17 Cessna 525A G-SONE
EC-KES; Bell 407 G-COGS; Piper PA-28-161 G-GFTA; Cessna F182Q
18 Beech B200 G-DXTR; Nextant 400XT G-FXMR; Beech 250 M-OTOR
G-GHOW; Diamond DA 40D G-LWLW; Agusta AW189 G-MCGP;
19 Sikorsky S-92A G-MCGJ
Piper PA-28RT-201T G-RATV; Cessna 560XLS G-XSTV; Learjet 75
20 Cessna 525A G-TWOP; Global 6000 VP-BAA
G-ZNTJ; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFY; Cessna 525B LX-WEB; Hawker 400XP
21 Cessna 550s G-IPLY & G-SPRE; Piaggio P180 N864HD f/v;
N497XP; Cirrus SR20 N840CD
Challenger 605 OE-IXI
  3 Piper PA-34-220Ts EI-BSL & 2-ANLD; Nextant 400XT G-FXCR;
24 Hawker 800XPi CS-DRW n/s; Beech B200 G-NIAA ×2; Cessna 510 Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFU; SOCATA TB-20 N20TB; Cirrus SR22 N549CD
N194ER [1088]; Commander 114B N6039X; Cessna 680 OK-UNI
25 Eurocopter EC135T2 G-GLAA; Cessna 525As G-LFBD & OO-KOR;   4 HOAC DV 20 F-GIQT [20078]; Robin DR400 F-HCLY [1900]; Cessna
Beech 250 M-OTOR 560XLS G-SIRS; Cirrus SR22 N663KK; Beech 400A OK-BII
26 Mooney M.20J N446CB [24-3359] n/s   5 Beech 200XP G-ZVIP; Learjet 75 G-ZNTJ; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFA;
28 Cessna F172M G-BAEO; Piper PA-46-350P G-DNOP n/s; Learjet 75 Beech 300LW N127QR; Mooney M.20M N638RJ [27-0231]; Cessna
G-ZENJ; Diamond DA 42 N648KM [42.316] f/v; Airbus A319-111 510 OE-FAT; Cessna 525A 2-GOLF; Cirrus SR22 2-RORO
OE-LQZ f/v as such   6 Challenger 350s CS-CHA & CS-CHG; Phenom 300 CS-PHJ; Robin
29 BAe 125-800B G-EGKB DR400 F-GINM [861]; Tecnam P92 F-JVMY/01AEG [-?-]; Robin
30 Eurocopter EC135T2 G-GLAA; Cessna 560XLS G-LEAX; Cessna 525A DR221 G-BANA; Beech A36 G-LOLA; Beech 200XP G-ZVIP; Learjet
G-LFBD; Piper PA-28-161 G-SELB; Piper PA-39 G-SIGN 75 G-ZNTH; Hawker 850XP M-ARIE; Cessna 750 OE-HUB; Beech
400A OK-BII; Cessna 650 OY-EDP; Challenger 850 9H-BOO;
PEEL – On 28th September Coastguard Sikorsky S-92A G-MCGK carried Hawker 750 9H-BSA; Global 6000 9H-VJK
out an exercise at Peel Headlands.   7 Cessna 525s D-ITIP & YU-MTU; Robin DR400 F-HSOL [2696]; Piper
PA-28s G-BBHY & G-EHLX; Airbus A320s G-TTOB f/v & OE-IJL f/v;
STRANG – Coastguard Sikorsky S-92A G-MCGJ lifted an injured warden Cessna 680 OK-EMA; Piper PA-46-500TP OY-JAC; Navion
from the Calf of Man to Nobles Hospital on 19th September and then Rangemaster H 2-RIOH
went to the airport for fuel.   8 Airbus A319-112 D-AKNP f/v; Phenom 300 D-CHLR; Honda HA420
D-IVVV; SOCATA TB-20 F-GSZS [2138]; Piper PA-28s G-BTRK,
G-CLEA, G-SNUZ, G-VICC & G-XAVI; Cessna 525A G-SONE; Piper
CHANNEL ISLANDS PA-46-350P N350XT [4636692]; Cessna 550 N425ST; Cessna
P210N N4972K [P210-00388]; Mooney M.20E N7423V; Cessna 510
OE-FCB; Cirrus SR22 2-OFUS; Challenger 605 9H-VFA
JERSEY – Robin HR200 G-BCCY arrived on 4th September and has   9 Hawker 800XPi CS-DRU; Phenom 300s CS-PHD & D-CHLR; Cessna
taken up residency and DH.114 Heron G-AORG returned on the 18th 560XLS D-CSUN; Cirrus SR22 D-EXCD [2755]; Embraer 195 EC-LIN
after 11 Years at Coventry. Cessna 560XLS G-SNJS arrived on the 10th f/v; Piper PA-28R-201 G-BGKV; EuroFOX G-CHHJ; Mooney M.20K
from the USA via Reykjavik and Farnborough and Piper PA-28-235 G-OSUS; Piper PA-28RT-201T G-RATV; Van’s RV-6A G-RKID; Van’s

RV-9A G-RVRH; Agusta A109S G-SAFA; Pilatus PC-12s LX-JFM & 22 Cessna 525B D-CHIP; Legacy 500 G-SUEJ; Pilatus PC-12 LX-TAI;
LX-JFW; Piper PA-24-250 N6298P; Cessna 525A 2-GOLF; Challenger Cessna 560XLS SE-RIL; Eclipse EA500 2-JSEG
605 9H-VFJ 23 Legacy 500 G-SUEJ; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFQ; Beech 58 N65MJ;
10 Challenger 350s CS-CHA & CS-CHF; Falcon 2000EX CS-DLD; Cessna Diamond DA 62 2-SALE
680A CS-LTE; Boeing 737-7AK D-AWBC f/v; Piper PA-28-181 24 Challenger 350 CS-CHG; Cessna 510 F-HEND; Piper PA-24-180
D-EHFA [28-7790485]; Piper PA-34-220T D-GPJB [34-8133173]; G-BWNI; Piper PA-28s G-SNOZ & G-VICC; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFM;
Cessna 560XLS EC-MSS; Diamond DA 40D F-HUMM [D4.357]; Piper PA-46-350P N930Z
Cessna 510 G-KLNW; Cessna 172S G-NETT; Piper PA-28R-200 25 Challenger 350 CS-CHB; Robin DR400 F-GJBO [812]; Cessna 182s
G-OMNI; Beech 200XPs G-WVIP & G-ZVIP; Cirrus SR22 N222SW; G-BOTH & G-OWRT; Diamond DA 42 G-SUEM; Piper PA-32-301
Piper PA-46-350P N930Z; Extra EA400 OK-EKO [17]; SAAB Viggen G-WAIR; Learjet 45 G-XJET; Pilatus PC-12s LX-JFA & LX-JFM;
SE-DXO [37809]; SAAB Draken SE-DXR [35556] Sikorsky S-76C M-ONTY; Beech 250 N238KA; Cessna 525M2
11 Challenger 350 CS-CHA; Cessna 680A CS-LTG; Yak-3UPW F-AZZK N979TX; Airbus A320-214 OE-IVZ f/v
[003]; Piper PA-28-161 F-GIEK [2841170]; Piper PA-25-235B 26 Hawker 800XPi CS-DRW; Cessna 680A CS-LTC; Phenom 100 D-IAAT;
G-BDPJ; Pitts S-2S G-EWIZ; Cessna F406 G-FIND; Beech F33A AA-5B Tiger F-GKGN [AA5B-089]; Robin DR400s F-GOVQ [2321] &
G-MOAC; Cessna 402B G-NOSE; Raytheon RB390 G-OEWD; Van’s F-HIYE [2123]; Cessna 172S F-HCFX [172S9747]; Cessna F337G
RV-6 G-ORVI; Phenom 100 G-SVRN; Beech 200XP G-WVIP; G-BFGH; Beech 200XP G-KVIP; Piper PA-32R-301 G-RAMS; Cessna
Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang N32CS [A46-139]; Cirrus SR22T F406 G-RVLY; Piper PA-28R-201T G-SHUG; Beech 76 N800VM;
N534MW; Cessna R172K N758BK [R172-2963]; Beech 76 N800VM; Diamond DA 62 2-SALE
Piper PA-24-250 N7456P; Stearmen N74189 & SE-BOG; Cessna 27 Raytheon RB390 D-IDBA; Piper PA-28-181 G-BPFI; Nextant 400XT
510s OE-FDT & OE-FZD; Airbus A320-214 OE-IVV f/v; Beech 350 G-FXMR; Cessna F406 G-RVLY; Cessna 525A G-TWOP; Global 5000
OO-SDV; Cessna 525A 2-GOLF; Sikorsky S-76C 2-AYDF M-BIGG; Beech 58 N678J; Cessna 510 OE-FNP; Gulfstream 450
12 OV-10B Bronco F-AZKM [338-9]; N.2501 Noratlas F-AZVM [105]; 9H-BOG
MH1521M Broussard F-GDSN [247]; VariEzes F-PREV [1961] & 28 Hawker 800XPi CS-DRY; Pilatus PC-12s D-FKGI & LX-ERG; Robin
F-PYSM [2048]; Piper PA-24-250 G-BAHJ; Piper PA-32-301 G-BVWZ; DR400 F-GGXC [1888]; Piper PA-28s G-AWSM, G-BOKA, G-SNUZ,
Cirrus SR22 G-CHAJ; Cessna 525M2 G-CMTO; Cessna F406 G-FIND; G-VICC, 2-CHEZ & 2-GOLD; Cirrus SR20 G-CRLA; Hawker 900XP
Phenom 100s G-SVRN & 9H-FAM; Beech 200XP G-WVIP; Global G-RCFC; Beech 300LW N127QR; Cirrus SR22s N508RA & N549CD
5000 M-BIGG; Cessna 680A N613CL; Cessna 510 OE-FID; Cessna [1088]; Beech B200 N7779V; Diamond DA 40NG OO-ADC
560XLS SE-RHJ [40.N002]; Tecnam P92 PH-4D2 [02]
13 Phenom 100 D-IAAB; Long-Ez F-PJLB [1344]; Cessna 150E G-ATEF; 29 Piper PA-28s D-EDUM [2890055], G-BNVE & G-EHLX; Raytheon
Cessna F172L G-AZJV; Beech 3NM G-BKGM; Cessna 182Q G-BOTH; RB390 D-IDBA; Robin DR400 F-GUXF [2473]; Diamond DA 40NG
Robin DR400 G-BRNT; Spitfire HF.IXc G-BRSF; Beech B55 G-BZIT; F-HOAA [D4.148]; Piper PA-32R-301 G-BKMT; Cessna R182
Cessna 208B G-EELS; P-51D Mustang G-SHWN; Cessna 525A G-BNMO; Piper PA-38-112 G-BOMZ; Cessna 182s G-BOTH &
G-SONE; P-47D Thunderbolt G-THUN; Antonov An2 HA-ANG G-MAHY; Glasair IIRGs G-CGXB & G-LASR; Beech B200 G-CIFE;
14 Gulfstream 550 CS-DKK; Cessna 560XLSs CS-DXH, G-RSXP & Piper PA-28R-201T G-DIZY; Robinson R44 G-PBEE; Beech 350
M-SPEK; SOCATA TB-20 N5ZY; Cirrus SR22 N549CD [1088]; Beech
YU-SPB; Beech C90B F-GMPM; Gardan GY80 G-AVRS; Piper
G58 N600PE; Airbus A320-214 OE-IJA f/v; Cessna 680s OK-UNI &
G-VICC, G-XAVI & N787CE; Airbus A320-200s G-EUYM f/v & OE-IZD
30 Phenom 300 CS-PHE; Piaggio P180 D-IIVA; Piper PA-28-181
f/v; Cessna F406 G-FIND; Nextant 400XT G-FXMR; Beech 200XPs
G-EHLX; Beech 200s G-FLYW & N7779V; Cessna F406 G-RVLY;
G-KVIP & G-ZVIP; Rockwell 114A G-NATT; Cessna 402B G-NOSE;
Pilatus PC-12 LX-ERG; SOCATA TB-20 N91ME
Legacy 600 G-RHMS; Pilatus PC-12s LX-JFB & M-DRIL; Beech 58
N678J; Cessna 510 OE-FZC; Piper PA-46-500TP 2-DITO Frequent visitors during the month included Cessna 310R G-BODY on
15 Cessna 680A CS-LTC; SOCATA TB-20s F-HAQG [534] & N20TB; 10th, 12th, 13th, 25th, 26th & 27th; Cessna 310R G-EGLT on 4th, 6th,
Diamond DA 40s F-HDKG [40.073] & SE-MBC [D4.330]; Robin 7th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 24th; Piper PA-28RT-201T G-OPJD on 3rd,
DR400 G-BHAJ; Piper PA-28-181 G-EHLX; Legacy 600 G-RHMS; 16th, 17th & 26th; Eurocopter EC155B G-TBUC on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 24th
Piper PA-28R-201 HB-PIG [28R-7837261]; Legacy 500 M-ORIS; & 29th; Piper PA-31-350 G-VIPW on 1st-24th; Piper PA-31-350 G-VIPY
Beech 33 N35SN; Cessna P210N N81MG; Cirrus SR22T N622RC; on 25th-30th and Beech B200 M-SPOR on 6th, 18th, 24th & 26th.
Commander 114B 2-LAND
16 Robin DR400 F-GHSY [2516]; Beech 76 G-GBSL; Piper PA-32R-301
G-GOBD; Pilatus PC-12 M-DRIL; Challenger 350 N207BZ; Cirrus IRELAND
SR22 N222SW; Commander 114B 2-MIKE
17 Cessna 680A CS-LTH; Mooney M.20s D-EAFE [25-0854] & F-GREL
[24-3403]; Piper PA-28s G-BBHY & G-JACH; Cessna 560XLS G-LEAX; BALDONNEL (CASEMENT), CO. DUBLIN – Retired Irish Air Corps
Cessna 182P N22NN; Cirrus SR22T N179JD; Phenom 300 N350EE; Cessna FR172H 206 [0346] has been transferred to the Irish Air Corps
Cessna 208B N425EX [208B5425]; Gulfstream 450 T7-AZH Museum here, where it was noted on 24th September.
18 Piper PA-30-160B F-BPIK [30-1582]; Beech 76 F-GIRD [ME-387];
Diamond DA 40D F-HDJE [D4.030]; Falcon 900LX F-HDOR; SOCATA CONNEMARA REGIONAL, INVERIN, CO. GALWAY – Aer Arann Islands
TBM-850 F-HELE; Cessna T210N G-BSGT; Pilatus PC-12 G-DYLN; recently issued protective notices to its 20 staff because of the
Agusta A109E G-GIBI; Robinson R66 G-HKCC; Cirrus SR20 G-JOID; uncertainty surrounding the Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract
Cessna 525A G-SONE; Phenom 100 G-SVRN; Cirrus SR22T N19DW; for service to the Aran Islands. In June 2018 the company gave six
Phenom 300 N350EE; Piper PA-46-350P N350XT; Cessna 680A months notice of termination of the contract because of a commercial
N613CL; Legacy 500 N676EE; Cessna 700 N707CL; SOCATA dispute with the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht
TBM-930 N930SA; Beech 350 OO-SDV; Honda HA420 T7-HDJ over the contract terms relating to adjustments to the PSO payments
19 Cessna 680A CS-LAU; Phenom 300 CS-PHL; Challenger 605 made to the company in the event it operates additional flights
EI-WFI; Pilatus PC-12 G-KFTI; Cessna 208B N425EX [208B5425]; outside of the PSO contract.
Cessna 560XLS YU-PBB A local pressure group called Save Our Air Service called on the
20 Legacy 650 D-AWIN; Agusta A109S G-MCAN; Piper PA-28R-200 government to provide an emergency service to the islands while a
G-OMNI; Cessna 560XLS G-RSXP; Hawker 900XP G-SCPJ; Cessna new PSO is sent out for tender. The Minister for Culture, Heritage and
525As G-TWOP & 2-GOLF; Hawker 800XP N125XP; Aveko VL-3 the Gaeltacht said he is in ongoing discussions with senior officials in
OM-M810 [VL3-245]; Commander 114B 2-MIKE his Department on the issue and that they will be travelling to Brussels
21 Cessna 560XLS CS-DXU; Piper PA-30-160C D-GPEZ [30-1871]; for discussions with officials in the European Commission on issues
Cessna F182Q G-BGAJ; Cessna 525M2 G-CMTO; Piper PA-28s surrounding the PSO contract.
G-GOTH & G-JACH; Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFS; Beech 58s N65MJ & The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht said that it
2-DOLU; Cessna 208B N425EX [208B5425]; Commander 114Bs is restricted in what can be disclosed publicly about efforts to ensure
2-GNSY & 2-MIKE an air service to the islands remains in place after the 6th December

expiry date due to legal constraints. There are reports that the WATERFORD, CO. WATERFORD – Noted visiting on 27th September
Government is pursuing the concept of an alternative location to were Vulcanair P.68C G-PDGX and Piper PA-28-161 G-WARU. On 8th
Inverin as the base for the service, with two State-owned locations at October Diamond DA 62 G-GBAS arrived from Brighton City for
Ros an Mhíl considered suitable, one at the quay and one in the centre calibration work, departing to Ireland West Airport Knock on the 10th.
of the village, which would seem to suggest that a helicopter operation
is again being considered.
DUBLIN-WESTON, CO. KILDARE – A visit on 16th October found Rallye
Commodore 150 EI-DMA has moved in from Newcastle, along with
Cessna F150G G-ATZZ (PCOO showing on G-INFO). Also noted was BILLUND, BILLUND MUNICIPALITY – Noted amongst the airliners, biz
Cessna F172P EI-SKP, recently restored to the register ex G-PTCA. and turbos on 11th October was SOCATA TB-20 G-CDDA. The CofA
expired 7th April 2016 and we confess that we have never really been
Recent visitors reported here have been:
sure if Zero Clean was a company name or an individual named Zero!
21/9 Cessna 310R G-BODY f Edinburgh
28/9 Pilatus PC-12 OO-PCM
 3/10 Piper PA-46-500TP 2-FIFI f/t Jersey
 5/10 Cessna 208 N215BT ITALY
 7/10 Beech V35B N30VT [D-9439] f Denham
 8/10 Beech V35B N30VT [D-9439] f Denham; Piper PA-32-300
N129SC f/t Isle of Man FOGGIA-GINO LISA, FOGGIA – Alidaunia SRL are based here and in
18/10 Pilatus PC-12 LX-JFB f Denham t Biggin Hill addition to a number of Italian-registered helicopters they also
operate Agusta AW169 EI-LID and Robinson R44 G-CKZW, which was
GALWAY, CO. GALWAY – Robinson R22 G-KKRN was delivered in from delivered from Sywell from 19th to 20th October.
Denham on 28th August.


G-MISG visited f Split t Dublin on 20th September and again on 4th
October from Split to Strasbourg. On 20th October AlbaStar Boeing
737-4K5 visited f/t Tarbes-Lourdes. LELYSTAD, FLEVOLAND – The ex-Dutch Aquila AT01 G-OPDA seems to
have returned to old pastures, since it has recently appeared for sale
KERRY, CO. KERRY – A few recently reported visitors have been: on PlaneCheck based here with Air Waterland.
22/9 Pilatus PC-12 M-IRTH f Saint Brieuc Correcting BIR2018, Tri-R KIS G-OKMA is actually based here,
 3/10 Pilatus PC-12 OO-CFW f Kortrijk-Wevelgem despite the owner’s Coventry address.
 5/10 Cirrus SR22T 2-RORO f Denham (also on 21/10)
CREDITS: Nigel Bailey-Underwood, Del Barrow, Steven Bowler, Peter
RAFTER’S FIELD, ELLISTOWN, CO. DUBLIN – Avro 643 Cadet EI-ALP Bowater, Jim Brazier, Peter Budden, Mike Burdett, Mike Cain, Dennis
was removed from storage here on 30th September to start its long Clement, Terry Coombes, Keith Cruttenden, Howard J. Curtis, Trev Davies,
awaited rebuild. Martin Degg, Tom Dunstall, Kevin Dupuy, John Dyer, Martin Fenn,
Malcolm Greenbaum, Steve Hall, Stew Heald, Al Henderson, Don Hewins,
Nigel Hitchman, Mike Holford, Peter Hulme, Paul Jackson, Kevin Jacomb,
RATHCOOLE, CO. CORK – The first helicopter for the Irish Community
Ian Johnson, Nigel Kemp, Bob Kent, Mel Kirby, Cyril Leeson, Tony
Rapid Response (ICRR), Agusta A109E G-SHLE of Sloane Helicopters,
Livingstone, Gary Loveday, James McDowall, Neil McNicol, Sean Meagher
was delivered via Waterford to Kerry Airport on 21st September 2018.
Alistair Ness, Brian Nichols, Paul O’Neill, Jeremy Parkin, Richard
It had been hoped to ferry the aircraft to Ireland earlier in the week
Peckham, Geoff Pyke, Steve Rogers, Rod Sauvary, Rod Sayer, Trevor
for a promotional tour, but this had to be abandoned because of Storm
Sexton, Martin Sidwells, Tony Smith, Richard Spearing, Martyn Steggalls,
Ali. Sloane Helicopters has been awarded a five-year contract by ICRR, David Stevens, Ken Tilley, Davis Thompson, Barry Tippett, Tony Twinn,
and a second helicopter is to be added later this year to provide Graham Wasey, David Whitworth, Alec Wilson, John Wiseman, Aeroplane,
back-up. ICRR announced that it will be based at Rathcoole rather than Air Yorkshire, Aviation for All Forum, Aviation News, Blackpool Aviation
Cork Airport as had been originally stated. Society, Civilian Aviation Forum, www., EGHH Google group, FlyPast, Freebird Aviation
SHANNON, CO. CLARE – Atlantic Airventure took delivery of Cessna Database, LAAS, Light Aviation, Military Aviation Review, NI Aviation
500 G-ORHE (cancelled by CAA 19th August 2011) on 22nd October Enthusiasts Forum; NWAN Forum, Prestwick Airport Movements Group,
when it arrived by road from Enniskillen and CM170R Magister 218 has South Wales Aviation Group and all those who have contributed to the
been returned to the Air Corps at Baldonnel (Casement). Airfields, Civil Spotters, Cranfield, MSF & FLYER e-mail Lists which are
DHC-6-300 N63AR [432] passed through on delivery from Keflavik monitored by myself and Bernard Martin for items relevant to Around &
to Girona, Italy on 23rd October. About and names are included where they are identifiable (some are
truncated by the system or are pseudonyms) and John Phillips for his
SLIGO, CO. SLIGO – Vulcanair P.68C G-PDGV was noted here on 18th assistance in the background helping put the larger reports into the
September, while sister-ship G-PDGX visited on 15th October. format you see above.


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Apart from Biz Jets and Props the NBAA at Orlando featured: Air Tractor AT-602:  (602-1253)+N602JP restored canx 07Aug18 [1]
N41SH Airbus EC 130 T2 (8300) Air Tractor AT-802:  (802-0221)+N619LA restored canx 14Aug18 [23]
N20VG Airbus MBB-BK117 D-2 (20077) (802-0777)+N12DA [29]
N587S American Champion 8GCBC (587-2017) Air Tractor AT-802A:  (802A-0774)+N674LA [3] (802A-0779)+N779DA
C-FNFO Bell 429 (57224) and N505CQ Bell 505 (65055) [29] (802A-0784)+N802EM [18]
N868BR Cirrus SR22T (1779) Avian Balloon Skyhawk:  (38)+N38AV restored; canx 02Oct14 [24]
N102PA Mooney M20U (32-0007) Aviat A-1B:  (2005)+N25HY restored; canx 01Mar18 [12]
N52DR Piper PA-46-500TP (4697645) Aviat A-1C-180:  (3019) N50SV to N177DB [30] (3248)+N152CW
N603MA Piper PA-46-600TP (4698090) restored; canx 28Aug18 [4] (3320)+N271TM [1]
N247KQ Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0247) Aviat A 1C-200:  to N63MW (3126)+N53MW [3] (3314)+N1283 [1]
Avions Mudry CAP 20LS-200:  (10)–N20MU to F-.... [18]
The Convention Center included: Avions Mudry CAP 21:  (12)+N23AK restored canx 24Oct17 [1]
N60XP Brown Helicopter H60 (UH-60A) 87-24610 (701131) Thrush S2R-T34:  (T34-479)–N55389 to HK-.... [1]
N906MA Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0256) Thrush S2R-H80:  (H80-222DC)–N5526W to ZS-... [31]
N466RK Robinson R66 (0805) (H80-223)–N5538V to HC-... [16] (H80-224DC)–N5538M to PR-NSC
C-FIGO Sikorsky S-76D (761026) with RCAF markings [16] (H80-225)–N1012L to Argentina [29]
N304TF Terrafugia Transition (D0002)
Balloon Works Firefly 7-15:  (F7-860)+N25967 restored; canx 07Nov13
N4132D Piper PA-28-181 (2843234) was cancelled 18May11 and was flown [18] (F7-1089) N7254B to N514S [2]
to Xalapa, Mexico becoming XB-MKL. It was stored there and was cancelled Firefly Balloons Firefly 8:  (F8-2030)–N3000N [3]
23Sep11, remaining in storage in Mexico. It was restored 17Oct18.
Also appearing in October were some Boeing AH-64Es for the BEECH/RAYTHEON/HAWKER/TEXTRON
Indian AF and an Il-76.
95-55 Baron:  (TC-68)–N122GD [3] (TC-148)+N1351Z restored; canx
03May18 [10]
Extracts to 31st October 2018 E-55 Baron:  (TE-999)–N812T [11]
58 Baron:  (TH-1045) N6652A to N158BD [26] (TH-2002)–N747DW to
HC-... [26]
(+ add to Register; – canx from register) 58P Pressurized Baron:  (TJ-321)+N66WZ ex C-GTKG [17] (TJ-
[8] means 8th October
443)+N953DS ex C-GFIE [9]
G58 Baron:  (TH-2360)+N68WE ex XB-MMS was N5030Q canx 27Jun13
Adams Balloon L D-S:  (050)+N67007 restored; canx 27Aug18 [27]
to Mexico [26] (TH-2501)–N2501D to VH-LXC [12]
Aero Vodochody L39C Albatros:  (132011)+N139LL restored; canx
(TH-2505)–N2505Q to PK-… [1]
30May18 [22]
(TH-2511)+N2511P [19] (TH-2513)+N517RB [30]
Aeronca 7AC:  (7AC-1386)+N82739 restored; canx 17Sep13 [2]
(TH-2512)+N2512Y [30]
(7AC1943)+N83279 restored canx 20May15 [19]
35-B33 Debonair:  (CD-765)+N7943K restored; canx 24Jan18 [11]
Aeronca 7BCM:  (7AC-5718)+N2147E restored; canx 03May18 [5]
35-C33A Debonair:  (CE-38)+N8BN restored; canx 24Apr18 [29]
Aeronca Champion 7BCM:  (17AC6040)+N857SL prob 7AC-6040? [16]
F33A Bonanza:  (CE-1138) N3039X to N303KC [15] (CE-1293)+N15131
Champion 7ECA:  (744-70)+N7598F restored; canx 28Mar18 [16]
restored; canx 11Jun18 to D-.... ntu reg same owner [5]
(7ECA-48)+N73PC restored; canx 08Aug18 [4]
(CE-1394)+N5579M restored; canx 08Jun18 [30]
Bellanca 7ECA:  (1110-75)+N8746V restored; canx 20Jly18 [26]
Champion 7FC:  (7FC-52)+N7550B restored canx 26Jun18 [31] 35 Bonanza:  (D-1107)+N1569Z restored; canx 23Apr18 [22]
Champion 7GCAA:  (199-71)+N9128L restored; canx 25May18 [3] F35 Bonanza:  (D-4271)+N5002B restored; canx 25Jly18 [2]
Champion 7GCBC:  (135)+N1692G restored; canx 08Jun18 [24] (D-4314)+N5037B restored; canx 25Sep18 [3]
Bellanca 7GCBC:  (1158-79)+N5058B restored; canx 27Jly18 [2] K35 Bonanza:  (D-5967)+N235AA restored; canx 24Jly18 [2]
American Champion 7GCBC:  (1475-2019)+N60AC [30] P35 Bonanza:  (D-7139)+N1722T restored; canx 01Oct18 as sr now sr
Bellanca 7KCAB:  (436-74)+N86576 restored; canx 01Jun18 [25] again! [18] (D-7186)+N8505M restored; canx 20Feb18 [16]
American Champion 8GCBC:  (471-2005)+N165AC restored canx S35 Bonanza:  (D-7579)+N5781K restored; canx 08Feb18 [25]
18Apr18 [23] (D-7920)+N8931U restored; canx 18Apr18 now rp! [30]
Aeronca 11AC:  (11AC-1022)+N9385E restored canx 26Feb18 [24] V35 Bonanza:  (D-8105)+N5736V restored; canx 03May18 [16]
Aeronca 11CC:  (11CC-173)–N4308E to VH-… [10] V35B Bonanza:  (D-10074)+N2090L was N20901 canx 07Feb13 [31]
Aeronca C-3:  (A-536)+N14650 restored; canx 09Mar18 [17] (D-10376)+N1815D restored; canx 20Mar18 [25]
Bellanca 17-31ATC:  (31026)+N1285R restored; canx 09Aug18 [25] A36 Bonanza 36:  (E-1639)+N6696Y restored canx 08Jun18 [25]
(73-31061)–N93600 exp 31May18 [23] then (73-31061)+N93600 (E-3182)+N2340A restored; canx 02Mar18 [22] (E-3267)+N631TA
restored; canx 23Oct18 [31] restored; canx 10Aug18 [29] (E-3304)+N36BB ex ZP-BHR [3]
Aeronca 65-CA:  (C16461)+N36548 restored; canx 12Jun13 sr 25Jun86! (E-3487)+N228SL ex ZS-PAV [22]
[22] A36TC Bonanza:  (EA-208)+N901DC restored; canx 03May18 [26]
Agusta A109E:  (11832)+N109WS ex XA-HRA [5] G36 Bonanza:  (E-3868) N868PB to N868JF [17]
Leonardo A109S:  (22012)+N109NM ex 2006 UAE AF [4] (E-4122)+N478EW [26] (E-4124)+N4124B [19]
Agusta AW119 MkII:  (14774)+N320MH ex C-GVMX [23] (E-4123)+N2468G [26]
Agusta AB139:  (31035)–N697RS to Mexico [16] 76 Duchess:  (ME-52) N5173M to N76DU [2] (ME-72)+N137AS
Agusta AW139:  (41234)+N939BG ex 9Y-TAJ [4] (41277)–N804CB to restored; canx 28Feb18 [24]
C-GYNV [18] (41546)–N660SH to Japan [23] (41547)+N855AH [3] B-60 Duke:  (P-300)–N8150R to C-GFVG [10]
(41553)+N856AH [3] (41554)+N857AH [3] (41556)+N859AH [3] B19 Sport 150:  (MB-788)+N5101R restored; canx 14Mar18 [16]
Air Tractor AT-402B:  (402B-1203)+N927JP ex C-GOJI [26] 23 Musketeer:  (M-402)+N2337Q restored; canx 19Apr18 [17]
Air Tractor AT-502B:  (502B-0303)–N61267 to VH-… [22] A23A Musketeer II:  (M-944)+N2346W restored canx 02Mar18 [16]
(502B-2800)–N2063B w/o 19Jun18 Enid OK [15] (M-1068)+N6900Q restored; canx 23Jan18 now rp! [16]
A23-24 Musketeer Super III:  (MA-113)+N7926L restored canx 172D:  (17249927)+N2327U restored; canx 08May18 [5]
24Jan18 [27] 172F:  (17251993)+N7993U restored; canx 14Aug18 [15]
C23 Sundowner 180:  (M-2248)+N6710L restored; canx 15Mar18 [25] (17252228)+N336RS restored; canx 13Mar18 [17] (17252591)
C24R Sierra:  (MC-534)+N18943 restored; canx 09Aug18 [24] N8687U to N21RP [16]
Beech C18S:  (6220) N6409J to N60GS [25] 172G:  (17254590)+N4495L restored; canx 13Aug18 [15]
172H:  (17255114)+N1719F restored canx 21Jun17 [16]
Bell 47D1:  (734)+N12087 restored; canx 19Oct17 [11]
(17255247)+N3752F restored; canx 14Jun13 back 20Sep12 [24]
Bell OH-58C:  (72-21105)+N263LE c/n 41771 [26]
(17255650)+N2450L restored; canx 16Jan18 [29]
Bell 206B:  (2498)+N28ED restored; canx 12Jly18 [23] (2505)+N260A
(17255753)–N172AZ to OB-... [2]
ex C-GENL [25]
172K:  (17258035)+N79310 restored canx 21Jun17 [19]
Bell 206B:  (4481)+N108LG restored to original owner [2] then
172L:  (17259263)+N7563G restored; canx 21Jun17 [26]
(4481)–N108LG to 4X-BHR [9]
172M:  (17261120)+N20236 restored; canx 12Jly18 [10]
Bell 206L-1:  (45165)–N51AE to C-.... [1] (45690)–N121AE to C-…. [1]
(17263663)+N1560V restored; canx 09Mar18 [3]
(45765)–N74AE to C-…. [1]
(17264349)–N8994V acc 04Aug18 Dowagiac MI [29]
Bell 206L-3:  (51433)+N711TT ex HL9100 [16] (17265932)–N9085H to Bermuda [26]
Bell 206L-4:  (52281)+N266AL restored; canx 04Apr17 [11] 172N:  (17267586) N73626 to N172FG [2] (17269194)+N734XJ
(52288)–N272AL to VT-... [3] (52494)+N164AE ex C-FUMC [31] restored; canx 10Aug18 [1] (17271267)–N90JR to TG-… [3]
Bell 407:  (54820)+N857WT [23] (17271614)+N4501E restored; canx 28Feb18 now rp! [1]
Bell 412EP:  (36229) N852HY to N21844 [12] (17272338) N117JU to N482E [5] (17272921)+N101VV ex G-CKZK
Bell 429:  (57339)–N843YB to A6-… [9] (57340)–N843ZB to A6-… [16] (17273688) N118JU to N483E [5] (17273710)+N5124J
[29] (57357)+N855ZC [18] restored; canx 26Jun18 [12]
Bell 505:  (65160)+N891BH ex C-GAEP [17] 172P:  (17275840)+N65730 restored; canx 29Jun18 [25]
Bensen B-8M:  (1)+N2971G restored canx 08Aug13 [23] (17276218)+N97650 restored; canx 16Sep14 [25]
Boeing/Dekker A75N1:  (75-2569)+N585WD restored; canx 12Jun13 172RG:  (172RG0028)–N1850T to JA…. [23]
[16] 172S:  (172S9270)+N5328Y restored; canx 08Aug18 [4]
Boeing AH-64E:  (154803)+N4803H [9] (154804)+N4804K [5] (172S9863)+N331RP restored canx 24Apr18 [17]
(154805)+N4805A [9] (154806)+N4806P [9] (154807)+N4807A (172S12004)–N103MC to OK-… [30] (172S12196)–N846FV to
[31] these are 15-480x for Indian AF B-…. [3] (172S12197)–N8466J to B-…. [3] (172S12198)–N846HT
to B-…. (172S12199)–N846TP to B-…. [3] (172S12216)+N127LH
(172S12244)+N124LH [31] (172S12258)+N490ER [19]
C-165:  (477)+N20760 restored; canx 13Jly09 [30] (172S12247)+N282MM [31] (172S12259)+N491ER [19]
120:  (11762)–N77320 [17] (172S12248)+N475ER [18] (172S12260)+N493ER [19]
140:  (8268)+N89248 restored; canx 08Sep17 [30] (11227) N111CB to (172S12249)+N476ER [19] (172S12261)+N636CB [22]
N76795 [2] (172S12250)+N481ER [19] (172S12262)+N646CB [22]
150:  (17996)+N6596T restored; canx 31May18 [1] (172S12252)+N482ER [19] (172S12270)+N495ER [19]
150A:  (15059185)+N7085X restored; canx 28Jun12 [24] (172S12254)+N483ER [19] (172S12271)+N496ER [19]
150C:  (15059729)+N1929Z restored; canx 30May18 [29] (172S12256)+N488ER [19]
150D:  (15060135)+N4135U restored; canx 19Nov12 [12] 175:  (55770)+N7470M restored; canx 10Aug18 [29] (55970)+N7670M
(15060622)+N5922T restored; canx 16Feb18 [11] restored; canx 12Jly17 [11]
150F:  (15063344)+N6744F restored; canx 30Apr15 [25] 175A:  (56529)+N7029E restored; canx 08Aug18 [17]
(15064402)–N3002X w/o 18Jun18 Ferdinand IN [17] 177B:  (17701814)+N34453 restored; canx 03May18 [18]
150G:  (15066518)+N8618J restored; canx 07Mar18 [27] 177RG:  (177RG0954)+N34039 ex C-GNSZ [26]
(15066999)+N3099S restored; canx 23Mar18 [27] 180C:  (50750)+N9250T restored; canx 24Nov14 [29] (50765)+N9265T
150H:  (15068023)+N22037 restored; canx 17Jly18 [3] ex ZS-MAF resd 12Sep17 canx 05Apr18 not regd [22]
(15068064)+N22106 restored; canx 13Aug18 [15] (50859)+N55V restored canx 16Jly18 [11]
(15069015)+N50020 restored; canx 26Mar18 [29] 182:  (18266551)+N170AC restored; canx 02Jan18 [23]
150J:  (15069386)+N50544 restored canx 13Aug18 [29] (15069561) (33033)+N6233A restored; canx 16Aug18 was sr Wentworths [17]
N50800 to N705TD [25] (15070980)+N61345 restored; canx (33550)+N5550B restored; canx 08Feb18 now rp! [3]
25Jan18 [24] 182A:  (34160)+N6160B restored canx 02Jly13 [2] (51180)+N5080D
150K:  (15071432)+N5932G restored; canx 27Aug13 [19] restored; canx 08Aug18 [15] (51385)+N2085G restored canx
(15071484)+N5984G restored; canx 24Oct17 [3] 13Mar18 [1]
A150K:  (A1500030)+N8330M restored; canx 23Aug18 [5] 182C:  (52769)+N8869T restored; canx 18Apr18 [25]
150L:  (15072960)+N1660Q restored; canx 22Mar18 [25] 182E:  (18254125)+N3125Y restored; canx 26Jly13 [29]
(15073610)–N17056 to Mexico [5] 182G:  (18255295)+N2095R restored canx 23Sep16 [24]
150M:  (15076365)+N3040V restored canx 14Aug13 [29] (18255639)+N9BT restored; canx 06Apr18 [9]
(15076439)–N3246V to YV.... [2] (15077809)–N7683U to CC-… [5] 182P:  (18261252)+N20845 restored; canx 02Jan18 [27] (18261254)
(15078419)+N9471U restored; canx 08Mar18 [22] +N20847 restored; canx 08Jun18 [29] (18262334)–N58839 to C-….
(15079042)–N714BC to Argentina [30] (15079262)+N714LR [23] (18262891)–N52843 to ZP-… [26] (18263030)+N7239N
restored; canx 20Oct17 [3] restored; canx 24Jly18 [11] (18264827)–N47234 to Argentina [19]
152:  (15280770)–N25763 to CS-… [31] (15281635)–N65585 to R182:  (R18200100)+N182HA restored; canx 18Apr18 [3]
OB-…. [2] (15282138)+N68133 restored; canx 23Jan18 [29] TR182:  (R18200952)+N738PW restored canx 08Aug18 [11]
(15282213)+N68257 restored; canx 18Aug18 [24] 182S:  (18280055)+N720RK restored canx 08Jun18 [31]
(15282528)–N69174 to RP-.…. [9] (15285747)+N94626 restored (18280262)–N9668B to C-FEDS [5]
canx 15Mar18 [1] (15285812)–N788FM to OB-…. [29] 182T:  (18281036)+N110MG ex SP-GDS [23] (18282175)–N5255X to
170A:  (18799)+N210SB restored; canx 07Feb18 [18] D-…. [30] (18283040) N218TA to N82JD [11] (18283045)–N20768
170B:  (20563)+N2411D restored; canx 03May18 [29] to VT-… [15] (18283052)–N20396 to VH-… [16] (18283053)
(26150)–N2506C to TG-… [9] (26858)+N2915D restored; canx –N2040W to VH-… [16]
03Jan18 [24] (27046)–N3503D to C-…. [22] (18283058)+N42CB [25] (18283060)+N83VB [31]
172:  (36092)+N8292B restored; canx 30Jun17 [30] (46753)+N7153T (18283059)+N857NT [9] (18283061)+N191JT [10]
restored; canx 03May18 [25] A185E:  (18501917)+N70048 restored; canx 03May18 [30]
172A:  (46872)+N7272T restored; canx 24Jan18 [24] A185F:  (18504226)+N61522 restored; canx 10Aug18 [4]
172C:  (17249061)+N1361Y restored; canx 08Aug18 [2] 188:  (188-0336)+N8086V restored canx 24Apr13 [31]
(17249302)+N1602Y restored; canx 03May18 [16] 195:  (7184)+N3484V restored canx 13Mar18 [2]
(17249446)+N1846Y restored; canx 08Jun18 [15] 210-5(205):  (2050261)+N8261Z restored; canx 04May15 [30]

U206C:  (U206-0985)–N3985G [22] Diamond DA 62:  (62.C002) N910DA to N77DV [25] (62.093)+N691DA
U206G:  (U20605844)–N6250X to C-GFUP [16] [9] (62.095)+N520RA [9]
TU206G:  (U20605272)+N6596L restored; canx 08Jly81 [24] Douglas DC3C 1830-94:  (4438)+N220GB restored; canx 07Feb13
(U20605726)–N206MF to PR-EIB [2] (U20606194) N206HK to Onaway Acft Museum [2]
N247CB [18]
Enstrom 280FX:  (2157)–N852HE [2] (2158)–N688EH [2] (2159)–
T206H:  (T20608076)+N1301N ex C-GFKO [2] (T20608816) N212RC to
N689EH to AP-… [2] (2160)–N852GE to AP-… [2] (2161)–N687EH
N504HL [18] (T20609222) N311TG to N721WW [15]
(T20609556)+N506PA [11] (T20609561)+N70CB [26]
Enstrom 480B:  (5221)–N79GR to ZT-R.. [19]
210:  (57386)+N9586T restored canx 15Jun17 [27]
Ercoupe 415-C:  (1747)+N99124 restored; canx 30May13 [22]
210-5:  (205-0476)+N472 restored; canx 18Apr18 [3]
Aerospatiale SA315B:  (2506)–N315NA to Ecuador [25]
210B:  (21057871)+N9571X restored; canx 10Aug18 [23]
Aerospatiale SA316B:  (2191)+N316TX restored; canx 20May15 [27]
(21057971)–N9671X to Mexico [3]
Aerospatiale SA330J:  (1454)–N766AC [15] (1577)–N1623S [15]
210E:  (21058532)+N2332F restored; canx 10Aug18 [17]
Eurocopter AS 350 B2:  (3806)–N41299 to ZK-IDW [22]
T210F:  (T210-0007)–N6107R acc 17Jun18 Desdemona TX [18]
(4586)–N987RU to C-…. [30]
(T210-0030)+N6130R restored; canx 07Nov13 [30]
Airbus AS350B3:  (8510) N477AH to N295J [2] (8595)+N125TG [31]
T210L:  (21060762)+N53TM ex C-GVVI [19]
(8607)+N520AH [30] (8615)+N523AH [31] (8617)+N518AH [31]
T210N:  (21064519)+N81DT restored; canx 18Apr18 [25]
Aerospatiale AS350BA:  (1315)+N907HP ex C-GNMN [31]
T240:  (T24002007) N588RM to N717RK [11]
Eurocopter AS350BB:  (3000)–N19PP to C-.... [16]
O-1A:  (51-12722)+N4FS restored canc 19Jan18 c/n 23179 [22]
Aerospatiale AS 365 N2:  (6411)+N366SR ex JA6680 [30]
310I: (310I0019)–N8019M [23]
(6533)–N365HH to 9M-... [17]
310N:  (310N-0183)–N101KB to HI.... [17]
Eurocopter AS365N3:  (6585)+N365JA ex JA15KM [31]
T310Q:  (T310Q01020)+N220XP restored; canx 10Aug18 [2]
Eurocopter EC 130 B4:  (3892)–N694QM to C-…. [22]
T337E:  (33701199)+N86452 restored; canx 30Mar18 [29]
Airbus EC 130 T2:  (8542)+N504AH [2] (8586)+N522AH [31]
T337G:  (P3370227) N268 to N923SB [10]
Eurocopter EC 135 P2:  (0218)+N135BR ex PP-APV restored [18]
P337H:  (P3370319)+N5GZ restored; canx 06Oct17 [1]
Airbus EC135 P3:  (1210)+N135HT ex 9M-DRD [19] (1257)+N512AH
340:  (340-0040)+N340JJ restored; canx 25Nov14 [3]
[11] (2068)+N499AH [5]
(340-0197)+N814SW restored; canx 03May18 [12]
Eurocopter EC 225 LP:  (2724)+N570AC ex VH-ZFD [5] (2728)+N572AC
(340-0318)+N69472 restored; canx 08Jun18 [17]
ex VH-ZFE [5] (2890)+N585AC ex G-OAGC [5] (2902)+N587AC ex
Cirrus SR20:  (2428) N8889C to N418DE [17] G-OAGO [5]
(2461)+N190CE [1] (2463)+N667DG [15] Airbus EC225 LP:  (2911)+N586AC ex G-CJIS [5] (2919)+N291MQ ex
(2462)+N911PF [4] (2464)+N603JA [15] P4-MAC [23]
Cirrus SR22:  (0142) N910JR to N171VT [5] (0934) N1DK to N113GS Airbus MBB-BK 117 C-2:  (9051)+N961KP ex XA-EZM [2]
[2] (2454) N677MA to N677MD [2] (3370) N69YY to N21WE [19] (9818)+N509AH [4] (9819)+N510AH [4] (9820)+N511AH [4]
(4314) N258CW to N952SB [25] (4651)–N228SY to VH-DCB [23] Airbus MBB-BK 117 C-2E:  (9805)+N517AH [22]
(4695)–N695JL to Argentina [4] Airbus MBB-BK 117 D-2:  (20040) N145AH to N212Y [25]
(4712)+N712KH [9] (4720)+N181MC [4] (20218)+N515AH [10] (20219)+N516AH [11]
(4715)+N15LH [5] (4721)+N792TM [15]
Fairchild 24W-46:  (W46256)+N81356 restored; canx 08Sep17 [5]
(4716)+N458BB [4] (4722)+N71PF [9]
Fairchild M-62A:  (7033-AE)+N46693 restored; canx 26Jun18 [17]
(4718)+N88WD [15] (4723)+N627GG [15]
Fouga CM 170 Magister:  (403)+N403PS restored; canx 11Apr18 [25]
(4719)+N328SY [18] (4724)+N113KK [4]
Funk B85C:  (348)+N77718 restored; canx 09Jan18 [30]
(4725)+N7791D [15] then (4725) N7791D to N57FK [16]
(4726)+N7HF [15] Glaser-Dirks DG-100G:  (E 151 G 118)–N51PB [3]
(4727)+N998RC [15] (4735)+N318BH [4] Globe GC-1B:  (1306)+N3313K restored; canx 26Jun18 [10]
Cirrus SR22T:  (0818) N161WA to N546AV [18] (1257)+N515VC ex American AA-1:  (AA1-0239) N5939L to N23RF [9]
C-GFCT [5] (1295) N1WW to N3CD [24] (1577) N368EK to N33KB Grumman American AA-5A:  (AA5A-0087)+N9587U restored canx
[10] (1679) N2TS to N127TS [12] (1711) N799BT to N615SM [25] 12Jly17 now rp! [24]
(1766)–N1983G to D-…. [16] (1801)–N1801H to OK-… [23] Gulfstream American AA-5A:  (AA5A0827)+N26939 restored; canx
(1803)+N266ML [2] (1818)+N571SK [17] 13Mar18 [5]
(1804)+N438SY [2] (1819)+N979MM [4] Tiger Aircraft AG-5B:  (10230)–N951TE to VH-RTE [17]
(1807)+N3CC [11] (1820)+N399SM [4] Grumman G-44:  (1215)+N144SL was N37DF canx 26Nov14 [1]
(1808)+N313EZ [5] (1821)+N5858 [15] Grumman Schweizer G-164B:  (446B)+N6745K restored; canx 24Apr18
(1810)+N562PH [9] (1822)+N934DR [15] [15]
(1813)+N868LE [5] (1824)+N122DR [18] Grumman American GA-7:  (GA70035)+N68886 ex N745GA was conv
(1814)+N157BR [4] (1825)+N811LC [15] to TB.360 Tangara c/n 02 wfu prog canx [29]
(1815)+N415AR [15] (1826)+N501LA [9]
Head Balloons AX9-118:  (467)+N5008Z [19]
(1816)+N538SY [18] (1828)+N518WT [15]
Helio H-295:  (1404)+N300LD ex CS-AJE stored since at least 2006
(1817)+N717GG [15] (1832)+N918CB [9]
Cascais Portugal [3]
Columbia LC41-550FG:  (41766)+N235DW restored; canx 18Apr18 [26]
Hiller OH-23B:  (598)+N6055 restored canx 08Jun18 [9]
Commonwealth 185:  (1695)+N92962 restored; canx 18Mar13 [10]
Hiller UH-12D:  (1150)+N9299Z restored; canx 18Apr18 [25]
Cub Crafters CC18-180:  (CC18-0073)+N5155 restored; canx 10Aug18
Schweizer 269C:  (S1742)+N269NP ex F-GYBG [10]
[2] (CC18-0090)+N471AK [11]
Schweizer 269C-1:  (0298)+N1803R restored; canx 09Feb18 [26]
Cub Crafters CC19-180:  (CC19-0027) N54XC to N31WM [30]
McDonnell Douglas 369E:  (0419E)+N509TA ex OO-NEA [12]
de Havilland DHC-1:  (1355)–N64749 to C-…. [15] (DH8F- MD Helicopters 369E:  (0600E)–N765WH (0600E)+N600FH [31]
499)+N48262 restored; canx 14Oct14 [5] Hughes 369HM:  (190019M)+N17340 restored; canx 04Nov13 [1]
de Havilland DHC-2 MK 1:  (1130)+N770TH ex C-GAQJ [17] Hughes 369HS:  (660821S) N500HZ to N369HA [17]
(198)+N918SL restored canx 13Nov12 [11] MD Helicopters 600N:  (RN073)+N4T ex G-NTAR [10]
de Havilland DHC-3:  (126)+N63535 restored canx 12Jly18 [29] MD Helicopter MD 900:  (900-00120)+N690BJ ex TI-BDJ restored; canx
(380)+N6363D restored canx 12Jly18 [29] 10Nov10 [22]
Diamond DA 40:  (40.675) N605US to N61KM [2] (40.725)–N797XL to
Ilyushin Il-78:  (0083487598)+N78MX was N78RX canx 25Nov14 –
VH-… [17] (40.758)–N749PZ to VH-… [26] (40.1039)–N539KC to
Ukrainian AF 76767 [25]
VH-… [1]
Diamond DA42:  (42.192)–N612MM to VH-FII [2] Lindstrand LBL 14A:  (222)+N100LB ex G-BWBB canx 21Sep11! [25]
Diamond DA 40 NG:  (40.NC024)+N420NG [24] (40.NC025)+N940L ex Lindstrand 77A:  (5681)+N31094 [25] (5682)+N31098 [25]
C-FBDF [17] Lindstrand 90A:  (5678)+N31072 [25] (5679)+N30953 [25]

Lockheed T-33A:  (51-17463)–N533CB (51-17463)+N133MH [25] PA-23-250 Aztec F:  (27-7854087)–N97MC to YV…. [17]
Lockheed 285D:  (5778)+N656T ex A9-656 RAAF P-3 Orion [5] PA-24 Comanche:  (24-1323)+N6221P restored; canx 24Oct17 [17]
Luscombe 8A:  (4258)+N1531K restored; canx 26Jun18 [24] PA-24-250 Comanche:  (24-366)+N146P restored canx 12Jly18 [22]
Luscombe 8E:  (4688)+N1961K restored canx 17Aug18 [12] (24-699)+N5629P restored; canx 26Jun18 [15] (24-1597)+N6480P
Luscombe 8F:  (6555)+N527ED ex C-GAXN [5] restored; canx 28Mar18 [4] (24-2414)–N26572 acc 26Jly18 Gulf
Luscombe 11A:  (11-136)+N1630B restored; canx 08Mar18 [16] Shores AL gear collapse on runway [24] (24-2983)+N7767P
restored; canx 30Mar18 [26] (24-3612)+N8356P restored; canx
Maule M-4-220C:  (2062C) N2072U to N207KM [2]
18Apr18 [30]
Maule M-6-235:  (7510C) N9205H to N672M [2]
PA-24-400 Comanche:  (26-49)+N8474P restored; canx 08Jun18 [25]
Maule M-7-235:  (4054C)–N561LC w/o 24Mar18 Arosa Switzerland [11]
PA-25-235 Pawnee D:  (25-7556146)+N9827P restored canx 03Jly18
Maule MX-7-160:  (19022C)+N3077S restored canx 13Mar18 [10]
now rp! [25]
Maule MXT-7-180A:  (21012C) N1021H to N200JJ [5]
PA-28-140 Cherokee:  (28-20163)+N6145W restored; canx 27Mar18
Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm BO-105S:  (S703)+N911RJ restored;
[2] (28-22305)+N8427R restored; canx 10Aug18 [19]
canx 13Mar18 [30]
(28-22631)+N4272J restored; canx 03Jly18 [24]
Mooney M20A:  (1300)+N1073B restored; canx 09Mar18 [29]
PA-28-140 Cherokee B:  (28-26184)+N98360 restored; canx 24Apr18
Mooney M20C:  (20-0038)+N7151V restored; canx 28Mar18 [5]
(20-1156)+N7422V restored; canx 08Jun18 [29] (670083)+N2949L
PA-28-140 Cherokee C:  (28-26462)+N5665U restored canx 05Mar18
restored; canx 21Mar18 [5] (690016)–N9112V deregistered w/o
04Jly69 Mulege Baja California Mexico dbf [12]
PA-28-140 Cherokee D:  (28-7125592)+N4225T restored; canx
Mooney M20J:  (24-0245)+N4722P restored; canx 01Aug18 [18]
29Apr13 [17] (28-7125601)+N633C restored; canx 03Oct18 [30]
(24-0744)+N4474H restored; canx 13Aug18 [16]
PA-28-140 Cherokee F:  (28-7325329)+N55124 restored; canx 05Jan18
(24-0832)+N4739H restored canx 01Aug13 [27]
Mooney M20K:  (25-0495)+N4571C restored; canx 11Jun13 [23]
PA-28-160 Cherokee:  (28-187)+N5156W restored canx 04Jan18 [3]
(25-0525)+N47RJ restored; canx 03May18 [25]
PA-28-161 Warrior II:  (28-7816003)+N40037 restored; canx 07Aug18
Mooney M20R:  (29-0118)+N921SK ex C-FTYJ [4]
Mooney M20U:  (32-0008)+N618TG [30] (32-0009)+N7323M [26]
PA-28-180 Cherokee B:  (28-989)+N7181W restored; canx 23Jan18
Mooney M20V:  (33-0013)+N124GG [23] (33-0015)+N576CM [29]
[24] (28-1119)+N7280W restored; canx 08Jan18 [16]
Morrisey 2150A:  (SP-23)+N5127V restored canx 03May18 [30]
PA-28-180 Cherokee C:  (28-1796)–N7787W to Mexico [2] (28-1807)
National Ballooning 858:  (137)+N2008F restored; canx 20Mar18 [30] +N7803W restored; canx 07Aug18 [2] (28-2417)+N8265W
Ryan Navion:  (NAV-4-1300)+N51D restored; canx 27Mar18 [5] restored; canx 10Sep13 [2] (28-2479)–N8309W to Mexico [2]
Ryan Navion A:  (NAV-4-1661)+N999L restored; canx 03Apr18 [10] (28-2710)–N590DG to Mexico [2] (28-3370)+N9286J restored;
New Standard D-25:  (132) N9192 to N9193 [18] canx 18Apr18 [30] (28-3857)–N9198B owners request dbr
Nord 3202:  (77)+N2255B restored; canx 10Aug18 [24] 30Apr18 Sand Point ID [29]
Northrop Grumman R03:  (00001) N241PR to N518DF [11] (00002) PA-28-180 Cherokee Challenger:  (28-7305236)–N16366 to Mexico
N412DB to N716BE [15] [22] (28-7305401)+N55502 restored canx 26Mar18 [1]
Northwestern Porterfield 35:  (691)+N25591 restored; canx 20Mar18 PA-28-181 Archer II:  (28-7990261)–N3063L to HK-.... [29]
[30] PA-28-181 Archer III:  (2843234)+N4132D ex XB-MKL restored was
stored Xalapa since canx 23Sep11 [17]
PIPER PA-28-181 Archer TX:  (2881066)+N80058 [9] (2881071)+N284L [11]
PA-28-235 Cherokee:  (28-10103)+N8591W restored; canx 14Aug18
J-3C Cub:  (11717)+N426CF this was preserved as OE-AAB museum [17] (28-10279)+N8739W restored; canx 08Mar18 now rp! [3]
Graz Austria [29] (18830)+N98609 restored; canx 17Sep09 PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow:  (28R-30378)+N4521J restored canx
revoked 24Sep82 [24] 23Jan18 [2]
J3C-65 Cub:  (18373)+N4693S restored; canx 12Jly18 [25] PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow B:  (28R-7135025)+N2081T restored canx
(18985)+N98758 restored; canx 13Jly18 [29] (19875)+N6671H 08Jun18 [25]
restored canx 24Apr13 [1] (22574)+N3374N ex C-FDBX – original PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II:  (28R-7335246)+N181DP restored;
1973 marks [2] (23022)+N1495N restored; canx 05Sep14 [25] canx 26Sep17 [12] (28R-7435127) N60LB to N222RA [12]
J3C-65S Cub:  (23097)+N1569N ex C-FMBQ restored; canx 28Mar57 to PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow III:  (28R-7737164) N844AV to N328NC
CF-MBQ [18] [17]
J3L-65 Cub:  (4606)+N28132 restored; canx 13Feb18 [5] PA-28R-201T Turbo Cherokee Arrow III:  (28R-7703195)–N38260 to
PA-12 Super Cruiser:  (12-2324)+N3455M restored; canx 08Aug18 [5] Mexico [5] (28R-7703280) N38869 to N43WG [5]
PA-15 Vagabond:  (15-265)+N4476H restored; canx 29Nov12 [17] (28R-7703358)–N73FC to Argentina [3]
PA-16 Clipper:  (16-523)+N5901H restored; canx 28Sep17 [11] PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV:  (28R-7918166)+N2837U restored canx
PA-18-105 Super Cub Special:  (18-2385)+N271T restored; canx 08Jun18 [15]
20May15 [26] PA-30 Twin Comanche:  (30-1016)–N600DS owners request [1]
PA-18-135 Super Cub:  (18-2186)+N2681A restored; canx 12Jly18 now (30-1366) N8240Y to N475TV [2]
rp! [11] PA-31 Navajo C:  (31-7912090)+N703XP ex C-GJUS [22]
PA-18-150 Super Cub:  (18-8038)+N5139Y restored; canx 12Jly18 [3] PA-31-325 Navajo C/R:  (31-7712001)–N62948 to YV…. [17]
(18-8801)+N4454Z restored; canx 18Aug18 [25] (31-7912061)+N749NP restored; canx 30Mar18 [16]
(18-8845)+N4489Z restored canx 18Apr18 [5] (31-8012081)–N3591P w/o 16Jun16 State College PA exp 31Jly18
PA-18A 150 Super Cub:  (18-5647)+N7183D restored; canx 28Mar18 [18]
[24] PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain:  (31-7552053) N777KT to N770KT [1]
PA-20 Pacer:  (20-300)+N7391K restored; canx 28Mar18 [18] PA-32-260 Cherokee Six:  (32-427)+N3541W restored canx 20May15
PA-20-135 Pacer:  (20-993)+N8518C restored; canx 18Nov17 [25] [16] (32-731)+N3803W restored; canx 18Jly18 [2]
PA-22 Tripacer:  (22-151)+N849A restored; canx 10Sep13 [24] PA-32-300 Six:  (32-7940145)+N2826X restored canx 07Feb18 [10]
PA-22-108 Tripacer:  (22-9017)+N5313Z restored; canx 23Mar18 [11] PA-32RT-300 Lance II:  (32R-7885022)+N6240C restored; canx
(22-9606)+N5764Z restored canx 05Mar18 [18] 08Aug18 [26]
PA-22-135 Tripacer:  (22-2381)+N1516P restored; canx 21Mar18 [2] PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance II:  (32R-7887079)+N54BG restored; canx
PA-22-150 Tripacer:  (22-3584)+N3914P restored; canx 30May18 was 10Aug18 [12]
sr nor rp! [26] (22-3818)+N4513A restored; canx 19Jly12 rev PA-34-200 Seneca:  (34-7450112)–N27SV to C-GFOC [19]
05Dec80 now sr! [30] (22-5151)+N7355D restored; canx 26Jun18 PA-34-200T Seneca II:  (34-7570236)+N1194X restored; canx 06Feb18
rp again [1] (22-7485)+N3569Z restored; canx 28Aug13 [24] [22] (34-7670098)+N7633C restored canx 13Jly18 now rp! [5]
PA-23 Apache:  (23-1078) N3147P to N776MC [25] (23-608)–N2033P (34-7770426) N767PD to N901EG [5] (34-7870095)+N369AC
to C-.... [15] restored; canx 15Feb18 [31]
PA-23-250 Aztec C:  (27-3336)+N6125Y restored; canx 20Jun11 [15] PA-34-220T Seneca V:  (3449155)–N34HP to C-…. [26]

