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Year 10, 2019 Work Experience Opportunities

Below is information about some work experience opportunities for 2019.

Cabrini Hospital

On line applications for the 2019 Work Experience will only be accepted between 1st December
2018 - 15th January 2019 - please check this site at that time.

Please note:

 Cabrini offers a maximum of one week placements only

 Only one student per department in any one week
 No back-to-back placements are arranged in one department/ward – if a department/ward has
a student one week, they will not take a student placement the next week
 Students must be relatively flexible with their placement dates
 Year 10 students with a parent [mother and/or father] currently employed by Cabrini are given
preference with work experience placements each year. This does not include others who may
work at Cabrini sites but are not directly employed by Cabrini.
Monash Hospital

Please note: Applications for 2019 are now OPEN

The Monash Health Work Experience Program provides secondary students with the opportunity to
gain insight into Monash Health as an organisation and gain experience in the healthcare industry.
The program is open to year 10 to 12 students who, as a part of their school curriculum, are required
to undertake work experience for a period of one week (five consecutive working days). Students
are placed within departments to observe and learn. Students are able to participate in activities as
appropriate according to the training or expertise they require.
Departments offering the work experience program include:
• Administration/clerical
• Allied Health (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and dietetics)
• Nursing and Midwifery
• Pharmacy
• Pathology
• Radiology and Imaging.
Please note: We are unable to allocate students to work directly with doctors or surgeons and in
areas such as: emergency department, intensive care, the operating theatres and procedural suites
and other mental health care services.
Application dates for work experience intake:
2019 Applications now open
Please note that the work experience vacancy will close once positions have been allocated and filled.
Applying for work experience:
Monash Health only accepts applications for Work Experience via our e-Recruit system. Ensure that
you fill as out your application as per section criteria so we can allocate you to the best placement
Due to the high number of applications received we are unable to offer work experience to all
students who apply.

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital offers work experience to Year 10 Students with an
opportunity to gain insight into the healthcare industry.

The Eye and Ear’s program provides students with an opportunity to spend five working days in
various departments in the Hospital which may include:

Inpatient Wards
Outpatient Services
Emergency Department
Cochlear Implant Clinic
Volunteer Services
Marketing & Communications

Please note we are unable to allocate students to Operating Theatres or Day Surgery.

Applications for the 2019 Work Experience program will open 14 January 2019 and close 27 January
2019. To apply you will need to register on our online recruitment system, the online process will
give you a greater understanding of the process involved when job seekers apply for positions.

To register visit our online recruitment website; click

on ‘Sign Up’ in the toolbar and enter your details. An email will then be sent to your email address
asking you to click on the link to activate your account and complete the registration process.

Royal Women’s Hospital Work Experience: Applications are opening soon for this amazing work
experience program. Students currently in Year 9 will be able to apply for the 2019 program when
applications open.
Areas of the hospital offering work experience may include: Nursing, Midwifery, Pathology,
Pharmacy, IT, Administration, Clerical. You must be able to participate in the program on the dates
set by the Hospital and organise your own transport and accommodation. More details are
City of Greater Dandenong

During work experience, you’ll spend your time with people who are passionate and committed to
providing services and support to people who live, work and play in Greater Dandenong.

We have limited opportunities in –

 Arts & Cultural Development

 Building Services
 City Improvement
 Drum Theatre
 Engineering
 Family Support
 Information Technology
 Libraries
 Library Services
 Outdoor work
 Planning and Design
 Records Management
 Residential Amenity Officer
 Sport & Recreation
Who can apply?
We embrace diversity so encourage applications from secondary students of all abilities and diverse

We try to support as many Year 9 or Year 10 secondary school students as possible. This can
sometimes be difficult because we have limited availability and demand for places can be high so we
give preference to students who live in our city.

You can apply online
When you apply, you will be asked to upload a copy of your School’s Work Experience Agreement

We will contact you to advise if your application is successful or not.

You’ll be paid the current minimum payment of $5 per day.

Herald Sun Work Experience 2019: If you are interested in pursuing a career in media, production,
photography or journalism and are going into Years 10, 11 or 12 next year, you should consider
applying for this amazing work experience opportunity at the Herald Sun, Southbank. You will need
to organise your own transport and accommodation. Applications open1 December 2018. For more
information and to apply, go to