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1. It is the measure of the amount of matter in an object.

a. weight
b. mass
c. volume
d. quantity

2. It is the distance travelled by the per unit in a stated direction.

a. velocity
b. speed
c. acceleration
d. thrust

3. The rate of change of the distance travelled per unit time in a stated direction
a. velocity
b. speed
c. acceleration
d. thrust

4. This law states that the force acting upon an object is equal to the product of
the mass and acceleration of the object.
a. Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion
b. Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
c. Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
d. Energy Law

5. When a force is applied to a body, several effects are possible. Which of the ff.
effect CAN’T occur?
a. the body rotates
b. the body change direction
c. the body increase its mass
d. the body changes shape

6. It is the reluctance of the object to change either its state of rest or uniform
motion in a straight line.
a. force
b. friction
c. inertia
d. motion

7. This law states that the energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only
changes from one form to another.
a. Energy Law
b. Kinetic Theory of Matter
c. Law of Conservation of Energy
d. Boyle’s Law

8. This law states that all matter is made up of a large number of molecules which
are in continuous motion.
a. Boyle’s law
b. Kinetic Theory of Matter
c. Law of Conservation of Energy
d. Boyle’s Law

9. The lowest possible temperature that a substance can reach.

a. freezing point
b. absolute zero
c. steam point
d. threshold

10. It is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg. of a

substance by 1 degree C.
a. calorie
b. watt
c. specific heat capacity
d. joule

11. The pressure cooker works under the principle that?

a. Boiling point increases as pressure decreases
b. boiling point decreases as pressure increases
c. freezing point increases as pressure increases
d. freezing point increases as pressure decreases

12. It is the process by which heat is transmitted through a substance from one
particle to another by the amount of heated particles.
a. convection
b. insulation
c. conduction
d. radiation

13. It is phenomena in which energy transferred through vibrations.

a. frequency
b. waves
c. refraction
d. amplitude

14. The unit measurement for intensity of sound

a. hertz
b. decibel
c. angstrom
d. frequency

15. It is the process by which a heavy nucleus of an atom is split into 2 or more
fragments of comparable sizes when its nucleus is struck by a neutron.
a. chain reaction
b. nuclear fusion
c. radiation
d. nuclear fission
16. It is the union of two light nuclei to form a heavier nucleus, resulting in a mass
defect and release of energy
a. radiation
b. nuclear fission
c. nuclear fusion
d. radioactivity

17. Which of the following statements is a characteristic of an electronic

a. they all travel at the same speed in free space
b. they exhibit diffraction and interference phenomena
c. they follow the laws of refraction and reflection
d. All of the above

18. The term “RADAR” is derived from the phase?

a. Radio Detection and Ranging
b. Radio Diffusion and Ranging
c. Radio Diffraction and Resolution
d. Radiation Diffraction and Resolution

19. A material whose ability to conduct electricity lies between those of

conductors and insulators
a. integrated circuits
b. silicon chips
c. semiconductors
d. insulators

20. “LASER” is derived from the phase?

a. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
b. Light Application by Simulated Emission of Radiation
c. Light Amplification by Simulated Ejection of Radiation
d. None of the above

21. What is the color of a transparent substance?

a. the color of the light it absorbs
b. the color of the light it reflects
c. the color of the light it transmits
d. the color of the light it

22. What is a rotating electromagnetic called?

a. Motor
b. Rotor
c. Phasor
d. Sensor

23. What happens with the centripetal force when speed is doubled?
a. remains the same
b. force is increased 4x
c. triples
d. doubles

24. What is an electrochemical cell in which the reacting materials can be

renewed by the use of reverse current?
a. storage cell
b. primary cell
c. fuel cell
d. chemical cell

25. What will make an object move in a circular path?

a. central force
b. gravitational force
c. friction force
d. electromagnetic force

26. What kind of energy is present whenever a body is at a distance from the
a. elastic potential energy
b. electric potential energy
c. electromagnetic potential energy
d. gravitational potential energy

27. The process which occurs when heat passes from one molecule to another
a. convection
b. radiation
c. conduction
d. expansion

28. The temperature at which gas would no longer exert pressure.

a. Kelvin Temperature
b. Celsius Temperature
c. Absolute Zero
d. Boiling Point

29. The formula for finding the efficiency of a machine.

a. efficiency = input force/output force x 100%
b. efficiency = output force/ input force x 100%
c. efficiency = output work / input work x 100%
d. efficiency = input work/ output work x 100%

30. The amount of calories required to convert 50g. of ice at 0 degrees to water at
60 degrees.
a. 3000 calories
b. 4000 calories
c. 7000 calories
d. 6840 calories
31. When both are dropped, a 5 lb. ball and a 10 lb. ball will reach the ground at
the same time because?
a. the gravitational attraction is the same on both
b. both have the same inertia
c. the inertial resistance of the lighter ball is greater than that of the heavier ball
d. the greater gravitational force of the 10 lb. ball is offset by its’ greater inertial

32. The result when there is lack of cohesion among gas molecules.
a. gas molecules are confined and kept together
b. molecules move freely in all directions
c. molecules are compressed into smaller volumes
d. opposing force come into play

33. At what temperature does water have the smallest volume and greatest
a. 0 degrees C
b. 2 degrees C
c. 4 degrees C
d. 16 degrees C

34. What single force, when applied at the same point, will produce the same
a. resultant force
b. composite force
c. concurrent force
d. nuclear force

35. Energy can be released by atomic fusion when?

a. the atoms fused have a mutual attraction
b. the atoms fused have a mutual repulsion
c. the atom formed is fissionable
d. the nuclear mass of the atom is less than the combined mass of the atoms

36. Ang bilang ng pagikot sa isang sigundo.

a. frequency
b. period
c. acceleration
d. velovity

37. Ang gitna ng torque ay _______________

a. katulad ng “center of gravity”
b. palaging sa gitna ng isang bahay
c. kalinya ng galaw ng puwesa
d. sa lugar kung saan ang haba ng lahat ng torque ay sinusukat

38. Alin sa mga sumusunod ay lumalaki ang value kung ang isang bagay ay
itinatapon pataas?
a. kinetic energy
b. potential energy
c. momentum
d. velocity

39. Kapag ang putting ilaw ay pinatama sa isang salamin na prism, nagkakaroon
ng “ spectrum” dahil sa _______
a. refraction
b. diffusion
c. reflection
d. conviction

40. A projectile always travels in a _______________________________

a. linear path
b. circular path
c. parabolic path
d. a and c

41. There was HIATUS of two years before I went back to college. HIATUS means
a. Lapse c. Length
b. Uninterruption d. Continuation

42. I was speaking to Raquel on the phone when suddenly we were _____.
a. Disconnected c. Hung up
b. Cut off d. Broken down

43. The surprised teacher asked, “What was all the HUBHUB about?” HUBHUB
means _______.
a. Hush c. Commotion
b. Serenity d. Stillness

44. Who is the General who said “I shall return” after training troops in Australia.
a. Carlos P. Romulo c. J. de la Torre
b. Douglas McArthur d. Arthur McArthur

45. Thomas Carlyle said, “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a
rudder…” It could be interpreted as ______.
a. There is a strong driving force in one’s life
b. There should be sufficient energy in one’s life
c. Direction can never come into one’s life
d. One’s life doesn’t need to be controlled

46. Who said, “The Filipino is worth dying for?”

a. Benigno Aquino c. Fidel V. Ramos
b. Carlos P. Garcia d. Jose P. Rizal

47. Who is remembered for his famous quotation? “My loyalty to my party ends
where my loyalty to my country begins.”
a. Carlos P. Garcia c. Manuel Quezon
b. Ferdinand Marcos d. Manuel Roxas

48. Both Nenita and _____ plan to go.

a. I c. Myself
b. Me d. Me myself

49. Your brother is paying for your plane ticket, _____?

a. Is he c. Aren’t you
b. Isn’t it d. Isn’t he

50. We should work for a total ban ____ of pesticides that are harmful to man.
a. By the use c. With the use
b. On using d. On the use

51. Joevy _____ in bed too long and missed her classes.
a. Laid c. Lay
b. Lays d. Lied

52. Which sentences that clearly and effectively states the idea and has no
structural errors?
a. The interest at a loan company is higher than at a bank
b. The interest of a loan company is higher than in a bank
c. The interest at a loan company is higher than a bank
d. The interest if a loan company is higher than a bank

53. I should have returned this book last Tuesday, it is now five days ____.
a. Delayed c. Overdue
b. Postponed d. Beyond deadline

54. Which among the following is the correct sequence of the sentences below?
(1) The image of a good teacher is one who is constantly reflecting about how
best to help different types of learners how to learn
(2) The National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) define a new
paradigm of teaching where the teacher is viewed as a knowledge professional
who is responsible for facilitating learning
(3) Good teaching is defined in terms of those practices that help students learn
(4) Competency-based means that the standards or criteria for characterizing
(5) The NCBTS can be used as a self assessment tool for professional development
a. 2, 4, 3, 1, 5 c. 1, 2, 4, 5, 3
b. 3, 4, 5, 1, 2 d. 4, 1, 3, 5, 2

55. Choose the sentence that expresses the thought clearly and that has no error
in structure/spelling.
a. The farmer did plow, plant, harvest his corn in record time
b. The farmer plowed, planted and harvested his corn in record time
c. The farmer plowed, has planted and has harvested his corn in record time
d. The farmer has plowed, planted and harvested his corn in record time

56. The traffic flow at the corner was jammed. Manny feared getting late so he
_____ with a bus and leaped at the door.
a. Catch up c. Caught up
b. Was catching d. Has caught

57. Teacher Maechelle always tries to help people, but recently she has been
_________ kind and generous?
a. Principally c. Especially
b. Usually d. Largely

58. “I die just when the dawn breaks to herald the day.” This is a famous quote
from ____.
a. Jose P. Rizal c. Jose Aquino
b. Benigno S. Aquino d. Manuel L. Quezon

59. Rousseau advised, “Have a good bank account, a good cook and a good
digestion.” What is being referred to?
a. Investment c. Family
b. Security d. Duty

60. Parents admit that text messaging is an easy way of knowing their children’s
whereabouts. However, they are worried about its effect on _______.
a. Shortening messages effectively
b. Ability to spell words correctly
c. Ability to guess words correctly
d. Communicating through guessing

61. After 10 unfruitful years, Nancy finally quit the job. She ____ along with her
boss for a long time.
a. Hadn’t been getting c. Didn’t get
b. Hasn’t been getting d. Isn’t getting

62. I saw a nasty_ between two cars this morning.

a. Happening c. Accident
b. Damage d. Danger

63. Which passage is expressed effectively and without structural error/s?

a. I would not want to be themselves
b. I would not want to be theirselves
c. I would not want to be himself/herself
d. I would not want to be he/she

64. Which passage is expressed effectively and without structural error/s?

a. Having called the other students and they, the secretary went home
b. Having called the other students and us, the secretary went home
c. Having called the other students and ourselves, the secretary went home
d. Having called the other students and we, the secretary went home
65. Select the sentence that clearly and effectively states the idea and has no
structural errors.
a. The examines need double pencils simply a calculator and ball pen
b. The examinees need pencils, a calculator and a ball pen
c. The examinees need two pencils, a simple calculator, and a ball pen
d. The examinees need two sharpened pencils, calculator and ball pen

66. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” is an expression of one’s ____.
a. Total poverty
b. Total submission to God
c. Blind ignorance
d. Love for self

67. Which passage is expressed effectively and without structural error/s?

a. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school
students in English was much lower than the previous years
b. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school
students in English was much lower than it has been in previous years
c. The teacher explained that the mean percentage Score (MPS) of high school
students in English was lowest than the previous years
d. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) in English of high
school students was much lower than it had been in previous years

68. Which of the theories of learning, language and literacy views children as
having the ability to organize and integrate information in schemata?
a. Sociolinguistic c. Interactive
b. Constructivist d. Reader Response

69. Select the sentence that clearly and effectively states the idea and has no
structural errors.
a. The weather service expects temperatures to not rise
b. The weather service expects temperatures to no increase
c. The weather service expects temperatures not to rise
d. The weather service expects temperatures not to increase

70. Of the different principles of effective teaching of reading, which is

a. Effective teachers use the four cueing system to support students
b. Effective teachers select appropriate reading materials
c. Effective teachers go out of the structured classroom to create community of
d. Effective teachers use instructional approaches on how children learn

71. What virtue is inferred in the poem below?

Little Things
It’s the little things we do or say
That make or break the beauty of the average passing day
Heats, like doors, will open with ease
To every, very little keys.
And don’t forget that two of these
Are “I thank you” If you please.”

a. Friendliness c. Confidentially
b. Kindness d. Encouragement

72. “Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble.” The meaning of this aphorism in
“Poor Richard’s Almanac” is:
a. Forget what other people have done to hurt you
b. It is not easy to forgive and forget
c. Nurse your hurt feelings
d. Let bygones be bygones

73. “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly”. When restated means:
a. The buying power of the peso is weak so you have to buy wisely
b. In buying, what is easy to get to consume
c. You have to value everything in this world
d. You have to pay something before you really value it

74. Which of the following best restates the meaning of the saying: “The child is
the father of the man?”
a. The experience, and lessons of childhood influence one’s adult life
b. Fathers are dependent on the sights of their children
c. If there were no children, there could be no fathers
d. Children are naturally wiser than adults

75. Anong bahagi ng pananalita ang nasa malaking titik? Malungkot ANG MGA
nagtapos na wala pang trabaho.
a. Pananda c. Pang-ukol
b. Parirala d. Pangatnig

76. “Ang mga mata mo ay tulad ng mga bituin sa kalangitan.” Ano ang ginagamit
na pagpahayag ditto?
a. Pagtutulad c. Pagwawangis
b. Personipikasyon d. Pang-uyam

77. Alin sa mga ito ang nagpapahayag sa paraang organisado at artistiko maging
tuluyan o sa berso na nagmula sa imahinasyon?
a. Panulaan c. Sanaysay
b. Epiko d. Panitikan
78. Kung ang awit ng pag-iibigan ay kundiman, ano naman sa Bisaya?
a. Diona c. Sambotani
b. Kumintang d. Talindaw

79. Mag-aalas singko na ___ umaga _____ magising siya.

a. ng - nang c. nang - nang
b. nang - kapag d. ng - at
80. Sino ang nangungusap sa quotation? “Ang pag-ibig ay hindi pag-ibig kapag
nagbabago kung nakakakita ng pagbabago.”
a. Geneveva Matute c. Robert Frost
b. William Shakespeare d. Jose Rizal

81. Ano ang kahulugan ng tagbising panahon?

a. Tag-ulan c. Tag-lamig
b. Tag-init d. Tag-tuyot

82. Ang salitang apartment ay binubuo ng dalawang klaster. Tukuyin ito.

a. rt & nt c. tm & nt
b. pr & tm d. rt & tm

83. Ponema ang tawag sa makabuluhang tunog ng wika. Ilan ang ponema ng
a. 28 b. 31 c. 20 d. 21

84. Saan hinango ang mga kwentong tinatawag na parabola?

a. Mga pinagmulan c. Bibliya
b. Kasabihan d. Kwentong bayan

85. Alin dito ang ginagamit sa pagtuturo ng panitikan lalo na sa pagkasunod-sunod

ng mga pangyayari sa kwento?
a. Story grammar c. Character web
b. Decoding d. Story frame

86. Alin dito ang gamit sa pagtuturo ng replica na yari sa isang tunay o sintetik na
a. Dayorama c. Papet
b. Mock-up d. Ispesimen

87. Ano ang kahulugan ng idyomang ginamit sa pangungusap na “Marami sa mga

magsasaka ang INALAT dahil sa patuloy na pagbuhos ng ulan.”
a. Nawalan ng pag-asa c. Nagalit
b. Nanibago d. Minalas

88. Sa taas ng mga bilihin ngayon, kahit “kahig ka ng kahig” ay wala pa ring
maipon. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito?
a. Hindi bumili c. Bawasan ang bili
b. Hanap ng hanap d. Gastos ng gastos

89. Kapani-paniwala ang isang tauhan kung ito ay may katulad na nakikitang
nabubuhay sa mundo. Wika nga’y totoo itong tao, nagtataglay ng positibo at
negatibong katangian, may kapurihan at may kapintasan. May kalakasan at may
kahinaan at may kasamaan. May kawastuan at may kamalian. May katinuan at
may kabaliwan. May kalabisan at may kakulangan. May kabanalan at may
kasalanan. May katimpian at may kabiglaanan. Lahat ng katangian salu-salungat,
may bahid siya. Hindi siya taong nabubuhay sa daigdig ng kataka-taka na
pinakabuod ng lahat, gaya ng madalas mapanood sa pelikulang Pilipino, na kapag
bida, sa kanya lahat ng positibo at kapag kontrabida, sa kanya naman lahat ng
negatibo. Hindi kinai-empatya-han ang tauhang ganito, kina-antipatiko-han, oo!

Ang naaangkop na pamagat ng talatang ito ay:

a. Ang Tauhan
b. Ang Katauhan
c. Ang Tao sa Mundo
d. Ang Katangian ng Tao

90. “Kung anong bukambibig siyang laman ng dibdib.” Ito ay isang uri ng ____.
a. Tula c. Bugtong
b. Tugmaan d. Salawikain

91. P8,000 is invested at 12% single interest. What is the amount at the end of 2
a. P9,600 c. P8,420
b. P8,960 d. P9,920

92. A senior class of 50 girls and 70 boys sponsored a dance. If 40% of the girls and
50% of the boys attended the dance, approximately what percent attended?
a. 44 b. 46 c. 42 d. 40

93. Which of the following is exactly divisible by 3 and 11?

a. 3,570,404 c. 991,111
b. 114,345 d. 135,792

94. Anoanguri ng pangungusapna UMAARAW NA?

a. Panawag
b. Phenomenal
c. Pormulasyongpanlipunan
d. Sambalita

95. Nathan repacks a 60kg of sack of sugar into small packs of 750g. How many
small packs can be made?
a. 90 b. 45 c. 75 d. 80

96. Which of the theories of learning, wherein language and literacy emphasizes
comprehension as students read?
a. Reader response c. Sociolinguistic
b. Interactive d. Constructivist

97. An employee earning P9,200 a month will receive a 15% increase next month.
How much will his/her new salary be?
a. P10,500 c. P10,580
b. P10,530 d. P10,560

98. If 50% of x is 20, what is 30% of x?

a. 30 b. 12 c. 20 d. 16
99. PINASYALAN ng mag-anak ang Enchanted Kingdom noong isang buwan. Ano
ang pokus ng pandiwa?
a. Sanhi c. Direksiyon
b. Tagatanggap d. Tagaganap

100. Kung kilalaang Cebu sakanyang Sinulog, kilalanamanang Iloilo sakanyang

a. Dalampasigan c. Ati-atihan
b. Kadayan d. Dinagyang

191. 40% of 35 is what percent of 140?

a.028% b. 29% c. 10% d. 14%

102. “Magtatrabadoako at ikaw ay mag-aaralupangmakataposka ng pag-aaral.”

