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This House Justifies Commercial Surrogacy

Surrogacy can be defined as situation where parents unable to give birth to a child due
to Biological circumstances (Infertility), turn to other women who are ready to give
birth to a child for them for free or a sum of money. The situation involving a sum paid
to the surrogate mother can be defined as Commercial Surrogacy. The condition where
the surrogate mother offers her baby for free to the parents desiring it is called Altruistic

Despite its influence on the modern society and the growing number of countries
seeking to legalize this process, it has been met with criticism from all around the globe.
On one hand, it has been a great aid to those of the infertile and single parents, however,
it has also been a major blockade in the modernization of the world and the Diplomacy
of various countries. It has been in the spotlight for a few decades but no one could give
a legal stand for Surrogacy and many countries did not have any proposed laws and
thus, evolved into a rampant cause for concern around the globe if we were indeed
striving towards basic human rights for each and every one, and of equal social statuses.
For this, we would focus on India which has the highest surrogacy rates because it is the
most cost-effective and logical place to find a surrogate whereby more than 320 million
of its population live in Extreme Poverty. We do not want India to become an interstate
and international marketplace for commercial

From an ethical stand point, many people argue that surrogacy is unethical as it is like
prostitution. They sell their body for money. However, this is a victimless crime. Both
parties have everything to gain, and nothing to lose in this situation (unless something
unfortunate like a childbirth complication). One is willing to spend the money to have a
child in which they will love and cherish, the other need the money in order to support
their life. Many may think that prostitution/surrogacy exploits children and women.
They are right, in some cases. These cases being that the children and women are in an
unregulated, therefore, criminal environment. If surrogacy is to be legal, it needs to be
regulated and controlled by government and civilian organizations much like a hospital,
clinic, or pharmacy is controlled. When was the last time you've seen someone
peddling aspirin at a street corner? This goes same with prostitution, if legalization and
regulation was in place, there would be much less human trafficking, violence and
social abuse involved.

Many people believe that this is too intrusive to the reproductive capabilities of women,
and these capabilities should not be used as "physical labour" or "production".
Furthermore, they believe that this will turn babies into commodities. I first ask these
people, why is sperm donation legal? Countries that have negatively regulated sperm
donation have seen extreme shortage and long waiting lists which shows that there is a
market there. Sweden has an 18 month waiting list and many travels to the less
regulated Denmark for insemination. Korea suffers from a shortage because each donor
may only help giving rise to a child to one single couple. Canada prohibits payment for
gamete donation beyond the reimbursement of expenses, and has to import sperm from
USA. Isn't it more economically and socially sound for a country to allow surrogacy
and sperm donation in their own country in order to keep up with their own regulation,
which will satisfy their own citizens, and keep "jobs" inside their own country without
"labour drain" and "outsourcing"?

Another argument against surrogacy is that Earth is overpopulated and that there are a
lot of orphans, adoption is the choice to go. This is a non-point because Earths
overpopulation has nothing to do with surrogacy or artificial insemination. This
argument is actually harmful to society because it puts an pressure on parents to adopt
rather than lovingly make their own (as nature intended). If anyone has undergo an
adoption process, it is not as easy as it seems. Furthermore, many of these child who
need loving bring horror stories of their own. I'm not saying all orphans are evil little
masterminds that will tear open a household, but the headache and heartache of an
adoption is often not worth it for the average home.

My last and most important point, it’s the surrogate mother's choice and freedom. And
honestly? It's none of our business to say if its morally or ethically correct or not as
long as it is regulated and overseen so that there is no victims.

This House Support Genetically Engineered Babies

Genetic world increasingly showing progress. Engineering babies are now more wide
open after cloning pioneer, Dr. Tony Perry, announced the successful fertilization edit
DNA in mice.

The success of genetics in mice genetically engineered it opens the door beauty,
intelligence until free of disease in infants. Engineering is now soon not just be mere
science fiction.

Launch BBC, Tuesday, January 20, 2015, Perry explains that genetic methods are
executed editing rat genomic DNA at the point when the sperm and egg cells of mice
appeared simultaneously.

"We use molecular scissors and molecular navigation. Navigation was telling scissors
which will cut the genome," said Perry who is an expert on genetics from the University
of Bath, England.

He menglaim this technique is efficient and can be taken fully into engineering in
humans. Perry added this technique is the latest development of 'technological CRISPR',
a new breakthrough in DNA editing.

Although potentially be applied to humans, but Perry insists must be done with extra
caution. Because the stakes are security and human health. There is a risk of disease
transmission in the mutation of the DNA code.
"This includes diseases such as cystic fibrosis and genes that increase the risk of cancer,"
he said.

Breakthrough genome editing it raises special concern and debate among supervisors
genetics. For example Robin Lovell-Badge, of the UK Medical Research Council. He
asserted that although this is a breakthrough in human genetics is still constrained by the

"Obviously in the UK, this is not allowed and should be a change in the rules, which I
think will have a big problem," he said.

