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Original Work Progress Assessment 3/22

Maleeha Khan

Date: ​March 22, 2019

Statement of Purpose

Promote awareness of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic in American youth and advocate for

preventative measures. This will be accomplished through the following;

● Organize an interactive activity at a local middle school for students ages 11-13.

The purpose of this presentation is to influence young children to pursue a

healthier lifestyle.

○ The interactive activity will be conducted during the Physical Education,

Tennis, Athletics, and/or Strength/Conditioning class period.

■ Students will rotate through several stations, each of which will

feature a specific exercise and facts about healthy dietary choices

Type 2 diabetes.

● Compile my research around Type 2 diabetes into a comprehensive guide

concerned for parents on the topic, specifically the guide will include;

○ Causes and Symptoms of the disease, this portion will cover what genetic

and lifestyle factors can increase the likelihood of developing the disease.

○ Complications​ that often develop in patients with Type 2 Diabetes

○ Medical Perspective from my mentor, who is an experienced Pediatrician,

Dr.Thomas, and an endocrinologist.

○ Preventative Measures​, including physical activity and dietary limitations.

● Professionals involved in this project:

○ Pediatrician: Dr.Thomas (My Mentor)

○ ISM Instructor: Mr.Pirtle

○ Endocrinologist: To Be Specified

○ Middle School Physical Education Coaches:

■ Maus Middle School: Mrs.Bussey and Mr.Oldham

■ Roach Middle School: Ms.Leader and Mr.Salazar


Since my last progress assessment, I have accomplished the following:

- Written the sections of my research guide that I originally outlined:

✓​ Statement of Purpose

✓ ​What is Type 2 Diabetes?

✓​ Causes and Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes

✓ ​Complications that one can develop from Type 2 diabetes with


✓ ​Preventative Measures for Type 2 diabetes

- Reviewed my progress on my Original Work with my mentor.

- Conducted a meeting with Mrs.Bussey at Maus Middle School to review plans for

the activity I am planning with the sixth graders. Considering the large class sizes

at Maus, I may need to plan to visit the school for two days and spilt the students

in two different groups.

Areas of Improvement

- Complete the following sections of my research guide;

❏ The Pediatrician’s Perspective

- On my last mentor visit, Dr.Thomas provided me with her

perspective on the topic. By my next checkpoint, I have to type and

format my notes from the meeting for the section featuring a

Pediatrician's Perspective.

❏ The Endocrinologist’s Perspective

- I have compiled a list of endocrinologists and I plan to call

Dr.Amy Burton to schedule an interview so I can gather her expert

opinion on the topic.

❏ About the Author

- Considering I am a high school student, I would like to include a

brief section on my accomplishments and my independent study so

parents are more trusting of the content.

❏ Works Cited

- Throughout this process, I have gathered helpful information from

several credible sources, prior to sharing my research guide I will

format these sources and include links for parents seeking more

- Decide if I would like to create and print flyers and posters about Type 2 diabetes

to distribute around the community.


Recent Checkpoint:​ To be accomplished by March 22, 2019

❏ March 10, 2019:​ Further researched causes and symptoms (Mainly, insulin

resistance, dietary factors, and physical activity) of type 2 diabetes for the section

in my research guide. Additionally, I outlined a revised plan for completing my

research guide in the upcoming weeks.

❏ March 11, 2019:​ Completed the complications section of my research section by

adding explanations of each complication with credible sources. I also

communicated with Dr.Naziruddin in regards to visiting his lab soon.

❏ March 12, 2019:​ Finished writing the section on preventative measures and the

general description of diabetes. Additionally, I formatted my research into the

final document.

❏ March 13, 2019:​ Conducted a Mentor visit with Dr.Thomas to discuss the

progress on my original work. After reviewing my research guide, she suggested

that I add pictures to the complications section of my guide.

❏ March 15, 2019:​ Visited the Baylor lab in Dallas to meet Dr.Nazirudeen, he gave

me a brief presentation of his work.

❏ March 18, 2019:​ Conducted a meeting with Mrs.Bussey, the physical education

coordinator at Maus Middle School to discuss my interactive activity for the

students. Additionally, I added the pictures and graphics to complications section

as Dr.Thomas suggested.

❏ March 19, 2019:​ Emailed my mentor as a reminder to complete the mentor

evaluation of original work.

❏ March 21, 2019:​ Designed small posters for my middle school activity to be

placed at each station with a list of exercises to be completed and a

thought-provoking fact. (See sample poster below)

Upcoming Checkpoint:​ To be accomplished by April 5, 2019

❏ Interview an endocrinologist experienced with Type 2 diabetes in children and

gather their professional opinion on the topic. Once this is accomplished, I have to

write the ‘Endocrinologist’s Perspective’ section for my research guide.

❏ Email the physical education coordinators to finalize dates for my visits to Middle

Schools with Ms.Bussey and Mr.Salazar

❏ Finalize the exercises and facts for each station and format the them into small

posters for each station.

❏ Write the ‘Pediatrician’s Perspective’ and ‘About the Author’ sections for the

research guide.

❏ Format the ‘Works Cited’ section of the research guide.


Since writing my last progress assessment, I have achieved several of the goals I outlined

for myself previously. I was able to complete a significant portion of my research guide, I am

hoping to have a completed draft finished in the upcoming weeks. During the process of
completing my original work, I felt a sense of motivation and accomplishment after realizing that

my research and effort will potentially influence many families to adopt healthier lifestyles.

I am looking forward to visiting the middle schools next month for my activity, I hope

that by persuading both children (through the activity) and parents (through the research guide), I

will be able to make a positive change in our society.

Physical Education Stations Flyer ​(Sample)