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A Brief History of Man - The Root Races - Part I

"Historians" want us to believe that "civilization" began 3,500 to 6,000 years ago. This is untrue.
Civilizations have risen and fallen for millions of years. A broad outline of our Earth heritage begins
with this post.

There are Seven Root Races of man in this evolution: The first five Root Races are named

6. ??
7. ??

Each Root Race is composed of seven Sub-Races. Each Sub-Race spawns in turn, seven sub-Sub-
Races. A Root Race will usually reach its zenith during its fifth Sub-Race. After that, it begins its
decline. The seeds of the next Root Race are taken from "the cream" of the current fifth Sub-race.
The new Root Race is born while the current one begins its decline.


The World is currently under the dominion of the Fifth Root Race, the Aryan (although this word has
recently acquired a negative connotation, the word "Aryan" is derived from the Sanskrit Aryas and
means "noble"). There are two more Root Races to come. The Sixth Root Race will be borne out of
the Fifth Sub-Race of this current Fifth (Aryan) Root Race. The "seed" for the coming Sixth Root Race
is destined to come primarily from the United States. This is why so many different races and
nationalities have voluntarily emigrated to the U.S. or have been brought to this country by force.
The "melting pot" feature of the U.S. is a portent of the World to come. Those who can learn to
handle living and working with beings that are different from them enhance their chances of
graduating to 4D. These "pioneers" of the Sixth Root Race will be the ones selected to move into 4D
with the New Heaven and the New Earth.

This does not mean that inhabitants of other nations will not be able to move ahead in their own
evolutions. Anyone, from any country, who can learn to love their fellow human as they love
themselves will be eligible to "graduate". The United States simply offers a naturally diverse
environment of a necessary intensity for a particular group of Spirits to develop in.


The Polarian and Hyperborean races existed millions of years ago but left no archaeological traces.
Because the planet at that time was still partially 4D and descending into 3D, their forms and the
form of the Earth were more etheric than solid/material. "Science" searches in vain for evidence of
man from millions of years ago, fails to find it, then arrogantly pronounces that "Man did not exist"
millions of years ago. Make no mistake, a form of humanity did exist millions of years ago. Traces of
their remains can be found embedded in the Earth's etheric plane. This plane exists side-by-side with
this physical plane. Those who have access to esoteric knowledge know this. Our Controllers are well
aware of this. WE are the ones who have been left out of the loop.

The Polarian Race lived where the North Pole is located. However, the North Pole wasn't always the
North Pole. At that time, the area now known as The North Pole was located 90 degrees from where
it is today. The magnetic poles of the Earth were east-west, or horizontal. How can I express this? The
Earth rotated on its side with the Polarian continent facing the Sun. This made for an equatorial, very
tropical, temperate region. When the time came to remove the Polarian Race from the planet to
make way for the Hyperborian Race, the planet shifted on its axis (pole shift). This action moved the
Polarian continent towards the North, in the area that has become known as the Arctic Circle.

The Hyperborean Races then assumed their position in roughly the same equatorial region. Again,
when the time came to make room for the next Root Race, the Lemurian, there was a series of
catastrophes, and the Hyperborean continent was erased. The Lemurian continent arose in its place,
situated primarily in what we now call the Pacific Ocean.

The 3rd Root Race, The Lemurian Race, will be outlined next.