Anonguri ng pangungusapito?
a. Tambalan c. Langkapan
b. Payak d. Hugnayan

103. “The hostages are free. They paid their way!” What do these statements tell
a. They escaped after paying
b. They were released after paying
c. They were freed after negotiation
d. They had a peaceful negotiation

104. The flower smells __________.

a. Sweetly c. Sweet
b. Sweeter d. More sweet

105. The Rizal Day celebration reminds us about heroes worth _________.
a. Appreciating c. Emanating
b. Emulating d. Reading

106. Which type of reading is CHORAL READING?

a. Buddy
b. Reading aloud to students
c. Shared
d. Guided

107. “Nadurogangkanyangpusosatindi ng dalamhati.” Anoangipinatalastasdito?

a. Pagpapalit-tawag c. Pagwawangis
b. Pagmamalabis d. Personipikasyon

108. “Walangligayasalupana di dinilig ng luha.” Ito ay isang _______.

a. Bugtong c. Kawikaan
b. Salawikain d. Palaisipan
109. He was excused because all he said were white lies. This idiomatic expression
means _____.
a. Lies are written in white pages
b. Lies that are harmless
c. Lies recited are excusable
d. He recited the lines in public

110. “Kung salangit ay nabubuhay, angsalupa’ynamamatay.

Anoangkinakatatakutan, angoras ng kamatayan.” Angsaknong ay nagpapahayag
ng damdaming ________.
a. Magingmatatag
b. Magingmatapang
c. Magingmapagpasensya
d. Magingmapagbigay

111. Alinangpinakatamangpahayag? _______ niyaanglangit.

a. Tinitingala c. Sinulyapan
b. Tinitingan d. Tinitigan

112. Anongkayarianmayroonangpangungusapna “Angpagbaha ay mapipigilan at

masusugpo kung magtatanim tayo ng mgapuno”?
a. Payak c. Tambalan
b. Hugnayan d. Langkapan

113. Anoanguri ng pangungusapnawalangpaksatulad ng WALANG ANUMAN?

a. Eksistensyal
b. Panagot
c. Pormulasyongpanlipunan
d. Patanong

114. What is the smallest positive number that is a multiple of both 12 and 14?
a. 36 b. 42 c. 84 d. 168

115. Angtambalnasalitang “matang–manok” ay may ibigsabihing: ______

a. Nanlilisik c. Nanlalabo
b. Matalas d. Nakakatakot

116. Which principle of taxation does the Philippine lack if it fails to raise the
needed revenue and therefore borrows from other countries to cover its
a. Productivity c. Elasticity
b. Equity d. Neutrality

117. What is meant by the statement: Values are absolute?

a. Changing c. Personal
b. Subjective d. Unchanging

118. Kailanganginagamit and IKA na may gitling?

a. Kung ginagamitnapanlapisaisangsalita
b. Kung mismongbilangangsusunodsaisusulat
c. Kung angikakabit ay isangpanlapi
d. Kung angbilang ay isinusulatnabuo

119. An arithmetic book is 2 1/2cm thick. How many copies can be placed in a
meter-long shelf?
a. 44 b. 40 c. 36 d. 45

120. People who are too _____ are liable to be deceived by unscrupulous
a. Credulous c. Cynical
b. Wary d. Demanding

121. Teacher Betty always tries to help people, but recently she has been _______
kind and generous?
a. Principally c. Especially
b. Usually d. Largely

122. We should work for the total ban ____ of pesticides that are harmful to man.
a. By the use c. With the use
b. On using d. On the use

123. Which of the following organisms are responsible for the return of
substances in the bodies of the dead plants and animals to the soil?
a. Decomposers c. First order consumers
b. Producers d. Consumers

124. It’s now two hours past his schedule, the facilitator may not come anymore,
but we’ll still be ready in case he _________.
a. May c. Does
b. Is coming d. Will come

125. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” is an expression of one’s _____.
a. Total poverty
b. Blind ignorance
c. Love for self
d. Total submission to God

126. The area of the rectangle on the right is (X2 + X – 12). If its length is X +
4, what is its width?
a. X + 2 c. X + 1
b. X – 3 d. X + 6

127. Which of these are characterized as organic compounds?

a. They are compounds of any elements
b. They are compounds containing carbon
c. They cannot be broken down to simpler substance
d. They always require electrical means to separate
128. Our commitments can develop us or can destroy us, but either way, they will
define us. Choose the line below that has the same meaning.
a. Flexible commitment is what we need today
b. We must make full commitment to worldly things
c. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to
d. Our commitments need not be planned way ahead

129. Those mischievous children _____ tricks on their teachers which always got
them into a lot of trouble.
a. Used to play c. Could play
b. May have played d. Could have played

130. Alinsamgasumusunodnapangungusapangwalangsimuno?
a. Angdumatingnahari
b. Balakniyangumawit
c. Magsumikapkanangumunlad
d. May taopalasasilid

131. “Nothing that happens in this world ever happens by chance; it is all part of a
grand design.” The author speaks of one’s ____.
a. Destiny c. Dream
b. Luck d. Ambition

132. With the Cold War in mind, which does not belong?
a. Dialogue c. Tension
b. Competition d. Conflict

133. Do all persons possess human dignity?

a. Yes, if they do good
b. No, the beggar does not have it
c. No, only those who believe in GOD
d. Yes, no exception

134. Which kind of rock is abundant in the Bicol region?

a. Sedimentary c. Metamorphic
b. Igneous d. Shale

135. 35 is what percent of 560?

a. 6.5% c. 62%
b. 16% d. 6.25%

136. Which chemical substance/s is/are contained in detergents which cause/s

the foam in stream water?
a. Alkyl benzene sulfonate
b. Phosphorus benzene
c. Phosphorus and alkyl
d. Oil and benzene
137. Which are the food eaters or consumers in an ecosystem?
a. Autotrophs c. Producers
b. Decomposers d. Heterotrophs

138. What is the counting number that is less than 15 and when divided by 3 has a
remainder of 1, but when divided by 4 has a remainder of 2?
a. 5 b. 12 c. 8 d. 10

139. Which of the following could be a factor of n (n+1) if n is a positive integer

less than 3?
a. 8 b. 3 c. 9 d. 5

140. How does the government tax people’s labor?

a. Through inheritance tax
b. Through real estate tax
c. Through an income tax
d. Through value added tax

141. 120 is 4/5 of what number?

A. 150
B. 96
C. 30
D. 24

142. 45 is 60% of what number?

A. 75
B. 27
C. 15
D. 18

143. What is the ratio of 1/5 to 5/15

A. 3:5
B. 1:5
C. 5:15
D. 15:75

144. What is the value of y is 2x + 2xy + 3y = 25, and x = 2?

A. 3
B. 25
C. 2
D. 12

145. Ten nurses earn a total average monthly salary of P120, 000. The total
average income of 6 of them amounts to P80, 000. What is the average total
income of each of the remaining workers?
A. P10, 000
B. P40, 000
C. P400
D. P1, 000
146. 2 tablespoons is equivalent to 1 liquid ounce while 10 tablespoons is
equivalent to ½ cup. How many liquid ounces are there in two cups?
A. 20 ounces
B. 10 ounces
C. 16 ounces
D. 8 ounces

147. A taxi charges P50 for the first kilometer and charges P3 for each additional
mile. How far could P200 go?
A. 50 kilometers
B. 51 kilometers
C. 66. 67 kilometers
D. 4 kilometers

148. 20, 10, 40, 10, 60, 20, 80, 60, 100, 240, 120, ____, ____
A. 1200, 140
B. 480, 140
C. 140, 480
D. 1200, 240

149. What is the value of n in the statement 2mn = 50, if m = 1?

A. 25
B. 2
C. 50
D. 1

150. One store sold twice more apples in the afternoon that in the morning. The
store sold 450 pieces of apples. How many apples are sold in the morning?
A. 150
B. 300
C. 200
D. 350

151. Joey gathered twice more marbles than Vic and Tito gathered 2 more
marbles than Vic. They gathered 26 marbles. How many marbles did Vic gather?
A. 6
B. 12
C. 8
D. 14

152. A child has read 2/3 of a book. The read part of the book has 100 pages more
than the unread. How many pages is the book?
A. 300
B. 200
C. 500
D. 150
153. A number is divided by 5. The result was subtracted by 154 and the
difference is 6. What is the number?
A. 800
B. 160
C. 200
D. 400

154. A container contains 23bottles and each bottle contains 20 marbles. How
many marbles are there in 10 bottles?
A. 460
B. 400
C. 100
D. 200

155. It takes John 25 minutes to walk to the car park and 45 to drive to work. At
what time should he get out of the house in order to get to work at 9:00 a.m.?
A. 7:50 am
B. 8:00 am
C. 8:10 am
D. 8:20 am

156. Kim can walk 4 kilometers in one hour. How long does it take Kim to walk 18
A. 4 ½ hours
B. 4 hours
C. 5 hours
D. 8 hours

157. A factory produced 2300 TV sets in its first year of production. 4500 sets
were produced in its second year and 500 more sets were produced in its third
year than in its second year. How many TV sets were produced in three years?
A. 11,800
B. 12, 800
C. 10, 800
D. 13, 800

158. Tom and Bob have a total of 49 toys. If Bob has 5 more toys than Tom, how
many toys does Tom has?
A. 22
B. 27
C. 23
D. 26

159. John can eat a quarter of a pizza in one minute. How long does it take John
to eat one pizza and a half?
A. 6 minutes
B. 12 minutes
C. 9 minutes
D. 3 minutes
160. What is 150% of 298?
A. 447
B. 44.7
C. 4.47
D. 4470

161. Robert Frost wrote the poem Acquainted with the Night from which the
stanza is taken:
I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain-back in rain.
I have out walked the farthest city light

The poet in the stanza talks of?

a. isolation and loneliness

b. joy getting out of the house
c. youthful delight playing in the rain
d. happiness in having been acquainted with the night

162. Which is the BEST WAY to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
Researchers also speculate that some teachers might have given boys more
computer time because parents and teachers
expected boys to need computers for future careers.
a. expected
b. expecting
c. will expect
d. will have expected

163. The wounded soldiers were visited by the president who honoured them
with ____ for their _____.
a. medals – valor
b. gun salute – bravery
c. appointments – dedication
d. money – sacrifice

164. Every June, Manila has its festival of outstanding Filipino films. This was a
project initiated by
a. Arsenio Lacson
b. German Moreno
c. Antonio Villegas
d. Ramon Bagatsing

165. Which among the sounds below is voiceless?

a. /b/
b. /z/
c. /g/
d. /p/
166. “Only the heart can see rightly.” This statement is lifted from what particular
a. The Prince and the Pauper
b. The Little Prince
c. The Right One
d. The Pearl

167. He was the American President who said, “Ask not what America will do for
you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”
a. Gerald Ford
b. Franklin Roosevelt
c. Henry Truman
d. John F. Kennedy

168. History is the witness that ______ passing of time.

a. testifies
b. will testify
c. testifies for
d. testifies for the

169. When I met Liza yesterday, it was the first time I _____ her since Christmas.
a. saw
b. had seen
c. have seen
d. have been seen

170. The commander ordered his men to hold on the fort. What was the
a. Surrender in arms
b. Keep on with the fight
c. Disregard the peace negotiation
d. Rescue the hostage victims fast and early

171. “She is a vision of feminine pulchritude.” This stands for the following
a. Loveliness
b. Comeliness
c. Homeliness
d. Physical beauty

172. The Nibelungenlied is a

a. Latin Myth
b. Chinese legend
c. Russian folk song
d. Medieval German epic

173. An association wherein the name of something is substituted by something

that represents it.
a. Metonymy
b. Comparison
c. Euphemism
d. Personification

174. Because the moon rotates on its axis at the same time as it ______ around
the earth, we see the same side
a. Revolve
b. Revolves
c. Is revolving
d. Has been revolving

175. In English verse, a poetic foot having 1 stressed syllable followed by 1

unstressed syllable is ______.
a. Trochaic
b. Iambic
c. Dactylic
d. Anapaestic

176. Senators were accused by activists of washing their hands with the perfumes
of Arabia. This state is commonly known as
a. Guilt
b. Triumph
c. Indecision
d. Aggression

177. It is a collection of religious poetry written by Rabindranath Tagore.

a. Mahabharata
b. Gitanjali
c. The Ramayana
d. Bhagavad Gita

178. I suggest that he _____ in the room for one week.

a. Stay
b. Stayed
c. Staying
d. Stays

179. The manager told his workers, “We have to reduce our workforce.” What did
he mean?
Workers are free to leave
Workers are warned of possible lay off
Workers have to double time on their jobs
Workers should submit themselves to a reducing gym

180. The parent remarked, “__________ I come late, just lock the door.”
a. In the absence
b. In the process
c. In the event
d. In the case

181. The copyreader found the news story boring. He found it full of _____.
a. Adjectives
b. Verbs
c. Pronouns
d. Adverbs

182. There were three guests on the stage. They were made up of a parent, the
governor and the principal. Who should be acknowledged first by the
a. The classmates
b. The principal
c. The governor
d. The parent

183. What is suggested in the opening line? June 13, 1986 - they came from all
over America - 200,000 heroes strong, with their families.
a. The writer holds great admiration for the veterans
b. The writer is opposed to the Vietnam War
c. The writer was a veteran of the war
d. The writer is a flag-waving patriot

184. A readability mismatch happens when the reading levels of books exceed the
reading levels of the students. In this situation, the students experience
frustration and they fall short of the expected or desired output. A student who
finds himself/ herself in such a mismatch will likely do which of the following?
a. Give an intelligent critique of the selection or story read
b. Write a comprehensive reaction paper regarding the selection or story read
c. 1Present an argument that the selection or story read was not properly written
d. Manifest an expected and commensurate emotional reaction to the selection
or story read

185. What does this mean: Excuses are for losers… those who take responsibility
for their actions are real winners in life. This tells of?
a. losers often fail because they find reasons for losing
b. a winner can also be a quitter
c. accountability of one’s action tells of bravery
d. excuses are needed to justify any failure

186. A couple accepted a wedding invitation. They showed pleasure in these

a. All guests congratulated the organizers and the couple
b. Guests came in and out of the ceremonies
c. The ceremonies were very impressive
d. The couple felt uneasy with the priest

187. What correction should be made to this sentence?

One of the theories is that the first child receives more of the parents' attention
than other children so first-borns tend to be more intellectual.
a. Change is to are
b. Insert a comma after children
c. Change parents' to parent's
d. Change theories to theory's

188. Carl Sundburg wrote "Jazz Fantasia" which has for its first stanza:
Drum on your drums, batter on your banjos, sob on the long cool winding
saxophones. Go to it, O jazzmen.

Which words illustrate alliteration?

a. Batter and banjos
b. Sob and winding
c. Long and cool
d. To and it

189. What is meant by AT SIXES AND SEVENS in this sentence?

We moved into the house last week, but I'm afraid everything, is still at sixes and
a. The things have not been shipped.
b. In a state of confusion
c. In an orderly manner
d. The boxes are still intact

190. What is the mood of these lines?

Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new life
And I mustn't give in.
When the dawn comes
tonight will be a memory, too
And a new day will begin.

a. Afraid
b. Sarcastic
c. Depressed
d. Hopeful

191. Sinabi ni Carlos P. Romulo sa isa niyang akda, “Ang Pilipino ay may dugong
maharlika.” Ano ang kahulugan nito?
a. Ang Pilipino ay nanggaling sa malayang lahi
b. Ang Pilipino ay sadyang mabuti ang budhi.
c. Ang Pilipino ay galing sa mayamang lahi
d. Ang Pilipino ay madaling maipagbili

192. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

a. Ang mga kabataan sa lansangan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan.
b. Ang kabataan ay naglalaro kung maliwanag ang buwan at nagtatakbuhan sa
c. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan kung maliwanag
ang gabi.
d. Ang mga kabataan kung maliwanag ang buwan ay nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan
at naglalaro.

193. Piliin ang gawi ng pagsasalita: Kasiyahan ko nang makitang kayo’y

a. Pangarap
b. Pagkontrol ng kilos
c. Pagkuha ng impormasyon
d. Pagbabahagi ng damdamin

194. Ang kaugnayan ng pagkakapatay kina Burgos, Gomez at Zamora sa

panitikang Pilipino ay
a. Nanatiling masigla ang diwang Pilipino
b. Nakagising sa damdaming makabayan ng mga Pilipino
c. Natutong lumabag sa batas at lumaban sa may kapangyarihan ang mga Pilipino
d. Naimpluwensyahan ang diwang alipin ng mga Pilipino

195. Laging UMUUKILKIL sa isipan ng ama ang nasirang pangako ng anak.

a. Sumasagi
b. Gumugulo
c. Bumubuhay
d. Sumasapi

196. Ang Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas ng Pilipinas ay gulong-gulo kapag may

giyera sa ibang bansa. Ano ang unang ginagampanan ng ambassador ng bansa?
a. Bilangin ang mga nasugatan at nasawi
b. Alamin ang mga tirahan ng mga Pilipino sa bayang iyon.
c. Ipunin ang mga maykaya at ipalipad pauwi.
d. Bayaang magsipag-uwian sa sariling sikap ang bawat isa

197. Ano ang pokus ng pandiwa sa pahayag na “Bumili ng bagong sasakyan si

a. Pokus sa direksyon
b. Pokus sa kagamitan
c. Pokus sa sanhi
d. Pokus sa actor

198. Kabaliwan at paglulustay ang inyong ginagawa taon-taon. Higit na marami

ang maralitang nangangailangan ng salapi at dunong. Ang nagsasalita ay
a. Kuripot
b. Matipid
c. Maramot
d. Praktikal

199. Nasa anong kaganapan ng pandiwa ang pangungusap?

Naglaro ng basketball sa Rizal Stadium ang koponan ng aming pamantasan.
a. Sanhi
b. Tagaganap
c. Kagamitan
d. Ganapan

200, Sa aling salita magkakaroon ng saglit na paghinto kung pinagpipilitang si Rose

ang nakabasag ng pinggan?

Hindi si Rose ang nakabasag ng pinggan.

a. Rose
b. Hindi
c. Nakabasag
d. Pinggan

201. Anong tayutay ang tinutukoy sa pahayag.

Durog ang katawang bumagsak sa semento si Miguel.
a. Pagtutulad
b. Pagbibigay katauhan
c. Pagmamalabis
d. Pagwawangis

202. Sino ang pinagkalooban ng karangalan bilang “Unang Tunay na Makata”

noong 1708?
a. Jose dela Cruz
b. Felipe de Jesus
c. Francisco Balagtas
d. Jose Corazon de Jesus

203. “Magtatrabaho ako at ikaw ay mag-aaral upang makatapos ka ng pag-aaral.”

