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Reviewer for Master Electrician

Closed Door RME

1. The PEC does not cover the following except for.

a. Installations of building communication system
b. watercraft other than floating buildings
c. aircraft
d. automotive vehicles

2. This Code is intended to be suitable for ______application by governmental bodies that

exercise legal jurisdiction over electrical installations, including signaling and communications
systems, and for use by insurance inspectors.
a. mandatory b. advisory c. regulatory d. a,b and c

3. What does FPN in PEC mean.

a. For Philippine Name only b. fine print notes
c. For printed notes only d. For Philippine Notes only

4. The Code does not contain detailed information on equipment or materials but refers to the
products as
a. listed b. labeled c. identified d. all of these

5. In PEC Wiring Planning includes.

a. Future Expansion b. Number of Circuits in Enclosures
c. Convenience d. all of these

6. For the purpose of this Code, metric units of measurement are in accordance with the
modernized metric system known as the
a. International System of Units (SI) b. CGS units
c. IEC units d. English units

7. Accessible ,as applied to wiring methods means

a. Capable of being removed or exposed without damaging the building structure
b. finish or not permanently closed in by the structure
c. finish of the building
d. all of the above

8. By definition Readily Accessible does not conform to

a. Capable of being reached quickly for operation, renewal, or inspections without requiring
those to whom ready access is requisite to climb over
b. remove obstacles
c. to resort to portable ladders
d. with padlocks

9. The purpose of bonding is to establish an effective path for fault current that, in turn,
a. the operation of the over current protective device
b. the operation of the over load device
c. the operation of the cable
d. the operation of the disconnect

10. The connection between the grounded circuit conductor and the equipment grounding
conductor at the service.
a. Main Bonding Jumper b. Equipment Bonding Jumper
c. System Bonding Jumper d. Grounding

Reviewer for Master Electrician

11. General-Purpose Branch Circuit means

a. A branch circuit that supplies outlets for lighting
b. A branch circuit that supplies two or more
receptacles or outlets for lighting and appliances.
c. A branch circuit that supplies only one utilization
d. A branch circuit that supplies only one lighting units

12. According to the Code automatic opening of circuit breaker means can be any of the
following except for
a. Integral b. direct acting with the circuit breaker
c. shunt trip d. remote from the circuit breaker

13. A qualifying term indicating that there is purposely introduced a delay in the tripping action of
the circuit breaker, which delay decreases as the magnitude of the current increases.
a. Adjustable b. Instantaneous Trip
c. Inverse Time d. Sub transient Trip delay

14. Conductors drawn from a copper-clad aluminum rod with the copper metallurgically bonded
to an aluminum core. The copper forms a minimum of 10 percent of the cross-sectional area
of a solid conductor or each strand of a stranded conductor.
a. Copper-Clad Aluminum Conductors b. Impregnated Copper Conductor

15. Which of the following operation of motor is not correct?

a. Intermittent duty means Operation for alternate intervals of motor for load and no
load; or load and rest; or load, no load, and rest.
b. Periodic Duty Intermittent operation in which the load conditions are regularly
c. Short-Time Duty Operation at a substantially constant load for a short and
definite, specified time.
d. Varying duty Operation at loads, and for intervals of time, both of which
may be subject to constant variation of mechanical load.

16. It is a term for proper arrangement of incandescent lamps or electric-discharge lighting to

outline or call attention to certain features such as the shape of a building or the decoration of
a window.
a. Outline Lighting b. lighting track c. lighting grid d. lighting template

17. Insulation is one of the most important parts of the electrical system that
a. Prevents the flow of electricity between points of different potential in an
electrical system.
b. Prevents the flow of electricity between points of different current in an electrical
c. Prevents the electromagnetic induction between two electrical system
d. Prevents the flow of arc between points of different potential in an electrical

