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The Effect Of Kayu Putih Bunga Merah ( Callistemon rigidus ) On Impact

The Surrounding Environtment

Azizah Nur Rochmah, Dias Astari, Dwi Anggraini, and Dr.Sueb, M.Kes

Jurusan Biologi, FMIPA, Universitas Negeri Malang

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Callistemon rigidus known under the name Kayu Putih Bunga Merah is a family with
eucalyptus plants. Based on its natural distribution, this type is divided into three subspecies,
namely: 1). Subsp. Cajuputi Powell grew up in the southwestern part of Australia and eastern
Indonesia (Maluku and Timor Islands), 2). Subsp. Cumingiana Barlow grows in the western
part of Indonesia (Sumatra, West Java and Southern Kalimantan), Malaysia, Myanmar,
Thailand and Vietnam, and 3). Subsp. Barlow platyphylla grows in northern Queensland /
Australia, northwest part of Papua New Guinea, southern part of Irian Jaya, Kep. Aru and
Kep. Tanimbar (Craven and Barlow, 1997)
In Java, Eucalyptus plantations have been managed by Perum Perhutani both in
Central Java, East Java and West Java. While in Yogyakarta the management of kayu putih is
done by Dinas Kehutanan dan Perkebunan. While outside Java, Eucalyptus plants are widely
available in the Maluku Islands, Seram Island, Buru Island, and also in East Nusa Tenggara
in the form of natural stands (Prastyono, et al, 2014). In the Maluku islands the area of
eucalyptus trees is estimated to reach 120,000 ha. Until now the total area of eucalyptus plant
in Indonesia has reached more than 248,756 hectares (Sunanto, 2003) which mostly located
in Perum Perhutani area with annual production reach 300 tons. The eucalyptus plant is
Callistemon rigidus in UM spread over several faculties, especially in the neighborhood
around Masjid Al-Hikmah UM. The purpose of this research is to know growth factor of
Callistemon Rigidus plant growth, plant characteristic, and Callistemon rigidus plant spread
at UM

This research is descriptive qualitative. The located is at UM and the time is October
8th. . The population of Callistemon rigidus. In Al – Hikmah Mosque UM and its samples are
Callistemon rigidus at Al – Hikmah Mosque UM numbering five. Using Purposive Sampling.
The material of this research is eucalyptus plant that the genus is Callistemon rigidus, which
included on Subfamily: Myrtoideae, Tribe: Melaleuceae, and subspecies: platyphylla Barlow
. The tools used in this research are soil survey meter, termohigrometer, thermometer, and
roll meter. Research prosedur is observe the morphological features and calculate from the
populationCallistemon rigidus.
Figure 1 Goole Map

Data Analysis

The trunk Callistemonrigidus has a cambium, medium sized,colored gray to white,

and height approximately 3 m. The leaves are thick, not shiny, the green is straight or curved,
and furred. Flowers are red, grain-shaped like a bottle brush, located at the end of the leave
terminal and armpit leaves.
General Information

Scientific name : Callistemon rigidus

Pronunciation : kal-liss-STEE-mun RIDGE-jid-us
Common name(s) : Erect Bottlebrush, Stiff Bottlebrush
Family : Myrtaceae
Plant type : shrub
USDA hardiness zones : 9 through 11 (Fig. 2)
Planting month for zone 9 : year round
Planting month for zone 10 and 11: year round
Origin : not native to North America
Uses : reclamation plant; trained as a standard; hedge; near a
deck or patio; specimen; screen; foundation; border;
attractsbutterflies; attracts hummingbirds; small parking
lot islands (<100 square feet in size); medium-sized
parking lot islands (100-200 square feet in size); large
parking lot islands (> 200 squarefeet in size)

Tabel observation of Callistemon Rigidus

X ± SD X ± SD X ± SD Soil PH X ± SD Size
Temperature Humadity
Individual 1 27,6 ºC 69% 93 cm
Individual 2 27,2 ºC 68% 82 cm
Individual 3 28,8ºC 64,6% 90 cm
Individual 4 29,2ºC 62,6% 64 cm
Individual 5 27,8ºC 64,6% 68 cm
Figure 2.Plants of Callistemon rigidus Figure 3. Flowers of Callistemon rigidus

Figure 4.Leaf of Callistemon rigidus Figure 5. Stem of Callistemon rigidus

This stiff, upright shrub is characterized by red flower spikes that are shaped like
bottle brushes. Flowers are comprised of red, showy stamens each approximately 1 inchlong.
The flowers, with their showy stamens, encircle the stem and form 4-inch-long, cylindrical
spikes that appear in the spring and summer. The persistent fruits are hard seed capsules that
occur in tight clusters around the stem. The stiff, narrow leaves of this shrub are sharply
pointed and fragrant whencrushed. Bottlebrush grows from 5 to 15 feet tall.
According to our observations on individual 1 has temperature 27,6 ºC; humadity
69%; size: 93 cm, on individual 2 has temperature 27,2 ºC; humadity 68%; size: 82 cm, on
individual 3 has temperature 28,8 ºC; humadity 64,6%; size 90 cm, on individual 4 has
temperature: 29,2ºC; humadity: 62.6%; size: 64 cm, on individual 5 has temperature: 27,8ºC;
humadity: 64.6%; size 68 cm.

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