Anong uri ng pangungusap ito?
a. Payak
b. Tambalan
c. Hugnayan
d. Langkapan

204. Mag-aalas-singko na _____ umaga _____ magising siya.

a. ng – ng
b. nang – nang
c. ng – nang
d. nang – kapag

205. Ang butong tinangay ng aso, walang pagsalang nalawayan ito. Ang kaisipang
ito ay tumutukoy sa katotohanan ng ______.
a. Pagnanakaw
b. Pagtatanan
c. Pagpapakasal
d. Pakikipagkaibigan

206. Anong uri ng pagbigkas ang salitang “dambuhala”?

a. Malumi
b. Mabilis
c. Maragsa
d. Malumay

207. Ang katawagan sa pangngalan, pang-abay, pang-uri at pandiwa ay?

a. Palabuuan
b. Pangkayarian
c. Pangnilalaman
d. Palaugnayan

208. Ang panukalang inihain niya ay lubhang malalim at mahirap arukin.

a. Abutin
b. Unawain
c. Sukatin
d. Tanggalin

209. Ang wikang Filipino ay hawig sa mga wika sa Asya. Alin dito ang pinagmulan
ng wikang Filipino?
a. Bahasa
c. Nihonggo
d. Mandarin
d. Malayo-Polinesyo

210. Ano ang katumbas ng “Dekalogo” ni Apolinario Mabini na nagsasaad ng aral

sa Filipino?
a. Mosaic Law
d. Code of Ethics ni Kalantiaw
c. New Society ni Pres. Marcos
d. Code of Citizenship ni Pres. Quezon

211. Siya ay hinirang na taga-sensus ng bahay-bahay. Ano ang kanyang nalikom?

a. Ang bilang ng tao sa bahay
b. Ang kayamanan ng may-bahay
c. Ang datos tungkol sa mga bata sa bawat bahay
d. Ang datos tungkol sa mga naninirahan sa bawat bahay

212. Kami ang kabataang siyang magiging pag-asa ng bayan. Paano ginamit ang
salitang may salungguhit?
a. Pagtukoy
b. Pagpuri
c. Panghalip
d. Pagmamalaki

213. Walang tubig kahapon. Ito ay pangungusap na:

a. May paksa
b. Walang pandiwa
c. May panaguri
d. Walang paksa
214. Ipinagmamalaki mo siya, BAHAG naman pala ang kanyang BUNTOT. Ang ibig
sabihin ng salitang may malaking titik ay:
a. Kuripot
b. Traydor
c. Duwag
d. Mahiyain

215. Sabihin ang gawi ng pananalitang ito: “Bawal tumawid, may namatay na
a. Pananakot
b. Pagtukoy
c. Babala
d. Paalala

216. Pinakamahalagang nobelang Pilipino sa maraming taon na nalimbag noong

1906 at tumalakay nang masinsinan sa paksang puhunan laban paggawa at sa
sosyalismo ang _____.
a. Luha ng Buwaya
b. Banaag at Sikat
c. Ibong Mandaragit
d. Pangginggera

217. Ayon kay Balagtas, “ang laki sa layaw, karaniwa’y hubad” kaya ang mga bata
a. jeproks
b. nag-aartista
c. nakapagtatapos sa pag-aaral
d. hindi sumusunod sa magulang

218. Noong taong 1962, ano ang pagbabago sa paglimbag ng diploma at sertipiko
ng pagtatapos?
a. Pinahihintutan ang pribadong paaralan na maglimbag sa wikang Ingles
b. Nilimbag sa Tagalog ang diploma sa di-Tagalog na bayan
c. Nilimbag sa Filipino ang diploma ngunit may Ingles
d. Nalimbag sa Filipino ang diploma

219. Ang gintong panahon ng mga manunulat noong panahon ng Amerikano ay

batid sa uring
a. Sanaysay
b. Nobela
c. Panulaan
d. Maikling kwento

220. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang may wastong gamit ng tinig ng pandiwa?
a. Ang hinog na papaya na kinuha sa puno ni Marie.
b. Kinuha ni Marie ang hinog na papaya sa puno.
c. Kinuha sa puno ang hinog na papaya ni Marie.
d. Papayang hinog ang kinuha sa puno ni Marie.
221. Two buses leave the same station at 8:00 pm. One bus travels north at the
rate of 30 kph and the other travels east at 40 kph. How many kilometers apart
are the buses at 10 pm?
a. 140 km
b. 100 km
c. 70 km
d. 50 km

222. Calculate the mean absolute deviation of the following numbers: 60, 80, 100,
75 and 95
a. 12.4
b. 14.2
c. 16.1
d. 18.9

223. Which of the following is the factorization of the binomial x 2 - 4 2 ?

a. (x + 4)(x + 2)
b. (x – 4) 2
c. x(x + 2x + 2)
d. (x – 4)(x + 4)

224. Which of the following has the greatest value:

a. 3 + 3 2 + (3 + 3) 2
b. 3 3
c. [(3 + 3) 2 ]2
d. (3 + 3 + 3) 2

225. The average of 5 different counting numbers is 20. What is the highest
possible value that one of the numbers can have?
a. 20
b. 40
c. 30
d. 90

226. Three brothers inherited a cash amount of P62,000 and they divided it
among themselves in the ratio of 5:4:1. How much more is the largest share than
the smallest share?
a. P75,000
b. P30,000
c. P24,800

227. What is the missing terms in the series 5, 20, 80, ___,1280, ___, 20, 480?
a. 50;210
b. 40;160
c. 35;135
d. 320;5120

228. At what rate per annum should P2400 be invested so that it will earn an
interest of P800 in 8 years?
a. 6 ½ %
b. 5 ½ %
c. 4.17 %
d. 6 %

229. The area of a rectangle is (x 2 + 2x - 8). If its length is x + 4, what is its width?
a. x + 2
b. x - 2
c. x + 1
d. x + 6

230. What is the value of 12⅙ - 3 ⅜ - 5 ⅔ + 20 ¾?

a. 21 1/8
b. 22
c. 23 7/8
d. 21

231. The vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is 20°. What is the measure of one of
the base angles?
a. 150°
b. 60°
c. 75°
d. 80°

232. Ana and Beth do a job together in three hours. Working alone, Ana does the
job in 5 hours. How long will it take Beth to do the job alone?
a. 3 and 1/3 hours
b. 2 and 1/3 hours
c. 3 hours
d. 7 and 1/2 hours

233. How much greater is the sum of the first 50 counting numbers greater than
the sum of the first 100 counting numbers?
a. 110
b. 3,775
c. 3,155
d. 1200

234. Which of the following has the largest value?

a. 8 5
b. 3 9
c. 6 5
d. 9 4

235. A water tank contains 18 liters when it is 20% full. How many liters does it
contain when 50% full?
a. 60
b. 30
c. 58
d. 45

236. The edges of a rectangular solid have these measures: 1.5 feet by 1½ feet by
3 inches. What is its volume in cubic inches?
a. 324
b. 225
c. 972
d. 27

237. In a certain school, the ratio of boys to girls is 5 is to 7. If there are 180 boys
and girls in the school, how many boys are there?
a. 105
b. 90
c. 45
d. 75

238. Ruben’s grades in 6 subjects are 88, 90, 97, 90, 91 and 86? What is the least
grade that he should aim for in the 7th subject if he has to have an average of 88?
a. 92
b. 74
c. 88
d. 85

239. On a certain day, three computer technicians took turns in manning a 24-
hour internet shop. The number of hours Cesar, Bert, and Danny were on duty
was in the ratio 3:4:5, respectively. The shop owner pays them P50 per hour. How
much would Danny receive for that day?
a. P 230
b. P500
c. P160
d. P480

240. An online shop sells a certain calculator for P950 and charges P150 for
shipping within Manila, regardless of the number of calculators ordered. Which of
the following equations shows the total cost (y) of an order as a function of the
number of calculators ordered (x)?
a. y = (950 + 150)x
b. y = 150x +950
c. x = 950y + 150
d. y = 950x + 150

241. One side of a 45° - 45° - 90° triangle measures x cm. What is the length of its
a. X √3 cm
b. X cm
c. (X √3)/2 cm
d. X √2 cm
242. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right
triangle are 12 and 16. How much longer is the perimeter of the larger triangle
than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?
a. 84
b. 7
c. 12
d. 14

243. Determine the midpoint of the line segment joining the points (7, -3) and (-1,
a. (2, 3/2)
b. (2, -3/2)
c. (3, 3/2)
d. (1, 5/2)

244. Which of these has the longest perimeter?

a. A square 21 cm on a side
b. A rectangle 19 cm long and 24 cm wide
c. An equilateral triangle whose side is 28 cm
d. A right triangle whose two legs are 24 and 32 cm

245. How many square inches are in 2 square yard?

a. 900
b. 144
c. 1296
d. 2,592

246. In a playground for Kindergarten kids, 18 children are riding tricycles or

bicycles. If there are 43 wheels in all, how many tricycles are there?
a. 8
b. 9
c. 7
d. 11

247. Nelia takes ¾ hour to dress and get ready for school. It takes 4/5 hour to
reach the school. If her class starts promptly at 8:00 am; what is the latest time
she can jump out of bed in order not to be late for school?
a. 6:42 am
b. 6:27 am
c. 6:57 am
d. 7:02 am

248. Which common fraction is equivalent to 0.215?

a. 43/200
b. 27/125
c. 21/50
d. 108/375
249. Which of the following statements best describes a hypothetical element
with an electron configuration of 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 5 ?
a. The hypothetical element has an atomic number of 11.
b. The hypothetical element is a member of Group V, otherwise called the
Nitrogen Group.
c. The hypothetical element is in the fifth position in the p-block, along the third
period of the periodic table.
d. The hypothetical element is located at the third position of the p-block, along
the fifth period of the periodic table.

250. Despite the observed diversity among organisms, they are all made from the
same set of biomolecules composed of monomeric units except:
a. Proteins
b. Carbohydrates
c. Nucleic Acids
d. Lipids and Fats

251. What will be formed when radium isotope, with 88 protons and 138
neutrons undergoes alpha decay?
a. Radon Atom (Rn 222 ) with 86 Protons
b. Francium Atom (Fr 222 ) with 87 Protons
c. Actinium Atom (Ac 222 ) with 89 Protons
d. Thorium Atom (Th 232 ) with 90 Protons

252. Which of the following examples best illustrates application of Boyle’s Law?
a. A tire becomes harder as more air is pumped into it.
b. A sealed aerosol can explodes when thrown into a fire.
c. A balloon expands and bursts when exposed to direct sunlight.
d. A scuba divers stops at certain depths as he ascends to the ocean’s surface.

253. Three liquids A, B, C were studied in a laboratory. Liquid A was found to float
over B and C. It was also found that liquid A flows fastest among the three. What
can be said about liquid A?
a. Densest and most viscous
b. Densest and least viscous
c. Least dense and most viscous
d. Least dense and least viscous

254. Which of the following statements represents a physical change?

a. An antacid tablet forms bubbles when dissolved in water.
b. A flashlight beam slowly gets dimmer and finally dies out over time.
c. The lawn grows thicker every day because fertilizers were added into the soil.
d. Frozen mango juice melted when left standing at room temperature for 30

255. Which of the following best explains why farmers burn rice straw and hull
during seasons of harvest?
a. Burning rice hulls and straws produce compounds that act as repellant for pests
which may damage plantation.
b. The smoke produced by burning rice hulls and straws stimulate growth and
fruit bearing of trees.
c. Rice hulls and straws are burned so that more spaces will be available for
planting next set of crops.
d. Ash from burnt rice hulls and straws are rich in compounds that could
neutralize acidic soil so that more crops will grow

256. Acid rain occurs when _________.

a. carbon dioxide combines with water in the atmosphere.
b. phosphorus-rich water in lakes evaporates to form phosphoric acid.
c. sulfur released in burning fossil fuels combines with water in the atmosphere.
d. excess hydrogen is released into the atmosphere to produce acids.

257. Why is it difficult to integrate nitrogen gas from the atmosphere into the
nitrogen cycle of the biosphere?
a. Nitrogen is very abundant in the atmosphere
b. Living organisms quickly absorb nitrogen gas
c. Oceans quickly absorb nitrogen gas
d. Few organisms can directly utilize atmospheric nitrogen

258. Which of the following sentences about greenhouse effect is INCORRECT?

a. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere which are returned to the
earth’s surface.
b. Greenhouse effect is important in maintaining the temperature of the earth.
c. Greenhouse effect is due to gases that absorb the green region of light from the
d. Greenhouse effect increases the overall surface temperature of the earth.

259. When a gardener propagates a plant by taking cuttings, he plants his cutting
in a well-watered soil in a plant pot. What is the most likely reason why he may
then cover the plant and pot with a lightly perforated polythene bag?
a. To reduce the water demand of the cutting.
b. To decrease the rate of gaseous exchange by the plant.
c. To reduce the chance of attack by pests.
d. To protect the plant from cold weather.

260. It is a common observation that mushrooms thrive few days after lightning
strikes. Which among the following biogeochemical cycles is involved in this
a. Nitrogen cycle
b. Carbon-Oxygen cycle
c. Phosphorus cycle
d. Sulfur cycle

261. Which of the following factors contribute to an increase in human

I. Immigration II. Emigration
III. Natality IV. Mortality
a. III and IV
b. II and III
c. I only
d. I and III

262. Shown below is a simple food web in a grassy community. The arrow symbol
means eaten by. What would happen if all snakes are killed?
a. Grass population would increase.
b. Grasshopper population would increase.
c. Bird and frog populations would increase.
d. Grasshopper and bird populations would increase.

263. Which of the following shows mechanical weathering of rocks?

a. formation of caverns
b. acids dissolves rocks
c. freezing water between rock particles
d. iron in rocks combine with oxygen

264. PAGASA announces the approach of the seasonal winds. The familiar names
used are Amihan and Habagat, internationally known as ________ and ________
a. Northeast and southwest
b. Trade wind and easterlies
c. Southwest and northeast
d. Westerlies and easterlies

265. Fog is a cloud with its base at or very near the ground. The formation of fog
generally occurs after the ground has lost heat by:
a. Evaporation
b. Convection
c. Conduction
d. Radiation

266. Why do we see the sun rise in the east?

a. The earth revolves eastward.
b. The earth rotates from west to east.
c. We are located in the 20th meridian.
d. On the globe, we are located in the east.

267. If a voltage of 100 volts produces a current of 5 amperes in an electrical

device, what is the resistance?
a. 95 Ohms
b. 20 Ohms
c. 105 Ohms
d. 500 Ohms
268. Which of the following best differentiates an earthquake's intensity from its
a. Intensity describes 'the depth from which the earthquake originated’ while
magnitude refers to ‘the energy of the earthquake’.
b. Intensity cannot be measured while magnitude can be measured using a
c. Intensity refers to the strength of the quake while magnitude refers to the
degree of destruction it caused at the epicentre.
d. Intensity is a measure of how much damage an earthquake cause at the surface
while magnitude is the strength of the quake.

269. Comparing the speed of sound in liquids, gases, and solids, the speed of
sound is usually lowest in ____ and highest in ____.
a. solids, gases
b. gases, liquids
c. liquids, solids
d. gases, solids

270. Which has a greater density, a lake full of water or a cupful of water?
a. The cup full of water
b. The lake full of water
c. Not enough information
d. They have the same density

271. A stainless steel spoon feels colder than a plastic spoon because stainless
a. absorbs less heat from the hand than plastic does
b. is really colder than plastic
c. has a lower temperature than plastic
d. conducts heat away from the hand faster than plastic does

272. Why is it NOT advisable to repeatedly open the door of a refrigerator?

a. It will loosen the hinges of the refrigerator's door
b. Leads to wastage in electrical energy.
c. Repeated opening introduces bacteria in to the refrigerator.
d. The warm air outside lowers the temperature inside thus making the
refrigeration less-efficient.

273. What kind of mirror is used in cars to give the driver a wider area and smaller
image of the traffic behind him/her?
a. Double concave
b. Convex
c. Plane
d. Concave

274. Why do we hear thunder some seconds after seeing lightning?

a. Light appears brighter in the sky.
b. Light travels faster than sound.
c. Sound travels 1.331 m/s
d. Sound is released later actually

275. Water has a higher specific heat than iron. What does this mean?
a. Water is hotter than iron
b. Water heats more rapidly than iron
c. Water is more dense than iron
d. Water heats more slowly than iron

276. If a colorblind man marries a woman who has normal vision and no history of
the disease, it is most probable that all of their :
a. daughters will be carriers
b. daughters will be colorblind
c. sons will be carriers
d. sons will be colorblind

277. Albino corn seedlings may grow several inches tall. However, they will
eventually die, primarily because
a. direct sunlight will destroy their cells
b. they lack adequate root system
c. they cannot produce their own food
d. they cannot obtain carbon dioxide

278. Mimosa pudica, locally known as Makahiya is called as such because its
leaflets tend to close when touched. This organismal response to a given stimuli is
a. Hydrotropism
c. Geotropism
d. Phototropism

279. What factor was a major cause of both World War I and World War II?
a. The spread of Marxian ideas into Europe
b. The dropping of atomic bombs
c. Nationalism and national borders
d. The rise of totalitarian fascist states

280. In which organization is the Philippines a member to fight communist

b. ASA
c. UN

281. The theory that population increases by geometrical ratio while the means of
subsistence increases by arithmetical ratio is attributed to?
a. Karl Marx
b. Robert Malthus
c. Emile Durkheim
d. Aristotle
282. In what instance is the Filipino double-standard morality shown?
a. A couple brings their sick child to the doctor then later to the espiritista
b. Young parents bring up their children in a manner different from how they
were brought up
c. Illiterate parents are eager to send their children to school even if they
themselves did not go to school
d. A married man who flirts with someone else other than his wife seems
acceptable but a married woman who flirts with another man is condemned.