18. The width of the working space in front of the electric equipment shall be the width of the
equipment or ______whichever is greater. In all cases, the work space shall permit at least a
90 degree opening of equipment doors or hinged panels.
a. 1000 mm b. 760 mm c. 500 mm d. 76 mm

Reviewer for Master Electrician

19. Equipment that is associated with the electrical installation and is located above or below the
electrical equipment shall be permitted to extend not more than ________beyond the front of
the electrical equipment.
a. 100 mm b. 760 mm c. 500 mm d. 150 mm

20. The minimum headroom of working spaces about service equipment, switchboards, panel
boards, or motor control centers shall be
a. 2000 mm b. 1500 mm c. 5000 mm d. 150 mm

21. Except as elsewhere required or permitted by this Code, live parts of electrical equipment
operating at _____volts or more shall be guarded against accidental contact by approved
a. 50 b. 600 c. 100 d. 220

22. Sufficient space shall be provided and maintained about electric equipment to permit ready
and safe operation and maintenance of such equipment. Where energized parts are
exposed, the minimum clear work space shall not be less than
a. 2000 mm b. 1500 mm c. 5000 mm d. 150 mm

23. At least one entrance not less than ______ mm wide and ________ high shall be provided to
give access to the working space about electric equipment.
a. 100, 2000 b. 1500, 600 c. 600, 5000 d. 600, 2000

24. Illumination shall be provided for all working spaces about electrical equipment. The lighting
outlets shall be arranged so that
a. Persons changing lamps or making repairs on the lighting system are not
endangered by live parts or other equipment.
b. Lamp can be easily repair
c. To follow lighting grid
d. For beauty

25. the correct formula for Elevation of Unguarded Live Parts Above Working Space over 34.5 kV
a. 2800 mm + 10 mm per kV b. 5500 mm + 10 mm per kV
c. 2000 mm + 10 mm per kV d. 1800 mm + 10 mm per kV

26. The following shall be used only for the grounded circuit conductor except for
a. conductor with continuous white or gray covering
b. conductor with three continuous white stripes on other than green insulation
c. marking of white or gray color at the termination
d. yellow color

27. The terminal for the connection of the equipment grounding conductor shall be identified by
one of the following except for
a. A green, not readily removable terminal screw with a hexagonal head.
b. A green, hexagonal, not readily removable terminal nut.
c. A green pressure wire connector.
d. entrance hole marked with the word gray

28. The magnitude of the reflected wave increases as the distance from the arrester increases. If
the length of the conductor between the protected equipment and the surge arrester is short,
the magnitude of the wave reflected through the equipment is minimized due to
a. wave effect b. ferranti effect c. Petersen effect d. separation effect

29. The equipment grounding conductor of a grounding-type receptacle or a branch-circuit

extension shall be permitted to be connected to any of the following:

Reviewer for Master Electrician

a. Any accessible point on the grounding electrode system

b. Any accessible point on the grounding electrode conductor
c. The equipment grounding terminal bar within the enclosure where the branch
circuit for the receptacle or branch circuit originates
d. the grounded service conductor outside the service equipment enclosure

30. One of the functions of an equipment grounding conductor is to provide a _______impedance

ground-fault path between a ground fault and the electrical source
a. Low b. high c. open d. short

31. Which among the following is not stated in PEC? It shall be permissible to ground meter
enclosures by connection to the grounded circuit conductor on the load side of the service
disconnect if
a. No service ground-fault protection is installed, and
b. All meter enclosures are located near the service disconnecting means, and
c. The size of the grounded circuit conductor is not smaller than equipment
grounding conductors.
d. Bonding is not possible

32. The grounding conductor for secondary circuits of instrument transformers and for instrument
cases shall not be smaller than ____ sq mm copper or ______ sq mm aluminum.
a. 3.5, 5.5 b. 2.0, 3.5 c. 5.5, 8.0 d. 3.5, 8.0