PA-38-112 Tomahawk:  (38-78A0307)+N9268T restored canx 22Dec14 WACO CTO:  (A-100)+N29TW see editorial OctABN (w/o 21Jan42
[29] Salamaua New Guinea) [11]
PA-44-180 Seminole:  (4496442)+N7121U [9] (4496443)+N7122M [24] WACO UKC-S:  (3981)–N15214 to F–…. [9]
(4496444)+N7122U [29] WACO Classic Aircraft YMF-F5C:  (F5C-8-152)+N148RV [11]
PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage:  (4636437)–N777PR to PR-LTQ [17]
Yakovlev YAK-9U-M:  (0470402)+N1157H restored; canx 24Jly18 [25]
PA-46-350P M350:  (4636725)–N7120U to OK-PMG [1]
Yakovlev Yak-52:  (822713)+N220JC restored; canx 24Jly18 [5]
(4636733)+N350Q [2] (4636737)+N377ST [31]
Aerostar Yak-52TW:  (0112231)–N269DK to VH-… [29]
(4636735)+N962MA [9] (4636738)+N350AZ [11]
Aerostar Yak-52W:  (9912204)+N68GC restored canx 08Jan18 [29]
(4636736)+N550CA [30]
PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian:  (4697058) N984SB to N464RT [5]
(4697147)–N391CC to D-EVER (resd) [23] (4697561)+N247TJ ex
C-GMMT [16]
3D Robotics Aero-M:  (AEM152670011)–N191ER destroyed? [1]
PA-46-600TP M600:  (4698021) N430KS to N915TV [12]
Altus Intelligence ORC2:  (ORC2HL0006)+N780PA [2]
(4698088)+N8007K [10] (4698097)+N600VG [3]
(ORC2HL0007)+N790PA [2]
(4698090)+N603MA [2] (4698099)+N100GL [12]
Arcturus T-20:  (0610AFSHELB)+N913AR restored; canx 21Aug18 [27]
(4698091)+N968HL [11]
Boeing CV2:  (006)+N263XT [19]
Aerotek Pitts S2S:  (1009)+N80PS restored [22] DJI Inspire 1:  (W13DCF19040214)+N808SC [31]
Quest Kodiak100:  (100-0251) N981MA to N76LA [31] (W13DDA12060039)–N825WV destroyed ? [17]
(100-0259)+N100AM [23] (100-0261)+N434JB [29] DJI Inspire 2:  (09YDF6B0040205)+N856AP [26]
DJI M210 RTK:  (0G0DE7T0P30085)+N911ZV [5]
Raven RX6:  (RX6-238)+N1184R restored; canx 30Jan13 [29] DJI Matrice 200:  (0FZDF4C0P20011)+N113TG [3]
Aerostar RXS-8:  (RXS8-3016)+N9100G restored; canx 08May13 [3] DJI Matrice 210:  (OGODF3M0230009)+N666FP [2]
Raven S55A:  (S55A-273)+N1083R restored; canx 30May18 [17] DJI Mavic Air:  (0K1DF1X2BD7T0L)+N13136 restored; canx 04Oct18
Republic RC-3:  (838)+N6568K restored; canx 06Oct17 [24] [5] (OK1UF5600E00J2)+N114LU [30]
(882)+N6609K ex C-FFZY was NC6609K 1947 [3] DJI Mavic Pro:  (08QCE9V02260KY)+N623JK [5]
Robinson R22:  (4792)+N999FR [11] (4795)+N40YR [23] (08QUE4K0010F2H)–N11973 resd 20Feb18 not regd [12]
Robinson R22 Beta:  (0711) N327BN to N357AH [15] (3681)–N848AK (08QUE7V10100VJ)+N291AW [22]
to ZT-R.. [1] DJI Phantom 3 4K:  (P7AJED15010485)+N856ZA [11]
Robinson R44:  (1768)–N479AT acc 27Jly18 West Palm Beach FL [27] DJI Phantom 4:  (07DDD6M0B11292)+N388UA restored; canx
(1944)–N418AS to HP-.... [2] (2572)+N651CM [31] (30048)+N4040 17May17 [3]
[31] (30049)+N5050 [31] DJI Phantom 4 Pro:  (11UCF4S0A30700)+N485AZ [1]
Robinson R44 II:  (10126) N926JF to N440TT [25] (10689)–N828FR to DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0:  (11UCF7P0A50840)+N857FS [12]
Japan [22] (11010)+N857HL ex G-HDEF [22] (14289)+N2345C [31] DJI Phantom 4 Pro+:  (07JDEB600200HR)+N949TW [22]
(14291)+N897SU [31] DJI S900:  (UAV-RF-0001)+N914UA [2]
Robinson R66:  (0758)–N970DP to COLOMBIA [4] (0909)+N366DB [3] Freefly Cinestar X8:  (BA-1111)–N917XX destroyed ? [26]
(0911)+N69D [3] (0913)+N97TM [31] Green River College Engin 01:  (B59273)+N854VR [23]
Aero Commander 100-180:  (5114)+N4014X restored; canx 23Mar18 Hobby King BIX3:  (HK-01)+N265UA [16]
[29] Lappert Smith Industries LS-X8-Lancer:  (LS-X8-000-001)–N8410D
Aero Commander 112:  (33)–N690RU acc 29Nov17 Westminster MD resd not regd [22]
gear collapsed landing [27] Matternet M2:  (M2-0022-X4)+N322MN [2] (M2-0023-X4)+N625MN [2]
Rolladen-Schneider LS-4:  (4084)+N814LS restored; canx 26Oct17 Sensefly Ebee Plus:  (EP-01-21959)–N412AS resd 05Apr18 not regd
[11] [25]
Schempp Hirth Arcus M:  (125)–N16DN w/o 21Jun18 Richfield UT in Sensefly Swinglet CAM:  (SC-07-272)–N7533W destroyed ? [29]
flight breakup [29]
Alexander Schleicher ASK 21:  (21955)+N940PB [4] HOMEBUILT etc
Schweizer SGS 1-36:  (5)+N36156 restored; canx 22Mar18 Dakota
Territory Air Museum Minot ND [11] Glider
Schweizer SGU 2-22:  (15)+N50RE restored canx 12Jly18 [3] AB Sportine LAK-17A:  (115)+N14NL restored; canx 21Mar18 [24]
SIAI-Marchetti F.260B:  (11-10)+N701RG restored; canx 02Mar18 [29] Avipro Bearhawk Patrol:  (P002-P05/P06-123)–N123WW to C-FABP [5]
Erickson S64E:  (64028)–N4099M to HL…. [19] Distar 13/15 Sun Dancer:  (148/13 DF)+N373PL [26]
Sikorsky EH-60A:  (86-24578)+N878AA c/n 701168 [30] (150/13 DF)+N669SD [29]
(87-24671)+N777GR c/n 701277 [16] (87-24672)+N372AA c/n Glasair Sportsman GS-2:  (7358)+N529GP restored canx 08Aug18 [1]
701288 [5] (87-24674)+N672MP c/n 701303 [26] Pipistrel Sinus:  (681 SN 912 LSA)+N484LS restored; canx 10Aug18
Sikorsky UH-60A:  (82-23705)+N705TH c/n 700528 [11] [17]
Sikorsky HH-60L:  (04-27022)+N506BH [17] Schreder HP18:  (HP18-81)+N97L restored canx 08Jun18 [24]
Sikorsky S-76B:  (760416)–N22ND to C-…. [11] Stemme S 12:  (12-008) N52HK to N812SG [25] (12-021)+N52HK [26]
Sikorsky S-76C:  (760471)+N707DS ex D-HUGO [11] Balloon
Sikorsky S-76D:  (761067)–N7667R to 5N-… [18] Stumpf Scat I:  (CCK-2000-0013)+N24ST [9] miscoded as Balloon?
Sikorsky S-92A:  (920288)–N288NT to 5N-… [16]
Smith DSA-1:  (VL934)+N11VL restored; canx 26Jun18 [26] Single
Stinson Vultee V-77:  (77-141)+N60079 restored; canx 06Mar18 [3] Acro Sport II:  (664)+N863PT [9]
(77-249)+N9561H restored canx 03May18 [25] (77-368)+N69990 Aeromarine Merlin PSA:  (HV28)+N105LS [11]
restored canx 31May18 now sr back 27Jun18 [29] Aeroprakt A22LS:  (333)+N104AG [19]
Stinson 10A:  (7833)–N31584 at owners request – poss not repaired Aeroprakt A32:  (060)+N328AM [19]
acc 17May09 PickwickMN [3] Aeropro A220:  (55118)+N441B [31]
Stits Playboy SA-3A:  (P-841)+N908F restored; canx 20Oct17 [29] Aeropro A240:  (55018)+N218E [31]
SOCATA TB20:  (1195)+N500TB ex G-LLOO [11] Airplane Factory Sling LSA:  (221)+N889HA [11] (275)+N323JD [16]
(280)+N516NG [17]
Taylorcraft BC12-D:  (9542)+N95142 restored; canx 13Jly18 [2]
American Legend AL18:  (AL-1194)–N3312 (AL-1194)+N3318 [24]
(9733)–N95333 owners request [18]
Anderson Grand 51:  (2002)+N2650N restored; canx 30May18 as sr
Tecnam P2006T:  (252/US)+N972GV [26] (253/US)+N973GV [26]
now rp! [5]
(254/US)+N975GV [26]
Autogyro MTO Sport:  (M01408)+N125AG [3]
Thorp T-18:  (460)+N13P restored; canx 09Mar18 [5]
Avid Flyer:  (251)–N45TR to C-…. [15] (282)+N19PZ restored; canx
Ultramagic N-300:  (300/72)+N320EX [22] 18Apr18 [23]

Avipro Bearhawk:  (135B)+N47NL [11] Parker Teenie 2:  (001)+N857QR [25]
Avipro Bearhawk LSA:  (003)+N218MK [24] PA-18 Replica:  (2018-001)+N102Z [4]
Avipro Bearhawk Patrol:  (P15-37N/38N-P336)+N863D [11] Peterman 1A-KP:  (1A)+N540KP [22]
Babcock Storm:  (TTS61)+N516VB restored; canx 12Jly18 [16] Pierce Chump:  (001)+N124MP [29]
BK Jodel F-12A:  (2-8037)–N535AB owners request [18] Pike S1:  (JP10)+N46PS [30]
Bowers Fly Baby:  (4130)+N11FB [12] Progressive Searey:  (1MK151)+N912GB restored canx 17Sep13 [26]
BRM Aero Bristell LSA:  (363/2018)+N163BL [15] (364/2018)+N710GG Progressive Searey LSA:  (1089)+N410WT [12]
[15] Quasar Acft 214SL:  (012)+N12QL restored; canx 08Feb18 [3]
Carmean R1:  (001)+N1173Y restored; canx 19Dec14 [29] Questair Venture MDL 2:  (99)+N35HW [30]
Challenger II:  (CH2-1105-2701)+N4317U restored; canx 15May18 Quicksilver Sport 2S:  (0039)+N7509U restored; canx 08Jun18 [5]
[29] Rand-Robinson KR-2:  (2980)–N32BB [19]
Corben Jr Ace Mid E:  (682)+N730AB restored; canx 19Mar18 [3] Rans S-4 Coyote 1:  (97251)+N3156D restored; canx 13Feb01 [26]
Corbin Junior Ace E:  (229)+N229MS restored; canx 10Aug18 [26] Rans S-5 Coyote:  (99284)+N9076X restored; canx 29Jan18 [29]
Cub Crafters CCK1865:  (CCK-1865-1027)+N52WB [1] Rans S6ES:  (0493489)+N248PW restored; canx 07Aug18 [11]
Cub Crafters CCK-2000:  (CCK-2000-0001)+N99EX [5] Rans S-7:  (0309527)+N4186J restored; canx 23Mar18 [23]
(CCX-2000-0031)+N707DL [11] (CCX-2000-0039)+N866DB [5] Rans S12XL:  (07960736AB)+N46LC note 07960736 is N46LD same
(CCX-2000-0040)+N11WT [11] (CCX-2000-0042)+N3XC [29] owner [5]
(CCX-2000-0041)+N90PC [12] Rans Airaile S-14:  (0899114)+N8107H restored canx 30Mar18 [31]
Cubcrafters CC11-160:  (CC11-00407)+N999KL restored canx 02Jly18 Rans S-20:  (01180078)+N26PC [30] (03140009)+N879PC [4]
[24] (CC11-00426)+N259FX [5] (CC11-00427)+N261FX [9] Rans S-21LS Outbound:  (04180002)+N615RD [29]
Cuby Sport Trainer:  (GWA466)+N8104V restored canx 19Apr18 [11] Reed Champion V:  (273)–N168ER owners request ? [3]
Dova Aircraft DV-1 Skylark:  (07/05)+N117SK restored canx 12Mar18 Robinson Sidewinder:  (RSW87)+N99GJ restored canx 10Jan18 [11]
[31] Rocky Mountain Ridge Runner III:  (042005112)–N829DT [17]
Earthsta Odyssey:  (001)–N415AF [25] Roloff Breezy:  (DW001)+N32DW restored; canx 02Mar18 [3]
Europa XS:  (A173)+N146TY ex C-GGHY [25] Rutan Long-ez:  (62RA)+N7FC restored; canx 09Jan18 [25]
Evektor Sportstar:  (20070812)+N812EV restored; canx 30Mar18 [2] (934)–N7169L owners request? [23]
Fitts Cub:  (100)+N8576F [30] Rutan Vari Eze:  (JLS-2)+N36JS restored; canx 01Mar18 [25]
Flight Design CTLS:  (F-18-03-01)+N727MJ [17] (F-18-03-02)+N521JW Seawind 3000:  (97)+N6007 restored; canx 14Mar18 now rp! [11]
[17] Sky Raider Super Skyraider:  (SSR 02412)+N99AB [1]
Flightstar II:  (34412)+N56877 restored; canx 20Aug18 now rp! [2] Slip Stream Genesis:  (040)+N2480J restored; canx 07Aug18 [11]
Flightstar IISC:  (365)+N218PR restored; canx 07Aug13 [25] Sonex:  (251)+N248SK [15] (0396)+N395DB restored; canx 23Mar18
Fusco Barracuda:  (001)+N514TF [12]
[30] (1284)+N154MK restored canx 03May18 [31]
Glasair I:  (7) N70GG to N852XA [16] then N70GG resd for Lancair
Sonex Onex:  (0052)+N2361X [23] (ONX0129)+N686EE [4]
(ONX0203)+N51NX [26]
Glasair SH-2:  (329)+N98HC restored canx 16Jan18 [30]
Sonex Waiex:  (0147)+N123LB [17]
Glasair Sportsman GS-2:  (7474)+N638PT [25]
Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar Kit:  (5160)+N2623B restored; canx
Glastar MAX-4:  (5374)–N98MX to G-CKZX [17]
12Jan18 [24]
Glastar Sportsman:  (7246)–N695NZ to ZK-… [30]
Stolp Starduster Too SA300:  (30)–N112LR owners request ? [24]
Glastar Sportsman GS-2:  (7478)+N218ST [5]
TEAM Mini-Max:  (504)+N27KL restored; canx 02Mar18 [29]
Grega GN-1 Aircamper:  (1883)+N2042J restored; canx 19Apr18 [5]
Tecnam Astore:  (066)+N674CM [26]
Hall Oryx:  (SAH-10)+N9214N restored; canx 07Mar18 [5]
Tecnam P2002 Sierra:  (266)+N146TP restored; canx 21Mar18 [29]
Harmon Rocket II:  (30)+N540HB restored; canx 27Oct14 [27]
Tecnam P2008:  (130)–N130TU (130)+N444LE [25] (149)+N545AP [17]
ICON A5:  (00038)–N254BA to A6-… [16] (00044) N516BA to N84GJ
(150)+N67DA [26] (151)+N876DA [26]
[15] (00063)+N411BA [16] (00064)+N452BA [9] (00065)+N464BA
[9] (00066)+N413BA [9] (00067)+N453BA [9] (00068)+N465BA [9] Tohikian Sparrow T3:  (01)+N101EA [3]
(00069)+N418BA [24] (00070)+N459BA [24] (00071)+N436BA [24] Tri-R Tech TR-4:  (4044)+N247BR [11]
(00072)+N461BA [24] (00073)+N156BA [24] (00074)+N183BA [24] Van’s RV-4:  (899)+N214NY restored; canx 18Apr18 [26]
(00075)+N214BA [24] (00076)+N159BA [24] (1917)–N712WY to C-…. [11]
Indus Aviation T-211 Thorpedo:  (024S)+N211BK restored; canx Van’s RV-6:  (20678)+N826DC [31]
12Jly18 [15] Van’s RV-6A:  (20530)+N895DS restored; canx 07Aug18 [15]
Interplane Skyboy:  (063/2002)+N2411T restored; canx 30May18 [15] (20900)+N900KH restored canx 05May15 now rp! [2]
Ispn Eros:  (JDT-264)+N669TC restored; canx 10Aug18 [29] Van’s RV-7:  (73002)+N618SW [17]
J & J Tukan:  (7001)+N43TG restored; canx 24Oct17 [2] Van’s RV-7A:  (73760)+N307CG [9] (74536)+N553RV [31]
Johnson Biplane:  (001)+N5624U [2] Van’s RV-8:  (80415) N814DC to N184RK [5] (81915) N678SR to
Just Aircraft Escapade:  (JAESC0116)–N45DC w/o 06Mar18 Palatka FL N448MM [5] (82222)+N767SG restored; canx 18Apr18 [10]
impacted house roof/trees [27] (82351)+N762BM [29] (82497)+N803DR [11] (83468)+N747S [16]
Kitfox:  (KA0816119)+N8561M [15] (83525)+N692JB [11] (83635)+N922RP [31] (83642)+N977DA [10]
Kitfox II:  (130)+N130VM restored canx 20Mar18 [3] Van’s RV-9A:  (90965)–N379RV w/o 24Aug16 Sebring FL [23]
Kitfox Light Sport:  (KA18053362)+N740RR [1] (92243)+N713EG [16]
Kitfox Model 3:  (815)+N815US [9] Van’s RV-10:  (41342)+N112JV [31] (41769)+N44SR [2]
Kitfox Speedster IV:  (E33AD)+N8579B [31] Van’s RV-12iS:  (12077)+N983PB [31]
Kitfox S-7 Super Sport:  (KA17235352)+N344V [31] Van’s RV-14:  (140386)+N964JL [9]
Lancair 235:  (235-181-173)+N290RL [11] Van’s RV-14A:  (140343)+N83RV [30] (140423)+N825MS [19]
Lancair E S:  (007)+N888L restored canx 07Mar18 [27] Van’s Seven:  (72676)+N742SR [30]
Lancair Legacy:  (L2K-141) N80GG to N985GG [16] then N80GG resd VAR 912PT:  (420)+N912PT restored; canx 04Apr18 [25]
for Glasair Vasey 75 P51D:  (7551-1)+N51BV restored canx 19Apr18 [15]
Massman DM Champ:  (2018001)+N433DM [2] Wittman 10:  (03-1230)+N1126G [18]
Mccan Velox VX35:  (DHM004)+N123VS [5] Wolf W-II Boredomfighter:  (238)+N6009C restored; canx 14Nov12
Miller C:  (951)+N951ST restored canx 24Apr18 [22] [27]
Mitchell Wing U2:  (18001)+N131AC [26] Zenith CH601-HDS:  (63504)–N601KL [16]
Monnett Sonerai:  (EJ02)+N8050R restored; canx 16Aug18 [2] Zenith CH650:  (65-10646)+N626KP [9]
MX Aircraft MX2:  (11)+N88MX [3] Zenith CH701:  (7-6120)–N73EX to ZK-… [24] (7-10529)+N701WJ [31]
North Wing Sport X2:  (E7010)+N374UN restored canx 14Aug18 [23] Zenith STOL CH 750:  (75-7426)+N279GS [4] (75-8368)+N579SA [5]
P & M Aviation Pegasus Quik:  (8248)+N719PM restored; canx (75-8397) N750XS to N81CZ [25]
06Mar18 [2] Zenith CH 801:  (8-4601)+N8840B restored; canx 18Aug18 [25]

Twin Homebuilt
Lockwood Air Cam:  (AC 031)+N2322X restored; canx 07Jun01 to
XB-AUW [23] (AC250)+N99ZK [11] Single
Albritton RKM1:  (101)+N190SE [31]
Carbon Concept Cub:  (C3001)+N6856C [12]
Composite FX Mosquito XET:  (001)+N334HY [15]
Cub Crafter CCK-1865:  (CCK-1865-1039)+N809RB [1]
Eagle R&D Dominator:  (01-STX)+N409TX [23]
Earthstar Odyssey:  (801)+N6921T [26]
Gomez AG-162:  (001) N162AG to N162FU [2]
Pipistrel Virus SW:  (906 SWN 100)+N193JH [30]
Miller Super Bee:  (001)+N12349 [3]
Quicksilver MXL II Sport:  (4812422019)+N888BX [31]
Rotorway Exec 162F:  (6954)+N813CM restored; canx 24Jly18 [5]
Rans S-7S:  (0507462)+N1239W to be restored; canx 09Aug18 [31]
Silverlight AR-1:  (0033)+N108YG [2]
Rans S-19:  (051500127)+N119BW [24]
TangoGyro Tango 2:  (000015)+N857TV [16] (000016)+N858AW [31]
Slipstream PA-18 Exp Super Cub:  (001)+N30TT [3]
(000017)+N857UV [16] (000018)+N857VV [16]
Van’s RV-7:  (70676)+N174MG [2]
Powered Parachute Van’s RV-8:  (83260)+N619EH [1] (83289)+N1249W [16]
Buckeye Dream Machine:  (3845)+N37PT restored canx 07Feb18 [10] Van’s RV-9A:  (91838)+N924SJ [11] (92078)+N1179C [24]
(4760)+N2418F restored; canx 10Aug18 [25] Van’s RV-12:  (120998)+N1975C [24]
Jensen Powered Parachute:  (1)+N4279 [1] WAG Aero Sport Trainer:  (3839)+N103PP ex C-GYVL [12]
Six Chuter SR7 XL:  (981891SR7XL)+N3158U [1] Zenith CH 701:  (7-4797)+N108XX to be restored; canx 09Jan18 [23]
Soaring Concepts Sky Trek:  (2005044)+N25149 restored; canx
07Feb18 [23]
Autogysro MTO Sport:  (MO1603)+N808GH [10]
Hybrid Lift CHR Baby Belle:  (B41699)+N2799T to be restored; canx 24Apr18 [25]
Opener Blackfly V3:  (SN100-2577)+N620BS [29] (SN100- Composite FX Mosquito XE285:  (MXE133F18B)+N857CS [5]
2678)+N8575P [29] (SN100-2796)+N8574B [26] Modified Gyrobee:  (111041)+N288DD to be restored; canx 13Mar18
Rotorway A600 Talon:  (8148)+N423PP [22]
RESERVATIONS Powered Parachute
Powrachute Pegasus:  (A195PEG)+N6597J to be restored; canx
22Aug13 [9]
Aeronca 7BCM:  (7BCM-51)+N2847D to be restored; canx 13Sep18
American Champion 7GCAA:  (401-97)+N441AC to be restored; canx
23Mar18 [4]
Champion 7GCBC:  (71)+N5114T to be restored; canx 27Mar18 [31]
Bellanca 8KCAB:  (317-77)+N1183E to be restored; canx 28Aug18 [31]
N-Number to N-Number reservations to 31st October 2018 are:
Beech E-55 Baron:  (TE-1178)+N142P to be restored; canx 13Mar18
[17] Resd Current c/n Type
Beech F33A Baron:  (CE-638)+N1597L to be restored; canx 12Jly18 N296JT N355A XW317 BAC P84 Jet Provost MK.5A [17]
[27] N413KG N258HA TJ-362 Beech 58P [24]
Beech E18S:  (BA-117)+N42D to be restored; canx 08Jun18 [31] N107LU N6036T E-1847 Beech A36 [03]
Bell 205A-1:  (30025)+N468BP resd 29Mar12 canx 11Oct12 ntu ex 231 N68MP N27544 E-2320 Beech A36 [02]
Singapore AF [4] N77AC N8250G E-2675 Beech A36 [17]
Bell 206L-1:  (45769)+N902EH to be restored; canx 16Mar18 [24] N924KG N69DG E1507 Beech A36 [05]
Bell 206L-4:  (52495)+N165AE ex C-FURS [11] (52496)+N166AE ex N82SP N5674D DH-174 Beech D50A [12]
C-FVGT [11] N156AS N1994L MB-805 Beech B19 [17]
Bell 429:  (57359)+N3251R [23] N356DL N7926L MA-113 Beech A23-24 [27]
Bell 505:  (65163)+N857ZY [23] (65176)+N8578W [31] N959BH N643NH 6413808 Bell UH-1H [05]
Cameron O-105:  (6878)+N224HJ [29] N202SU N202MH 52057 Bell 206-L4 [25]
Cameron A-315:  (6803)+N6951K to be restored; canx 03May18 [15] N286MR N1417 53087 Bell 407 [12]
Cessna 140:  (11504)+N77050 to be restored; canx 06Feb18 [29] N793SF N407UH 53345 Bell 407 [29]
Cessna 150F:  (15064254)+N8154F to be restored; canx 13May13 [30] N625PA N390BH 54390 Bell 407 [23]
Cessna 172H:  (17256097)+N2897L to be restored; canx 30May18 [9] N107AE N842TH 54752 Bell 407 [17]
Cessna 172I:  (17256816)+N35528 to be restored; canx 15Feb18 [30] N377AF N277DF 37030 Bell 412EP [17]
Cessna R172K:  (R1723055)+N758FF to be restored; canx 20Feb18 N1088Y N855KH 65139 Bell 505 [24]
[17] N152SL N89432 15282742 Cessna 152 [17]
Cessna 310:  (35228)+N3028D to be restored; canx 31May18 [17] N1967U N79032 17257827 Cessna 172K [05]
de Havilland Vampire:  (IB-1686)+N174LA to be restored; canx N211PT N20117 17261023 Cessna 172M [25]
08Jly13 [17] N169HC N13354 17262693 Cessna 172M [25]
Aerospatiale SA 318C:  (2143)+N618BA ex I-SWSA [25] N712PW N734XJ 17269194 Cessna 172N [01]
Eurocopter EC 130 B4:  (4017)+N130LH ex TG-RYE [27] N99TC N4897V 172RG0412 Cessna 172RG [11]
Airbus EC 130 T2:  (8593)+N19NL [31] N126HF N539FA 172S9053 Cessna 172S [10]
Maule M-4-220C:  (2130C)+N40352 to be restored; canx 07Feb18 [16] N157KC N2BH 172S11037 Cessna 172S [02]
Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm GMB BO 105 CBS-4:  (S-801)+N66RL ex N911ZS N7901N R172-0292 Cessna T41C [24]
ZK-IBO [29] N177WM N34802 17702011 Cessna 177B [02]
Mooney M20F:  (670066)+N3529X to be restored; canx 28Nov17 rev N707CG N177XY 177RG1310 Cessna 177RG [05]
13Oct14 [10] N186RW N828ML 18052624 Cessna 180J [02]
Piper PA-22-135 Tripacer:  (22-1831)+N3557A to be restored; canx N184JP N151S 18052889 Cessna 180K [12]
26Jun18 [25] N1DZ N9342X 18253742 Cessna 182E [03]
PA-22-160 Tripacer:  (22-6988)+N3034Z to be restored; canx 19Oct12 N79EM N2939Y 18253939 Cessna 182E [25]
[24] N24RH N9277G 18260817 Cessna 182N [18]
PA-25 Pawnee:  (25-485)+N6368Z to be restored; canx 02Aug18 [15] N334DG N52630 18262727 Cessna 182P [15]
Reims F406:  (F4060043)+N406WT ex VH-ZKY [25] N707LS N820KE 18281884 Cessna 182T [10]
Schweizer SGU 2-22E:  (204)+N5835V ex C-FPFD to be restored [31] N182MV N22119 18281917 Cessna 182T [26]
Taylorcraft BC12-D:  (8779)+N96479 to be restored; canx 24Nov14 N877MJ N454VB 18283048 Textron 182T [23]
[26] N822HW N65286 T20608475 Cessna T206H [25]

N427CA N98929 310R0653 Cessna 310R [16] 29 S N397JA C0212 Diamond DA20-C1 Sebring FL
N229DA N227FC 2341 Cirrus SR20 [27] 29 U N894NA 2904 Eurocopter 350 B2 Ruidoso NM
N224DJ N812DW 0124 Cirrus SR22 [16] 28 U N907PL 8471 Airbus AS350B3 Lituya Bay AK
N747SD N587SR 2245 Cirrus SR22 [30] 30 S N9471H 813 Howard DGA-15P Kernville CA
N812MT N717GU 1058 Cirrus SR22T [29] 29 S N40825 28-7425174 Piper PA-28-140 Cheney WA
N118AL N579DV 1476 Cirrus SR22T [03] 30 S N400JW 28-7405276 Piper PA-28-180 Van Nuys CA
N24365 N927MA 1764 Cirrus SR22T [27] 29 S N3907T 28R-30241 Piper PA-28R-180 Sebring FL
N552SM N99285 1908 Ercoupe 415-C [05] 28 U N299MG 2844181 Piper PA-28R-201 Eastman GA
N116JK N3651H 4276 Ercoupe 415-C [16] 28 U N4592X 32-7640039 Piper PA-32-300 Bartow FL
N307HS N473AS 3353 Airbus AS350B3 [15] 28 U N110RV 34-8133196 Piper PA-34-220T Lawton OK
N63FS N350EW 3578 Airbus AS 350B3 [22] 30 U N440SH 10784 Robinson R44 II Westiminster MD
N7940K N730TX 7895 Airbus EC 130 T2 [15] 23 U N455S 26183 Schleicher ASH 26 E Warner Spgs CA
N337PH N343RH 0456 Eurocopter EC 135 P2+ [01] 30 U N8599K 108-1599 Stinson 108-1 Mayo FL
N577MT N435AH 1249 Airbus EC135 P3 [02]
N563AC N412SG 2825 Eurocopter EC 225 LP [04] October
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown
N46UH N460AH 9800 Airbus MBB-BK 117 C-2E [02]
N88VA N80878 281 Globe GC-1B [02] 05 U N36268 963-73 Bellanca 7ECA Cleveland TX
N912PG N60696 LN113 MD Helicopters 500N [01] 04 U N9855B 7FC-349 Aeronca 7FC Myakka City FL
N730MW N190BM 4092C Maule M-7-235 [19] 24 U N199DM 2849 Aerovodochody L-29 Wilmington DE
N150M N9125 205 New Standard D-25A [02] 08 U N1500E 402-0820 Air Tractor AT-402 Crowley LA
N87AF N5474H 18-66 Piper PA-18 [11] 12 D N6135P 502B-0286
Air Tractor AT-502B Placedo TX
N118DK N45761 18-7540 Piper PA-18 [17] 02 U N20179 XT912-113
Airb Edge XT 912-B Frankston TX
N48HA N5FY 22-975 Piper PA-22 [25] 07 S N225JB 63017 Airdr Sopwith Camel Bolivar MO
N503ET N9015W 28-10598 Piper PA-28-235 [18] 09 U N126BB 6046 Aviat S-2C Hampton GA
N987EG N15143 28R-7335027 Piper PA-28R-200 [16] 31 S N5YB TC-952 Beech 95-B55 Gainsville FL
N20TG N214JL 31-7852025 Piper PA-31-350 [26] 06 S N5602K TC-598 Beech 95-B55 Prairie Du Sac WI
N10JK N22028 32R-7887242 Piper PA-32RT-300T [04] 05 U N6674Y TE-1168 Beech E-55 San Antonio TX
N30BE N353ST 4636730 Piper PA-46-350P [18] 18 U N65MH TH-2050 Raytheon 58 Charlotte NC
N398WF N734FG 4636734 Piper PA-46-350P [15] 13 U N9469Q CE-369 Beech F33A Reidsville GA
N626AR N31EP 4697415 Piper PA-46-500TP [12] 24 U N8319D D-5452 Beech J35 State College PA
N36GG N26SM 483-H Pitts Special S-1S [01] 23 U N9756R D-6251 Beech M35 Arcadia FL
N969ER N969FR 4719 Robinson R22 [02] 01 D N7997M D-8277 Beech V35 La Verne CA
N804NV N106TC 1065 Robinson R44 [18] 28 U N5624S D-8168 Beech V35 Murfreesboro TN
N692BA N1UB 11980 Robinson R44 II [29] 01 U N1598T EA-263 Beech A36TC Santa Rosa CA
N2143 N786H 6010 Stearman 6C [02] 06 U N56949 752793 Boeing A75N1(PT17) New Orleans LA
N763LG N13P 460 Thorp T-18 [05] 23 U N5SS 75-7590 Boeing A75N1(PT17) Louisville KY
13 S N1881N 12125 Cessna 120 Hudson CO
N32VM N989MM M00961 Autogyro MTO SPORT [01] 15 S N76154 10551 Cessna 140 Denver CO
N321C N999KL CC11-00407 Cubcrafters CC11-160 [25] 21 U N2547J 15061047 Cessna 150E Roanoke TX
N844FC N452TA CCX-2000-0026 Cubcrafters CCX-2000 [15] 01 U N94658 15285754 Cessna 152 Belmar NJ
N80GG N852XA 7 Glasair I [16] 05 U N78239 17257540 Cessna 172K Stockton CA
N535PM N553P 063 Higher Class Sport Hornet [11] 14 D N996SB 17258251 Cessna 172K Lawrenceville GA
N70GG N985GG L2K-141 Lancair Legacy [16] 04 U N80788 17266748 Cessna 172M Harrisburg PA
N242L N288RM L2K-219 Lancair Legacy [02] 30 U N100M 17265590 Cessna 172M Mayo FL
N4075N N527JT 129 Mustang II [02] 07 U N6175G 17273574 Cessna 172N Clarksburg WV
N57EG N711JN 1DK215 Progressive Searey [15] 27 U N3080E 17271433 Cessna 172N San Antonio TX
N728DK N219TJ 120800057 Rans S-19 [17] 22 U N109TJ 17280985 Cessna 172R Atlanta GA
N3451W N127VE 360 Sheets GP-4 [15] 29 S N822KS 17280545 Cessna 172R Salina KS
N135T N178TR 078 TEAM F-1 Rocket [01] 18 S N924MM 172S11056
Cessna 172S Lynchburg VA
N123Y N278RA 40278 Van’s RV-10 [18] 04 U N52881 177RG1298
Cessna 177RG Albemarle NC
N2DL N2D 80583 Van’s RV-8A [16] 03 U N180BG 31372 Cessna 180 Hailey ID
N189RV N7631A 90492 Van’s RV-9A [02] 30 S N6414X 18050914 Cessna 180D Cottonwood CA
14 U N4741S R18201408
Cessna TR182 Vancouver WA
30 U N6382S R18201668
Cessna TR182 Washington DC
ACCIDENTS 27 S N3267S 18255767 Cessna 182G Burns OR
17 S N9398G 18260938 Cessna 182P Auburn AL
28 S N20BK 18266347 Cessna 182Q Elba AL
A number failed to appear before the cut off date. 07 U N5271F T18208983
Cessna T182T Williston FL
08 U N685JM 18801992 Cessna 188B Rolla MO
June 11 S N6492H 20700544 Cessna 207A Anchorage AL
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown 01 D N8388Z 205-0388 Cessna 210-5 Yecora Sonora
21 U N9496D 18-6748 Piper PA-18A 150 Llano TX Mexico
05 U N8495Z 2050495 Cessna 210-5A Wagoner OK
August 27 S N6834R T210-0234 Cessna T210G Santa Paula CA
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown 23 U N1000F 21060523 Cessna T210L Perry GA
31 S N8172N 28-8090261 Piper PA-28-181 Portervillew CA 20 U N4500K P21000201 Cessna P210N Nucla CO
14 D N433CS T24002033 Cessna T240 Payson AZ
September 21 S N7666Q 310Q0445 Cessna 310Q Brooksville FL
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown 05 S N553CM 310R0169 Cessna 310R Marathon TX
30 S N4001F 36901 Cessna 172 Somerset PA 02 U N89AM 340-0545 Cessna 340 Keokuk IA
28 U N20015 17260931 Cessna 172M Nightmute AK 25 U N450K 411052 Cessna LC41-550FG Long Beach CA
30 U N13SK 17271183 Cessna 172N Ft Lauderdale FL 23 U N143SB 2219 Cirrus SR20 Philadelphia PA
30 S N46321 177RG1129 Cessna 177RG La Verne CA 23 S N782JR 2337 Cirrus SR20 Greenville SC
27 S N2571G 51871 Cessna 182B Anchorage AK 30 F N818GM 0256 Cirrus SR22 Farmers
30 S N732MV 21061628 Cessna T210M Silver City ID Branch TX

12 D N729TG 1347 Cirrus SR22T Midland TX 07 U N912R D00912SOHK0382
28 U N653DC C0153 Diamond DA20-C1 Mountain Rest SC Titan Tornado 912 Erie PA
27 S N537MA 40.463 Diamond DA 40 Marana AZ 27 U N154DF M10SV6S0HK0154
10 S 89266 216 Enstrom F-28A Marina CA Titan T-51 Valkaria FL
07 S N5691Y 479-2 Enstrom F-28C Bridgeville DE 09 S N451JP 23435 Van’s RV-6A Cape
30 D N910S 7446 Eurocopter AS350B3 Odanah WI Girardeau MO
30 F N372CA 5028 Aerospatial AS355F2 Beekmantown NY 13 U N64BZ 60131 Van’s RV-6A Cedar City UT
03 U N1626N 406 Funk B85C Hot Springs AR 13 D N804RL 83272 Van’s RV-8 Culpepper VA
12 S N81383 AA5B0522 Gr American AA-5B Refugio TX 22 U N105JT 6-5291 Zenith 601 XL Junction City KS
06 U N10555 23055C Maule M-7-235B Medford OR 24 U N368S 8711 Zenith STOL CH750 Winfield IA
23 U N9667M 670003 Mooney M20C Woodbine NJ
02 U N9154N 27-0221 Mooney M20M Paynesville MN
05 S N969TR NAV-4-342 N American Navion A Stonewall MS EXPIRED – Cancelled by FAA
23 S N7969C 43974 N American SNJ-5 Van Nuys CA
11 U N272NA 50-272 N American T-28A Rochelle IL
07 D N38811 7288 Piper J3C-65 Hillside VA sr: “Sale Reported” with date
13 S N6048H 19194 Piper J3C-65 Camas WA rp: “Registration Pending” with date
07 U N49WV 16-723 Piper PA-16 New rev: revoked (with date where known)
Cumberland WV exp plus date: date (owner’ship) certificate expired
14 S N6690D 18-3848 Piper PA-18-135 Honesdale PA last+year: probably 6 years plus AFTER last communication
27 U N4500W 18-8009019 Piper PA-18-150 Denver CO back: cancellation backdated to (date)
20 S N5581Z 22-9383 Piper PA-22-108 Brownstown IN dereg: deregistered
05 U N5520P 24-583 Piper PA-24-180 Ottawa OH
03 U N8371P 24-3629 Piper PA-24-180 Smithville TN Adams Balloon A55S:  (56C200)–N6000S exp 31May18 [23]
29 U N5549P 24-613 Piper PA-24-250 Brunswick GA Aeronca 7AC:  (7AC-4692)–N1136E exp 30Apr18 [22] (7EC49)–N4692E
18 S N6263P 24-1371 Piper PA-24-250 Madras OR exp dereg 17Nov71 became CF-GAP/C-FGAP [27]
21 U N8100P 24-3349 Piper PA-24-250 Winder GA Champion 7EC:  (7EC-407)–N4381C exp deregistered and back
05 U N8220P 24-3473 Piper PA-24-250 Winder GA 29Dec70 [12]
18 S N3631K 28-23661 Piper PA-28-140 Plant City FL Champion 7ECA:  (406)–N9541S exp 31May18 w/o 13Aug16 Chugiak
21 U N9936W 28-23480 Piper PA-28-140 Gulf Shores AL AK [23]
26 S N5575U 28-26304 Piper PA-28-140 Denver CO Champion 7FC:  (7FC-261)–N7568E exp 31May18 [23]
26 U N15888 28-7325189 Piper PA-28-140 Miami FL Champion 7KC:  (7KC-3)–N9878Y exp 31May18 [17]
18 S N41390 28-7415198 Piper PA-28-151 Hastings MO Champion 7KCAB:  (261-71)–N9104L exp 31May18 [23]
19 U N2846A 28-7916472 Piper PA-28-161 Pinehurst TX Aeronca 11AC:  (11AC-1302)–N9659E exp 31May18 [23]
20 U N8275V 28-8316001 Piper PA-28-161 East Moriches NY Aeronca 15AC:  (15AC-372)–N1332H exp 31May18 [22]
28 U N8132X 28-8016162 Piper PA-28-161 Simsbury CT Bellanca 17-30:  (30086)–N4721V exp sr 05Dec17 address Brno
13 U N180QT 28-3891 Piper PA-28-180 Cartersville GA Czechia [27]
Bellanca 17-30A:  (73-30583)–N944EM exp 31May18 [23]
23 U N3524Q 28-7790462 Piper PA-28-181 Ft Lauderdale FL
(74-30713)–N74TR exp 31May18 [23] (87-30998)–N6316V exp
09 U N1490X 28-7510095 Piper PA-28-235 Salt Lake City UT
31May18 [23]
28 S N6899C 28R-7837176 Piper PA-28R-201 Hobbs NM
Bellanca 17-31A:  (74-32-135)–N93715 exp 31May18 acc 24Mar15
31 U N30905 28R-7837231 Piper PA-28R-201 Saluda SC
Siler City NC [23]
11 U N9674C 28R-7803272 Piper PA-28R-201T Cascade ID
Bellanca 17-31ATC:  (31029)–N1288R exp 31May18 [22]
29 U N54WB 31-8112001 Piper PA-31 Searcy AR
Aeronca 65-LA:  (L3479)–N22349 exp 31May18 [23]
12 U N221MC 32R-7885032 Piper PA-32RT-300 Poolville TX
Aeronca K:  (K-244)–N19723 exp 31May18 [23]
22 U N2920Q 32R-7780266 Piper PA-32R-300 Indianapolis IN
Aeronca LC:  (2028)–N16287 exp 31May18 [23]
27 U N4371V 32-8406018 Piper PA-32-301 Boca Raton FL
Aeromere F.8L Falco:  (216)–N304SF exp 31May18 [23]
13 U N593MS 34-7870391 Piper PA-34-200T Westhampton
Agusta A109:  (7131)–N21RX exp 31May18 [23]
Bch NY
Air Tractor AT-301:  (301-0304)–N3656C exp sr 05Dec17 [27]
21 S N413LL 4636413 Piper PA 46-350P Hurricane UT Air Tractor AT-502B:  (502B-0418)–N397DB exp 31May18 [23]
22 U N8350M 2665 Robinson R22 Beta River Forest IL Alon A2:  (A-87)–N989T exp 31May18 [23]
17 S N923SH 3864 Robinson R22 Beta Fulton MO Aviat A-1C-180:  (3005)–N377MA exp 31May18 w/o 28Oct16
23 S N4132H 2403 Robinson R44 Kaneohe HI Clarksville TX [23]
07 S N611TH 12344 Robinson R44 II Salinas CA Thrush S2R-T660:  (T660-113)–N40499 exp 31May18 w/o 19Aug16
29 U N234HM B2B-K068 Advanced Buccaneer Camp Lake WI Ruthton MN [23]
06 U N642AM 20-0053 Acft&Dev CH 2000 Topeka KS Balloon Works Firefly 7:  (F7-275)–N74178 exp 31May18 [23]
30 U N198LT V00299 Autogyro Cavalon Sebring FL Firefly Balloons Firefly 10:  (F10-2007)–N1623L exp 31May18 acc
13 U N3HH 1066D Avid Flyer Melbourne Bch FL 09Nov13 Temecula CA [23]
19 U N107KW 01 Bowers Flybaby Milton FL Beagle B.206 Series 2:  (059)–N15JP exp 31May18 was with Southern
21 S N401WY CCX-1865-0004 Museum of Flight [22]
Cubcrafters CCX-1865 Carson City NV
27 U N505YR 2040 Glasair IIS-FT Laramie WY BEECH
24 U N4PY 3046 Glasair III South Haven MI
15 U N245AP 132-B Hummel-UltraCruiser Zephyrhills FL 95-55:  (TC-177)–N912DF exp 30Jun18 [29]
16 U N207Y 149 Jabiru 250 Daytona Beach FL 95-B55:  (TC-623)–N137BT exp sr 16Aug18 acc 30Mar18 Bedford IN
12 U N488VG JA214-08-10 Just Acft Highlander Monroe WA gear up landing [26] (TC-778)–N175V exp 31May18 [22]
20 U N530P LIV-530 Lancair IV-P New Smyrna (TC-1313)–N42TL exp 31May18 [23] (TC-2102)–N22605 exp
Bch FL 31May18 [23]
31 S N233RD 05090069LS Rans S-19LS Burlington IA 35-B33:  (CD-692)–N8918M exp 31May18 [23]
27 S N162RF 6965 Rotorway 162F Passaic MO A35:  (D-1810)–N798B exp 31May18 [23]
12 U N46SW 003 Seawind Philadelphia PA C35:  (D-3153)–N1881D exp rp 06Jun17 [27] (D-3350)–N5998C exp
24 S N8053Q 239 Sorrell SNS-7 Middletown OH 31May18 [23] (D-3382)–N7SW exp 31May18 [23]
12 U N503CM 1 Stolp SA300 Holly Springs MS E35:  (D-3883)–N7389B exp 31May18 [23]
09 U N772TJ 3 Teal Skytrax Cortez CO F35:  (D-4221)–N4247B exp 31May18 [23]

M35:  (D-6267)–N4EL exp 30Apr18 [12] 172C:  (17249229)–N1529Y exp sr 04Jan18 Wentworths [27]
P35:  (D-7139)–N1722T exp sr 14Nov17 [1] 172G:  (17253681)–N6012R exp 31May18 [23] (17253871)–N3702L
S35:  (D-7557)–N5771K exp 31May18 [23] (D-7814)–N6040F exp exp 31May18 [23] (17254473)–N4392L exp 30Jun18 address
31May18 [23] Belgium [26] (17254566)–N4471L exp 31May18 [23]
A36:  (E-3059)–N1098F exp 31May18 w/o 30Aug07 Cameron Park CA 172H:  (17255056)–N1661F exp 31May18 [23]
to Bonanza Parts Inc [22] (E-3536)–N17WN exp 31May18 [23] 172L:  (17259347)–N7647G exp canx 29Jan18 resd 05Mar18 but not
A60:  (P-162)–N7620D exp 31May18 [23] regd [27]
A45:  (G-306)–N999SC exp 31May18 [23] 172M:  (17263959)–N38CK exp 31May18 [23] (17264957)–N64009
T-34B:  (BG374)–N34JW exp 31May18 [23] exp sr 20Jun18 Atlanta Air Salvage [29] (17266358)–N4574V exp
23:  (M-166)–N2335L exp sr 14Nov17 South GA Tech instr? [1] 31May18 [23]
(M-425)–N2346Q exp 31May18 [16] 172N:  (17269555)–N4334L exp 31May18 [23] (17270483)–N739EK
A23:  (M-756)–N3573R exp 30Jun18 acc 18Dec12 Grand Isle NE [27] exp 31May18 [23] (17271163)–N2124E exp 31May18 acc 03Apr16
B19:  (MB-872)–N18925 exp sr 14Nov17 to Wentworths acc 08May17 Orangeburg SC [23] (17273885)–N6532J exp 31May18 [23]
Weatherford TX [1] 172P:  (17274222)–N50826 exp 30Apr18 [24]
A23-24:  (MA-204)–N4858 exp 31May18 [23] 175:  (55514)–N7214M exp 30Apr18 [9] (55913)–N103DL exp 30Apr18
B24R:  (MC-211)–N527V exp sr 27Nov17 to Wentworths acc 25Mar16 [1] (56156)–N6656E expired 31May18 [4]
LaPorte TX [22] 175A:  (56739)–N8039T exp 31May18 [23]
E17B:  (151)–N48401 exp 31May18 [23] (233)–N233EB exp 31May18 177RG:  (177RG0431)–N2031Q expired dealer 09Apr13 gear up
[23] landing 17Apr12 Austin TX [1]
Bell 47G-3B-1:  (3756)–N62462 exp 31May18 [23] 180:  (30722)–N2422C exp 31May18 [23] (31308)–N9209C exp
Bell 206B:  (2467)–N291SH exp 31May18 acc 19Jly14 Salinas CA [23] 31May18 [23]
Bell 206B-III:  (2871)–N206BY exp 31May18 acc 01Mar11 Tooele UT 182A:  (34077)–N6077B exp sr 14Nov17 acc 24Nov16 Safford AZ [1]
[23] (34933)–N4833D exp 31May18 [23]
Bensen B-8M:  (1)–N2438 exp 31May18 owner since 1969 [23] 182C:  (52543)–N8643T exp 31May18 [23]
(1)–N37282 exp revoked 21Jun76 [1] 182D:  (18253411)–N9011X exp 30Jun18 - 1977 owner [9]
Boeing A75L3:  (75-1805)–N49700 exp rp 07Jun17 [27] 182J:  (18256784)–N2684F exp 31May18 [15]
Boeing A75N1(PT17):  (75-4477)–N56292 exp 31May18 [23] 182P:  (18263836)–N6788M exp 31May18 [23]
Boeing E75:  (75-5899)–N1767B exp 31May18 [23] 182Q:  (18265339)–N735DJ exp 31May18 [23]
R182:  (R18200376)–N9031C exp 31May18 [23] (R18200576)–N1835R
Cameron V-77:  (5546)–N9535D exp 31May18 [23] exp sr 02Jan18 acc 12Sep17 Worland WY [25]
Canadair T33-MK3:  (295)–N72JR exp 31May18 [23] (21098)–N133CR
T182T:  (T18208870)–N6289Z exp 31May18 w/o 13Aug15 Oroville WA
exp 31May18 [23]
A185E:  (18501819)–N5859J exp 31May18 [23]
A185F:  (18502129)–N70358 exp 31May18 [23] (18502939)–N4356R
exp sr 06Jun18 [12] (18503109)–N80256 exp 31May18 [23]
120:  (12002)–N1758N exp 30Jun18 [25] (8574)–N328AL exp 31May18
A188B:  (18800955)–N21682 exp rp 05Jly17 [30]
(18802359T)–N4840R exp 31May18 [23] (18802768T)–N731BM
140:  (11156)–N76724 exp 31May18 [23] (8489)–N89457 exp
exp 31May18 [23] (18802991T)–N731MB exp 31May18 acc 25Jly15
31May18 [23]
Albertson NC [23]
150:  (17342)–N5842E exp 31May18 acc 26Jun16 Reno NV [23]
P206A:  (P206-0182)–N900GD exp 31May18 [23]
(17481)–N5981E exp 31May18 [23]
U206B:  (U206-0885)–N20614 exp sr 16Nov17 [1]
150D:  (15060297)–N4297U exp 31May18 [23] (15060516)–N4516U
U206F:  (U20602538)–N206CL exp 31May18 acc 22Jly15 Kasilof AK
exp 31May18 [23]
150E:  (15061429)–N4029U exp rp 16May17 [1] [23]
150G:  (15065877)–N3177J exp sr 15Nov17 [1] (15066013)–N3313J 210:  (21057689)–N6689X exp 31May18 [12]
exp 31May18 [23] 210B:  (21057964)–N9664X exp 31May18 acc 08Jly17 Bettles AK [23]
150J:  (15069685)–N50977 exp sr 05Dec17 [27] (15069798)–N51150 T210F:  (T210-0187)–N6787R exp 31May18 [23]
exp sr 05Dec17 [27] 210G:  (21058837)–N5837F exp 31May18 [23]
150K:  (15071492)–N5992G exp 31May18 [23] (15071715)–N6215G 310B:  (35612)–N5412A exp 31May18 [23] (35757)–N310Q exp
exp 31May18 [23] 31May18 [23]
150L:  (15072497)–N743RB exp 31May18 [23] (15073284)–N5384Q 310D:  (39237)–N6937T exp sr 15Nov17 [1]
exp sr 28Nov17 to Wentworths [22] (15073694)–N17258 exp rp 310F:  (310-0065)–N6765X exp 31May18 [23] (310-0152)–N5852X exp
08May17 [9] (15073754)–N18042 exp 31May18 [23] 31May18 [23]
(15074200)–N19151 exp sr 07Dec17 poss instr Ozarka College 336:  (336-0151)–N3851U exp 31May18 [23]
Avn [27] (15074743)–N7952G exp sr 15Nov17 [1] 337E:  (33701233)–N86543 exp 31May18 [23]
(15075141)–N10927 exp 31May18 [22] (15075227)–N11152 exp LC41-550FG:  (411087)–N400BZ exp sr 14Feb18 w/o 18Apr15
sr 01Dec17 to Wentworths [22] (15075658)–N11831 exp 31May18 Titusville FL & dbf [1]
[22] Cirrus SR20:  (1059)–N255JB exp 31May18 [23]
150M:  (15076846)–N45328 exp 31May18 [17] (15077688)–N6408K Cirrus SR22:  (0306)–N299PM exp 31May18 [23] (2084)–N454RK exp
exp 31May18 [23] (15078003)–N8847U exp 31May18 [23] 31May18 acc 31Oct16 Baton Rouge LA [23] (2109)–N541SR exp
(15078180)–N9230U exp 31May18 acc 19Aug16 Littleton MA [23] 31May18 [23] (2444)–N831SR exp 31May18 acc 23Jly17
(15078365)–N9417U exp 31May18 [23] (15078764)–N704PK exp Edgartown MA [23]
31May18 [23]
152:  (15281088)–N48987 exp 31May18 [23] Diamond DA 42:  (42.AC014)–N616SA exp rp 21Jun17 [2]
170:  (18020)–N2512V exp 31May18 [23] (42.AC053)–N213WJ exp 31May18 [23]
170A:  (19875)–N1299D exp 31May18 [22] Enstrom F-28C:  (304)–N503H exp 31May18 [23]
170B:  (26025)–N1881C exp 31May18 [23] (26439)–N2896C exp S.N.I.A.S. AS-350B:  (1675)–N369BD exp 31May18 acc 28Oct16
31May18 [23]
Starbuck WA [23]
172:  (28670)–N6070A exp 31May18 [23] (28681)–N6081A exp
Aerospatiale AS 355F2:  (5438)–N808FX exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] (29276)–N7176A exp 31May18 acc 27Nov15 Manley
EAA Biplane P:  (WF-1)–N3241 exp sr 13Feb18 [1]
Hot Springs AK [23] (29295)–N7195A exp 31May18 [23]
Extra EA 300/L:  (1316)–N330MT exp 31May18 w/o 30Apr16
(36839)–N489D exp 31May18 [23] (46330)–N6230E exp 31May18
Henderson NV [23]
172A:  (46768)–N7168T exp 31May18 [23] Fairchild M-62A-3:  (FT-718)–N770Y exp 31May18 [23]
172B:  (17247888)–N6988X exp rp 06Jun17 [27] Fairchild C-123K:  (54-592)–N9692N exp 31May18 c/n 20041 [23]

Garlick Helicopters OH-58C:  (70-15363)–N8092J exp 31May18 [23] PA-22-108:  (22-8716)–N5085Z exp 31May18 [23] (22-9044)–N5334Z
Globe GC-1B:  (2050)–N78050 exp 31May18 [23] exp 30Jun18 [22]
Great Lakes 2T-1A-2:  (0824)–N4008L exp 31May18 [23] PA-22-135:  (22-2130)–N3315B exp 31May18 [23]
American Avn AA-1A:  (AA1A-0231)–N9431L exp sr 26Dec17 [23] PA-22-150:  (22-2619)–N1839P exp 31May18 [23] (22-2632)–N1890P
American AA-1B:  (AA1B-0042)–N6242L exp 31May18 [23] exp 31May18 [23] (22-4885)–N6956D exp 31May18 [23]
Grumman American AA-5A:  (AA5A0641)–N26679 exp 31May18 [23] (22-6977)–N3023Z exp 31May18 [23]
Grumman G-164A:  (829)–N7951 exp 31May18 acc 15Apr15 Maysville PA-23:  (23-597)–N94M exp 31May18 [23]
OK [23] PA-23-160:  (23-1471)–N3495P exp revoked 21May82 [1]
PA-23-250:  (27-102)–N4593P exp sr 05Dec17 address was in China
Head Balloons AX8-88:  (416)–N20086 exp 31May18 [23]
[27] (27-398)–N29AH exp 31May18 [23] (27-88)–N66HC exp
Schweizer 269C:  (S1773)–N315TV exp 31May18 acc 23Aug15 Mesa AZ
31May18 [23]
PA-24-180:  (24-2833)–N7622P exp 31May18 [23]
Hiller UH-12E:  (1415)–N86664 exp rp 15May17 [1]
PA-24-250:  (24-1276)–N6175P exp 31May18 [23]
Hughes OH-6:  (67-16021)–N3793A exp 31May18 [23]
PA-25-235:  (25-2120)–N6571Z exp 31May18 [23]
(68-17320)–N5185C exp 31May18 [23] (68-17348)–N5186J exp (25-7656013)–N9631P exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] PA-28-140:  (28-20692)–N6601W exp rp 02Jun17 [27]
Hughes OH-6A:  (68-17280)–N6187D exp 31May18 [23] (28-20771)–N6667W exp 31May18 [23] (28-20823)–N6710W exp
(69-16035)–N6187A exp 31May18 [23] (6916057)–N51843 exp 31May18 [23] (28-20866)–N6743W exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] (28-22163)–N7595R exp 31May18 acc -7Sep18 De Pere WI [23]
McDonnell Douglas 600N:  (RN023)–N511VA exp 31May18 [23] (28-22251)–N8374R exp 31May18 owner since 1988 [23]
I.C.A.-Brasov IS-28B2:  (44)–N843 exp sr 29Nov17 [22] (28-22890)–N4474J exp 31May18 owner since 1994 [23]
Interstate S-1B1:  (31)–N47832 exp dereg 17Nov71 [27] (28-24812)–N5997W exp 31May18 [23] (28-26083)–N98168 exp
31May18 [23] (28-26513)–N5713U exp 31May18 [23]
Consolidated Lake LA-4-200:  (1116)–N117RF exp 31May18 [22] (28-7125519)–N101MS exp 31May18 [22] (28-7125601)–N633C
Luscombe 8:  (1038)–N25114 exp deregistered 15Jan71 [1] exp 30Jun18 [3] (28-7325117)–N15619 exp 31May18 [3]
Luscombe 8A:  (1033)–N25110 exp deregistered 03Sep71 [1] (28-7425296)–N41916 exp 31May18 [23]
(1695)–N37034 exp rp 07Jun17 [27] (3217)–N71790 exp 31May18 PA-28-151:  (28-7615288)–N75316 exp 31May18 [23]
[23] (6708)–N2281B exp; dereg and backdated to 15Jun71 [29] (28-7715029)–N4379F exp 31May18 acc 13Sep13 Abingdon VA [23]
Luscombe 8C:  (1113)–N25208 exp deregistered 08Mar71 [22] PA-28-161:  (28-7916098)–N30LV exp 31May18 [23]
Silvaire Luscombe T-8F:  (6596)–N2169B exp 31May18 [23] PA-28-180:  (28-3104)–N9069J exp 31May18 acc 28Jun15 Novato CA
Maule M-4-210C:  (1027C)–N9839M exp 31May18 [23] [23] (28-4301)–N4933L exp sr 27Nov17 [22] (28-4314)–N4945L
Maule M-7-260C:  (30002C)–N4003A exp 31May18 [23] exp 31May18 owner since 1996 [23] (28-5210)–N7764N exp
Maule MX-7-180B:  (22033C)–N32636 exp 31May18 [23] 31May18 [23] (28-7405100)–N41414 exp sr 27Nov17 [22]
(22034C)–N32637 exp 31May18 [23] (22035C)–N32654 exp PA-28-181:  (28-7690249)–N9412K exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] PA-28R-180:  (28R-30229)–N1133J exp 31May18 [22]
Mooney M20B:  (1888)–N74577 exp 31May18 [23] (28R-30754)–N4998J exp 31May18 [23]
Mooney M20C:  (2148)–N6401U exp 31May18 [23] (670091)–N2957L PA-28R-200:  (28R-35103)–N9393N exp sr 14Nov17 [1]
exp 31May18 [23] (690087)–N9303V exp sr 07Dec17 acc 15Jly17 (28R-7335067)–N15535 exp rp 19May17 [12]
Washington Island WI to salvage [27] (700071)–N9438V exp sr PA-28R-201T:  (28R-7703274)–N38776 exp 31May18 [23]
22May17 gear collapse landing 12Sep18 Bullhead CityAZ [12] (28R-7803001)–N47707 exp 31May18 [23]
Mooney M20F:  (22-1228)–N7451V exp 30Jun18 [25] (28R-7803174)–N251BC exp 30Jun18 [25]
(680116)–N3779N exp 31May18 [23] (700027)–N9419V exp rp PA-28RT-201:  (28R-7918072)–N3022U exp 31May18 owner since
25May17 [12] 1992 [23]
Mooney M-20G:  (680063)–N3936N exp 31May18 [23] PA-32-260:  (32-1141)–N7738J exp 31May18 [23] (32-486)–N3591W
Mooney M20J:  (24-0139)–N201EV exp 31May18 [23] exp sr 04Dec17 [27]
(24-0505)–N201XT exp 31May18 [23] (24-1109)–N1016S exp PA-32-300:  (32-7640108)–N6991J exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [24] PA-32R-300:  (32R-7780048)–N6885F exp sr 21Nov17 Arizona Air
Salvage acc 26Jan17 Fort Mohave AZ [12]
North American AT-6D:  (42-85751)–N7214C exp 31May18 [23] PA-32R-301T:  (3257227)–N323PA exp 31May18 w/o 22Dec15 Castro
North American AT-6F:  (F48-1870)–N4708C exp 31May18 [23] Valley CA [23]
North American AT-6G:  (51-14761)–N9739T exp 31May18 [23] PA-32RT-300T:  (32R-7987058)–N3026D exp 31May18 [23]
North American SNJ-5:  (85066)–N2676P exp 31May18 [23] PA-34-200T:  (34-7570069)–N32959 exp sr 13Nov17 [1]
North American Medore T-6D:  (43906)–N9060R exp 31May18 [23] (34-7570297)–N1576X exp 31May18 reg to Dodsons 28May15 [22]
(34-7970196)–N3048Y exp sr 05Dec17 [27]
PIPER PA-38-112:  (38-79A0157)–N2337C exp 31May18 [23]