283. Which part of Asia does the Arabian peninsula occupy?

a. Northwest
b. Southeast
c. Southwest
d. Northeast

284. The important factors which have contributed to the weakness in the
internalization of desirable values is the?
a. Lack of models among the very people expected to exemplify these values
b. Use of approaches which are mainly cognitive rather than effective
c. Lack of follow up systems from one grade level to another
d. Minimum recognition and appreciation given to teachers

285. To govern is to rule and the government rules by laws. Whose main duty is
the enforcement of laws?
a. Police department
b. Judiciary department
c. Legislative department
d. Executive department

286. The term that refers to the class of Filipinos who were free and independent
a. Timawa
b. Maharlika
c. Aliping namamahay
d. Aliping saguiguilid

287. The Spanish expedition responsible for naming the archipelago Filipinas
a. Magellan’s expedition
b. Loarca expedition
c. Legaspi expedition
d. Villalobos expedition

288. The third and last military governor of the Philippines was
a. Gen. Wesley Merritt
b. Gen. Elwell Otis
c. Gen. Arthur MacArthur
d. Gen. Douglas MacArthur
289. Which Katipunan member commuted from Cavite to Manila to buy materials
used to make ammunitions?
a. Teresa Magbanua
b. Agueda Esteban
c. Teodora Alonso
d. Trinidad Tecson

290.Which economic system is based on free enterprise?

a. Globalism
b. Mixed economies
c. Capitalism
d. Communism

291. How is the so-called colonial mentality manifested?

a. Cultural relativism
b. Cultural diversity
c. Xenocentrism
d. Ethnocentrism

292. Which is a safeguard against unfair trade practices like short-weighing?

a. Total Quality Movement
b. Consumerism
c. Consumer vigilance
d. Sub-standardization

293. If the seven continents were arranged from largest to smallest, in which
order does Australia fall?
a. 4th
b. 5th
c. 6th
d. 7th

294. In which continent can we find stormy Cape Horn which is known as the
graveyard of ships and sailors?
a. Africa
b. Australia
c. South America
d. Asia

295. Which led to the creation of Pakistan as a nation in 1947? Religious

differences between
a. Hindus and Christians
b. Christians and Muslims
c. Hindus and Buddhists
d. Hindus and Muslims

296. Which is common to Sun Yat Sen and Mahatma Gandhi?

a. Promoted a society ruled by religious leaders
b. Rejected violence as a way to political power
c. Led a successful nationalistic movement in their respective countries
d. Supported Marxist philosophy to change existing governments

297. Nebuchadnezzar was to the Babylonian Empire as Asoka was to the ______
a. Roman
b. Gupta
c. Greek
d. Maurya

298. With the opposition of the parity rights in mind, who does NOT belong to the
a. Claro M. Recto
b. Jose Laurel
c. Manuel Roxas
d. Pedro Taruc

299. When the Filipino reformists asked for the assimilation of the Philippines by
Spain, what did they ask for? For the Philippines to ____
a. Become independent from Spain
b. Become a province of Spain
c. Be independent from Spain with certain conditions
d. Be represented in the Spanish Cortes

300. Who among the Presidents changed the date of our celebration of
Independence day from July 4 to June 12?
a. Ramon Magsaysay
b. Diosdado Macapagal
c. Carlos Garcia
d. Ferdinand Marcos

301. In which country did the Philippines participate in the world’s peacekeeping
operations by sending doctors, nurses, soldiers and police?
a. Israel
b. East Timor
c. Iraq
d. Iran

302. In which poem did Rizal write about offering one’s life for one’s country?
a. A La Juventud Filipina
b. Song of Maria Clara
c. Sa Aking mga Kabata
d. Mi Ultimo Adios

303. As an effect of our geography, in which of the following island/s do people

travel mostly by water?
a. Luzon
b. Mindanao
c. Visayas
d. Visayas and Mindanao

304. As an insular country, to which principle does the Philippines adhere when it
comes to territorial boundary?
a. Two hundred nautical miles of the country’s coast
b. Three hundred fifty nautical miles from shore
c. Three-mile territorial limit
d. Archipelagic doctrine

305. Which part/s of the Visayas has/have comparatively more excessively moist
climate and limited arable lands?
a. Western
b. Eastern
c. Eastern and Central
d. Central and Western

306. Which follows Pres. Garcia’s “Filipino First Policy”? Filipinos

a. Should buy and consume Filipino products only
b. Should not contribute to the brain drain problem
c. Should be selective in the entry in the entry of foreign professionals in the
d. Were to be given first preference in all matters related to the economic
development of the country

307. Aside from the Philippines, which countries claim part of the Spratly islands
in the South China Sea?
a. China, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia
b. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia
c. Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia
d. China, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia

308. The following are our constitutional rights EXCEPT to

a. Free access to legal assistance which shall not be denied due to poverty
b. Have access to all records of the government
c. Be presumed innocent until proven guilty
d. Form association and labor unions

309. Which of the following is not a benefit of technology in education?

a. Improves critical-thinking abilities.
b. Unlimited access to games and other internet sites.
c. Allows cooperative learning.
d. Increases self-expression.

310. Which situation shows that technology can be used to motivate students to
a. Teacher Eric employs educational games related to the lesson they are taking.
b. Miss Cleo designs lessons which use cooperative learning with technology
c. Mr. Jimmy utilizes computer assisted instruction programs so that students will
learn at their own pace.
d. Teacher Sarah assigns projects to her class where self-expression and creativity
is acknowledged.

311. He is considered as the “Father of Modern Media in Education”.

a. Jean Piaget
b. Robert Gagne
c. B.F. Skinner
d. Edgar Dale

312. It is a term to denote a whole range of technologies associated with

processing information and with sending and receiving messages.
a. Educational Technology
b. Information and Communication Technology
c. Media Technology
d. Instructional Systems Design

313. A methodology widely used for developing new training programs.

a. Microsoft
b. World Wide Web
c. Instructional Systems Design
d. Computer Technology

314. This is considered to be the first manual data processing device developed in
China in the 12th century A.D.
a. Hieroglyphics
b. Papyrus
c. Printing Press
d. Abacus

315. He is considered to be the “Father of Computing” because of his

contributions to the basic design of computer.
a. John Napier
b. William Oughtred
c. Blaise Pascal
d. Charles Babbage

316. Which is the standard input device that accepts letters, numbers and
commands from the user?
a. Trackpad
b. Lightpen
c. Mouse
d. Keyboard

317. Mr. Rico carefully studies the materials he acquired from the internet. He
always examines if the author is qualified to present the material. This practice is?
a. necessary to ensure that the materials are reliable.
b. unethical because he does not trust the author.
c. unnecessary because all resources from the internet are dependable.
d. just a waste of time.

318. When a teacher asks the consistency of a material taken from the internet
with other available materials, he/she is concerned with its?
a. relevance
b. accuracy
c. coverage
d. currency

319. She had ILLUSIVE dreams of instant wealth.

a. Beyond comprehension
b. Moving swiftly
c. Based on false ideas
d. Tending to slip away

320. Philippine economy indicates are closely related to the rise and fall of
a. London pounds c. US Dollars
b. German Mark d. Japanese Yen

321. Watching TV is controlled by parents; children below 18 are discouraged

to view this type of film.
a. Discovery in Science
b. Historical Battles and bloodshed
c. Violence and sex
d. Adolescent stories

322. The skull of a person increase in size rapidly during:

a. Puberty c. Adolescence
b. Babyhood d. Senescence

323. A child discovered a new formula for decreasing the population of ants.
She submitted the research to a teacher who claimed the research as hers. The
a. Right to choose
b. Right to intellectual property
c. Violated human rights
d. Right to live within one’s means

324. The impeachment led Filipinos to:

a. Listen to the proceedings
b. Hate Administration trials
c. Understand the judge’s comments
d. Appreciate the democratic process of government

325. Sino ang pangulo ng Pilipinas na nagbigay ng buhay sa wikang Filipino?

a. Jose P. Laurel c. Corazon Aquino
b. Elpidio Quirino d. Manuel L. Quezon
326. Hindi nakayanan ng aking kaibigan ang kanyang MASALIMUOT na buhay.
a. Mahirap c. Magulo
b. Malabo d. Malungkot

327. Ang katumbas sa Filipino ng “national identity” ay _______.

a. Pandaigdig na pagkilala
b. Pambansang katanyagan
c. Pambayang pagkakakilala
d. Pambansang pagkakilanlan

328. Piliin ang tinutukoy ng salitang nakahilig: Nasa PANTALAN ang sasalubong
sa President.
a. Airport c. Tabing dagat
b. Railroad d. Pier

329. Alin ang tamang babala sa pagtatapon ng basura?

a. Huwag magtapon ng basura dito
b. Dito ang tambakan ng basura
c. Huwag mag-ipon ng basura dito
d. Gamitin ang basurahan sa inyong bahay, huwag dito

340. The committee discussed the issues and everyone at the end seemed ____
to the findings.
a. Ignorant and civil
b. Reluctant to accept
c. Amendable to consider
d. Negative gets open

341. The latest discovery in animal industry is in biological science. Where was
this mostly used?
a. In the cloning of cows
b. In the tissue transplant
c. In the artificial dissemination
d. In the artificial breeding of cattle

342. The opening of the cement plants requires getting a DENR clearance.
Which of this clearance are required?
a. Environmental Clearance (ECC)
b. Waste disposal
c. Air pollution clearance
d. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

343. What is meant by this statement? The hostages are free. They paid their
a. The kidnap victims were free after a ransom
b. The kidnap victims family negotiated peacefully
c. No ransom was demanded of the victims
d. The kidnap victims were safe
344. The reporter was accused in court because of his news story. The story
a. Full of distorted facts
b. A narration of facts
c. Tainted with malice
d. Too personal to take

345. Cultural differences and signals may cause miscommunication. Normally,

other families go for kissing one another. But this is taboo to some families who:
a. Disrespect to elders
b. Takes it as an affront
c. Believe its unsanitary
d. Losing virginity

346. Children are fond of pets. One time a pet dog growled and bit a child. How
will the owner handle the situation?
a. Kill the dog
b. Tie the dog & feed it regularly
c. Use the dog’s brain to treat the wound
d. Allow the dog to be observed for 10-18 days before giving anti rabies

347. The weather bureau gave this warning during thunderstorms. Which
comes first?
a. Lightning flashes first
b. Thunder follows all lightning
c. Thunder sound spread fast
d. Lightning and thunders are simultaneous

348. Local peace negotiations should be the primary concern of what office?
a. Church hierarchy
b. Philippine National Police
c. Philippine Marine SWAT force
d. Local Municipal & Provincial Executive

349. A change in the composition of a substance resulting in the formation of a

new substance is called:
a. Chemical change
b. Nuclear change
c. Mechanical change
d. Physical change

350. There are 18 north maids and 12 south maids serving in a hotel. Give the
ratio of the north to the entire group and express them in simple terms?
a. 3/5 b. 2/5 c. 3/2 d. 2/3

351. The Philippine National Bank soars and has used a symbol for their
advertisement. It is the:
a. The hawk c. The pigeon
b. The parrot d. The eagle

352. Text messages are used for fast communication. What does this message
mean? “Ur have to meet friends 5 AM”
a. You have to be here at 5 in the afternoon
b. You should meet your friends at five in the morning
c. You have friends to meet at five AM
d. Be there at five in the morning

353. The hostage victims were heard asking the rescuers to hold on to the fort.
What was the message?
a. Disregard the peace negotiations
b. Surrender in arms
c. Rescue them fast and early
d. Keep on with the fight

354. The crimes were considered serious because the penalty was:
a. To die in jail
b. Lethal injection
c. A life sentence
d. A total exile in a foreign land

355. There are several advertisements that encourage people to take this
supplement so that they can grow three to five inches more even after the age of
a. This is not possible; there is a definite pattern of growth of bones and muscles
b. This is true because of the protein content
c. This is true because of the AD would not have been allowed
d. This is not true because there are no specific individuals mentioned

356. In one drug rehabilitation center most inmates who were found deep in
prohibited drugs were:
a. Children wanting of paternal love and care
b. Children who had no identity to speak up
c. Children who have so much to spend
d. Children who were lazy and vicious

357. The virus “love bug” is a technological element spread by:

a. Computer c. Radio
b. Internet d. Television

358. How many grams of shabu will not allow bonds for culprits?
a. 200 grams c. 300 grams
b. 250 grams d. 1,000 grams

359. A man imprisoned for ten years. After five years, he was found innocent.
What can this man demand?
a. Compensation for the years under detention
b. Punishment of the arresting officer
c. Retaliation against the accusers
d. Sanction against the judge

360. A child left alone by her mother under the care of her stepfather. Later,
the child complained of being rape. What crime was committed?
a. Child harassment
b. Rape or heinous crime
c. Sexual harassment
d. Abuse of minors or incest

361. A society is healthy if the citizens are healthy physically and mentally. One
approach to solve mental illness is:
a. The maintenance of mental health centers
b. Isolation in asylum cases of mentally disturbed persons
c. Allowing mental cases to return at home environment and care
d. Conducting periodic visits of mental and physical therapist in homes of

362. Since the Philippines is a republic country, it elects its president directly.
What is the smallest electoral unit of the government?
a. Electoral tribunal
b. Election precinct
c. Commission on Election
d. Representative district

363. The advice on the invitation was found. Who failed to get the message?
a. Denims pants are all right
b. No barong tagalog please
c. Come in coat and tie
d. Polo barongs with demins are OK

364. Drug addiction has been found rampant in schools. The initial signs of
addiction are in:
a. Shabby and unkempt appearance
b. Sleeping during recitation time
c. Red nose and checks at noon
d. Abusive language and behaviors

365. A child wanted to use her father’s family name. Why did she insist on this?
a. Every child should have a father
b. Every individuals has a right to be baptized
c. Every individual has a right to a proper identity
d. Every child should be called by her paternal name

366. Walang tubig kahapon. Ito ay pangungusap na:

a. Walang pandiwa c. May panaguri
b. Walang paksa d. May paksa
367. Why do nurses and doctors use gloves when injecting patients with AIDS?
a. AIDS transmitted by touch
b. AIDS virus easily enter open wounds and pores
c. AIDS can be cured by injection
d. A prick of a needle from AIDS patient is dangerous

368. After two pregnancies some of these mothers loose a pair of teeth or so.
What could be the cause?
a. Lack of iron & other minerals in diet during pregnancies
b. Diet during pregnancy lacks sulfur
c. Too much sweets in diet
d. Poor brushing habits

369. The chef mixed wine with other appetizers otherwise ________ the recipe.
a. Everyone will be questioned
b. Everyone will question
c. Everyone will be questioning
d. Everyone will ask and question

370. The carabao is the working animal of farmers. However, these herds were
converted for meat purposes. How did the government respond to the lack of
a. Put up a carabao project in CLSU
b. Imported buffalos from Australia
c. Distribute tractors and other machinery
d. Converted farms into subdivision and housing area

371. Student and teacher stand at attention during Flag ceremonies. School
principals assign guards on the street to stop vehicles during the ceremonies. How
does the public take this practice?
a. Only military and policeman should stop and salute the flag
b. Only school children should be controlled in these ceremonies
c. The flag is for all citizens: it’s the symbol of the nation
d. Stopping traffic is not the job of the school

372. How does the Philippines show its identity in airlines?

a. Displaying the Philippine flag in carriers
b. Pilots wearing Philippine ensign
c. Stewardess dressed in Philippine costume
d. Playing Filipinos songs in Philippine airlines plane

373. Which of the following lines is an example of iambic pentameter?

a. Her desk once red with heroes blood
b. And this alas is more than we would do
c. She loves the way I hold her hand
d. I will lament and cry

374. How many twenty thousand are there in two million?

a. 100 b. 500 c. 50 d. 1000
375. A patient underwent a surgery. The anesthesia hardly had an immediate
effect on him. Where was the case traced? To his:
a. Being allergic
b. Physical weakness
c. Being an alcoholic
d. Heredity

376. Food remnants, plants and other animals wastes should be separated in
waste disposal since:
a. These can be converted to organic fertilizer
b. These hardy decay
c. These invite flies
d. These are easy prey to rodents

377. Tomatoes come in abundance at certain times of the year. How can the
supply be assured?
a. Plant during rainy season
b. Encourage preservation of tomatoes
c. Avoid using tomatoes
d. Use substitute to tomatoes

378. There was a tourist promo. All students bought tickets for the trip. The
promotion was:
a. Done systematically
b. Educational and affordable
c. Understood and accepted
d. Motivated well and costly

379. To what biome do the Philippines belong to?

a. tropical rainforest
b. tundra
c. dipterocarp forest
d. grassland

380. Tides, caused by gravity, is gradually slowing down earth’s rotation speed. A
million years from now, scientists predict that earth’s __________________.

a. day is longer
b. year is shorter
c. day is shorter
d. year is longer

381. On the earth’s geographical location will a town be to have most nearly
twelve hours of light and twelve hours darkness during winter?

a. halfway between the equator and South pole

b. close to North Pole
c. close to equator
d. close to the South Pole

382. Which one explains why oxygen, a gas, is largest component of the earth’s

a. oxygen gives earth crust its lightness

b. oxygen is capable of combining with most of the earth’s elements
c. oxygen is the most abundant element
d. oxygen is needed to sustain all life on earth
383. To earth scientist, the most important features on the map are the
landforms that shape the earth’s surface and are shown in?

a. hydrographic map
b. geologic map
c. political map
d. topographic map

384. What causes high and low tides?

a. earth’s rotation on its’ axis

b. sun’s solar energy
c. moon’s gravitational pull
d. earth’s gravitational pull

385. How is coral atoll formed?

a. volcanic eruptions
b. corals growing around a volcanic island
c. underwater bedrock formations
d. earthquake

386. What is the long shore drift?

a. movement of sand and shingles along the coast

b. sand bars
c. accumulation of sand
d. island formed by volcanic eruption

387. How does an occlusion form?

a. cold air moving up from the ground

b. cold front pushing warm air up off the ground
c. unbalanced electrical reaction in air
d. cold and warm air mixing

388. What is heat haze?

a. A reflection caused by pollutants in the air

b. A distorted image resulting from the bending of the sun’s light rays by changes
in air temperature
c. movement of warm air over a vast expanse of land
d. caused by extremely high temperature common of dessert areas

389. What sort of rock formation do the world’s greatest mountain ranges consist

a. magma
b. chalk deposits
c. fold eruptions
d. slip formation

390. What is the force that wears down mountains?

a. earthquake
b. erosion
c. volcanic eruptions
d. deforestation

391. How are volcanic islands formed?

a. collision of two oceanic plates

b. volcanic eruptions
c. cooling of lava by seawater
d. Accumulation of corals

392. When you pass orange fruit from tetra pack into a glass, the juice changes

a. volume
b. shape
c. state
d. all of the above

393. The amount of water vapour air can hold at a certain temperature without
any change in state.

a. relative humidity
b. water capacity
c. water holding capacity
d. water pressure

394. A relative humidity of 20% mean air ________________________.

a. is filled with water vapour

b. can hold 25% more water vapour
c. is filled up to 25% of its’ capacity
d. has no water vapour content
395. Which of the following does not cause the different seasons?

a. tilting of the earth’s axis

b. rotation
c. revolution
d. evolution

396. The movement of the ocean water which can be alternative source of energy
or power

a. waves
b. tides
c. gravitational force
d. earth’s rotation

397. When water vapour reaches this temperature, condensation takes place

a. saturation point
b. dew point
c. condensation point
d. precipitation point

398. Results in alternative days and nights in opposite parts of the earth

a. earth rotates on its’ axis in west to east direction

b. earth rotates on its’ axis in east to west direction
c. earth stops rotating on its’ axis
d. earth tilts on its’ axis

399. The falling of any form of water from the air to the earth’s surface.

a. condensation
b. precipitation
c. water vapour
d. humidity

400. The part of the atmosphere that filters the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

a. stratosphere
b. troposphere
c. ozone layer
d. ionosphere

401. The point of the earth’s orbit nearest the sun.

a. solstice
b. eclipse
c. aphelion
d. perihelion

402. The property of the minerals which give off rays of light when exposed to
ultraviolet light.

a. luminescence
b. phosphorescence
c. radiation
d. fluorescence

403. Which of the following involves chemical weathering?

a. carbonation
b. oxidation
c. decomposition
d. all of the above

404. How long does it take for the earth to complete one rotation?

a. 365 days
b. 30 days
c. 24 hours
d. 72 hours

405. What is the primary function of gravity in the universe?

a. provision of energy
b. keep the stars and heavenly bodies in orbit
c. causes movement in space
d. part of universal design

406. What does the word “monsoon” mean?

a. moon will come soon

b. atmosphere
c. season
d. climate

407. Its’ discovery enabled geologist to date rocks accurately.

a. global positioning system

b. carbon-dating
c. radioactivity
d. layering
408. It occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moo, with the earth’s
shadow cast over the moon.