33. Which of the following provisions for neutral conductor is not correct?
a. The minimum insulation level for neutral conductors of solidly grounded systems
shall be 600 volts.
b. Bare copper conductors shall be permitted to be used for the neutral of service
entrances and the neutral of direct-buried portions of feeders.
c. Bare conductors shall be permitted for the neutral of overhead portions installed
d. It has a disconnect

34. Line and ground connecting conductors for lightning arrester shall not be smaller than ____sq
mm copper or _____sq mm aluminum.
a. 3.5, 5.5 b. 2.0, 3.5 c. 5.5, 8.0 d. 3.5, 8.0

35. For Circuits of 1 kV and over conductors between the surge arrester and the line and the
surge arrester and the grounding connection shall not be smaller than ______ sq mm copper.
a. 8.0 b. 14.0 c. 2.0 d. 5.5

36. For a wye-start, delta-run connected motor, the selection of branch-circuit conductors on the
line side of the controller shall be based on the motor full-load current. The selection of
conductors between the controller and the motor shall be based on _____ percent of the
motor full-load current.
a. 58 b. 73 c. 15 d. 25

37. Where one or more of the motors of the group are used for short-time, intermittent, periodic,
or varying duty, the ampere rating of such motors to be used in the summation shall be for
the highest rated motor, the greater of either the ampere rating or the largest continuous duty
motor full-load current multiplied by _____shall be used in the summation.
a. 0.8 b.1 c. 1.25 d. 2.5

38. Each autotransformer 600 volts, nominal, or less shall be protected by ________device
installed in series with each _____ input conductor. Such overcurrent device shall be rated or
set at not more than 125 percent of the rated full-load input current of the autotransformer.

Reviewer for Master Electrician

a. an individual overcurrent, ungrounded b. disconnect, ungrounded

c. an individual overcurrent, grounded d. disconnect, grounded

39. Grounding autotransformers can either be_________ connected to 3-phase, 3-wire

ungrounded systems for the purpose of creating a 3-phase, 4-wire distribution system or
providing a neutral reference for grounding purposes. Such transformers shall have a
continuous per-phase current rating and a continuous neutral current rating except for.
a. zigzag transformers b. T-connected transformers
c. buck or boost d. vertex grounded delta

40. A fault-sensing system that causes the opening of a main switch or common-trip overcurrent
device for the 3-phase, 4-wire system shall be provided to guard against
a. single-phasing or internal faults. b. double fed fault
c. Three phase fault d. series fault

41. An overcurrent protective device of adequate short-circuit rating that will open simultaneously
all ungrounded conductors when it operates shall be applied in the grounding
autotransformer branch circuit and shall be rated or set at a current not exceeding 125
percent of the autotransformer continuous per-phase current rating or ___percent of the
continuous-current rating of any series connected devices in the autotransformer neutral
a. 53 b. 42 c. 125 d. 73

42. A device, or group of devices, or other means by which the conductors of a circuit can be
disconnected from their source of supply.
a. Circuit breaker b. disconnect c. switcher d. isolator

43. The case or housing of apparatus, or the fence or walls surrounding an installation to prevent
personnel from accidentally contacting energized parts or to protect the equipment from
physical damage.
a. fitting b. box c. Enclosure d. junction box

44. In dwelling units, at least one wall receptacle outlet shall be installed in bathrooms within
____ of the outside edge of each basin. The receptacle outlet shall be located on a wall or
partition that is adjacent to the basin or basin countertop.
a. 450 mm b. 500 mm c. 1800 mm d. 900 mm

45. A single yoke will supply a certain types of load. What shall be the maximum total volt-
ampere rating of the load for that purpose.
a. 90 b. 450 c. 180 d. 360

46. Sign and outline lighting outlets shall be computed at a minimum of ______ volt-amperes for
each required branch circuit
a. 1200 b. 1440 c. 1500 d. 1800

47. If a 8.0 sq mm bare aluminum conductor can safely handle 98 A, then how much current can
a 8.0 sq mm covered copper conductor can safely handle.
a. 89 A b. 103 A c. 130 A d. 98 A