J3C-65:  (3502)–N24871 exp 31May18 [23] (15658)–N88045 exp Pitts Spec. S1C:  (1DD)–N6DD exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] (17965)–N70942 exp 31May18 [23] Modified Pitts:  (CLR001)–N851RP exp 31May18 [23]
(19029)–N98789 exp 31May18 [23] (19522)–N6342H exp Aerostar Raven S49A:  (S49A-3133)–N9100N exp sr 29Nov17 [22]
31May18 owner 1977 [23] (19613)–N6433H exp 31May18 owner (S49A-3195)–N7079X exp 31May18 [23]
1995 [23] (22253)–N3562K exp 31May18 [23] (23109)–N1577N Aerostar S53A:  (S53A-3044)–N9104P exp 31May18 [23]
exp 30Jun18 [22] Aerostar S-60A:  (S60A-3081)–N344RM exp sr 20Nov17 [12]
J5A:  (5-371)–N32685 exp 31May18 last report 2017 moved Lille- Aerostar S-66A:  (S66A-3054)–N91517 exp 31May18 [23]
Marcq from Wevelgem [23] Reims Cessna F150L:  (1080)–N8232X exp sr 07Dec17 Wentworths
PA-12:  (12-974)–N91083 exp 31May18 owner 1977 [23] [27]
(12-1613)–N2370M exp 31May18 acc 31Jan15 Palmer AK [23] Robinson R22 Beta:  (1618)–N554SA exp 31May18 [23]
(12-3446)–N4018H exp 31May18 acc 17Jun17 Indian Creek AK (3599)–N410MM exp sr 17Sep18 after acc 17Jun18 Sterling City TX
[23] [17]
PA-15:  (15-154)–N4369H exp 31May18 [23] Robinson R22 Mariner:  (1089M)–N1089N exp 31May18 [22]
PA-18:  (18-14)–N5423H exp 31May18 [23] Robinson R44:  (0278)–N8337Z exp 31May18 acc 15Jly15 Sandusky
PA-18-150:  (18-7473)–N3787Z exp 31May18 [23] (18-7788)–N3897Z MI [23] (0769)–N623JP exp 31May18 [23] (1277)–N442RP exp
exp sr 13Nov17 address Stuttgart Germany [1] 31May18 acc 05Oct15 Parkston SD [23]
PA-18A 150:  (18-6330)–N8790D exp 31May18 [23] Robinson R66:  (0479)–N266KA exp 31May18 [23]
PA-20:  (20-368)–N7457K exp 31May18 [23] (20-406)–N7489K exp Rockwell 112A:  (473)–N1473J exp sr 14Nov17 poss as instr South GA
31May18 [23] Tech [1]

Rockwell 112TC:  (13101)–N4611W exp 31May18 [23] (W13DCC23030726)–N561VA exp 30Jun18 destroyed? [3]
(W13DCE11030013)–N618RM exp sr 28Nov17 [22]
Schleicher ASH 31 MI:  (31129)–N412MG exp 31May18 [23]
DJI Inspire 1 Pro:  (W21AC116010125)–N552XC exp sr 26Dec17 [16]
Schleicher ASW-19:  (19156)–N237JF exp 31May18 [23]
DJI Inspire 1 Raw:  (W21ADB24020118)–N7366S exp sr 28Nov17 [22]
SIAI-Marchetti SF260:  (302)–N31HT exp 31May18 [23]
DJI Mavic Pro:  (08QDE2E01201F5)–N8424T exp resd 08Mar18 not
Sikorsky H-19G:  (1323)–N1029 exp 30Jun18 [23]
regd [27]
Sikorsky UH-19D:  (54-1424)–N37781 exp 30Jun18 [23]
DJI Phantom 1:  (PH646044206)–N23MV exp 31May18 [23]
(55-3194)–N37791 exp 30Jun18 [23] (55-3212)–N37783 exp
(PH646044209)–N24MV exp 31May18 [23]
30Jun18 [23] (55-5235)–N37786 exp 30Jun18 [23]
DJI Phantom 2:  (9387)–N65MG exp 31May18 [23] (0400042118)
(57-5933)–N37798 exp 30Jun18 [23] (57-5944)–N37793 exp
–N698CT exp 31May18 [23] (646051314)–N561RS exp 30Jun18
30Jun18 [23] (57-5964)–N37784 exp 30Jun18 [23]
destroyed? [3] (100016167)–N557ZD exp 31May18 [23]
S.O.C.A.T.A. Rallye 150 ST:  (3070)–N327RA exp sr 22Nov17 [12]
(PH645118790)–N560CB exp 31May18 [23] (PH645292431)
Universal Stinson 108:  (108-412)–N97412 exp 31May18 [23]
–N20EG exp 31May18 [23] (PH645308642)–N554RD exp 31May18
Stinson 108-1:  (108-1140)–N8140K exp 31May18 [23]
[23] (PH645342338 V1.0)–N554YT exp 31May18 [23]
Stinson 108-2:  (108-2363)–N9363K exp sr 27Nov17 to Wentworths (PH645423537)–N554KS exp 31May18 [23] (PH645509610)
after acc 07Apr17 Woodruff WI [22] –N241WA exp 31May18 [23]
Stinson 108-3:  (108-4053)–N6053M exp 31May18 [23] DJI Phantom 2 FPV:  (PH645148179)–N16MV exp 31May18 [23]
Stolp Starduster Too SA-30:  (100)–N24LP exp 31May18 [23] DJI Phantom 2 P3307:  (PH64542216)–N5483C exp 31May18 [23]
Taylorcraft A:  (124)–N19104 exp 31May18 [23] DJI Phantom 2 Vision:  (BE151529586030)–N556EC exp 31May18 [23]
Taylorcraft BC12-D:  (7474)–N43815 exp 31May18 [23] (PH636148264)–N557VC exp 31May18 [23] (PH645125163)
Taylorcraft BC12-D1:  (10244)–N44444 exp 31May18 [23] –N9941E exp 31May18 [23] (PH645402727)–N9941 exp 31May18
Taylorcraft BL-65:  (2146)–N27504 exp 31May18 [23] [23] (PH645489280)–N9941F exp 31May18 [23] (PH645489953)
–N9941K exp 31May18 [23]
Wittman W-10 Tailwind:  (438)–N9054R exp 31May18 [23] DJI Phantom 2 Vision +:  (BH281419349438)–N997EN exp 31May18
WSK PZL Mielec M-18A:  (1Z022-08)–N762V exp 31May18 [23] [23] (PH645274897)–N6835L exp 31May18 [23] (PH645323716
(1Z026-04)–N80141 exp 31May18 [23] V2.0)–N559HA exp 31May18 [23] (PH645383493)–N404TS exp
31May18 [23] (PH645494023)–N558NA exp 31May18 [23]
UAV (PH646028422)–N826P exp 31May18 [23] (PH645515010 V3.0)
–N557MD exp 31May18 [23]
3D Robotics Aero-M:  (AE150700002)–N557ES exp 31May18 [23] DJI Phantom 3 Profession:  (P76DCD13012651)–N561WA exp 30Jun10
3D Robotics Iris+: (IRS1500500126)–N558ES exp 31May18 [23] destroyed? [3]
3D Robotics X8 Rtf:  (R737646068)–N559XS exp 31May18 [23] DJI Phantom 4:  (07DDE819FR7351)–N842MV exp resd 06Mar18 not
3D Robotics X8+:  (002-1545012-2673008-1)–N559VS exp 31May18 regd [27]
[23] (002-1545012-2673008-2)–N559US exp 31May18 [23] DJI Phantom 4 Pro:  (0AXCES310A30702)–N919NL exp sr 27Nov17
(002-5593301-7338645)–N559RS exp 31May18 [23] [22]
(002-8716331-0997860)–N559YA exp 31May18 [23] DJI PV331:  (PH645248225)–N546BB exp 31May18 [23]
(R174982901)–N627BS exp sr 05Jan18 [25] DJI S900:  (0380020446)–N554HS exp 31May18 [23]
(R828176044)–N548NS exp 31May18 [23] (0380050084)–N554ZT exp 31May18 [23]
Aerial Technology Aeronavics X4 Titanu:  (OAI-RAV-X4-001)–N1964J (756FAF9FCE324498AC5F83D56E84D9)–N551CV exp 31May18 [23]
exp 31May18 [23] DJI S1000:  (BJ311659169540)–N564KA exp 30Jun18 destroyed? [3]
Aeromao Aeromapper:  (AMEV2 010)–N537YW exp 31May18 [23] DJI S1000+:  (030011552)–N896SR exp 31May18 [23]
Aeromao Aeromapper 300:  (AM300-009)–N548WV exp 31May18 [23] (03P0011396)–N897SR exp 31May18 [23] (03P0011649)–N592TD
Aerovironment Qube:  (30013)–N187AV exp 31May18 [23] exp 30Sep18 [26] (19673)–N673WR exp 31May18 [23]
(30028)–N188AV exp 31May18 [23] DJI S1000 Premium:  (19672)–N672WR exp 31May18 [23]
Aerovironment Shrike:  (012)–N125AV exp 31May18 destroyed? [22] DJI T600:  (W13DBL18010324)–N339SH exp 31May18 [23]
(032)–N109AV exp 31May18 destroyed? [22] (035)–N137AV exp Flirtey F2.4B:  (F24B001OPT)–N561FF exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 destroyed? [22] (037)–N145AV exp 31May18 destroyed? Flirtey F2.4C:  (F24C001NOV)–N561GF exp 31May18 [23]
[22] (041)–N148AV exp 31May18 destroyed? [22] Flirtey F3.0A:  (F30A001SEN)–N561EF exp 31May18 [23]
Aeryon Labs Sky Ranger:  (SKU-110001-00 SR9026334)–N243AL exp (F30A002NEM)–N561AN exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] (F30A003ZET)–N561DF exp 31May18 [23]
Ascending Technologies Asctec Falcon 8:  (30324-F355)–N557SF exp Freefly Cinestar 8 Octo XL:  (106969)–N558UF exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] Freefly Cinestar X8 Mk Hvy L:  (109776)–N558DF exp 31May18 [23]
Ashfloyd Hummingbird:  (200)–N124G exp 31May18 destroyed? [22] Honeycomb Agdrone:  (AISAD001)–N543WU exp 31May18 [23]
(201)–N209G exp 31May18 [23] (202)–N219G exp 31May18 [23] Intelinair RD-200:  (RD200000001)–N546FG exp 31May18 [23]
(203)–N237G exp 31May18 [23] (204)–N239G exp 31May18 [23] Intelligent UAS DJI S800:  (OAI-RAV-S800-001)–N1964E exp 31May18
(207)–N256G exp 31May18 [23] (208)–N258G exp 31May18 [23] [23]
(210)–N262G exp 31May18 [23] (211)–N263G exp 31May18 [23] Leptron Industrial Robotic Hel Avenger:  (LEP 622)–N536QH exp
(212)–N264G exp 31May18 [23] (213)–N269G exp 31May18 [23] 31May18 [23] (LEP 632)–N536RD exp 31May18 [23]
(214)–N270G exp 31May18 [23] (215)–N276G exp 31May18 [23] Lockheed Martin Procerus Tech Indago:  (606900001)–N548ZT exp
(216)–N290G exp 31May18 [23] 31May18 [23]
Blade QX 350:  (IL00001231775)–N126CT exp 31May18 destroyed? MLB Super Bat:  (4165)–N536TY exp 31May18 [23] (4166)–N536SE
[22] exp 31May18 [23]
Casey Copterra AP-1:  (COP0001)–N95501 exp 31May18 [23] NASA Langley Research Centerbebop Drone #1:  (PH645337044)
DJI Inspire 1:  (W13DBL26020589)–N22MV exp 31May18 [23] –N556AZ exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DBL26020975)–N554VA exp 31May18 [23] Next Generation DJI S1000:  (03P0011694)–N820TG exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCA13020273)–N545QA exp 30Apr18 [24] Oregon State Univ Lab Matrix:  (AISM001)–N532BW exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCA15020594)–N190AR exp 31May18 [23] Precision Hawk Lancaster Mk III:  (LK3144451)–N977PH exp 31May18
(W13DCA15020965)–N561QF exp 31May18 [23] [23] (LK3144488)–N559QA exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCA18020790)–N372JT exp rp 22May17 [12] Prioria Robotics Maveric:  (M100-100151)–N151CU exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCA19020939)–N131DJ exp 31May18 destroyed? [22] Sensefly Ebee:  (EB0330468)–N559EA exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCA19021394)–N593T exp 31May18 [23] (EB-03-32398)–N551JD exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCA22020614)–N994YC exp 31May18 [23] Swift Radioplanes Lynx:  (016)–N202YC exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCB25020472)–N5550P exp 31May18 [23] UAV Pro Hawkmoth UP-100:  (413)–N316HM exp 31May18 [23]
(W13DCC17020721)–N556HB exp 31May18 [23] United Service Associates Alumahex:  (AH1252015)–N5564J exp
(W13DCC17030283)–N561NS exp 30Jun18 destroyed? [3] 31May18 [23]

University Of Maryland Tes Iris:  (001)–N190UM exp 31May18 [23] Pulsar:  (129)–N90PL exp 31May18 [23]
University Of Maryland Tes Talon 120:  (124)–N120UM exp 31May18 Quicksilver MXL II MXL Sport II: (QUICK SILVER SPORT 000511)
destroyed? [22] –N77003 exp 31May18 [23]
University Of Michigan A2SYSX1:  (01)–N559PM exp 31May18 [23] Quicksilver Sprint II:  (001)–N471ZM exp 31May18 [23]
(02)–N559SM exp 31May18 [23] Rainbow Aircraft Aerotrike Safari:  (239)–N71419 exp 31May18 [23]
Walkera Tali H500:  (01149110046)–N554QW exp 31May18 [23] Rans Coyote S-5:  (0407326)–N584AR exp 31May18 [23]
Yuneec International Q500 Typhoon:  (YU15010557B01101)–N560XM Rans S-9:  (0998163)–N8141N exp 30Jun18 [19]
exp 31May18 [23] (YU15030248B01101)–N556SD exp 31May18 Rocky Mountain Ridge Runner:  (001)–N1549M exp 31May18 acc
[23] (YU15071471B01J01)–N558RY exp 31May18 [23] 23Apr16 Wasilla AK [4]
Rutan Long Ez:  (544)–N21K exp 31May18 [23] (1445)–N90E exp
Homebuilt 31May18 [23] (1499)–N812SP exp 31May18 [5]
Sabre Trike:  (514)–N116DB exp rp 06Jun17 [27]
Glider Sonex:  (0965)–N965SX exp 31May18 [23]
Rich Woodstock I:  (001)–N21468 exp 31May18 w/o 11Oct15 Decatur Staudacher S-600F:  (32)–N27KJ exp 30Jun18 w/o 29Jly15 Milwaukee
TX [23] MI [2]
TST-3 Alpin T:  (03010298)–N54DJ exp 31May18 [23] Steen Skybolt:  (1)–N39WB exp 31May18 [23] (31047)–N81723 exp
31May18 [23]
TEAM Airbike:  (AB000154)–N7566D exp sr 13Nov17 [1]
Fortin-AX3:  (014)–N7096S exp 31May18 [23]
Titan Tornado:  (D99912SOHK0334)–N900WH exp 31May18 [23]
Single TL Ultralight Sting S3:  (TLUSA 168)–N4994 exp 31May18 [23]
Advanced Aviation Buccaneer II XA650:  (B2A-021)–N588TV exp Trimble Headwind:  (MT2)–N4384L exp 31May18 [23]
31May18 [23] Van’s RV-3A:  (272DR)–N272DR exp 31May18 [23]
Airborne Windsports Edge XT-912-L:  (XT-912-0330)–N946DB exp Van’s RV-6:  (20540)–N1198N exp 31May18 poss w/o 28Oct06 Turlock
31May18 [23] CA [22]
Arion Lightning:  (171)–N273DB exp sr 28Nov17 after acc 10Jly17 Van’s RV-6A:  (21883)–N36XP exp 31May18 [23]
New River AZ [22] Van’s RV-7:  (71732)–N4295V exp 31May18 [23] (73046)–N364SJ exp
Arnet Pereyra Aventura UL:  (APUL0018)–N2140S exp rp 01Oct18 [1] 31May18 acc 05May15 Bartow GA [23]
ASAP Chinook Plus 2:  (02193X3)–N3164U exp 31May18 [23] Van’s RV-8:  (82959)–N2HD exp 31May18 [23]
Avid Flyer:  (0157)–N157VM exp 31May18 [22] Van’s RV-10:  (40486)–N1700S exp sr 28Nov17 [22]
Avid Flyer Mk IV:  (1339D)–N2264R exp rp 24May17 [12] Velocity 173RG Elite:  (DMO 396)–N51LP exp 31May18 [23]
Avid Flyer STOL:  (411)–N3157E exp 31May18 [23] Velocity Std FG-Elit:  (DMO415)–N4PE exp 31May18 [23]
Avid Magnum:  (70M)–N913LK exp 31May18 [23] WAG Aero Wag-a-bond:  (147)–N47AT exp 30Apr18 [12]
Avid Mark IV:  (1170D)–N211WW exp 31May18 [23] (801)–N710WW exp 31May18 [24]
Bowers Fly Baby:  (4878)–N68794 exp 31May18 [23] Wolding Custom Built:  (001)–N1883C exp 31May18 [23]
Challenger:  (CH2 0488 0309)–N20324 exp 31May18 [23]
Challenger II:  (CH2-1192-0903)–N18626 exp 31May18 [23]
Autogyro MTO Sport:  (M01255)–N853K exp 30Jun18 [19]
(CH2-0497-1606)–N4870F exp 31May18 [23] (CH2-0399-1857)
Celier Xenon RST:  (CAK04171S)–N102TG exp 31May18 [1]
–N388MH exp 31May18 [23] (CH2-0704-2497)–N7060G exp
Kerns Kens Wingless Wonder:  (290163188-1)–N7195R exp 31May18
31May18 [23]
acc 12Mar17 Mount Airy SC [23]
Corbin Junior Ace:  (E-962)–N962DK exp 31May18 [23]
Mueller LW4:  (LW405062015)–N538LW exp 31May18 [23]
Czech Sport Aircraft Sportcruiser:  (C0583)–N726ES exp rp 12May17 [1]
Rotorway Exec:  (6465)–N208RM exp 31May18 [23]
der Jager D IX:  (183)–N26251 exp resd 14Feb18 not regd (was canx
Rotorway Executive 90:  (5137)–N20644 exp 31May18 [23]
07Jly17 [1] (0190)–N155 exp 31May18 [22]
Elmwood Christavia Mk 4:  (TF001)–N43149 exp sr 05Dec17 [27] Powered Parachute
Evans Volksplane:  (VP1LP30)–N90208 exp 31May18 [23] Buckeye Dream Machine:  (4296)–N75408 exp 31May18 [23]
Evans Volksplane VP-II:  (V21590)–N47086 exp 31May18 [23] (6009)–N43027 exp sr 07Dec17 [27]
Excalibur:  (2614)–N78DZ exp sr 05Dec17 Wentworths acc 05Jun17 Buckeye Dream Machine 582:  (4950)–N2686R exp 31May18 [23]
Albuquerque NM [27] Destiny 2000:  (3C0475)–N6951T exp 31May18 [23]
Fisher Dakota Hawk:  (DH26)–N30271 exp 31May18 [23] Destiny 2000 PP:  (1B0022)–N3818A exp 30Jun18 [24]
Flightstar FSIISL:  (375)–N332TX exp 31May18 [23] Infinity Commander:  (6140524)–N3791S exp 31May18 [23]
Flying K Skyraider:  (K229240273)–N551EK exp 31May18 [23] Powrachute Airwolf 912ULS:  (A169ULS)–N465KP exp 31May18 [23]
Glasair SH2R:  (655R)–N259BH exp 31May18 [23] (1029)–N66MG exp (A292ULS)–N827ZP exp sr 29Nov17 [22]
31May18 [5]
Glasair Sportsman GS-2:  (7423)–N237PM exp 31May18 acc 09Mar17 and finally those revoked long ago:
Robbinsville NJ [23] Aeronca KM:  (KM-3)–N21031 exp dereg 05Jan71 [27]
Haston Tommy Hawk:  (HH001)–N50TX exp 30Jun18 [18] Aeronca 11AC:  (11AC-744)–N9111E exp revoked 31Oct75 w/o 04Jly74
Jabiru J250-SP:  (457)–N619J exp 31May18 [23] Lyman ME [12]
Jackson Clipper:  (2003)–N2754A exp 31May18 acc 14Jun14 Altamont Bensen B-8M:  (362-336)–N9378 exp rev 17Feb82 [29]
NY [23] Cessna 180:  (31201)–N9102C exp revoked 31Oct75 acc 14Feb71
Kitfox:  (163)–N881F exp 31May18 [23] Longton KS [12]
Kitfox III:  (789)–N947RG exp 31May18 acc 25Jan11 Terlingua TX [23] Cessna 207:  (20700028)–N91041 exp revoked 17Feb82 w/o 11Jly78
(1184)–N822CT exp sr 09Jan18 [30] Olga WA [12] (20700046)–N91059 exp revoked 11Nov77 w/o
Kitfox Classic 4:  (001)–N84SD exp 30Jun18 [2] 13Jun77 Shishmaref AK [1]
Lancair 235:  (119)–N35FW exp 31May18 [23] Douglas DC3C:  (20208)–N91006 exp revoked 31Oct75 [12]
Lancair IV P:  (LIV-343)–N3TS exp 31May18 [23] (LIV-416)–N214DK Globe GC-1A:  (5)–N80502 exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1]
exp 31May18 [23] (LIV-538)–N661CM exp 31May18 [23] (135)–N80732 exp revoked 21May82 [12] (160)–N80757 exp
Lancair IVP-T: (LIV-517)–N431MT exp 31May18 [23] revoked 31Oct73 [12] (195)–N80792 exp revoked w/o 16May70
Martin Horizon II:  (AH 0021)–N146JM exp rp 28Jun17 [12] Blue Ridge VA [1] (207)–N80804 exp revoked [1] (278)–N80875
Mikolichek MIK-2-2:  (0002)–N413MM exp 31May18 [23] exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1]
Mitchell Mitchmait II:  (002)–N775JM exp 31May18 [23] Temco GC-1A:  (63)–N80560 exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1]
Monnett Sonerai II:  (615)–N78BP exp 31May18 [23] (283)–N80880 exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1] (50)–N80547 exp
Mustang II: (M-II-1844)–N1004R exp rp 06Jun17 [27] deregistered 20Jan71 [1]
Para Trike Chinook Plus 2:  (02237X3)–N2635T exp 31May18 [23] Globe GC-1B:  (1219)–N3326K exp deregistered 03Sep71 [1]
Pietenpol Aircamper:  (2004-1)–N925GP exp 31May18 [23] (127)–N80724 exp deregistered 06Sep71 [12] (2087)–N78087 exp
Promaks M-12:  (294006)–N9096Q exp 31May18 [23] deregistered 20Jan71 w/o 13May64 Santa Monica CA [1]

(2201)–N78201 exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1] (2206)–N78206 exp JUL.1347 Extra EA 300/L:  (1241)–N253RF became ES-RZO
deregistered 20Jan71 [1] (2236)–N78236 exp deregistered JUL.1349 Robinson R22 Beta:  (3939)–N522KC became 4X-BII
20Jan71 [1] (2262)–N78262 exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1] AUG.1543 Agusta AW119 MkII:  (14955)–N649SH became B-704A
Temco GC-1B:  (1160)–N80967 exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1] AUG.1544 Bell 206-L4:  (52121)–N206VV became TI-BIQ
(1177)–N80984 exp deregistered 20Jan71 [1] (285)–N80882 exp AUG.1544 Cessna 152:  (15281853)–N67474 became C-GMZW
deregistered 05Feb71 [1] (3593)–N3893K exp deregistered AUG.1545 Cessna T206H:  (T20608848)–N6191Z became C-FXSS
01Feb71 [1] (3676)–N2376B exp deregistered 15Jun71 [1] AUG.1546 Piper PA-28R-180:  (28R-31064)–N7665J became 4X-DAG
Universal Globe GC-1B:  (2155)–N78155 exp deregistered 24Nov71 SEP.1741 Agusta AW119 MkII: (14954)-N648SH became B-703Z
w/o 10Jly69 Winlock WA back 26Jly18 [1] SEP.1741 Agusta AW139: (41540)-N646SH became B-704R
Piper PA-24-260:  (24-4591)–N9113P exp revoked 21May82 [12] SEP.1742 Cessna 150M: (15077556)-N6152K became C-GCZJ
Smith Miniplane DSA-1:  (911HDB)–N911Z exp revoked 17Feb82 [12] SEP.1742 Cessna 172N: (17270242)-N738UF became ZS-TIX
SEP.1742 Cessna 172R: (17280409)-N724HG became EC-NAK
SEP.1742 Cessna 172S: (172S8479)-N106ME became EC-NAL
UPDATES SEP.1743 Cirrus SR22: (4677)-N677CZ became OK-CZE
SEP.1743 Diamond DA 40: (40.806)-N828SD became VH-EQF
SEP.1743 Am Eurocopter AS350B2: (4432)-N452LH became
2016 ZK-HBQ
MAR.342 Grumman G-44:  (1349)–N62095 became EW-777SL SEP.1745 Robinson R44 II: (11155)-N921AG became CC-AYF
SEP.1745 Sikorsky S-76D: (761078)-N7678C became JA756D
2017 OCT.1950 Agusta AW139: (41542)-N647SH became B-704S
JUN.980 CCF Harvard MK IV: (CCF-4-237)–N7519U became LV-X642 OCT.1951 Cessna 150L: (15073161)-N5261Q became C-GUIL
NOV.1835 Cirrus SR22:  (4502)–N132CR became Z-NIX OCT.1951 Cessna 150M: (15077359)-N63510 became C-GZAQ
OCT.1952 Cessna T206H: (T20609501)-N981AJ became C-FOOH
2018 OCT.1952 DG Flugzeugbau DG 1000S: (10-27S27)-N100DG to
FEB.228 Cessna 150L:  (15072877)–N1577Q became HS-BFI C-FWRT
MAR.442 McD Douglas MD 900:  (900-00011)–N905LF to C-FZVH OCT.1954 Sikorsky S-76C: (760683)-N760BB became VP-CCA
MAY.902 Eurocopter AS 350 B2:  (3110)–N118TA became ZK-HCS
MAY.903 Schleicher ASW-27:  (27236)–N848AJ became ZK-GRX With thanks to Ian Burnett, Barry Collman, Alan Johnson, Colin Smith
JUL.1345 Ayres S2R-T34:  (T41-178DC)–N43DY became 4X-AVN and David Woods.


Departing Heathrow we spend three full days at Frankfurt to include a ramp tour. We stay at the Inter City Hotel
overlooking the runways and just 10 minutes walk to the viewing area by the autobahn. We then route to Nurnberg via
Egelsbach, Aschaffenburg and Wurzburg, staying at the Movenpick Hotel just 50 metres from the Airport Terminal. Then on
to our regular hotel at Weingarten via Augsburg, Jesenwang and Memmingen. Three days are then spent at Aero
Friedrichshafen with visits to Markdorf on each day. The final day we drive to Munich and our evening flight to Heathrow.
The price will includes return Air Fare and Taxes and eight nights accommodation on a Half Board basis except at Nurnberg
which is Bed and Breakfast.

Tour Price £1264     Single Supplement £208

Deposit £ 150     Single Supp Deposit £208

AMSTERDAM 2019 6th – 9th JUNE 2019

Departing Heathrow we spend four days at Amsterdam staying at the IBIS Hotel alongside the airport.
The price includes Air Fare and Taxes and three nights accommodation on a Bed and Breakfast basis.

Tour Price £348     Deposit £48
Single Supplement  £ 150


Departing Heathrow late evening we spend the following eight days at airfields in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria.
Our hotel at the International Airport will have rooms overlooking the ramp with the airports two viewing areas just a
shuttle bus ride away. We will visit Rand, Springs, Brakpan, Bapsfontein, Microland, Petit, Woderboom, Grand Central,
Vereeniging, Parys, Swartkop, Krugersdorf, Orient, Crosswinds plus a full day at Lanseria.
The price includes return Air Fare and Taxes and seven nights accommodation on a Bed and Breakfast basis.

Tour Price £1797     Deposit £300
Single supplement £372

The tours are limited to 30 places on a first come basis.

Only Air-Britain members and their immediate family are eligible to travel.
For details please contact Dennis Clement, Travel Organiser, One (B), Roding Way, Rainham, Essex. RM13 9QD
or e-mail

Ian Burnett, “Briarwood”, Swallowfield Street, Swallowfield, Berks RG7 1QX

F-GTNP Cameron A-210 (12218) Auvergne Montgolfières

IRELAND – (Clermont–Ferrand) 18.9.18
F-HEMI Ce.525A (525A-0479) ICARELUX SARL – Le Bourget 8.10.18
Irish changes once again come from the IAA thanks to Geraldine F-HFDS Falcon 2000S (741) Dassault Aviation SA
Hickey and take the register to the end of October. Most interesting   [F-WWGG] – Le Bourget 25.10.18
items are the former Hungarian-regd Zenair EI-GGX and the PA-22 F-HINJ Cameron A-210 (12206) Montgolfières d’Anjou
taildragger EI-GHI (the former G-APZX). The well-publicised birth of – (Ancenis) 4.10.18
the new registration prefix EJ is unusually followed by four letters – the F-HISR F150L (F15001105) Air Attack Technologies
register itself is intended for use by business and executive aircraft in   [HB-CDR] – Marignane 15.10.18
much the same way as we also seen in Malta, San Marino, Guernsey, the F-HKRI DR.400/120 (2717) Aeroclub du Pays d’Ancenis
Cayman Islands and elsewhere. – Ancenis 3.10.18
F-HMVO Kubicek BB26E (1472) Montgolfière a Vol d’Oiseaux
NEW REGISTRATIONS – (Montauban) 8.10.18
EI-GFB B777-31HER (32730) Aercap Ireland Ltd (Rossiya) 3.10.18 F-HOHN AS.365N3 (6809) KBC Bank – Lanveoc 4.10.18
EI-GGR A330-202 (638) Wilmington Trust SP Services F-HYPO PA-44-180T (44-8207018) Aerospeed Formation &
  [A7-ACF,F-WWYQ] (Dublin) (Air Italy) 30.10.18            Maintenance – Valence 11.10.18
EI-GGX Zenair CH-601UL (00006) N.Farrell – Longford 23.10.18  [D-GEBD,N92PA,N9588N]
 [HA-YBC,OM-M117] F-OMUA B787-9 (39287) ALC B879 39297 LLC (Air Tahiti Nui)
EI-GHA B737-490 (28895) Aircraft 23810 QC Holdings Ltd – Papéeté 9.10.18
  [N708AS,N1786B] (Mistral Air) 10.10.18 F-CBBS DG-300 Elan (3E-345) S.Burgevin – Bourg-St-Bernard
EI-GHE A320-232 (1957) AS Air Lease XXXIV (Ireland) Ltd 9.10.18  [HB-3005] 12.9.18
EI-GHI PA-22-150 (22-5181) H.Taggart – Enfield,Co Meath 17.10.18 CANCELLATIONS
 [G-APZX,N7420D] F-GLZI A340-313 (084) WFU 10.17. BU at Enschede-Twente 5.18.
EI-GXI B737-800 (44851) Ryanair DAC – Dublin 22.10.18 Canx 19.2.18 as WFU.
EI-NEU B787-9 (38794) Cesium Funding Ltd (NEOS) 30.10.18 F-GLZR A340-313 (307) WFU 10.17. BU at Enschede-Twente. Canx
EI-SKP F172P (F17202101) National Flight Centre Ltd 19.2.18 as WFU.
 [G-PTCA,EI-SKP,PH-VSZ,D-EOFR] – Weston 5.10.18 F-GLZS A340-313 (310) Stored at Tarbes. Canx 4.9.18 as WFU.
EI-… Europa (066) 8.18 F-GNGC S.269C (S-1632) Canx 10.10.18 to 4X-BIZ.
 [G-BVJN] F-GSXG EC.225LP (2838) Canx 17.8.18 to VP-CAA.
EJ-IOBN ERJ-190-100ECJ (19000632) Gain Jet Ireland Ltd 12.10.18 F-HAVN B757-230 (25140) Canx 19.10.18 to N752AL.
F-HCDD Falcon 50 (297) Canx 4.10.18 to N388JL.
F-HJET Cirrus SR22 (4053) Canx 6.9.18 to OK-DAH.
The following accidents are also known:
EI-CMB PA-28-140 (28-7725094) Canx 25.10.18 to UK.
F-GHXE Christen A-1 Husky (1161) Badly damaged in crash after t/o
EI-DBP B767-35H (26389) Canx 2.10.18 to 9H-KIA.
from Aleu mountain landing area on 27.9.18.
EI-ESL B737-8AS (34988) Canx 15.10.18 to HL8323.
EI-ESM B737-8AS (34992) Canx 30.10.18 to HL8326.
EI-FVO B737-800 (42278) Canx 3.10.18 to LV-HQH.
F-BOJZ Ce.401 (401-0072) Still shown as current on the DGAC
EI-GEZ B737-73V (32413) Canx 26.10.18 to UR-SQD.
register but noted parked outside in derelict state with no
engines at Toussus-Le Noble in 9.18.
F-BOXT PA-28-140 (28-23133) Ownership change to M.Mendez –
EI-CGF Luton LA5 Major (1208) To P.Jones
Teesside 16.1.18. Recently for sale at North Weald.
– (Tuam,Co.Galway) 23.10.18
F-GEVE TB-10 (564) Ownership change to P.Kustra 28.4.16. Based
EI-ESO B737-8AS (34989) To Avolon Aerospace (Ireland)
since at Dunaujvaros, Hungary.
F-WCRG Gaillard Corsair RG (01) After 35 years under construction
112 Ltd – Dublin 1.10.18
this made its F/F at Moulins on 12.10.18.
EI-GVM R22 Beta (2711) To J.Porter
F-CBYE Castel 311P (18-289) Ownership change to Y.Soudit
          – (Ramelton,Co.Donegal) 26.10.18
30.10.13. Confirmed current based at Paray le Monial.

The following identities are now confirmed:

FRANCE F-WRUF Yak-52 (888615) ex RA-3790K,G-CBLJ,RA-44472.
F-WRUI Yak-52 (856009) ex RA-2920K,TSOU Ukraine.
F-WRUL Yak-52 (844201) ex Russian AF.
Only a short update this month with data extracted from DGAC
records. The bulk of the section is taken up by a massive ULM update KNOWN IMPORTS/RESERVATIONS
mainly deriving from this year’s Salon at Blois, and grateful thanks are F-…. CAP.20LS-200 (10) [N20MU] 10.18
due to Robert Swan for his huge input. F-…. Cameron C-80 (11466) [G-CGPV] 10.18
F-…. TB-21 (710) 10.18
F-GSUD Chaize JZ.22F12 (NG-028) Les Montgolfières du Sud F-C… Ka.6E (4300) [G-DDSB,BGA2334/DSB,D-0263] 10.18
– (Uzes) 11.10.18 F-C… LS-6c (6290) [G-CHJC,BGA3973/HJC] 10.18

49AAI AeroPro Eurofox (48317) .
49ABE/F-JDHD BRM Aero NG5 Bristell XL8 (332) .
01AEK/F-JAMV AutoGyro MTOsport – .
49ABJ/F-JDKW BRM Aero NG5 Bristell (400/2018) .
01AFT/F-JSMN Tecnam P.92 Echo Classic De Luxe – .
51MP/F-JTPT Magni M-16 Expert – .
01AHA/F-JBTF Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic – .
01AHI ATEC 122 Zephyr – . 51YC/F-JBPD ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (15-10-54-0424) .
02AAD Flight Design CTSW – . 51YR/F-JDHW BRM Citius Sport (0268/912ULS/18-CT) .
05RB G1 Aviation G1 – . 53ZQ/F-JVCW DTA Xeeleex Gyrocopter (006) .
07RY Air Creation Skypper 912/BioiX 13 X2 54AOG/F-JSGH Aeroprakt A-22L2 (352) .
  (T18013/A18010-18001) . 54AOR/F-JWRT Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic – .
07RZ Air Creation Skypper 582/iFun 16 54AWW AutoGyro MTOsport (M01541) .
  (T17019/A18033-18043) . 56NO DTA/Dynamic 15/430 (226) .
07SD Air Creation Pixel 250XC/Fun 13SP 56RK/F-JAKR Humbert Tetras (225 5) .
  (T18026/A18069-18042) . 56SV/F-JDID BRM Aero Bristell XL8 (358/2018) .
09AI Denney Kitfox – . 59DMI/F-JVZO JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-136) .
11IB AeroPro Eurofox – . 60WH/F-JUWO Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-476/2013) .
12GG BRM Citius Sport (0158/912UL/10-CT) . 60YV/F-JABO JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-165) .
16SI/F-JVPS Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16085094) . 61OJ Paramania GTS (paramotor) – .
16VS ELA Aviacion ELA-10 Eclipse (10175541014) . 61PO/F-JDGC Pipistrel Virus (911SWN100) .
16VT/F-JCRM ELA Aviacion ELA-10 Eclipse – . 62AXT/F-JUJE AutoGyro MTOsport – .
   (Also quoted as F-JDLW) 62BDO/F-JDHL ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (11-01-54-0071) .
16VW/F-JCTJ ELA Aviacion ELA-10 Eclipse – . 63AXM Platinum 2 (paramotor) – .
16WC/F-JDDF ELA Aviacion ELA-10 Eclipse – . 63AZP/F-JDLS JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-276) .
17TC Zenair CH-701 – . 64LK VM-1 Esqual – .
17ABC Zlin Savage Cruiser – . 67ZZ Zenair CH-601 Zodiac – .
17ACB/F-JCUR Flight Design CTSW (07-05-06) . 67CAI/F-JBWU Magni M-24 Orion (24170454) .
21AME Cosmos/Top 14.5 – . 68AAF DTA Dynamic 15 – .
22KP/F-JATG ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (16-04-54-0467) . 68AJL/F-JDGA Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja (17040242) .
25AFM Dyn’Aero MCR-01 – . 69AEQ/F-JDHR Tomark SD4 Viper (25158/2018) .
25AFZ/F-JCFL Nando Groppo Trial (00149/108) . 70ME/F-JAQH JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-183) .
26AGP/F-JVDR Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja (13050140) . 70ND/F-JCOP AirLony Skylane (104) .
25AGT/F-JCWS BRM Citius Sport (0263/912ULS/18-CT) . 72CR Type unknown (Trike) – .
26AHA/F-JVQV Roland Z-602 (Z-9570) . 72LF/F-JHCI Type unknown (High wing 3-axis) – .
26AJG/F-JCRT Dynali H3 Easy Flyer (H3-58-1735) . 72MR Air Creation GTE/iXess (A07010-7027) .
27AHH/F-JAJF Pipistrel Virus T/D (771SW100) . 72SK Magni M-22 Voyager – .
27AIH G1 Aviation G1 Spyl (121) . 73TA G1 Aviation G1 Spyl – .
27AIO/F-JBUU ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (17-04-54-0538) . 74AGH/F-JVZR DTA J-Ro Optimum (030) .
28ASF Aviasud Sirocco – . 74AJN/F-JCIM Tecnam P.92 Echo Light – .
28ASX JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-254) . 74AKG JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-277) .
28ATB Air Creation Tanarg/BioniX 13 X2 (A18023-18034) . 76NB/F-JCGU Sauper J300 Joker – .
30WQ/F-JCVP Aeroprakt A-22L2 (569) . 76UQ/F-JWMN G1 Aviation G1 – .
30AEQ/F-JALK Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja – . 76YC/F-JDFZ DTA Xeeleex Gyrocopter (005) .
31ACX/F-JCWJ Pipostrel Sinus (567SL912) [HA-…..] . 77BRD Ellipse (Trike) – .
31ADA/F-JDGY Flight Design CT Super Sport I (E-17-12-51) . 79LJ/F-JBOX Piistrel Virus SW (847SW100) .
31ADL Flight Design CTSL (E-17-12-52) . 79LX/F-JAEO Air Lony Skylane – .
35LW ICP MXP-740 Savannah – . 80AFQ JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-249) .
35QH/F-JCNP ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (16-10-54-0502) . 81FI/F-JZXC Best Off Sky Ranger – .
36SS/F-JVJZ Colomban MC30 Luciole (225) . 83APN/F-JVSQ Pipistrel Sinus (647SF912) .
36TK/F-JAGR Type unknown (Gyrocopter) – . 83AQY ICP MXP-740 Savannah – .
37AGU/F-JVFA Aero Services SG12A – . 83ATL/F-JCNA BRM Aero NG5 Bristell XL8 – .
37AKH Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 – Base Sorigny . 84LX/F-JCGD Aeroprakt A-22L2 (570) .
37AKI ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (18-05-54-0610) . 85AHB/F-JTZQ Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja (1203099) .
38ADQ Ventura 1200 (Trike) – . 85AQW/F-JDIJ Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja (18040265) .
38AEX JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-140) . 86IL/F-JZBZ Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 – .
38AEZ/F-JCAR Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16170674) . 86RF/F-JBKN Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 Kite – .
38AOL Léger Pataplume 2 – . 89SB Murphy Renegade – .
39LN Air Creation Tanarg/NuviX (A14046-14048) . 95TO Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 – .
39LW Air Creation Tanarg/BioniX X2 (A17025-17011) . F-JDLT Flight Design CTSL Super Sport – .
39LZ/F-JCKX JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-247) . F-JEAN Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic Club – .
41NS ITV Parapente (paramotor) – .
41WK/F-JCNY Magni M-22 Voyager (22170974) . REGISTER NOTES
42QP/F-JCVH AirLony Skylane – . 01ADS/F-JSGS ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (13-05-54-0269) c/n and
43ZX/F-JCGQ Nando Groppo Trial (00150/109) . callsign confirmed.
44AZM BRM Aero Bristell XL8 – . 02AJM/F-JDJF ICP MXP-740 Savannah (18-06-54-0618) c/n and
45YV Pipistrel Virus – . correct callsign confirmed.
45AEU/F-JRXR Ikarus C42 – . 17CB/F-JKQO Previously listed as a Zenith Baroudeur this is
45AID Ozone Freeride (paramotor) – . confirmed as a Mignet HM.1000 Balerit (100).
45AIF/F-JUDZ Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 – . 22HY Correct type is Zenair CH-601 (not CH-701).
45ANQ Ozone Viper 4 (paramotor) – . 25ABU/F-JVVX Nando Groppo Trial (00086/45) New callsign
47UH/F-JKHY Air Creation GT/XP – . confirmed (previously F-JABU).
47XG ELA Aviacion ELA-07 (10123800713) . 28AIC Previously listed as a Fly Synthesis Storch now
47YN/F-JADK Jihlavan KP-2U Skyleader 200 (4248271U) . quoted as a Platzer Motte BR2 (69).
47ZJ/F-JCES Jihlavan KP-2U Skyleader 200 (2276303W) . 31NE/F-JVYB Espace Sensation – New callsign confirmed
48BX/F-JDDR Magni M-16 Expert (16181394) . (previously F-JXXF).

35MC Magni M-22 Voyager – Also reported as 35NC – to be The following callsigns are now known:
confirmed. 10IS/F-JVZH Ecofly Norman Mini Explorer –
35RI Previously listed as a paramotor this is confirmed as 15ACA/F-JWZK Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SL (20093518)
a P&M Quik GT450. 27ABM/F-JSJB Fly Synthesis Texan Club –
38SS/F-JYHB Sonex (710) Noted as such at Blois 9.18 thus still 27ADX/F-JTKL ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (11-10-54-0130)
current. 28AMD/F-JIFJ Ikarus Fox-C22 –
39HN Halley Apollo Fox 912 (CH-03/05) Fully serviceable 28ARV/F-JAGP Humbert Tetras 912CSL –
after accident 17.7.05. 29WC/F-JAJJ Aero Services Super Guepard 912S –
56SH/F-JCBK JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-240) Previously listed as 33AJI/F-JWNF Aveko VL-3 –
Zenair CH-601 (6-1780). 35JX/F-JFQH Sauper J.300 Joker –
57YM/F-JRTK ICP MXP-740 Savannah (03-05-51-224) New callsign 37ZS/F-JPIF Aeroprakt A-22 (082)
confirmed (previously F-JQAS). 44AJT/F-JZAP Aero Services Guepard 912 –
59DNF/F-JZTE JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-151) ex OK-WAU 09. 44AZO/F-JCGK AutoGyro MTOsport –
67BAT/F-JCAD Skystar Kitfox – Noted at Blois 9.18 thus active again 45TK/F-JOEL Fly Synthesis Texan TC –
after accident 28.6.11. 51OJ/F-JUCZ Tecnam P.92 Echo –
73QY/F-JUJN Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200STD – callsign and type 54AME/F-JZAV Fly Synthesis Storch HS –
confirmed. 54AVP/F-JBWB JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-233)
95AFF/F-JSJZ Previously listed as a FK-9 now noted as a JMB VL-3 55MQ/F-JTRR Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic –
Evolution. To be confirmed. 56QL/F-JVCP Pipistrel Alpha Trainer –
57BRZ/F-JBPI Aveko VL-3 –
Full details are now known for the following: 59DKW/F-JVLS JMB VL-3 Evolution –
07RB/F-JUZP Air Creation Tanarg 912ES/BioniX 13X2 68AIH/F-JBIS Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16148524)
(T15030/A16104-16105) 69ADS/F-JBXX Fly Synthesis Texan –
07RQ/F-JBYQ Air Creation Skypper 912/BioniX 13X2 73NO/F-JWCE Pipistrel Virus –
(T17010/ A17056-17051) 75WQ/F-JHTH Buse’Air 150 –
07RR/F-JBYS Air Creation Tanarg 912ES/BioniX X2 76RQ/F-JYOG Air Creation/iXess –
(T17009/A17055-17050) 76UE/F-JSYM AutoGyro Calidus –
08NW/F-JUIM JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-156) 77BCG/F-JZXX ICP Bingo 4S (03-09-52-130)
11KR/F-JBCZ DTA Xeeleex Gyrocopter (001) 78AGX/F-JRWE Aerostyle Breezer UL (UL83)
13WK/F-JAWT Air Creation /iXess 13 (09092-9088) 83AKK/F-JZKD Fly Synthesis Storch HS –
16VD/F-JBRZ ELA Aviacion ELA-10 Eclipse (01175201014) 86GL/F-JZUF Ikarus C42 –
17AAU/F-JBCF Shark Aero Shark (042) 88OX/F-JUYK Pipistrel Alpha Trainer (553AT912)
18RZ/F-JCZT Ultralight Concept SV-4RS (001) 88PP/F-JRSC JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-152)
32NW/F-JCZZ Aeroprakt A-32L (013)
36RI/F-JBOT P&M Pegasus Quik GT-450 (8357) ex G-CFDC. The following c/ns are now confirmed:
37ADR Air Creation Tanarg/BioniX (T13045/A10046-10036) 04GD/F-JVHW Pipistrel Virus SW (595SW100)
42OM/F-JVZK JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-141) 08NV/F-JUHJ AutoGyro Cavalon (V00206)
44AXD/F-JSYY BRM Land Africa (0238/912UL/15-LA) 16PW Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16128994)
54AKL/F-JTTV Aero Services Super Guepard 912 (29092) 21ACJ/F-JYLT Humbert Tetras 912CS (143 07)
54AWX/F-JDCI Ultralight Concept SV-4RS (002) 26AGH ICP MXP-740 Savannah S T/D (13-03-54-0252)
56QL/F-JVCP Pipistrel Alpha Trainer (556AT912) 26AIB Mosquito XE285 (MXE1227H13B)
67BKC/F-JSPH Air Creation Skypper/BioniX 15 27YE ICP MXP-740 Savannah (09-98-50-094)
(T11012/A11008- 10138) 28ARP Platzer Kiebitz (413)
70MO/F-JBPL A2 CZ Ellipse Spirit (005) ex OK-TUL 11. 31QJ/F-JSPV AirLony Skylane (40)
71RB/F-JBGL Zlin Savage Cub (275) 34AIV/F-JJKF Air Creation /BioniX 15 (A12004-11072)
72SG/F-JCFA Tomark Skyper GT9 (009) ex D-MBTQ. 37ADE/F-JYNG B&F FK-9 Mk IV SW (345)
74ACZ/F-JTYZ B&F FK-9 Mk IV T/D (09-04-375) 37AJF/F-JBJW Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16160104)
85AKR/F-JRFC LCA LH212 Delta MDS (010) 37AJI Air Creation Tanarg X2 912S/BioniX X2
86GL/F-JZUF Ikarus C42B (0608-6845) (T05039/A17007-17004)

Norman Aviation Nordic 8 Mini Explorer 10IS/F-JVZH at Blois on 31st August 2018. [Brian G Nichols]

40MQ/F-JAMM Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16169554) PH-KFA Diamond DA 42NG (42.N138) KLM Flight Academy
45ACX/F-JZMX Humbert Tetras B (9959)  [G-SSCA] 19.9.18
45ALE/F-JVFB ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (14-12-54-0365) PH-VFL Pipistrel Virus SW 121 (VSW 1210028) 24.9.18
48BU/F-JBIA Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16160094) PH-493 H201B Standard Libelle (503) R11.9.18
51UP Zenair CH-601XL Zodiac (6-8018)
53UX/F-JZBM Flight Design CT (99-09-06-70) Luxembourg (LX)
57BNY/F-JZPL Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja (14050161) LX-ERG Pilatus PC-12/47E (1564) Canx to G-ERGP 10.18.
59DRB/F-JBFC JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-016)
60NX/F-JYXD Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-184/2007) Belgium (OO)
60UJ/F-JTGH Aveko VL-3A-3 (VL-3-89)
62ASM Humbert Tetras 912CS (165 09)
OO-FYS Ce.525B (525B-0197) Canx 11.10.18 to N34SJ.
62BAW AutoGyro MTOsport (M01313)
OO-JAQ(3) B737-8K5 (35148) Canx 2.10.18 to N750MA.
66KK/F-JXKJ Urban Air UFM-13 Lambada (44/13)
OO-NEA H.369E (0419E) Canx 8.10.18 to USA.
69AEP/F-JDHP Flight Design CTSLi (E-17-11-03)
OO-NHO AS.365N3 (6809) Canx 4.10.18 to F-HOHN.
69AES Fly Synthesis Catalina RG (F5AB012121EB)
70MH/F-JAUJ AirLony Skylane (91)
Netherlands (PH)
72RR/F-JACD Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-552/2015)
72SJ/F-JCLF Tomark SD-4 Viper (23315/2017) CANCELLATIONS
73RY/F-JAGC JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-173) PH-EDD PA-28-161 (28-8116202) Canx 20.9.18 to Greece.
74WW/F-JYZX Humbert Tetras (148 07) PH-SCX Ce.152 (15282148) Canx 7.9.18 to OK-GTN.
74AIX/F-JBXY ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (16-02-54-0453) PH-557 Grob G.102 Astir CS (1431) Canx 20.9.18 to Germany.
74AKA ICP MXP-740 Savannah XL (09-09-51-801) PH-3T7 Tecnam P.92 Echo (773) Canx to D-MYEH 10.18.
76RQ Air Creation /iXess (A08094-8062)
76YF Fly Synthesis Storch (F1BC5091206C) REGISTER NOTES
76YK/F-JDKU Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-651/2018) PH-DSG Ce.172S (172S10705) Canx 17.9.18 to G-CLBJ.
77BCN/F-JROM Air Creation Tanarg/BioiX 15 (A10014-10009) PH-RND PA-46-500TP (4697450) Regn date 11.9.18.
77BDT/F-JRZL Aveko VL-3A (VL-3-74) PH-TWP PA-28RT-201 (28R-7918215) Canx 19.9.18 to G-CKZL.
77BRT/F-JBPR Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja (16110227)
78ALN/F-JVRL Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja (14040159)
ABN 4/18 PH-WBO Kubicek BB40Z (702) Canx 16.2.18 to S5-OSB.
83AQP Phoenix Air U15 (37/U15)
88OI/F-JUAI Humbert Tetras 912CS (189 12)
88QP/F-JBTB Humbert Tetras 912CS (229 6)
95AGT Air Creation Tanarg/BioniX X2 (A17026-17…) GERMANY
95AGV/F-JBVL Dynali H3 Easy Flyer (H3-50-1706)

ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS Very much a consolidation section this month as we await the third
ABN 9/18 F-HAUF AS.350B3 (7005) Canx 25.7.18 to 4L-EAA (not quarter changes. Our offering is bolstered somewhat by a welcome
4L-EEA). update on the ultralight register – grateful thanks are due to Robert
F-HNBC Aquila AT-01 (A01-253) ex D-EFOA. Swan for his input.
F-HPHI R44 II (11497) ex F-OPBG (not F-OPGB).
D-AFAN CL-600-2B19 (8081) Rent-a-Jet 10.18
BENELUX D-CDAG EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500480) 10.18
D-EFAA(3) TB-200 (2082) G.Schmitt 8.18
There is very little activity to report from anywhere in the area this D-E… Ce.172RG (172RG0567) 10.18
month with Belgian additions including a vintage Bell Sioux OO-DVM  [OY-IBM,PH-TWD,D-EIZZ,N5545V]
originally XT505. Dutch changes cover September from official sources. D-E… Ce.182T (18283046) [N527LG] 9.18
D-E… Cirrus SR22 (2206) [G-YORC,T7-BIG,N835SR] 10.18
NEW REGISTRATIONS D-E… Cirrus SR22T (1766) [N1983G] 10.18
LX-BEA Fire Balloons G26/24 (1743) Cercle Luxembourgeois D-E… PA-46-350P (4636688) [N899DF,N9539N] 9.18
de L’Aérostation ASBL 9.18 D-E… PZL-150A Koliber (04940067) [N150AQ] 9.18
LX-CLV ASK-21 (21379) Cercle Lux de Vol a Voile D-F… Ce.208B (208B5452) [N542EX] 10.18
– Useldange R9.18 D-HHHC(2) Agusta AW.109SP (22283) [JA777P] .18R
LX-VIP Falcon 8X (443) Global Jet Luxembourg D-HNHF EC.155B1(6828) 9.18
  [F-WWVW] – Luxembourg 10.18  [G-CKUY,(D-HBGC),OY-HJA,F-WWOC]
OO-DVM W-B.47G-3B-1 (WA/417) Busse Helikopters D-H… Bell 206B (4683) 10.18
  [D-HHHH,XT505] – Wevelgem 22.10.18  [C-GAMM(5),HP-1696,HP-1696SX,N388WT,C-FOFE]
OO-FSV Diamond DA62 (62.071) Degroote Trucks and D-H… Bell 505 (65153) [C-FZGN] 10.18
  [OE-FSV(2)] Trailers – Wevelgem 23.10.18 D-H… EC.155B1 (6757) [G-ISSV,F-WWOG] 10.18
OO-JOZ(3) Diamond DA40NG (40.N384) Propellor D-H… R22 Beta (1670) 10.18
– Wevelgem 24.10.18  [G-BTDI,PH-HTA,G-BTDI]
OO-MMT(2) Ce.560XLS (560-5593) Air Service Liege D-IKUG Beech 390 (RB-255) StarWings – Dortmund 10.18
– Antwerp 17.10.18  [N853DC,N69YM,N255AG,C-GYMB(2),N3355D]
 [D-CGMR,D-CCEA,EC-JXI,N593XL,N559CS,N5152X] D-…. DG-300 Elan (3E-202) 8.18
OO-NST BK.117D-2 (20221) Noordzee Helikopters  [OO-YDR,F-CFVQ,F-WFVQ]
  [D-HADY(8)] Vlaanderen – Ostend 17.10.18 D-…. Grob G.102 Astir CS (1431) [PH-557] 9.18
OO-H90 Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SL+ (20184303) RVDK D-…. Ka.6CR (6358) [OY-DMX] 10.18
        Consulting – Wevelgem 18.10.18 D-…. LS-6b (6188) [G-CKEP,BGA5035,F-CGUI] 10.18
OO-H91 Spacek SD-1 Minisport (160) M.Vermeulen
– (Mortsel) 19.10.18 CANCELLATIONS
PH-FFT Van’s RV-12iS (121054) T.Sijs – Lelystad 10.9.18 D-AFAC(2) CL-600-2B16 (5764) Canx to G-DAYR 10.18.

D-AGEU B737-75B (28104) Canx to N281WW 10.18. CANCELLATIONS
D-APLC Falcon 7X (77) Canx to C-GSTG(3) 10.18. The following accidents are also known:
D-ATUK B737-8K5 (39094) Canx to N748MA 10.18. D-MAWT(2) Silent Glider M – w/o on t/o at Merzenich-Morschenich
D-CAFE Dornier 228-212NG (8321) Canx to G-ETAC 9.18. airfield on 12.8.18.
D-CGMR Ce.560XLS (560-5593) Canx to OO-MMT(2) 10.18. D-MDVK(2) Spacek SD-1 Minisport (149) w/o near Nannhausen on
D-CMHD(2) Dornier 328-110 (3088) Canx to TF-ORI 9.18. 16.8.18.
D-CQAA Learjet 45 (45-122) Canx to N42487 8.18. D-MEIH Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-164/2007) w/o at Eichstätt
D-CSFD Ce.560XL (560-5022) Canx to N511WR 10.18. airfield on 8.9.18.
D-EDQR DR.400/180R (1047) Canx to HB-KLC 8.18. D-MEMY(2) Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-289/2008) Badly damaged
D-EEMY PA-32R-300 (32R-7780248) Canx to G-CLDD 10.18. in f/l S of Welcherath on 23.7.18.
D-ENLU F150H (F150-0220) Canx to ER-CTO .18. D-MESO Aeropilot Legend 540 (1638) Badly damaged on landing
D-EPRS(2) Cirrus SR22T (0520) Canx to N114LM 9.18. at Ampfing on 16.8.18.
D-EUWM Beech F33A (CE-1635) Canx to N70PG 9.18. D-MFSS(2) Ikarus C42 (0407-6617) Badly damaged on landing at
D-GAHS PA-30-160C (30-1929) Canx 12.2.18 to N111PL 9.18. Langeoog airfield on 24.7.18.
D-GEBD PA-44-180T (44-8207018) Canx 16.1.18 to F-HYPO 10.18. D-MOKE(2) Tecnam P.92 Echo (664) Crashed on landing at Wertheim-
D-HALG(2) R44 Raven (1552) Canx to OE-XLX 9.18. Dörlesberg airfield on 23.8.18.
D-HFCA(3) R44 Astro (0260) Canx to N855LS 9.18. D-MSRM Tecnam P.92 Echo (762) DBR in f/l near Umpferstedt on
D-HHHH W-B.47G-3B-1 (WA/417) Canx to OO-DVM 10.18. 2.9.18.
D-IBFT Beech B200 (BB-1535) Canx to N235LC 10.18. D-MVKR Sky-Walker II (268) w/o after t/o at Stadtlohn airfield on
D-IMAX(5) Ce.525A (525A-0195) Canx to OE-FAF 8.18. 2.9.18.
D-IURS Ce.525 (525-0343) Canx to N343HA 9.18.
D-IVIN Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (1159) Canx to LZ-ASR 9.18. REGISTER NOTES
D-KMCD DG-800B (8-180B104) Canx to HB-2605 8.18. D-MCNA B&F FK-9 Mk IV ELA (09-05-462) c/n confirmed.
D-OFHH Cameron N-105 (4803) Canx to PH-NIP 7.18. D-MHDF AutoGyro MTOsport (D09S53) c/n confirmed.
D-OIGL Fire Balloons G (1017) Canx to SP-BAN(3) 9.18. D-MIKF Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SL (20083501) c/n confirmed.
D-ORAT(2) Fire Balloons G (1451) Canx to OE-RAI 9.18. D-MVSD Tomark SD-4 Viper (0024) ex OM-M400.