While the British Medical Research Council Director, Hugh Whittall, reminiscent of this
engineering will leave the ethical problem, which is only the rich who can manipulate the
color of the baby's eyes or make them resistant to HIV babies.

Caution was also expressed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in the
UK. Through his spokesman, this authority would oversee the development of these

This House Believes That Female Patient Must Be Treated by Female


The original law, if there is a general practitioner and a specialist of women, it is the duty
of women to make choices to her. Although merely the mildest complaint, cough, runny
nose, to the precarious state, such as childbirth or having to perform surgery.

How come? Because a woman must keep his honor, so he had to keep the shame that has
been the nature of women. When he wanted to get an explanation of the illness is more,
ask more freely, and so on, then inevitably it will not be obtained with good, but if a
woman is treated or checked himself doctor or medical expert women. If not, then it is
difficult to do the maximum.

When women experience pain, and want treatment, then let she choose a female doctor
first, not justified straight to a male doctor when doctors woman capable of a lot. Also
included in this case is in the examination of pregnancy and childbirth, as long as there
are doctors, midwives woman capable in the field then they should take precedence over
a male doctor.

to prevent people from HIV/AIDS, this house believe that government

should fund prostitutes to do regular medical check up

The problem of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immuno
Deficiency Syndrome) has become a major health problem in the world. Throughout the
world by the year 2013 there were 35 million people living with HIV that includes 16
million women and 3.2 million children aged> 15 years. The number of new HIV
infections in 2013 amounted to 2.1 million. while the number of deaths from AIDS, 1.5
million. Indonesia's Ministry of Health data showed an increased number of cases of
HIV each year since it was first reported in 1987. By contrast the number of cases of
AIDS showed increased slow even since 2012 the number of AIDS cases began to fall.
While the cumulative total of AIDS as many as 55 799 people. One group of high-risk
populations that contribute to the increase in cases with risk factors that heterosexual

The government must follow up and prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS one of which is
funded prostitutes to perform routine medical examination in order to know the HIV
antibodies because most of the prostitutes are many who do not know about HIV / AIDS.
Common HIV tests, including the HIV enzyme immunoassay and Western blot test,
conducted to detect HIV antibodies in serum, plasma, oral fluid, dried blood, or urine of
patients. However, the period between infection and the development of infection-
fighting antibodies that can be detected (window period) for each person can vary. This
is why it takes 3-6 months to determine seroconversion and positive test results.

This House Would Include Safe Sex in the school’s sex education

This discussion starts from the point of view that sexual education classes should be
given at schools. But does this mean that so-called “safe sex” should also be promoted
within these lessons? Safe sex is the practice of sexual activity in a manner that reduces
the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as Chlamydia and
HIV/AIDS, typically by use of condoms. Safe sex also includes sexual practices that do
not involve penetration.

Traditionally sexual education lessons have focused on covering the biological facts
about human reproduction, and warnings against unsafe sexual practices. Often today sex
education is combined with relationships education, in an attempt to place sex in a
broader emotional, social and family context. But now every day more and more people
talk about “safe sex” and how teenagers should be more informed about protection
against STDs.

Despite the worries some people have about whether sex should ever be seen as entirely
risk-free, every day this so-called "safe sex" is promoted more and more as a solution for
the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases amongst teenagers. But what if the
promotion of "safe sex" has the opposite effect for which it was introduced in Sexual
Education classes? In 2011 the proportion of British 16-19 year olds who had had
unprotected sex rose to 26% and 45% did not consider themselves to be well informed
about contraception.[1] Opponents argue that today sexual education and promoting safe
sex are mostly considered the same thing, while it isn't and shouldn't be. They say it is
one thing to inform teenagers about sex and its risks, and quite another to promote and
encourage them to use "safe sex" as prevention.
Other issues include whether parents should have the ability to ‘opt-out’ of sex education
for their children – or indeed whether the children themselves should be able to opt-out;
whether or not sex education should be done with a particular focus (such as promotion
of abstinence); and whether or not faith schools should be compelled to teach elements of
a sex-education syllabus (such as on homosexual relationships) which run contrary to
their beliefs.
This House Would Ban You Tube

Youtube is a website that provides a wide range of video from video clips to movies,
and videos created by youtube users themselves. Not a few people who became famous
just by uploading their videos on youtube.

On the other hand, youtube can be a bad influence for the person accessing this
website. Many types of videos uploaded to this website, but the type of video that can
make a bad influence on people who access youtube are pornography and violence.

Most acknowledgment by participants pornography, sex crimes and the perpetrators

of violence get inspiration from youtube. because youtube is very easily accessible either
via a computer or over the phone.

Now teenagers and children early age mostly have a smartphone, laptop and can
access the internet with ease. Youtube postings that are not supposed to watch can
influence psychological and mindset. So often there are cases of violence and sexual
crimes committed by juveniles.

This house