48. Which of the following is not standard cross sectional area of conductor?
a. 1.25 sq mm b. 0.75 sq mm c.5.5 sq mm d. 3.0 sq mm

49. Adjustment factor shall only be applied to bundled conductor on conduit/raceway larger than.
a. 500 mm b. 150 mm c. 600 mm d. 760 mm

Reviewer for Master Electrician

50. Type MV cable is a single or multiconductor solid dielectric insulated cable rated _________
or higher.
a. 20001 V b. 35 kV c. 4.16 kV d. 660 kV

51. Type MV cable are permitted for use on power system rated up to.
a. 69 V b. 35 kV c. 4.16 kV d. 660 kV

52. What is the MINIMUM size underground service lateral for a copper-clad aluminum single-
branch circuit serving a controlled water heater?
a. 14 sq mm b. 8.0 sq mm c. 5.5 sq mm d. 3.5 sq mm

53. Where the number of current-carrying conductors in a raceway or cable exceeds three, or
where single conductors or multiconductor cables are stacked or bundled longer than
________ without maintaining spacing and are not installed in raceways, the allowable
ampacity of each conductor shall be reduced
a. 300 b. 600 c. 100 d. 500

54. Coatings on which of the following shall be removed at threads, contact points, and contact
surfaces or be connected by means of fittings so designed as to make such removal
unnecessary in bonding other enclosures for grounding?
a. Copper b. Zinc c. Aluminum d. Enamel

55. What color must be used to identify an insulated 14 sq mm or smaller grounded conductor?
a. Black b. Brown c. Gray d. Green

56. If the utility specifies that the service point is at the point of attachment of the service drop to
the house, then the service-drop conductors are not considered service conductors because
a. the service drop is not on the premises wiring side of the service point
b. the service drop is also the service point
c. the service point is usually not located at the house
d. the service point is overhead

57. Use of UF cable is permitted ________.

a. for interior wiring in wet locations b. in service entrance conductors
c. in theaters d. where embedded in poured concrete

58. What is the MAXIMUM allowable AWG size for a solid conductor installed in a raceway?
a. 6 AWG b. 8 AWG c. 10 AWG d. 12 AWG

59. Listed nonmetallic raceways are permitted for all of the following uses EXCEPT
a. in exposed work
b. where subject to corrosive vapors
c. in wet locations
d. where subject to physical damage

60. What is the MAXIMUM allowable electrical potential for low-voltage equipment in frequent
contact with patient's bodies?
a.. 6 volts b. 10 volts c. 12 volts d. 24 volts

61. What is the MINIMUM size wire permitted as a bonding jumper between the communications
grounding electrodes and power grounding electrodes in a communications circuit?
a. This connection is not permitted. b. 14.0 sq mm c. 5.5 sq mm d. 3.5 sq mm

62. Ceiling fans may be supported solely by outlet boxes that are identified for such use, as long
as the fans do not exceed ________ lbs. in total weight.

Reviewer for Master Electrician

a. 100 b. 75 c. 50 d. 35

63. What is the MAXIMUM permitted rating on branch circuits supplying signs or outline lighting
a. 15 amps b. 20 amps c. 25 amps d. 30 amps

64. Conductors within electrical nonmetallic tubing may carry a MAXIMUM of

a. 300 volts. B. 450 volts. c. 500 volts. d. 600 volts.