The following accidents are also known: ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS

D-EFCF(2) Tecnam P.2008JC (1073) w/o and DBF after t/o from ABN 9/18 D-IAAI Do.28D-2 (4327) ex Kenya 115,D-IAUM.
Bonn-Hangelar on 16.10.18. D-HADZ(4) To MOI-68.
D-EFWM PA-28-181 (28-7790419) DBF following engine fire on
start-up at Speyer on 3.10.18.
D-HMCP(2) S.269C (S-1678) DBR in heavy landing at Schönhagen
airfield on 30.9.18. SCANDINAVIA
D-KOIW Discus bT (104/449) DBR in f/l at Hundsheim near
Spitzerberg, Austria on 13.10.18.
D-KOPR HK-36R Dimona (36347) w/o and DBF on approach to Our Nordic update this month follows its usual pattern with changes
Bad Kissingen on 5.10.18. from all areas to report. As always grateful thanks are due to Paul
D-OKHP Kubicek BB37Z (602) w/o after hitting HT wires at Compton of Nordic Research.
Bottrop, NRW on 30.9.18.
D-3745 ASK-18 (18018) w/o on approach to Essen-Mülheim NEW REGISTRATIONS
airfield on 30.9.18. LN-BKC(2) B737-8 (42836) Pembroke Aircraft Leasing 8 Ltd
   (Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA) – Gardermoen 7.9.18
REGISTER NOTES LN-GOL(2) DG-1000M (10-256M32) Hallingdal Flyklubb – Gol 13.9.18
D-EEUR Rallye 180TS (3248) Canx 7.6.18 to SP-GAL. LN-KVK PA-32-301XTC (3255024) K.V.Kvade – (Oslo) 4.9.18
D-GMCX PA-34-220T (34-8133004) Canx 22.5.18 to I-RIZZ 7.18.  [(LN-AEJ),N99XT,N30908]
LN-LNT B787-9 (38774) Wilmington Trust SP Services
ULTRALIGHT REGISTER     (Dublin) Ltd (Norwegian Air International)
NEW REGISTRATIONS   [G-CKLZ] – Gardermoen 10.9.18
D-MABI(2) Magni M-24 Orion (24159354) . LN-OFO Bell 205A-1 (30265) Skjolden Cruisekai AS
D-MARR(3) Magni M-24 Orion (24170874) .   [OE-EXS,N5002N] – Hønefoss 24.9.18
D-MBFB TL-3000 Sirius (17SI158) . LN-REV(2) Lancair 360 Mk II (816) R.E.Valvik – Førde 28.9.18
D-MCAH(2) EDM Aerotec CoAX 2D (AEH 0004) . LN-VIA(3) Ce.172S (172S8679) Tromsø Flyklubb – Tromsø
D-MDTD Tomark SD-4 Viper – .R  [YR-DMI,(TC-…),SE-MGD,N746SP] 3.9.18
D-MDVK(2) Spacek SD-1 Minisport (149) (See accidents) . OH-EKB Pilatus PC-12/47E (1742) BACA Hydra Leasing
D-MEAV TL-2000 Sting S4 (17ST455) .     GmbH (Hendell Aviation Oy) – Vantaa 5.10.18
D-MEGJ NIKI Rotor Aviation Lightning (L 0010/2016) .  [OE-EKB,HB-FQE(19)]
D-MEUB(2) Tomark SD-4 Viper (072/2016) . OH-SHT Diamond DA42NG (42.N341) J.A.Kurikka (Kurikka
D-MIAJ B&F FK-9 Mk.VI (prototype) – .P Flight Oy) 21.8.18
D-MICF Aeroprakt A-22L2 (552) . OH-SSS Pilatus PC-12/47E (1745) Warsley Holdings Ltd
D-MIYO Aeroprakt A-22L2 (536) .        (Hendell Aviation Oy) – Vantaa 4.9.18
D-MKRC(3) Aeroprakt A-32L (015) .P  [T7-SAI,HB-FQH(19)]
D-MMDG Aeroprakt A-22L2 (563) . OY-JGM J-3C-65 (9059) E.Møller – Tarm 11.10.18T
D-MMLM B&F FK-14B Polaris (014-161) .  [(OY-ANK),D-ELSU,OE-ABF,HB-OWX,N46448,
D-MNIA NIKI Rotor Aviation Kallithea (0010) . NC46448,43-2914,NC42013]
D-MNSK(2) Aeroprakt A-22L2 (479) . OY-JZI B737-83N (30643) Aercap Ireland Capital DAC 29.10.18T
D-MPCT(2) Shark Aero Shark – .R  [PK-CMV,PK-GEH,N319TZ]
D-MQLR Ultralight Concept SV-4RS (011) . OY-LOD Cameron TR-77 (12236) C.Mundt – (Albertslund) 11.10.18
D-MRZB Aeroprakt A-22L2 (542) . OY-NIW Witthøfft 77C (8709) N.Witthøfft
D-MYBH TL-2000 Sting S4 (16ST452) . – Frederikssund 11.10.18T
D-MYBW Blackwing – .R OY-RUN ATR-72-600 (1519) Aviation Denmark Leasing
D-MYDA TL-2000 Sting S4 (17ST457) .  [F-WWEW] Pte.Ltd 1.10.18T
D-MYEH Tecnam P.92 Echo (773) [PH-3T7] . OY-XXS Discus 2c FES (29) Aalborg Svaeveflyveklub
D-MZDI Magni M-24 Orion (24159224) . – Aars 5.10.18

OY-YCF ATR-72-212A (969) NAC Aviation 27 Ltd ABN 9/18 LN-UXC(3) PA-18-150 (18-3213) Frame noted at
  [PR-ATB,F-WWLT] – Billund 10.10.18T Ringsted in 6.18.
OY-YCO ATR-72-212A (996) NAC Aviation 29 DAC ABN 10/18 LN-OYW(2) EC.225LP (2935) Canx 20.8.18 to VP-CBX.
  [PR-ATJ,F-WWLU] – Billund 1.10.18 LN-OYX(2) EC.225LP (2862) Canx 20.8.18 to VP-CBW.
OY-YCU ATR-72-600 (1086) ALC ATR 726 1086 LLC
  [XA-NLP,F-WWEW] – Billund 6.10.18T
SE-JTC Agusta A.109E (11626) Aviation Network
  [A6-DBY] ANM AB – Borås 24.10.18
SE-KVL(2) Beech B200 (BB-829) Bromma Air Maintenance
AB – Bromma 10.10.18
A large section from the area this month with changes in most states
including updates from recent official listings in Estonia, Lithuania,
N225HP] (To Jonair Affärsflyg AB – Umeå 18.10.18)
Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Bob Sage brings us more ultralight
SE-MFR(2) F.27-050 (20264) Largus Aviation AB (Amapola
news in OK and OM and we benefit from excellent trip reports thanks
Flyg AB) – Arlanda 24.10.18
to Pete Bish, Bob Rongé and Lutwick Aviation Group.
SE-MFU(2) F.27-050 (20145) Largus Aviation AB (Amapola
ES-ECI Ce.A185F (18503201) Argo Trading OÜ .
Flyg AB) – Arlanda 26.10.18
ES-HAI Cameron Z-210 (10505) Aeroklubi Airventures .
SE-MIZ(2) Tecnam P.2008-JC (1114) Aviation Network
ES-HRB R44 II (14175) Helicraft OÜ 9.18
ANM AB – Borås 8.10.18
SE-XJJ Van’s RV-4 (2286-697) 3.10.18
ES-PAL Piaggio P.180 (3006) Lenoka Ltd (Panaviatic AS)
SE-ZIC(2) Lindstrand LBL-90A (786) 12.10.18
  [HB-LYA] – Tallinn 1.18
TF-ORI Dornier 328-110 (3088) Flugfelagid Ernir ehf
ES-RZO Extra EA.300/L (1241) Sarto Holding OÜ 7.18
– Reykjavik 2.10.18
D-CDXU(2)] ES-XKL Type unknown (Homebuilt) – (See notes) .
ES-AIR Gulfstream G150 (245) 10.18
Norway (LN)  [N162RU,M-STEP,OE-GSK,N745GA,4X-TRA]
CANCELLATIONS ES-2020 Type unknown (6088) Talinna Aeroklubi MTÜ
LN-GXX ASK-21Mi (21842) Canx 25.9.18. (See notes) .
ES-7110 L-13SW Vivat (870207) Viljandi Lennuklubi MTÜ .
Denmark (OY)  [OK-7110]
CANCELLATIONS HA-1302 SF-25 – Base Budaors .18
OY-ALW Miles M.28 Mercury (6268) Canx 27.9.18 to G-AHAA. LY-BFJ Farman III – 9.18
OY-DMX Ka.6CR (6358) Canx 10.10.18 to Germany. LY-FTG Ce.172 – 9.18
OY-HOK EC.225LP (2839) Canx 29.8.18 to VP-CBU. LY-FTK Ce.172 – 9.18
OY-HOS EC.225LP (2841) Canx 29.8.18 to VP-CBV. LY-LMA Ce.A150L (A1500433) [N6156F] R9.18
OY-HVB Agusta AW.139 (31480) Canx 3.10.18 to TC-HKI. LY-ZBM Ventus c – 9.18
OY-IBM Ce.172RG (172RG0567) Canx 28.9.18 to Germany. LY-… ASW-20 (20316) [I-SCFL] 10.18
OY-PAA A321-251N (8145) Canx 26.10.18 to Austria. LY-… Pegasus XL-Q (SW-WQ-0134) [G-MVKW] 10.18
OY-PAF A321-251N (8318) Canx 26.10.18 to Austria. LZ-ASR Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (1159) 25.9.18
OY-PSA B737-8Q8 (30688) Canx 26.10.18 to Austria.  [D-IVIN,I-FEMA]
OY-PSE B737-809 (30664) Canx 26.10.18 to Austria. LZ-AWQ A319-112 (2905) 4.10.18
OY-VXZ LS-1f (171) w/o at Gesten 3.9.17. Canx 16.10.18 as  [B-6159,D-AVWQ]
destroyed. LZ-AWR A319-112 (2935) 4.10.18
OY-YCB ATR-42-500 (554) Canx 22.10.18 to PR-OHS.  [B-6165,D-AVWM]
OY-YCE ATR-72-600 (1471) Canx 24.10.18 to the Philippines but LZ-FAB ATR-42-320 (121) 3.9.18
became B-28088.  [EI-SLO,HB-AFD,F-WQNA,LZ-ATA,F-WQNA,
Sweden (SE) LZ-GNA B737-86N (34247) 9.10.18
SE-DSP Avro 146-RJ100A (E3242) Ferried to Kastrup 26.2.18 for LZ-GNB B737-86N (28618) 10.10.18
storage and scrapping. Canx 24.10.18 as scrapped.  [YL-PSD,OY-PSD,TF-JXH,OK-TVQ,EC-ILX,
SE-JIB AS.365N2 (6404) Canx 1.10.18 to France. OK-TVQ,N1786B]
SE-UMB DG-800B (8-144B68) anx 18.10.18 to Germany. LZ-NRP ADler (Paramotor) (AD 180401) 22.10.18
SE-XOO Steen Skybolt (001-809) CofA lapsed 31.12.08 after OK-CZE Cirrus SR22 (4677) Aeromec Spol s.r.o. 3.9.18
accident at Haderslev 26.4.08. Canx 25.10.18 to Denmark.  [N677CZ]
SE-YHZ Akka (40010-498) Permit expired 26.3.99. Canx 18.10.18 OK-DAH Cirrus SR22 (4053) itself s.r.o. (MS Trans a.s.) 11.9.18
as scrapped.  [F-HJET,N4053M]
OK-GTN Ce.152 (15282148) F Air Spol s.r.o. – Benesov 13.9.18
SE-RLD B767-281BDSF (22788) West Atlantic Sweden AB OK-JRI LET L-410UVP-E20 (3202) Aircraft Industries a.s. 8.8.18
 [N773AX,JA8482,N1784B]  – Göteborg 27.9.18R OK-JRJ LET L-410UVP-E20 (3203) Aircraft Industries a.s. 4.9.18
SE-ZON UltraMagic M-90 (90/98) [G-PENH] 1.10.18R OK-JRK LET L-410UVP-E20 (3204) Aircraft Industries a.s. 20.9.18
OK-PMG PA-46-350P (4636725) OK Aviation Wings s.r.o. 8.10.18
Iceland (TF)  [N7120U,N9546N]
CANCELLATIONS OK-1986 Cameron Z-105 (11157) T.Haban 21.9.18
TF-BBD B737-3YOF (24463) Canx 23.10.18.  [G-CROP]
TF-FTZ Ce.172S (172S8105) Canx 16.10.18. OK-9797 LS-8-18 (8336) S.Zapletal 21.8.18
ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS OK-…. Ventus 2cM (41/73) 10.18
ABN 7/18 OY-JAN Ce.177B (17701917) Canx 29.5.18 to UR-JAN  [G-IIIO,PH-1110,D-KBBF]
10.18. OM-ARR Eurofox 912 (53818) R.Repcik 9.18

TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting S4 OK-XUA 48 (18ST469) at Blois on 31st August 2018. [Brian G Nichols]

JMB Aircraft VL-3 Evolution Turbo OM-M610 (VL-3-281) at Blois on 1st September 2018. [Brian G Nichols]

TB-20 Trinidad HA-BNM at Ocseny on 4th October 2018. [Peter J.Bish]

OM-MGH Z-37T Agro Turbo (021) Air Patrol Repulogepes KfT REGISTER NOTES
  [HA-MGH(2),OK-SJN] (Aero Slovakia a.s.) 9.18 LY-APA MS.880B (1725) Dismantled airframe offered for sale as a
OM-UJO Z-137T Agro Turbo (031) Aero Slovakia a.s. 9.18 project in 10.18.
  [HA-MFZ,OK-UJO] LY-XAO HB-207 Alpha – Offered for sale 10.18.
YL-CSL BD-500-1A11 (55041) Air Baltic – Riga 10.18
 [C-FOVP] Bulgaria (LZ)
YL-CSM BD-500-1A11 (55042) Air Baltic – Riga 11.18 CANCELLATIONS
 [C-FOVX] LZ-CEB Agusta A.109K2 (10014) Canx to 4L-UKA 9.18.
YR-… Beech A36 (E-2788) 10.18
 [G-FOZZ,N345SF,D-EUWR,N82404] The following were canx between 24.8.18 and 24.10.18:
LZ-AWA A330-223 (255) Stored at St.Athan from 3.17. Canx.
Estonia (ES) LZ-CBY Cameron Z-275 (10342) Canx.
LZ-DBI Tecnam P.92-JS (138) Canx.
LZ-DBV Tecnam P.92-JS (48) Canx.
ES-XKL This is similar to a scaled-down version of the Lancair –
LZ-GES Super Petrel 100 (S0204) Canx.
photos show the aircraft active since at least mid-2015.
LZ-GVG Rally 105 (3) Canx.
ES-2020 Type not quoted – Believed to be LS-6 c/n 6088 ex
LZ-LDY DC-9-82 (49213) WFU and stored at Varna 10.17. Canx.
D-6370. To be confirmed.
LZ-PBI L-13SE Vivat (840008) Canx.
LZ-REC Cameron C-80 (10435) Canx.
Hungary (HA)
LZ-SAX Thrush S.2R-H80 (H80-161DC) Canx.
CANCELLATIONS LZ-SMR Lindstrand LBL-260A (1034) Canx.
HA-MFZ Z-137T Agro Turbo (031) Canx to OM-UJO 9.18. LZ-STS Swan II (MK04 030701) Canx.
HA-MGH(2) Z-37T Agro Turbo (021) Canx to OM-MGH 9.18. LZ-VID Enstrom 480B (5022) w/o at Cherna skala near Kardzhali
province 9.9.16. Canx.
REGISTER NOTES LZ-1200 Antonov AN-2 (1G206-17) Canx.
HA-OTN Ce.310C (35857) Recently flown back to Ocseny by the LZ-1221 Antonov AN-2 (1G213-12) Canx.
Multifly owner from storage in the Nevada desert. LZ-3040 Z-37 Cmelak (14-28) Canx.
Multifly now operate pilot training from Ocseny using LZ-3108 Z-37 Cmelak (17-23) Canx.
Cessnas HA-BEI/BEK/BHF/VEW and WAY. Also resident is LZ-6033 Kamov Ka-26 (7504811) Canx.
Ce.310Q HA-EAB (310Q0490). LZ-6042 Kamov Ka-26 (7505314) w/o near Nessebar 19.5.16. Canx.
HA-SKF Ce.150M (15077223) Dismantled at Ocseny 9.18
following its accident on 4.9.16. REGISTER NOTES
HA-4025-“TJ” K.7 (501) Tailcode confirmed. The following identities are now confirmed:
HA-4385 SZD-30 Pirat (S-08.37) Rear fuselage only noted at LZ-AAD Ce.R172K-XP (R1722080) ex N2428L. Exported to
Dunajvaros 10.18. Bulgaria 6.08.
HA-4529-“W1” PIK-20B (20048) Tailcode confirmed. LZ-ACT Cameron Z-120 (11522) ex G-OLFF. Regd 8.2.17.
HA-4542 Grob G.102 Astir CS Jeans (1425) Fuselage only noted at LZ-LAF A320-231 (320) ex XB-OQV,XA-MXX,F-OHML,XA-RJZ,
Dunajvaros 10.18. F-WWBI. Regd 2.2.17.
HA-6001 Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4 (1371) Noted based in trailer at LZ-LAG A320-231 (321) ex XB-OQW,XA-MXY,F-OHMM,XA-RKA,
Dunaujvaros 10.18. F-WWBK. Regd 2.2.17.
OE-AVR F150G (F150-0138) Noted stripped down at Budaors LZ-LBM Little Big (1) Regd as “experimental” 29.9.16.
10.18 probably for HA-registry. LZ-MAR FC-3 (1) Regd as “experimental” 21.11.16. Presumably this is
the same a/c previously known as the Marinossian M-235.
Bob Rongé reports the following notes: LZ-PDM Beech 390 (RB-125) ex VQ-BEP,G-PHTO,N312SL,N3725F.
Gyor-Bony 22.6.18 Regd 26.8.16.
HA-JAD Yak-18T (5200509) Fuselage without wings and tail LZ-SAX Thrush S.2R-H80 (H80-161DC) ex T7-…,N62082. Regd
parked outside with no marks. 9.3.17. (Exported to San Marino 6.14 but no T7 marks
HA-MIL Enstrom 280C (1021) Parked outside with all rotor blades known).
missing. LZ-SBB PA-38-112 (38-80A0102) ex SP-KMU,LY-…,F-GPHP,
HA-YNC Antonov AN-2 – Parked outside with “Air Church” titles in D-EKEF(2),N9691N. Regd 15.12.16.
poor condition. LZ-SHI Kubicek BB22E (1069) Regd 26.2.15.
“17” Sukhoi SU-26 – Remains dumped outside. LZ-SHS Pegasus Quasar 2 TC (SW-TQC-0070) Regd 5.1.17.
Also present were six former Hungarian AF Yak-52’s dismantled in a LZ-SLM M-320 Agent (2) Regd 28.4.16.
Czech Republic (OK)
Fertöszentmiklos 22.6.18
D-EKTF TB-10 (375) Resident hangared.
OK-BEM(1) Beech 400A (RK-16) Canx 9.18.
D-ENJM MS.892A (11877) Resident hangared.
OK-JRG LET L-410UVP-E20 (3120) Canx to Russia 8.18.
D-KGAE SF-25C (4221) Resident hangared.
OK-JRH LET L-410UVP-E20 (3201) Canx to Russia 8.18.
D-KICI(3) H-36 Dimona (3604) Resident hangared.
OK-OKP Cirrus SR22T (0701) Canx to 2-RORO 8.18.
D-KLVG AVO 68v Samburo (023) Resident hangared.
OK-TVG B737-8Q8 (30719) Canx 10.18 on winter lease as C-GTVG.
D-MKOL Kiebitz B2 (076) Resident hangared.
OK-TVM B737-8FN (37077) Canx 10.18 on winter lease as
F-JVXJ JMB VL-3 Evolution – Resident hangared.
N60695 S.205-20/R (4-109) Euroaviation. Resident hangared.
OK-TVV B737-86N (38027) Canx 10.18 on winter lease as
N64717 PA-60-602P (60-8265039) Resident hangared.
OE-AEZ Champion 7GCBC (097) Hangared. OK-9104 L-13SW Vivat (890311) Canx to UR-KRAB 9.18.
OE-AMA Beech 77 (WA–251) Hangared.
OE-DIE(2) PA-22-135 (22-1067) Resident hangared. REGISTER NOTES
OM-EIB Antonov AN-2 (1G151-53) Hangared. OK-BEM Beech 400A (RK-67) This should be (2). Replaces OK-
BEM(1) (RK-16) now canx as above.
Lithuania (LY)
LY-MTO AutoGyro MTOSport (M01132) Canx 9.18. OK-IUL 12 Qualt 200J – Base Koszalin,Poland .
LY-MZL SZD-41A Jantar Standard (B-803) Canx 9.18. OK-OZN 08 Quasar – .

OK-PUF 38 Ikarus Comco Fox-C22 – . Trnava
OK-SUF 47 Zenair CH-701 – . OM-LNT Zlin Z.142 (0260) Hangared dismantled without engine.
OK-UUA 99 TL Stream (15STRM001) .15 OM-NNQ Zlin Z.142 (0334) Stored in hangar.
OK-UUO 16 Air Lony Skylane – .15 OM-PNQ Zlin Z.142 (0408) Stored intact in a hangar.
OK-UUR 33 Evektor EV-97 Eurostar – Base Frydlant .15 N59NW Ce.208 (20800546) Based.
OK-UUU 69 D.5 Turbi – Base Strunkovice .15 OK-3432 Orlik – fuselage and wings in the roof of a hangar.
OK-VUR 06 Directfly Alto 912ULS (DF064) .16 OK-7418/”44” VT-116 Orlik II – Suspended WFU in hangar roof.
OK-VUR 12 BRM Bristell NG5 UL – .16 OK-7419/”33” VT-116 Orlik II – As OK-7418.
OK-WAR 22 TechPro Dusty – .17 OK-8420/”3” VT-116 Orlik II – as OK-3432.
OK-WUL 27 A2 Ellipse Spirit – .17
OK-WUR 16 BRM Aero Bristell NG5 – .17
Noted on the Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic production line were c/ns
OK-WUU 10 Skyleader GP-One – .17
DY654/655/656/657/661 and DY-K98/K99.
OK-WWD 04 Celier Xenon 4 – Base Poland .17
OK-WZC 28 Apollo – .17 Sladkovicovo Kosuty
OK-XAA 67 BRM Aero Bristell ELSA (349/2018) .18 HA-YAM Yak 18T (22202047812) Fuselage stored outside – wings
OK-XAE 22 Direct Fly Alto – Base Pribram .18 missing.
OK-XKD 14 Grunau Baby Replica “Dora” – Base Medlanky .18 OM-M601 Zenair CH-601 – fuselage in hangar.
OK-XUA 48 TL-2000 Sting S4 (18ST469) .18
Horne Oresany
OK-XWC 55 AutoGyro Cavalon – .18
This is a former state controlled farming estate where several Z.37s are
CANCELLATIONS dumped outside in the remains of a collapsed building – all fuselages with
The following accidents are also known: the wings lying on the ground:
OK-DUD 18 Twin – w/o on 21.8.10. OM-AIV Z-37A (18-08)
OK-TUO 99 Fantasy Air Cora – w/o 30.5.17. OM-CJN Z-37A (14-21)
OK-TWD 01 Trendak Zen-1 – w/o in Poland 9.18. OM-CKO Z-37A (15-30)
OM-DKZ Z-37A (19-30)
OK-PUR 11 Correct type is BRM Aero Bristell UL. OM-EJE Z-37A (20-16)
OK-XUS 29 Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY-K93/2018) c/n OM-EJG Z-37A
confirmed. OM-FJA Z–37A (21-05) still intact
OM-FJC Z-37A – almost intact – no engine and wing damaged
Slovakia (OM) OM-FJZ Z-37A (21-20)
OM-HJH Z-37 (23-22)
OM-ARH Zlin Z-50LX (0076) Canx 9.18. Nove Zamky
OM-MNR Zlin Z-142 (0287) Canx 9.18. OM-COP Zlin Z.43 (0009) stored minus engine.
OM-UJG Z-37 Kurier (009P) Canx 9.18. Dubova
OM-8255 DG-800S (8-255S49) Canx 9.18. G-ASYG/VX927  Terrier 2 (B.637) Resident.
G-BRUJ Boeing A75N1 (75-4299) Resident.
REGISTER NOTES N11824 Ce.150L (15075652) Resident.
OM-AKC Ce.182T (18281846) ex N60712. Confirmed still current. N681BA Diamond DA40 (40.976) Resident.
OM-EAB Ce.172N (17268704) ex OK-EAB,OK-EVZ,YL-CDA,D-EKRL, OE-CUV J-3C-65 Cub (11756) Resident.
N734AN. Confirmed current based at Nitra.
OM-3011 Kubicek BB26N (100) ex OO-BOW. c/n confirmed (Canx ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
from Belgium 11.1.18). NEW REGISTRATIONS
OM-M023 Christen Eagle UL – Base Hungary .
The following glider tailcodes are also now known: OM-H066 Aeros (Trike) – Base Senica .
OM-0329/”01” Centrair 101A (101A0329) OM-M105 Tecnam P.2002 Sierra – .
OM-0411/”BA3” Grob G.103 Twin II (3577) OM-M202(2) Zenair CH-601UL/TD – Base Spisska Nova Ves .
OM-1117/”VV” Ventus 2cT (122) OM-M278 Tomark MD-3R Rider – .
OM-2069/”BA5” ASW-15B (15245) OM-M316 Fly Synthesis Storch – .
OM-4488/”BA6” ASW-19 (19372) OM-M605 Tomark SD-4 Viper – Base Senica .
OM-8136/”2X” Duo Discus (83) OM-M610 JMB VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-281) .
OM-M611 BRM Aero Bristell UL – .
The following are welcome notes from 6.18 and 9.18 thanks to both Bob
OM-M622 BRM Aero Bristell UL (265/2017) .
Rongé and the Lutwick Aviation Group:
OM-S707(2) TsT 14 Bonus (14010606) .
OM-M727 Joker Tyger G7 (gyrocopter) – Base Trnava .
N700AM Ce.337G (33701801) Recently imported and just
OM-M807 JMB VL-3 Evolution – Base Senica .
assembled – will remain based.
OM-M810 JMB VL-3 Evolution – .
N947US Diamond DA40 (40.947) Resident.
OM-S039 Blackshape Prime – Base Saucats,France .
The following were noted in the Aero Slovakia compound: OM-S055 Eurofox – Base Nitra .
HA-MFZ Z-137T (031) Complete (see above). OM-S111 Shark Aero Shark – .
HA-MGH(2) Z-37T (021) Engine missing (see above). OM-S210 LET-Mont Tulak – .
OM-DJU Z-37 (18-05) Still on display in their ‘museum’ outside OM-S444 Shark Aero Shark (053) .
their hangars. OM-S888 Moby Dick – Base Surany .
OM-GJX Z-37A (22-19) OM-S911 Eurofox – Base Dubova .
OM-HJX Z-37 (23-25) OM-S914 Eurofox – .
OM-KJR Z-37A (24-06)
OM-OJN Z-37 (25-21) OM-M202(1) Fantasy Air Cora – Presumed Canx.
OM-TOP Z-137T (053) Engine missing. OM-S707(1) Test TsT 14 Bonus – Presumed Canx.
OM-UJG Z-37 (009P)
OM-VIB Z-137T (033) Latvia (YL)
OM-VIG Z-137T (038) Engine missing. CANCELLATIONS
OM-YJG Z-37 (08-07) Still airworthy. YL-PSD B737-86N (28618) Canx to LZ-GNB 10.18.

YL-PSH B737-86N (34247) Canx to LZ-GNA 10.18. 4L-AVN Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (95604) Aviaservice 23.2.18
Romania (YR) 4L-MGT ERJ-190-200LR (19000029) Georgian Airways
YR-BAO B737-42C (24813) Canx to N913NZ 10.18. 4L-RSA PZL-104 Wilga 35A (15800571) Wings 4 Sky
YR-BAQ B737-4D7 (28702) Canx to N902NZ 10.18.   [YL-CBB,DOSAAF] Group SIA 3.5.18
YR-JTG R44 II (12168) Canx to G-LINJ 10.18. 4L-UKA Agusta A.109K2 (10014) Geo Sky 10.9.18
ABN 9/18 OK-TUK 01 Should have read OK-DUK 01. Moldova (ER)
OK-HZJ 01 Should have read OK-HZJ 02. CANCELLATIONS
OK-… Enstrom 480B (5242/5243) Both to Czech ER-AFI Antonov AN-32B (3205) Canx to UR-JOZ 10.18.
Belarus (EW)
RUSSIA EW-081SL Correct type is an Aeromekhanika AM-Cruiser gyro.
EW-326AB Antonov AN-2R (1G211-45) ex EW-32686,CCCP-32686,
DOSAAF – Note corrected c/n.
This month we feature another Russian update from October from EW-396CM Kamov Ka-26 (7504906) ex RA-19401.
official sources thanks to Jos Stevens.In addition we also have news from EW-396TE Mil Mi-8MSB (9765118) Sold to the Ukraine Army 10.14.
Moldova, Belarus and Georgia, while thanks are also due to Pete Longley.
Turkmenistan (EZ)
EK-H002 EC.130T2 (8167) Armenian Helicopters .18
EZ-A101 B717-22K (55153) Ferried to Kemble for part-out 12.10.18.
EZ-A102 B717-22K (55154) Ferried to Kemble for part-out 29.10.18.
ER-00003 A320-232 (3577) Fly One 5.18
EZ-A107 B717-200 (55187) Ferried to Kemble for part-out 3.10.18.
ER-CTO F150H (F150-0220) DPA .18
Russia (RA)
ER-MYM Mil Mi-17-1V (229M02) .18 CANCELLATIONS
 [OB-2048-P,OB-2048-T,EX-08021] The following were canx between 27.8.18 and 16.10.18:
EW-032AB Antonov AN-2 (1G236-03) [DOSAAF] . RA-01503 Pilatus PC-12/47 (882) Canx to N882PC.
(Converted to an An-2MS (TVS-2MS) by 7.18) RA-01504 Pilatus PC-12/47E (1026) Canx to N881FG.
EW-041AS PZL-104 Wilga 35 (85262) [EW-041AL] . RA-01505 Pilatus PC-12/47E (1029) Canx to N88AQ.
EW-057AM Yak-52 (8910202) [DOSAAF] . RA-01900 Agusta A.109E (11731) Canx.
EW-422LL Ce.177 – . RA-14268 Mil Mi-2 (5411221041) Canx.
EW-423LL Zlin Z.226 – . RA-15101 M-101T Gzhel (1501001) Canx.
EW-479CM Kamov Ka-26 – . RA-15106 M-101T Gzhel (1501006) Canx.
EW-482CD Antonov AN-2R (1G190-34) . RA-15109 M-101T Gzhel (1501009) Canx.
 [RA-84602,RF-02332(2),CCCP-84602] RA-15110 M-101T Gzhel (1501010) Canx.
EW-484TI Antonov AN-12BK (9346308) Ruby Star . RA-15112 M-101T Gzhel (1501012) Canx.
 [4K-AZ63,UR-CBU,4K-AZ18,RA-12108, RA-15650 Mil Mi-2 (5410427117) Canx.
LZ-BFE,RA-12108,CCP-12108] RA-15651 Mil Mi-2 (5410428117) Canx.
EW-499SL Tomark SD-4 Viper (22480) . RA-15654 Mil Mi-2 (5410431117) Canx.
EW-501LL Pilatus PC-12/47E (1739) [HB-FQB(19)] . RA-19349 Kamov Ka-26 (7303605) Canx.
EW-502LL Pilatus PC-12/47E (1753) [HB-FQP(19)] . RA-19432 Kamov Ka-26 (7706213) Canx.
EW-504LL Cetus A700 – . RA-24308 Kamov Ka-26 (7706010) Canx.
EW-507SL Tomark SD-4 Viper – . RA-33371 Antoov AN-2 (1G226-30) Canx.
EW-777SL Grumman G.44 Widgeon (1349) . RA-42424 Yak-42D (4520421502016) Canx.
 [N62095,NC62095,Bu.A37719] RA-42549 Yak-42D (11140105) Canx.
RA-01635 Bell 407GX (54695) 4.10.18 RA-85625 Tupolev TU-154M (87A752) Canx.
 [C-FPWZ] RA-85751 Tupolev TU-154M (92A933) Canx.
RA-01684 Agusta AW.189 (49038) 20.9.18 RA-85778 Tupolev TU-154M (93A962) Canx.
 [I-RAIQ] RA-0002A Avatar – Canx.
RA-01687 Agusta AW.189 (49044) 20.9.18 RA-0034G Aviatik 890SH – Canx.
 [I-RAIQ] RA-0776G Parapente – Canx.
RA-01692 Agusta AW.189 (49055) 9.10.18 RA-0948G 100 (Trike) – Canx.
 [I-EASN] RA-0970G 12 – Canx.
RA-01693 Agusta AW.189 (49013) 3.9.18 RA-1154G Zenair CH-601 Zodiac – Canx.
 [OY-HMP,I-RAIM] RA-1272G Red Liner – Canx.
RA-02776 BAe.125-800B (258180) 9.10.18 RA-1906G A-22 Sokol – Canx.
 [VP-BMH,G-BZNR,G-XRMC,G-5-675] RA-2316G AX-8 Infiniti – Canx.
RA-02799 Beech 390 (RB-279) 24.8.18 RA-2481G L-44m – Canx.
 [N775CM,N8079R] RA-2536G Ce.180K (18052665) Canx. (Exported as N7540K to Russia
RA-07333 AS.350B3e (8580) 11.10.18 3.12).
 [F-WWPX] RA-2637G Phaeton – Canx.
RA-22811 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (97454) 28.9.18
RA-22824 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643177569U) 28.9.18 The following accidents are also known:
RA-22834 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643177685U) 31.8.18 RA-04392 R44 (2177) DBR in heavy landing in mountainous terrain
RA-89115 Sukhoi RRJ-95B (95166) 13.9.18 in the Momsky district,Sakha Republic on 29.9.18.
RA-89116 Sukhoi RRJ-95B (95165) 30.8.18 RA-05758 R44 II (13551) w/o 5 kms W of Bodaybo, Irkutsk region,
4L-AAK B737-36N (28671) Bravo Air – Tbilisi 7.8.18 Siberia on 1.10.18.
 [N871TM,LN-KKL,N671SR,PP-VPS] RA-07272 AS.350B3 (7704) w/o near Vonyshevo,Kostroma Oblast
4L-ADJ Bell 505 (65074) Aviator+ 15.6.18 on 3.10.18.

RA-1349G Z-37 Cmelak (20-26) w/o while spraying at Tagay, UR-CPM A321-211 (2965) Canx 9.18 to Iran.
Ulyanovsk region on 12.9.18. UR-CPO B737-524 (28919) Canx 10.18.
UR-CPX DC-9-83 (53597) Canx 9.18 to Iran.
REGISTER NOTES UR-CQC DC-9-83 (53625) Canx 9.18 to Iran.
RA-2608G Previously reported as a Ce.150M photo evidence at UR-CQS B737-5Q8 (28201) Canx 8.18 to Iran.
Komsomolsk-na-Amur in 2.17 shows this is a Interavia UR-ELU SAAB 340B (340B-360) Canx 9.18.
MAPO SL-39VM-1. UR-GDF Agusta AW.109SP (22237) Canx 9.18.
UR-MSF Mil Mi-8MSB (9744312) Canx 10.18.
A-SUFFIX REGISTER UR-TBF AS.355F2 (5513) Canx 8.18.
RA-0698A MD-50 – 3.9.18 UR-TID PA-28-140 (28-7325451) Re-regd UR-HOE 8.18. Canx.
RA-0699A SP-30KHF – 3.9.18
RA-0701A MBA-2 – 3.9.18 The following accidents are also known:
RA-0702A PEGAS – 1.10.18 UR-MHP BK.117C-2 (9238) w/o after t/o on Trukhaniv Island on
RA-0703A BOSS – 2.10.18 6.9.18.
UR-TWO LET L-410UVP (841328) w/o on approach to Yirol airport,
G-SUFFIX REGISTER South Sudan on 9.9.18.
RA-2930G RusBal AT104 Model 902TA (25018) 30.8.18
RA-2946G AX-8 Phantom – 17.9.18
ABN 9/18 UR-OSV Yak-18T (22202044755) ex UR-SLA,UR-SLAW,
RA-2950G AX-8 Zjemtchuzjina – 17.9.18
RA-2953G Yak-12M – 5.9.18
RA-2954G Ce.A150K – 5.9.18
RA-2955G R22 – 7.9.18
RA-2958G Zlin Z-142 – 11.9.18
RA-2960G AX-7 Tin’koff – 14.9.18
RA-2961G Flying Fish – 3.10.18 Swiss changes take the register to mid-October and feature mainly
RA-2963G Ce.182A – 5.10.18 Pilatus products with the addition of an ex-British Cessna and two
RA-2964G Wilga 299 – 9.10.18 Warriors from South Africa. Austrian changes come as always from
RA-2965G Ezjik- 9.10.18 Austro-Control and the Aero Club thanks to Michael Riedel and cover
RA-6000G RusBal AT104 Model 70TA (18818) 5.10.18 September with a few later changes added.


CANCELLATIONS HB-FBY(2) Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 (1014) ⎫ 8.10.18
4L-GFG PA-34-220T (34-8333042) Canx. HB-FQO(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1830) ⎪ 5.10.18
4L-TGM B737-76N (29904) Canx to OE-IHP 9.18. HB-FQP(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1831) ⎪ 26.9.18
HB-FQQ(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1832) ⎪ 21.9.18
REGISTER NOTES HB-FQR(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1833) ⎪ Pilatus Flug- 18.9.18
4L-EAA AS.350B3 (7005) Regd to Aero Expedition 30.7.18. Note HB-FQS(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1834) ⎪ zeigwerke AG 17.10.18
correct marks – not 4L-EEA as on SEP.1771. HB-FQT(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1835) ⎪ (For delivery) 1.10.18
HB-FQU(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1836) ⎪ 9.10.18
ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS HB-FQV(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1837) ⎪ 12.10.18
ABN 8/18 RA-0670A Type is Albatros AS-2 (The Albatros design HB-FQW(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1838) ⎪ 25.10.18
bureau later became Sigma). HB-HWD(2) Pilatus PC-21 (263) ⎭ 8.10.18
RA-2341G Correct type is MVEN MV-500. HB-JXL A320-214 (8075) easyJet Switzerland – Geneva 10.18R
RA-2877G Type is a Borey (not Vorey).  [G-EZRR,D-AUBB]
HB-LMN Ce.340A (340A0948) S.Bonforte – Grenchen R3.9.18
HB-PZR PA-28-161 (2842295) Aéro Club de Genève
       Groupe Vol a Moteur – Geneva 14.9.18
Another update extracted from official sources with thanks again to HB-PZS PA-28-161 (2842296) Aéro Club de Genève
Jos Stevens takes the register to late October 2018.        Groupe Vol a Moteur – Geneva 14.9.18
NEW REGISTRATIONS HB-QQF Cameron Z-120 (12215) Ballonverein Seerugge
UR-AND Guimbal Cabri G2 (1226) 24.10.18 – (Homburg) 5.9.18
UR-CSA DC-9-82 (49891) Air Fleet Management SAL HB-QWD Kubicek BB37Z (1494) Ballonclub Flims
  [N7514A] (Bravo Airways) – Kiev 10.10.18   (Ballonsport-Club Emil Messner) – (Maienfeld) 20.9.18
UR-DED MS.893A (11669) 5.10.18 HB-QZP Kubicek BB37Z (1475) Ballongruppe
 [CS-DCX,D-EGGD]          Fürstenwald – (Oberuzwil) 3.9.18
UR-HAA R66 (0886) 19.10.18 HB-SYA Pipistrel Alpha Electro 167 (826AE60)
UR-HOE PA-28-140 (28-7325451) 8.18      AlpinAirPlanes GmbH – Ecuvillens 12.9.18
 [UR-TID,RA-3258K,D-EKAR,N11C] HB-VSR Pilatus PC-24 (117) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
UR-HWW R44 (2554) 19.10.18 – Stans 17.9.18
UR-JAN Ce.177B (17701917) 3.10.18 HB-VSS Pilatus PC-24 (118) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
 [OY-JAN,TF-RUN,TF-ILO,TF-IOO(2),N34640] – Stans 26.9.18
UR-JOZ Antonov AN-32B (3205) 4.10.18 HB-VST Pilatus PC-24 (119) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
 [ER-AFI,ER-ADI,UR-48140,RA-48140] – Stans 5.10.18
UR-… Ce.182P (18260835) 8.18 HB-VSU Pilatus PC-24 (120) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
 [G-BAAT,N399JF,G-BAAT,N9295G] – Stans 16.10.18
UR-KRAB L-13SW Vivat (890311) [OK-9104] 27.9.18 HB-VTB Ce.525 (525-0947) TC Aviation AG – Stans 22.10.18
CANCELLATIONS HB-YSC Van’s RV-12 (120832) C.Schnyder – Langenthal 20.9.18
UR-COF A320-212 (409) Canx 8.18. HB-YVJ Van’s RV-10 (41015) G.D.Anderson – Birrfeld 6.9.18

OE-GTS Ce.560XLS+ (560-6255) Porsche Air Service Switzerland (HB)
GmbH – Salzburg 28.9.18
OE-HNB BD-100-1A10 (20071) International Jet
HB-AER Dornier 328-100 (3066) WFU and stored at Bern since
     Management GmbH – Schwechat 3.9.18
2.17. Canx 5.9.18.
HB-CDR F150L (F15001105) Canx 15.10.18 to F-HISR.
OE-IHE A320-232 (1497) 3.10.18
HB-CIP F172P (F17202153) Canx 14.9.18.
HB-FQJ(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1825) Canx 4.10.18 to N825NX.
OE-IHF A319-132 (2404) 2.10.18
HB-FQK(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1826) Canx 11.10.18 to N124U.
HB-FQL(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1827) Canx 22.10.18 to N23GM.
OE-IHG A319-132 (2452) 2.10.18
HB-FQM(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1828) Canx 26.10.18.
HB-HVC(2) Pilatus PC-21 (295) Canx 7.9.18 to FrAF 03/709-FE.
OE-IHH A320-232 (2502) 4.10.18
HB-HVO Pilatus PC-21 (307) Canx 10.9.18 to FrAF 15/709-FQ.
HB-HVP(2) Pilatus PC-21 (308) Canx 13.9.18 to FrAF 16.
HB-HVQ Pilatus PC-21 (309) Canx 13.9.18 to FrAF 17.
OE-IHI A319-132 (2631) 2.10.18
HB-HWS Pilatus PC-21 (252) Canx 4.9.18 to A54-019.
HB-HWT Pilatus PC-21 (253) Canx 4.9.18 to A54-020.
OE-IHJ A319-132 (2738) 2.10.18
HB-HXI(3) Pilatus PC-21 (291) Canx 24.9.18 to RJAF1178.
HB-HXJ(3) Pilatus PC-21 (292) Canx 24.9.18 to RJAF1179.
OE-IHL A320-232 (3105) 4.10.18
HB-HYY(2) Pilatus PC-21 (311) Canx 17.10.18 to G-ETPB.
HB-IYA SAAB 2000 (2000-056) Canx 15.10.18.
OE-IHP B737-76N (29904) GASL Ireland Leasing A-1 Ltd 13.9.18
HB-IZI SAAB 2000 (2000-012) Canx 15.10.18.
HB-IZS SAAB 2000 (2000-035) Canx 15.10.18.
HB-KHU DR.400/500 (0033) Canx 4.9.18.
OE-IMC(2 B737-83NF (32580) ASL Airlines Belgium SA
HB-QEL Sky 105-24 (093) Canx 21.9.18.
 [N437SR,B-5120,N313TZ,N1786B]  – Liege 7.9.18
HB-TCK Ce.208 (20800416) Canx 23.8.18 to S5-CMK.
OE-I.. B737-490F (28892) [N797AS] 10.18
HB-VSM Pilatus PC-24 (112) Canx 1.10.18 to N74JX.
OE-RAI Fire Balloons G (1451) Langhans Konstruktion
HB-VSN Pilatus PC-24 (113) Canx 5.10.18 to ZS-YTB.
  [D-ORAT(2)] GmbH – (Haldensee) 12.9.18
HB-VSP Pilatus PC-24 (115) Canx 11.10.18 to N955PS.
OE-XHU Agusta AW.109SP (22291) [I-AWCS,G-JTHU] 10.18
OE-XKB PZL W-3A Sokol (37.05.09) Kitz-Air GmbH HB-YJI Glastar GS-1 (5466) Canx 27.9.18.
– Kirchdorf in Tirol 13.9.18 HB-3083 DG-500/22 Elan (5E-52S9) Canx 26.9.18.
 [EC-KHB,N649LH,HL9256,SP-SYH(3)] HB-3154 Discus b (519) Canx 20.9.18.
OE-XKX R44 Clipper (1469) Startrade Heli GmbH HB-3399 Nimbus 2 (60) Canx 14.9.18.
  [EC-LFD,G-OEJC] – Burbach 10.9.18
OE-XLX R44 Raven (1552) P.K.T.Liebing – (Taura,Germany) REGISTER NOTES
 [D-HALG(2)] 13.9.18 HB-YNF Züger FH-80 Fibrehawk – Fibreglass low wing pusher
OE-XWS(2) AS.355F2 (5110) Sky Heli GmbH – Schönhagen, prototype recently offered for sale with certification
Germany 25.9.18 nearly complete. Marks painted on but have yet to be
 [SX-HEP,F-WQDM,N355DS,N117SB,N58049] officially registered.
OE-ZEO Cameron C-60 (10977) A.Pieber – (Bad Blumau) 14.9.18 HB-3005 DG-300 Elan (3E-345) Canx 31.12.00. Became F-CBBS
 [G-CEOI] 12.9.18.
OE-… Van’s RV-9A (9-975) [I-PRCA] 10.18
OE-6221 Ipsos 19/Flashflight-GS01 (94449/0198051Gs01) Austria (OE)
G.Schuh – Kaindorf 18.8.18 CANCELLATIONS
OE-6821 Report Air 26/PAP 1450 R (P-169722/A07032-1) OE-EKB Pilatus PC-12/47E (1742) Canx 10.18 to OH-EKB.
R.Graf – Herzogenburg 29.9.18 OE-EXS Bell 205A-1 (30265) Canx 9.18 to LN-OFO.
OE-6824 Epsilon 8/Simonini ICB (7480P75305/M2/5891) OE-FHC Ce.525A (525A-0415) Canx 9.18.
G.Holzer – Lauterach 1.9.18 OE-FHM(3) Diamond DA62 (62.044) Canx 10.18 to G-TACN.

Pilatus PC-21 HB-HWT/A54-020 (253) for Roulettes is seen on 22nd July 2018 on delivery to East Sale using callsign PCH53W. [Rod Brown]

OE-FSV(2) Diamond DA62 (62.071) Canx 10.18 to OO-FSV.
OE-GKM Ce.560XL (560-5811) Canx 9.18 to 9H-GKM. SPAIN AND PORTUGAL
OE-HBG Falcon 2000 (207) Canx 9.18.
OE-IGD A330-223 (288) Canx 9.18.
OE-IGZ B737-75C (28258) Canx 9.18. We start with four helicopters in Portugal kindly advised by Jos
OE-LVM F.28-0100 (11361) Canx 9.18 to VH-UQN(4). Stevens before dealing with the latest batch of provisional
OE-MZM(b) Colt 77A (1551) Canx 28.9.18. registrations in Spain. As always grateful thanks are offered to David
OE-SMP Cameron O-120 (2600) Canx 11.9.18. Garbett and John Porter for their input.
OE-SPG Cameron A-105 (3173) Canx 28.9.18.
OE-SPZ Cameron N-90 (3361) Canx 28.9.18. NEW REGISTRATIONS
OE-SZD Fire Balloons G (143) Canx 13.9.18. CS-HIO AS.365N3 (6687) [PR-HJR,F-WQVD,F-WWOL] .
OE-ZAS Colt 105A (2340) Canx 3.9.18. CS-HIP AS.365N3 (6690) [PR-HJS,F-WQVE,F-WWOA] .
OE-ZMK(d) Schön Neptun 3000 (S-033/5/98) Canx 5.9.18. CS-HIQ AS.350B2 (1845) .
OE-ZMP(b) Cameron V-90 (2681) Canx 11.9.18.  [CS-HHA,CS-HEN,LN-OPC,OE-KXF,D-HHZZ]
OE-ZMV Kubicek BB34Z (507) Canx 10.9.18. CS-HIR AS.350B3e (7406) HTA Helicopteros .
OE-ZNI Cameron Z-150 (10689) Canx 28.9.18.  [HB-ZLU]
OE-ZRX Cameron O-105 (3000) Canx 28.9.18. CS-PHM EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500471) NetJets Europe 9.18
OE-6111 Atos/Minimum (01064973/102) Canx 26.9.18. EC-NAE A320-271N (8467) Vueling – Barcelona 9.18
OE-6652 Herkules Red Star/Epsilon 5/28 (H/125/93/35977) Canx  [D-AVVZ]
19.9.18. EC-NAF A320-271N (8468) Vueling – Barcelona 9.18
OE-6684 Lift M/Moster 185 (375233 BA/3186) Canx 18.9.18.  [F-WWDJ]
OE-9116 SF-25C (44148) Canx 9.18. EC-NAG PA-25-150 (25-645) 10.18
The following accident is also known: EC-NAH Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic LSA-Club (18007) 10.18
OE-XHF(2) Bell 206B (4351) Rolled over on landing at Bad Vöslau EC-NAI UltraMagic M-77 (77/417) 10.18
on 30.9.18. EC-NAJ A320-271N (8510) Vueling – Barcelona 10.18
REGISTER NOTES EC-NAK Ce.172R (17280409) 10.18
OE-ATD F150L (F15000937) To FIS ATO Europe SL – (Vejer dela  [N724HG]
Frontera, Spain) 9.18. EC-NAL Ce.172S (172S8479) 10.18
OE-IFJ A330-223F (1164) Became (JY-AIH) then TC-JOO (not  [N106ME]
OE-IYY Falcon 900DX (603) Regd to Salzburg Jet Aviation GmbH
Portugal (CS)
CS-AJE Helio H-295 Courier (1404) Canx to N300LD 10.18.
ABN 1/18 HB-ZLU AS.350B3e (7406) Canx 12.12.17 to CS-HIR. CS-HHA AS.350B2 (1845) Re-regd CS-HIQ. Canx.
ABN 2/18 HB-LYA Piaggio P.180 (3006) Canx 11.1.18 to ES-PAL.
ABN 9/18 HB-IYD SAAB 2000 (2000-059) Canx 12.7.18 to Spain (EC)
HB-IYI SAAB 2000 (2000-016) Canx 12.7.18 to EC-CAY PA-28R-200 (28R-7235284) Canx 9.18.
S5-AFI 10.18. EC-GCQ Agusta A.109C (7665) Canx 9.18.
HB-IZP SAAB 2000 (2000-031) Canx 12.7.18 to EC-HQY Beech B55 (TC-1248) Canx 9.18.
S5-AFH 10.18. EC-KHB PZL W-3A Sokol (37.05.09) Canx 9.18 to OE-XKB.
HB-IZZ SAAB 2000 (2000-048) Canx 12.7.18 to EC-LBO(2) Ce.550 (550-0634) Canx 9.18.
S5-AFF 10.18. EC-LFD R44 Clipper (1469) Canx to OE-XKX.
ABN 10/18 HB-FQH(20) Pilatus PC-12/47E (1823) Correct canx date EC-LOJ CL-600-2E25 (19018) Canx to 9H-LOJ 10.18.
27.9.18. EC-LOV CL-600-2E25 (19019) Canx to 9H-LOV 10.18.

ICP Savannah S EC-GV7 of AIRBET escola de vol, practising take-offs and landings at Igualada on 8th October 2018. [John Porter]

Tecnam P2002JF LY-BAQ (233), with code number 4 in small numerals top of fin, at Sabadell on 8th October 2018. [John Porter]

EC-MLX BK.117B-2 (7080) Canx 9.18.

EC-MOX CL-600-2E25 (19053) Canx to 9H-MOX 10.18.
EC-MPA CL-600-2E25 (19054) Canx to 9H-MPA 10.18.
EC-ZTN Rans S-6 Coyote II (05079-85) Canx 9.18. A sizeable update this month with Italian news mainly on the ultralight
front. In other areas the latest known items from Turkey, San Marino
The following accidents are also known: and Malta are joined by a welcome short update from Cyprus thanks
EC-COS Beech F33A (CE-588) DBR on landing at Fuentemilanos on to Melanie Ioannou of the local CAD. We wrap things up with another
3.10.18. listing from Slovenia from official sources.


EC-MSI UltraMagic N-300 (300/05) ex OK-8060,SE-ZIE. I-FELC Cirrus SR22 (3039) [G-FELC,N808RW] 9.18
I-…. Bell 412EP (36233) 10.18
The following full registration dates are now known:
EC-MUK (13.9.18) EC-MXV (21.9.18) EC-MZI (7.9.18)
EC-MUN (13.9.18) EC-MXX (5.9.18) EC-MZK (6.9.18)
I-…. B737-446 (27917) 10.18
EC-MVM (21.9.18) EC-MYB (21.9.18) EC-MZL (6.9.18)
EC-MVX (5.9.18) EC-MYE (7.9.18) EC-MZM (7.9.18)
I-…. Ce.172S (172S10525) 10.18
EC-MVY (25.9.18) EC-MYF (18.9.18) EC-MZO (14.9.18)
EC-MXN (21.9.18) EC-MYG (18.9.18) EC-XQY (28.9.18)
SX-… PA-28-161 (28-8116202) [PH-EDD,N83726] 9.18
EC-MXP (7.9.18) EC-MYV (19.9.18) EC-GX3 (6.9.18)
S5-AFE SAAB 2000 (2000-059) Adria Airways – Ljubliana 10.18
The following were noted at Sabadell on 8.10.18:  [HB-IYD,VP-BPP,HB-IYD,SE-059]
LY-BAI Tecnam P.2002JF (202) Receiving attention at Futurhangars S5-AFF SAAB 2000 (2000-048) Adria Airways – Ljubliana 10.18
prior to delivery to Lleida to join LY-FTC and LY-FTW.  [HB-IZZ,SE-048]
LY-BAQ Tecnam P.2002JF (233) As LY-BAI. S5-AFH SAAB 2000 (2000-031) Adria Airways – Ljubliana 10.18
C-GWST(2) Ce.182T (18281306) Parked outside.  [HB-IZP,N168GC,HB-IZP,SE-031]
S5-AFI SAAB 2000 (2000-016) Adria Airways – Ljubliana 10.18
The following were also noted at Igualada:  [HB-IYI,D-AOLC,SE-016,CS-TLN,SE-016,F-GNEH,
EC-GV7 ICP Savannah S – AIRBET escola de vol. EI-CPW,F-GTSC,D-ADSC,SE-016]
EC-006 Aeroprakt A-22L2 – AirCAtFly S5-CMK Ce.208 (20800416) Aviofun d.o.o. 9.18
EC-GT2 Aerospool WT-9 Speed – AirCatfly outside hangar.  [HB-TCK]
EC-GT4 Aerospool WT-9 Club – AirCatFly outside hangar S5-DNA Evektor EV-97 SportStar RTC (20182111) Catacea
EC-GT8 Aeroprakt A-22L – outside hangar minus damaged nose u/c. d.o.o. .18
S5-D.. F172M (F17201436) [G-BZZD,G-BDPF] 10.18
ULTRALIGHT AND HOMEBUILT REGISTERS S5-OSB Kubicek BB40Z (702) Drustvo Balon Center NE 2.18
EC-GX6 ELA Aviacion ELA-07R-100 (03123560722) 10.18 S5-PIG Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic RG (DY-657/2018) I.Ropret 10.18
EC-XRE Mainair Blade 582 (17043-2834) 10.18 S5-3114 Discus CS (094CS) J.Lokovsek .
EC-XRF ICP MXP-740 Savannah (16002-2812) 10.18  [F-CIPN,HA-4472]
EC-XRG Rans S-10 Sakota (08001-2292) 10.18 S5-3140 VTC-75 Standard Cirrus (282) R.Hribersek .
EC-XRH Aero Stream 16 Aero Bi (17010-2844) 10.18  [HA-4281]
EC-XRI Zenair CH-701 (17022-2829) 10.18 TC-HKI Agusta AW.139 (31480) Kaan Havacilik 3.10.18
EC-XRJ Storm Century XL (17006-2847) 10.18  [OY-HVB]
TC-OZM Cirrus SR20 – Gökcek Aviation .18
CANCELLATIONS TC-UTR Pipistrel Virus SW121 (VSW1210031)
The following accident is also known: A.Hacisüleymanoglu .18
EC-GC8 Aeroprakt A-22L (A22L-10-0041) Badly damaged after T7-AKM EMB-135BJ (14501232) Umatila Trading Ltd 10.18
stalling on approach to aeródromo de Aguasalada, Tudela,  [PR-EIR]
Navarra on 16.9.18. T7-FAR PA-23-250F – .

T7-HEY PA-46-350P (4636499) . I-FOGL DH.80 Puss Moth (2114) Rebuilt by Tim Williams at
 [SP-NPA(2),N2412G,N9543N] Hungerford over the last few years to static condition this
T7-KLT BD700-1A10 (9762) 10.18 was recently roaded back to the Italian National Museum of
 [M-TSLT,C-FNIL] Science in Milan.
YU-SRB EMB-135BJ (14501006) Republic of Serbia – Belgrade 10.18 I-FWLU Van’s RV-9 (92063) Current on permit.
 [PT-SKW] I-SELG CAP.231DS (01) Current on permit.
4O-… Bell 412EPi (37032) [N835LG] 9.18 I-TART Politechnico PM.280 (1) ex I-GARA. Current on permit.
4O-… Bell 412EPi (37033) [N835KB] 9.18 I-TORN Van’s RV-7 – current on permit.
5B-DDH Agusta AW.139 (41271) PHI Inc (PHI Air Europe) 28.9.18 I-VRVR AS.355F1 (5180) Canx 5.7.18 to ZK-ICK 10.18.
 [ZK-HNF(3),N145PE,N145PH] I-WILE Van’s RV-6 (25803) Current on permit.
5B-DDI F.28-0070 (11583) Tus Airways Ltd – Larnaca 27.7.18
5B-HPG Thor Miniplane – G.Varnavides 13.8.18 NEW REGISTRATIONS
5B-HPH Blackhawk Paramotor Low Boy II Quad – A.G.Hunt 12.7.18 I-6409 ICP Bingo 503 – .
9A-UII Aero East Europe MXP 155 Tayrona (110124-AEE-0073) I-8936 Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SL – .
 [YU-A028] 9.18 I-8937 Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SLW – .
9A-UIM Air Creation/Pipistrel IFUN 16/Spider (A17057-) 9.18 I-A108 ICP MXP-740 Savannah – .
9H-GKM Ce.560XL (560-5811) Avcon Jet Malta – Luqa 9.18 I-B934 Next MD-3 Rider – .
 [OE-GKM,N5086W] I-C002 Tecnam P.2002 Sierra Mk II – .
9H-LOJ CL-600-2E25 (19018) Medavia – Luqa 10.18 I-C121 Flylab Tucano – .
 [EC-LOJ,C-GIAO] I-C227 Asso V – .
9H-LOV CL-600-2E25 (19019) Medavia – Luqa 10.18 I-C258 Magni M-24 Orion – .
 [EC-LOV,C-GIBT] I-C374 Asso VI – .
9H-MOX CL-600-2E25 (19053) Medavia – Luqa 10.18 I-C400 Magni M-16C – .
 [EC-MOX,C-GICL] I-C411 Tucano LSA – .
9H-MPA CL-600-2E25 (19054) Medavia – Luqa 10.18 I-C450 ELA-G10 Eclipse – .
 [EC-MPA,C-GZUY] I-C506 Tecnam P.92 Echo – .
9H-MGF A320-231 (308) 8.18 I-C515 ICP MXP-740 Savannah S – .
 [2-OSJN,(HS-NSB),2-OSJN,HS-CTA,N388VL,VT-EVS, I-C516 Concept 2 One – .
EC-GUR,G-BXRW,EC-GNB,G-BXRW,EC-GNB,N308RX, I-C553 Tecnam P.92 Echo Super – .
LZ-ABC,F-WWDL] I-C610 Dyn’Aero MCR-2S Ibis – .
I-C695 Fly Synthesis Texan – .
Italy (I) I-C701 Tarragon Aircraft Tarragon – .
I-C766 Flight Design CTSW – .
CANCELLATIONS I-C807 Tecnam P.2002 Sierra – .
I-AWCS Agusta AW.109SP (22291) Canx 17.10.18 to OE-XHU. I-C809 R22 Beta – .
I-ISAD SIAI SF.260D (833) Canx 4.10.18 to Czech Republic. I-C842 Magni M-16C – .
I-IVPK DG-300 Club Elan (3E-440/C75) Canx 10.10.18 as exported. I-C879 Zlin Savage Cub – .
I-PRCA Van’s RV-9A (9-975) Canx 9.10.18 to Austria. I-C898 ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (17-07-54-0555) .
I-SCFL ASW-20 (20316) Canx 17.10.18 to Lithuania. I-C966 CSA Sportcruiser – .
I-D001 Enjoy Biplane – .
REGISTER NOTES I-D035 Konner K2 Italia – (See accidents) .
I-BYRO Van’s RV-9 (91382) Current on permit. I-D050 Asso Champion V – .
I-CAPX CAP.10DG (1) Current on permit. I-D057 Pipistrel Alpha Electro (883AE60) .
I-CNTG Tecnam P.2008JC – Identity not yet known. Reported 6.18. (See accidents)
I-CUBY PA-18 Replica (1) Current on permit. I-D060 Aerospace Pegaso 2018 (001) .
I-FKVE SNJ-6 Harvard (121-43045) ex D-FKVE,PT-KVE,FAB T6-1712, I-D070 BRM Aero Bristell Classic – .
BuA112187,44-82323. Current on permit based at Trento- I-D097 Yo Yo – .
Mattarello painted as MM53657-“SL-8”. I-X021 Aerotec-Innovation Siren FG (05) .

DH.80A Puss Moth I-FOGL (2114) at Folly Farm, Hungerford on 15th September 2018 after its restoration. [Peter J.Bish]

Aerospace Pegaso 2018 I-D060 (001) at Blois on 2nd September 2018. [Brian G Nichols]


The following accidents are also known: TC-ODC A320-233 (3570) Regd to Onur Air 18.9.18.
I-D035 Konner K2 Italia – Helicopter crashed in wooded area TC-ZCM PA-36-285 (36-7560060) ex N9949P,XB-FGS,N9949P
between Bialograd and Dobrow, Poland on 1.10.18. (Exported to Turkey 1.05) Identity now confirmed.
I-D057 Pipistrel Alpha Electro (883AE60) w/o and DBF at Vosseberg TC-ZKM PA-36-285 (36-7660025) ex N7230C,N4RS,SE-GLN (Exported
near Stadskanaal airfield, Netherlands on 13.10.18. to Turkey 3.97). Identity now confirmed.


I-7015 Correct type is in fact an Alpavia RF-3 (66) ex I-VIGA,F-BMTJ. CANCELLATIONS
Canx as F-BMTJ 17.3.88 it later became I-VIGA and finally T7-LRK EMB-135BJ (14501021) Canx to 5N-SHD 8.18.
I-7015 c.2013. For sale 10.18 based at Celano airfield. T7-SAI Pilatus PC-12/47E (1745) Canx to OH-SSS 9.18.