a. total eclipse
b. lunar eclipse
c. eclipse
d. partial eclipse

409. It is the boundary at which the advancing warm air mass is replacing colder
air at the surface.

a. warm front
b. stationary front
c. cold front
d. occluded front

410. Alinsamgasumusunod ang hindiuri ng “galaxy” ayonsaklasipikasyonnaginawa

I Edwin Hubble?

a. elliptical
b. spiral
c. barred spiral
d. Sirius

411. Ang erosion ay maaringmaagapansapamamagitan ng pagbubungkalayonsa

contour ng lupa. Ang tawagdito ay ______________________.

a. terracing
b. strip-cropping
c. contour plowing
d. hillside plowing

412. Ang paggalaw ng mga “plates” tulad ng “Eurasian Plate” at “Pacific Plate” ay
pinaniniwalaansadahilang _________________ .

a. Hindi pantay ang pagkalat ng init ng mundonito ay “convection current”

b. initna galling saaraw
c. enerhiyang tidal
d. “gravitational pull”

413. Ang _______ ay ang tawagsapagtalsik ng mganatunawna material

namulasailalim ng lupa.

a. faulting
b. b. volcanism
c. tectonic movement
d. continental shift

414. Which of the following is heterogeneous?

a. Rain water
b. Clean air
c. Sea water
d. Kerosene

415. Eight out of the top ten leading causes of morbidity in the Philippines are
communicable. To prevent from happening to your students the best advice you
can give them is to ___.
a. Avoid dangerous activities
b. Clean the classroom often
c. Cover the mouth when sneezing
d. Wash hands frequently

416. Iron-deficiency contributes to the poor scholastic performance of students.

Which of the following food items is best for iron-deficient students?
a. Pechay c. Sardines
b. Fish d. Liver

417. The interaction between living organisms and nonliving elements in the
environment is called a/an ______.
a. Species c. Population
b. Community d. Ecosystem

418. Which of the following best differentiates an earthquake’s intensity from its
a. Intensity describes the depth from which the earthquake originated while
magnitude refers to the energy of the earthquake
b. Intensity cannot be measured while magnitude can be measured using a
c. Intensity refers to the strength of the quake while magnitude refers to the
degree of destruction it caused at its epicenter
d. Intensity is a measure of how much damage an earthquake caused at the
surface while magnitude is the strength of the quake

419. What is the type response exhibited by the roots of plants?

a. Negative phototropism
b. Positive geotropism
c. Positive thigmotropism
d. Negative geotropism

420. All of the following are effects of deforestation, except:

a. Landslides
b. Global warming
c. Flash floods
d. Destruction of the ozone layer

421. All of the following problems may arise in the use of sanitary landfill, except:
a. Production of methane gas and possible explosion
b. Refusal of residents for the construction of sanitary landfill in their area
c. Flashfloods and degradation of soil
d. Pollution of the surrounding soil

422. Patients suffering from malfunction of the kidney are now assisted by
machine that serves as artificial kidney called _________.
a. Homeostatic machine c. Hemoscope
b. Pacemaker d. Homodialyzer

423. Why do we hear thunder some seconds after seeing lightning?

a. Light appears brighter in the sky
b. Light travels faster than sound
c. Sound travels 1,331 m/s
d. Sounds is released later

424. Meteorology is a very important branch of natural science, without which we

cannot be informed of forthcoming ______.
a. Earthquake c. Meteor
b. Tropical cyclone d. Comet

425. Which of the following is the primary concern of marriage?

a. The mutual production and security of man and woman
b. The companionship of husband and wife
c. The maintenance of social status
d. The procreation and education of children

426. What is the teacher’s accountability in the achievement of quality

a. Be accountable for reporting the performance of learners to the school head
and stakeholders
b. Be accountable for the effective delivery of specified learning objectives and
c. Be accountable for the grading performance of learners
d. Be accountable for reporting the performance of learners to parents

427. Inclusion is a basic of every Filipino child with special needs to education,
rehabilitation, support services, work training and employment opportunities,
community participation and independent living.
What law was passed by Philippines Congress in 1995 which forms the total
integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society?
a. RA No. 7776 c. RA No. 7277
b. RA No. 7722 d. RA No. 7784

428. What is the best indicator of “quality,” as invoked in the Constitution?

a. On participation rate
b. On cohort survival rate
c. On drop-out rate
d. On educational outcomes
429. Article XIV Section I of the 1987 Philippines Constitution mandates that the
“State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all
levels and shall take appropriate steps to make education accessible to all.”
Which of the goals of EFA 2015 aims to achieve the above mentioned
constitutional mandate?
a. Universal completion of full cycle of basic education with satisfactory
achievement levels at every grade level
b. Universal completion of full cycle of basic education schooling with satisfactory
achievement levels by all at every grade or year
c. Universal elimination of drop outs and repetition by all at every grade or year
including satisfactory achievement levels
d. Universal completion of secondary education with satisfactory achievement
levels at every year level

430. Violation of human rights is a violation of the ________ of persons.

a. Dignity c. Emotions
b. Intelligence d. Freedom

431. An individual has the right to file the WRIT OF AMPARO before the
investigation of an administrative case filed against him/her. What fundamental
right is invoked by the individual?
a. Right to life, liberty and security
b. Right to self-defense
c. Right to due process
d. Right to be defended by a public attorney

432. According to the Bill of Rights, private property shall not be taken for public
use without _________.
a. An official survey of the property
b. A dialogue between individual owner and government representative
c. A notarized deed of sale
d. Just compensation

433. Which statement/s on education is/are correct?

I. Education is a fundamental human right
II. Education is an imperfect right
III. Education is the key to sustainable development, peace and stability

a. I and III c. I, II and III

b. III only d. I only

434. In peace education curricula, which does not belong?

a. Independence of nations
b. Global awareness
c. Interdependence among nations
d. Conflict resolution

435. During the eruption of Mayon Volcano, what message was sent to the
barangay folks?
a. Everybody call. Everyone evacuate the area
b. Wait for final order of the chief
c. Get ready!
d. Everybody leave your carabaos

436. A message was sent by the chief of office. What should the subordinate
answer? Choose the best response.
a. Sorry, I’m busy sir c. Sir, I got it right
b. Noted, Sir d. I’ll verify Sir

437. How should this slogan be printed?

1. Keep right
2. Classes are on-going
3. At corridors
4. Maintain silence

What is the best order?

a. 1, 4, 3, 2 c. 1, 2, 3, 4
b. 4, 3, 1, 2 d. 3, 4, 2, 1

438. Rallies staged against lewd films are reactions for _____.
a. More freedom of expression
b. More censoring by authorities
c. Disapproval of questionable actors
d. Further control of media

439. Farmers were advised about the occurrence of El Niño. This means
a. There will be famine
b. There will be abundance
c. There will be draught
d. There will be flood

440. How do people react to a boring lecture or even committee hearings? They
usually ___.
a. Normally jeer
b. Walk out in disgust
c. Keep quiet and listen
d. Clap loud and cheer

441. Not all -ED’s in verbs sound alike. Which -ED is different?
a. His action is taintED with malice
b. She borrowED a book from the library
c. He was executED for his criminal act
d. She wantED a chaperon

442. Before giving the test, Teacher Richard tells his class: “Be honest. If I catch
you cheating, beware. If it’s a girl caught cheating, that’s worse; it is double
mortal sin.” What concept is evident in the advice/warning from the teacher?
a. Double standard morality
b. Machismo mentality
c. Split personality
d. Cognitive dissonance

443. From the idealist point of view, which statement on values is true?
I. Values are changing
II. Values are unchanging
III. Values determine our lifestyle

a. II and III only c. I and III

b. I, II and III d. III only

444. “No pain, no gain; no cross, no crown.” What do these short statements
point to?
a. Be willing to pay the price for every dream you want to realize
b. Why suffer when there are a lot of pain relievers available
c. Life is a heavy burden to carry
d. Others make our life miserable many times

445. “Be honest even if others are not. Be honest even if others cannot.” What
does the statement imply about values?
I. Values remain to be values even if nobody possesses them
II. Values are dependent on person, place and time
III. Values are changing
a. II only c. I only
b. II and III d. III only

446. If Zandro is surrounded by lazy and dishonest people, does that mean he will
automatically be like them?
a. That depends on the strength of the influence of the group of lazy and
dishonest around him
b. Yes, because environment influences the development of man
c. It depends on the personality type of Zandro
d. No, he can choose to be different since man has free will

447. The valuing process includes three main processes: choosing from among
alternatives, prizing what you have chosen and acting upon your choice
consistently. Teacher Xerneas, a veteran teacher, is not in favor of his daughter
who plans to take up teaching. Using the three processes as criteria. Does teacher
Xerneas value teaching?
a. Yes, being a veteran teacher, he has been in the teaching profession for years
b. Yes, he knows his daughter and may be convinced that he does not fit in the
teaching profession
c. No, if he cherishes his profession he will encourage others including his
daughter to become like him
d. No, he had no other choice then so he took up teaching
448. We, Filipinos, are perceived to have the tendency to limit our love and
concern to our families, to our clan and to people we know. Which Filipino trait is
a. Double-standard mentality
b. Particularism
c. Heroism
d. Universalism

449. What is a characteristic of a progressive tax system?

a. The tax rate is greater for higher incomes
b. People who earn less pay a larger part of their income in taxes than those
people who earn more
c. The tax rate is equal for all citizens
d. All people pay the same percentage of their earnings in taxes

450. Which type of taxation system is pro-poor?

I. Equitable
II. Equal
III. Progressive

a. II and III c. I and II

b. I, II and III d. I and III

451. The primary purpose of taxation is to _____.

a. Raise revenue for the support of the government
b. Reduce inequalities in wealth and incomes
c. Fortify the government against invaders
d. Make the country a leading industrialized country in the world

452. Genuine respect for all people that lead to world peace is anchored on the
concept that all persons _____.
a. Can contribute to global development
b. Have dignity
c. Have talents
d. Are citizens of the world

453. Which assumption underlines the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program?

a. The wealth of the country is concentrated in the hands of a few
b. Our country has very few landed people and very many landless
c. There is so much poverty in the country because of overpopulation
d. People are more productive if they own what they cultivate

454. John Dewey’s major contributions to the sociological foundation of

education are the following except one. Which one is it?
a. Facilitating education means being aware of the social condition of the learners
b. Education is a social process beginning unconsciously at birth
c. School is a continuation of home; activities at home continue at school
d. “True education” is transmission of knowledge from the teacher to the learner
455. The cultural heritage of Southeast Asia has been designated by UNESCO as
a. World International Center
b. World Heritage Sites
c. World Cultural Heritage
d. World Tourist Spots

456. Children learn how to open a coconut and other common chores in a
coconut farm. In this instance, culture is transmitted by:
a. Immersion c. Assimilation
b. Enculturation d. Acculturation

457. Which among the following has been said to be the strongest factor that
drives most Filipino men and women to leave their country and work abroad?
a. Poverty c. Insurgency
b. Illiteracy d. Consumerist mentality

458. What is an indicator of the patronage system in the Philippine society which
contributes to poverty and corruption?
a. Parents have many “kumpares” in the baptism of their child
b. A less deserving applicant gets appointed because he has a “padrino”
c. Most people patronize imported goods
d. The “pilosopo” type of worker does not get promoted in his job

An international education initiative, known as global competence, was first

noted in 1988 in a report published by the Council on International Education
Exchange. Higher education institutions were enjoined to send students on
exchange programs to universities abroad where Americans are not the majority
population and where English is not the dominant language.
Educational scholars have proposed definitions for the term global competence
and postulates regarding the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and
experiences necessary to become globally competent. Cross-cultural awareness
and interaction, familiarity with an environment, intercultural facility, effective
two-way communication, interconnectedness of people and systems, acceptance
of the different cultural values and attitudes are integral components of global

459. Which of the following published a pioneer report on the concept of global
a. Council on International Scholars Exchange
b. Council on International Educators
c. Council on International Education Exchange
d. Council on International Educationists

460. Whatare integral concepts/components of global competence?

a. Cultural values, interconnectedness with people, cultural awareness and
b. Two-way communication, intercultural facility, cross-cultural awareness, and
interconnectedness of people and systems
c. Acceptance of people’s value, attitudes, language, culture and environment
d. Communication of knowledge, skills, experiences and cultural awareness

The most important source of sediment is earth and rock material carried to the
sea by rivers and streams; the same materials may also have been transported by
glaciers and winds. Other sources are volcanic ash and lava, shells and skeletons
of organisms, chemical precipitates formed in seawater, and particles from outer
Water is a most unusual substance because it exists on the surface of the earth in
its three physical states: ice, water, and water vapor. There are other substances
that might exist in a solid and liquid or gaseous state at temperature normally
found at the earth’s surface, but there are no other substances which occur in all
three states.
Water is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It is the only substance known to exist
in a natural state as a solid, liquid, or gas on the surface of the earth. It is a
universal solvent. Water does not corrode, rust, burn, or separate into its
components easily. It is chemically indestructible. It can corrode almost any metal
and erode the most solid rock. A unique property of water is that it expands and
floats on water when frozen or in the solid state. Water has a freezing point of
0 C. and a boiling point of 100 C. Water has the capacity for absorbing great
quantities of heat with relatively little increase in temperature. When distilled,
water is a poor conductor of electricity but when salt is added, it is a good
conductor of electricity.
Sunlight is the source of energy for temperature change, evaporation, and
currents for water movement through the atmosphere. Sunlight controls the rate
of Photosynthesis for all marine plants, which are directly or indirectly the source
of food for all marine animals. Migrations, breeding, and other behaviors of
marine animals are affected by light.
Water, as the ocean or sea, is blue because of the molecular scattering of the
sunlight. Blue light, being of short wavelength, is scattered more effectively than
light of longer wavelengths. Variations in color may be caused by particles
suspended in the water, water depth, cloud cover, temperature, and other
variable factors. Heavy concentrations of dissolved materials cause a yellowish
hue, while algae will cause the water to look green. Heavy populations of plant
and animal materials cause the water to look brown.

461. Which of the topics best organizes the information in the text?
a. Properties of seawater, photosynthesis, oceans and seas
b. Properties of water, its physical states, effects of the sun on water
c. Water as substance, water and plants
d. State of water as vapor, ice, liquid

462. Which of the following best defines the word “distilled”as it is used in the
last sentence of the third paragraph?
a. Containing wine
b. Free of salt content
c. Free of electrical energy
d. Dehydrated soil
463. Each of the following objects is designed to employ the buoyancy principle
except a:
a. Life preserver c. Submarine
b. Kite d. Canoe

464. To lessen vehicular air pollution, the government should?

a. ask pedestrians to use bicycles.
b. utilize rail transits like MRT and LRT
c. impose stiffer penalties on decade old vehicles
d. ban smoke - belchers on the roads

465. Developing mines require getting a DENR clearance. Which of the ff.
clearances are required?
a. air pollution clearance
b. waste disposal clearance
c. environmental clearance
d. LGU clearance

466. The latest discovery in biological science as applied to animal industry, is

most widely used in?
a. tissue transplant
b. cloning of animals
c. artificial breeding
d. reproduction

467. Agricultural centers have found lately varieties of coconut propagation.

Through what means where the coconut varieties get discovered and distributed?
a. tissue culture laboratories
b. scholarships
c. seed selection
d. putting up plant nurseries

468. Food preparation are handled well to avoid spoilage caused by ___________
in the preparation and processing of the food products.
a. miscalculation
b. bad weather
c. unsanitary conditions
d. mislabeling

469. The DOH warns the public about preservatives being used in vegetables.
What advice could you give with regards ensuring safe vegetables?
a. freeze the vegetables
b. wash the vegetables well with clean water
c. soak them with detergents
d. consume them immediately

470. School feeding and milk rationing programs to school children are being
implemented by the government . The project is designed to?
a. have pogi points
b. Special program of DepEd & DOH
c. provide food suplements
d. stop malnutrition among schoolchildren

471. Food, plants and other animals wastes should be segregated in waste
disposal because?
a. these are biodegradable
b. these are non - biodegradable
c. these are disease - carrier
d. they are unsanitary

472. People on the earth experience day and night regularly every 24hrs. Why is
this so?
a. because the earth rotates on its own axis
b. because the earth revolves on its own axis
c. because the earth tilts on its own axis
d. because the earth revolves around the sun

473. Acid rain cause fish kills, destroy buildings, dissolve river nutrients, etc.
Which of the ff. causes acid rain?
a. forest fires
b. burning of fossil fuels
c. use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
d. vehicles emission

474. Is the relationship between an organism and a host where neither is

benefited nor harmed.
a. commensalism
b. competitive
c. parasitic
d. mutualistic

475. Living and feeding on leaves by the caterpillar is an example of

_______________ relationship.
a. competitive
b. mutualistic
c. parasitic
d. predatory

476. Which of the following is not used in the manufacture of food by green
a. carbon dioxide
b. sun
c. water and soil nutrients
d. oxygen

477. Josef weigh 65 kilos on the ground. How much is the force of gravity on him?
a. 65 kilos
b. 130 kilos
c. 32.75 kilos
d. none

478. During respiration, green plants take in?

a. water
b. carbon dioxide
c. oxygen
d. carbon dioxide and water

479. A root may perform all the following functions except?

a. photosynthesis
b. anchorage
c. food storage
d. water absorption

480. Ang kutsilyo ni Mang Atong ay kinalawang pagkataposng ilang buwan. Ano
ang sanhi nito?
a. ang hydrogen ay humalo sa iron
b. ang oxygen ay humalo sa iron
c. may mikrobyo ang kutsilyo
d. kutsilyo ay yari sa metal

481. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang nagpapakita ng kemikal na pagbabago?

a. pagsunog ng papel
b. pag - ulan
c. pagkatunaw ng yelo
d. pag - ebaporeyt ng tubig

482. Ito ay pagtaas ng likido sa maliit na tubo.

a. akselerasyon
b. absorpsyon
c. adsorpsyon
d. capillarity

483.Ito ay ang paulit ulit na pagbabago sa pagtaas at pagbaba ng tubig sa mga

a. wave
b. wave velocity
c. high tide
d. tides

484. What would be the best way to prevent soil erosion in a hill?
a. building terraces
b. cultivation
c. reforestation
d. irrigation

485. The application of specific concepts and principles.

a. biology
b. ecology
c. technology
d. science

486. What is the coolness after experiencing perspiration?

a. air entered the skin pores
b. evaporation of perspiration
c. absorption of perspiration
d. condensation of perspiration

487. A weather disturbance having a 50km/ hour center winds is called?

a. hurricane
b. tropical depression
c. storm
d. typhoon

488. Environmental pollution is classified as violence that is now termed as?

a. ecological
b. structural
c. technological
d. scientific

489. There are some insects or animal that can walk on water surface. This is
made possible by?
a. surface capillarity
b. surface adhesion
c. surface tension
d. dense water surface

490. Is a group of interacting plants, animals and humans in a particular area.

a. ecological community
b. environment
c. living orgranisms
d. food chain

491. Excessive presence of CO2 in the air trapping heat the earth's surface causing
a rise in temperature in the environment.
a. El Nino
b. "Greenhouse Effect"
c. Pollution
d. La Nina

492. The earth 's shield against the sun sun's harmful radiation.
a. atmosphere
b. air
c. ozone layer
d. clouds
493. The use of products with _____________ is discourage because they
contribute to the depletion of _________.
a. CFC's - solar radiation
b. gas - ozone
c. ozone - air
d. CFC's - ozone layer

494. According to the passage what is the most unique property of water?
a. Water is chemically indestructible
b. Water exists on the surface of the earth in three physical states
c. Water is a poor conductor of electricity
d. Water is odorless, tasteless and colorless

495. Which of these capitalized words do not rhyme?

a. I know it CLEAR
b. That’s not easy to BEAR
c. Let’s give a CHEER
d. It shows, it’s SHEER truth

496. Wastes from the kitchen are considered useful if properly separated. How
are they classified?
a. A non-degradable c. Metallic recesses
b. Biodegradable d. Degradable

497. An ERRATIC behavior suggests one that is _____.

a. Normal c. Inconsistent
b. Stable d. Predictable

498. Piggery farms affected by FMD are prohibited from:

a. Castrating their piglets
b. Isolating their piglets from sows
c. Butchering their pigs for the market
d. Mating their sows when in heat

499. The driver of the speeding car is CULPABLE. This means _______.
a. Innocent c. Guilty
b. Blameless d. Reckless

500. A child after birth has a right to a name. This is _____.

a. A right to his identity
b. A right for just treatment
c. A right for survival
d. A right to suffrage

501. What has solved the caste and social strata system in the Philippines society?
a. Schools in every barangay
b. Barangay empowerment
c. Schools for the handicapped
d. Barangay high schools opened
502. The son of a principal wants to be the valedictorian of the class. What should
the principal do to avoid criticism?
a. Transfer the brighter student to a lower section
b. Assist the son in his class preparation and participation on school activities
c. Call the rivals and give the stern warning
d. Confront the teachers on the son’s grade

503. Free trade means ______.

a. Government restrict entry of identified goods
b. Level of taxing is mutual between countries
c. Goods are all imported
d. Goods come in untaxed

504. How many cubic meters of sand will be required to fill reclamation area of 6
hectares with 1.5 meters depth?
a. 90,000 cubic meters
b. 90,900 cubic meters
c. 110,000 cubic meters
d. 100,000 cubic meters

505. What has made world business fast?

a. A radio network c. Modern technology
b. New prints d. Computers

506. A subordinate could not take the insults his superior does on him daily. What
does this relationship indicate?
a. Superiors are superior
b. Subordinates feeling and valueless
c. Subordinates should be taken as slave
d. The value of respect for another is prevailing

507. Wounded, he walked away still suffering from EXCRUCIATING pain. Describe
the pain.
a. Mild c. Endurable
b. Unbearable d. Slight

508. A fire alarm was rung. What will be done to exit properly? What is heard
from the principal?
a. “Keep cool. Get down quietly.”
b. “Get in touch with your parents, fast.”
c. “Leave your things. March down the stair briskly.”
d. “Dismiss your classes.”