65. In practice, to compensate for voltage drops in a long circuit.

a. larger conductors with a higher ampacity are commonly used
b. the conductors are rerouted in such a way as to decrease the length of the conductor
c. Use aluminum conductor
d. Use metallic conduit

66. All of the following are methods of heat transfer EXCEPT:

a. conduction b. compression c. convection d. radiation

67. Three 3-phase circuits in the same raceway, protected by overcurrent devices rated 30, 60,
and 100 amperes, what shall be the size of equipment grounding conductor.
a. 30 A b. 60 A c. 100 A d. 190 A

68. To reach a lighting fixture junction box you had to stand on a ladder. This junction box is
considered to be _______.
a. concealed b. readily accessible c. accessible d. hidden

69. The Philippine Electrical Code requires that conduit must be continuous from outlet to outlet,
must be mechanically and electrically connected to all fittings, and must be suitably
grounded. The reason for having the conduit electrically continuous and grounded is to
a. provide metallic return conductor
b. shield the wires inside the conduit from external magnetic fields
c. make it easy to test wiring connections
d. prevent electrical shock which might otherwise result from contact with the

70. In industrial facilities where conditions of maintenance and supervision ensure only qualified
persons will service the installation, you may use cable tray systems to support _____.
a. raceways b. cables c. boxes and conduit bodies d. all of these

71. The minimum insulation level for neutral conductors in solidly grounded systems is ________
a. 600 b. 1,000 c. 1,500 d. 2,100

72. Which of the following is the best way to eliminate stroboscopic effect
a. Using new luminaries b. using 400 Hz frequency
c. used flat cord d .using 500 v

73. What size of UF wire should be used to supply 20 A loads at a temp of 35 degree Celsius?
The correction factor is 0.94.
a. 2.0 b. 3.5 c. 5.5 d. 8.0

74. _____ of the two to six disconnecting means permitted where used only for a water pump
also intended to provide fire protection, shall be permitted to be located remote from the other
disconnecting means.
a. One b. two c. none d. six

Reviewer for Master Electrician

75. A pendant fixture is a _______ fixture.

a. hanging b. Recessed c. Bracket d. none of these

76. A 115 volt circuit is carrying 50 amps, the voltage drop is 2% of the source voltage. How
much power is lost in the conductors?
a. 2.3 watts b. 115 watts c. 112.7 watts d. none of these

77. If potential exceeding ______ v ,warning signal shall be displayed

a. 500 b. 400 c. 600 d. 700

78. A transverse metal raceway for electrical conductors, furnishing access to predetermined
cells of a precast cellular concrete floor, which permits installation of conductors from a
distribution center to the floor cells is called _______.
a. an under floor raceway b. a header duct
c. a cellular raceway d. a mandrel

79. Conduit shall be _____.

a. threaded b. electrically continuous c. reamed d. cut square

80. Any motor application shall be considered as _______ unless nature of the apparatus it
drives is such that the motor will not operate continuously with load under any condition of
a. short-time duty b. varying duty c. continuous duty d. periodic duty

81. An over current trip unit of a circuit shall be connected in series with each ______.
a. ungrounded conductor b. grounded conductor
c. over current device d. transformer

82. Cable trays shall ______.

I. have side rails or equivalent structural members
II. not present sharp edges or burrs
III. have suitable strength and rigidity
a. I only b. I and II only c. III only d. I, II, and III

83. Over current protective devices shall be so selected and coordinated as to permit the circuit
protective devices used to clear a fault without the occurrence of extensive damage to the
electrical components of the circuit. This fault shall be assumed to be ________.
I. between any circuit conductor and the grounding conductor or enclosing metal raceway
II. between two or more of the circuit conductors
a. I only b. II only c. both I and II d. neither I nor II

84. For feeder supplying household cooking equipment and electric clothes dryers the maximum
unbalanced load on the neutral conductor shall be considered as ______ of the load on the
ungrounded conductors.
a. 40% b. 50% c. 70% d. 80%

85. Where a transformer or other devices is used to obtain a reduced voltage for the motor
control circuit and is located in the controller, such transformer or other devices shall be
connected ________ for the motor control circuit.
I. to the load side of the disconnecting means
II. to the line side of the disconnecting means
a. I only b. II only c. either I or II d. neither I nor II