Greece (SX) Serbia (YU)

SX-ATM Ce.177B (17702254) Canx to 4X-DAY 10.18. YU-A028 Aero East Europe MXP 155 Tayrona (110124-AEE-0073)
SX-HEP AS.355F2 (5110) Canx to OE-XWS 9.18. Canx to 9A-UII 9.18.

Slovenia (S5) Croatia (9A)

S5-CMM Ce.501 (501-0259) Canx to the Philippines 10.18. 9A-DML Ce.150M (15076479) Canx 9.18.
S5-DGM Yak-55M (920510) Crashed and DBF during aerobatic 9A-TWI Extra EA-300 (05) Canx 9.18.
training at Portoroz airport 30.8.06. Canx.
S5-NBN HM.14 Pou du Ciel – Crashed short of the runway and w/o at REGISTER NOTES
Lesce-Bled 9.9.11. Canx. 9A-OIV If this has a correct c/n quoted then it is a 1992-vintage
S5-PEP Fly Synthesis Storch S (399A455) Crashed and destroyed balloon ex OK-2002. To be confirmed.
after an aborted landing at Kaplja Vas near Prebolje on
2.7.10. Canx. Malta (9H)
S5-PIJ Fly Synthesis Storch HS (F1CF4690A05SC) DBR in collision CANCELLATIONS
with a power line and telegraph pole attempting an 9H-AGF A319-133J (5261) Canx to B-00777 10.18.
emergency landing at Zelimlje 8.7.10. Canx.
9H-GVG BD-700-1A10 (9470) Canx to N470JG 10.18.
S5-PPD Alpin/Sirio Hazard 15 wing – Stalled in a turn, crashed and
9H-SMI BD-100-1A10 (20071) Canx to OE-HNB 9.18.
destroyed in a field outside Podgorje 14.10.10. Canx.
S5-PPF Pipistrel Basic 4/Sirio Hazard 15 wing (0520311290) Crashed
and destroyed south of the runway at Precna, near Novem
ABN 8/18 TC-LSA Correct type is A321-271NX.
Mestu 22.6.10. Canx.
ABN 9/18 YU-DJR UTVA-75 – Became 4O-DJR some time ago.
S5-3110 LAK-12 (6225) Hit a post attempting an outlanding and
ABN 10/18 TC-JOC(2) A330-223F (1164) Correct marks are TC-JOO.
crashed on an embankment of the Nova Gorica to
Regd to Turkish Airlines Cargo 28.9.18.
Ajdovscina road 3.5.08. Canx.
S5-7106 L-13A Blanik (026238) Crashed into trees on a wooded hill and
destroyed at Moscancarski Hill, near Ajdovscina 16.3.07. Canx.
Turkey (TC)
TC-CEA CL-600-2B16 (5594) Canx to N604WA 10.18. A very short update chronicles known recent changes in the region.

The following accident is also known: NEW REGISTRATIONS

TC-ZDC G.164A Agcat (534) w/o after hitting electric wires while A4O-ME B737-8(43794) Oman Air – Muscat 10.18
spraying at Edremit on 9.10.18. (Identity now confirmed ex A6-HHH Gulfstream VI (6079) Dubai Air Wing – Dubai 10.18
N5254 exported to Turkey 3.99).  [N650NY,N83DZ,N88D,N679GA]

A6-XRR AutoGyro MTOsport – . 4X-DAY Ce.177B (17702254) 10.18
A6-… Icon Aircraft A5 (00038) [N254BA] 10.18  [SX-ATM,F-GMJA,N35188]
A7-AMG A350-941 (207) Qatar Airways – Doha 10.18 4X-HPI Tecnam P.92 Echo (1589) 10.18
 [F-WZNJ] 4X-HPM ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (18-07-54-629) 11.18
HZ-AS82 A320-214 (8442) Saudi Arabian Airlines – Jeddah 10.18 4X-HSA BRM Aero Bristell LSA (390/2018) 11.18
 [D-AUBS] 4X-HSB Tecnam P.2002 Sierra Mk.II (556) 10.18
JY-CII EMB-135BJ (14501142) Arab Wings – Amman 10.18 4X-OMR Aircraft Spruce DR-107 (001) 11.18
UAE (A6) 4X-AWH Thrush S.2R-600 (5099R) w/o while spraying at Kfar-
CANCELLATIONS Baruch on 10.6.18. Canx.
A6-AOD A320-214 (6365) Canx to CN-NMN 10.18. 4X-BLL UltraMagic N-315 (300/44) Canx to Turkey.
A6-EBT B777-31HER (32730) Canx to EI-GFB 10.18. 4X-BNZ Cameron Z-250 (11270) Canx to USA.
A6-EHD A340-541 (783) Canx to 2-EALG 9.18 4X-EAK B767-3Q8ER (27600) DBR in ground collision with 737
A6-EHH A340-642 (870) Canx to 2-EALD 9.18. D-ABLB at Ben-Gurion airport on 28.3.18. Canx.
4X-EAP B767-3YOER (24953) Canx to N632TW.
A6-FDJ B737-8KN (40237) Canx to HL8342 10.18.
4X-OIP Van’s RV-7A – Canx to USA.
A6-FDK B737-8KN (40238) Canx to HL8327 10.18.
Qatar (A7)
4X-HYT Type changed to Fly Synthesis Texan Top Class IIRG.
A7-ADH A320-232 (2138) Canx to VT-IKE 10.18. IAI PRODUCTION
Gulfstream G280
Bahrain (A9C) 2149 4X-CVG To N249GA.
A9C-DHE B757-225F (22210) Canx to N241AL 10.18. 2151 4X-CVI To N633SF.
2152 4X-CVJ To N252GA.
Saudi Arabia (HZ) 2153 4X-CVC To N253GA.
2154 4X-CVD To N254GA.
2155 4X-CVE To N155GA.
HZ-SGA A320-232 (6455) Canx to VP-CGW 9.18.
2156 4X-CVF To N256GA.
2157 4X-CVG To N257GA.
Jordan (JY)
2158 4X-CVH To N258GA.
JY-PCB No details known – possibly new to the register since 2160 4X-CVJ To N260GA.
late 2016. 2161 4X-CVC To N261GA.
JY-PCE Kubicek BB37N (269) Regd 21.4.04. 2162 4X-CVD To N262GA.
JY-PCF UltraMagic N-355 (355/12). 2163 4X-CVE To N163GA.


Thanks once again to local correspondent Noam Hartoch we can update A real selection for you this month with items from several states
the Israeli register. The mixture is a typical one with an ex-British Extra notably Ethiopia where we have a welcome report thanks to Pete
and Cameron joining an ex-Greek Cessna and several ultralights. Longley.


4X-AGH A321-251NX (8517) Arkia – Ben Gurion 10.18 CN-NMN A320-214 (6365) Air Arabia Maroc – Casablanca 10.18
4X-AGK A321-251NX (8567) Arkia – Ben Gurion 11.18 ET-AVW Ce.208B – Aquarius Aviation/Wild Expeditions
 [D-AVXJ] – Addis Ababa .
4X-AGN A321-251NX (8884) Arkia – Ben Gurion (Dly 4.19) .18R ET-AWD Ce.208B (208B5471) 10.18
 [D-A…]  [N855JX]
4X-AVN Thrush S2.R-T34 (T41-178DC) 7.18 ET-… EMB-145LR (14500803) [N803PB,XA-CLI,PT-SNG] 10.18
 [N43DY,N3106N] SU-SMM Gulfstream IV-X (4111) 7.17
4X-BHR Bell 206B (4481) 10.18  [N178SD,N131GA]
 [N108LG,N43791] S7-FAR DHC-6-400 (945) Air Seychelles – Mahé 3.17
4X-BHZ Bell 505 (65154) 10.18  [C-GFAP(10)]
 [C-GBQH] S7-PRN DHC-6-400 (900) Air Seychelles – Mahé 3.17
4X-BII R22 Beta II (3939) 7.18  [N915VK,C-FVGY]
 [N522KC] S7-… EC-120B (1663) [C-FCFC,N120JQ] 10.18
4X-BIK R44 II (14234) 8.18 TN-AJR B757-236 (25807) ECAir 10.18
4X-BIZ S.269C (S1632) 10.18  [HB-JJD,F-GPEJ,G-BPEJ]
 [F-GNGC,N41S] TR-ATR ATR-72-212A (715) Afrijet Business Service
4X-BNL Cameron Z-275 (10504) 9.18  [ZS-AFJ(2),EI-FNP,HS-PGC,F-WWEO] – Libreville .17
 [G-CCNC] 5H-… Ce.208B (208B5460) [N843RT] 10.18
4X-CUT(2) Hawker 800XP (258609) Base Sde-Dov 8.18 5H-… Ce.208B (208B5465) [N20374] 10.18
 [M-ABDP,N80HX.N80HD,N60159] 5N-BUX EMB-145MP (145203) Air Peace Hopper – Lagos 10.18
4X-CXY Extra EA.300L (1313) 7.18  [N974MP,XA-GLI,N974RP,OE-LSR]
 [G-EXLC,D-EXAF] 5N-SHD EMB-135BJ (14501021) Skyjet Aviation Services 8.18
4X-CZB Ce.208B (208B5476) Base Ben-Gurion 11.18  [T7-LRK,ZS-LRK(2),M-NATH,N915LX,PT-SVX]
4X-DAG PA-28R-180 (28R-31064) 6.18 5N-… Sikorsky S-76D (761067) [N7667R] 10.18
 [N7665J] 5N-… Sikorsky S-92A (920288) [N288NT] 10.18

5Y-PRT Type unknown – (See accidents) . The following accident is also known:
5Y-… Ce.208B (208B2275) [N30416] 10.18 5N-BPE ATR-72-202 (316) (Overland Airways) DBF while undergoing
7T-VCF B737-800 (64987) Tassili Airlines 10.18 maintenance in a hangar at Lagos on 12.10.18.
9G-AFQ EMB-145LI (14501030) Africa World Airlines – Accra 10.18
 [B-3082,PT-SZP] Uganda (5X)
9G-DIA DHC-8-402 (4052) DAC Aviation – Accra 9.18 REGISTER NOTES
 [5Y-QHW,G-JEDI,C-GFOD] 5X-LDR Ce.208B (208B2134) ex N133LL,N159AK,N6206W. Identity
9G-MRH DHC-8-402 (4098) PassionAir – Accra 10.18 confirmed.
Kenya (5Y)
REGISTER NOTES 5Y-QHW DHC-8-402 (4052) Canx to 9G-DIA 9.18.
The following were among those noted at Addis Ababa in 9.18 and 10.18:
ET-AHS Douglas C-47B (16784/33532) Derelict on airfield. The following accident is also known:
ET-AJG Douglas C-47A (13576) Derelict on airfield. 5Y-PRT Type uncertain – w/o in f/l in Kajiado county on 29.9.18
ET-AJV Schweizer/Ethiopian G164B Eshet – Derelict on airfield. (Type believed Eurofox or similar).
ET-AKB Schweizer/Ethiopian G164B Eshet – Derelict on airfield.
ET-AKX Ce.404 (4040645) Derelict on airfield. Ghana (9G)
ET-AOF Ce.208B (208B2172) Abyssinian Flight Services,UNWFP c/s. CANCELLATIONS
ET-AUL Ce.208B (208B5293) Abyssinian Flight Services,UNWFP c/s. 9G-AEL Wessex HC.2 (WA/624) Canx to 2-WESX 8.18.
ET-AUT EMB-145LR – Walya Airways – Believed c/n 145311 ex
TJ-CRA,N12924,PT-SMC. To be confirmed. REGISTER NOTES
ET-??? Ce.210 – Derelict on airfield no paint. 9G-ABF L.1329 Jetstar II (5217) Still extant in the scrapping area at
N86444 Ce.T337D (33701192) Derelict on airfield (Canx 10.73 on Lanseria 9.18. Also still there is DC-6 EL-WNH (43127).
export to Ethiopia).
T7-GTK Beech C90 (LJ-819) Based on GA ramp. ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
7O-ADS DHC-8-102 (280) Blue Bird Aviation – parked on GA ramp. ABN 9/18 5Y-KDM BK.117D-2 (20201) ex D-HADF.
7O-ADU DHC-8-102 (327) As 7O-ADS.
7O-BBC DHC-8-202 (432) As 7O-ADS.
Gabon (TR)
TR-ATR ATR-72-212A – Details as above believed correct although A miscellany of known items from the region includes a couple of
c/n 833 ex EI-FXU is also a possibility. intriguing items including a so far unidentified Shorts 3-60 9S-GPS.
TR-LHJ Beech B200 (BB-1535) ex D-IBFT,N1135Z. Identity
confirmed. Last owner Rougier Afrique Centrale. Canx NEW REGISTRATIONS
13.9.18 to N235LC. A2-ABK ATR-72-600 (1433) Air Botswana – Gaberone .18R
Côte-d’Ivoire (TU) A2-COW Ce.210N – .
A2-GPC Ce.208B – 6.18
A2-RKB Ce.T206H – (See notes) .
TU-GAH Beech 1900C (UC-129) ex TZ-PJO,ZS-POK,N129CJ,N15615.
A2-… Ce.208B (208B5467) [N8494T] 10.18
Identity confirmed. Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
V5-WAN Beech B300 (FL-424) Westair – Eros 1.17
Nigeria (5N) V5-WAU Beech B300 (FL-124) Westair – Eros 3.17
5N-BLI AS.350B2 (3840) Canx to ZK-HFD(2) 10.18. Z-DRC Ce.U206G – .

Cessna 208B Caravan N855JX (208B5471) being prepared for ferry to Ethopia where it became ET-AWD, photographed at St Petersburg, Florida on 19th
October 2018. [Rod Simpson]

Z-NIX Cirrus SR22 (4502) [N132CR] 10.17 Zambia (9J)
Z-RWS Ce.T206H – .
5R-ASB PA-42 (42-5501017) [N75LS,N4118H] 5.17 9J-BCP Ce.P210N (P21000721) ex 9J-DIG,N72DH,N6167W. Identity
9J-CTO Ce.U206G – Chitokoloki Mission . confirmed.
9S-AKD A320-216 (3412) Congo Airways – Kinshasa 4.17 9J-JVP Ce.402B (402B0829) ex N25PG. Fuselage noted dumped
 [9Q-CKD,D-ABZD,EI-DSN,F-WWIL] outside rear of hangar at Wonderboom 9.18.
9S-ALU A320-216 (3362) Congo Airways – Kinshasa 4.17 9J-PKP EMB-120ER (120316) ex N591M,N288SW,PT-SXI. Identity
 [9Q-CLU,D-ABZG,EI-DSM,F-WWIR] confirmed. Operated by Royal Air Charters Zambia.
9S-GPS Short SD.3-60 – .
9S-GUC LET L-410UVP-E20 – . DRC (9Q/9S)
9S-HRT R44 Raven II (10932) [9Q-CRT,Z-CCC] . REGISTER NOTES
9Q-CXQ AS.350B3 – Noted at Grand Central 9.18. Identity unknown.
Botswana (A2)
A2-RKB Ce.T206H – Believed to be c/n T20608641 ex ZS-AJW, ABN 9/18 N761CA CASA C212-400 (466) Became OC3.
N6048U. However,also quoted as c/n T20608602 ex S5-AJB,
Mozambique (C9)
C9-CRB PA-32-300 (32-7540083) Canx 1.10.18 as CofA expired. Very much a resurgence on the register this month with several
C9-ENE Ce.U206F (U20601988) Canx 28.8.18 as CofA expired. newcomers to record. Our details come as usual from the SA CAA with
grateful thanks to Ray Watts. We also append a large section of notes
C9-HEI Sikorsky S76A (760261) Canx 8.10.18 as CofA expired.
kindly provided by Pete Longley from a recent trip to South Africa.
C9-IND Gippsland GA8 Airvan (GA8-01-009) Canx 14.9.18 as CofA
C9-MEL CL-600-2B19 (8056) Canx 20.9.18 as CofA expired.
ZS-ALY(2) EMB-135KL (145619) SA Airlink P/L
C9-NSO Ce.U206E (U206-1537) Canx 7.9.18 as CofA expired.   [N381SK,PT-SDH] – Johannesburg 19.10.18
C9-SOL ATR-42-320 (032) Canx 5.10.18 as CofA expired. ZS-CBR(2) Beech 390 (RB-276) Multimanaged Investments
 [N106PR,N76EU] P/L 12.10.18
REGISTER NOTES ZS-THJ Pilatus PC-12/45 (247) Mesiglo P/L R19.10.18
C9-AUU EMB-120RT (120200) Noted WFU outside in all-white c/s at  [N247LC,ZS-THJ,V5-TSO,HB-FPL,F-GTTT]
Rand 9.18. ZS-TIV B737-33R (28869) Star Air Cargo P/L
– Johannesburg 28.9.18
Namibia (V5)  [2-CARQ,CC-ARQ,CX-OAB,UR-GAQ,N964WP]
CANCELLATIONS ZS-TIW B737-36N (28569) Star Air Cargo P/L
V5-WEG Jabiru 430 (632) Canx to ZU-INJ 8.18. – Johannesburg 1.10.18
Zimbabwe (Z) ZS-TIX Ce.172N (17270242) Kamsberg Trading CC 3.10.18
REGISTER NOTES ZS-TIY Extra EA.300/LC (LC079) SnaprollCC 18.10.18
Z-HAG Ce.A185F (18504095) Identity confirmed. Noted at Lanseria ZS-TPX Pilatus PC-12/47E (1833) TP Phoenix P/L 25.10.18
9.18.  [HB-FQR(20)]
Z-MUR Beech B200 (BB-954) ex ZS-LFM,N1839S. Identity ZT-RDO Sikorsky S-76C-2 (760765) Titan Helicopters P/L 11.10.18
confirmed. Noted at Lanseria 9.18.  [C-FZUY,N765L]
(Z-WLK) Ce.180H (51847) Noted unmarked at Rand 9.18. Possibly to ZT-RDW S.269C (S-1867) Wild Dog Helicopters CC 10.10.18
become ZS-TIO.  [B-7281,N2108M]
Z-WNO Ce.172D (17250455) Wings only noted at Rand 9.18. ZT-RJM R44 II (14260) Super Pro Dairy P/L 11.10.18

Airbus A320-216 9S-AKD (3412) of Congo Airways, at Johannesburg/OR Tambo International on 16th September 2018. [Pete Longley]

Spray-equipped Enstrom 480B ZT-RDM (5087) seen in the AAD2018 static display at Waterkloof Air Base on 22nd September 2018. [Pete Longley]

ZT-RNL AS.350B3 (3420) Aeronautic Solutions South REGISTER NOTES

 [5N-…,ZS-RNL,F-WQDJ]    Africa P/L 8.10.18 ZS-CTV Ce.320 (320-0100) Fuselage stored in hangar at
ZT-ROW S.269C (S-1887) Wild Dog Helicopters CC 8.10.18 Wonderboom 9.18.
 [HB-ZHF] ZS-CWL PA-23-250B (27-2142) Noted WFU at Rand 9.18.
ZT-RYE Agusta AW.139 (41225) Starlite Aviation ZS-DIW Douglas DC-3C (11991) WFU outside at Rand 9.18 in
  [A7-GHH,N413SM] Operations P/L 1.10.18 Phoebus Apollo c/s.
ZT-RYF Agusta AW.139 (41248) Starlite Aviation ZS-FUD Ce.172K (17258254) Fuselage noted on trailer at Grand
  [A7-GHK,N460SM] Operations P/L 1.10.18 Central 9.18 following accident damage.
ZU-INR Micro Aviation Bathawk R (0058) Jazz Spirit (ZS-HDS) Bell 222 (47574) Noted WFU unmarked at Rand 9.18.
1113 CC 3.10.18 ZS-HGR Bell 206B (2075) Wreck noted at Wonderboom 9.18.
ZU-INS ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (18-05-54-0614) African ZS-IID Ce.210K (21059356) Noted WFU parked outside in poor
Parks Networks NPC 8.10.18 condition at Wonderboom 9.18.
ZU-INT The Airplane Factory Sling LSA (043) R.Nicholson 18.10.18 ZS-IMY AC.680F (680F-1090-68) Noted WFU parked outside at
ZU-INU Shisper X350 (WA 11059-002) W.D.Roth 23.10.18 Wonderboom 9.18.
ZU-INV Van’s RV-6 (25603) Turbo Let Aviation Trust 23.10.18 ZS-JCJ PA-30-160 (30-346) Canx 7.17 as scrapped, wreck noted
ZU-INX Evans VP-1 (EVP101) P.J.Watson 29.10.18 at Pietermaritzburg-Oribi 9.18.
ZU-RNT Magni M-22 Voyager (220745464) T.S.Jordaan 9.10.18 ZS-JES F.28-4000 (11236) Noted in the scrapping area at
ZU-WBP Jabiru J430 (942) Break Even 81 P/L 3.10.18 Lanseria 9.18.
ZS-JRB Rockwell 690A (11248) Noted WFU at Lanseria 9.18.
CANCELLATIONS ZS-JVH Ce.172L (17259833) Noted dismantled at Rand 9.18.
ZS-KEX Douglas DC-3A (2008) Noted dismantled at Rand 9.18.
ZS-CCL(2) Beech 1900D (UE-89) Canx 10.18 to Zambia.
ZS-KML Beech 58P (TJ-199) Noted WFU at Lanseria 9.18.
ZS-DAM(2) PA-28-235 (28-7210009) Canx 10.18 to Guernsey.
ZS-KXJ Ce.182R (18267981) Fuselage only noted at Rand 9.18
ZS-OAM B737-4S3 (24164) Canx 10.18 as scrapped.
following accident prior to 2.13.
ZS-PAV Beech A36 (E-3487) Canx 10.18 to N228SL.
ZS-LDH Ce.T210N (21063686) Noted WFU parked outside with
ZS-PUE Zlin Z-50LS (0066) Canx 10.18 to USA.
parts missing at Wonderboom 9.18.
ZS-SKY Ce.208B (208B5245) Canx 10.18 to Mozambique.
ZS-LUX Gulfstream III (327) Noted WFU at Lanseria 9.18 with
ZS-TIN Ce.208B (208B0261) Canx 10.18 to Madagascar.
many parts missing and no engines.
ZU-BXX Pitts S-12 (057) Canx 10.18 to USA. ZS-NBI PA-34-200T (34-8170002) Noted WFU hangared and
ZU-FYT Kitplanes for Africa Safari LS (014-10-12 SAF) Canx 10.18 dusty at Rand 9.18.
to Mozambique. (ZS-NIM) Aerostar 601P (61P-0568-7963246) Noted WFU parked at
ZU-ILV Kitplanes for Africa Safari (030-07-16 SAF) Canx 10.18 to Grand Central 9.18 unmarked with several parts missing.
Kenya. ZS-NST Ce.U206E (U206-1535) Wreck noted at Wonderboom
The following accidents are also known: ZS-NUG BAC 1-11/531FS (237) Noted in the scrapping area at
ZS-HLP(2) Bell UH-1H (10484) w/o while engaged in fire Lanseria 9.18 still in Nationwide Airlines c/s.
suppression work at Vermaaklikheid, Southern Cape on ZS-NYC PA-34-200T (34-7670193) Fuselage only noted at Rand
23.10.18. 9.18.
ZS-PZT Ce.172L (17260377) w/o at Midrand on 8.10.18. ZS-NYG Learjet 25C (25C-098) WFU on the grass at Lanseria 9.18.
ZU-DRI Jabiru J-450 (193) w/o after t/o from Enkelfontein Farm, (ZS-OON) PA-32-300 (32-7340158) Noted parked outside with no
Swartwater, Limpopo on 9.10.18. marks at Grand Central 9.18.
ZS-ORW Beech 400 (RJ-37) Noted in the scrapping area at
ZS-YTB Pilatus PC-24 (113) Execujet – Lanseria 10.18 ZS-PAA Douglas DC-3A (1984) Noted at Rand 9.18 – natural
 [HB-VSN] metal, stripped, no wings/fin.
ZT-R.. Bell 505 (65152) [C-GAED] 10.18 ZS-PAI Douglas C-54M (27319) WFU at Rand 9.18 in Phoebus
ZT-R.. Enstrom 480B (5221) [N79GR] 10.18 Apollo c/s.
ZT-R.. R22 Beta II (3681) 10.18 ZS-PAK DC-9-32 (47368) WFU at Rand 9.18 in Phoebus Apollo c/s,

Lear Jet 25C ZS-NYG (25C-098), wfu and parked on the grass at Lanseria on 19th September 2018. [Pete Longley]

ZS-PVR Ce.170B (25307) Hangared dismantled at Rand 9.18. (N146LC) Beech B200 (BB-1046) ex 9J-DOC. Noted unmarked at
ZS-PXR Rockwell 690A (11259) Noted WFU without engines at Lanseria 9.18.
Lanseria 9.18. N184RD Ce.182S (18280466) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
(ZS-PXU) Kamov Ka-32 (8705)Noted stored unmarked at Cape N191CS Beech 1900D (UE-392) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
Town 9.18. N20140 Bell 222UT (47506) Noted WFU hangared at Rand 9.18
ZS-PYY Gulfstream IISP (26) Parts only noted in the scrapping (Canx 2.17 to South Africa).
area at Lanseria 9.18. N222HX Bell 222UT (47533) Noted WFU hangared at Rand 9.18.
ZS-RIL AC.680FL (1352-31) Noted WFU parked outside at N247LC Pilatus PC-12/45 (247) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
Wonderboom 9.18. N318CN SA.318C Alouette II (2108) Noted stored in hangar at
(ZS-RKV) Ce.550 (550-0051) Noted stripped without marks at Wonderboom 9.18 (Canx 3.18 to South Africa).
Lanseria 9.18. N340SS SAAB 340A (340A-022) WFU parked outside at Rand 9.18.
ZS-RPS PA-23-250E (27-7405284) WFU at Rand 9.18 hangared N35297 Piper J5A (5-616) Resident at Rand 9.18.
and dusty. N3777B Aerostar 601 (61-0420-120) Canx 31.10.13, noted at
(ZS-RPX) Mil Mi-8 (10460) As (ZS-PXU). Lanseria 9.18 WFU outside in poor condition.
(ZS-RRI) Kamov Ka-32 (8610) As (ZS-PXU). N4057M PA-12 Super Cruiser (12-2940) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
ZS-RSM Ce.421B (421B-0853) Fuselage noted on supports at N474LC Beech 1900D (UE-74) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
Wonderboom 9.18, probably for Falcon 421 conversion. N53757 Bellanca 8KCAB (235-76) Resident at Rand 9.18.
ZS-RYA R22 Beta II (3955) Wreck noted at Cape Town 9.18. N540MX MXR Technologies MX2 (8) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
ZS-WZB Atlas AL-60C-4M Kudu (992) Wings only stored at N744S Boeing PT-13D (75-5732) Resident at Rand 9.18.
Wonderboom 9.18.
N800HA Beech 200 (BB-220) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
ZU-CAY PA-17 Vagabond (Tri-gear) (17-188) Noted dismantled at
N80722 Beech F33A (CE-295) Resident at Rand 9.18.
Rand 9.18.
N8110G Ce.210K (21059410) Noted as such at Rand 9.18 (Canx
ZU-ICS BRM Bristell-LSA – Noted at Rand 9.18. The marks are
3.11 to South Africa).
listed by the SA CAA as allocated to RV-10 (41354).
N942DS DH.125-1A (25032) Noted WFU on the grass at Lanseria
(ZU-KEV) Luscombe 8E (2895) Noted dismantled with no marks at
9.18 (Canx 6.10 to the DRC).
Rand 9.18.
N9652Q Ce.172M (17265736) Noted at Lanseria 9.18.
ZU-TOO Stolp SA300 Starduster Too (1293) Now on display near
OK-MMS Ce.182K (18257993) Reported still based as such at Brits.
the entrance to Rand airport.
(87+64) MBB Bo.105P (6164) Noted unmarked at Grand Central (5H-MUM) MBB Bo.105CBS-2 (S-388) Noted unmarked at Grand
still in German Army c/s in 9.18. Central 9.18.
(87+68) MBB Bo.105P (6168) As above.
XZ316 SA.341G Gazelle AH.1 (1599) Noted at Grand Central 9.18. The Robin Coss Aviation facility at Cape Town airport had the following
352 SA.342L Gazelle (1434) ex Ejercito de Ecuador. Noted Van’s aircraft in various overhaul/build stages in 9.18:
stored in hangar at Wonderboom 9.18. ZU-FOL Van’s RV-6 (60247)
CC-CNE SA.315B Lama (2516) Noted stored in hangar at ZU-ILO Van’s RV-8 (83578)
Wonderboom 9.18. ZU-NTC Van’s RV-7A (72958)
D-EGRV PA-28-235 (28-11217) Noted still based at Stellenbosch ZU-SER Van’s RV-8 (83276)
9.18 with ‘African Venture’ titles. ZU-TER Van’s RV-10 (41695)
D-MTOL Ikarus C42 (9904-6186) Noted based at Morningstar with – Van’s RV-10 (41710)
Swiss owner 9.18. – Van’s RV-10 (41748)
N2HV Bell 206B (2560) Noted as such at Rand 9.18 (Canx 3.10 – Van’s RV-10 (41848)
to South Africa). – Van’s RV-7 (74336)
N72FT P-51D Mustang – M.Parsons. Resident at Rand painted as – Van’s RV-7 (74604)
‘411661’ “QP-X”. – Van’s RV-14 (140238)
N87KC Extra EA300/200 (006) Noted based at Morningstar 9.18.
N108JH Beech B55 (TC-1530) Noted at Lanseria 9.18. ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
N1148M Ce.172L (17260157) Noted at Lanseria 9.18. ABN 10/18 ZS-PZR PA-28-161 (2842295) Canx 9.18 to HB-PZR.
N12972 Ce.172M (17262417) Noted at Lanseria 9.18. ZS-PZS PA-28-161 (2842296) Canx 9.18 to HB-PZS.
N146DR Diamond DA.20-C1 (C0069) As N87KC. ZU-INJ Jabiru 430 (632) ex V5-WEG.

PK-LLA Liberty XL-2 – .
SOUTH EAST ASIA PK-WJI ATR-72-600 (1161) Wings Abadi Air 10.18
PK-YGR Hawker 800XP (258741) 8.18
Our customary round robin survey of known recent developments in  [N741VR,CS-DRG,N36841]
most states in the region includes an interesting use of Pakistan marks PK-… Beech G58 (TH-2505) [N2505Q] 10.18
in the first entry! In Thailand Steve Darke keeps us abreast of the RP-C3506 A350-941 (243) Philippine Airlines – Manila 10.18
latest developments.  [F-WZFP]
RP-C5911 DHC-8-402 (4587) PAL Express – Manila 10.18
AP-PLE Beech B200 (BB-1737) 5.16 RP-C7290 ATR-72-600 (1530) CebuGo .18R
 [N665MW,N263SP,N4437S]  [F-WWEJ]
B-00777 A319-133J (5261) EVA Air – Taipei 10.18 RP-C8950 A320-216 (8477) AirAsia Philippines 10.18
 [9H-AGF,D-AVYC]  [B-000W]
B-17881 B787-9 (39295) Eva Air – Taipei 10.18 RP-C…. Ce.501 (501-0259) 10.18
B-28088 ATR-72-600 (1471) Far Eastern Air Transport  [S5-CMM,(N225WT),D-IEIR,N501MS,VR-BJW,
  [OY-YCE,F-WWEU] – Sung Shan 10.18 N261WD,N261WR,(N261WB),(N77111),N1758E]
HL8318 B737-800 (64179) Jeju Air 10.18 RP-C…. F.27-050 (20107) 10.18
HL8323 B737-8AS (34988) T’Way Air 10.18  [PH-FNB(2),PH-EXF,(PH-EXK)]
 [EI-ESL] RP-C…. F.27-050 (20113) 10.18
HL8324 B737-8AS (34989) T’Way Air 10.18  [PH-FNH(2),PH-EXY]
 [EI-ASO] VT-GHI B737-800 (43898) Air India Express – Mumbai 10.18
HL8327 B737-8KN (40238) T’Way Air 10.18 VT-IKE A320-232 (2138) Interglobe Aviation Ltd (IndiGo) 10.18
 [A6-FDK]  [A7-ADH,F-WWBI]
HL8342 B737-8KN (40237) Eastar Jet 10.18 VT-IVS A320-271N (8416) Interglobe Aviation Ltd (IndiGo) 10.18
HL9… Erickson S-64E (64028) [N4099M,67-18426] 10.18
VT-IZB A320-271N (8455) Interglobe Aviation Ltd (IndiGo) 10.18
HS-FFC Pipistrel Virus 912SW 100 (321VSW100) 9.18
VT-IZC A320-271N (8459) Interglobe Aviation Ltd (IndiGo) 10.18
HS-FIN Zenair CH-701 (7-9599) 9.18
VT-IZD A320-271N (8527) Interglobe Aviation Ltd (IndiGo) 10.18
HS-BFI Ce.150L (15072877) Budget Lines Flight Academy
  [N1577Q] – Best Ocean Airpark .18
VT-RKK ATR-72-600 (1445) Alliance Air 10.18
HS-KPD Ce.172S (172S8766) 9.18
HS-LSJ B737-9 (42987) Thai Lion Air .R VT-SQB DHC-8-402 (4584) SpiceJet – Delhi 10.18
 [N7379E]  [C-FYBS]
   (F/F 13.4.17 but retained by Boeing for tests) VT-WGX A320-271N (8482) GoAir 10.18
HS-LSK B737-9 (42989) Thai Lion Air 10.18  [D-AXAM]
 [N739EX] VT-WGY A320-271N (8498) GoAir 10.18
   (F/F 13.4.17 but retained by Boeing for tests)  [F-WWBM]
HS-PZK ATR-72-600 (1522) Bangkok Airways .18R VT-… Bell 206L-4 (52288) [N272AL] 10.18
 [F-WWEB] VT-… Ce.182T (18283045) [N20768] 10.18
HS-PZM ATR-72-600 (1526) Bangkok Airways .18R XU-… A319-111 (2806) Cambodia Airways 10.18
 [F-WWEF]  [N947FR,D-AVYK]
JA01HR AS.365N3 (7027) Airbus Helicopters Japan RG XY-AML ATR-72-600 (1521) Myanmar National Airlines
– Kobe 11.9.18   [F-WWEZ] – Yangon .18R
JA01MD R44 (2555) Osaka Koku – Osaka Koku Hino 4R-… Ce.208B (208B5455) [N2027V] 10.18
Heliport 13.9.18 9M-RAG A320-251N (8463) AirAsia – Kuala Lumpur 10.18
JA09RK B737-800 (61482) Japan Transocean Air 14.9.18  [B-000R]
 [N1786B] 9M-XBD A330-343 (713) AirAsia X – Kuala Lumpur 10.18
JA10RK B737-800 (61486) Japan Transocean Air 10.18  [M-ABLJ,B-6119,F-WWYT]
JA23JJ A320-232 (5940) Jetstar Japan – Narita 18.9.18 9M-… AS.365N3 (6533) [N365HH,N559AL,JA98YA] 10.18
 [F-WXAD,EC-LZF,F-WWDP] 9V-SGC A350-9412ULR (230) S.I.A.- Changi 10.18
JA24JJ A320-232 (8429) Jetstar Japan – Narita 18.9.18  [F-WZHI]
 [D-AUBN] 9V-SGD A350-9412ULR (232) S.I.A.- Changi 10.18
JA26MC A320-214 (8466) Star Flyer 10.18  [F-WZNR]
 [F-WXAA,F-WWIF] 9V-TNA A320-271N (8441) Scoot – Changi 10.18
JA88AN B737-800 (64875) All Nippon Airways 13.9.18  [F-WWIX]
JA138A A321-272N (8349) All Nippon Airways 28.9.18
 [D-AYAX] Pakistan (AP)
JA216A A320-271N (8413) All Nippon Airways 27.9.18
AP-BLJ A320-232 (1497) Canx to OE-IHE 10.18.
JA217A A320-271N (8476) All Nippon Airways 10.18
AP-BLM A320-232 (3105) Canx to OE-IHL 10.18.
AP-BMD A320-232 (2502) Canx to OE-IHH 10.18.
JA756D Sikorsky S-76D (761078) Mitsubishi Shoji Machinery
AP-BNI A319-132 (2404) Canx to OE-IHF 10.18.
  [N7678C] – Saitama Pref 26.9.18
AP-BNK A319-132 (2452) Canx to OE-IHG 10.18.
JA813X B737-800 (64876) Solaseed Air 10.18
AP-BNL A319-132 (2631) Canx to OE-IHI 10.18.
JA…. Beech C90A (LJ-2150) [N2150Q] 10.18
JA…. Bell 505 (65140) [C-GFKE(4)] 10.18 AP-BNN A319-132 (2738) Canx to OE-IHJ 10.18.
PK-GAS ATR-72-600 (1438) GARUDA Explore 10.18
 [F-WWEJ] Taiwan (B)
PK-IVP DHC-6-400 (953) Pegasus Air Service 10.18 CANCELLATIONS
 [C-FGAL] B-16482 B747-45EF (30608) Canx to N486MC 10.18.

South Korea (HL) VT-RDG Ce.182T –
VT-RGJ Tecnam P.2006T – Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy –
HL9100 Bell 206L-3 (51433) Canx to N711TT 10.18.
VT-TSI Diamond DA42NG (42.N162)
Thailand (HS)
Myanmar (XY)
HS-ANN Zenair CH-701 (7-9599) Re-regd HS-FIN. Canx.
HS-BOG Pipistrel Virus 912SW 100 (321VSW100) Re-regd HS-FFC. XY-ALA CL-600-2B19 (7486) Canx to 2-YALA 9.18.
HS-DSG Ce.172S (172S8766) Re-regd HS-KPD. Canx. Sri Lanka (4R)
HS-TEB A330-321 (060) WFU and stored at U-Tapao since 8.15. CANCELLATIONS
Ferried to San Bernadino,CA 24.9.18 for part-out. Canx. 4R-DLK Bell 206B (4092) Canx to VH-FCD(4) 10.18.


HS-CNS Beech B200 (BB-1923) Ferried Don Muang to CANCELLATIONS
Braunschweig 25-28.10.18. Probably cancellation 9M-DRD EC.135P3 (1210) Canx to N135HT 10.18.
candidate. 9M-FIF ATR-72-600 (1259) Canx to 2-MFIF 10.18.
9M-MYD ATR-72-600 (1187) Canx to 2-MMYD 10.18.
Three Alpha Aviation Alpha 160As have been delivered to Nakhon Phanom
University recently. They will probably be regd in the HS-IA. series. The Singapore (9V)
aircraft are the following which were canx from the NZ register on 31.8.18:
ZK-RXY (160A-0020) 9V-SKE A380-841 (010) Ferried to Tarbes for storage 5.10.18.
ZK-SPG (160A-0019)
Japan (JA) ABN 8/18 JA9620 BK.117B-2 (1011) Canx 18.6.18 to P2-BKG.
RP-C8994 A320-233 – correct c/n 743 (not 749).
JA0124 Kyushu University KU-1 (1) Canx 27.9.18 as WFU.
JA0130 Hagiwara H-22B (2) Canx 3.9.18 as WFU.
JA304K B737-54K (28992) Canx to N678UA 10.18. CHINA
JA2241 L-13 Blanik (027055) Canx 3.9.18 as WFU.
JA6680 AS.365N2 (6411) Canx to N366SR 10.18.
JA850C DHC-8-402 (4158) Canx 10.18 to N696UA. Another large batch of airliner deliveries comprises this month’s
JA9428 AS.350B (1886) Canx 17.9.18 to USA. offering from official sources. We are still lacking any recent details of
JA9683 Bell 214ST (28175) Canx 11.9.18 to Canada. GA aircraft or helicopters – a situation which we sincerely hope can be
rectified in due course. As always thanks are due to Robert Swan and
REGISTER NOTES Jos Stevens for their help.
JA846C DHC-8-402 (4107) Canx 19.9.18 to N691UA.
Indonesia (PK) B-206G B737-800 (64020) Hainan Airlines 28.9.18
CANCELLATIONS B-206J B737-8 (61371) 9 Air 10.18
PK-HME Bell 206L-4 (52016) Canx to ZK-HRX(4) 10.18. B-206Q B737-8 (62180) Hainan Airlines 10.18
PK-OME EMB-135BJ (145516) Canx to N976LR 10.18. B-206S B737-800 (63074) China Eastern – Shanghai 10.18
B-206W B737-800 (63073) Shanghai Airlines 10.18
The following accident is also known: B-206X B737-800 (61692) China Eastern – Shanghai 10.18
PK-JBR Ce.208B (208B5163) Badly damaged on landing at Beoga B-206Y B737-8 (43952) Kunming Airlines 10.18
airstrip on 10.10.18.  [N1786B]
PK-LQP B737-8 (43000) w/o in sea shortly after t/o from Jakarta B-207A B737-800 (43897) Kunming Airlines 27.9.18
on 29.10.18.  [N1786B]
B-300C A321-231 (8437) Sichuan Airlines 17.10.18
PK-SEO Shark Aero Shark – Noted at the Shark factory at Senica, B-300D A321-271N (8480) Sichuan Airlines 10.18
Slovakia 9.18.  [D-AVZF]
PK-S121 Shark Aero Shark (038) As PK-SEO. B-300L A320-251N (8290) Lucky Air 10.18
Bangladesh (S2) B-300R A320-251N (8235) China Eastern – Shanghai 17.6.18
B-301C A320-214 (8179) Air Guilin 3.7.18
The following accident is known:
S2-AHW EC.130B4 – Badly damaged after lift-off from Lalbagh
B-301G A320-251N (8331) China Southern – Baiyoun 28.9.18
helipad on 11.10.18.
B-301H A320-251N (8348) China Southern – Baiyoun 17.10.18
Vietnam (VN)
CANCELLATIONS B-301J A320-251N (8282) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.10.18
VN-A376 A330-223 (943) Canx to 2-RLAX 8.18.  [F-WWBG]
B-302L A320-251N (8419) Chongqing Airlines 10.18
India (VT)  [F-WWIZ]
REGISTER NOTES B-302N A320-271N (8453) Qingdao Airlines 10.18
The following are recently advised:  [D-AXAW]
VT-EXP Thrust Aircraft TAC-003 - B-302P A320-271N (8478) Qingdao Airlines 10.18
VT-KNP Hindustan Dornier 228-201 (HAL-K/DO228/4130)  [D-AXAH]
VT-NBF Pipistrel Sinus 912 – Passed through the UK on its round B-302U A321-231 (8450) Capital Airlines 27.9.18
the World flight in 9.18 (See OCT.1944).  [D-AZAV]

Boeing 737-800 B-206X (61692) of China Eastern at Seattle. [Brian Worthington]

B-302Z A320-251N (8337) China Eastern – Shanghai 28.9.18 B-1081 A350-941 (240) Air China – Beijing 10.18
 [B-000K]  [F-WZHK]
B-303A A320-251N (8420) China Eastern – Shanghai 10.18 B-1093 A319-115 (8398) Chengdu Airlines 10.18
 [B-000U]  [D-AVWE]
B-303F A320-251N (8406) China Eastern – Shanghai 10.18 B-1106 B737-700 (61708) Kunming Airlines 30.6.18
 [B-000G]  [N1786B]
B-303P A320-214 (8435) China Express Airlines 10.18 B-1115 B787-9 (64312) Juneyao Airlines 10.18
 [B-000S] B-1119 B787-9 (64968) Hainan Airlines 27.9.18
B-303U A320-251N (8395) Spring Airlines 10.18 B-1121 B737-8 (43950) China Southern – Baiyoun 27.8.18
 [F-WWIA]  [N1798B,N1786B]
B-304E A320-214 (8462) Air China – Beijing 10.18 B-1125 B737-800 (63233) China Southern – Baiyoun 28.9.18
 [F-WWDS] B-1133 B787-9 (62738) Hainan Airlines 29.9.18
B-304F A320-214 (8509) Air China – Beijing 10.18 B-1138 B787-9 (62731) Hainan Airlines 10.10.18
 [D-AUBX]  [N9674Z]
B-304J A321-231 (8550) Sichuan Airlines 10.18 B-1140 B787-9 (62739) Hainan Airlines 10.10.18
 [D-AVZZ]  [N1002R]
B-304U A350-941 (052) Sichuan Airlines 10.18 B-1153 B737-800 (63270) China Southern – Baiyoun 28.9.18
 [F-WZFA]  [N1786B]
B-601Z CL-600-2D24 (15448) China Express 22.9.18 B-1160 B737-8 (61136) Shenzhen Airlines 29.9.18
 [C-GIAO]  [N1787B,N1786B]
B-602A COMAC ARJ21-700 (113) Chengdu Airlines 15.10.18 B-1161 B737-800 (64856) Air Changan 22.9.18
B-602P CL-600-2D24 (15450) China Express 10.18 B-1163 B737-800 (64860) Air Changan 5.10.18
 [C-GIAV]  [N1786B]
B-703Z Agusta AW.119 MK II (14954) Shanghai King Wing B-1165 B737-8 (62873) China Southern – Baiyoun 28.9.18
  [N648SH] General Aviation Co.Ltd. 8.18  [N1786B]
B-704A Agusta AW.119 MK II (14955) Shanghai King Wing B-1166 B737-8 (62575) China Southern 28.9.18
  [N649SH] General Aviation Co.Ltd. 8.18  [N1786B]
B-704R Agusta AW.139 (41540) Shanghai King Wing General B-1175 B737-8 (63272) China Southern – Baiyoun 10.18
  [N646SH] Aviation Co.Ltd. 9.18 B-1188 B737-800 (61406) Ruili Airlines 22.9.18
B-704S Agusta AW.139 (41542) Shanghai King Wing General B-1208 B737-800 (60173) Lucky Air 16.3.18
  [N647SH] Aviation Co.Ltd. 9.18  [N1796B,N1786B]
B-704Z Agusta A.109S Trekker (22708) Shanghai King Wing B-1209 B737-800 (60174) Lucky Air 16.3.18
General Aviation Co Ltd 8.18  [N1786B]
B-1011 A319-115 (7977) Chengdu Airlines 22.3.18 B-1212 A320-251N (8089) Zhejiang Loong Airlines 18.10.18
 [B-000U]  [D-AVVK]
B-1014 A330-343 (1851) Lucky Air 10.18 B-1215 B737-800 (44399) Hainan Airlines 17.3.18
 [F-WWYY]  [N1798B]
B-1039 A320-214 (8053) Air Guilin 22.5.18 B-1232 A320-251N (8184) Zhejiang Loong Airlines 18.10.18
B-1049 A330-343 (1833) China Eastern – Shanghai 27.3.18 B-1239 B737-800 (63260) China Southern – Baiyoun 9.5.18
 [F-WWYL]  [N1786B]
B-1051 A320-214 (7987) China Eastern – Shanghai 27.3.18 B-1255 B737-800 (61699) China Eastern – Shanghai 9.5.18
 [B-000W]  [N1787B]
B-1055 A321–271N (8224) Sichuan Airlines 28.9.18 B-1267 B737-800 (63621) Okay Airways 12.6.18
 [D-AVXP]  [N1782B]
B-1069 A350-941 (098) Hainan Airlines 29.9.18 B-1287 B737-800 (63690) Xiamen Airlines 27.6.18
 [F-WZFR]  [N1799B,N1786B]
B-1070 A350-941 (112) Hainan Airlines 10.18 B-1360 B737-800 (63769) Shandong Airlines 9.3.18
 [F-WZGQ]  [N1786B]

B-1376 B737-800 (61123) Shenzhen Airlines 3.5.18 VH-NSD(3) R22 Beta II (4787) Heliflite P/L – Bankstown/NSW 2.10.18
 [N1786B] VH-NSE(3) ASW-27-18E (29525) S.T.Evans L.A.Scott)
B-1485 B737-8 (60704) Okay Airways 1.7.18  [VH-IDJ(2),D-KDDI] – Sandy Creek/QLD 10.10.18
 [N1786B] VH-OEZ(2) Ce.208B (208B1200) Omni Aerospace P/L (Omni
B-3228 CL-600-2D24 (15414) China Express 23.7.16     Aviation Services P/L) – Jandakot/WA 18.10.18
 [C-GIAH]  [VH-NBD(3),VH-TUY(3),VH-TFW(4),
B-3329 COMAC ARJ21-700 (112) Chengdu Airlines 21.9.18 N599CF,XA-TOY,N5264A]
 [B-001W] VH-OUN AT-802A (802A-0765) Aerotech Aircraft Holdings
B-6969 B787-9 (38773) Hainan Airlines 9.5.17   P/L (Aerotech Australasia P/L) – Parafield/SA 22.10.18
B-…. Bell 407GX (54738) [C-FYOT] 10.18 VH-PDV(4) Guimbal Cabri G2 (1228) Courtney Aviation P/L
B-…. Bell 407GX (54739) [C-FYQC] 10.18   (Melbourne Helicopters P/L) – Essendon/VIC 2.10.18
B-…. Bell 407GX (54751) [C-GAWH(3)] 10.18 VH-RGY(3) Bell 206L-3 (51533) Skytek P/L – Edge Hill/QLD 22.10.18
B-…. Ce.172S (172S12196) [N846FV] 10.18  [P2-SHA,VH-IRE(2),TC-HES]
B-…. Ce.172S (172S12197) [N8466J] 10.18 VH-TWS(4) R66 (0890) G.A.Nankervis – Essendon/VIC 23.10.18
B-…. Ce.172S (172S12198) [N846HT] 10.18 VH-UVC(2) Bell UH-1H (5144) Brisbane Helicopters P/L
B-…. Ce.172S (172S12199) [N846TP] 10.18   [65-10100] – Kenmore/QLD 2.10.18
VH-VEB(2) SAAB 340B (340B-425) Vee H Aviation P/L
CANCELLATIONS – Canberra/ACT 18.10.18
B-2567 B767-36D (27685) Canx to N877BC 10.18.  [N325AG,JU-9907,N425XJ,SE-B25]
B-3082 EMB-145LI (14501030) Canx to 9G-AFQ 10.18. VH-VIJ Van’s RV-3B (11510) A.J.Viljoen – Broulee/NSW 10.10.18
B-3385 EMB-550 Legacy 500 (55000022) Canx to N550EL 10.18. VH-VZK B737-838 (34204) Cramberry Leasing Co Ltd
B-6125 A330-343 (773) Canx to M-ABLM 10.18.     (Qantas Airways Ltd – Mascot/NSW 12.10.18
B-6159 A319-112 (2905) Canx to LZ-AWQ 10.18.  [ZK-ZQF,N12787B]
B-6165 A319-112 (2935) Canx to LZ-AWR 10.18. VH-WHI(3) Ce.208 (20800589) Sky Business P/L (Whitsunday
B-8210 Falcon 2000S (721) Canx to N990JP 10.18.     Air Services P/L) – Hamilton Island/QLD 5.10.18
The following accident is also known: VH-WKU Van’s RV-12 (120717) W.H.Kuerten
B-7688 R44 II (13788) w/o at Suijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Hebei – Bankstown/NSW 3.10.18
province on 26.10.18. VH-WNA(4) Cameron O-31 (12174) N.J.Allen – Cessnock/NSW 19.10.18
VH-YWP Aeroprakt A-32 (54) Shiying Yougawalla No 2 P/L
ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS         (H.C.Sale) – Halls Creek/WA 5.10.18
ABN 8/18 B-1098 A330-343E – correct c/n 1875. VH-ZNG B787-9 (36240) Qantas Airways Ltd
– Mascot/NSW 16.10.18
VH-ZNH B787-9 (36241) Qantas Airways Ltd
– Mascot/NSW 25.10.18
AUSTRALIA VH-ZUU(2) R44 II (14210) Heliflite P/L – Bankstown/NSW 10.10.18
VH-ZVJ Bell 505 (65130) Great Ocean Road Aviation P/L
    (Glenample Air P/L) – Princetown/VIC 10.10.18
Australian changes come from CASA sources as usual with thanks as  [C-GBQH]
always to Tony Arbon and John Streeter and take the register to late VH-ZVN Bell 505 (65131) Great Ocean Road Aviation P/L
October 2018. Most interest centres around imports including the     (Glenample Air P/L) – Princetown/VIC 12.10.18
EDRA Petrel VH-AJQ from Brazil and Jet Ranger VH-FCD from Sri Lanka.  [C-GAED]
VH-ZYQ Aeroprakt A-22LS (335) P.J.Harlow
NEW REGISTRATIONS – Black Rock/VIC 11.10.18
VH-AJQ(5) EDRA Super Petrel AV12 (SO196) J.G.Stewart
  [PU-NTS] – Clontarf/NSW 18.10.18 CANCELLATIONS
VH-EDH(2) Cirrus SR22 (4113) Harrison Flight Holdings P/L VH-BAF(3) EDRA Seastar (113031) Transferred to RAAus register.
        (Cirrus Sunshine Coast P/L) Canx 15.10.18.
  [ZK-CNZ(2),N113NZ] – Moffat Beach/QLD 11.10.18 VH-BEL(3) Bell 206B (851) Canx 16.10.18 as WFU.
VH-EJT(4) Ce.525A (525A-0113) I.Erceg – Perth/WA 25.10.18 VH-BKV(3) BK.117B-2 (1109) Canx 22.10.18 to ZK-HHJ(3).
 [M-WMWM,G-OCJT,N525VV] VH-CZT(4) Agusta AW.109SP (22222) Canx 25.10.18 to UK.
VH-EQF(5) Diamond DA40 (40.806) Flight Training Adelaide P/L VH-EMY Maule M-4-210 (1011) Canx 17.10.18 as WFU.
  [N828SD] – Parafield/SA 15.10.18 VH-FNB(2) F.27-050 (20107) Canx 9.10.18 to the Philippines.
VH-FCD(4) Bell 206B (4092) Machjet P/L (McDermott Aviation VH-FNH(2) F.27-050 (20113) Canx 9.10.18 to the Philippines.
P/L) – Cooroy/QLD 2.10.18 VH-FUU PA-36-285 (36-7560070) Canx 12.10.18 as WFU.
 [4R-DLK,VT-DAN(2),JA9888,C-GAHJ] VH-HVO(2) H.369E (0347E) Canx 3.10.18 to ZK-HOT(6).
VH-FII(4) Diamond DA42 (42.192) Diamond Aviation P/L VH-IDJ(2) ASW-27-18E (29525) Re-regd VH-NSE(3). Canx 10.10.18.
   (Learn to Fly Australia P/L) – Moorabbin/VIC 3.10.18 VH-IQU Ce.U206F (U20602136) Canx 4.10.18 to ZK-VQU.
 [N612MM] VH-JJK(2) Bell 212 (31300) Canx 4.10.18 to Canada.
VH-GXM(4) DG-800B (8-241B155) R.J.McCormack VH-JRY(2) R22 Beta II (3443) Canx 26.10.18 as destroyed.
  [ZK-GEM(2),JA28TT] – (Canberra/ACT) 18.10.18 VH-LJZ Rotorway Exec 162F (2968) Canx 5.10.18 as WFU.
VH-HLV(3) R22 Beta II (4788) Heliflite P/L VH-LRN PA-34-200T (34-7870235) Canx 11.10.18 as WFU.
– Bankstown/NSW 26.10.18 VH-NBD(3) Ce.208B (208B1200) Re-regd VH-OEZ(2). Canx 18.10.18.
VH-HUE(4) Bell 205A-1 (30290) O’Driscoll Aviation P/L VH-OJT B747-438 (25565) Canx 3.10.18 to USA.
– Howard/NT 15.10.18 VH-PZL PA-28-161 (28-7716202) Canx 10.10.18 as WFU.
 [ZS-RXR(2),D-HAFW(4),EC-GPP,EC-GCG,EC-857(2), VH-SAN PA-28-140 (28-7625081) Canx 5.10.18 as WFU.
LN-OPA,OE-EXZ,N2670N,C-GUMJ,OE-EXZ] VH-SUV(2) H.369E (0421E) Canx 3.10.18 to ZK-HMW(3).
VH-IXW UltraMagic H-31 (31/19) K.B.Cooper VH-TCA B757-236F (25620) Canx 23.10.18 to G-DHKZ.
– (Kingspoint/NSW) 11.10.18 VH-TRV PA-28-161 (28-8016370) Canx 4.10.18 as WFU.
VH-LPS(2) Learjet 35A (35A-407) Astra Aerospace P/L VH-WRH(2) PA-28-140 (28-22482) Canx 10.10.18 as WFU.
       (Gojet P/L) – Nowra/NSW 16.10.18 VH-WSR(3) Bell 412EP (36233) Canx 2.10.18 to Italy.
 [C-GIWO(2),C-GIWD,N407MR,N221MC,N234DT, VH-XPN Learjet 60 (60-290) Canx 25.10.18 to N545SB.
N3793P] VH-YTE TB-10 (1403) Canx 26.10.18 as WFU.
VH-LXC(2) Beech G58 (TH-2501) D.G.Chadwick P/L VH-YTV TB-10 (1604) Canx 26.10.18 as WFU.
  [N2501D] – Coonable/NSW 19.10.18 VH-YZX Zenair CH-640 Zodiac (640-0029) Canx 10.18.

VH-ZFD EC.225LP (2724) Canx 3.10.18 to N570AC. ZK-IGS(2) BK.117B-2 (1091) Skyline Aviation Ltd – Napier 18.10.18
VH-ZFE EC.225LP (2728) Canx 3.10.18 to N572AC.  [JA6781]
VH-ZFO Agusta AW.139 (41339) Canx 12.10.18 to G-CKYP. ZK-IIX BK.117B-2 (1099) Oeania Aviation Ltd – Ardmore 4.10.18
VH-ZHH(2) Agusta AW.139 (31583) Canx 12.10.18 to G-CIMU.  [P2-HND,ZK-HCX(3),JA6739]
ZK-ILY R44 II (10968) Horizon Helicopters Ltd
The following accidents are also known:   [JA778N] – Christchurch 1.10.18
VH-DJX(2) Jabiru J170-D (316) w/o and DBF at Hagley W of ZK-ITG(2) BK.117B-2 (1086) Skyline Aviation Ltd – Napier 10.10.18
Launceston/TAS on 21.10.18.  [JA6780]
VH-FAY(2) Ce.208B (208B0884) Ditched in the sea 120 kms E of ZK-MVW ATR-72-600 (1525) Mount Cook Airline Ltd (Air
Sendai, Japan while en-route Saipan to Chitose on   [F-WWEE]  New Zealand Link) - Christchurch 27.10.18
17.9.18. ZK-RDS(2) Benson B8M Gyrocopter (GLW1) D.M.MacDonald
VH-YVX BRM Aero Bristell S-LSA (284/2017) w/o at Stawell/VIC   [ZK-RDC(1) – Tauranga 1.10.18
on 5.10.18. ZK-SDD Ce.208B (208B2087) Great Barrier Airlines Ltd
  [ZK-SAW,N771AL] – Dairy Flat 10.10.18
KNOWN IMPORTS/RESERVATIONS ZK-SRT(2) ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (15-09-54-0417)
VH-RTE AG-5B (10230) [N951TE] 10.18      Savannah SRT Ltd – West Melton 11.10.18
VH-… Beech B300 (FL-1114) [N1114S] 10.18 ZK-TCB(2) Pipistrel Virus SW (923SWN100iS) Pipistrel NZ
VH-… Ce.182T (18283052) [N20396] 10.18 Ltd– Whakatane 10.10.18
VH-… Ce.182T (18283053) [N2040W] 10.18 ZK-TPV North American T-28B Trojan (200-164) Vause
VH-… Diamond DA40 (40.725) [N797XL] 10.18      Trusts Partnership – New Plymouth 8.10.18
VH-… Diamond DA40 (40.1039) [N539KC] 10.18  [VH-DUD(2),N57973,BuA137801]
ZK-VHS ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (18-07-54-0623) Global
ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS     Campers Business Trust – Christchurch 30.10.18
ABN 8/18 VH-HVY(4) AS.350BA FX2 (2504) This was not restored as ZK-VQU Ce.U206F (U20602136) P.C.Jones – Picton 9.10.18
P2-FXE but became P2-ALD.  [VH-IQU,N71294]
ABN 9/18 VH-AQF Boeing A75N1 (75-2012) Orig ex 41-8453. ZK-VXN Aeroprakt A-32 (055) Dawson-Sheehan Family
ABN 10/18 VH-DUD(2) T-28B Trojan (200-164) Canx 11.9.18 to         Trust 192 – Whangaparaoa 11.10.18
ZK-TPV. ZK-WUA Diamond DA42 (42.AC126) K.Li – Ardmore 24.10.18
ZK-WUB Ce.172R (17280487) Oceania Aviation Ltd
 [ZK-OEM,VH-EEM(3),N9539A]  – Ardmore 16.10.18
NEW ZEALAND AND PACIFIC ZK-WUC Ce.172R (17280124) Aeromotive Ltd – Hamilton 16.10.18

Apart from a few additions in PNG the bulk of our news this time PNG (P2)
comes from New Zealand where the southern spring brings a large
number of additions. Of several helicopters ZK-HFD returns from a CANCELLATIONS
spell in Nigeria, while the undoubted highlight is the appearance of P2-CHJ Boeing 234 (MJ022) Canx to N245CH 7.18.
the latest Mosquito for rebuild by Avspecs as ZK-BCV. P2-HND BK.117B-2 (1099) Canx to ZK-IIX 10.18.
P2-KSF DHC-6-300 (528) w/o 12 kms NE of Port Moresby 20.9.14.
P2-ALD AS.350BA FX2 (2504) Airborne Logistics Ltd P2-MFM Gippsland GA8-TC320 (GA8-TC 320-09-149) Canx to
– Port Moresby 7.18 VH-MAH 7.18.
 [VH-HVY(4),P2-FXE,C-GFQR(2),F-GHRH,F-WZKI] P2-PHP SA.315B (2472) Canx .18.
P2-ASL DHC-6-300 (219) Air Sanga 8.18 P2-SHA Bell 206L-3 (51533) Canx to VH-RGY(3) 10.18.
P2-BKG BK.117B-2 (1011) Pacific Helicopters Ltd – Goroka 7.18
Vanuatu (YJ)
ZK-BCV DH.98 Mosquito FB.VI – AVspecs Ltd – Ardmore R12.10.18 The following accident is known:
 [N9909F,NZ2384,PZ474] YJ-ASH Ce.207 (20700119) Badly damaged in attempted f/l at
ZK-FAA(2) Kubícek BB30Z (1500) C.W.Buschkuehle Dillions BayErromango on 25.10.18.
– (Upper Moutere) 11.10.18
ZK-GRX(2) ASW-27 (27236) T.R.Delore – Christchurch 3.10.18 New Zealand (ZK)
ZK-HBQ(5) AS.350B2 (4432) B.J.Comerford – Porirua 24.10.18 ZK-CBC(2) Ce.172R (17280124) Re-regd ZK-WUC 16.10.18.
 [N452LH] Canx.
ZK-HCS(6) AS.350B2 (3110) Airwork (NZ) Ltd – Ardmore 8.10.18 ZK-CNZ(2) Cirrus SR22 (4113) Canx 9.10.18 to VH-EDH(2).
 [N118TA,HI-514C,N118TA,N400EA] ZK-GEM(2) DG-800B (8-241B155) Canx 11.10.18 as exported.
ZK-HFD(2) AS.350B2 (3840) B.J.Comerford – Porirua 26.10.18 ZK-HOT(6) H.369E (0347E) Re-regd ZK-HNW(4) 24.10.18. Canx.
 [5N-BLI,ZK-IBT,ZK-IDF] ZK-HTQ(3) Guimbal Cabri G2 (1071) Canx 9.10.18 as exported.
ZK-HHJ(3) BK.117B-2 (1109) Airwork (NZ) Ltd – Ardmore 26.10.18 ZK-IED BK.117A-3 (7059) Ditched in Pauatahanui inlet, Porirua
 [VH-BKV(3),JA01CJ] Harbour on 2.5.17. Canx 19.10.18 as destroyed.
ZK-HMW(3) H.369E (0421E) The Alpine Group Ltd – Wanaka 3.10.18 ZK-KEC PAC 750XL (214) Canx 23.10.18 to Zhongshan Xiongyong
 [VH-SUV(2),JA6042] GA, China.
ZK-HNW(4) H.369E (0347E) The Alpine Group Ltd – Wanaka 24.10.18 ZK-MYS PA-31-350 (31-7652032) Canx 16.10.18 as WFU.
 [ZK-HOT(6),VH-HVO(2),N16065Z] ZK-OEM Ce.172R (17280487) Re-regd ZK-WUB 16.10.18. Canx.
ZK-HOT(6) H.369E (0347E) The Alpine Group Ltd – Wanaka 4.10.18 ZK-ONE Corby CJ-1 Starlet U/L (AACA/570) Canx 29.10.18 as
 [VH-HVO(2),N1606Z] revoked.
ZK-HRX(4) Bell 206L-4 (52016) Heli Resources 2012 Ltd ZK-RPT Mudrovcich Pearse 1903 Replica (002) Canx 11.10.18 as
– Rotorua 11.10.18 WFU.
 [PK-HME,HB-XQP,D-HOBC(2),C-GAEP] ZK-SAW Ce.208B (208B2087) Re-regd ZK-SDD 10.10.18. Canx.
ZK-ICK AS.355F1 (5180) Airlift Trading Ltd – Ardmore 23.10.18 ZK-TNB(2) Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (74) w/o in a forested area at
 [I-VRVR] Nightcaps N of Invercargill on 8.9.18. Canx 11.10.18.
ZK-IDW(2) AS.350B2 (3806) Precision Helicopters Ltd 23.10.18 ZK-WSP Beaver RX 550 (BRX-0071) Canx 11.10.18 as
  [N41299,N161AE] – Urenui exported.