509. Angsarzuelanoongpanahong ng Kastila ay dinadaansa:

a. Pamamagitan ng Kastila
b. Pamamagitan ng salitasaisangbayan
c. Pamamagitan ng halong Tagalog at Kastila
d. Pamamagitan ng halong Tagalog at Ingles
510. The Philippines prides itself as the first presiding officers of the United
Nation. Who was this person?
a. Ambassador Elizalde
b. General Romulo
c. Ambassador Maceda
d. General Yan

511. Anghiling ng namataynaartista ay siya’yilibingsatakip-silim. Anongorasiyon?

a. Madalingaraw
b. Sa pagitan ng alas-singko at alas sais ng hapon
c. Ika-anim ng umaga
d. Ika-walo ng gabi

512. Si Ninoy ay bumaliksaPilipinas. Ayonsakanya:

a. Anglahing Pilipino higitsalahat ay dapatipaglaban, hanggangkamatayan
b. Di dapatbuhayinangmga Pilipino
c. Angkamatayanko para sapamilyalang
d. Dapat bang magpakamataydahillangsa Pilipino

513. The price of glassware was P160.00 per set. After a day the price was raised
by 10% what was the final glassware?
a. P176.00 c. P166.00
b. P196.00 d. P276.00

514. What prize will each receive from a first prize of P45,000,000. There were 15
recipients of the jackpot?
a. P2,500,000 c. P3,100,000
b. P3,000,000 d. P45,000

515. In order not to lose the mother’s teeth what is encouraged in their diet?
a. Iron c. Carbohydrates
b. Fat d. Vitamins

516. The government wants a piece of private land for a government project. The
owner resisted. How can the government own the land?
a. Right of government ownership
b. Right of eminent domain
c. Right of habeas corpus
d. Right of a sovereign over the governed

517. Alinsamgasumusunodangaralnaibinigay ng ANG ALAMAT NI MARIA

MAKILING naikinuwentoni Jose Rizal?
a. Pagyamanin at pangalagaanangatingbayan at lahipagkathiyas at yamannatinito
b. Pag-ibigangmakapagbabagosamundongito
c. Kabanalanangmagpatawad at tulunganangisangmakakasala
d. Dahilsapagmamalabis at pagsamantala,
518. Si Mariano Ponce ay propagandistang may sagisagsapanulatna:
a. Tamaraw c. Kapre
b. Tikbalang d. Kalapate

519. Four mangoes cost P29.00. At that prize what will 2 ½ dozen mangoes cost?
a. P217.50 d. P870.00
b. P188.50 c. P348.50

520. Many observe that ___________.

a. Rich countries abuse their power
b. Countries with poor economy are subservient to the rich
c. Countries that are economically stable are greed
d. Countries with no economic problems become world leader

521. Which family obligation is especially valued?

a. Supplying groceries to relatives in remote barrios
b. Providing health assistance to relatives living in the same locale
c. Keeping immediate family members out of trouble
d. Sending to college relatives in remote barrios

522. Why are barangay chairman assigned to settle barangay cases?

a. They are competent judges
b. They know all the residents
c. They have training
d. They have bases

523. Where would you commit a drug dependent for him to achieve a natural,
tensionless and anxiety-free state?
b. DARN d. BukangLiwayway Center

524. Which has become a prototype of other schemes that defeated the real and
true purpose of the CARL (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law)?
a. The stock option scheme of Hacienda Luisita
b. The conversion of farmlands to industrial complexes
c. The conversion from agricultural to subdivision
d. The voluntary offer to sell

525. The statue was erected in ____ to war heroes.

a. Irreverence c. Homage
b. Defense d. Protection

526. Which is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence?
The studies revealing that, for various reasons, girls spent less time working with
computers than boys.
a. Revealing studies
b. Studies revealed
c. Studies revelations
d. Studies will reveal
527. What is meant by the idiom “at sixes and sevens”?
a. The things have not been shipped
b. In the state of confusion
c. In an orderly manner
d. The boxes are still intact

528. Which word in the passage does not require a change in pitch to show
confidence? “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”
a. Am c. Master
b. Captain d. Fate

529. Mr. Falucho owns a 10 ½ hectares of land. He plans to subdivide this tract
into ¼ hectare lots. He must first set aside 1/6 of the total land for lands. How
many lots will this tract yield?
a. 30 b. 42 c. 35 d. 45

530. What would be the next three terms in the progression 1, 4, 16, ____ ?
a. 64, 256, 1024 d. 65, 257, 1025
b. 67, 259, 7027 c. 66, 258, 1026

531. The Magsaysay Memorial features a _____ state of the well-loved President.
a. Drab c. Casual
b. Caustic d. Colossal

532. Nasa anongkaganapan ng pandiwaangpangungusap?

May padalangtulongangpamahalaan para sakanila.
a. Pabalana c. Paari
b. Palagyo d. Palayon

533. “I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos rather than one run by
foreigners.” What does this mean?
a. Filipinos are incapable of running the government
b. Though full of difficulties, Filipinos are preferred to lead
c. Foreign leaders are better in government
d. Leadership can be performed only by foreigners

534. Alinang di karaniwanganyo ng pandiwang HINTAY KA?

a. Tay c. Intay
b. Tayka d. Teka

535. Alingantas ng tonoanglumilitawsabahaging may salungguhit ng

pangungusapnanagdududa? Nagpuputol ng punoanglalaki.
a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 3

536. Which of the following lines is a simile?

a. “Holding wonder like a cup”
b. “Life has loneliness to sell”
c. “Eyes that love you, arms that hold”
d. “Buy it and never count the cost”

537. During a recent shopping spree. Dodo and Ani bought some new accessories
for their apartment. Ani chose a crocheted throw pillow at P24.95, and Dod
purchased a rural landscape painting for P135.00. How much did they actually
spend if they paid 7% sales tax on their purchased?
a. P171.15 c. P148.75
b. P139.25 d. P159.95

538. What is the sum of all the two digit numbers which are divisible by 5?
a. 945 c. 960
b. 950 d. 1050

539. Tides, caused by the moon’s gravity, create a frictional force that is gradually
slowing down Earth’s rotation speed. One million years from now, scientist may
discover that compared to today, Earth’s:
a. Day is longer c. Day is shorter
b. Year is shorter d. Year is longer

540. Which is the best evidence that helium gas is lighter than air?
a. Helium-filled balloons rise in air
b. Helium has the lowest boiling point of all elements
c. Helium atoms do not combine with other air atoms
d. By volume, helium makes up only 0.0005% of air

541. What is the most likely reason for a desert plant to have a few or no leaves?
a. To increase photosynthesis
b. To decrease transpiration
c. To decrease photosynthesis
d. To increase transpiration

542. Without the process of meiosis, we can infer that offspring from sexual
reproduction would:
a. Be identical
b. Have a high degree of genetic variety
c. Have twice the assigned number of chromosomes
d. Have a number of mutations

543. Each of the following objects is designed to employ the buoyancy principle
except a:
a. Life preserver c. Submarine
b. Kite d. Canoe

544. At the Philippine General Hospital, doctors reported on the abandoned

patients. This means:

a. The patients do not have permanent address

b. The patients are left behind by relatives
c. The patients cannot afford to pay their bill
d. The patients are left by doctors

545. The death of men in the mine was caused by:

a. Suffocation c. Erosion
b. Lethal smell d. Darkness

546. “At time patient is indefatigable in promoting political truth”. The statement

a. A hero practices political truth

b. Patriots forget selves to serve others
c. Patriots are brave and cunning
d. Patriots are rich and truthful

447. Ano ang tawag sa mga titik batay sa bigkas ng Ingles?

a. Alivata or baybayin
b. Alpabetong Filipino
c. Alpabetong Romano
d. Alpabetong Pilipino

548. Ayon kng Romulo: “Ang Pilipino ay dugong maharlika.” Ano ang kahulugan

a. Ang Pilipino ay sadyang matatag ang budhi

b. Ang Pilipino ay nanggaling sa malayang lahi
c. Ang Pilipino ay madaling maipagbili at mabola
d. Ang Pilipino ay di purong Pilipino
549. Ang Tagalog ang naging opisyal na wika ng Pilipinas dahil sa:
a. Saligang batas ng 1986
b. Saligang batas ng 1973
c. Saligang batas ng 1935
d. Saligang batas ng Malolos

550. Di katakataka na ilang pulis ay hinihinalang kasangkot sa pagpalaganap ng

krimen. Ano ang kahulugan ng kasangkot?

a. Kabalikat c. Kasabwat
b. Kabilang d. Kasama-sama

551. Ang di niya makalimutan ay isang ____ ng anak niya bago umalis pa Amerika.

a. Pagaako c. Pinangako
b. Pagpako d. Pangako

552. A swimming pool is an equilateral triangle in shape. One side is 11 meters.

How many meters are needed to enclose the pool?
a. 55 meters c. 44 meters
b. 45 meters d. 33 meters

553. Water is rationed in a village everyday. The truck tanks deliver 8 tons of
water in 10 hours. How many tons of water was delivered in 4 days to each house
by the agent?

a. 3.2 tons c. 40 tons

b. 320 tons d. 80 tons

554. Mrs. Amanda’s bathroom has to be covered with tiles. The edge of the
bathroom needs a rubberize tile. If the tub is 2.3 meters long and 1.8 wide, how
many meters of rubberized tiles are required?

a. 9.2 meters c. 4.6 meters

b. 8.2 meters d. 2.3 meters

55. An executive office has to be carpeted. The area is 3m by 4m and the carpet
costs PHP 1,000.00 per square meter. How much will be spent for the purchase of
the carpet?

a. PHP 120,000.00 c. PHP 12,000.00

b. PHP 10,000.00 d. PHP 1,000.00

556. Write this ratio in its simplest form: 3 cm to 20 cm.

a. 20.30 c. 30.20
b. 02.30 d. 03.20

557. The Department of Health allows the sale of drugs and medicines after
thorough laboratory test. Which of these drugs are discouraged for use because
of its component?

a. Bangkok pills
b. Vitamin A and B
c. Tea and sugar syrup
d. None of these

558. Food markets are encouraged to handle cooked foods well. One incident in a
wedding party sent hundreds of guest to the hospital. It was found out that the

a. Was left uncovered

b. Was half cooked
c. Had ptomaine poison
d. Was contaminated with dysentery bacteria
559. Eruptions of volcanoes have affected lives in Zambales during the eruption of
Mt. Pinatubo. Relief and evacuation were managed by the Philippine Red Cross.
Which of the following volcanoes is located in the island of Mindanao?

a. Taal Volcano c. Mt. Hibok-hibok

b. Mayon Volcano d. Mt. Halcon

560. Modern science has used technology to help determine illness. A child
bumped and fell his head hitting a concrete pavement. Which medical approach
will determine the status of the cranial accident?

a. Submit the child to chest X-ray

b. Submit the child to cranial X-ray
c. Submit the child to cranial scanning
d. Open up and so surgical operation

561. The city government of Metro Manila had been closing and raiding night
spots. What is the basic reason of the campaign?

a. Many homes are destroyed by these night clubs

b. The values of the young affected by these clubs
c. The fast spread of HIV and AIDS are traced to these places
d. These spots are areas of crimes

562. In the Philippine government, the earliest and smallest service of governance
is the:

a. Municipality c. Barangay
b. Poblacion d. Barrio

563. Personal income tax should be paid and filed every year by employees and
corporation. Who among the group are exempt from filling income tax returns,

a. Government employees on daily, contractual and consultation basis

b. Retired government employees receiving only pensions
c. Government employees receiving less than PHP 18,000.00 per year
d. Overseas workers

564. When rainfall attains a pH less than 5.6, it becomes __________.

a. Torrential c. Acidic
b. Tropical d. Neutral

565. Philippine eagles are identified as rare species. Lately, in Davao more eagles
were raised through:

a. Eagles, caught in the wild, are raised in cages

b. Artificial insemination through fertilized eggs
c. Incubating eggs from their nests
d. Putting up eagle farms under the Bureau of Wildlife

566. All of the following are substances which may be broken down by the
decomposing action of living organisms like bacteria except:

a. Potato peelings c. Onion skin

b. A microchip d. An apple core

567. The proper disposal of garbage has improved the environment. The best
process of handling waste is through:

a. Utilization of organic compounds

b. Burning non-biodegradable waste
c. Dumping soluble waste
d. Recycling non-biodegradable waste

568. The nervous system has its specific function. Which is the closest function?

a. The spinal cord links the finger tips to the brain

b. Impulses transmit messages to the brain by electrical signal
c. Human body activities are all in the nervous system
d. The nervous system defends most on the brain

569. A provincial governor was convicted for using prisoners to build his summer
resort. What should the prisoner demands?

a. The right to refuse the job

b. The right to just compensation
c. The right to suffrage
d. The right to live in standard rooms

570. A priest gave all his possessions to disabled children. What right may they

a. Right to just treatment

b. Right to proper treatment
c. Right of disable to equal treatment
d. Right to disabled to equal protection

571. The case of farmers in Sumilao, Bukidnon was won by the landowner. How
was the case decided by the Supreme Court?

a. Final judgment was made because of political pressure

b. Final judgment was made after it was established that the farmers were not
legitimate holders of titles of the land
c. The farmers were paid beforehand
d. The farmers were landholders of a farm
572. A peace officer opens the house of a drug pusher. The drug pusher
complained on the police officer’s actuation because he alleged that:

a. He was not around when the incident happened

b. The officer had no warrant of arrest
c. The officer was armed
d. The right for privacy was violated

573. A candidate was detained for working against a dominant political party.
Which right can be invoked?

a. Right to his aspirations

b. Right to his political beliefs
c. Right to seek redress
d. Right to vote according to one’s conscience

574. The entry of data and commands into the computer system is made possible
through the:

a. Keyboard c. Printer
b. Diskette d. Monitor

575. Which of the following values is closest to the square root of 4,000?

a. 63 b. 200 c. 22 d. 19

576. The arithmetic mean of a set of 50 meters is 38. If two numbers, 45 and 35,
are discarded. The mean of the remaining set of numbers is:

a. 37.24 b. 37.5 c. 37.91 d. 36.5

577. An example of a civil and political right is the right to _________.

a. Work c. Social security

b. Life and liberty d. Education

578. If P is a positive integer in the equation 12p=q, then q must be a:

a. Negative even integer

b. Positive even integer
c. Positive odd integer
d. Negative odd integer

579. Ikaw ba ang dapat sisihin sa nangyari?

a. Pagsasadula
b. Pagbati
c. Pagbibigay ng impormasyon
d. Pakikipagkapwa
580. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

a. Ang mga kabataan sa lansangan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan

b. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan kung maliwanag
ang buwan
c. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro kung maliwanag ang buwan at nagtakbuhan sa
d. Ang mga kabataan kung maliwanag ang buwan ay nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan
at naglalaro

581. Kabaliwan at paglulustay ang iyong ginagawa taun-taon. Higit na marami ang
maralitang nangailangan ng salapi. Ang nagsasalita ay:

a. Maramot c. Matipid
b. Praktikal d. Kuripot

582. Piliin ang gawi ng pagsasalita: “Ayokong sumunod sa mga sinasabi mo.”

a. Babala c. Pakiusap
b. Pagtanggi d. Pamungkahi

583. Ikinalulungkot ko ang mga nangyayari.

a. Pagsagot c. Panghula
b. Pagtanong d. Paghingi ng paumanhin

584. Ipinagmamalaki mo siya, BAHAG naman pala ANG kanyang BUNTOT. Ang ibig
sabihin ng may malaking titik ay:

a. Mahiyain c. Kuripot
b. Traidor d. Duwag

585. What is the range of the following: 86, 70, 83, 90, 85, 78, 79, 81, 87.

a. 12 b. 15 c. 16 d. 20

586. Which of the following audio-visual sets of equipment can best project visual
materials in a classroom that is difficult to darken?

a. Filmstrips c. Opaque projector

b. Color materials d. Overhead projector

587. Change the following percents to decimals: 23%, 5%, 3%, 3.5%.

a. 2.3, 500, 0.30, 30.5

b. 0.23, 50, 03, 3.05
c. 0.23, 0.05, 0.03, 0.035
d. 0.023, 5.00, 3.0, 03.5

588. If the scores of 10 students are: 76, 80, 75, 83, 80, 79, 85, 80, 88, 90, the
mode is:

a. 79 b. 85 c. 80 d. 88

589. A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline to travel 10 kilometers. After a tune-
up, it travels 15% farther on one liter. To the nearest tenth, how many liters of
gasoline will it take for the vehicle to travel 230 kilometers?

a. 23 liters c. 23.15 liters

b. 20 liters d. 20.15 liters

590. If each of the five members in a basketball team shakes hands with every
other member of the team before the game starts, how many handshakes will
there be in all?

a. 8 b. 10 c. 6 d. 9

591. How many twenty thousand are there in one million?

a. 500 b. 50 c. 100 d. 1000

592. Why is 1/5 called a unit fraction?

a. The number 5 is the denominator

b. The unit is less than one
c. It is between 0 and 1, the basic unit
d. Unit fractions have 1 as the numerator

593. A rectangle has sides of 10 and 12 units. How can the area of a square be
computed if it has the same perimeter as the rectangle?

a. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by 4

b. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by 2
c. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then square the quotient
d. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, then multiply by 4

594. Hindi totoo ang katapangan na ipinapakita ni Vincent sa harap ni Lalie

sapagkat BAHAG ANG BUNTOT niya sa harap ng paghihirap.
A. Matapang
B. Matiyaga
C. Duwag
D. Malakas ang loob

595. NAG-ALSA BALUTAN si Claudia dahil sa malimit umanong pananakit ni

A. Lumayas
B. Nagtampo
C. Nagtago
D. Nagmaktol

596. Ang ________________ ng mga Nars ay dininig ng komite kahapon.

A. Pakiusapan
B. Pakikipag-usap
C. Ipakiusap
D. Pakiusap

597. Lumapit si Prink kay Eadji at sinabing, “ __________ mo si Landon ng pagkain

sa kusina.”
A. Utusan
B. Kunin
C. Kunan
D. Hanapan

598. Nakatulog si Jana sa kanilang opisina dahil sa HIMINGTING ng kapaligiran.

Ano ang kahulugan ng salita na nasa malalaking letra?
A. Kaingayan
B. Kapayapaan
C. Lakas ng hangin
D. Katahimikan

599. Ang sentro ng pagdiriwang ng SENTENARYO ay sa Kawit, Cavite. Ang kasing-

kahulugan ng salitang nasa malalaking letra ay:
A. Ika-50 taon
B. Panghabang panahon
C. Ikasandaang taon
D. Ika- 25 taon

600. “Ang sinuman ay makabubuo ng matibay na lubid kung pagsasama-samahin

ang sinulid.” Ang ibig sabihin nito ay?
A. Ang lakas ng tao ay nasa pagkakaisa nila.
B. Kailangan magkaisa tayong lahat.
C. Magkakaiba ang mga tao kaya hirap magkaisa.
D. Nagkakaisa ang mga tao.