86. Messenger supported wiring shall not be used _______.

I. where subject to severe physical damage
II. in hoist ways

Reviewer for Master Electrician

a. I only b. II only c. both I and II d. neither I nor II

87. Which choice is NOT a rule when sizing a device box?

a. a wire not spliced counts as one wire
b. a wire that terminates in a box counts as one wire
c. a wire contained within a box counts as one wire
d. all grounded wires count as one wire

88. When using a snap switch the ampere rating must be ___________ the full-load current of
the motor.
a. 115% above b. 2 times c. 125% above d. 15 A over

89. The following are the standard ampere ratings for fuses and inverse time circuit breakers
except for.
a. 125 b. 150 c. 175 d. 95 A

90. How many mm do you need to sufficiently ground to a water pipe?

a. 1500 b. 10 c. 15 d. 20

91. Splices may not occupy more than ______% of the cross- sectional area in the auxiliary
a. 75% b. 50% c. 70% d. 60%

92. The normal fluorescent lamp is designed for operation at _______F

a. 50 b. 20 c. 30 d. 40

93. The resistance of made electrode should not exceed _____.

a. 25  b 30 c. 40 d. 50

94. In a group of four motors, one motor draws 10 ampere, one draws 45 ampere and two draws
75 ampere. What size of conductor must be used for the feeder circuit?
a. 224 A b. 228 A c. 300 A d.124 A

95. The voltage change resulting from motor starting

a. voltage swell b. voltage sag c. voltage dip d. voltage drop

96. A tool that is used to aligned vitrified tile conduit in multiple ducts is a
a. mandrel b. Neil c. hickey d. growler

97. The definition of ambient temperature is

a. the temperature of the conductor
b. the insulation rating of the conductor
c. the temperature of the area surrounding the conductor
d. the maximum heat the insulation can be used within

98. Determine the minimum size for electric clothes dryer

a. 3.5 TW b. 3.5 THW c. 5.5 TW d. 5.5 THW

99. The PEC rules on Fire Protective Signaling Systems cover the installation wiring and
equipment up to what maximum voltage?
a. 150 volts b. 300 volts c. 750 volts d. 600 volts

Reviewer for Master Electrician

100. For distribution lines supported on poles and installed above communication conductors,
the horizontal clearance necessary to provide climbing space shall NOT be less than what
minimum distance?
a. 500 mm b. 1000 mm c. 600 mm d. 760 mm

101. A load of 180 volt-amperes is not required to be considered for outlets supplying
recessed lighting fixtures, lighting outlets for general illumination, and small-appliance branch
circuits because
a. cases would be unrealistic
b. It would unnecessarily restrict the number of lighting or receptacle outlets on
branch circuits in dwelling units.
c. There is a separate table for lighting load
d. 24 VA per sq m is the basis.

102. The thermal protective device of a motor which is its integral part, with full load current of
20 Amps. and above, has a setting of:
a. 140% b. 150% c. 170% d. 125%

103. The thermal protector of motor which is integral part of motor with full load current of 9
amps. and below, has the setting of:
a. 140% b. 170% c. 150% d. 115%

104. For areas used as amphitheaters and TV studio, the application of 100% demand factor
is on the first:
a. 10 kVA b. 30 kVA c. 50 kVA d. 60 kVA

105. The electrical system of an Aircraft is not under the coverage of electrical engineering
practice because their frequency is under Avionics. The frequency is;
a. 500 Hz b. 400 Hz c. 1000 Hz d. 200 Hz

106. This is the largest stranded conductor that can be screwed to terminal plates as per NEC,
PEC and other worldwide.
a. 2 mm sq. b. 3.5 mm sq. c. 5.5 mm sq. d. 8 mm sq.

107. The smallest conductor size for a 30 Amps. branch circuit is;
a. 8.0 mm sq. b. 5.5 mm sq. c. 3.5 mm sq. d. 2.0 mm sq.