ZK-ZQF B737-838 (34204) Canx 12.10.18 to VH-VZK. LV-HQO Tecnam P.2002 Sierra – .18
ZK-ZYX Diamond DA42 (42.AC126) Re-regd ZK-WUA 24.10.18. LV-HUV EMB-145LR (14500856)LASA Lineas Aereas 9.18
Canx.  [N576RP]
LV-HXK Learjet 60 (60-316) 10.18
The following accident is also known:  [N933AL,N923AL,N50LK,N5017J]
ZK-HOJ H.369D (49-0491D) w/o and DBF near Wanaka airfield on LV-… Agusta AW.119 Mk II (14731)
18.10.18. 9.18
REGISTER NOTES LV-… Beech 58 (TH-1380) [N270MA] 9.18
ZK-BBV(2) Stampe SV-4C (199) Now resident with Stu Goldspink at
LV-… Bell 412EP1 (37010) [N549FA] 9.18
Old Warden.
LV-… Ce.150H (15068492) [N22748] 9.18
LV-… Ce.150L (15074268) [N19243] 9.18
LV-… Ce.177B (17701989) [N34763] 9.18
NEW REGISTRATIONS LV-… Ce.182P (18264827) [N47234] 10.18
34H Gin Fuse (BH08-Q93000220P) Skytrek Tandems Ltd LV-… Cirrus SR22 (4695) [N695JL] 10.18
– Queenstown 29.10.18 LV-… PA-28R-201T (28R-7703358) [N73FC] 10.18
34I Gin Fuse (BH08-Q9300245P) Skytrek Tandems Ltd ZP-… Beech C90A (LJ-1382) [N96TH,N3120U] 10.18
– Queenstown 29.10.18
ZP-… Beech 300 (FA-27) 10.18
34J Gin Fuse (BD04-Q6600084D) Skytrek Tandems Ltd
– Queenstown 29.10.18
34K Gradient Bi Golden 3 (G40421601029) Skytrek
         Tandems Ltd – Queenstown 29.10.18
Chile (CC)
34L Gradient Bi Golden 3 (G40391710452) Skytrek CANCELLATIONS
 [32V]      Tandems Ltd – Queenstown 29.10.18 CC-AUI Bell 407 (53370) Canx to C-GFUF(2) 10.18.
34M Gradient Bi Golden 3 (G50421808215) Skytrek
         Tandems Ltd – Queenstown 29.10.18 Argentina (LV)
LV-CWF Bell 412EP (36548) Canx to N548BF 9.18.
ABN 9/18 ZK-HNF(3) Agusta AW.139 (41271) Canx 28.8.18 to
The following accidents are also known:
ZK-LXY/RXY/SPG All sold to Thailand – marks not yet
LV-BSB R44 II (12372) w/o in a lagoon near Las Flores (BA) after
hitting power lines on 15.10.18.
LV-FKV Ce.150M (15077081) DBR near Dique Cascalleras, Moron on
SOUTHERN SOUTH AMERICA LV-ZPB Ce.A188B (02092T) w/o near Villalonga (BA) on 25.9.18.
LV-X673 Pitts S-2C – w/o at Carreras on 23.9.18.

Changes mainly in Chile and Argentina this month together with a EXPERIMENTAL/HOMEBUILT REGISTER
couple of snippets from Uruguay and Paraguay. In Chile allocations are
from official sources,while in Argentina we have a short update on the NEW REGISTRATIONS
homebuilt/ultralight register in the LV-X… series. LV-X628 Sonex (001) Aeroclub Posadas .17
LV-X641 Van’s RV-9A (91644) .
CC-AWF A320-232 (8493) Wilmington Trust Company (JetSmart  [N7519U,RCAF20446]
  [F-WWBS] Airlines SpA) – Santiago 10.18    (Painted in US Marines c/s as “44-YK”)
CC-AXR AS.350B3 (8501) Lixxbail SA (Ecocopter SA) .18 LV-X645 Iceman 01 (01) Aeroclub Formosa .
CC-AXU AS.350B3 (8520) H21 SARL (Ecocopter SA) .18 LV-X646 Wega 180 – .
CC-AXY AS.350B3 (8585) Airbus Helicopters Cono Sur SA LV-X647 Rans S-9 Chaos – .
          (Servicios Aereos Kipreos SA) .18 LV-X666 The Airplane Factory Sling 4 – .
CC-AYA R66 (0848) Transportes Valle Alegre SpA .18 LV-X669 Cirrus (3-axis ultralight) – .
CC-AYB Gulfstream V-SP (5332) Aero Andina SA – Santiago LV-X673 Pitts S-2C – (See accidents) .
 [N550CS,PR-CIP,N992GA] 10.18
CC-AYD Van’s RV-9A (92149) Club Aereo de Santiago ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
– Tobalaba .18
CC-AYE Van’s RV-9A (92150) Club Aereo de Santiago NEW REGISTRATIONS
– Tobalaba .18 LV-S064 Tecnam P.2002 Sierra Mk.2 – .18
CC-AYF R44 II (11155) Flycopter I SpA 8.18
 [N921AG] Paraguay (ZP)
CC-AYH Stemme S-10V (14-012M) N.Ohaco Pey .18 CANCELLATIONS
CC-AYJ R44 (2550) Pentagro Servicios SA .18 ZP-BHR Beech G36 (E-3304) Canx to N36BB 10.18.
CC-AYS Bell 505 (65104) Eagle Copters South America SA .18
CC-AYZ Grob G.109 (6001) M.A.Corral Monsalve and I.A.Carres ABN 8/18 CC-AXF JIH F100 Fascination (F100/0610)
Siade .18 ex OK-PUF 50.
CC-AZE A320-251N (8521) Sky Airline – Santiago 10.18
LV-… Boeing A75N1 (75-3110) Orig ex 41-25603.
CC-AZF A320-251N (8497) Sky Airline – Santiago 10.18
CC-… Bell 407GX (54813) [C-GDGQ(3),(N849EY)] 10.18 CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN
CC-… Ce.150M (15077809) [N7683U] 10.18
CC-… LA-4-200 (961) [C-FCRQ,N3010P] 10.18
CX-… Bell 505 (65143) [C-GLZC] 10.18 Our usual selection from the region includes another welcome
LV-HQH B737-800 (42278) Norwegian Air Argentina 10.18 Caymans update which comprises mainly helicopters among which we
 [EI-FVO] find four EC.225s.

NEW REGISTRATIONS X.-… PA-28-180C (28-2710) [N590DG,N8469W] 10.18
C6-… PA-31 (31-7300937) 10.18 X.-… PA-28R-201T (28R-7703195) [N38260] 10.18
HI…. Ce.310N (310N0183) [N101KB] 10.18 Aruba (P4)
HP-…. R44 (1944) [N418AS] 10.18
TG-… Ce.172N (17271267) [N90JR] 10.18
P4-SVM EMB-135BJ (14501060) Canx to N32SF 10.18.
TG-… Ce.208B (208B5464) [N125CB] 10.18
TG-… Ce.208B (208B5466) [N135CB] 10.18
Bermuda (VP-B/VQ-B)
TI-BIQ Bell 206L-4 (52121) C.Lopez 8.18
TI-BIR AS.350B3 – Trans Costa Rica Lineas Aereas – Pavas .18 VP-BGO CL-600-2B16 (5851) Canx to N605CE 10.18.
VQ-BGV B737-8 (44297) Globus (S7 Airlines) 10.18 VP-BMH BAe.125-800B (258180) Canx to RA-02776 10.18.
VQ-BHT B737-800 (41235) Aeroflot – Sheremetievo 10.18 VQ-BUU B747-4EVF (35170) Canx to G-CLAE 10.18.
VQ-BHW B737-800 (41241) Aeroflot – Sheremetievo 10.18
VQ-BRI A320-271N (8451) S7 Airlines 10.18 Cayman Islands (VP-C)
VP-CBU EC.225LP (2839) Wilmington Trust SP
VP-CII EMB-135BJ (14501142) Canx 9.18 to JY-CII.
 [OY-HOK,F-WWOI] Services (Dublin) Ltd 30.8.18
VP-CQX ERJ-190-100LR (19000233) WFU at St.Athan. Canx 8.18.
VP-CBV EC.225LP (2841) Wilmington Trust SP
VP-CSH Gulfstream IV (1487) Canx to N86MW 10.18.
  [OY-HOS,F-WWON] Services (Dublin) Ltd 30.8.18
VP-CXO A320-214 (3868) Canx 9.18.
VP-CBW EC.225LP (2862) Wilmington Trust SP
Services (Dublin) Ltd 21.8.18
VP-CAA Correct details are EC.225LP (2838) ex F-GSXG,OY-HOM.
VP-CBX EC.225LP (2935) Wilmington Trust SP
  [LN-OYW(2)] Services (Dublin) Ltd 21.8.18 Regd to Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd 17.8.18.
VP-CCA Sikorsky S-76C++ (760683) Wilmington Trust SP (Delete all reference to AS.350BA c/n 2838 – see SEP.1784)
Services (Dublin) Ltd 17.9.18 VP-CML Gulfstream VI (6330) Regd to Happy Wins International Ltd.
 [N760BB,SE-JOB,N4511A] 27.9.18.
VP-CGC EC.130T2 (8478) Sky Vision Enterprises Ltd 17.9.18 VP-CPU Gulfstream VI (6317) Regd to Cherish Choice Ltd 19.7.18.
VP-CGW A320-232 (6455) ZF Ireland Aircraft 68 Ltd 6.9.18
 [HZ-SGA,F-WWBH] Belize (V3)
VP-CHK Gulfstream VI (6328) L.A.Aviation 31.8.18 CANCELLATIONS
 [N628GA] V3-HGJ Ce.208B (208B0946) Canx to N23GS 10.18.
XA-GSG Ce.525 (525-0997) [N876U] 10.18
XA-MAQ B737-8 (43710) AeroMexico – Mexico City 10.18 Mexico (XA/B/C)
XA-VII A320-271N (8474) VivaAeroBus – Monterey 10.18
XA-VIJ A320-271N (8556) VivaAeroBus – Monterey 10.18 XA-EZM BK.117C-2 (9051) Canx to N961KP 10.18.
 [D-AUBU] XA-HRA Agusta A.109E (11832) Canx to N109WS 10.18.
XA-VIM A320-271N (8528) VivaAeroBus – Monterey 10.18 XA-MDM Learjet 60 (60-089) Canx to N94JC 10.18.
 [D-AVVQ] XA-NLP ATR-72-600 (1086) Canx to OY-YCU 10.18.
X.-… AB.139 (31035) [N697RS,VT-GVG,N697RS] 10.18 XA-OVA BD-100-1A10 (20232) Canx to N194TD 10.18.
X.-… Ce.150L (15073610) [N17056] 10.18 XA-SKS Learjet 35A (35A-497) Canx 13.8.18 to N758JA. (Identity
X.-… Ce.210B (21057971) [N9671X] 10.18 confirmed)
X.-… BAe.125-800A (258104/NA0405) 10.18 XA-UQY DHC-8-102 (160) Canx to C-GOKN(3) 10.18.
 [N211JN,N527AC,N542BA,G-5-575] XA-USS Ce.550 (550-0965) Canx to N256CC 10.18.
X.-… Learjet 75 (45-503) [N751LJ,N5013Y] 10.18 XB-MKL PA-28-181 (2843234) Canx to N4132D 10.18.
X.-… PA-28-180B (28-1796) [N7787W] 10.18 XB-MMS Beech G58 (TH-2360) Canx 19.10.18 to N68WE. (Identity
X.-… PA-28-180C (28-2479) [N8309W] 10.18 confirmed)

Piper PA-23-250 Aztec F C6-EAT taken at Palm Beach International, Florida on 20th October 2018. [K West]

Trinidad and Tobago (9Y) C-GERF(2) RAF-2000GTX-SE (H2-07-17-678) R.Headon
– Drayton Valley/AB 23.10.18
C-GFAP(12) CL-600-2B16 (5907) The Craig Evan Corporation
9Y-TAJ Agusta AW.139 (41234) Canx to N939BG 10.18.
  [N567YX,C-GPUV] – Toronto/ON 2.10.18
C-GFFP Ce.172K (17257321) SPM Charters Inc
  [C-GORD,N46520]  – Waterloo-Kitchener/ON 12.10.18
ABN 9/18 The two Bell 429s went to the Jamaican Defence Force as
C-GFNY Bell 407GX (54823) Bell Helicopter Textron
JDF H-36 (57337) ex N837KB,C-FYIZ and JDF H-37 (57338)
         Canada Ltd – Mirabel/QC 5.10.18
ex N837LT,C-FYLR.
C-GFOC(3) PA-34-200 (34-7450112) Calgary Air Taxi Ltd
  [N27SV,N41353] – Springbank/AB 22.10.18
C-GFOF BD-100-1A10 (20762) Bombardier Inc
CANADA   [C-GOYL] – Dorval/QC 9.10.18
C-GFPW(2) Bullmann Aircamper (WB1) P.Bullmann
– Middleport/ON 18.10.18
October Canadian changes come as usual from Transport Canada C-GFUF(2) Bell 407 (53370) Eagle Copters Ltd – Calgary/AB
sources with grateful thanks also to Tim Martin. The mixture includes  [CC-AUI,EC-JAR,N54LM,N60419,C-GLZQ] 23.10.18
the first of this season’s “snowbird” 737 leases. Meanwhile we have C-GFUP(2) Ce.U206G (U20605844) J.Valiquette
revamped the presentation of the manufacturers test marks in a more   [N6250X] – Québec/QC 31.10.18
logical way. C-GFVG(2) Beech B60 (P-300) C.Hillier – London/ON 22.10.18
NEW REGISTRATIONS C-GHVU(2) AS.350B2 (2132) Canadian Helicopters Ltd
C-FABP Bearhawk Patrol (P002-P05/P06-123) – Les Cèdres/QC 12.7.18
 [N123WW]  C.and B.Penner– Glenora/MB 5.10.18  [ZK-HVU(4),VH-WDQ,ZK-HFH(3),VH-WCU,
C-FASD BD-700-1A10 (9195) The Futura Corporation HS-HTA,HS-NMB,N350MB]
  [N8988,N4T,N195GX,C-FEBL] – Vancouver/BC 18.10.18 C-GICH(5) R44 II (14263) Chinook Helicopters (1982) Ltd
C-FHCI Stitts SA-11-A (45) M.White – Lethbridge/AB 3.10.18 – Abotsford/BC 19.10.18
 [CF-HCI] C-GKVV(2) B737-86N (38027) Sunwing Airlines Inc
C-FKTM R66 (0898) Hole Shot Maintenance Ltd – Toronto/ON R22.10.18
– Grand Prairie/AB 2.10.18  [OK-TVV,C-GKVV(2),OK-TVV,N1787B]
C-FMDO MU-2B-40 (411SA) Promanex Inc – Oshawa/ON 11.10.18 C-GMZW(2) Ce.152 (15281853) Canadian Flight Centre Inc
 [N400PS]   [N67474] – Boundary Bay/BC 23.10.18
C-FMFL Falcon 2000LX (249) McCain Foods Ltd C-GOKN(3) DHC-8-102 (160) K.Dawson & Associates Inc
  [N620V,F-WWJZ] – Florenceville/NB 4.10.18 – North Bay/ON 3.10.18
C-FNEL Nelson Barracuda (116) A.Nelson – Cardston/AB 10.10.18  [XA-UQY,C-GAII(3),N831EX,N807AW,C-GEWQ]
C-FOOH Ce.T206H (T20609501) J.Watt – Victoria/BC 11.10.18 C-GORD(2) CL-600-2B16 (5134) Flightpath Chater Airways
 [N981AJ]       Inc – Waterloo-Kitchener/ON 12.10.18
C-FRVJ Van’s RV-7A (74180) T.R.Thorburn – Vernon/BC 24.10.18  [N2369R,C-GPOC(2),N898EW,N511WN,
C-FTZD B737-8K5 (35132) Sunwing Airlines Inc N511WM,N43RK,N43R,C-GLXS]
C-GPYJ(2) PA-31-350 (31-7552054) M.Graham
– Toronto/ON R25.10.18
  [N90RS,N59953] – Fort Francis/ON R24.10.18
C-GQWH(2) B73-8K5 (38107) Sunwing Airlines Inc
– Toronto/ON R15.10.18
C-FUOR Zenith CH-750 (75-8298) H.Schroeder
– Calmar/AB 9.10.18
C-GSTG(3) Falcon 7X (77) I.M.P.Group Ltd (Execaire)
C-FURX Nell Furio (RGN-001) R.Nell
 [D-APLC,D-ACGN,F-WWHS]  – Dorval/QC 19.10.18
         – Okotoks Air Ranch/AB 12.10.18
C-GTQX(3) B737-8FN (37077) Air Transat AT Inc – Dorval/QC 9.10.18
C-FWRT DG-1000S (10-27S27) Edmonton Soaring Club
  [N100DG] – Chipman/AB 3.10.18
C-GTQY B737-8Q8 (30724) Air Transat AT Inc
C-FXAQ BD-700-2A12 (70015) Bombardier Inc
– Dorval/QC R26.10.18
– Dorval/QC 11.10.18
C-FXSS Ce.T206H (T20608848) Leading Edge Enterprises OK-TVY,C-GTQY,OK-TVY,C-GKVY,OK-TVY,EI-FAY
  [N6191Z] Ltd – Fredericton/NB 12.7.18 C-GDGT,D-AXLE,C-GDGT,D-AXLE,C-GDGT,D-AXLE]
C-FYPN B737-2T4 (22529) Chrono Jet Inc – Québec/QC 10.10.18 C-GTSF(3) Diamond DA62 (62.106) Diamond Aircraft
 [N703S,N703ML,EI-BRN,N51AF]         Industries Inc – London/ON 4.10.18
C-FZGZ Bell 429 (57358) Bell Helicopter Textron C-GTVG B737-8Q8 (30719) Sunwing Airlines Inc
         Canada Ltd – Mirabel/QC 9.10.18 – Toronto/ON R15.10.18
C-FZKY BD-700-2A12 (70017) Bombardier Inc  [OK-TVG,C-GTVG,OK-TVG,C-GTVG,OK-TVG,
– Dorval/QC 11.10.18 C-GTVG,OK-TVG,C-GTVG,OK-TVG,C-GTVG,
C-FZVH MD.900 (900-00011) Vortex Helicorp Inc OK-TVG,C-GTVG,OK-TVG,C-GTVG,OK-TVG]
  [N905LF,N92011] – Joliette/QC 1.10.18 C-GTWT North Star (111) G.Bradley – Brechin/ON 3.10.18
C-GAGY(2) BD-700-1A10 (9848) Bombardier Inc – Dorval/QC 1.10.18  [C-GERU]
C-GAHM(2) BD-700-1A10 (9849) Bombardier Inc – Dorval/QC 1.10.18 C-GUIL(2) Ce.150L (15073161) Transvalair Express Inc
C-GANR(3) BD-700-1A10 (9850) Bombardier Inc – Dorval/QC 9.10.18   [N5261Q] – St-Hubert/QC 30.10.18
C-GAOF(2) BD-700-1A10 (9851) Bombardier Inc – Dorval/QC 19.10.18 C-GVYT(2) Van’s RV-9A (92109) S.Foord – Vernon/BC 3.10.18
C-GBXN(2) DHC-8-402 (4589) Bombardier Inc C-GXBK(4) BK.117B-2 (7183) Great Slave Helicopters Ltd
– Downsview/ON 19.10.18 – Yellowknife/NT R18.10.18
C-GBXZ(3) BD-700-1A10 (9853) Bombardier Inc – Dorval/QC 26.10.18  [CP-3081,C-GXBK(4),S-718,D-HBHZ]
C-GBYK(3) BD-700-1A11 (9852) Bombardier Inc – Dorval/QC 23.10.18 C-GXGC(2) Kehoe Bearhawk 4Place (1170) D.Kehoe
C-GCHG(3) CL-600-2B16 (6126) Bombardier Inc – Dorval/QC 4.10.18       – Edmonton-Villeneuve/AB 3.10.18
 [C-FAXN] C-GXXD(3) BD-700-1A10 (9819) Bombardier Inc
C-GCZJ(2) Ce.150M (15077556) Transvalair Express Inc   [C-FXFY] – Dorval/QC 24.10.18
  [N6152K] – St-Hubert/QC 30.10.18 C-GYEY(2) Ce.A188A (18800624) R.G.Jenson – Outlook/SK 2.10.18
C-GDFX(2) Zenith STOL CH-750 (75-10726) D.Zschogner  [C-GUYO,N5674J]
– Parry Sound/ON 10.10.18 C-GYNV(2) Agusta AW.139 (41277) 7506406 Canada Inc
C-GEHF(3) B737-8 (60519) Westjet – Calgary/AB 30.10.18   [N804CB] – Moosonee/ON 18.10.18

C-GZAQ(4) Ce.150M (15077359) Transvalair Express Inc C-FKJM CL-600-2A12 (3012) Canx 2.10.18.
  [N63510] – St-Hubert/QC 30.10.18 C-FLIW R22 Beta II (3280) Canx 29.10.18 to USA.
C-GZIC(2) ICON A5 (00049) G.Scarrow – Burlington/ON 5.10.18 C-FLWH ERJ-190-100IGW (19000094) Canx 10.10.18 to N137CA.
 [N525BA] C-FMHA Learjet 40 (45-2043) Canx 26.10.18 to N340SR.
C-IACT(2) Flight Design CTLS (F-18-01-01) 1800769 Ontario CF-ORL Luscombe 8AX (6370X) Canx 12.10.18 to USA.
Inc – Burlington/ON 12.10.18 C-FTYJ M.20R (29-0118) Canx 2.10.18 to N921SK.
C-IKER Murphy Maverick (130M) D.Kerr C-FUMC Bell 206L-4 (52494) Canx 29.10.18 to N164AE.
– Bruce Mines/ON 19.10.18 C-FVDN R44 II (11342) Canx 31.10.18 to USA.
C-ILLC Kroetsch OpenPG V2.2 (00001) D.Kroetsch C-FVTI KR-03A (04-02) Struck ditch on approach to airfield at
– Waterloo/ON 4.10.18 Starbuck/MB on 30.9.17. Canx 18.10.18.
C-ILMB Fly Products Rider Thrust (009745) C.Mota C-FWJT Ce.P337H (P3370341) Canx 31.10.18 to USA.
– Drayton Valley/AB 12.10.18 C-FXFY BD-700-1A10 (9819) Re-regd C-GXXD(3) 24.10.18. Canx.
C-ILMC Per Il Volo Miniplane (9954) Excavation Mc.B.M.Inc C-FXIN DHC-8-402 (4098) Canx 24.10.18 to 9G-MRH.
       – St-Edmond-de-Grantham/QC 3.10.18 C-FXRE BD-700-1A10 (9823) Canx 26.10.18 to N711SW.
C-ILMK Paravoile C.Leste (14) H.Cliche C-FYBS DHC-8-402 (4584) Canx 19.10.18 to VT-SQB.
– Saint-Hyacinthe/QC 5.10.18 C-FYOS BD-700-1A10 (9830) Canx 26.10.18 to N624BP.
C-ILMO Nirvana Instinct NS 200 (2115076) P.Taylor C-FYOT Bell 407GX (54738) Canx 9.10.18 to China.
– (Niagara/ON) 9.10.18 C-FYQC Bell 407GX (54739) Canx 9.10.18 to China.
C-ILMT Propulse Titan 185+ (ENS002016) E.Derkach C-GAGU(2) Ce.680 (680-0100) Canx 24.10.18 to N29AG.
– Lakefield/ON 10.10.18 C-GAMM(5) Bell 206B (4683) Canx 18.10.18 to Germany.
C-ILMU Pietenpol DCP-1 (1) D.Chiarcos – Guelph/ON 11.10.18 C-GAMU Ce.A150K (A1500006) Canx 25.10.18.
C-ILMV Kangook MF (01313) T.Best – Port Perry/ON 11.10.18 C-GAWH(3) Bell 407GX (54751) Canx 9.10.18 to China.
C-ILNE Kangook VK (1264) S.G.Hawkins – Shediac/NB 24.10.18 C-GAXN(3) Luscombe 8F Silvaire (6555) Canx 3.10.18 to N527ED.
C-ILNF Blue Yonder Merlin GT (054BYA) J.Langdon C-GBOG(3) DHC-8-402 (4587) Canx 23.10.18 to RP-C5911.
– Indus/AB 30.10.18 C-GCCU(4) Ce.510 (510-0461) Canx 2.10.18 to N510DV.
C-GDGQ(3) Bell 407GX (54813) Canx 26.10.18 to Chile.
KNOWN IMPORTS/RESERVATIONS C-GERU(2) North Star (111) Re-regd C-GTWT 3.10.18. Canx.
C-FEDS Ce.182S (18280262) [N9668B] 10.18 C-GFCT(3) Cirrus SR22T (1257) Canx 4.10.18 to N515VC.
C-GAMQ(2) B737-8 (60518) Westjet – Calgary/AB 10.18 C-GFIE(3) Beech 58P (TJ-443) Canx 5.10.18 to N953DS.
C-…. AS.350BB (2945) 10.18 C-GFKE(4) Bell 505 (65140) Canx 10.10.18 to Japan.
 [G-BWZS,ZJ243,G-BWZS,ZJ243,G-BWZS,F-WQDV] C-GHQI Ce.U206F (U20602854) Overran and overturned after
C-…. AS.350BB (3000) 10.18 baulked landing at Oie Lake/BC on 26.9.16. Canx
 [N19PP,G-BXJR,ZJ270,G-BXJR,F-WWPZ] 4.10.18.
C-…. AS.350BB (3026) [G-BXMD,ZJ244,G-BXMD] 10.18 C-GIXY(3) CL-600-2B19 (7469) Canx 30.10.18.
C-…. AS.350B2 (4586) [N987RU,N987RL,N161LG] 10.18 C-GJAN Piel CP.311 Emeraude (342) Canx 18.10.18.
C-…. EC.130B4 (3892) [N694QM,N815BC,N484JG] 10.18 C-GJDA(5) A330-243 (248) Canx 23.10.18 to G-TCCF.
C-…. Avid Flyer (251) [N45TR] 10.18 C-GJKL(3) Ce-421C (421C0091) Canx 26.10.18.
C-…. Bell 206L-1 (45165) 10.18 C-GJUS PA-31 (31-7912090) Canx 3.10.18 to N703XP.
 [N51AE,N119SD,N333EM,N5000J,(N333EM), C-GMMT(3) PA-46-500TP (4697561) Canx 11.10.18 to N247TJ.
N5000J] C-GNMN AS.350BA (1315) Canx 19.10.18 to USA.
C-…. Bell 206L-1 (45690) [N121AE,N2025G] 10.18 C-GNSZ Ce.177RG (177RG0954) Canx 26.10.18 to N34039.
C-…. Bell 206L-1 (45765) [N74AE,N3178K] 10.18 C-GOJI AT-402B (402B-1203) Canx 17.10.18 to N927JP.
C-…. B737-232F (23092) [N320DL] 10.18 C-GORD Ce.172K (17257321) Re-regd C-GFFP 12.10.18. Canx.
C-…. Ce.170B (27046) [N3503D] 10.18 C-GQVJ Ce.172RG (172RG0522) Canx 26.10.18 to USA.
C-…. Ce.182P (18262334) [N58839] 10.18 G-GSEC(4) Falcon 2000EX (82) Canx 2.10.18 to N946MM.
C-…. Ce.208 (20800420) [N208RT] 10.18 C-GTKG Beech 58P (TJ-321) Canx 16.10.18 to N66WZ.
C-…. Falcon 20F-5 (392) [N713MC] 10.18 C-GTSI(3) A330-243 (427) Canx 30.10.18 to OK-GBB.
C-…. DHC-1 Chipmunk (OGMA-45) [N64749,FAP1355] 10.18 C-GUBL(3) A330-243 (728) Canx 29.10.18 to G-TCCI.
C-…. DHC-6-400 (939) [N812SS,C-GUVA(8)] 10.18 C-GUFR(3) A330-243 (251) Canx 31.10.18 to UK.
C-…. Diamond DA62 (62.101) 10.18 C-GUYO Ce.A188A (18800624) Re-regd C-GYEY(2). Canx 2.10.18.
C-…. PA-23-150 (23-608) [N2033P] 10.18 C-GVMX(2) Agusta AW.119 Mk II (14774) Canx 22.10.18 to
C-…. PA-34-220T (3449155) [N34HP,N41796] 10.18 N320MH.
C-…. Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0260) 10.18 C-GVVI(3) Ce.T210L (21060762) Canx 17.10.18 to N53TM.
C-…. Rubic III Snail (091) [PP-XSK] 10.18 C-GWKE TB-20 (1877) Canx 11.10.18 to USA.
C-…. Sikorsky S-76B (760416) [N22ND,N838MF,N638MF] 10.18 C-GXGW(2) Ce.182Q (18266868) Canx 25.10.18 to USA.
C-…. Sikorsky S-76C++ (760624) 10.18 C-GYRS PA-31 (31-7300937) Canx 18.10.18 to the Bahamas.
C-…. Van’s RV-4 (1917) [N712WY] 10.18 The following accident is also known:
C-I… Paratoys Blackhawk 125 (125-245) 10.18 C-ILUX Challenger II (CH2-0707-2812) DBR after hitting
electricity wires on approach to Carp/ON on 16.10.18.
C-FAGA Beech C90A (LJ-1040) Canx 10.10.18 to N5DL. NEW TEMPORARY REGISTRATIONS
C-FCAF B767-375 (24084) Canx 19.10.18 to USA. C-FAOF CL-600-2B16 (6141) 19.10.18T
C-FCFC EC.120B (1663) Canx 11.10.18 to the Seychelles. C-FAOU CL-600-2B16 (6142) 19.10.18T
C-FCRQ LA-4-200 (961) Canx 12.10.18 to Chile. C-FAPQ CL-600-2B16 (6143) 19.10.18T
CF-DJR Piel Emeraude (1031) Canx 18.10.18. C-FAQB CL-600-2B16 (6144) 19.10.18T
CF-EVX AA-5 (AA5-0473) Canx 10.10.18. C-FAQD CL-600-2B16 (6145) 19.10.18T
CF-FPM Ce.140 (15065) Canx 24.10.18. C-FAXN CL-600-2B16 (6146) 19.10.18T
C-FFPT Cirrus SR22 (2434) Canx 3.10.18 to USA. C-FAZO CL-600-2B16 (6147) 19.10.18T
C-FGAL DHC-6-400 (953) Canx 9.10.18 to PK-IVP. C-FBCQ Diamond DA40NG (40.NC028) 31.10.18T
C-FGWD Beech G36 (E-3751) Canx 1.10.18 to N60FA. C-FBDF Diamond DA40NG (40.NC025) 4.10.18T
CF-HCI Stitts SA-11-A (45) Re-regd C-FHCI 3.10.18. Canx. C-FBDF Diamond DA40NG (40.NC027) 24.10.18T
C-FHJU ERJ-190-100IGW (19000044) Canx 11.10.18 to N103CA. C-FBDG Diamond DA40NG (40.NC026) 15.10.18T
C-FHKE ERJ-190-100IGW (19000048) Canx 3.10.18 to N148NC. C-FOUQ BD-500-1A11 (55050) 15.10.18T
CF-JEP Ce.180 (31874) Canx 24.10.18. C-FOVD BD-500-1A11 (55051) 15.10.18T

Cessna T206H N981AJ (T20609501) seen at Victoria, British Columbia on 24th June 2018 has now become C-FOOH. [Tim Martin]


C-FOVP BD-500-1A11 (55053) 15.10.18T ABN 8/18 C-GAQJ DHC-2 Beaver Mk 1 (1130) Canx 20.7.18 to
C-FPBZ BD-500-1A11 (55054) 15.10.18T N770TH.
C-FPDR BD-500-1A11 (55055) 15.10.18T C-GHBA(2) LS-8-18 (8336) Canx 20.7.18 to OK-9797.
C-FZGL Bell 505 (65167) 18.10.18T C-GJFF(2) Cameron SS Head (10701) Orig ex JA-A1233.
C-FZHU Bell 505 (65161) 1.10.18T ABN 9/18 C-FPWO Volmer FB-1 Amphibian (VJ-22) Stalled
C-GAEP Bell 505 (65160) 1.10.18T and crashed in attempted overshoot at
C-GAJR Bell 505 (65163) 15.10.18T Cranbrook/BC on 22.8.13. Canx 31.8.18.
C-GBRL Bell 505 (65162) 1.10.18T C-GREJ(2) Murphy Rebel (110R) DBR in forced landing
C-GLZA Bell 505 (65169) 18.10.18T after departing airstrip 25 nm E of Red Deer/
C-GLZC Bell 429 (57359) 18.10.18T AB on 10.11.09. Canx 29.8.18.
C-GLZH Bell 505 (65168) 18.10.18T C-GVLA(2) PIK-20EX (20222X) Struck trees and w/o after
C-GOWO BD-100-1A10 (20776) 19.10.18T engine failure at Valemont/BC on 20.7.06.
C-GOXM BD-100-1A10 (20777) 19.10.18T Canx 30.8.18.
C-GOXN BD-100-1A10 (20778) 19.10.18T ABN 10/18 CF-FZY RC-3 Seabee (882) Canx 26.9.18 to N6609K.
C-GOXV BD-100-1A10 (20780) 19.10.18T C-FHNP ERJ-190-100IGW (19000071) Canx 28.9.18 to
C-GOXZ BD-100-1A10 (20781) 19.10.18T N971NC.
C-GOYG BD-100-1A10 (20782) 19.10.18T C-GKFD(3) DC-10-30F (47928) Canx 14.9.18 to N928KW.
C-GOYL BD-100-1A10 (20783) 19.10.18T C-GKFT(5) DC-10-30F (46917) Canx 14.9.18 to N917KW.
C-GUGY BD-100-1A10 (20784) 19.10.18T C-GNAC(2) Beech A90-1 (LM-83) Canx 4.9.18 to N75G.

C-FAXN CL-600-2B16 (6126) Canx 3.10.18. Re-regd C-GCHG
C-FBCO Diamond DA40NG (40.NC024) Canx 23.10.18 to N420NG.
C-FBCQ Diamond DA62 (62.C009) Canx 19.10.18 to Brazil.
With thanks also to: Alexis Antonakis, Jim Birch, Peter Budden, Ian
C-FBDF Diamond DA40NG (40.NC025) Canx 16.10.18 to N940L.
Callier, Paul Carr, Richard Cawsey, Richard Church, Dave Clarke, Ian
C-FOVL BD-500-1A10 (50020) Canx 23.10.18 to N101DU.
Comley, Paul Crellin, Howard Curtis, Steve Darke, John M.Davis, Martin
C-FOVP BD-500-1A11 (55041) Canx 10.10.18 to YL-CSL.
Degg, Herman Dekker, Martin Dennett, Graham Drabble, Graham Duke,
C-FZGL Bell 429 (57357) Canx 17.10.18 to N855ZC.
Phil Dunnington, Graham Evans, Lars Finken, Bill Fisher, Colin Frost,
C-FZGN Bell 505 (65153) Canx 22.10.18 to Germany.
Damiano Gualdoni, Richard Hands, Markus Herzig, Nigel Hitchman, Mike
C-GAED Bell 505 (65152) Canx 29.10.18 to South Africa.
Hollick, Vince Horan, Paul Jackson, Tony Jarvis, Vojislav Jereb, Bob Kent,
C-GBQH Bell 505 (65154) Canx 31.10.18 to 4X-BHZ.
Mel Kirby, Martin de Koning/Helifinder, Erik Gjoerup Kristensen, Vaclav
C-GFNM Bell 505 (65151) Canx 29.10.18 to UK.
Kudela, Roger Kunert, Arno Landewers, Stewart Lanham, Joachim Lippl,
C-GIAV CL-600-2D24 (15450) Canx 15.10.18 to B-602P.
Pete Longley, Michael Magnusson, Jan Mangelschots, Andy Marden,
C-GIBN CL-600-2D24 (15451) Canx 30.10.18 to N827SK.
Steve May, Frank McMeiken, Tavs Aas Mortensen, Simon Palmer, Ken
C-GLZC Bell 505 (65143) Canx 10.10.18 to Uruguay.
Parfitt, Keith Parkinson, John Porter, Lloyd Robinson, Stephen Rudge,
C-GLZK Bell 407GX (54820) Canx 22.10.18 to N857WT.
Geoff Russell, Rod Simpson, Colin Smith, Terry Smith, Ton van Soest,
C-GOXW BD-100-1A10 (20759) Canx 23.10.18 to N761QS.
Steven Sowter, Paul Stent, Chris Swan, Robert Swan, Barry Taylor,
C-GOYL BD-100-1A10 (20762) Re-regd C-GFOF(3) 9.10.18. Canx.
Graham Taylor, Ken Tilley, Barrie Towey,Twin Otter Blogspot, Henk
C-…. BD-100-1A10 (20759) Canx 23.10.18 to N761QS.
Wadman, Malcolm Whittington, Dave Wise, David Woods, Jos Stevens/
Rotorspot, AB-IX, Aeromedia, Aeroplane Monthly, Airfields-List, Airline-
List,, Airnieuws, AMCAR, LutWick Aviation Group,
C-FMBQ J-3C-65 Cub (23097) Canx 14.8.17 to USA. Became,, Scramble, Chris Witt/Skyliner, Soviet
N1569N 10.18.
Transports, Twin Otter World Blogspot, Allan Wright/BN Historians.

For more up-to-the-minute pictures see

Trevor Warren, 7 Riddles Drive, Colchester, CO4 5WA

Just a couple of European reports this Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet 1B+: Noorduyn AT-16: PH-IIB/B-118 (14A-1467),
month. I have reports from Thomasville, the AT-12 (1036) Belgian Air Component PH-LSK/B-64 (14-641) Preserved
NBAA in Orlando, Minot AFB and Jamestown, Diamond DA 40D-TDI: F-GUPL (D4.164) North American T-28B: N377WW/137777
Australia that I have not had time to process Dornier Do.228-201: C-FPSH (8071) (200-140)
– they will be in December’s Display Diary. Dornier Do.228-212NG: 57+05 (8302) North American TF-51D: OO-RYL/472992
German Navy (122-39381)
Embraer Emb-121AA: 078/YE (121-078) Piper PA-25-235C: PH-BEW (25-5396)
Foreign Scene French AF Piper PA-28-161: OO-EBU (2841246),
Embraer ERJ-145LR: CE-03 (145526) Belgian OO-VCU (2841245), OO-VMC (2842016),
Air Component OO-VMX (2842040)
Kleine-Brogel, 9th September 2018 Eurocopter EC120B: F-HBKT (1623) Reims-Cessna F.172M: D-EBLE (1510)
Thanks to Paul Rushton for the report Eurocopter EC-665: 6013/BJM (6013) French Republic F-84E: FS-17 (51-9599) Preserved
The log includes all gate guards, based Army Republic F-84F: FU-66/RA-T (53-6677)
aircraft and display aircraft. The display Extra 300SC: OO-SDJ (SC015) Preserved
aircraft were parked behind trees so the Fouga CM-170R: MT-14 (271), N216DM/ Rockwell OV-10B: G-ONAA/99+18 (338-3)
spares and non-flyers could only be seen if MT-05 (262) Preserved SAAB Gripen JAS-39C: 9234 (39234) Czech
you drove past the end of the base and General Dynamics F-16A: FA-05 (6H-5), AF
peered into the greenery! As such we were FA-16 (6H-16) Preserved, FA-38 (6H-38) SAAB MFI-17: T-409 (15-209), T-410
not able to identify the spare SF-260, nor Instructional Airframe (15-210), T-414 (15-214), T-430 (15-230),
the two team Zeus F-16s. The Breitling General Dynamics F-16AM: E-607 (6F-42) T-432 (15-232) Royal Danish AF
team were all seen, but I wasn’t able to Royal Danish Air Force, FA-103 (6H-103), SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D: ST-43 (843)
identify which one did not fly. FA-104 (6H-104), FA-106 (6H-106), Belgian Air Component
FA-107 (6H-107), FA-116 (6H-116), SIAI-Marchetti SF-260MB: ST-22 (44835),
Aero Vodochody L-39C: ES-TLF/5 (132114),
FA-134 (6H-134), FA-136 (6H-136), FA-70 ST-31 (11597), ST-34 (12693), ST-35
ES-YLF/6 (433141), ES-YLI/2 (433142),
(6H-70) Belgian Air Component (13058) Belgian Air Component
ES-YLN/1 (533637), ES-YLR/4 (533628),
General Dynamics F-16AR: FA-131 (6H-131) Sonaca 200: OO-NEW (FTA2)
ES-YLX/3 (432905) Breitling Jet Team
Belgian Air Component Stampe et Vertongen Stampe SV.4B:
Agusta A-109BA: H16 (3016) Preserved, H29
General Dynamics F-16BM: ET-199 (6G-15) D-EBVV/58 (1200), OO-LUK/V-41 (1183)
(3029), H44 (3044), H45 (3045) Belgian
Royal Danish Air Force, FB-15 (6J-15), Stemme S-15: D-EOHB (unknown)
Air Component
FB-24 (6J-24) Belgian Air Component Stolp SA.300: F-PFJP (265)
AgustaWestland EH-101 HM.2: ZH851/84
Glaser-Dirks DG-300: OO-YDA/PL-30 (3E-140) Sud Aviation SA.316B: M-2 (1816) Belgian
(50127) Royal Navy
Hawker Hunter F.6A: G-KAXF/’N-294’ Navy
AgustaWestland EH-101 Mk.512: M-502
(S4/U/3361) Sud Aviation SE.3160: 3E-KA/1377 (1377)
(50095) Royal Danish AF
IAI B-Hunter: 288 (BH288) Belgian Air Austrian AF
AgustaWestland EH-101 Mk.516: 19611
Component Sukhoi Su-27P: 58 blue (36911035612)
(50152) Portuguese AF
Lockheed F-104G: FX-02/Unmarked, special Ukrainian AF
Airbus A400M: EC-400 (56) Airbus Military
colours (683-9017), FX-61/’FX-6’ Sukhoi Su-27UBM1: 71 blue (96310424043)
BAe/Panavia Tornado IDS(T): 46+07 (GT065)
(683-9104) Withdrawn from use, FX-86 Ukrainian AF
German AF
(683-9147), FX-94 (683-9164) Preserved Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe: OO-XVI/
Beech 3NM: PH-KHV/’G-29’ (CA-254)
Lockheed Martin F-35A: MM7359/32-09 SL721 (CBAF.IX.4756CBAF.IX.4756)
(AL-9) Italian AF Van’s RV-4: G-MAXV (PFA 181-13266)
Bell-Boeing CV-22B: 08-0050 (D1038) USAF
Marganski S-1: D-6081 (124) Van’s RV-8: G-CIBM (LAA 303-15083),
Boeing E-3A: LX-N90446 (22841) NATO
McD-D Helicopters MD-900: G-11 G-CJSM (LAA 303-15296), G-EGRV (PFA
Boeing KC-135R: 62-3556 (18539) USAF
(900-00045) Police – Belgium 303-13639), G-VFDS (PFA 303-14637)
Boeing-Vertol CH-47D: D-667 (M3667) Royal
McD-D Helicopters NAH-64D: Q-24 (DN24) Westland WS.61 Mk.48: RS-05 (WA835)
Netherlands AF
British Aerospace EFA FGR.4: ZK317/P Royal Netherlands AF Belgian Air Component
(BS078), ZK318 (BS079), ZK348/348 McDonnell-Douglas EF-18A+: C.15-30/15-17
(BS109) RAF (EFA-18), C.15-39/15-26 (EFA-27) Helitech, RAI Centre, Amsterdam,
British Aerospace Hawk T.2: ZK025 (RT-016), Spanish AF 16th October 2018
ZK027/R (RT-018) RAF McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C: J-5003 Thanks to Ian J Mcgarrigle for the report
CASA 235-200M: 160/62-IS (C160) French AF (SFC-03), J-5013 (SFC-13) Swiss AF AgustaWestland AW169: D-HHTJ (69033)
Dassault Rafale B: 305/4-EC (305) French AF Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29UBS: 1303 Airbus EC175B: PH-OSF (5009)
Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet E: (N50903028113) Slovak AF Airbus H145: PH-HOW (20082)
E113/7/F-TETD (E113), E119/3 (E119), Mil Mi-8MT: 6107 (93289) Polish Army Bell 429: HB-ZOP (57324)
E127/0/F-UGKK (E127), E139/6 (E139), NH Industries NH-90 TTH: 1335/EAV (1335) Bell 505: F-HRJX (65064)
E146/5 (E146), E152/4 (E152), E44/1 French Army Eurocopter AS332L2 Super Puma: LN-OHJ
(E44), E45/8/F-TETF (E45), E68/9/F-TEMO NH Industries NH-90 NFH: RN-04 (2594)
(E68), E98/2 (E98) French AF (Unknown) Belgian Navy SKYe SH-09: HB-ZXA (1)


Credit: Dave Wise &
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worth checking the above website as event details are updated and new ones added on a regular basis.
1 Compton Abbas Christmas Fly-in 6 Yeovilton FAAM Cobham Hall Workshops Tours
Mel Kirby, 12 School Lane, Lostock Gralam, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7PT

Once again there is quite a fair bit to report on this month. The HA-923 LBL.120A [0519]
weather in October has been reasonably good and I am delighted to OE-RMK Fb G [0442]
announce that one of my regular contributors, Paul Coman, checked OE-ZMD(3) Sky 105-24 [132] flew 04/10
out during the month and is now a fully fledged pilot. Paul has
regularly sent in reports from the Norwich and Norfolk areas, and has Maramures, Romania, 4th/7th October 2018
had to work really hard to get all his flights completed. Well done Paul, I am not sure how many slots were flown at this event, but can confirm
I will get you a drink at the Icicle Meet! the following balloons attended. There were some quite good balloons
As I always say at this time of year, please keep sending in reports at this event, also a few I have no details on.
no matter how small as things will certainly quieten down over the 9A-ORA Um B-70 [70/24]
next few months. EC-MZN Um S-90 [90/175]
ER-KPX Rusbal AT-104 [105/0514]
Ocseny meet, Hungary, 30th September/6th October 2018 ES-HAB Th Ax.9-120 [2337]
The following balloons attended this year’s event: ES-HAK Ku BB-26XR [1369]
D-OFPW Ku BB-30Z [0240] F-GJJE Cs JZ.22F12 [141]
D-OGLA(2) Ku BB-34Z [1256] F-HBMO Ku BB-26E [0840]
G-BUZK Cam V-77 [2962] G-CJIX Cam O-31 [12011]
HA-0010 Th Ax.10-160 [10210] ‘Hymer’, still carries D-OHBH on HA-858 Tomi AX.8 [013/1994]
one side of the envelope HA-870 Tomi AX.8 [112/1997]
HA-707 To Ax.7 [BAV23/86] HB-QNF Cam Z-90 [11117]
HA-718 To Ax.7 [BAV77/89] HB-QNP Cam Z-90 [11126]
HA-720 To Ax.7 [087/1990] LN-CAD Cam C-80 [10309]
HA-726(2) To ??? [????] flew on 05.10, new rebuild LY-BDO Cam TR-70 [12025]
smaller than AX.7 LY-OAG Cam C-90 [10464]
HA-728 To Ax.7 [100/1992] inflated only on 3/10 LY-OEO Cam C-80 [11410]
HA-756 Ku BB-20GP [292] LY-OMS Um M-65C [65/191]
HA-823 To Ax.8 [BAV08/84] LZ-APP Ku BB-30Z [1276]
HA-852 To Ax.8 [099/1992] OE-SVK LBL.140A [1376]
HA-871 Supair/B [1999/SA-1] OH-FIN Um M-145 [145/89]
HA-886 Fb G26/24 [0399] OK-0015 Cam Z-120 [10568]
HA-915 Supair/C [2000/SA-2] OK-1101 Ku BB-37N [0151]
HA-917 To Ax.8 [49/2000] OK-1209 Ku BB-SS Fish [0845]

Thunder Ax10-160 HA-0010 (10210) at Ocseny on 4th October 2018. [Peter

J Bish] Fireballoon G OE-RMK (0442) at Ocseny on 5th October 2018. [Peter J.Bish]

Cameron O-31 F-HHJB (12207) at the One Man Meet, Lyneham on 5th-7th Griffin RG-28 G-CKAI (02) at the One Man Meet, Lyneham on 5th-7th
October 2018. [Mel Kirby] October 2018. [Bernie Williams]

OK-1971 Cam N-120 [3474] SP-BEI Cam Z-90 [11591]

OK-2226 Cam V-77 [4835] SP-BFA LBL.120A [1184]
OM-2345 Um M-77C [77/211] SP-BHG Cam Z-105 [11147]
OM-3030 Ku BB-30Z [0544] SP-BII Um M-65 [65/083]
OM-3333 Ku BB-26N [0412] SP-BKR LTL Srs.1-120 [58]
OM-4450 Ku BB-45N [0445] SP-BNW(3) Fb G [1657]
OM-8001 Ku BB-37 [087] SP-BOX LTL Racer 75 [65]
OM-9007 Ku BB-26 [0118] SP-BVG Aerotechnik AB-8 [910530]
OM-9009 Ku BB-26 [0121] SP-BWK(2) Cam Z-133 [11297]
PH-BAS LTL Srs.1-105 [014] UR-PUPS ???? [0001]
PH-CJW Cam Z-105 [11479] UR-SJS Ku BB-30Z [0623]
PH-DLY Cam N-120 [4603] YL-025 Cam TR-77 [11443]
PH-ENH LBL.105A [0844] YL-027 Ku BB-30XR [1033]
PH-HDB Cam N-105 [4610] YL-032 Cam N-105 [4716]
PH-IOI Cam SS-105 [11665] YR-9010(2) Th AX.10-150 [4684]
PH-OIO Cam Z-140 [11666] YR-9013 Ku BB-30Z [0643]
RA-1416G Ax.8 [????] YR-9014 Cam O-120 [1670]
RA-1504G RusBal AT-104 [910411] YR-9020 ????
RA-1566G Aeronatc AX.8 [????] Z3-OOC Ku BB-30Z [0565]
RA-2350G Rusbal AX.8 [????]
RA-2807G ???? One Man Meet,Lyneham, Chipping Norton, 5th/7th October 2018
RA-2886G RusBal AT-104 [33017] The weather forecast leading up to the weekend wasn’t looking good,
RA-2906G Ax.9 Balloon [????] but as it transpired the conditions were perfect on the Friday evening
RA-4545G Rusbal AT-104 [252117] and Sunday morning.
S5-OBL Ku BB-22 [0164]
S5-OBN Ku BB-22 [0147] 5th pm
S5-OBO Ku BB-22 [0113] F-HHJB Cam O-31 [12207] ‘Poitou’
S5-OBU Ku BB-20GP [0603] G-BKBD Th Ax.3 [418]
S5-OCF Ku BB-20XR [0791] G-BWHD LBL.31A [0292]
S5-OCI LBL.120A [1244] G-BWOY Sky 31-24 [29]
SP-BAL Ku BB-34Z [1466] G-BXXU Colt 31A [4427]
SP-BBO(2) Cam N-120 [10623] G-BZIH LBL.31A [700] ‘Budweiser’
SP-BDB(2) Ku BB-20GP [0298] G-CBZJ LBL.25A [892] ‘LBL Demo’
SP-BDN Cam C-90 [11405] G-CDAD LBL.25A [1003]
SP-BDU LBL.69X [1311] G-CFPS Sky 25-16 [75]
SP-BDV Ku BB-30N [0816] G-CIGA Um H-42 [42/05]
SP-BDW Li L.3000 [328-052] G-CINN Cam Z-31 [11179] ‘Aluk’
SP-BEC(2) Um M-105 [105/119] G-CIWZ Sackville BM-34 [07]
SP-BEF Cam C-90 [11035] G-CJOI Cam O-31 [11638] ‘Cameron Demo’

G-CJRK Cam Z-31 [12062] ‘BWS Standfast’ G-CISC Sackville AH-77 [02]
G-CJSY Sackville BM-34 [BN-02] G-CIWW Sackville BM-56 [04]
G-CJWY Cam O-31 [12071] ‘Cameron Demo’ G-CJSY Sackville BM-34 [BN-02]
G-CKAI Griffin RG-28 [02]
20th am
G-CKIT Cam C-60 [12124]
G-BKBD Th Ax.3 [418]
G-CKTW Cam O-31 [11991]
G-BOYO Cam V-20 [1843]
G-CKUK Shemilt Eco-50 [50/16]
G-CBZJ LBL.25A [892] ‘LBL Demo’
G-FFFT LBL.31A [705] ‘FT’
G-CCMN Cam C-90 [10519]
G-HOPR LBL.25A [999]
G-CISB Sackville AH-56 [01]
G-LORY Th Ax.4-31 [0171]
G-CISC Sackville AH-77 [02]
G-UHOP Um H-31 [31/09]
G-CISD Sackville AH-31 [03]
7th am G-CIWW Sackville BM-56 [04]
F-HJJB Cam O-31 [12207] ‘Poitou’ G-CIWX Sackville 65 [05]
G-BHEU Th Ax.7-65 [238] G-CIWY Sackville 90 [06]
G-BKFG Th Ax.3 [431] G-CIWZ Sackville BM-34 [07] tether only
G-BLVA Ah 31B [AH-004] G-CJBN Sackville BN-65 [BN01]
G-BWHD LBL.31A [0292] G-CJSY Sackville BM-34 [BN-02]
G-BXXU Colt 31A [4427] G-DUMP Customcraft A-25 [CC003]
G-BZIH LBL.31A [700] ‘Budweiser’ G-HOPR LBL.25A [999]
G-CBZJ LBL.25A [892] ‘LBL Demo’ G-JRLR Sackville BM-65 [JR01]
G-CIGA Um H-42 [42/05] G-OHLV Sackville BM-65 [HLV01]
G-CJOI Cam O-31 [11638] ‘Cameron Demo’
20th pm
G-CJRK Cam Z-31 [12062] ‘BWS Standfast’
G-BKBD Th Ax.3 [418] laid out only
G-CJWY Cam O-31 [12071] ‘Cameron Demo’
G-BXDR LBL.77A [441] ‘Investing in our future’
G-CJYJ Cam O-31 [12039]
G-CCMN Cam C-90 [10519]
G-CKAI Griffin RG-28 [02]
G-CISB Sackville AH-56 [01]
G-CKIT Cam C-60 [12124]
G-CISC Sackville AH-77 [02]
G-CKSW Cam O-26 [12108]
G-CISD Sackville AH-31 [03]
G-CKTW Cam O-31 [11991]
G-CIWW Sackville BM-56 [04]
G-FFFT LBL.31A [705]
G-CIWX Sackville 65 [05]
G-HOPR LBL.25A [999]
G-CKZJ Kub BB-26E [1483] tether only
G-PMAM(2) Cam V-65 [1155]
G-DUMP Customcraft A-25 [CC003] tether only
G-SBIZ Cam Z-90 [10348] ‘Snow Business’
G-HOPR LBL.25A [999]
G-UHOP Um H-31 [31/09]
G-JRLR Sackville BM-65 [JR01]
Annex II Meet, Sackville Lodge, Riseley,19th/21st October 2018 G-MFLI Cam V-90 [2650] ‘Mouldform’
This was a small event held mainly for home built balloons that are G-MINN LBL.90A [883]
covered under Annex II. G-OHLV Sackville BM-65 [HLV01]
The following balloons attended on the Friday and Saturday. There
was no flying on the Sunday. SIGHTINGS
19th pm
G-BKBD Th Ax.3 [418] 5th October 2018, Ashton Court, 16.30-17.30
G-BOYO Cam V-20 [1843] G-BZFD Cam N-90 [2725] ‘David Hathaway’

Sackville BM-65 G-OHLV (HLV1) at the Annex II Meet, Sackville Lodge on Kubicek BB-26E G-CKZJ (1483) at the Annex II Meet, Sackville Lodge on
19th-21st October 2018.. [Bernie Williams] 19th-21st October 2018.. [Bernie Williams]

G-CBWK Um H-77 [77/218] G-CGZR Cam Z-350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’
G-CKCC Cam Z-105 [12088] ‘TVE Group’ G-CGZZ Ku BB-22 [855]
G-GAGE Cam Z-105 [12038] ‘S.M Gauge’ G-CIHO Cam Z-77 [11813] ‘C.J Hole’
G-OPBW Cam Z-150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’ G-CJIH LTL Srs 1-105 [16] ‘southern’
G-PRZI Cam A-375 [11798] ‘Red Letter Days’ G-CJXI Cam A-300 [12069] ‘Bailey Balloons’
G-VBAU Cam A-400 [12153] ‘Virgin’ G-CKTG Ku BB-26E [1426] ‘Keep calm and fly Kubicek
7th October 2018, Priory farm, Tibenham, 16.20 G-IBCF Cam Z-105 [11677] ‘’
G-DURX Colt 77A [1522] ‘Durex’ G-OPBW Cam Z-150 [11891] ‘Polar Bear Windows’

7th October 2018, Ashton Court, 16.30-17.00 20th October 2018, Priory Farm, Tibenham, 16.20
G-CBWK Um H-77 [77/218] G-DURX Colt 77A [1522] ‘Durex’
G-CGZR Cam Z-350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’ This was Paul’s check flight with an examiner.
G-CGZZ Ku BB-22 [855]
G-CIZM Cam Z-210 [11936] ‘Tribute’ 20th October 2018, Bishop Sutton, N Somerset, 16.30
G-CJIH LTL Srs 1-105 [16] ‘southern’ G-CCTS Cam Z-120 [10570]‘Snap Surveys’
G-CJRO Cam Z-105 [12055] ‘BWS Standfast’
G-IBCF Cam Z-105 [11677] ‘’
21st October 2018, Headcorn Aerodrome, 09.40
G-PRZI Cam A-375 [11798] ‘Red Letter Days’
G-JEMS Um S-90 [90/143]
G-VBAT Cam A-400 [12152] ‘Virgin’
9th October 2018, Cambridge, pm
G-CBEJ Colt 120A [10181]
24th October 2018, Ashton Court, 16.00-16.30
G-CGZR Cam Z-350 [11603] ‘Bristol Balloons’
17th October 2018, Worcester Racecourse, pm
G-CGZZ Ku BB-22 [855]
G-OSRS Cam A-375 [11730] ‘Stan Robinson’
G-NFVB Cam Z-105 [12107] ‘novia’
19th October 2018, Maize Field, Corston, 15.00-16.00
G-BORD Th Ax.7-77 [1164] tether only FForthcoming Events 2019
G-BSNU Colt 105A [1811] ‘Sun Rise’ tether only There is more information on meets at
G-BWDZ Sky 105-24 [002] ‘Sky Balloons Demo’ tether only
G-CJXJ Cam Z-105 [12027] ‘University of Bristol’ Jan 5th/6th Icicle Unfrozen, Donnington, Newbury
19th October 2018, Market Harborough, 15.40 Jan 5th/19th Dolomites, Italy
G-VBAS Cam A-400 [12042] ‘Virgin’
20th October 2018, Ashton Court, 16.00-16.30 Pete Bish, Phil Claridge, Paul Coman, Ian Grove, Dave Haines,
G-CBOW Cam Z-120 [10302] ‘Torex’ Bob&Annette Kent, Kevin Latham, Kev McLaughlin, Steve Roake, Rod
G-CCGY Cam Z-105 [10422] ‘Cameron Demo’ Smith, Malcolm Whittington, Bernie Williams.

