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life Client PREPARATION Welcome! The Life Retreat Preparation is a half-day seminar designed to prepare you for the Life Retreat. This seminar is composed of 5 lessons that will aid to explain what the Life Retreat is. This seminar aims to prepare your heart, excite you and instruct you for the retreat itself. You must attend this in order to be prepared for the Life Retreat. We know that you are already enjoying your new life with Jesus but there is more coming. Enjoy! Contents 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 to 4.0 to 5.0 to 6.0 2.1 3.1 42 Sl Orientation Four Wonderful Opportunities The New Birth The Life Retreat Instructions Appendix 1.0 Orientation Life Retreat is a 3-day retreat where God will impart LIFE to you. It God but also to experience Him. not only designed for us to know In the Life Retreat you will experience the following: You will be filled with God's love. ‘You will fully understand what Christ has done for your life. ‘You will experience inner healing and genuine repentance. You will be delivered from bondages, strongholds and curses. ‘You will receive vision and purpose. You will be baptized by the Holy Spirit. But in order for your Life Retreat to be successful you need to be PREPARED. “PREPARATION ISTHE KEY” for a successful LIFE RETREAT. That's why you are here in the “LIFE RETREAT PREPARATION.” This is designed to help you get ready for your Life Retreat. To be totally prepared, we need to work hand in hand.We will be helping you and assisting you today through our sessions but we expect you to do the following: 1. Openyour heart A person whose heart is closed will not be successful in experiencing the Lord.You must have an open heart so that the Word of God will be able to penetrate your life. Be willing to receive everything that God wants to say to you~ when it reaches your heart, it will reach your life, Lay aside all arguments, wrong concepts and prejudices about God, Open your heart and believe that He will transform you. Surely, He will 2° Behungry The level of your hunger will determine the level of what you will receive from the Lord. You must have a huge appetite for the Word of God, for God to make a huge impact in your life 3. Focus You will be needing focus. Focus on what God is telling you through the speakers. Don't focus on your seatmate, on what is happening outside, on the ceiling or on your cellphone. Listen carefully. Don't miss any word. Absorb everything.