108. Knowing the surface temperature of a certain electrical machine in degrees Centigrade,
the hot spot can be determine by adding the measured surface temperature with:
a. 15 deg. C b. 20 deg. C c. 40 deg. C d. 30 deg. C

109. Additional feeders or branch circuits shall be permitted where the capacity requirements
are in excess of _________ amperes at a supply voltage of _______ volts or less.
a. 2000, 600 b. 200, 600 c. 1000, 460 d. 100, 230

110. The disconnecting means for each supply permitted shall consist of not more than
_______ switches or _______ circuit breakers mounted in a single enclosure, in a group of
separate enclosures, or in or on a switchboard.
a. 6, 6 b. 48, 48 c. 42, 42 d. 10,10

111.The vertical clearances of all service-drop conductors shall be based on conductor

temperature of ________, no wind, with final unloaded sag in the wire, conductor, or cable.
a. 15ºC c. 5ºC c. 60ºC d. 75ºC

112. A grounded conductor shall be permitted to be uninsulated as follows except for.

Reviewer for Master Electrician

a. Bare copper used in a raceway

b. Bare copper for direct burial where bare copper is judged to be suitable for the soil
c. Bare copper for direct burial without regard to soil conditions where part of a cable
assembly identified for underground use.
d. Aluminum

113. Determine the minimum standard size of overcurrent protective device and the minimum
standard conductor size for the following circuit:
25 amperes of continuous load
60°C overcurrent device terminal rating
Type THWN conductors
Four current-carrying copper conductors in a raceway
a. 35 A, 8.0 sq mm, THHN b. 35, 8.0 sq mm THWN
c. 30 A, 8.0 sq mm, THHN d. 30, 8.0 sq mm THWN

114. What shall be the minimum creepage distance between open conductor.
a. 1000 mm b. 100 mm c. 10 mm d. 1 mm

115. What shall be the minimum separation of conductor on Poles.

a. 3000 mm b. 300 mm c. 30 mm d. 3 mm

116. What shall be the minimum climbing space between power and communication
conductor @ nominal voltage of 600 V.
a. 5500 mm b. 760 mm c. 1900 mm d. 1000 mm

117. The size of bonding jumper conductor for a system that supplies Class I – III circuit and is
derived from the transformer rated not more than 1 kV shall not be smaller than
____________ copper and ________ aluminum.
a. 2.0 sq mm, 3.5 sq mm b. 3.5 sq. mm, 5.5 sq mm
c. 5.5 sq mm, 8.0 sq mm d. 8.0 sq mm, 14.0 sq mm

118. The size of conductor fro grounding of instrument transformer shall be.
a. 2.0 sq mm, 3.5 sq mm b. 3.5 sq. mm, 5.5 sq mm
c. 5.5 sq mm, 3.5 sq mm d. 8.0 sq mm, # 8 AWG

119. Where installed in raceways, conductors of size ______________ and larger shall be
a. 14.0 sq mm. b. 3.5 sq. mm c. 5.5 sq mm d. 8.0 sq mm

120. According to PEC only conductors __________or larger are permitted to be connected in
parallel to form a single conductor.
a. 50 sq mm b. 125 sq mm c. 14.0 sq mm d. 200 sq mm

121. Which of the following is not an approved corrosion resistant material for conduit?
a. zinc b. cadmium c. enamel d. Nickel

122. This particular size of wire can still be operated from 2 kV up to 8 kV

a. 2.0 sq mm. b. 3.5 sq. mm c. 5.5 sq mm d. 8.0 sq mm

123. Thermoplastic insulation material may stiffen @ temperature of.

a. -10ºC c. 50ºC c. 10ºC d. -40ºC

124. The rating of a silicon carbide-type surge arrester shall be not less than _____ percent of
the maximum continuous phase-to-ground voltage available at the point of application.
a. 100 b. 125 c. 137 d. 105

Reviewer for Master Electrician

125. What shall be the rating of silicon carbide-type surge arrester if it installed at the
distribution system of 34.5 kV.
a. 34.5 kV b. 25 kV c. 69 kV d. 4.16 kV

