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Helmi Hanan Setiabudi

Pancakarya Street No.51/426 B Rejosari

Semarang,Central Java-Indonesia 50125

+62 813-9447-3792

Semarang,Desember 23 th,2020

Mr.Toni Syarifudin

President Director of the Bank Syariah Mayada

PT.Bank Syariah Mayada,Tbk

MT.Haryono Street No.647

Semarang,Central Java-Indonesia 50242

Dear Mr.Toni,

I would like to express my interest in a position as staff for your Bank Syariah Mayada.

As a recent graduate with writing and speaking verbally,I believe I am a strong candidate for
a position at the Bank Syariah Mayada.

You specify that you are looking for someone with strong communication skills.As an
English major and a writing tutor for both a staff bank,I have become a skilled writer with a
variety of experience.

My maturity,practical experience,and eagerness to enter the Bank Syariah Mayada companies

will make me an excellent staff.I would love to begin my career with your company,and am
confident that I would be a beneficial addition to the Bank Syariah Mayada.

Thanks for your nice attention and your consideration.


Helmi Hanan Setiabudi



Name : Helmi Hanan Setiabudi

Address : Pancakarya Street No.51/426 B,Rejosari,Semarang Timur,Semarang


Phone : (024)3549806

Cellphone : 081394473792

Email :

Placed date of birth : Semarang,21 June 1997

Nationality : Indonesian

Gender : Male

Religion : Moslem

Marital Status : Single


2017-2019 D3 Management Company Semarang University

2013-2016 State Senior High School Nasima Semarang

2010-2013 State Junior High School Nasima Semarang

GPA = 3.05

Predicate = Good enough


1.Language : Fluent in English

2.Computer Skills :-Microsoft Office Word 2013

-Microsoft Office Excel 2013

-Microsoft Office Power Point 2013

3.Personality : Good attitude,communicative,dilligent,discipline,and honest

4.Administration : Bookkeeping
1.Tell me about yourself

-My name is Helmi Hanan Setiabudi.You can call me Helmi.I graduated from Semarang
university with a bachelors degree in economics.

I chose economics as my major because I’ve always had a fascination about how world
economies work and their impact on business.

2.What is your greatest strength?

-I have an extremely strong work ethic.When I’m working on a project.I don’t want just to
meet deadlines.Rather,I prefer to complete the project well a head of schedule.

3.What is your greatest weakness?

-When I’m working on a project.I don’t want just to meet deadlines.Rather,I prefer to
complete the project well a head of schedule.

4.Why are you leaving or have left your job?

-There isn’t room for growth with my current employer and I’m ready to move on to a new

5.How do you handle stress and pressure?

-I react to situations rather than to stress.That way,the situation is handled and doesn’t
become stressful.