601. MALIIT ANG SISIDLAN ni Dian kaya iniiwasan siyang tuksuhin ng mga kasama.
Ano ang ibig sabihin nito?
A. Walang pasensya
B. Walang pagtitimpi
C. Walang galang
D. Walang lakas ng loob

602. Siya’y isang bulag ngunit kaya niyang gumuhit ng larawan. Siya’y isang
A. Imbentor
B. Manunulat
C. Dalubhasa
D. Pintor

603. Anong hukuman ang siyang _____________ ng mga kaso ng korupsyon.

A. Court of Appeals-manglilitis
B. Sandigan Bayan-naglilitis
C. Korte Suprema-maglilitis
D. Ombudsman-tagapaglitis

604. _________________ mo naman sa kanila na magdala ng mapagsasaluhan.

A. Usap-usapan
B. Usapin
C. Ipakiusap
D. Pakiusap

605. “Gamitin ninyo sa pakikipagkaibigan ang kayamanan ng sanlibutang ito.

Maubos man ito ay may tatanggap naman sa inyo sa tahanang walang hanggan.”
(Luk 16:9)
Ano ang kahulugan ng sanlibutan?
A. Mga israelita lamang
B. Apostoles
C. Dukha
D. Katauhan

606. Ano ang pangungusap na dapat mauna?

I. Ngunit ang pagtatalo ay hindi dapat nauuwi sa pagkakagalit.
II. Natural lamang ang pagkakaroon ng magkakaibang pala-palagay ang mga tao.
III. Sa mga mag-asawa man ay hindi maiiwasan ang pagkakaiba ng opinyon.
IV. Kahit sa magkakapatid, karaniwan na ang hindi pagkakasundo.
V. Upang maiwasan ito, nararapat lamang na maging bukas ang ating isipan sa
paniniwala ng iba.

A. I.

607. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang hindi nabibilang na kasingkahulugan ng salitang

A. Opinyon.
B. Kuru-kuro
C. Paniniwala
D. Akala

608. May pera sa basura. Huwag mong pagtakhan iyan. Isa-isahin mo ang laman
ng iyong basurahan. Tiyak na may papel na walang sulat sa likod at maaari mo pa
itong sulatan. Kung minsan, may mga papel at notebook na may sulat pero pwede
mo namang ipagbili. May mga bukas na lata na maaari mo rin namang tamnan o
kaya’y pwedeng balutin ng wrapping paper upang paglagyan ng lapis, bolpen,
krayola, aspile o kaya’y pako. Ang pinagbalatan ng sibuyas, patatas at saging,
sanga ng kangkong, tira-tirang pagkain ay maaaring maging pagkain ng baboy at
maaari rin itong maging pataba sa lupa. Tunay na may pera sa basura kung
magtitiyaga lamang at magiging malikhan upang ang patapong mga bagay ay
maging kapaki-pakinabang.

Anong uri ng texto ang seleksyong binasa?

A. Informativ
B. Argumentativ
C. Prosijural
D. Narativ

609. ____________ magtrabaho sina Fred at Jose.

A. Magkasinbilis
B. Magkasingbilis
C. Napabilis
D. Magkasimbilis

610. Samahan mo si Lola sa palengke _____ hindi maligaw.

A. kung saan
B. noong
C. ng
D. nang

611. Upang lalong maging ______________ ang patakaran ng Pangulo na mabago

ang pamamalakad sa bansa, ipinasya niyang magkaroon ng pagbabagong tatag sa
lahat ng sangay ng pamahalaan.
A. marangal
B. mabisa
C. tanyag
D. malinaw

612. Nakalulungkot isipin na ang karamihan sa mga kabataan ngayon ay

______________ sa masamang bisyo.
A. nababalisa
B. nalalayo
C. nabubuyo
D. nababalot

613. ________ ng mga pulis ang kadena sa kanyang mga kamay.

A. Nalagyan
B. Nilagyan
C. Inilagay
D. Naglagay

614. Ito ay sinulat ni Harriet Stowe ng Estados Unidos na tumawag ng pansin sa

kalagayan ng mga alipin at naging batayan ng simulain ng demokrasya.

a. ang “Book of the Dead”

b. and “ Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
c. “Divina Comedia”
d. “Sa May Dakong Bukid”
e. “Quran”

615. Ito’y isang mahabang tulang pang – awit bilang handog sa iang dalagang may
kaarawan. Kilala rin ito sa Katagalugan dahil sa pagpuputong ng koronang
bulaklak sa dalaga.

a. Senakulo
b. Kurido
c. Ensilida
d. Ang Panuluyan
e. Ang Panubong

616. Isang uri ng tula na binubuo ng labindalawang pantig bawat taludtod sa isang
saknong at inaawit ito ngang marahan. Pangunahing halimbawa ay ang “ Florante
at Laura.”

a. Ang Tibag
b. Balagtasan
c. Awit
d. Dulaan

617. Isa sa mga ito ang kilalang isa sa malimit banggitin bilang tungkod ng tulang

a. Inigo Ed. Regalado

b. Miguel de Cervantes
c. Virgilio S. Almario
d. Jose dela Cruz

618. Sinulat ito ni Rizal na tumalakay sa mga suliraning panlipunan ng bayan.

a. El Filibusterismo
b. “Mi Ultimo Adios”
c. Noli Me Tangere
d. “Bayan Ko”

619. Ang may – akda ng kauna unahang aklat na nilimbag sa Pilipinas, ang
“Doctrina Kristiana.”

a. Fr. Domingo de Nieva

b. Fr. Modesto de Castro
c. Fr. Miguel Bustamante
d. Fr. Jose Gomez

620. Isa sa mga it ay hindi kabilang sa ating matandang panitikan.

a. epiko
b. kuwentong – bayan
c. alamat
d. kantahing – bayan
e. moro – moro

621. Tinuturing na pinakamatandang epiko ng pilipinas.

a. “Si Malakas at Maganda”

b. “Alim”
c. “Iblalon”
d. “Biag ni Lam – Ang

622. Ang titik para sa “Himno Nacional Filipino” ay nilikha ni?

a. Jose Palma
b. Julian Balmaceda
c. Julian Felipe
d. Julian Palma

623. Ang “Kodigo ni kalantiaw” ay naglalaman ng?

a. batas na dapat sundin ng mga mamamayan

b. pamantayan para maayos na pamumuhay
c. batas ng kagandahang asal
d. kasunduang pang – pangkalakalan

624. Ang akdang hindi nauukol sa relihiyon noong panahon ng Kastila

a. dalit
b. panuluyan
c. senakulo
d. panubog

625. Naglalaman ng mga butyl ng karunungang kinapapalooban ng mabuting payo

hango sa tunay na karanasan ng ating mga ninuno.

a. bugtong
b. talinghaga
c. salawikain
d. palaisipan

626. Ang Katotohanan inihayag sa awiting “Florante at Laura” ni Balagtas.

a. kahirapan sa buhay
b. katiwalian ng mga Kastila
c. pag – iibigan ng mga magka – ibang lahi
d. buhay pangangalakal noon panahon ng Kastila
627. Dahilan kong bakit nagging masigla ang pagsulat ng mga Pilipino ssa
magasing “liwayway” nuong panahon ng Hapon.

a. malaya silang sumulat

b. Walang takot silang sumulat
c. nabigyan ng pagpapahalaga ang sariling wika
d. mapayapa ang panahon

628. Ang “Urbana at Felisa” na isinulat ni Modesto de Castro, ay naglalaman ng

magagandang asal ng mga Pilipino tungkol sa

a. pakikipagkapwa, paggalang sa magulang at pagkilala sa Diyos

b. magandang relasyon ng makakapatid
c. pagtupad ng tungkulin sa bayan
d. pagharap sa pagsubok sa buhay

629. Ano ang kahulugan na nais iparating ng talatang ito hango sa “Sa Bagong
Paraiso” ni Efren Abueg?” At ang pamumulaklak at pamumunga ng manga, santol,
sinegwelas at ng iba pang punungkahoy o halaman sa loobang iyon ay nagpatuloy.
Ang damuhan ay natuyo at muling sinibulan ng bagong supling.”

a. Napakaganda ng mga tanawin sa lalawigan

b. Panahon ng tag – araw
c. Patuloy ang paglipas ng panahon
d. Malulusog ang pananim sa lalawigan

630. Ano ang nais iparating ni Jose Rizal sa talatang ito hango sa kanyang “Noli Me
Tangere”;”Mamatay akong di – man Nakita ang mangingining na pagbubukang –
liwayway sa aking Inang Bayan. Kayong makakakita, batiin ninyo siya at huwag
kalilimutan ang mga nalugmok sa dilim ng gabi.”

a. pagkawala ng pag-asa dahil sa mga nangyari sa bayan

b. pag-asa sa kalayaan at paggunita sa mga taong nagbuwis ng buhay para sa
c. pagpapa-walang halaga sa paghihirap ng mga bayani.
d. malawakang kalungkutan nadarama sa pagkawala ng pag asa

631. Karaniwang tauhan ng akdang ito ay mga hayop na ang layunin ay ipa-alam
ang mga kaugaliang dapat pamarisan.

a. tugmaan
b. alamat
c. pabula
d. parabula

632. Sa mga saknong na ito hango sa “Florante at Laura” ni Balagtas, ano ang
kahulugan nito? “Katiwala ako’t ang inyong kariktan; Kapilas ng langit, anaki’y
matibay; Tapat ang puso mo’t di-nagunamgunam; Na ang paglililo’y nasa
a. Ang kagandahan ay maaaring makalinlang ng tao
b. Maaring pagtakpan ng kagandahan ang isang kataksilan
c. Pisikal na kagandahan ay maaring magpahiwatig rin ng kagandahang asal
d. Kagandahan ay maari ring maging batayan ng pagtitiwala sa katapan ng tao

633. Anong ayos ng pantig and ginagamit sa salitang “daigdig”?


634. “ Lumipad patungong Estados Unidos si Jose noong Sabado. Ano ang
_________. Mong pasalubong para sa kanila? Tanong ni Juana:

a. Nadala
b. Dinala
c. Ipinadala
d. Padala

635. “Walang dapat sisihin sa nangyari kundi siya,” Ano ang ayos ng

a. di – karaniwan
b. karaniwan
c. payak
d. walang paksa

636. Piliin ang mga sumusunod and pinakatamang pangungusap.

a. Nahuli akong pumasok sa dahilanang nasira ang sasakyan

b. Nasira ang sasakyan kaya nahuli ako sa pagpasok
c. Nasira ang sasakyan ko kaya nahuli ako sa pagpasok
d. Nahuli ako sa pagpasok kasi nasira ang sasakyan ko

637. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap.

a. Ang nanalo bilang Bb. Pilipinas Universe ay anak ng isang aktor.

b. Ang nanalong Bb. Pilipinas Universe ay siyang anak ng actor
c. Anak ng isang actor ang nanalong Bb. Pilipinas Universe.
d. Bb. Pilipinas Universe na anak ng isang actor ang nanalo

638. Si Lope K. Santos ay tinuguriang “ _______________” sa dahilang siya ang

kauna – unahang sumulat ng Balarila ng Wikang Pambansa na batay sa tagalog.

a. Ama ng Balarilang Pilipino

b. Ama ng Wikang Pambansa
c. Ama ng Wikang Pilipino
d. Ama ng Panitikang Pilipino

639. Ang sagisag na panulat ni Andress Bonifacio.

a. Anak – Bayan
b. Anak – Pawis
c. Anak – Dalita
d. Taga – Ilog

640. Sagisag na hindi kailanman ginamit ni Marcelo H. del Pilar sa pagsulat.

a. Kinting Kulirat
b. Dolores Manapat
c. Piping Dilat
d. Basang Sisiw

641. “Kasingganda ni Teresita and nanalong Bb. San Luis,” Ayon kay Mayor

a. Magkatulad
b. Pamilang
c. Di – magkatulad
d. Katamtaman

642. Isang balangkas ng mga layunin, paksang aralin, kagamitan at mga hakbang
na dapat isagawa para isakatuparan ang mga layunin nito at matamo ang nais

a. modyul sa pagtuturo
b. banhay ng pagtuturo
c. “table of specification”
d. Batayan

643. Ang pinaka gamiting paraan sa pagsusulit ng sanhi at bunga.

a. completion test
b. true or false
c. matching type
d. multiple choice

644. Ang dapat maging panuto ng isang guro upang masukat ang kaalaman ng
mag – aaral sa pagbuo ng isang tama at mabisang pangungusap.
a. Paglagay ng bilang sa bawat salita upang makabuo ng tamang pangungusap
b. Pagpili sa mga salitang hindi akma sa loob ng pangungusap.
c. Pag – ayos sa bawat salita upang makabuo ng mabisang pangungusap
d. Pag – ayos sa mga lipon ng salita upang makabuo ng mabisang pangungusap

645. Aklat na binabasa upang makakuha ng tiyak na impormasyon tulad ng

diskyunaryo, ensayklopedya at iba pa.
a. batayang aklat
b. modyul
c. larawang aklat
d. sanggunihang aklat
e. sanayang aklat

646. Ang istruktura sa pagsusulat ng balita na tinatawag na “inverted pyramid”

a. maikling kuwento
b. lathalain
c. tula
d. sanaysay

647. Tukuyin kung anong bahagi ng pangungusap ang mga sumusunod:

Hinggil sa patubig; ang mga tumayo; matalino’t masipag; sa gulang na walo

a. Sugnay na di – makapag – iisa

b. Pahayag
c. parirala
d. di – karaniwan

648. Ang “madamdaming mananalaysay” ni Carmen Guerrero Nakpil at isa siyang

kilalang manunulat ng kasaysayan.

a. Teodoro A. Agoncillo
b. Aniceto F. Silvestre
c. Manuel Principe Bautista
d. Rafael Palma

649. Kasingkahulugan ng salitang may salungguhit. “Isang karwahe ang naghatid

sa watawat ng pinagbuhusan ng husay sa pagtahi.

a. pinagdaluyan
b. winagayway
c. pinaglaanan
d. nasilayan

650. Aklat na nagtataglay ng mga pinakahuling impormasyon tungkol sa mga

punto ng kawilihan tulad ng kaganapan sa isang bansa, palakasan, relihiyon,

a. diskyunaryo
b. pahayagan
c. atlas
d. almanac

651. Alin sa mga sumusunod na pangungusap ay may kayarian hugnayan?

a. Ang mga tatak Pinoy ay tagos sa buto ng bawat Pilipino

b. Ang pasalubong ay paraan ng pagpaabot ng saya at pasasalamat din.
c. Ang buhay at pananaw ng mga Pinoy ay pansamantalang nagbabago subalit
may mga bagay ng di nag – iiba.