126. A transformer rated over 600 volts with a secondary rated over 600 volts, with secondary
protection consisting of six circuit breakers. The sum of the ratings of the circuit breakers is
not permitted to exceed ________ percent of the rated secondary current.
a. 600 b. 300 c. 250 d. 175

127. Communications wires and cables shall be separated at LEAST a certain minimum
distance from service drops of electric light and power conductors which are not installed in a
raceway or in a cable. What is this minimum distance?
a. 150 mm b. 175 mm c. 300 mm d. 200 mm

128. Transformers are rated in

a. kW b. kV c. kWH d. kVA

129. An applied voltage of 10 percent below rating can result in a decrease of fluorescent light
output by.
a. 10 % b. 20% c. 15% d. 5%

130. A grounded metal enclosure containing factory-mounted, bare or insulated conductors,

which are usually copper or aluminum bars, rods, or tubes
a. Bus way b. cable tray c. cable bus d. Bus trench

131. What position must a knife switch with fuse be mounted?

a. horizontal b. vertical c. diagonal d. inclined position

132. A column pole or narrow base structure that support overhead conductor through its
a. Creosote b. stockyard c. spool d. Mast

133. for What the difference in the design between a 10 Hz transformer and 400 Hz
a. No Difference
b. 400 Hz has a high efficiency
c. 10 Hz Transformer is heavier than 400 Hz Transformer of the same rating

d. they have different Insulation level

134. What is the maximum percentage voltage drop allowable through an extension cord?
a. 1% b. 2% c. 4% d. 6%

135. For each 2-wire laundry branch circuit, a feeder load of NOT less than _____ shall be
a. 1,800 VA b. 1,500 VA c. 2,000 VA d.1,200 VA

136. Services using copper conductors shall have sufficient capacity and shall not be smaller
a. 5.5 mm2 b. 8.0 mm2 c. 14 mm2 d. 22 mm2

137. Why are system and circuit grounded?

a. To protect from excessive current

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b. To limit the excess voltage to ground, which occur from lightning or

exposure to other higher voltage source.
c. To acquire more power from grounding circuit
d. Precautionary measure of the system

138. Used for grounding equipment, conduit and other metal raceway, including service
conduit, cable sheath etc.
a. Grounding system b. Grounding electrode conductor
c. Grounding wires d. Grounding cable

139. Code requires that the minimum area exposed surface offered by a plate electrode shall
a. 1/8 sq. meter b. ¼ sq. meter c. 3/8 sq. meter d. ½ sq. meter

140. A single grounding electrode is permitted when the resistance to ground does not
a. 5  b. 10  c. 15  d. 25 

141. The minimum size of a copper equipment grounding conductor required for equipment
connected to a 40-ampere circuit.
a. 5.5 sq. mm b. 8 sq. mm c. 14 sq. mm d. 22 sq. mm

142. Open wiring on insulators commonly known as;

a. knob and tube wiring b. Split knob and receptacle wiring
c. Duplex wiring d. Common wiring

143. The length of free conductors at outlets and switch point for splices and connection of
fixture and device must be at least:
a. 80 mm b. 100 mm c. 120 mm d. 150 mm

144. Supports of AC cable have intervals not exceeding;

a. 1,000 mm b. 1,300 mm c. 1,500 mm d. 1,400 mm

145. In rigid metal conduit wiring, conduit shall be supported at least every;
a. 2,000 mm b. 2,500 mm c. 3,000 mm d. 3,500 mm

146. The disconnecting means of a hermetic-type refrigerator compressor shall have an

of at least _____ of the nameplate full load current.
a. 125% b. 80% c. 100% d. 115%

147. Conductors on poles shall have a separation of not less than ________ where not placed on
racks or brackets.
a. 300 mm b. 500 mm c. 1000 mm d. 150 mm

148. A Cable containing 45 conductors has a correction factor of

a. 80 % b. 35 % c. 40 % d. 70 %

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