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CANADA scheduled flight by Czechoslovak Airlines left the field for Bratislava in
October 1923. At the current time test units of the Czech Republic Air
Force are based at the site.
QUEBEC In the mid 1960s the Military Museum in Prague set up a task force
to recover and preserve historic aircraft from around the country which
MUSÉE DE LA DÉFENSE AÉRIENNE: Bagotville were transported to Kbely for storage. In 1968, to mark the fiftieth
Visited by Derek Heley on 4th August.
anniversary of Czechoslovak aviation, a major flying display was held
During World War II the Royal Canadian Air Force selected two sites in
at Kbely. The stored aircraft were put on show and later the exhibition
region for airfield construction. Bagotville opened in July 1942 and
became the Air and Space section of the Military Museum. Initially one
closed in November 1944. Reactivated in July 1951, it has played an
hangar was used and around 50 aircraft were on show but the numbers
important part in the defence of the country for almost 60 years with
have grown rapidly and now three further hangars and a large outside
fighter units in residence. Currently 3 Wing has its headquarters at the
display area house the collection. In 1988 one of two surviving Wagner
field with two squadrons of CF-188 Hornets.
type hangars, dating from the opening of the field, was restored and
Plans for the museum were put forward in 1992 and the first
now contains many early aircraft including the fuselage of the first
exhibition opened five years later in a former chapel. In 2003 the
Czech aircraft, the Bohemia B-5.
display was redesigned and now presents a comprehensive picture of
A nearby Picha hangar constructed in the interwar period was also
the history of Bagotville, the aerial defence of Canada and civilian
rebuilt and is home to a number of World War II types. Before 1939 the
flying in the area. The outside commemorative park displays types
country had a flourishing aviation industry with many successful
which have served from and visited the airfield. The MiG-23 was
presented to the collection by the Czech Republic in recognition of the designs emerging from its factories. Products from most of these
help given to Czechoslovakia by Canada in World War II. The H-21 on companies can be seen and gaps in the range have been filled by
show saved many lives in the mudslide at St. Jean Vianney in May 1971. building accurate replicas. Letov constructed a series of outstanding
biplanes, starting with the S 1 in 1920. The collection has a 1921 S-2
Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck 5D (5) ‘18437’/100472 (372) on show along with two versions of the 1925 S-20 and several other
Bell CH-118 Iroquois 118106 (3218) machines. The first Aero aircraft, the A-1, was a licence-built
Canadair CL-13B Sabre 6 ‘19454’/01+03 (1605) Brandenburg 76 but was soon followed by original designs. The A 10
Canadair CF-5A Freedom Fighter 116733 (1033) airliner on show was constructed from the remains of an original
Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 3 133333 (T33-333) aircraft, complete with cabin furnished to the lavish standards of the
McDonnell CF-188A Hornet 188720 (181/A142) period. Replicas of the A 11 and A 12 are on view along with a 1924
McDonnell CF-101B Voodoo 101027 (519) A-18C and a 1930 Ap-32. The company name lived on after World War
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23ML 4857 (0390324857) - in Czech markings. II with the successful 45 and 145 series.
Piasecki CH-21B Work Horse 9642 (B.123) – Possible identity, could The Avia company exhibited its BH 1 low-wing monoplane at the
be H-21C c/n C.324 1920 Prague exhibition and the design was developed over the next
Schweizer SGS.2-33A C-GQYY (343) four years for both military and civil use. The BH 11c on show won the
1926 Coppa d’Italia and survived in a dilapidated condition in the West
CZECHIA Bohemia Museum at Plzen until 1965 when it was moved to Kbely.
Products from the Praga and Zlin factories are also on display. A few
HISTORICKÝ ÚSTAV ARMADÝ ČESKÉ REPUBLIKY - LETECKÉ aircraft from the World War II period have survived and the later
MÚZEUM KBELY: Praha Soviet influence is evident with many Ilyushin, MiG, Mil, Sukhoi and
Visited by Trevor Sexton on September 25th. Tupolev types on view. Examples of almost all post-war Czech models
Kbely was the first Czechoslovak military airfield and in the interwar have been collected. As types are withdrawn they will join the
period staged some of the best air shows in Europe and the first collection.

Piasecki CH-21B Work Horse 9642 (B.123) at the Musée de la Défense Aérienne, Bagotville. [Derek Heley]

Bell CH-118 Iroquois 118106 (3218) at the Musée de la Défense Aérienne, Bagotville. [Derek Heley]
Among the foreign designs in the collection is the last surviving Aero L-39M Albatros (FSM) ‘79’ – front fuselage only.
Saro Cloud. This aircraft undertook a sales tour of Europe in 1935 and Aero 45 OK-DMO (49013)
at the end was purchased by the national airline who re engined it with Aero Z.131 (C-104A) [Bücker Bü 131D Jungmann] A-27 (227)
Walter Pollux radials. The airframe was put in store during the conflict Avia B-33 [Ilyushin Il-10] 5502 (B33-5502)
and its wings were lost. The shortened body was used as a motor Avia CS-199 [Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12] UC-26 (CS199-565)
launch but the magnificently restored fuselage is now on display. A Avia S-199 [Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12] UF-25 (S199-178)
recent rebuild led to an example of the Aero C-3 being put on show. Praga E-114M Air Baby OK-BGL (125)
The type, a licence-built Siebel 204, was constructed using Czech parts Kratochvil Gyroglider
and components from French airframes. Let C-11 [Yakovlev Yak-11] 1727 (171727)
Exchanges with other museums have taken place to broaden the Let XL-13M Blanik OK-6202 (03)
range of types exhibited, resulting in the arrival of the Meteor and Texan Let L-200D Morava 1125 (171125)
from Belgium. Also acquired from abroad are the ex-Royal Air Force Letov KT-04 12-09
Phantom, the former Vietnamese Northrop F-5, the T-33 from France, Letov LF-107 Lunak OK-0835 (51)
the Vampire from Switzerland and the Draken and Viggen from Sweden. Letov LF-109 Pionyr OK-2209 (17)
A change of name to The Historical Institute of the Army of the Letov SK-38 Komar [Schneider-Hofmann-Rehberg SG-38 modified]
Czech Republic Aviation Museum Kbely occurred a few years ago. This OK-5069 (128)
superb museum has over 60 types in its collection which cannot be seen Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15SB (MiG-15) 1720 (231720)
anywhere else in the world. Many associated displays have been set up Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17PF 1015 (58311015)
which trace the history and development of aviation in the country with Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19PM 1043 (65211043)
some emphasis on the local industry. There is a large collection of Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13 0306 (560306) – front fuselage only.
engines to be seen. The museum possesses an excellent library and Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21FR 0613 (760613)
archive with many documents, books and photographs. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21R 1501 (94R01501)
When the country divided a few aircraft were transferred to the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MF 3922 (0390213922)
Slovak Republic for its museums and several of the aircraft on show Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN 9863 (0393219863) – front fuselage only.
were restored in what is now Slovakia. There are plans for more Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 8003 (2960326380) – in Slovak markings.
exhibition halls and many aircraft have been moved around the airfield. Mil Mi-2 B-2530 (539430105)
Mil Mi-4A 2143 (02143)
Gate Guard
Mraz K-65 Cap [Fieseler Fi 156C-3 Storch] HO-20 (475448)
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13 0212 (460212)
Mraz M-1C Sokol OK-BHM (127)
Colonel Jaroslav Janeček Hangar 1918–1924 Orlican L-40 Meta-Sokol OK-KHN (150002/002)
Aero Ae-10 [Brandenburg 76] Ae.10-21 (21) Orlican VT-16 Orlik 1 OK-2408 (150120)
Avia Bk-11 (R) ‘2’ (3) Saunders-Roe A.19 Cloud OK-BAK (A.19/5) – fuselage only.
Bohemia B-5 – incomplete. Schneider ESG 31 Grunau Baby IIB OK-8055
Letov S-2 S.2-16 (44) Sojka III/TV 102
SPAD VIIC1 11583/L-BIZL (S11583) Sojka PE80-04VM 04
Sukhoi Su-7BM 5616 (5616)
General Karel Janoušek Hangar – World War II
Vyvojove Plachtarske Dilny Medlanky L-21 Spartak OK-6702 (02)
Avia CS-92 [Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a] V-35 (51104)
Vyvojova Skupina Brno VSB-66 Orlice OK-1900 (150002)
CSS 13 [Polikarpov Po-2] SP-BHA (42089)
Vyvojova Skupina Morava VSM-40 Demant OK-9801 (7)
De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth ‘R5148’/D-EBIG (86536)
VZLU CO2B 67-031
Ilyushin Il-2m3 38 (12438)
VZLU L-8 (TOM-8) OK-08 (04)
Lavochkin La-7 77
Yakovlev Yak-23 HX-51 (10101)
Lisunov Li-2P ‘7’/OK-GAH (23443002)
Zlin LG-124 Galanka OK-1724 (35)
Morane-Saulnier MS.230 1077 (1077)
Zlin LG-130 Kmotr OK-1240 (11)
Noorduyn Harvard IIB FT422 (14A-1462)
Zlin VT-425 Sohaj 3 OK-0711 (0511)
Hangar 3 – Closed for refurbishment. Zlin Z-22 Junak OO-FRE (82)
Zlin Z-23 Honza OK-5629 (128)
Main Hangar
Zlin Z-24 Krajanek OK-8233 (225)
Aero L-29 Delfin 0010 (190010)
Zlin Z-25 Sohaj OK-8853 (62)
Aero L-39 Albatros ‘3905’/OK-184 (X-05)

Zlin Z-26 Trenér OK-FRI (601) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PFM 4411 (94A4411)
Zlin Z-26/126 Trenér UC-36 (536) – Z-26 fuselage with Z-126 wings. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM 3166 (516931066)
Zlin Z-226A Akrobat OK-KMA (0108) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23UB 7905 (A1037905)
Zlin Z-50LS OK-IRG (0017) Mil Mi-2 3302 (533302123)
Zlin Z-326A Akrobat DM-WKB (596) Mil Mi-4 0538 (20538)
Zlin Z-381 [Bücker Bü 181D Bestmann] ‘UA-264’/OK-DJR (370) Mil Mi-8PS 0830 (10830)
Mil Mi-8T 1232 (1232)
Jan Sýkor Hangar – 1925–1938
Mil Mi-24D 0220 (340220)
Aero A-10 L-BALB (3) – partial replica.
Northrop F-5E Tiger II 00878 (R.1059) – in Vietnamese markings.
Aero Ab-11 (R) ‘L-BUCD’ (‘17’)
Orlican L-40 Meta-Sokol OK-MMR (150612)
Aero A-12 (R) ‘A.12-4’
Saab J 35J Draken Fv35518 (35518)
Aero A-18 (R) ‘2-36’ (5)
Saab AJSF 37 Viggen Fv37957 (37957)
Aero Ap-32 ‘Ap.32-25’ – partial replica.
Sukhoi Su-7BKL 5919 (5919)
Avia BH-11C L-BONK (18)
Sukhoi Su-7BKL 6428 (6428)
Avia B-534 H-6 (226) – partial replica.
Tupolev Tu-104A OK-LDA (76600503)
Letov S-20 E-10 (50) – partial replica.
WSK SM-1Wb 4003 (404003)
Letov S-218 Smolik C-49 (18)
Mignet HM-14 Pou-du-Ciel Stored on airfield and visible
Zlin XII OK-TBX (170) – partial replica Avia 14/32 [Ilyushin Il-14M] OK-MCI (805119)
Avia 14MFG (14M) [Ilyushin Il-14P] 6102 (806102)
Picha type 17 Hangar – First Generation Jets
Ilyushin Il-28RT 2303 (52303)
Avia S-92 [Messerschmitt Me 262A] V-34 (S92-4)
Lisunov Li-2D OK-WDI (23442710)
Gloster Meteor F.8 EG-247 (7021) – in Belgian markings.
McDonnell M.98 Phantom FGR.2 XT899 (2507)
De Havilland DH.100 Vampire FB.6 J-1161 (670) – in Swiss markings.
Yakovlev Yak-40 0723/OK-BYG (9230723)
Lockheed T-33A ‘8550’/35211 (France)
Yakovlev Yak-17 30 (IS-1001) Storage Compound
Antonov An-2 7006 (117047306)
Antonov An-2R OK-KIS (1G 190-13)
Aero L-29 Delfin 0108 (290108)
WSK SM-1Wb 6014 (506014)
Antonov An-24B 7109 (17307109)
WSK SM-2 OK-RUV (S203009)
Antonov An-26 2507 (12507)
Avia 14T [Ilyushin Il-14T] 3108 (813108)
The following have been listed with the museum in recent years –
Ilyushin Il-18B OK-NAA (189001604)
there are storage facilities at Kbely and at other sites in the area.
Ilyushin Il-28RTR 6926 (56926)
Further development of the site is planned and several stored aircraft
Ilyushin Il-28U 0501 (650100-501)
which were visible have been moved. This list includes those which
Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet 1504 (851504)
were in Hangar 3 but does not those at Stara Aerovká at nearby
Let L-410UVP-T Turbolet 1132 (831132)
Letnany and at the museum at Lešany. I believe some of the gliders
Let L-410UVP-T Turbolet 1134 (831134)
have moved on but I am not sure. Any updates will be welcome.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bisR 3671 (613671)
Aero 45 OK-EGN (50079)
Mikoyan-Gurevich UTI-MiG-15 OK-10 (612744)
Aero 45 OK-EPC (50151)
Mikoyan-Gurevich UTI-MiG-15P 2626 (722626)
Aero C-2B-1 [Arado Ar 96B] – centre section only.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17F 0872 (000872)
Aero C-3A [Siebel Si 204D-1] – fuselage and part of wing only.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19P 0813 (62210813)
Aero C-3A [Siebel Si 204D-1] OK-ADR (224) – fuselage only.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19S 0414 (150414)
Aero C-3AF [Siebel Si 204D-1] OK-?LQ (622) – part of fuselage.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PF 0308 (760308)

Avia B-534 H-6 at Historický Ústav Armadý České Republiky – Letecké Múzeum Kbely, Praha. [Bob Ogden]

Praga E114 Air Baby OK-BGL (125) at Historický Ústav Armadý České Republiky – Letecké Múzeum Kbely, Praha. [Bob Ogden]

Aero L-29 Delfin 0321 (590321) Letov LF-107 Lunak OK-0841 (57)
Aero L-29 Delfin 2206 (692206) Letov LF-107 Lunak OK-0804 (7)
Aero L-29 Delfin 3247 (993247) Letov LF-109 Pionyr OK-4070 (0506)
Aero L-29 Delfin OK-70 (X-2) Letov LF-109 Pionyr OK-2251 (59)
Aero L-29A Akrobat (893027) (Soviet) Letov MK-1 Kocour
Aero L-29R Delfin 2827 (892827) Letov S-20J – wing only
Aero L-29RS Delfin 2606 (792606) Matĕjček M-15 OK-0401 (5)
Aero L-39C Albatros 0115 (330115) – front fuselage only. Matĕjček M-18 OK-1400 (7)
Aero L-39C Albatros 33 (330207) – in Russian markings. Matĕjček M-25 OK-2402 (10)
Aero L-39C Albatros 0441 (530441) – original fuselage. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis 3512 (613512)
Aero L-39ZA Albatros 2436 (232426) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis 3841 (623841)
Aero L-39ZA Albatros 2433 (232433) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis 3941 (713941)
Aero Super 45S OK-06 (02-002) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bisR 0738 (530738) – in false North Korean
Aero XL-160 Brigadyr 0414 (150414) markings.
Antonov An-24B 2904 (77302904) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bisT 3131 (713131)
Avia 14T [Ilyushin Il-14T] 3141 (913141) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15SB (MiG-15) 1186 (141186)
Avia Ba-122 (R) ‘OK-AVE’ (‘2’) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15SB (MiG-15) 1585 (141585)
Avia BH-11K (17) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15SB (MiG-15) 1713 (231713)
Avia BH-18 (R) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17PF 0101 (000101)
Avia CB-33 [Ilyushin Il-10U] 5271 (CB33-5271) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17PF 0201 (000201)
Bensen B-8 Gyroglider Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19P 0742 (62210742)
Broucek W-01 OK-YXA Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19S 1006 (61211006)
Ceskoslovenska Vedecko Technicka Spolecnost Autogyro Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MFN 4405 (96004405)
Ceskoslovenska Vedecko Technicka Spolecnost Gyroglider Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PF 1305 (761305)
Chvala Ultralight Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21U-600 2820 (662820)
Dassault Super Mystère B2 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM 9332 (516999332)
Dobias Gyroglider Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN 9825 (0393219825)
Dvoracek BDv-2 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MF 3646 (0390213646)
Elsnic EL-2M Sedy Vik (5) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23UB 7905 (A1037905)
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-5 (1214(?)) – wings only. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MF 3641 (0390213641) – front fuselage only.
Henschel Hs 293A-1 (242886) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23ML 2406 (0390322406)
Ilyushin Il-10 OK-20 (003) Mikoyan-Gurevich UTI-MiG-15 2611 (142611)
Ilyushin Il-2m3 Janowski J-2B OK-ZUU Mikoyan-Gurevich UTI-MiG-15 2512 (922512)
Jirasek Ornithopthera Mil Mi-24DU 6050 (M7606050)
Kabele Homebuilt – parts only. Mil Mi-24V 0709 (730709)
Kratochvil KLZ-VII Mil Mi-4 0138 (20138)
Kratochvil KLZ-VII Mil Mi-8T 0820 (10820)
Kubat Glider Motor Balloon – gondola only.
Let C-11 [Yakovlev Yak-11] Mraz M-1D Sokol OK-DID (289) – wings only.
Let C-11 [Yakovlev Yak-11] – major parts. Nieuport 11 (Scale R) OK-ZUD (00943)
Let C-11 [Yakovlev Yak-11] OK-JZE (171511) Nord N.1002 Pingouin II [Messerschmitt Bf 108B]
Let C-11 [Yakovlev Yak-11] 1706 (171706) Olansky Ultralight
Let L-13 Blanik OK-4835 (173110) Orlican VT-116 Orlik II OK-3433 (150102)
Let L-200 Morava OK-MEE (00-001) Orlican VT-116 Orlik II ZK OK-6437
Let L-200A Morava OK-PRO (170705) Orlican VT-15
Let L-420 OK-XYA (922729) Orlican VT-16 Orlik 1 OK-1408 (150104)
Let XL-13 Blanik OK-6201 Orlican VZLU - Orlican HC-4-4 – fuselage only.
Letov LF-107 Lunak OK-0826 (38) Piper L-4J Cub ‘10’/SP-AHB (12406)
Letov LF-107 Lunak OK-0838 (54) Praga XE-1

Zlin XII OK-TBX at Historický Ústav Armadý České Republiky – Letecké Múzeum Kbely, Praha. [Bob Ogden]

PZL 104 Wilga 35A SP-CRU (59049) Zlin LG-123 Honza OK-5149
PZL TS-11 Iskra 200bisD 1212 (3H 12-12) Zlin LG-125 Sohaj 2 OK-1794
Rapac Glider Zlin LG-125 Sohaj 2 OK-0706 (506)
Republic F-84G Thunderjet 51-1159 Zlin LG-125 Sohaj 2 OK-1968 (605)
Republic P-47D Thunderbolt – (USAAF) – front fuselage only. Zlin LG-130 Kmotr OK-1267 (39)
Rogallo Standard Hang Glider Zlin VT-425 Sohaj 3 OK-5425
Rutan 31 Vari-Eze – incomplete. Zlin VT-425 Sohaj 3 OK-5312 (0208)
Schneider ESG 31 Grunau Baby IIA OK-3001 (1514) – wings only. Zlin VT-425 Sohaj 3 OK-5339 (0310)
Schneider ESG 31 Grunau Baby IIB OK-8387 Zlin VT-425 Sohaj 3 OK-5368 (0415)
Sojka E-50 E50 10 Zlin VT-425 Sohaj 3 OK-5378 (0425)
Sopwith F.1 Camel (R) ‘B2458’ Zlin Z-24 Krajanek OK-8565 (260)
Spunt SP-1 OK-004 Zlin Z-24 Krajanek OK-8548 (49)
Stakr Homebuilt – wings only. Zlin Z-43S OK-078 (0001)
Stinson 108-2 Voyager C-FBAM (108-3210) Zlin Z-135 Heli Trainer (Z-35) OK-045 (1)
Sukhoi Su-25K 9098 (25508109098) Zlin Z-142 OK-KNL (0229)
Taylor E-2 Cub OK-ATW (147 Zlin Z-226 Trenér 6 OK-MPN (259)
Trejbal-Prasil Glider Zlin Z-226B Bohatyr OK-MPM (258)
Tupolev Tu-134A OK-EFJ (23128) – front fuselage only.
Vaculik-Sidi Motor-Glider
Vyvojova Skupina Morava VSM-40 Demant OK-6203 (04) – on loan to
Aeroklub Zbraslavice. Recently seen by Cyril Leeson.
Vyvojove Plachtarske Dilny Medlanky L-21 Spartak OK-6703 (03) At Via Europa, 55100 Lucca which is in the southern part of the town.
VZLU HC-3 OK-04 (02)
Zlin HC-102 Heli Baby OK-RVX (0426) Piaggio-Douglas PD-808RM MM62014 (521) – possible identity

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UK SCENE: Steven Wells
E‑mail: Steven.Wells@air‑
FOREIGN REVIEW: David Woods, 15 Swallowfield, Great Holm, Milton Keynes MK8 9BH
E‑mail: David.Woods@air‑

Abbreviations used in this section: 165810/BH KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 69

* Overshoots # Night Stopped Departed on the 15th
n/n Not Noted u/m Unmarked ZA553/045 Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH74
el Emergency Landing $ Overflight for Families Day on 15th departed on the 17th
l Loan Aircraft £ Flythrough 14. ZA614/076 Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH29
f/n First Noted dep Departed for Families Day on 15th departed on the 17th
arr arrived fp Flypast
15-5826 C-130J-30 317AW RCH338
a/t Airtest c/v Conversion
for Families Day departed on the 16th
cf Crew Ferry
04-3143 C-130J-30 19AW RCH329
Airfield Codes for Families Day departed on the 16th
EGAA Aldergrove EGUO Colerne 15. 84-0087 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21
EGDC Chivenor EGUW Wattisham for Families Day
EGDL Lyneham EGVF Fleetlands 74-2132 # C-130H Mt ANG/186AS RCH197
EGDM Boscombe Down EGVN Brize Norton 74-1688 # C-130H Mt ANG/186AS RCH406
EGDO Predannack EGVO Odiham 74-1679 # C-130H Mt ANG/186AS RCH421
EGDR Culdrose EGVP Middle Wallop 16. 89-1187 # C-130H AFRC/357AS RCH318
EGDX St Athan EGWC Cosford 91-9143 # C-130H AFRC/357AS RCH111
EGDY Yeovilton EGWE Henlow 91-9141 # C-130H AFRC/357AS RCH265
EGHF Lee-on-Solent EGWU Northolt 89-1188 # C-130H AFRC/357AS RCH182
EGHG Yeovil EGXC Coningsby
18. 16-5834 C-130J-30 317AW RCH249
EGHQ Newquay EGXD Dishforth
02-0042 # C-40B 86AW/76AS Valor 40
EGMH Manston EGXE Leeming
EGNO Warton EGXP Scampton 20. G-XXEB # S-76C Royal Flight TQF1
EGNR Hawarden EGXT Wittering 21. 130601 # CC-130J RCAF/436Sqn CFC4200
EGOS Shawbury EGXU Linton On Ouse 23. 93-1562 # C-130H Ga ANG/158AS RCH541
EGOV Valley EGXV Leconfield 25. 16-5822 C-130J-30 86AW/37AS HKY91
EGOW Woodvale EGXW Waddington 27. 94-6708 C-130H Ga ANG/158AS RCH154
EGPF Glasgow EGYD Cranwell 93-1562 C-130H Ga ANG/158AS RCH541
EGPK Prestwick EGYE Barkston Heath 94-6705 C-130H Ga ANG/158AS RCH195
EGQL Leuchars EGYM Marham 28. N914JA King Air 300 US Army Crook 32
EGQM Boulmer EGYP Mount Pleasant 29. 91-1653 C-130H Mo ANG/180AS RCH207
EGQS Lossiemouth KEDW Edwards AFB 90-1792 C-130H Mo ANG/180AS RCH238
EGTC Cranfield KNBC MCAS Beaufort 90-1794 C-130H Mo ANG/180AS RCH322
EGTF Fairoaks KNID China Lake
ZZ331 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2160/61
EGTK Kidlington LCRA Akrotiri
165378/JW C-130T VR-62 CNV3761
EGUB Benson OAKN Kandahar
Departed on the 1/10
30. 168071/BH KC-130J VMGR-252 Otis 63
AIRFIELD REPORTS Departed on the 2/10
166380/BH KC-130J VMGR-252 Otis 67
JHC Aldergrove – with thanks to Fighter Control
Departed on the 2/10
  4. 89-1182 # C-130H Tx ANG/181AS RCH154
  6. 95-6709 # C-130H WV ANG/130AS RCH106 Biggin Hill (EGKB) – with thanks to Nigel Burch
  7. 84-00156 C-12U E/1-214 AVN Duke 31 July
 8. 94-7318 C-130H AFRC/731AS RCH699   5. 016 C295M Polish AF/13 ELTr PLF033
Departed on the 10th   6. 23 o/f Mil MI-8 Lithuanian A/F LYF260
94-7317 C-130H AFRC/731AS RCH140   9. L4-01/01 L-410 Slovenian A/F LSV401
Departed on the 10th Departed on the 12th
 9. 94-7319 C-130H AFRC/731AS RCH704 10. LZ-001 F.2000 Bulgarian A/F BGF004
Departed on the 11th 18. DU-142 * AW-139 Dubai A/W DUB 142
10. 95-6709 C-130H WV ANG/130AS RCH106 20. AB910 Spitfire Vb BoBMF Memorial 2
84-0096 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21 LF363 Hurricane IIC BoBMF Memorial 3/
84-00165 C-12U E/1-214 AVN Duke 47  Hurricane 01
94-7316 # C-130H AFRC/731AS RCH198
PA474 Lancaster BoBMF Memorial 1
94-7310 # C-130H AFRC/731AS RCH301
21. AB910 Spitfire Vb BoBMF Memorial 3
11. 93-1563 # C-130H Ga ANG/158AS RCH233
12. 58-0077 KC-135R Pa ANG/171ARW RCH747 LF363 Hurricane II BoBMF Memorial 2
went u/s; departed on the 14th PA474 Lancaster BoBMF Memorial 1
84-0096 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21 22. AB910 Spitfire Vb BoBMF Memorial 2
64-14829 # KC-135R Az ANG/197ARS RCH104 LF363 Hurricane II BoBMF Memorial 3
57-1469 # KC-135R Az ANG/197ARS RCH804 PA474 Lancaster I BoBMF Memorial 1
13. 93-1563 C-130H Ga ANG/158AS RCH233 26. 022 C295M Polish AF PLF034

Birmingham Airport (EGBB) – with thanks to BHX Blog ZA607/EB-X * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg Monster 2
September ZJ130/O * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Commando 555
  1. XX405 Gazelle AH.1 665Sqn AA55 ZH889 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR145
Departed on the 7th 19. ZZ384 * Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11
 5. GZ100 AW-109SP 32(TR)Sqn RRR1329 20. ZJ136/U * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Commando 522
  6. ZG997 Defender AL.1 651Sqn AA534 ZA679 * Chinook HC.6A Odiham Wg Uber 1
21. ZZ510 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Recon 22
Blackpool Airport (EGNH) 24. ZE416 * A-109E ETPS Tester 9
July 25. RS-05 Sea King 48 BAF/40Sqn BAF701
  4. ZA554/046 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg 26. ZJ136/U * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Commando 524
ZA585/054 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg 27. ZE416 * A-109E ETPS Tester 79
ZF264 Tucano T.1 1FTS ZJ132/Q * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Commando 558
ZF348 Tucano T.1 1FTS 28. ZZ395 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Recon 22
  5. ZF239 Tucano T.1 1FTS RS-05 Sea King 48 BAF/40Sqn BAF701
ZF290 * Tucano T.1 1FTS ZZ384 * Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11
ZF348 Tucano T.1 1FTS ZZ418 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Serpent 48
  6. AB910 # Spitfire Vb BoBMF Memorial 2 to GAMA
PA474 # Lancaster I BoBMF Memorial 1
ZZ417 Shadow R.1A 14Sqn Snake 47
PZ865 # Hurricane IIC BoBMF Memorial 3
ZM524 Juno T.1 DHFS
RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) – with thanks to MAR
  7. AB910 # Spitfire Vb BoBMF Memorial 2
PA474 # Lancaster I BoBMF Memorial 1
  3. J-5010 F/A-18C Swiss AF SUI417
PZ865 # Hurricane IIC BoBMF Memorial 3
J-5014 F/A-18C Swiss AF SUI417
XX188 Hawk T.1A RAFAT Red 1
CH-05 C-130H BAF/15Wg BAF661
Went tech on departure and finally departed 16th
0217 # M-28B Polish AF
11. ZF140 Tucano T.1 1FTS Klingon 1
ZH866 Hercules C.4 206Sqn BDN55
ZF239 Tucano T.1 1FTS Swift 01
  4. ZJ812 # Typhoon T3 29Sqn Triplex 31
ZF290 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 20
  5. ZA710 * Chinook HC.4 28Sqn SHF265
ZF291 Tucano T.1 1FTS Swift 02
ZF293 Tucano T.1 1FTS Klingon 2   6. 0217 # M-28B Polish AF
16. XX242 Hawk T.1 RAFAT   7. ZZ418 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 48
ZA772 Gazelle AH.1 655Sqn  8. 06-6165 C-17A 436/512AW RCH519
ZB679 Gazelle AH.1 655Sqn   9. 0453 C-295M Czech AF/242TSl CEF687
17. ZF172 Tucano T.1 1FTS 10. ZH866 Hercules C.4 206Sqn BDN54
ZF317 * Tucano T.1 1FTS 11. ZJ217 * Apache AH.1 673Sqn Panther 86
ZF512 Tucano T.1 1FTS 12. ZZ391 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Recon 22
18. ZF145 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 58 14. ZJ209 *×2 Apache AH.1 673Sqn AA786
ZF491 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 11 19. N496BC # B747-400 Kalitta Air CKS9231
31. ZF291 Tucano T.1 1FTS Sword 01 20. UR-82007 # An-124 Antonov ADB538F/5739
ZF379 Tucano T.1 1FTS Sword 02 22. 168071/BH KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 34
Departed on the 24th
Bournemouth Airport (EGHH) – with thanks to CASPG E-Mail/Lee Weston 23. N496BC B747-400 Kalitta Air CKS9232
September 24. ZZ419 Shadow R.1 14Sqn
  2. ZH868 Hercules C.,4 24/47Sqn RRR571 25. N543JN MD-11 Western Global AJK2626/4800
  3. ZH866 * Hercules C.4 QientiQ Gauntlet 55 133 * Falcon 10MER FrN/57S FNY55C4
XX200/CO Hawk T.1A 736NAS Vixen 31 27. XX154 * Hawk T.1 ETPS ETP04
XX324/324 Hawk T.1A 736NAS Vixen 31
ZJ118/B * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Victor 553 Cambridge Airport (EGSC) – with thanks to Stuart Clarke
ZJ136/U * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Victor 527/553 September
  4. G-DAYP King Air 350 14Sqn   3. ZH878 a/t Hercules C.4  Gauntlet 60
to GAMA Noted on engine runs 7th 1326 a/t Global Express UAE AF MCE 09
ZJ135/T * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Victor 552   4. 11-5737 * MC-130J 67SOS Strix 01
G-GMAD King Air 350 14Sqn   5. ZH878 a/t Hercules C.4 Gauntlet 60
Airtest then departed 1326 Global Express UAE AF MCE 02
ZZ395 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Spear 25 Arrived from Boscombe Down, departed back
  5. ZJ136/U * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Victor 553  6. 087 Xingu FrAF CTM1755
501 C-130H RAFO/16Sqn MJN290   7. ZH878 a/t Hercules C.4 Gauntlet 60
Departed on the 7th 10. 12-5760 * MC-130J 67SOS Strix 26
5002 a/t King Air B200 Turkish NDM MCA01 11. ZH878 Hercules C.4
ZJ136/U * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Victor 556 Departed to Boscombe Down
  6. XX325 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 6/7 13. 1326 Global Express UAE AF MCE 01
XX278 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 6/7 Arrived from Boscombe Down, departed back
ZH866 * Hercules C.4 QinetiQ Comet 102 14. B-583 C-130J-30 RDAF/Esk 721 DAF4811
ZJ131/P * Merlin HC.4 845NAS Jungly 413 19. G-275 a/t C-130H-30 KLu/336Sqn MCE01
ZJ135/T * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Victor 555 20. G-275 dep C-130H-30 KLu/336Sqn NAF75
10. 5002 King Air B200 Turkish NDM Hande 01 21. ZH866 arr Hercules C.4 206Sqn Gauntlet 50
Departed 22. G-781 arr C-130H KLu/336Sqn NAF71
11. ZJ131/P * Merlin HC.4 845NAS Jungly 554 24. ZH867 dep Hercules C.4 MCE03
12. ZJ131/P * Merlin HC.4 845NAS Jungly 554
26. ZA614/076 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH31
13. LF363/SD-A Hurricane IIc BoBMF Memorials
27. ZH875 arr Hercules C.4
MK356/QJ-3 Spitfire LF.IXc BoBMF Memorials
28. B-538 C-130J-30 RDAF/Esk 721 DAF4823
14. 1326 Global Express Marshalls/UAE AF MCE 02
XX327 * Hawk T.1 QinetiQ Tester 88 Notes
ZZ387 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt AA002 On the 22nd, the airport played host to the Red Arrows for the airshow
18. ZG775/134 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg Monster 1 at Duxford. XX219, XX232, XX244, XX245, XX278, XX310, XX311, XX319,

XX322 & XX323 dep 23rd; XX325 departed as Red 11 and was replaced ZK341/341 Typhoon FGR4 RRR9671/74
by XX323. ZK353/353 Typhoon FGR4 RRR9671/74
ZK331/331 Typhoon FGR4 RRR9671/74
Cardiff Airport (EGFF) – with thanks to South Wales Aviation Group Departed to Oman
September ZJ802/802 Typhoon T3 to 3Sqn Lossie 85
  3. ZM401 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR468 ZK323 Typhoon FGR4 Lossie 85
  4. G-BYVB * Tutor T.1 UWAS UAW20 Departed to Lossiemouth
 7. ZZ174 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR820 ZH904 * Chinook HC.5 27Sqn SHF410
10. 32 * Falcon 10MER FrN/57S FNY5560 25. ZK357/357 Typhoon FGR4 RRR9675/76
12. G-BYVB * Tutor T.1 UWAS UAW22/21 ZK316 Typhoon FGR4 RRR9675/9676
ZZ501 * Avenger T.1 750NAS NVY806 Departed to Oman
14. ZM412 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR471 ZM147 * F-35B 617Sqn MRH87
18. ZD716/084 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH69 ZK431 Typhoon FGR4 WTN29
24. G-BYVW * Tutor T.1 UWAS UAW21 Delivery from BAE
26. ZA614/076 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH04 G-BYVR * Tutor T.1 6FTS WIT49
27. 253 CN-235M IAC/101Sqn IRL253
26. ZK381/381 Typhoon FGR4 RFR7000/1
XX191/CC Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 09
ZK371 Typhoon FGR4 RFR7000/1
ZM416 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR485
Departed, but returned on the 27th
28. ZH889 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR053
ZF338 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 16
ZF407 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 26
RAF Coningsby (EGXC) – with thanks to
27. ZF244 Tucano T.1 1FTS ⎫Sword
 1. 30+46 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 ZF407 Tucano T.1 1FTS ⎭1/2
30+49 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 Notes
30+60 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 13. ZJ800 Typhoon T3 dep by road to BAE School at Humberside
30+62 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 Airport
30+64 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73
30+73 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 Departing to Akrotiri for Op Shader during September were the following
30+84(T) EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 FGR4s all ex 11Sqn allocation:
31+21 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 24. RRR9671-9674  ZJ946/946 ZK341/341 ZK353/353 ZK331/331
43+25 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 25. RRR9675-9676  ZK357/357 ZK316/316
43+97 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 In the opposite direction six of the Akrotiri jets returned to Coningsby
45+39 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 on 4/10:
46+35 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 RRR9521-23-24  ZK340/340 ZK347/347 ZK327/327
46+36 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 RRR9525-26-22  ZK330/330 ZK322/322 ZK300/300
46+44 Tornado GAF/TLwG51
46+56 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 Typhoon T3/FGR4 squadrons noted at the end of September were:
Taking part in Exercise Cobra Warrior with the Italian F-2000As at 3Squadron T3 ZJ802/802
Waddington FGR4 ZJ917/917 ZJ929/929 ZJ949/949 ZK307/307
  3. ZA607/EB-X * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH10 ZK338/338 ZK358/– ZK361/361 ZK366/366
  4. 46+23 Tornado ECR GAF/TLwG51 GAFM51 ZK377/377 ZK427/427 ZK430/–
  5. 46+40 Tornado ECR GAF/TLwG51 GAFM51 Changes
GZ100 AW-109SP 32(TR)Sqn RRR1329 ZJ802/802 arrived from Lossiemouth 24/9 as LOS 85
43+97 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM51 ZJ919/919 6Sqn mks departed to Lossiemouth 24/9 as Typhoon 13
Departed ZK371/371 transferred to 29Sqn by 1/10
ZA553/045 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH17 ZK430/– is allocated to squadron ex TMU.
  6. ZK318/318 Typhoon FGR4 11Squadron T3 ZJ810/810
ZK317/317 Typhoon FGR4 FGR4 ZK301/301 ZK304/304 ZK308/308 ZK311/–
ZK348/348 Typhoon FGR4 ZK346/346
Departed to Belgium as RFR7000-7003; returned on the 10th
  7. ZF342 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 11
ZK354/354 to TMU Coningsby by 1/10
11. ZF172 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 03
Plus the six jets that departed to Op Shader – ZJ946  ZK316  ZK331
ZM317 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH88
ZK341 ZK353 ZK357
ZM147 * F-35B 617Sqn MRH88
12. ZF264 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 55 29Squadron T3 ZJ812/812 ZK380/380 ZK381/381 
46+55 arr Tornado ECR GAF/TLwG51 GAFM51 ZK382/382
12. ZF239 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 54 FGR4 ZJ914/914 ZJ916/916 ZJ920/920 ZJ928/928
45+39 ret Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM51 ZJ931/931 ZJ937/937 ZJ939/939 ZJ942/942
ZA679 Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF336 ZK317/317 ZK318/spl ZK348/348 ZK363/–
20. 46+40 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM52/53 ZK371/371 ZK373/373
45+56 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM52/53 Changes
30+84 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 GAFS01A ZJ937/937 from TMU by early September
30+46 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 GAFS01A ZK309/309 to TMU by 1/10
30+49 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 GAFS01A ZK352/352 to TMU by 1/10
30+60 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 GAFS02A-02S ZK371/371 ex 3Sqn by 1/10
30+62 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 GAFS02A-02S
41Squadron T3 ZK379/379
30+64 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 GAFS02A-02S
FGR4 ZK335/335 ZK339/339 ZK365/365
30+73 EF-2000 GAF/TLwG73 GAFS02A-02S
ZK367/EB-R ZK375/375 ZK376/376
46+44 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM54-57
43+25 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM54-57 TMU had the following Typhoons on servicing 1/10:
46+55 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM54-57 T3 ZK383
46+36 Tornado GAF/TLwG51 GAFM54-57 FGR4 ZK305 ZK309 ZK315 ZK324 ZK325 ZK328 ZK342 ZK343 
24. ZJ919/919 Typhoon FGR4 6Sqn Typhoon 13 ZK345 ZK352 ZK354
Departed to Lossiemouth Plus the following on acceptance checks
ZJ946/946 Typhoon FGR4 RRR9671/74 FGR4 ZK359 ZK428 ZK429 ZK431 ZK432 ZK433

Changes 28. 167853/AB-610 MH-60S HSC-11 AB610
ZJ937 to 29Sqn by early September ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32(TR)Sqn RRR1928
ZK309 in from 29Sqn by 1/10
ZK323 to 1Sqn 24/9 Exeter Airport (EGTE) – with thanks to MAR & Exeter Airport Movements
ZK354 in from 11Sqn by 1/10 August
ZK374 allocated to 6Sqn by 1/10   1. ZZ526 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Recon 21
ZK430 allocated to 3Sqn by 1/10 ZM418 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn
ZK431 arrived from BAE Warton 25/9 as Tarnish 29 on delivery   2. ZM418 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn
  3. ZM408 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR470
RAF Cranwell (EGYD) – with thanks to Waddo-Area-Spotters   6. XX405 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt CF AA757
September   7. ZJ191 Apache AH.1 AAC
  3. ZM335 Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 45   9. ZM405 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 454
Returned from Wadington after mid air collision 10. MK356 Spitfire IX BoBMF
13. ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32(TR)Sqn 13. ZJ209 Apache AH.1 673Sqn Panther 80
19. ZH854/88 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 64 ZM401 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn
ZM411 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn
Doncaster Robin Hood Airport (EGCN) ZJ120/D * Merlin HC.4 845NAS
September 14. ZJ217 Apache AH.1 673Sqn AA076
13. 087 Xingu FrN/28F CTM1731 ZJ230 Apache AH.1 673Sqn AA780
082/YG Xingu FrAF/EAT00.319 CTM1738 ZM504 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS522
17. ZF317 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 53 ZM417 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR461
24. 085 * Xingu FrN/28F CTM1725 15. ZM504 Juno HT.1 DHFS
ZJ682 Sentinel R.1 5Sqn Snapshot 01 ZM411 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR463
27. 108/YW Xingu FrAF/EAT00.319 CTM1724 ZJ232 Apache AH.1 673Sqn AA780
16. ZF317 Tucano T.1 1FTS Galleon 58
Durham-Tees Valley Airport (EGNV) – with thanks to DTV Movements ZF142 Tucano T.1 1FTS Galleon 58
website, ZZ387 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Recon 21
September 21. ZZ175 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR818
  3. ZF317 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 16 23. ZM416 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR491
  4. ZF512 *×2 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 12 ZZ629 * Wildcat HMA.2 815NAS Skua 413
ZF264 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 16 28. ZZ175 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR818
ZF172 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 43 N-4001 * Lynx 62 WHE/Brazilian Navy
  6. G-XXEC A-109 Royal Flt Sparrowhawk 1R ZZ528 * Wildcat HMA.2 FAA
11 ZF407 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 50 ZZ387 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt
ZF264 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 22/46 30. ZE701 * BAe 146 CC.2 32(TR)Sqn NOH28
ZF284 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 41 31. ZZ395 * Wildcat AH.1 1Regt
ZF512 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 10/22
12. ZF378 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 44 RAF Fairford (EGVA) – with thanks to various E-Mail lists and MAR
14. ZF291 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 44 September
17. ZF512 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 15  3. 08-8191 * C-17A 437/315AW RCH176
ZF239 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 41   5. 60-0057/BD B-52H 307BW/93BS Scalp 99
18. ZF342 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 45 Departed on the 18th
19. ZF485 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 46 61-0015/LA B-52H 2BW/96BS Scalp 98
21. ZF407 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 15 Departed on the 20th as Mytee 51
25. XX318/CG * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 01   7. N418MC B747-400 Atlas Air GTI8800/8799
25. ZM317 Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH85 10. 07-7182 C-17A 437/315AW RCH1815
29. G-XXEB S-76C Royal Flight Rainbow 1 12. 08-0050 CV-22B 352SOW/7SOS Knife 71
13. 08-0051 CV-22B 352SOW/7SOS Knife 71
Duxford Airfield (EGSU) – with thanks to Stuart Clark 12-0064 CV-22B 352SOW/7SOS Knife 72
September 21. 96-0004 C-17A 62/446AW RCH263
28. ZM300 Prefect T.1 3FTS 24. N477AX B767-300 Omni Air CMB503
ZM311 Prefect T.1 3FTS
G-BYXH Tutor T.1 UAS Farnborough Airport (EGLF)
ZZ391 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt
  1. A9C-BAH Gulfstream 650 Bahrain Amiri BAH6
Departed on the 3rd
East Midlands Airport (EGNX) – with thanks to John Smith
HZ-MF1 B737-7FG Saudi Ministry of Finance
24. MM62228 KC-767 AMI/14Sto IAM1433
  4. A6-MRS B737-8EQ Dubai A/W DUB 7
October   5. A6-HEH B737-8AJ Dubai A/W DUB 6
  8. ZM333 * Phenom T.1 3FTS CWL 33 Departed on the 7th
12. 5114 C-130H FrAF/ET61 CTM2037   6. A6-FZZ # B737-8KN Dubai Govt DUB 12
ZM312 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 56 G-GMAD King Air 350 14qn GGMAD
14. 5116 C-130H FrAF/ET61 CTM2607   7. ZZ501 Avenger T.1 750NAS NVY571
17. ZM309 * Prefect T.1 3FTS Dep Gama Maint to Culdrose, it had arrived 14/6
19. ZZ525 Wildcat AH.1 1Wg Recon 21   8. ZM525 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS 31
20. ZZ331 div Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2233 Red Arrows commentator
Departed the next day, using the same callsign 12. A6-HRS B737-7E0 Dubai A/W DUB 4
22. 166376 C-37A VMR-1 VV300 Departed on the 17th
13. A9C-BHR # Gulfstream 450 Bahrain Amiri BAH14
Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) – with thanks to A6-HEH B737-8AJ Dubai A/W DUB 6
September Departed on the 19th
18. ZJ224 * Apache AH.1 4Regt Machete 1 15. 9G-EXE # Falcon 900EX Ghana Presidential Flt  GHA005
ZJ210 * Apache AH.1 4Regt Machete 2 A9C-BRN Gulfstream 550 Bahrain Amiri BAH 5
25. 253 CN-135M IAC/101Sqn IRL253 Departed on the 21st

22. A6-MRS # B737-8E0 Dubai A/W DUB 7 ZM527 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS099
A6-HEH # B737-8AJ Dubai A/W DUB 6 ZM529 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS670
24. A6-RJ1 # BAe 146-RJ85 Dubai A/W DUB 10
A6-HRS B737-7E0 Dubai A/W DUB 4 Heathrow Airport (EGLL)
Departed on the 26th Noted here on the 26/9 was Mexican Navy, Gulfstream 550 ANX-1201.
27. M48-02 BD-700 Royal Malaysian AF/2Skm
Departed on the 29th RMF456 Humberside Airport (EGNJ)
30. A6-HEH # B737-8AJ Dubai A/W DUB 6 August
 2. XX321/CI * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn SAVAGE 1
Glasgow Airport (EGPF) – with thanks to e-mail lists XX346/CP * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn SAVAGE 2
September ZM418 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR498
  3. ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32(TR)Sqn RRR1233   3. ZM419 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR468
ZZ418 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 48 ZM333 * Phenom T.1 3FTS CWL 36
  6. ZE708 BAe 146 C.3 32(TR)Sqn RRR1906   5. ZM408 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR471
  8. ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32(TR)Sqn RRR1909   7. ZM320 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 73
10. 12-3040 C-146A 524SOS 14. XX325 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT RED 1
12. 14+04 * BD-700 GAF/FBS GAF689 15. ZM411 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR462
15+01 * A319CJ GAF/FBS GAF847 20. ZA683 Chinook HC.6A Odiham Wg SHF462
13. N2858B T-6C 21. XX191/CC * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
Delivery, to be ZM329 c/n PM-127 22. ZM416 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 459
26. 168071/BH KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 21 23. ZM317 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 62
27. 168071/BH KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 21 28. ZM303 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 87
29. 88-00325 # RC-12X 204 MIBn Argus 89 29. ZM301 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 92
30. 10-3068 C-146A 524SOS RCH1046 30. ZJ210 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt
31. ZM306 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 16
Hawarden Airfield (EGNR) ZH889 * Hercules C.5 24/70Sqn RRR189
  3. ZZ418 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 48 September
ZM515 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS043   3. ZM304 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 16
  4. ZM504 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS066   4. ZM301 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 71
ZM508 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS022 ZM307 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 74
  5. ZM514 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS102 ZM315 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 62
ZM517 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS043   6. ZJ692 Sentinel R.1 5Sqn Snapshot 01
ZM522 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS046 10. ZM317 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 18
ZM526 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS062 ZM333 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
ZM528 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS080 ZM307 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 71
  6. ZM517 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS051 11. ZM310 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 56
ZM518 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS043 ZZ417 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD01
  7. ZK015/F Hawk T.2 4Sqn ZM419 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 458
Departed on the 10th ZM318 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 90
ZK023/N Hawk T.2 4Sqn Ninja 1 ZH887 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR131
Departed on the 10th ZM417 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR485
ZK029/FE Hawk T.2 25Sqn 12. ZM304 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 58
Departed on the 10th ZH887 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR133
ZM510 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS016 ZM316 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 71
ZM518 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS051 ZM301 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 58
ZM530 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS102 13. ZM333 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 36
  8. ZZ419 Shadow R.1A 14Sqn 17. ZM333 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 36
engine runs plus air tests on 19/20/21,24,25,26,27 & 28th as ZZ419 ZM310 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 18
10. ZM504 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS016 18. ZJ215 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Mauler 1
ZM508 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS102 ZJ224 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 1
ZM507 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS051 ZJ210 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 2
ZM515 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS601 24. ZM305 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 71
ZM518 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS055/053 ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH 40
10. ZM519 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS043 ZH904 Chinnok HC.5 Odiham Wg SHF410
ZM531 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS085 25. ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH40
ZK032/W Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT253
11. ZM504 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS118 RAF Lakenheath (EGUL) – with thanks to MAR
ZM507 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS601 September
ZM512 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS050  1. 02-1106 C-17A 62/446AW RCH375
ZM517 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS067  4. 08-3176/RS C-130J-30 86AW/37AS HKY604
ZM518 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS705 Visited twice, which resulted in a night stop
13. ZM510 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS062 02-1106 C-17A 62/446AW RCH375
ZM520 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS067   5. 84-0096 C-21A 86AW/76AS Falcon 01
ZM522 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS116 ZA614/076 Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH33
14. ZK015/F * Hawk T.2 4Sqn  7. ZM146 * F-35B 617Sqn ⎫Midas
ZM512 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS016 ZM147 * F-35B 617Sqn ⎭11/12
ZM522 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS116 10. 97-0048 C-17A AFRC/455AW RCH153
17. ZM517 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS103 11. 85-0118/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Hawk 21
18. ZM508 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS055 85-0134/MA F-15A Ma ANG/131FS Hawk 22
21. ZM512 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS067 84-0002 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Hawk 23
24. ZM513 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS093 84-0005 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Hawk 24
ZM518 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS041 86-0158/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Hawk 31
27. ZM507 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS041 84-0003 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Hawk 32
28. ZM507 * Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS016 84-0021 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Hawk 33

84-0028/MA F-15C Or ANG/131FS Hawk 34 joined them and they departed on the 30th as Retro 61-66
12. ZM146 * F-35B 617Sqn MRH91 12-1061 12-1067 12-1069 12-1070 12-1026 12-1068
85-0111/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Hawk 41
85-0106 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Hawk 42 Lee-on-Solent (EGHF)
83-0018/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Hawk 43 August
85-0094 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Hawk 44 16. ZH837 Merlin HMA.2 820NAS
13. 08-0051 * CV-22B 7SOS Knife 71 17. ZG848 Islander AL.1 651Sqn
18. 57-1493/D KC-135R 100ARW Quid 543 ZH846/CU Merlin HMA.2 820NAS
Departed on the 20th ZH856 Merlin HMA.2 820NAS
58-0094/D KC-135T 100ARW Quid 544
Departed on the 20th Leeds/Bradford Airport (EGNM) – with thanks to https://
19. 57-2605 KC-135R 100ARW Quid 544/59
Departed on the 24th September
63-7999 KC-135R 100ARW Quid 546/13 24. ZE700 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn RRR1303
Departed on the 24th October
78-0577/OK E-3G 552ACW Shuck 80   5. ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1905
Departed on the 22nd 10. XX348/CQ * Hawk T1A 100Sqn Pirate 01
20. 58-0100/D KC-135R 100ARW Quid 547/11 12. XX348/CQ * Hawk T1A 100Sqn Pirate 01
Departed on the 24th 17. ZM304 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 62
57-2605/D KC-135R 100ARW ZM314 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 68
21. 85-0111/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Tabor 91 ZM306 Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 58
84-0002 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Tabor 92 G-BYWX Tutor T.1 UAS WIT 45
84-0028/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Tabor 93 24. ZH878 *×2 Hercules C.5 24/70sQN RRR279
83-0018/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Tabor 94 25. ZM337 * Phenom T.1 3FTS CWL 36
85-0134/MA F-15D Ma ANG/131FS Tabor 95
84-0005 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Tabor 96 RAF Leeming (EGXE)
All departed September
25. 162171 C-2A VRC-40 RG01   3. ZH868 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Zorro 1
26. E148 # Alphajet FrAF/EAC00.314 FAF6441/44   4. 08-0051 CV-22B 7SOS Knife 71
E137 # Alphajet FrAF/EAC00.314 FAF6441/44 ZH868 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Zorro 1
E33 # Alphajet FrAF/EAC00.314 FAF6441/44 ZH883 Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn Zorro 2
E42 # Alphajet FrAF/EAC00.314 FAF6441/44   5. 11-0057 CV-22B 7SOS Knife 71
28. 86-0158/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Tabor 81   6. AB910 Spitfire Vb BoBMF
85-0094 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Tabor 82 10. ZJ213 Apache AH.1 AAC ⎫Hunter
84-0021 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Tabor 83 ZJ199 Apache AH.1 AAC ⎭1 & 2
85-0106 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Tabor 84 Until 13th daily flights to Spadeadam
85-0118/MA F-15C Ma ANG/131FS Tabor 85 ZJ127/L Merlin HC.4 (Leonardo) WHE 01
84-0003 F-15C Or ANG/123FS Tabor 86 Until 14th daily flights to Spadeadam
All departed 12. ZJ199 Apache AH.1 AAC Vendetta 1/
Hunter 1
Notes 17. ZZ406 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Gangster 01
22. 492FS/F-15Es Bolar 91-94 took part in a flypast of the St Mihiel 18. ZH854/88 # Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 64
American Cemetery & Memorial in France 20. ZZ406 Wildcat AH.1 AAC Gangster 1
91-0315/LN 91-0301/LN 92-0317/LN 01-2004/LN ZA597/063 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH18
27. Retro 81-83 48FW F-15s departed for maintenance in the USA ZK339/339 * Typhoon FGR4 41(R)TES Rebel 59
91-0327/LN 492FS  91-0312/LN 492FS  86-0175/LN 493FS 21. XX200 Hawk T.1A 736NAS Kraken 43
28. Retro 61-64 RSaudi AF F-15SAs arrived 25. VQ-BMZ Gulfstream 650 Govt of Jordan RJA955
12-1061 12-1067 12-1069 12-1070 Departed on the 28th
The two long term Saudi residents 12-1026 and 12-1068 then ZJ131/P Merlin HC.4 845NAS Junglie 413

Merlin HMA.2 ZH846 of 820 NAS at Lee-on-Solent on 17th August 2018. [Terry Coombes]

Canadair CL-601 5105 of the Czech Air Force at Linton-on-Ouse on 22nd October 2018. [David Thompson]

Exercise Chameleon began on 3/9 for two weeks with para-dropping Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP) – with thanks to North West
from Hercules ZH868 Zorro 1 and ZH883 Zorro 2 (50th Anniversary Air News
marks). The Hercules flew multiple missions, including to/from August
Leuchars.   1. ZF379 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 43
Summit Skyvan C-GKOA was involved during the second week.   2. ZJ802/802 * Typhoon T3 29Sqn Typhoon 55
BoBMF Spitfire Vb AB910/SH-F performed several flypasts in the ZK011/B * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 14
early evening of the 6th, including in formation with XX246/CA and  3. 253 CN-235M IAC/101Sqn IRL253
XX202/CS.   6. ZA553/045 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg
  8. ZK032/W * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 96
Leuchars (EGQL)   9. ZF379 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 43
September ZF317 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 54
  2. ZK558 Chinook HC.6 7Sqn Lifter 3/1 10. ZM410 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR477
Local flights to 18th with Exercise Chameleon 14. XX202/CS * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 24
ZK553 Chinook HC.6 7Sqn Lifter 2/3 16. ZJ802/802 * Typhoon T3 29Sqn Typhoon 16
Local flight to 20th 23. ZD792/100 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH27
ZK552 Chinook HC.6 7Sqn Lifter 1/2 28. ZG775/134 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH9
Local flights to 18th ZK034/Y * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 74
ZH868 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR5710 30. ZA554/045 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH20
From Hurn; local flights to 18th ZK026/Q * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 58
ZH883 Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR5708
Local flights to 19th RAF Lossiemouth (EGQS) – with thanks to MAR
ZJ210 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 1 September
Local flights to 18th   2. 168998 P-8A VP-10 Lancer 98
ZJ215 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 2 Departed on the 6th
Local flights to 18th 168439/LD P-8A VP-10
ZJ224 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 3 Departed
Local flights to 18th  3. MM62281/41-04  P-72A AMI/41Sto IAM4112
ZJ220 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 4 Departed on the 5th provided SAR cover for trail to Keflavik
Local flights to 18th  4. 46+23 Tornado GAF GAFM51
  4. 12-0063 CV-22B 7SOS Knife 72 Departed; arrived on the 22/8
  8. ZH005 # Defender AL.2 651Sqn AA516 T-784 C.560XL Swiss AF SUI578
  9. ZH001 Defender AL.2 651Sqn AA515 165348/AX C-130T VR-53 CNV6581
10. ZZ417 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 48   5. T-729 Be 1900D Swiss AF SUI578
 6. 168764/LD P-8A VP-10
ZZ174 # Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6754/55
17. ZZ418 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 48
168849 P-8A VP-10
20. ZK361 # Typhoon FGR4 6Sqn Spartan 31/11
26. 162171/51 C-2A VRC-40 RG01
168858/LD P-8A VP-10
RAF Linton On Ouse (EGXU) – with thanks to David Thompson
13. ZA553/045 Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH74
14. ZF485 Tucano T.1 1FTS
13. 260 SF-260M IAC
Departed on the 17th
262 SF-260M IAC
17. 165348/AX # C-130T VR-53 CNV6743
14. TD248 f/p Spitfire XVI
G-XXEB S-76C Queens Flt TQF1R
ZM412 f/p Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR481
25. 162171/51 C-2A VRC-40 RG01
18. ZK377/377 * Typhoon FGR4 3Sqn
off Harry S Truman
October 27. 165152 C-20G VR-51 CNV6242
Noted here on the 22nd was Czech Air Force Challenger 5105, using 162171/51 C-2A VRC-40 RG01
callsign CFE22. 28. 162171/51 C-2A VRC-40 RG01

