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Time allowed: 2 hs
SECTION A: Reading Comprehension
Read the text and decide if the sentences are true or false. Circle T (true) or F (false).

Matthew Alexander Henson – Biographies of the Great Explorers

Matthew Henson was 12 when he found work on a ship called the Katie Hines. For the next six years, he sailed
round the world. As he crossed the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, he learnt to read and make maps. But when
Henson returned to Washington D.C., he could find only ordinary, low paid jobs. He was working in a hat shop
on the day he met Robert Peary in 1887. Peary employed Henson to help him explore the jungles of Nicaragua.
Four years later, Peary employed Henson again on his first expedition to find the North Pole. Henson went on
six journeys to the Arctic between 1891 and 1906. He learnt the language of the native people of the Arctic, the
Inuit. It was his friendship with the Inuit that made Henson and Peary’s seventh expedition successful.
On 1 March 1909, the crew of Peary’s ship, the Roosevelt, set off to the North Pole. Only Peary, Henson and four
Inuit assistants carried on to the end. On the morning of April 6, Henson became the first man to reach the ‘top
world’ 45 minutes before Peary. Another explorer, Frederick Cook, said his expedition got there a year before
Peary’s. Many people believed Cook. They did not believe that Henson could find the Pole. Peary soon proved
Cook’s story was false. He and the other white crew of the Roosevelt were rewarded for their great success. But
as Henson was an African American, he was not given any award at all. He died a poor man in 1955.
Forty five years after his death, on 28 November 2000, the National Geographic Society finally awarded Henson
the Hubbard Medal. This medal is awarded for distinction in exploration, discovery and research. It is named for
Gardiner Greene Hubbard, the first National Geographic Society president. Only thirty-three other explorers
have ever received this award.
Adapted from Straightforward, Level 2A

AACI use
1. Henson wasn’t the owner of the Katie Hines. T/F only

2. Peary learnt the language of the Inuit. T/F 1st

3. Only four sailors arrived at the Arctic on 1 March 1909. T/F

4. Henson received the Hubbard Medal as soon as he got to the Arctic. T/F
5. The Hubbard Medal is a very difficult prize to achieve for explorers. T/F

SECTION B: Language in Use

I. Choose the most suitable alternative.
1. As soon as I heard the news, I felt extremely _______________. I still cannot believe it! AACI use
a. excitement b. excited c. exciting
2. Paul ________________ to make a bigger effort if he wants to win the running race.
a. must b. have c. has
3. Oh! I’m afraid you have mistaken him _____________ his brother. They are very similar.
a. for b. from c. to 3rd

4. Sam ______________ us that he is opening a new restaurant next week. We are so happy for him!
a. said b. told c. asked

5. You really _______________ your mother. Both of you have green eyes and fair hair.
a. seem to b. look like c. similar to
II. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Ed Tomkins fell in love with climbing when he was seventeen, and (1)______________(climb) since that
moment. He (2)_____________(participate) in many climbing competitions all over the world, winning lots
of medals and trophies, which made him feel powerful and self-confident. Last year, while he
(3)____________(plan) his next trip to the mountains in South America, a friend from Argentina
(4)_____________(invite) him to climb Mount Aconcagua. Ed felt very excited because he
(5)_____________(try) to climb a similar mount before, and found it was a very simple thing to do. He
travelled to Mendoza and started (6)______________(prepare) his equipment to climb. Suddenly, he felt AACI use
dizzy and exhausted. He sat down at the base of the mountain to get better, but he quickly fainted. He only

(7)_____________ (take) to the nearest hospital, where doctors told him that if he hadn’t stopped climbing 1st

he (8)_____________ (die)on the mountain for sure. His body wasn’t used to the climate and
temperatures in that place, but also, it seemed that Ed (9)_____________(skip) his gym and climbing
lessons before travelling to Argentina. He felt confident enough to stop training and that was the reason
why he was now in hospital. When doctors said he was able to leave, he promised them that in the future,
he (10)_____________(never/stop) training when a challenge appears. R

III.Complete each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the original
1. The school directors don’t let students leave before the bell rings. ALLOWED


2. Maria was late for the meeting because her car had broken down. HAVE

If Maria’s car_________________________________________________________________________

3. Twenty years ago, my dad could run 20 km without feeling tired. ABLE

Twenty years ago, my dad______________________________________________________________

4. Sarah won’t probably see her cousins before they travel back to the USA. LIKELY


5. ‘Can you fill in these forms?’ the secretary asked Tom. IF

The secretary _______________________________________________________________________

6. My teachers helped me a lot when I was younger. BY

When I was younger, I_________________________________________________________________

7. Carol didn’t eat vegetables when she was a little kid. Now she loves them. TO

When she was a little kid, ______________________________________________________________ AACI use

8. ‘We have lived here for more than 20 years’, the Smith family said. THERE
The Smith family______________________________________________________________________
9. That part of the city is too dangerous to go alone. ENOUGH

That part of the city____________________________________________________________________ 3rd

10. The photograph was hanging on the wall. It was taken by a famous photographer. WHICH R

The photograph ______________________________________________________________________

SECTION C: Writing
Choose one of the following tasks. Write between 100-120 words.
1. You have decided to enter a short story competition. The competition rules say that your story must begin or end
with the following sentence.

I saw two children who were digging in the sand. They had found something and were looking at it.
Write your story.

2. Here’s part of an e-mail you have received from a friend.

Hi friend! Thanks for your e-mail. I have some news and I’m writing to ask for your advice. I’m going on holiday to your
country next year. What do you think is the best month for me to go? Why? I can only go for three weeks, so which
places do you think I should visit? Do you think I should rent a car or travel around by bus or train? Thanks for your

Write an e-mail, answering Anna’s questions.













AACI use