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The Incarnation [101-109]

I. Introduction – Contemplation
a. Second Week – Different subject matter, different manner of
meditation. Focus on the senses, a “looking” at a certain mystery of
the Faith, through the optic of Persons, Words, Actions. For each one,
we consider Men of the world, the Triune God, and the subject of
contemplation. You are a fly on the wall. Live the event. Read and
reread the Scriptural passages during free time.
b. First Prelude – Look down on the world, see how men were losing
their souls, making a world full of sin and wickedness. Meanwhile,
God determined in His mercy from all eternity to send His Son to
redeem mankind. When the time comes, the angel Gabriel is sent to
Our Lady.
c. Second Prelude – Composition of Place: scan all over the world, the
houses, the peoples, the races. Finally, look at Our Lady at her house,
in her room, in Nazareth of Galilee, a humble town.
d. Third Prelude – Grace to ask: an interior knowledge of Our Lord that
I may love Him more and follow Him better.
II. Point 1 (Persons) Read Luke 1
a. People on the earth
b. The Triune God in Heaven, looking on the earth, so many going to
c. Our Lady – a young girl, absolutely pure: stunningly beautiful but
none could think of touching her. She is nothing in the eyes of the
world, living in a remote village. Men send embassies to the great ones
of the world and pay no attention to the little ones. God is about to
send a messenger to a lowly girl in a remote village, to ask her to
become the Mother of God, God Almighty making a request of a
teenage girl and sending an angel to ask her! Look upon her: she is
perhaps kneeling in prayer, praying that God will send a Messias to
redeem the world. She is perfectly recollected, a picture of sanctity.
You could look at her all day.
III. Point 2 (Words) – Men are blaspheming and cursing, vulgar, lewd.
God, however, is saying, “Let us redeem mankind.” Angel Gabriel gets a
plane ticket to Nazareth. See the conversation between the angel Gabriel
and Our Lady! She is so taken up with God that the presence of the angel
does not startle her. She is only disturbed by the praise of the angel. She is
so recollected as to immediately come to the crux of the issue: would she

be able to maintain her virginity that she has promised to God? Her
question is perfectly phrased. She knows the prophecies of Isaias, she
knows that she will have to suffer greatly. But she does not hesitate; if this
is what God wills, be it done unto me according to His word. No false
humility here. She accepts then all of the sufferings that will come to her.
IV. Point 3 (Actions) – Men are completely oblivious of what is going on
and are busy in their sinful ways. Meanwhile, God is accomplishing the
greatest event in the entire history of the world: the Incarnation. When
Our Lady says “Yes,” what happens? God empties Himself, taking the
form of a man, and enters the womb of a lowly virgin, yet the greatest of
His creatures! How does Our Lady feel? She has God within Her! For
nine months! He Who created Her, and She is to be His Mother; He is to
resemble her precisely. Comment on the diaconate. How we should
imitate the sentiments of Our Lady when we receive Our Lord in Holy
Communion! What are our dispositions? What a gift this is!
V. Conclusion
a. Consider the behavior of Our Lord and Our Lady. What humility and
goodness! How far we are from imitating them; how much happier
and better we would be if we conformed our lives to their examples.
b. Colloquy – I will speak to the Trinity, the Divine Word, and Our Lady,
according as I am moved. I will ask for the grace to imitate and follow
Our Lord, incarnate for us.