Luton Airport (EGGW) – with thanks to Stuart Clarke 16. 64-14836 KC-135R NH ANG/133ARS Clean 43
September Flew mission on 21/9 as Clean 43
 1. 0110 B737-800 PolishAF/1BLTr PLF110 58-0121 KC-135R AFRC/465ARS RCH245
14. HZ-103 Gulfstream 4 RSAF Flew mission on 19/9 as Quid 545 – departed on the 29th
58-0060 KC-135T Pa ANG/171ARW Clean 31/41
Manchester Airport (EGCC) – with thanks to TAS E-Mail list Flew mission on 21/9 as Clean 41 – departed on the 22nd
Noted here on the 26/9 was BAe 146 CC2, ZE701 of 32[TR]Sqn using 62-3566 KC-135R Ia ANG/174ARS Clean 41
callsign RRR1799. Flew mission on 21/9 as Clean 42
84-0188 KC-10A 305/514AMW Clean 32
RAF Mildenhall (EGUN) – with thanks to MAR Departed on the 22nd
September 17. 84-00165 ×2 C-12U E/1-214 Avn Duke 15
  1. 86-0134/DY B-1B 7BW Mytee 92 ZJ782 AS.365N3 658Sqn Titan 14
ZZ336 Voyager KC.2 10Sqn Tartan 01/03 84-00156 C-12U E/1-214 Avn Duke 63
Departed on the 3rd 165810 KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 69
N710CK # B747-400F Atlas Air CMB161 86-0292/AZ F-16C Az ANG/195FS ⎫Warhawk
61-0266 KC-135R Ks ANG/117ARS RCH217 86-0285 F-16C Az ANG/195FS ⎭41/42
  2. 86-0124/DY B-1B 7BW Mytee 14 Departed on 21st as Trend 45/46
Departed; arrived on the 30/8 73-00991 # C-130E THK/221Filo TUAF407
  3. 11-9001 # E-11A 430EECS Velcro 04 18. 165152 C-20G VR-51 CNV6883
64-14839 # KC-135R Il ANG/108ARS RCH152 Departed on the 20th
63-8029 # KC-135R NJ ANG/141ARS RCH143 73-1588 EC-130H 55ECG Axis 45
  4. N489MC B747-400F Atlas Air GTI8939 Departed on the 21st
 5. 62-3552 KC-135R 22ARW RCH174 61-0323 KC-135R 6AMW Roma 93
Departed on the 7th Departed on the 21st
85-0080/DY B-1B 7BW Mytee 93 82-0192 KC-10A 60/349AMW RCH057
  6. 84-0085 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21 Departed on the 20th
ZJ691 * Sentinel R.1 5Sqn Firebird 1 N745CK B747-400F Kalitta Air CMB161
61-0310 KC-135R Wi ANG/126ARS Roma 13 19. 84-0001/LN* F-15C 48FW/493FS Grim 05
Departed after TDY – arrived 28/8 86-0165/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS Grim 06
61-0275 KC-135R Ut ANG/191ARS RCH335 166694 # C-40A VR-59 CNV6801
Departed on the 11th 60-0357 KC-135R 22ARW RCH696
ZK552 Chinook HC.6 Odiham Wing Lifer 03 20. 84-00156 ×2 C-12U E/1-214 Avn Duke 59
ZH883 # Hercules C.5 BNTW Zorro 02 21. 166694 C-40A VR-59 CN6801
ZH868 # Hercules C.4 BNTW Zorro 01 59-1450 # KC-135R Az ANG/197ARS Blue 12
N707CK # B747-400F Kalitta Air CMB163
  7. 59-1453 # KC-135R Ms ANG/153ARS RCH420
22. 87-0031 C-5M AFRC/439AW RCH554
60-0341 # KC-135R Ms ANG/153ARS RCH806
165152 # C-20G VR-51 CNV6847
59-1523 # KC-135T Pa ANG/171ARW Clean 62
166694 C-40A VR-59 CNV6801
  8. ZZ336 Voyager KC.2 10Sqn Tartan 08/10
89-0510 AC-130U 4SOS RCH1005
Departed on the 10th
Departed on the 25th
60-0366 # KC-135R NJ ANG/141ARS Clean 72
23. 165152 # C-20G VR-51 CNV6847
62-3508 # KC-135R NJ ANG/141ARS RCH807
73-00091 C-130E THK/222Filo TUAF407
N496BC B747-400F Kalitta Air CMB162
Departed on the 25th
  9. 58-0077 # KC-135T Pa ANG/171ARW RCH556
24. 93-1562 C-130H Ga ANG/158AS RCH541
10. 95-0102 # C-17A 437/315AW RCH440
64-14848/OF RC-135V 55Wg Olive 56
11. 165152 C-20G VR-51 CNV6841
Departed on the 27th
ZM148 * F-35B 617Sqn Marham 67
LX-N90446 * E-3A NAEWF NATO 41
ZZ176 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR818 73-1217 C-12C USE Budapest Duna 95
ZJ118/B Merlin HC.3 28/78Sqn Commando 522 Departed on the 26th
59-1471 # KC-135R 92/141ARW RCH272 58-0054 KC-135T Pa ANG/171ARW Blue 31
N312AA B767-200F ABX Air ABX2270 Departed on the 27th
12. 95-00123 UC-35A E/1-214 Avn Duke 87 62-3538 KC-135R 92/141ARW RCH186
165152 # C-20G VR-51 CNV6721 Departed on the 26th
ZZ176 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR811 59-1470 # KC-135T 92/141ARW RCH184
60-0345 KC-135T Mi ANG/171ARS RCH657 N86 # CL-601 FAA FLC 86
Departed on the 16th 25. 92-2104 HC-130N 39RQS King 39
13. ZM337 * Phenom T.1 3FTS CWL35 Departed on the 29th
ZM333 * Phenom T.1 3FTS CWL35 08-0809 U-28A 1SOW RCH1018
165810 KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 69 Departed on the 28th
61-0310 # KC-135R Wi ANG/126ARS Roma92 05-0556 U-28A 1SOW RCH1016
61-0323 # KC-135R 6AMW Roma 91 Departed on the 28th
14. B-583 C-130J-30 RDAF/Esk 721 DAF4811 The U-28s and HC-130N had departed Prestwick for Keflavik but
ZJ692 * Sentinel R.1 5Sqn Snapshot 02 diverted back to Mildenhall. All departed the next day but returned
ZH883 # Hercules C.5 BNTW Zorro 2 due to a problem with the HC-130N.
ZJ215 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 1/2 ZM147 * F-35B 617Sqn Marham 87
Plus one other 03-3117 # C-17A Ms ANG/183AS RCH201
ZH868 # Hercules C.4 BNTW Zorro 1 58-0018 # KC-135R 22ARW RCH404
ZK553 # Chinook HC.6 Odiham Wing Lifter 01 N312AA B767-200F ABX Air ABX2270
ZK552 # Chinook HC.6 Odiham Wing Lifter 02 26. 11-5727 # HC-130J 71RQS RCH5727
58-0109 # KC-135R Ia ANG/174ARS RCH252 13-5790 # HC-130J 71RQS RCH5790
15. 13-5785 # HC-130J 71RQS Sceptre 71 84-0083 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21
92-2104 HC-130N 39RQS King 39 169319 UC-12W USMC Atila 04
Departed on the 20th 84-00165 C-12U E/1-214 Avn Duke 31
N409MC B747-400F Atlas Air GTI8497 27. 59-1510 KC-135T 6AMW Gold 99
G-ORDH AS.355N Atlas Helicopters Trident 02 Departed on the 29th Flew mission on 28/9 as Gold 99

86-0032 # KC-10A 305/514AMW Gold 98 J-5010 F/A-18C Swiss AF/Flst 17 ⎫SUI 417
28. B-538 C-130J-30 RDAF/Esk 721 DAF4823 J-5014 F/A-18C Swiss AF/Flst 17 ⎭Form
90-0821/SW F-16C 20FW/77FS Pain 01/ Departed; arrived on the 29/8
Departed on the 30th Tabor 15 T-729 Be1900D Swiss AF/LTDB SUI 525
84-0087 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 11 57-1439 # KC-135R 6AMW RCH665
07-7178 # C-17A 305/514AMW RCH385 58-0089 # KC-135T 6AMW RCH646
165348 C-130T VR-53 CNV6901  4. 177705 # CC-177 RCAF/437TS CFC4005
83-0081 KC-10A 305/514AMW Gold 11 ZH005 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn AA519
63-8015 # KC-135R Ak ANG/168ARS Artic 24 ZF139 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 03
29. 162318 # P-3C VP-46 VVRC998 ZF407 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 19
N497MC B747-400F Atlas Air GTI8497  5. 15005 # CC-150T RCAF/437TS CFC4377
86-0030 KC-10A 305/514AMW Clean 51 60-0365 # KC-135R Ks ANG/117ARS RCH145
79-1946 # KC-10A 60/349AMW Clean 61/51 ZJ691 * Sentinel R.1 5Sqn Firebird 1
30. 58-0104 KC-135R NH ANG/133ARS Clean 52 60-0363 KC-135R AFRC/71ARS RCH664
Departed on the 7th
Newquay Airport (EGHQ) – with thanks to Kevin Slade & MAR   7. ZJ802/802 * Typhoon T.3 6Sqn Lossie 79
September 60-0315 KC-135R Wi ANG/126ARS RCH262
10. ZM412 Atlas C.1 70Sqn Departed on the 4th
18. ZE700 * BAe 146 CC.2 32(TR)Sqn 60-0365 # KC-135R Ks ANG/117ARS RCH145
19. ZZ390 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Polecat 07 63-8023 # KC-135R Wi ANG/126ARS RCH558
25. G-GMAD King Air 350 14Sqn  8. 130612 CC-130J RCAF/436TS CFC4201
Noted on the 18th outside the FBS hangar was Squirrel HT.2 ZJ246. 03-3118 # C17A Ms ANG/183AS RCH554
68-0034 # KC-135R 6AMW RCH327
RAF Northolt (EGWU)
58-0095 # KC-135T 92ARW RCH170
58-0098 # KC-135R Me ANG/132ARS RCH113
 1. ZA947 f/p Dakota BoBMF Dakota
63-8034 # KC-135R 92ARW RCH109
BM597 Spitfire Vb G-MKVB
10. 07-4637 C-130J-30 19AW/41AS RCH466
 4. 253 CN-235M IAC/101Sqn IRL253
07-46312 C-130J-30 19AW/61AS RCH207
PZ865/EG-S Hurricane IIc BoBMF
14-5788 C-130J-30 19AW/41AS RCH191
  6. 024 # C-295M Polish AF/13ELTr PLF033
63-8878 KC-135R 22ARW RCH407
 7. CH-10 C-130H BAF/15Wg BAF639
11. 130612 CC-130J RCAF/436TS CFC4201
12. ZH883 Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn Zorro 2
15+01 * A319-133X GAF/FBS GAF848
13. ZZ384 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11
ZH001 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn AAC519
ZZ410 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11
12. 177701 CC-177 RCAF/429TS CFC4009
LF363 Hurricane IIc BoBMF
Departed on the 14th
ZH883 Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn Zorro 2
MM62222/46-86 C-27J AMI/46BA IAM4673
17. 14+02 BD-700 GAF/FBS GAF614
ZH001 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn AAC003
19. 77 Xingu FrN/28F FNY5761
84-0164 C-12U A/6-52nd Avn Cats 65
20. 67 Xingu FrN/28F FNY5021
59-1519 # KC-135R Ia ANG/174ARS RCH545
27. 09-9208 # C-17A 437/315AW RCH479
ZZ533 Wildcat HMA.2 815/825NAS Skua 403 13. MM62222/46-86 C-27J AMI/46BA IAM4673
ZH870 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR135
Norwich Airport (EGSH) – with thanks to eNorwich Movements & MAR G-CGKE * Tutor T.1 UGSAS(4AEF) UAJ51
September 14. ZM412 * UC-35B E/1-214 Avn Duke 87
  4. ZJ182 * Apache AH.1 673Sqn AA079 99-0402 C-37A 86AW/76AS Valor 37
14. ZJ692 * Sentinel R.1 5Sqn Snapshot 02 06-4631 C-130J-30 19AW/61AS RCH525
22. ZM401 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR464 15. 165810/BH KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 69
23. ZM401 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR465 Departed on the 17th
16. 91-1237 C-130H Ky ANG/165AS RCH411
RAF Odiham 11-5740 C-130J-30 19AW/41AS RCH330
September 17. 15003 CC-150 RCAF/437TS CFC4114
  6. ZB691 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt CF AA744 84-0165 C-12U E/1-214 Avn Duke 15
ZJ131/P Merlin HC.4 845NAS Junglie 413 84-0083 C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21
13. ZZ407 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Valiant 62 18. 91-1237 C-130H Ky ANG/165AS RCH411
57-1441 KC-135R Ia ANG/174ARS
18. ZJ224 Apache AH.1 4Regt ⎫Machete
ZJ210 Apache AH.1 4Regt ⎭1/2 Departed on the 20th
Departed on the 20th 19. 165378/JW # C-130T VR-62 CNV3582
26. ZZ403 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Valiant 61 20. ZM416 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR491
27. ZZ403 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Siren 05 84-0156 C-12U E/1-214 Avn Duke 59
165378/JW C-130T VR-62 CNV3582
Prestwick Airport (EGPK) – with thanks to Departed on the 24th
September 21. ZM416 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 457
 1. 130612 CC-130J RCAF/436TS CFC4258 57-2606 # KC-135R Ia ANG/174ARS RCH565
Departed; arrived on the 31/8 22. ZH001 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn AAC515
 2. 15004 CC-150T RCAF/437TS CFC4379 96-1003 C-130H Mn ANG/109AS RCH229
Departed on the 4th 23. 92-2104 HC-130N AFRC/39RQS King 39
165348/AX C-130T VR-53 NV6661 Departed on the 25th
  3. ZM416 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 451 05-0556 U-28A 319SOS RCH1016
ZJ802/802 * Typhoon T.3 6Sqn Lossie 41 Departed on the 25th
ZK317 Typhoon FGR4 29Sqn ⎫Triple 08-0809 U-28A 319SOS RCH1018
ZK318 Typhoon FGR4 29Sqn ⎭X Form Departed on the 25th
Departed; arrived on the 30/8 24. ZH001 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn AAC501
G-BYXM Tutor T.1 6FTS ⎫Nomad ZH841/501 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 61
G-BYXZ Tutor T.1 6FTS ⎭Form ZF374 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 44
Departed; arrived on the 30/8 74-1679 # C-130H Mt ANG/186AS RCH421

74-1688 # C-130H Mt ANG/186AS RCH406 26. ZM500 Jupiter HT.1 202Sqn VLL 100
74-2132 # C-130H Mt ANG/186AS RCH197 From Valley to Culdrose; returned to base on the 27th
25. 15003 CC-150 RCAF/437TS CFC4149 ZM510 Juno HT.1 DHFS Spectre 1
ZH001 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn AAC516 To/from Culdrose; returned to base on the 27th
XX189 Hawk T.1A 736NAS ZM501 Jupiter HT.1 202Sqn VLL 200
ZF338 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 22 To Benson
ZF512 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 05
26. 130601 # CC-130J RCAF/436TS CFC4200 Stansted Airport (EGSS) – with thanks to Stuart Clark
900531 # C-26D Naples AOD CNV6102 September
166500 # UC-35D MCAS Miramar Grizzly 50   2. A6-MMM B747-400 Dubai A/W DUB 2
91-1237 C-130H Ky ANG/165AS RCH190   3. A6-ALN B777 Abu Dhabi Amiri Flt AUH03
05-0556 U-28A 319SOS RCH1016 A6-HRM B747-400 Dubai A/W DUB 1
08-0809 U-28A 319SOS RCH1018 TC-ATA Gulfstream 550 Turkish Govt TRK6
92-2104 HC-130N AFRC/39RQS King 39   4. A4O-OMN B747-400 Oman Royal Flt ORF1
27. ZH888 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR176 A6-MRS B737-800 Dubai A/W DUB 7
169036 # C-40A VR-61 CNV4522 A9C-HAK B747-400 Bahrain Amiri Flt BAH 2
28. 144617 CC-144C RCAF/412TS CFC3289   9. A9C-BAH Gulfstream 650 Bahrain Amiri Flt BAH 6
15001 CC-150 RCAF/437TS CFC4157 10. A6-MRS B737-800 Dubai A/W DUB 7
11. TC-DAP Gulfstream 550 Turkish Govt TRK 7
08-8194 # C-17A 62/446AW RCH168
TC-ANA A319CJ Turkish Govt TRK 6
91-1237 C-130H Ky ANG/165AS RCH190
15. A6-COM B747-400 Dubai A/W DUB 3
05-0556 # U-28A 319SOS RCH1016
16. A7-HBJ B747-800 Qatar Amiri Flt
08-0809 # U-28A 319SOS RCH1018
18. 15+01 A319CJ GAF/FBS GAF554
19. A7-MBK A320CJ Qatar Amiri Flt
Ronaldsway – IOM (EGNS)
20. Z3-MKD Learjet 60 Macedonian Govt
01-0065 C-37A 65AS Mango 65
  5. ZH005 * Defender AL.2 651Sqn
21. 9K-GCC B737-900 Kuwait Govt KUG097
ZK030/U * Hawk T.2 4Sqn
22. 9M-NAA A319CJ Malaysian AF/Govt
  6. ZK032/W * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 71
29. 9M-NAA A319CJ Malaysian AF/Govt
ZK014/E * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 51
ZJ691 * Sentinel R.1 5Sqn Firebird 01 MoD St Athan (EGDX) – with thanks to the South Wales AG
10. 32 * Falcon 10MER FrN/57S FNY5560 September
11. ZF171 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 435 13. ZZ390 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Carbon 09
85 Xingu FrN/28F CTM1764 18. ZZ525 Wildcat AH.1 1Wg Recon 21
ZK031/V * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 71 26. G-BYVL Tutor T.1 UBAS UAY93
ZH001 * Defender AL.1 651Sqn AA501
14. ZK031/V * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 15 HMS Sultan
15. 165810/BH * KC-130J VMGR-252 Bronco 69 Noted here on the 26/9 by member Terry Coombes were the last three
17. ZK014/E Hawk T.2 4Sqn operational Sea King ASAc7s: ZA126/91, XV714/88 and ZE420/189.
ZK027/R Hawk T.2 4Sqn Lined up on the Parade Ground to greet them were XV370/60,
18. 101 Falcon 10MER FrN/57S FNY5560 XV642/59, XZ590, ZF115/GJ-R, XV647/GJ28, XV713/18, XV703 [WV on
20. ZK035/Z * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT17 nose].
27. ZM416 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR485
RAF Valley (EGOV) – with thanks to MAR & Valley Aviation Society
RAF Shawbury (EGOS) – with thanks to MAR September
September   3. ZF139 Tucano T.1 1FTS
13. ZZ390 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Carbon 09 ZF291 Tucano T.1 1FTS
17. ZH854 # Merlin HM.2 820NAS Tiger 64 ZF407 Tucano T.1 1FTS
ZZ406 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Gangster 1 ZF485 Tucano T.1 1FTS
19. ZZ395 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Spear 25 TDY
24. ZK551 * Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF 487 XX191/CC Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 01
25. G-BYWU * Tutor T.1 UBAS UAY 15 ZA543/036 Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg ⎫Voodoo
26. G-BYWU * Tutor T.1 UBAS UAY 10 ZA607/EB-X Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg ⎭1/2
G-BYVZ * Tutor T.1 UBAS UAY 12 ZM511 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS635
G-BYVL * Tutor T.1 UBAS UAY 14   5. XX332/CD a/t Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Javelin 34
XX303/CR Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 17 XX346/CP Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Javelin 34
28. XX303/CR Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 25 XX157 Hawk T.1 736NAS Vixen 22/
G-MAOL A-109 32(TR)Sqn NOH24 Kraken 42
[loan a/c] ZA553/045 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH05
ZF142 Tucano T.1 1FTS
DHFS Movements ZF172 Tucano T.1 1FTS
  4. ZM511 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS 635 TDY
To Kidlington   6. XX319 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 9
ZM532 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS 601 XX188 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 10
To/from Kidlington XX325 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 6
12. ZM511 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS 601 XX278 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 7
To/from Valley XX346/CP Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 27
13. ZM527 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS 103  7. GZ100 AW-109SP 32(TR)Sqn RRR1361
To/from Middle Wallop ZK029/FE Hawk T.2 25Sqn
ZM500 Jupiter HT.1 DHFS SYS 635 New Sqn ceremony
To Kidlington  9. GZ100 AW-109SP 32(TR)Sqn
ZM511 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS 601 11. XX339/CL Hawk T.1A 100Sqn ⎫Trespass
To/from Valley XX346/CP Hawk T.1A 100Sqn ⎭01/02
25. ZM501 Jupiter HT.1 202Sqn Mallard 200 Departed as Cutthroat 02 & Satan 12
From Valley XX327/CD Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 04/10

12. ZF139 Tucano T.1 1FTS ZJ938 IPA6 Test flight on 24th as WTN69
ZF171 Tucano T.1 1FTS Typhoon FGR4
ZF291 Tucano T.1 1FTS ZK355 BS116 Test flight on 2nd as Rogue 21
ZF342 # Tucano T.1 1FTS Blazer ZK356 BS117 Test flight on 2nd as Rogue 22, on 9th as
ZF485 # Tucano T.1 1FTS Blazer Rogue 21, 24th as Rebel 58 and 30th as Rebel
TDY 58
ZM511 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS601 ZK433 BS149 Departed to Coningsby as WTN 29 on 29th
XX324 Hawk T.1A 736NAS ZK434 BS150 First flight on 6th as WTN 69
13. XX339/CL Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 18/ ZK435 BS151 First noted on 21st in primer, attempted first
Cutthroat flight on 31st but shut down
XX332/CD a/t Hawk T.1A 100 Sqn Pirate 24
Departed as Cutthroat Tornado
ZK303/AX Typhoon T3 BAE/29Sqn Tarnish 29 ZE114 CS003 RSaudiAF 753 Test flights on 2nd/9/10th all as
ZF142 Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 18 WTN 09
ZM511 Juno HT.1 DHFS SYS601 September
14. N2838B arr T-6C   4. XX202/CS * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Lyric 13
[ZM329]   5. XX318/CG * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Javelin 15
18. XX200 Hawk T.1A 736NAS Kraken 47 ZF171/171 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 21
24. ZM517 Juno HT.1 DHFS ZK027/R * Hawk T.2 4Sqn RFR7112
ZM419 Atlas C.1 70Sqn Coronet 458   6. ZK014/E * Hawk T.2 4Sqn
25. ZA597/063 Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH01   7. ZF342/342 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 45
10. ZF172/172 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 21
RAF Waddington (EGXW) – with thanks to MAR/Waddo-Area-Spotters 11. G-BYUY * Tutor T.1 UAS UAM 03
August 12. ZF338/338 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 60
 1. GZ100 AW-109SP 32(TR)Sqn RRR1217 20. ZF379/379 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 18
  2. ZJ182 Apache AH.1 3Regt Scarecrow 1 25. ZK024/O * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 51
20. 54+13 A400M GAF/LTG62 GAF045 XX198/CH * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 14/20
21. 73-1217 C-12C USE Budapest Duna 95 28. XX318/CG * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Javelin 1
XX200/CO Hawk T.1A 736NAS Kracken 42/43
22. ZM415 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR467 Production aircraft notes
24. 604 A319 Hungarian AF HUAF752 Typhoon
27. 0062/F-RBAL A400M FrAF/ET01.061 CTM2074 ZJ938 IPA6 Test flight on 5/6th as Rebel 58
Italian AF support Typhoon T3
28. 54+13 A400M GAF/LTG62 GAF062 ZK303/AX BT017 Test flight on 13th as WTN 29, 27th as WTN 69
29. ZJ191 Apache AH.1 3Regt Gunship 1 Typhoon FGR4
ZJ211 Apache AH.1 3Regt Gunship 2 ZK355 BS116 Test flight on 17/20th as WTN 69 and 27th as
30. 10+23 A310 GAF/LTG62 GAF571 Rebel 58
MM7291/4-11 F-2000A AMI/4Sto IAF0420 ZK356 BS117 Test flight on 17/20th as WTN 29
MM7299/4-41 F-2000A AMI/4Sto IAF0420 ZK431 BS147 Test flight on 4th as WTN 29.
MM7303/4-2 F-2000A AMI/4Sto IAF0420 Departed to Coningsby on 25th as WTN 29
Notes ZK435 BS151 f/f on 4th as WTN 29, also quoted as 5th, then
The Italian Typhoons arrived to take part in Exercise Cobra Warrior 11/14th as WTN 69
with the German contingent that went to Coningsby. Tornado
ZE114 CS003 RSaudi AF 753 Test flights on 3/4/5/6/7/20/24/
25/26th all as WTN 09
  3. ZA612/074 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg MRH74
ZM335 dep Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 45
Weston-Super-Mare, The Helicopter Museum Helipad – with thanks
 7. ZM148 * F-35B 617Sqn MRH81
to Martin Degg
XR992 * Gnat T.1
14. (GZ100) AW-109SP 32(TR)Sqn RRR1371
  2. ZA677 Chinook HC.6A Odiham Wg
18. 15+01 A319CJ GAF/FBS
  4. ZJ705/05 Griffin HAR.2 QinetiQ
20. ZZ406 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt Gangster 1
  5. XW846 Gazelle AH1 665Sqn
24. 10+23 A310 GAF/FBS GAF011
16. ZK550 Chinook HC.6 Odiham Wg
25. 63-7999 KC-135R 100ARW QUID 23
27. ZZ518 Wildcat HMA.2 825NAS Talon 720
BAE Warton (EGNO) – with thanks to MAR August
August   6. ZJ954 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Deadpool 1
  1. 472 C-130H RSAF SAF184 ZJ955 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Deadpool 2
Departed on the 3rd 14. ZA714 Chinook HC.4 Odiham Wg SHF251
10. ZM410 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR477 15. XW846 Gazelle AH.1 665Sqn AAC757
13. 1622 C-130H RSAF SAF186 ZA766 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt/CF AAC744
Departed on the 15th 16. XW846 Gazelle AH.1 665Sqn AAC757
22. ZK024/O * Hawk T.2 4Sqn ZA766 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt/CF AAC744
ZA607/EB-X * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg Monster 20. ZA710 Chinook HC.4 Odiham Wg SHF260
ZD792/100 * Tornado GR.4 Marham Wg 01/02
22. G-BYUI * Tutor T.1 UAS UAM04
  3. ZA679 Chinook HC.6A Odiham Wg SHF565
XX255/CB * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 17
10. ZJ127/L Merlin HC.4 [Leonardo] WHE01
ZF407/407 * Tucano T.1 1FTS LOP 28
13. ZZ390 Wildcat AH.1 1Regt
23. G-BYUY * Tutor T.1 UAS UAM37
25. XX405 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt/CF
29. XX322 * Hawk T.1A RAFAT
30. 1630 C-130H RSAF SAF190
Leonardo-Fineccanica Yeovil
ZK028/S * Hawk T.2 4Sqn
Production aircraft notes Merlin HC.4
Typhoon ZJ127/L Noted on 8th

ZJ131/P Noted on 1st/7th ZJ218 AH.1 ADSU Wattisham ex 3 Regt/662Sqn
ZJ219 AH.1 Boeing conversion ex ADSU store
AW-101 Lynx 21
ZJ224 AH.1 4Regt/656Sqn ex 4Regt/653Sqn
ZH962/(N4001) Noted on 10/17/23rd
ZJ225 AH.1 Ex Saif Sareea 3 ex 7AA REME
ZH965/(N4004) Noted on 10/17th
ZJ226 AH.1 653Sqn LH AFS ex ADSU Wattisham
Merlin 612 ZJ228 AH.1 653Sqn LH AFS ex 3/4Regt pool
ZZ100 Noted on 23rd still in primer ZJ229 AH.1 3Regt/662Sqn ex Crimson Eagle
ZZ105/0273 Noted on 10th ZJ230 AH.1 ADSU Wattisham 9/18 ex 673Sqn
0275 Noted on 10th ZJ231 AH.1 3Regt/662Sqn ex ADSU Wattisham
Wildcat AH.1
ZZ409 Noted on 1st Atlas
ZZ523 Noted on 10/15/20th ZM400 C.1 24/70Sqn ex Madrid mods
ZM404 C.1 Madrid mods 3/9 ex 70Sqn
Wildcat HMA.2 ZM414 C.1 1312 Flt ex 24/70Sqn
40 Philippine Navy noted on 23rd (it may be 140 as ZM415 C.1 24/70Sqn ex 1312Flt
panel was missing)
September Chinook
Merlin HC.4 ZA670 HC.4 CMF Odiham ex 28Sqn
ZJ127/L Noted on 10th 28Sqn ex CMF Odiham
ZJ134/S Noted on 28th 18Sqn ex 28Sqn
ZA704 HC.4 18Sqn ex 28Sqn
Lynx 21
ZA708 HC.4 QinetiQ HC.6A upgrade ex 28Sqn
ZH962/(N4001) Noted on 24/28th
ZA710 HC.4 28Sqn ex VAHS Fleetlands
Merlin 612 ZA714 HC.4 QinetiQ HC6A upgrade 17/9 ex 28Sqn
ZZ105/0273 Noted on 5/6/26th ZH901 HC.5 18Sqn ex CMF Odiham
Wildcat AH.1 ZK552 HC.6 CMF Odiham ex 27Sqn
ZZ523 Noted on 5/14th 7Sqn ex CMF Odiham
ZK553 HC.6 7Sqn ex CMF Odiham
RNAS Yeovilton (EGDY) ZK555 HC.6 7Sqn ex VAHS Fleetlands
August ZK557 HC.6 Op Shader ex 7Sqn
13. ZJ185 Apache AH.1 4Regt AA443 ZK558 HC.6 7Sqn ex 27Sqn
went u/s departed by road 24th ZK559 HC.6 VAHS Fleetlands ex 7Sqn
15. XX239/CU-842* Hawk T.1A 736NAS ZK561 HC.6 18Sqn ex 7Sqn
16. XX239/CU-842* Hawk T.1A 736NAS 7Sqn ex 18Sqn
XX200/CO * Hawk T.1A 736NAS (100Sqn marks) ZK562 HC.6 27Sqn ex 7Sqn
20. ZK363/363 Typhoon FGR4 29Sqn CMF Odiham ex 27Sqn
Departed after going u/s at the Air Day ZA679 HC.6A 18Sqn ex QinetiQ upgrade
21. G-BYVW Tutor T.1 UWAS UAW21 ZA682 HC.6A CMF Odiham ex QinetiQ upgrade
28Sqn ex QinetiQ upgrade
September ZA683 HC.6A 27Sqn ex CMF Odiham
  4. XX280 * Hawk T.1A 736NAS ZA684 HC.6A 28Sqn ex QinetiQ upgrade
XX317/CU-849* Hawk T.1A 736NAS
Saif Sareea 3 ex 28Sqn
  7. XX327 * Hawk T.1A ETPS Tester 04
ZD574 HC.6A VAHS Fleetlands ex 18Sqn
13. ZM527 Juno HT.1 DHFS
ZD983 HC.6A CMF Odiham ex 27Sqn
20. ZH854 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 64
Saif Sareea 3 ex CMF Odiham
ZH901 Chinook HC.5 18Sqn
ZH775 HC.6A 27Sqn ex QinetiQ
26. XX189/CR Hawk T.1A 736NAS (100Sqn mks)
ZH777 HC.6A VAHS Fleetlands ex 18Sqn
XX285 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
ZH894 HC.6A Saif Sareea 3 ex 27Sqn
XX324 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
Notes Diamond
26. Sea King ASaC.7s ZE420/189, ZA126/191 & XV714/188 of 849NAS QQ103 DA-42 now registered G-ETPM 20/9 with QinetiQ
departed for their last flight, as they headed to HMS Sultan for
storage. Hawk
XX221/CO T.1A AMRO Valley ex 100Sqn
UNIT UPDATES XX227 T.1A Shawbury store ex AMRO Valley
XX280 T.1A AMRO Valley ex 736NAS
Apache XX281 T.1A AMRO Valley ex 736NAS
ZJ170 AH.1 Boeing conversion ex ADSU store XX329 T.1A 736NAS ex Leeming servicing
ZJ181 AH.1 653Sqn LH AFS ex Crimson Eagle XX332/CD T.1A 100Sqn 13/9 ex AMRO Valley
ZJ184 AH.1 653Sqn LH AFS ex 450FSP AFS XX346/CP T.1A AMRO Valley ex 100Sqn
ZJ185 AH.1 4Regt/664Sqn ex 653Sqn LH AFS ZK011/B T.2 Valley servicing ex 4Sqn
ZJ186 AH.1 3Regt/663Sqn ex Crimson Eagle ZK021/L T.2 Valley servicing ex 4Sqn
ZJ189 AH.1 4Regt/656Sqn ex 4Regt/664Sqn ZK022/M T.2 4Sqn ex Valley servicing
ZJ192 AH.1 4Regt/664Sqn ex 653Sqn LH AFS ZK023/N T.2 Valley servicing ex 4Sqn
ZJ193 AH.1 450 FSP AFS ex 3/4Regt pool ZK027/R T.2 Valley servicing ex 4Sqn
ZJ194 AH.1 Ex Saif Sareea 3 ex 7AA REME ZK029/T T.2 Valley servicing ex 4Sqn
ZJ200 AH.1 653Sqn LH AFS ex Crimson Eagle 25Sqn ex Valley servicing
ZJ203 AH.1 Ex Saif Sareea 3 ex 7AA REME ZK032/W T.2 4Sqn ex Valley servicing
ZJ204 AH.1 ADSU Wattisham ex 3 Regt/662Sqn ZK033/X T.2 Valley store ex Valley servicing
ZJ205 AH.1 653Sqn LH AFS ex Crimson Eagle ZK034/Y T.2 4Sqn ex Valley servicing
ZJ207 AH.1 7AA REME ex Crimson Eagle ZK037/AB T.2 Valley servicing ex 4Sqn
ZJ208 AH.1 4Regt/664Sqn ex 4 Regt/656Sqn
ZJ212 AH.1 Boeing conversion ex ADSU store Hercules
ZJ214 AH.1 Boeing conversion ex ADSU store ZH866 C.4 MADG Cambridge 21/9 ex 206Sqn

ZH867 C.4 MADG Cambridge ex 24/47Sqn ZK316/316 FGR4 Op Shader ex 11Sqn
24/47Sqn 24/9 ex MADG Cambridge ZK320/320 FGR4 2Sqn ex 1Sqn
ZH869 C.4 24/47Sqn ex MADG Cambridge ZK321/321 FGR4 1Sqn ex WLT Lossiemouth
ZH877 C.4 MADG Cambridge ex 24/47Sqn WLT Lossiemouth ex 2Sqn
ZH878 C.4 206Sqn 11/9 ex MADG Cambridge ZK323/- FGR4 1Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
ZH883 C.5 24/47Sqn ex MADG Cambridge ZK327/327 FGR4 11Sqn ex Op Shader
ZH888 C.5 24/47Sqn ex MADG Cambridge ZK328/328 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex 2Sqn
ZK329/329 FGR4 2Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
Islander ZK331/331 FGR4 Op Shader ex 11Sqn
ZG848 AL.1 BN Lee on Solent 17/08 ex 5Regt/651Sqn ZK335/335 FGR4 41Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
ZK339/(339) FGR4 41Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
Merlin ZK340/340 FGR4 3Sqn ex Op Shader
ZH840/(81) HM.2 824NAS ex MDMF Culdrose ZK341/341 FGR4 11Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
ZH851/84 HM.2 MDMF Culdrose ex 824NAS Op Shader 24/9 ex 11Sqn
ZH862/(86) HM.2 824NAS ex 820NAS ZK342/342 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex 29Sqn
ZJ119/C HC.3 HC.4 upgrade ex 845NAS ZK345/345 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex 6Sqn
ZJ132/Q HC.3i 846NAS ex MDMF ZK347/347 FGR4 11Sqn ex Op Shader
ZJ121/E HC.4 845NAS ex HC.4 upgrade ZK348/348 FGR4 3Sqn ex Op Shader
ZJ131/P HC.4 845NAS ex HC.4 upgrade 29Sqn ex 3Sqn
ZK349/349 FGR4 3Sqn ex 2Sqn
Puma TMU Coningsby ex 3Sqn
XW199 HC.2 P2MF Benson ex 28/33/230Sqn 2Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
XW204 HC.2 P2MF Benson ex 28/33/230Sqn ZK351/351 FGR4 1Sqn ex 2Sqn
XW235 HC.2 Stored Benson ex 28/33/230Sqn ZK352/352 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex 29Sqn
Airbus Stored Benson ZK353/353 FGR4 Op Shader ex 11Sqn
ZA935 HC.2 Stored Benson ex 28/33/230Sqn ZK354/354 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex 11Sqn
ZA936 HC.2 28/33/230Sqn ex P2MF Benson ZK357/357 FGR4 Op Shader ex 11Sqn
Op Toral ex 28/33/230Sqn ZK361/361 FGR4 3Sqn ex 11Sqn
ZA939 HC.2 28/33/230Sqn ex Op Toral ZK371/371 FGR4 29Sqn ex 3Sqn
ZA940 HC.2 P2MF Benson ex Kidlington ZK374/- FGR4 6Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
ZJ957 HC.2 28/33/230Sqn ex P2MF Benson ZK426/426 FGR4 6Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
Op Toral ex 28/33/230Sqn ZK430/- FGR4 3Sqn ex TMU Coningsby
ZK431 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex BAE Warton
Sea King ZK433 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex BAE Warton
XV714/88 ASaC.7 HMS Sultan store ex 849NAS
ZA126/91 ASaC.7 HMS Sultan store ex 849NAS Viking
ZE420/89 ASaC.7 HMS Sultan store ex 849NAS ZE495/VA T.1 661VGS ex CGS/644 VGS
ZE499/VD T.1 Syerston awaiting allocation ex Southern
Texan Sailplanes
ZM329 T-6C Valley delivery 14/9 ex N2858B ZE521/VK T.1 Syerston depth maintenance ex CGS/644VGS
Allocated to CAA register 21/9 as G-CKVO ZE522/VL T.1 Southern Sailplanes Membury ex Little
Tornado ZE527/VP T.1 Syerston awaiting allocation ex Southern
ZA585/054 GR.4 TST Marham WFU 8/18 ex 31Sqn Sailplanes
ZA588/056 GR.4 RTP preparation ex TST Marham ZE528/VQ T.1 CGS/644VGS ex 622VGS
ZA601/066 GR.4 TST Marham ex Op Shader Depth maintenance Syerston 9/18 ex
ZA607/EB-X GR.4 31Sqn ex TST Marham CGS/644VGS
ZD716/084 GR.4 31Sqn 8/18 ex TST Marham ZE529/VR T.1 Southern Sailplanes Membury ex Little
ZD792/100 GR.4 TST WFU ex 31Sqn Rissington
ZG752/134 GR.4 TST Marham 8/18 ex 31Sqn ZE532/VU T.1 Syerston awaiting allocation 8/18 ex
Southern Sailplanes
Typhoon ZE551/VY T.1 Southern Sailplanes Membury ex Little
ZJ800 T3 BAe Humberside ex RTP Coningsby Rissington
ZJ802/802 T3 6Sqn ex 3Sqn & 3Sqn ex 6Sqn ZE553/WA T.1 632VGS 9/18 ex 661VGS
ZJ807/807 T3 2Sqn ex 1Sqn ZE560/WH T.1 Syerston awaiting allocation ex Southern
1Sqn ex 2Sqn Sailplanes
ZJ814 T3 RTP ex TTF Coningsby ZE564/WN T.1 Southern Sailplanes Membury ex Little
ZK382/382 T3 29Sqn ex TMU Coningsby Rissington
ZK383/383 T3 TMU Coningsby ex 29Sqn ZE584/WP T.1 Syerston awaiting allocation ex Southern
ZJ913/913 FGR4 6Sqn ex 2Sqn Sailplanes
ZJ919/919 FGR4 3Sqn ex 6Sqn ex 1Sqn ex 3Sqn ZE586/WR T.1 Syerston depth maintenance ex 661VGS
ZJ921/921 FGR4 6Sqn ex Op Biloxi CGS/644VGS ex Syerston depth maintenance
ZJ923/923 FGR4 1Sqn ex Op Biloxi ZE587/WS T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Syerston awaiting allocation
ZJ924/924 FGR4 6Sqn ex Op Biloxi 622VGS 9/18 ex CGS/644VGS
ZJ935/935 FGR4 1Sqn ex Op Biloxi ZE590/WT T.1 621/637VGS ex 622VGS
ZJ937/937 FGR4 29Sqn ex TMU Coningsby Syerston depth maintenance 8/18 ex
ZJ946/946 FGR4 11Sqn ex TMU Coningsby 621/637VGS
Op Shader ex 11Sqn ZE594/WX T.1 Syerston depth maintenance ex CGS/644VGS
ZK306/306 FGR4 WLT Lossiemouth ex 1Sqn ZE600/WZ T.1 Southern Sailplanes Membury 8/18 ex Little
ZK309/309 FGR4 TMU Coningsby ex 29Sqn Rissington
29Sqn ex 3Sqn ZE601/XA T.1 Syerston depth maintenance ex CGS/644VGS
ZK310/310 FGR4 2Sqn ex 1Sqn 644VGS 8/18 ex Syerston depth maintenance
ZK312/312 FGR4 2Sqn ex 11Sqn ZE602/XB T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Syerston awaiting allocation
1Sqn ex 2Sqn Syerston awaiting allocation 8/18 ex 644VGS
ZK314/314 FGR4 6Sqn ex Coningsby ZE605/XE T.1 Syerston depth maintenance ex 621/637VGS

ZE609/XJ T.1 CGS/644VGS 9/18 ex 632VGS BULGARIA
ZE614/XN T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Syerston awaiting allocation
621/637VGS 8/18 ex 644VGS The Italian Ministry of Defence and Leonardo have offered the
ZE625/XP T.1 Syerston depth maintenance ex 621/637VGS Bulgarian Ministry of Defence eight Tranche 1 Eurofighter Typhoons
ZE626/XQ T.1 Syerston depth maintenance ex 621/637VGS from the Italian Air Force. This was in answer to a Request for Proposal
ZE628/XS T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Southern Sailplanes issued by Bulgaria recently looking to replace the Bulgarian Air Force’s
621/637VGS 8/18 ex 644VGS fleet of MiG-29s. Another option is to supply eight new build Typhoon
ZE629/XT T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Syerston awaiting allocation aircraft – SAAB is offering the JAS39 Gripen C/D.
Syerston awaiting allocation 8/18 ex 644VGS
ZE630/XU T.1 Syerston Depth maintenance ex CGS/644VGS
ZE631/XV T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Syerston awaiting allocation
Syerston awaiting allocation 8/18 ex 644VGS
The Croatian Ministry of Defence has confirmed that it will receive two
ZE632/XW T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Southern Sailplanes
UH-60Ms from the United States in the form of a donation. The
622VGS 9/18 ex CGS/644VGS
ZE636/XZ T.1 Southern Sailplanes Membury ex Little helicopters are due to be delivered sometime in 2020 along with
Rissington spares and support equipment and, of course, technical and flight
ZE637/YA T.1 CGS/644VGS ex Syerston awaiting allocation training. Ultimately Croatia wants a fleet of between 15–20 UH-60
ZE682/YS T.1 CGS/644VGS 9/18 ex 622VGS Black Hawk helicopters.
ZE685/YV T.1 CGS/644VGS ex 632VGS
ZZ332 KC.3 10/101Sqn ex 1312Flt Serial notes – Czech Air Force
ZZ338 KC.3 1312Flt ex 10/101Sqn L-39NG Albatross
Serial Remarks
Wildcat 7001 rolled out 12/10/18 at Aero Vodochody’s facility,
ZZ387 AH.1 WCM 652Sqn ex WZM Yeovilton Vodochody. This is apparently a pre-series aircraft.
ZZ388 AH.1 WZM Yeovilton ex WCM 652Sqn
ZZ392 AH.1 Leonardo Yeovil ex WCM 652Sqn
ZZ394 AH.1 WST Yeovilton ex Leonardo Yeovil FRANCE
ZZ395 AH.1 WCM 652Sqn ex Leonardo Yeovil
ZZ409 AH.1 WST Yeovilton ex Leonardo Yeovil Serial notes – French Air Force
ZZ376 HMA.2 Leonardo ex 825NAS Mirage F.1CR
Serial c/n Remarks
606 606 ex Chateaudun; to N609AX
Serial c/n Remarks
283 283 ex Chateaudun; to N602AX
EDITORIAL ATAC purchased 63 former French Air Force Mirage F.1s, and according
to the FAA records registrations N601AX to N679AX are reserved for
Due to being away in Germany for work plus a few days’ break meant their aircraft.
that I have been unable to do the next bit of my USMC aircraft
rundown – I had planned the MV-22 Osprey which will appear next ITALY
Serial notes – Italian Air Force
EUROPE Br.1150 Atlantic
Serial c/n Remarks
BELGIUM MM40118/41-03 80 ex Pratica di Mare; delivered to Italian Air
Force Museum, Vigna di Valle 18/10/18.
On 25th October 2018 the Belgian Government announced that it is to
purchase 34 F-35A aircraft to replace its remaining fleet of F-16s. LATVIA
All training with the Belgian Alpha Jets based at BA120 Cazeaux
ceased on 11th October 2018, and the Franco-Belgium Advanced Jet On 2nd October 2018 the Latvian Minister of Defence signed a letter
Training Squadron will disband during December. The Belgian Ministry of intent for the purchase of four UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters. The
of Defence is currently offering 25 Alpha Jet 1B+ aircraft for sale by helicopters will be used to replace Mi-8MTV helicopters currently in
tender – which closed on 7th November 2018. service.
The Belgian Government has confirmed its selection of the General
Atomics Predator B (MQ-9 Reaper) as the Belgian Air Component’s
Medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial system MACEDONIA
(UAS). It will replace the B-Hunter UAS currently in use.
Serial notes – Macedonian Police
Serial notes – Belgium Air Component Mil Mi-171E
F-16AM Serial c/n Remarks
Serial c/n Remarks MAP-7710 171E00067842806U Police Aviation – noted flight
FA-128 6H-128 Written off 11/10/2018 at Florennes Air Base testing 24/10/18 at Batainitsa,
This F-16 was destroyed by fire after being hit by cannon shells fired Serbia
in error from another F-16 in a nearby hangar. Apparently an armourer MAP-7711 171E00067842807U Police Aviation – noted flight
activated the Vulcan cannon which had live ammunition loaded whilst testing 22/10/18 at Batainitsa,
undertaking maintenance work; these shells hit FA-128 which was on Serbia
the flightline and exploded. They also damaged a further two F-16s, ‘Scramble’ reports both these Mil Mi-171E have just completed repairs
and caused two ground personnel to suffer hearing damage. at the Serbian aircraft repair plant Moma Stanoilovich, Batainitsa.

NETHERLANDS RF-94138 Tu-22M3M 43 r VVS/52 TBAP
Exact type and unit now known, based Chaikovka.
On 17th October 2018 the final three F-35A aircraft for the Royal RF-94139 Tu-22M3 49 r 4466357 VVS/52 TBAP
Netherlands Air Force were ordered. This brings the total number of Unit now known, based Chaikovka.
F-35As ordered to 37 – however the Dutch Ministry of Defence would RF-94140 Tu-22M3M 48 r 110-03 VVS/52 TBAP
like a larger fleet of the F-35As – ultimately an additional 30 aircraft, Exact type and unit now known, based Chaikovka.
budget constraints permitting. RF-94141 Tu-22M3 41 r VVS/52 TBAP
Unit now known, based Chaikovka.
NORWAY RF-94142 Tu-22M3M 42 r 40109549 VVS/52 TBAP
Exact type and unit now known, based Chaikovka.
Serial notes – Royal Norwegian Air Force RF-94143 Tu-22M3M 26 r VVS/52 TBAP
Northrop F-5A Exact type and unit now known, based Chaikovka.
Serial c/n Remarks RF-94144 Tu-22M3M 16 r 112-03 VVS/52 TBAP
210 N7033 ex Nammo range target, Bradalsmyra; Exact type and unit now known, based Chaikovka.
scrapped at Hunndalen after presumably RF-94145 Tu-22M3M 37 r 32114523 VVS/200 TBAP
reaching the end of its useful life. With Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya.
thanks to ‘Scramble’. RF-94146 Tu-22M3M 10 r 40109756 VVS/52 TBAP
Exact type and unit now known, based Chaikovka.
RF-94148 Tu-22M3 12 r 40109714 VVS/52 TBAP
PORTUGAL Unit now known, based Chaikovka.
RF-94149 Tu-22M3 15 r VVS/52 TBAP
The Portuguese Ministry of Defence announced on 18th October 2018
Unit now known, based Chaikovka.
that the AW119Kx Koala had been selected as the Portuguese Air
RF-94150 Tu-22M3 17 r VVS/52 TBAP
Force’s new multi-role helicopter. Five AW119Kx will be acquired, with
Unit now known, based Chaikovka.
options held on a further two – deliveries are due to commence later
RF-94154 Tu-22M3M 24 r 40109714 VVS/52 TBAP
this year. Presumably this marks the end for the Alouette IIIs of 552
Exact type and unit now known, based Chaikovka.
Squadron, Beja air base.
RF-94155 Tu-22M3 25 r VKS/52 TBAP
Unit now known, based Chaikovka;
RUSSIA noted carrying VKS titles 5/18.
RF-94157 Tu-22M3 28 r VVS/52 TBAP
Serial notes – Russian Military Aviation Unit now known, based Chaikovka.
Again my thanks to Pete Longley for his time and hard work in putting RF-94159 Tu-22M3 35 r 1683134 VVS/200 TBAP
together the Russian information presented below, which is a Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya.
continuation of last month’s section: RF-94161 Tu-22M3 16 r VVS/200 TBAP
Corrections/additions to previous information: Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya.

Reg Type b/n c/n Operator RF-94178 Tu-95MS 29 r 1000214137566 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93021 Su-25SM 07 r VVS/4 GTsPAV i C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
VI? RF-94179 Tu-95MS 07 r 1000212936853 VVS/6952 AvB/
Exact type now known, b/n changed from 06 white by C/n now known. 2 AvGr
4/18. RF-94184 Tu-95MS 02 r 1000214936487 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93023 Su-25SM3-91  08 r VVS/6972 AvB? C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
Exact type now known, b/n changed from 05 white by RF-94185 Tu-95MS 01 r 1000213935793 VVS/6952 AvB/
4/18. C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
RF-94186 Tu-95MS 41 r 1000213423107 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93035 Su-25UB 92 r VVS/368 ShAP
C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
Unit now known, based Buddenovsk.
RF-94189 Tu-95MS 45 r 1000211315105 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93057 Su-25UB(K) 51 y VVS/266 ShAP
C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
Unit now known, based Steppe/Olovyannaya.
RF-94191 Tu-95MS 49 r 1000211419429 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93058 Su-25UB(K) 44 r VVS/960 ShAP
C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
Unit now known, based Primorsko/Akhtarsk.
RF-94192 Tu-95MS 50 r 6403423300822 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93060 Su-25UB(K) 83 bl VVS/37 SAP
Unit now known, based Gvardeyskoye, Crimea. C/n now known. 2 AvGr
RF-94193 Tu-95MS 51 r 1000214424532 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93121 Mi-8MTV-2 55 r 95140 VVS C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
B/n changed from 38 red by 2/18. RF-94195 Tu-95MS 53 r 1000211419421 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93553 Mi-24P ex 24 y VVS C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
Seen at the Mil MVZ, Lyubertsy 1/18 without b/n. RF-94196 Tu-95MS 54 r 1000212421906 VVS/6952 AvB/
RF-93610 Il-20M ex 21 r 173011504 VVS/226 OSAP C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
Based Kubinka. RF-94197 Tu-95MS 55 r 1000213421914 VVS/6952 AvB/
C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
RF-93725 MiG-29UB 77 r VVS/195 UAvB/
RF-94201 Tu-95MS 47 r 1000213316202 VVS/6952 AvB/
Unit now known, based Kushevskaya. 797 UAP
C/n now known. 2 AvGr
RF-93779 MiG-29UB 91 r VVS/195 UAvB/
RF-94205 Tu-95MS 23 r 6403421400875 VVS
Unit now known, based Kushevskaya. 797 UAP
C/n now known.
RF-93885 Su-25SM-77  28 r 25508110395 VVS/960 ShAP RF-94206 Tu-95MS 59 r 1000212733111 VVS/6952 AvB/
C/n and unit now known, based Primorsko/Akhtarsk. C/n now known. 2 AvGr?
RF-93966 Il-76/A-50U 37 r 0073476298 VVS RF-94221 Tu-22M3 58 r VVS/200 TBAP
Based Ivanovo/Severniy. Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya.
RF-94135 Tu-22M3 46 r VVS/52 TBAP RF-94231 Tu-22M3 25 r VVS/200 TBAP
Unit now known, based Chaikovka. Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya.
RF-94136 Tu-22M3 45 r VVS/52 TBAP RF-94233 Tu-22M3 20 r VVS/200 TBAP
Unit now known, based haikovka. Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya.
RF-94137 Tu-22M3 36 r VVS/52 TBAP RF-94234 Tu-22M3 34 r VVS/200 TBAP
Unit now known, based Chaikovka. Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya.

RF-94237 Tu-22M3 27 r 3581718 VVS/200 TBAP RF-95111 Su-24M2 82 r 1341619 VKS/277 BAP
Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya. B/n changed from 82 white and carrying VKS titles by 8/18.
RF-94238 Tu-22M3 22 r 4582352 VVS/200 TBAP RF-95113 Su-24M2 80 r 1341625 VKS/277 BAP
Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya. B/n changed from 80 white and carrying VKS titles by
RF-94239 Tu-22MR 02 r VVS/200 TBAP 8/18; c/n now known.
Unit now known, based Irkutsk/Belaya. RF-95114 Su-24M 52 bl VVS/37 SAP
RF-94241 Tu-22M3 21 r 4582243 VVS/200 TBAP Unit now known, based Simferopol/Gvardeskoye,
C/n now known. Crimea; b/n changed from 55 white by 8/18.
RF-94252 An-30B 31 y 1308 VVS/6952 AvB? RF-95118 Su-25UB 91 r 382200115132 VVS/960ShAP
Based Irkutsk/Belaya. Unit now known, based Primorsko/Akhtarsk; b/n changed
RF-94253 An-30 30 y 0402? VVS/6952 AvB? from 90 red in 2018.
Based Irkutsk/Belaya. RF-95129 Su-25UB(K)  98 r 38220131721 VVS/187 ShAP
RF-94264 Tu-22M3 01 r VVS/52 TBAP Unit now known, based Chernigov.
Unit now known, based Chaikovka. RF-95130 Su-25SM3 90 r VVS/960ShAP
RF-94265 Tu-22M3 38 r VVS/52 TBAP Exact type and unit now known, based Primorsko/
Unit now known, based Chaikovka. Akhtarsk; b/n changed from 05 yellow in 2018.
RF-94266 Tu-22M3 35 r VKS/52 TBAP RF-95131 Su-25UB 95 r VVS/368 ShAP
Unit now known, based Chaikovka; noted carrying VKS Unit now known, based Buddenovsk.
titles 5/18.
RF-95138 Su-25SM 30 y VVS/266 ShAP
RF-94268 Il-76/A-50U  41 r 0083483499 VVS/6955 AvB/ Exact type no known.
Exact type now known, based 7 AvGr? RF-95139 Su-25SM 81 y 25508107037 VVS/266 ShAP
Ivanovo/Severniy. Exact type no known.
RF-94272 Il-78M 34 bl 1013404138 VVS/203OAPSZ RF-95141 Su-25UB(K)  96 r 38220136832 VVS/187 ShAP
Unit now known, based Ryazan/Dyaglilevo. Unit now known, based Chernigov.
RF-94274 Il-78M 36 bl 1013405197 VVS/203OAPSZ RF-95142 Su-25UB(K)  99 r 38220110001 VVS/187 ShAP
Unit now known, based Ryazan/Dyaglilevo. Unit now known, based Chernigov.
RF-94276 Il-78M 51 bl 1003403106 VVS/203OAPSZ RF-95144 Su-25UB 97 r VVS/187 ShAP
Unit now known, based Ryazan/Dyaglilevo. Unit now known, based Chernigov.
RF-94284 Il-78 86 bl 0093492786 VVS/203OAPSZ
RF-95156 Su-25BM 85 r 25508110533 VVS/4 GTsPAV i VI
Unit now known, based Ryazan/Dyaglilevo.
Unit now known, based Lipetsk-AB2/West; b/n changed
RF-94290 Il-78M 31 bl 1003402040 VVS/203OAPSZ from 39 red by 4/18.
Unit now known, based Ryazan/Dyaglilevo. RF-95157 Su-25BM 83 r 25508110536 VKS/4 GTsPAV i
RF-94301 An-124 ex RA-82038 9773054955077 VVS/ VI
Registration so far ntu, remained as RA-82038. 224 LO Noted with VKS titles by 5/18.
RF-94305 An-124 ex RA-82035 9773054832061 VVS/ RF-95160 Su-25BM 84 r 25508110515 VVS/4 GTsPAV i VI
Registration so far ntu, remained as RA-82035. 224 LO Unit now known, based Lipetsk-AB2/West.
RF-94417 Il-22M-11 ex RA-75910 0394011094 VVS RF-95161 Su-25BM 76 r VKS/4 GTsPAV i
Based Chkalovsky. VI
Noted with VKS titles by 5/18.
RF-94679 Su-25SM3 96 r VVS/960ShAP
RF-95179 Su-25SM 29 y VVS/266 ShAP
Correction to type - not a Su-25UB; unit now known,
Exact type now known.
based Primorsko/Akhtarsk.
RF-95211 MiG-31DZ 28 bl VVS/22 IAP
RF-94680 Su-25UB 17 w VVS/195 UAvB/
B/n changed from 76 blue by 2/18.
Exact type, b/n and unit now known, 797 UAP
based Kushevskaya. RF-95218 Su-27SM 49 r 36911026313 VVS/159 IAP
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets
RF-94682 Su-25SM 08 w VVS/999 AvB
(ex b/n 01 blue).
Exact type, b/n and unit now known,
RF-95219 Su-27SM2 02 bl 36911026415 VVS/790 IAP
based Kant, Kyrgyz Republic.
Unit now known, based Khotilovo .
RF-94685 Su-25SM 08 y VVS/266 ShAP RF-95220 Su-27SM 04 r 36911026618 VVS/790 IAP
Exact type now known. Unit now known, based Khotilovo.
RF-94686 Su-25SM 14 y 25508108089 VVS/266 ShAP RF-95224 Su-27SM 09 bl 36911027104 VVS/790 IAP
Exact type now known. Unit now known, based Khotilovo (ex 22 IAP, presumably
RF-94984 Mi-35M 37 bl VVS/487 OVP changed to a red b/n ?).
Unit re-designated from 387 AvB/6971 AvB at Buddenovsk. RF-95229 Su-27SM2 06 r 36911030002 VVS/790 IAP
RF-95072 Su-30M2 89 bl 79810388307 VVS/38 IAP Unit now known, based Khotilovo.
Unit now known, based Belbek, Crimea. RF-95251 Su-27SM2 73 r 36911026104 VVS/159 IAP
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.
RF-95079 Su-24M 96 w VVS/277 BAP
RF-95253 Su-27SM2 71 r 36911026311 VVS/159 IAP
Unit now known, based Komsomolsk-on-Amur/Khurba.
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.
RF-95084 Su-24M 97 w VVS/277 BAP
RF-95255 Su-27SM 74 r 36911026414 VVS/159 IAP
Unit now known, based Komsomolsk-on-Amur/Khurba.
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.
RF-95087 Su-24M 40 w VVS/277 BAP
RF-95258 Su-27SM 85 r 36911030104 VVS/159 IAP
Seen in Syria 4/18, ex 10 white.
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.
RF-95088 Su-24M 95 w 1041635 VVS/277 BAP
RF-95261 Su-27SM 76 r 36911030308 VVS/159 IAP
Unit now known, based Komsomolsk-on-Amur/Khurba.
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.
RF-95089 Su-24M 98 w VVS/277 BAP
RF-95262 Su-27SM 91 r 36911030409 VVS/159 IAP
Unit now known, based Komsomolsk-on-Amur/Khurba.
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.
RF-95091 Su-24M 47 r VVS/277 BAP? RF-95266 Su-27SM 78 r 36911033204 VVS/159 IAP
B/n changed from 33 white by 5/18. Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.
RF-95098 Su-24M2 99 w 1241623 VVS/277 BAP RF-95267 Su-27SM 79 r 36911033307 VVS/159 IAP
Unit now known, based Komsomolsk-on-Amur/Khurba. Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets.

RF-95268 Su-27SM 77 r 36911033308 VVS/159 IAP RF-13381 Mi-26T 79 w VVS
Unit now known, based Petrozavodsk/Besovets. Rostov-on-Don 1/18
RF-95321(2) Mi-28N 14 y 34012843300 VVS/1 Ve/ RF-13414 Ka-52 79 r 35382614008? VVS/55 OVP AA?
B/n changed from 14 white by 5/18 – 15 Brigada AA seen 3/18
possible unit change. RF-13417 Ka-52 75 w VVS
RF-95322(2) Mi-28N 04 y 34012843291 VVS/15 Brigada seen 3/18
B/n changed from 04 white by 5/18 – AA RF-13422 Ka-52 83 r 35382615005 VKS
possible unit change. seen 4/18
RF-95324 Mi-28N 07 y 34012843294 VVS/15 Brigada RF-13423 Ka-52 84 r 35382615006? VKS
B/n changed from 07 white by 5/18 – AA seen 4/18
possible unit change. RF-13424 Ka-52 85 r 35382615007 VKS
seen 4/18
RF-95474(2) Su-35S 28 r 49083502310 VVS/23 IAP
RF-13425 Ka-52 86 r 35382615008 VKS
Unit now known, based Komsomolsk-on-Amur/Dzemgi.
seen 4/18
RF-95475 Su-35S 29 r 49083502311 VVS/23 IAP
Unit now known, based Komsomolsk-on-Amur/Dzemgi. RF-13466 Ansat 80 y VVS
Kubinka 8/18
RF-95482 Su-25SM3-9  92 r 25508110115 VKS/368 ShAP
Exact type now known, noted carrying VKS titles RF-13641 Mi-28N 211 bl VVS
and b/n changed from 90 red by 4/18. seen 6/18
RF-95486 Su-25SM 06 bl 25508110119 VVS/37 SAP RF-13645 Mi-28N 212 bl VVS
Shot down in Idlib province, Syria ?/2/18. seen 3/18
RF-95487 Su-25SM 14 r 25508110229 VVS/368 ShAP RF-13664 Mi-35M 50 r VVS
Unit now known, based Buddenovsk. Kubinka 1/18
RF-95488 Su-25SM-8 04 r 25508110464 VVS/368 ShAP RF-16153 Ka-52 82 r VVS
Unit now known, based Buddenovsk. seen 5/18
RF-95489 Su-25SM3-6  50 r 25508110332 VVS/368 ShAP
Upgraded to SM3 standard. RF-17624 Ka-226T 523226571202/ FPS
Zhukovsky 7/17
RF-95676 Il-22M-11 ex RA-75909 0394011092 VVS/GLITs/ RF-17633 Ka-226T Rosgvard
Based Chkalovsky. 1338 ITs? Cheremshanka 6/18
RF-95677 Il-22M-11 ex RA-75908 0394011091 VVS
Based Chkalovsky. RF-18324 Mi-35M FPS
RF-95680 Il-22M-11-SURT ex RA-75924 2964017554 VVS seen 6/18
Exact type and c/n now known, based Chkalovsky. RF-19040 Mi-8AMTSh 97 bl VVS/MA VMF
RF-95687 Il-20M 174011604 VVS Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy/Elizovo 1/18
Based Rostov-on-Don/Tsentralny. RF-19128 Ka-27M 39 r MA VMF
RF-95688 Il-20M 175011701 VVS/154 ORTBO? Kubinka 8/18
Based Rostov-on-Don/Tsentralny. RF-19680 Ka-27PL 27 y 5235004822238 MA VMF
Sevastopol/Kacha, Crimea 4/18
RF-95809(2) Su-25SM-33  26 r 25508110359 VVS/368 ShAP
Conversion no. and c/n now known; unit also known, RF-19695 Ka-29 50 y MA VMF