652. Piliin ang gawi ng pagsasalita: “ Hindi ko sinasadyang ikaw ay saktan”

a. paghula
b. paghingi ng paumanhin
c. pagsagot
d. pag-uutos

653. Tinaguriang “ Ama ng Wikang Pambansa.”

a. Manuel L. Quezon
b. Marcelo H. del Pilar
c. Jose Dela Cruz
d. Alejandro Abadilla

654. “ Ikaw ay pangarap sa buhay ko”

a. metapora
b. sinikdoke
c. iperbole
d. simile

655. “Para silang mga maaming kordero sa gitna ng mga gutom na leon”
a. sinikdoke
b. simile
c. iperbole
d. metapora

656. “Tandaan ninyo: malibangmahulog sa lupa ang butyl ng trigo at mamatay,

mananatili itong nag – iisa. Ngunit kung mamatay, ito’y mamumunga ng marami.”

a. sinidoke
b. iperbole
c. metapora
d. onomatopeya

657. Paglikha ng isang pangalan o salita sa pamamagitan ng paggaya sa tunog na

naguugnay sa bagay na binabanggit.

a. sinikdoke
b. iperbole
c. metapora
d. onomatopeya

658. “ Sa galit ay sinindihan ang kanyang bahay”

a. metonimya
b. metapora
c. sinikdoke
d. onomatopeya

659. Anong uri ng panitikan and tinutukoy sa talatang ito?

“Maganda’t maaliwalas ang daigdig na ginagalawan ko ngayon. Madalas ko tuloy

ipinagpapasalamat sa Diyos and biyayang ipinagkaloob niya sa akin.”

a. tula
b. kuwento
c. sanaysay
d. alamat

660. “ Kaya nararapat gumawa ang lahat upang maiwasan itong pagsasalat.
Magbanat ng buto at magpakatatag, Ang taong masipag, hiyas amg katapat. “Ano
ang nais ipahayag ng saknong na ito?

a. katapatan
b. kasipagan
c. kabutihan
d. kalusugan

661. Mahusay umawit si Jose, ____________ ay lagi siyang nagsasanay umawit.

a. datapwat
b. bagamat
c. palibhasa
d. ngunit

662. Makakarating ka agad sa inyong patutunguhan kung maglalakad ka


a. nang mabilis
b. ng mabilis
c. nang maaga
d. ng unti – unti

663. “ Ang gawang Mabuti ay pinagpala, may kaparusahan ang gawang masama,
Kung ang pagsisikap at may pagtitiyaga, ang lahat ng tao’y di mananalanta. Ito ay
nagsasaad ng:

a. pagtitipid
b. katapatan
c. pagkamatapat
d. pagsisikap at pagtitiyaga

664. Your father is paying for your plane ticket, _____?

a. isn’t it c. aren’t you
b. is he d. isn’t he

665. This grade on your essay is low. Did your teacher suggest ___________
a. you will make c. to write
b. revise d. writing

666. Wise people can ________ with frustration.

a. cope up c. cope in
b. cope on d. cope

667. Is this the spot _______ you had the accident?

a. why c. wherein
b. where d. which

668. It’s now three hours past her schedule; the president will not come anymore,
but we’ll still be ready in case she ___________.
a. is coming c. does
b. may d. will come

669. The words “inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible and unaware” have prefixes
which are classified as:
a. Positive c. Common
b. Negative d. Neutral

670. Which of the following doesn’t belong to the group?

a. Hypothesis c. Conclusion
b. Surmise d. Conjecture

671. Which does not belong to the group?

a. Foot c. Centigrade
b. Kilometer d. Mile

672. “Blessed are ________ sorrowful for _______ shall be comforted.”

a. the - you c. you - they
b. the - they d. they – they

673. When I met Diana yesterday, it was the first time I ___________ her since
a. have seen c. have been seen
b. saw d. had seen

674. If you want to be recognized, have a finger in the pie.

a. Dip finger in the pie
b. Take an active part in something
c. Take a share of the pie
d. Join a group
675. “Nothing happens in this world by chance; it is all part of a grand design.”
The author speaks of one’s ____________.
a. ambition c. dream
b. luck d. destiny

676. These towels are ______ for us to dry the dishes.

a. very dry c. too wet
b. very wet d. so wet

677. Which sounds like “when”?

a. while c. whine
b. pin d. pet

678. Conrado approached the platform with his speech. His palms were sweaty
and his hands were shaking. He felt the palpitations of his chest and perspiration
began to appear at his forehead. Conrado is experiencing?
a. heart attack c. stage fright
b. nausea d. epilepsy

679. Do not go gentle into good night,

Old age should burn and rage as close a day;
Raged, against the dying of the light.
- Dylan Thomas
The person in the lines above could be characterized as:
a. pessimistic c. courageous
b. violent d. strong

680. What figure of speech is present in this line of the poem “The Brook”?
“This second time, he was like a tiny snake.”
a. Personification c. Simile
b. Metaphor d. Apostrophe

681. The “Rubaiyat”, a loosely joined series of 280 stanzas, has this general
theme. Which one?
a. Always look forward to a new day
b. Never give in to death easily
c. Grasp pleasure while you can
d. Create your own world and beautify it

682. In Psalm 23 otherwise known as “Psalm of David”, what is the closest

meaning to the line?
“He maketh me to lie down in green pasture; he leadeth me beside the still
a. He will be given riches and mercy
b. He will be provided peace and prosperity
c. He will be known throughout the land
d. He will always obey his master for his glory

683. The Master said:

“Only one who bursts with eagerness do I instruct. Only one who bubbles with
excitement do I enlighten”. The lines give one the idea that true learning:
a. comes with commitment and passion
b. makes man a disciple of instruction
c. involves patience and a dash of lethargy
d. is capable of making man

684. Alinangmalisapangungusapnaito? “Ilangtaon ring namahingasapag-

awitangsikatnasi Whitney Houston.”
a. angsikat c. sapag-awit
b. ring d. Ilangtaon

685. Alinangpinakatamangpahayag?
a. Sinulyapanniyaanglangit
b. Tiningalaniyaanglangit
c. Tinitiganniyaanglangit
d. Tinitingnanniyaanglangit

686. “You can count on me”. Angpinakamalapitnasalinnito ay:

a. “Maaasahanmosiya.”
b. “Bilanginmo kami.”
c. “Maaasahanmoako.”
d. “Bilanginmoako.”

687. Si Lolo Juanito ay malakas pa kahitalognaang baba. Angkahulugan ng may

salungguhit ay:
a. Matandana
b. Masakitang baba
c. Bata pa
d. Malabo angmata

688. “Katulad ng wikaangisanghalaman. Sa matabanglupakusanglalagoito kung

may sapatnatubig at liwanag.” AngpahayagnaitoniTeongociang ay umaayonsa:
a. Taglish
b. Dekolonisasyon
c. Intelektwalisasyon
d. Puristangpaniniwala

689. Alinsamgasumusunodangsalitangpambansa?
a. Pinoy c. Mapagkumbaba
b. Kamusta d. Nagdadalantao

690. Anongayonangtuntuninnasusundinsapagtutumbassa Filipino ng “rice

a. Kung anoangbigkassiyangsulat
b. Gamitinangkatutubongkatumbas
c. TumbasansaEspanyol at baybayinsa Filipino
d. Hiraminnangganap
691. Angpagkautal ay matatawagna ________ nasagabalsapagsasalita.
a. saykolohikal c. pisikal
b. pisyolohikal d. semantiko

692. Sa taong 2008, nakatitiyak ____ sambayanang Filipino

namapaunladangekonomiya ng bansa.
a. si c. ang
b. sina d. angmga

693. Kung ____ bawatisasaatin ay matututongmagsikap at

magpahalagasaatingmgaginagawa, angatingsarili ay patuloynauunlad.
a. ang c. si
b. angmga d. sina

694. Kailanlamang ay nakitako _____ Amorsolonanakikipag-

a. si c. ang
b. sina d. angmga

695. Kung darating _____ Sue at Kelly ay pakisabingnaunanaako.

a. si c. kina
b. sina d. sila

696. AngPilipinas ay ____ mahigitnapitonglibongpulo.

a. may c. mayron
b. mayroon d. meron

697. Sinabi ng KalihimsaEdukasyonna ____

a. may c. mayron
b. mayroon d. meron

698. Huwag limutin ang vernacular. Tutuhing iasimila ito sa pambansang wika sa
ikauunlad ng kultura at lahi. Ang ibig sabihin ng iasimila ay _________.
a. Papaunlarin c. Pagyamanin
b. Papakinabangan d. Papayabungin

699. If July 12, 2003 fell on Tuesday, on what day will July 12, 2005 fall?
a. Thursday c. Sunday
b. Monday d. Friday

700. A map is drawn to scale such that 1.5cm on the map corresponds to 75cm in
actual distance. How many centimeters on the map would represent that distance
between two towns which are 270cm apart?
a. 2.7 cm c. 1.8 cm
b. 3.6 cm d. 5.4 cm

701. How much greater is the sum of the first 20 counting numbers than the sum
of the first 10 counting numbers?
a. 110 b. 55 c. 100 d. 155

702. Which of these statements is always TRUE?

a. The sum of 3 consecutive pages of a book is always odd
b. The sum of 5 consecutive numbers is always divisible by 5
c. The sum of two square numbers cannot be odd
d. The sum of the page number of two consecutive pages of a book is even

703. A father and son working together can finish painting a room in 6 hours.
Working alone, a father takes 9 hours to do the painting. How many painting
hours will it take the son, working alone, to finish painting the room?
a. 18 b. 15 c. 75 d. 12

704. From a 75m bolt/roll of clothing material, 28 school uniforms are made. Each
uniform uses 2m. How many meters of material are left?
a. 8 ¾ b. 19 c. 16 d. 12

705. Nene takes 3/4 hour to dress and get ready for school. It takes 4/5 hour to
reach school. If her class start promptly at 8:15 A.M.; what is the latest time she
can jump out of bed in order not to be late for school?
a. 6:42 A.M. c. 6:45 A.M.
b. 6:50 A.M. d. 7:22 A.M.

706. In a playground for Kindergarten kids, 18 children are riding tricycles or

bicycles. If there 43 wheels in all, how many tricycle are there?
a. 8 b. 9 c. 7 d. 11

707. Simplify 5√75 - 4√12.

a. 13√5 c. 33√3
b. √63 d. 17√3

708. A child can be admitted to Grade I if he/she is at least 5 years and 10 months
old by June of the school year. Which of these birthdates will disqualify a child
from being admitted to Grade I on June 15, 2009?
a. June 10, 2003 c. May 5, 2003
b. January 10, 2003 d. April 30, 2003

709. A time deposit in a bank will mature after 91 days. If the deposit was made
on April 28, on what date will it mature?
a. June 28 c. July 28
b. July 18 d. July 29

710. The readings on the water meter in April and May are 417.8kl and 430.4kl,
respectively. If there is a basic charge of 23 pesos and the cost per kl is 20 pesos,
how much is the billing for water consumption between the two months?
a. PHP 2,520 c. PHP 275
b. PHP 272 d. PHP 2,543
711. Determine the midpoint of the line segment joining the points (5,-3) and (-
a. (2,3/2) c. (3,3/2)
b. (2,-3/2) d. (1,5/2)

712. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right
triangle are 12 and 16. How much longer is the perimeter of the larger triangle
than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?
a. 84 b. 7 c. 12 d. 14

713. Give the value of a, if the statement is 4ab = 20 and b = 5.

a. 4 b.2 c. 1 d. 3

714. How do you determine the total length of the clothing materials if there are
7 2/10 meters and 15 4/5 meters available?
a. 23 m c. 18 m
b. 18 ¼ m d. 18 ½ m

715. Hacienda Dos was to be divided among 22 tenants. Each tenant will be
rewarded 6 hectares each. What was the area of Hacienda Dos?
a. 142 hectares c. 152 hectares
b. 122 hectares d. 132 hectares

716. Which process occurs when dry ice, CO2 (s) is changed into CO2 (g)?
a. Decomposition c. Condensation
b. Evaporation d. Sublimation

717. What must be employed to continuously strengthen a school guidance

a. Assignment of responsibilities
b. Research
c. Evaluation
d. Program planning

718. The first day of June is a Saturday. What day will the last day of June be?
a. Sunday c. Thursday
b. Monday d. Friday

719. In the count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dante was wrongfully imprisoned in:
a. The Castle of Chillon
b. The Devil’s Island
c. The Alcatraz
d. The Bastille

720. A change in the shape of size of an object can be classified as:

a. Chemical change c. Physical change
b. Nuclear change d. Mechanical change

721. All of the following correctly describes the ballad, except:

a. A ballad is a narrative poem
b. A ballad uses dialogue
c. A ballad often rhymes a, b, c, d
d. A ballad often uses learned language

722. “He is the black sheep in the family.” Which figure of speech is used?
a. Simile c. Hyperbole
b. Metaphor d. Synonym

773. A good writer supports his generalizations with __________ examples.

a. Concrete c. Convenient
b. Unfamiliar d. Abstract

774. “Values education is integrated in the curriculum of all levels.” Which of the
following supports this statement?
a. Additional classroom will be needed
b. New teachers will be hired
c. Values education is stressed in all subjects at all levels
d. There is a need for training of teachers to teach

775. “Once I passed through a populous city imprinting my brain for future use
with its shows, architecture, customs, and traditions. Yet now, of all that city I
remember only a woman I casually met who detained me for love of me.” This
passage is an example of:
a. Free verse c. Prose
b. Blank verse d. Metered poetry

776. Whose values are most evident in children before they go to school?
a. Mother-father value system
b. The maid or yaya value
c. Peer value system
d. Teacher-classmate value system

777. A value of the expression 3xy + 5y + 7 when x = 2 and y = 3 is:

a. 50 b. 42 c. 36 d. 34

778. If a function is defined by the set of orders pairs (1,2), (2,4), (3,8), (4,16), (5,Y)
then the value of Y is:
a. 32 b. 20 c. 10 d. 25

779. Noise can be a pollution of the air. When is it a nuisance?

a. Noise caused by percussion affects hearing
b. Sound waves can be destructive to the ear
c. Noise above 140 dB cause pain in the eardrum
d. Decibels (dB) can be loud or soft

780. Because the moon rotates on its axis at the same time as it _______ around
the earth, we see the same side always.
a. Revolves c. Is revolving
b. Revolve d. Has been revolving

781. She wrote a “first-rate” report. What does it say about the report?
a. Run-of-the-mill c. Excellent
b. Ordinary d. Mediocre

782. She has a penchant for blue dresses. This indicates ___________.
a. Dislike c. Avoidance
b. Fondness d. Strong aversion

784. “While attempting to explain the role of imitation in language acquisition,

investigators studied the different aspects of language development.” An
inference which parents will make from this passage is that they should:
a. Realize that their talking may over-stimulate their child’s activities
b. Be concerned when a child imitates their language
c. Should be unconcerned as imitation is too complex
d. Realizes that their child imitations may reflect several aspects of language

785. Respect and reverence is in these lines. Choose one:

a. I die just when I see the break of dawn
b. I have but one life to give
c. Have faith in Divine Providence
d. Love your country. It’s the home of your people

786. “She is a vision of feminine pulchritude.” This stands for the following except:
a. Comeliness c. Homeliness
b. Loveliness d. Physical Beauty

787. The line “under the bludgeoning of chance, My head is bloody but un-
bowed” depicts the person’s
a. Optimism c. Courage
b. Confidence d. Determination

788. Shakespeare once said, “My honor is my life, both grow as one, take honor
from me and my life is gone.” What is the correct interpretation for this?
a. He values life before honor
b. He values honor as much as his life
c. He prefers honor instead of life
d. His life is determined by his honor

789. Thomas Carlyle said “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a
rudder – a waif...” It could be interpreted as ___________.
a. Direction can never come into one’s life
b. One’s life doesn’t need to be controlled
c. There should be a strong driving force in one’s life
d. There should be sufficient energy in one’s life

790. Mr. Biton calls for a meeting and tells the parents to buy big pencils and
crayons for their children. Which of the following reasons best justifies his action?
a. Big pencils and crayons can be used for a Big pencils and crayons will help them
developed their muscles
b. long time
c. Muscles of young children are not yet fully developed
d. Young children could write and draw well with big pencils and crayons

791. Students are assigned homework. How does the teacher manage to check all
a. Assign group to counter check student’s works
b. Disregard and proceed to a new lesson
c. Collect assignments after class
d. Assign group leaders check

792. How do people react to a boring lectures or even committee hearings? They
a. Clap loud and cheer
b. Keep quiet and listen
c. Normally jeer
d. Walk out in disgust
793. A field commander gave his orders. He meant to drop previous order. Which
message was heard?
a. Delete! Delete! c. Repeat! Repeat!
b. Over! Over! d. Negative! Delete!

794. What is implied about the place of our country in technology?

a. Filipinos are at par with any country in I.T.
b. Filipinos score behind in computers
c. Filipinos are abreast in I.T.
d. Filipinos have to learn more from Singapore

795. Loss of qualified teachers going abroad is one type of ___________.

a. Unemployment c. Brain drain
b. Migration d. Employment

796. Ako’y nangangakong matatapos sa isang karera. Siya’y kasama sa:

a. Siya’y hawak ang malamig na bakal
b. Ospital sa panganganak ng asawa
c. Gustong magsuot ng toga isang araw
d. Isang rally sa EDSA

797. Ang kagawaran nang pang-ibang bansa ay gulong-gulo kapag may giyera sa
ibang bansa. Ano ang unang ginagampanan ng Ambassador sa Basa:
a. Bayaang masipag-uwian sa sariling sikap ang bawat isa
b. Alamin ang mga tirahan ng mga Filipino sa bayang iyon
c. Ipunin ang mga maykaya at ipalipad pauwi
d. Bilangin ang mga lalaki

798. Ang mahalagang katangiang dapat taglayin ng isang tao ay ang pagtitiwala sa
sarili, ang wala nito ay magiging mahiyain, ibinababa ang kanyang sarili, mahirap
magtagumpay sa kanyang mga hangarin at mananatiling naiinggit lamang. Ang
pangunahing kaisipan ay matatagpuan sa:
a. Ikaapat na pangungusap
b. Ikatlong pangungusap
c. Ikalawang pangungusap
d. Unang pangungusap

799. Health officials advised mothers about preservatives used in vegetables.

Which advice should be followed to ensure safe vegetables?
a. Soak the vegetables in cold ice
b. Wash the vegetables very well
c. Put vegetables in freezers
d. Wrap the vegetables in newspapers

800. Ano ang tawag sa mga tanong na tulad ng sumusunod: “Ang bahay ay paligid
ng espada, ano ito?
a. Dikreto c. Salaysay
b. Bugtong d. Tula

801. Maternity leaves are extended to women. What legal provision extends this?
a. Article XIII Sec 14 Women
b. Article XIV Education
c. Article XII Bill of rights
d. Article XIII Role & Right of People’s Organization

802. Ang saging kailanman ay di magbubunga ng santol. Ang salawikain ay

nagpapahiwatig na:
a. Walang mababago ang anoman
b. Ang bunga ng isang kahoy ay galing sa sariling lahi
c. Walang bungang di galing sa sariling puno
d. Maaaring magbunga ng bayabas ang isang punong santol

803. Paano nalaman ang mga talaisipan at saloobin ng mga matanda ng panahon?
a. Pamamagitan ng kartilya
b. Pamamagitan ng kuwento ng mga lola
c. Pamamagitan ng sulat sa buho
d. Pamamagitan ng awit at verso

804. A blind mother was allowed to work in a place where her fingers could be
productive. Why is this possible?
a. Blind individuals are discouraged from begging
b. The disabled and handicapped are given equal protection of the law
c. Disabled person are given special attention
d. Blind individuals can still be productive

805. It has been establish by scientists that when mechanical work is done what
can be observed increase in:
a. Its temperature
b. Both its internal energy and temperature
c. Its internal energy
d. Its temperature but not its internal energy

806. Foreign students in Philippine International schools are required courses in

Philippine culture and languages. This makes possible:
a. Provides comparison of cultural difference
b. Promotion of nationalism
c. Allows racial prejudice among foreigners
d. International understanding

807. In teaching, devices have been classified as hardware and software. Which is
a software of these computer terms?
a. Data c. Byte
b. Program d. Information

808. A young girl left her baby at the household of a monastery. The child grew up
without knowing her mother and father. What right is deprived of the child?
a. Self defense c. Self assertion
b. Survival trait d. Denial trait

809. Alin ang babala na dapat sundin ng mga mamamayan?

a. Gawin ang paghihiwalay ng mga basura
b. Itapon ang basura sa Pasig
c. Bayaran ang buwis para ang basura ay hakutin
d. Itapon ang basura sa tabing dagat

810. A child was turned over to an orphanage requesting confidentiality of her

parents. One day, the child demanded the full disclosure of her mother’s name.
She went to court. What was the right asserted in this case?
a. Right of an individual to proper identity
b. Right of parents to keep the confidentiality of the child’s parental name
c. Right of individual to have real mother
d. Right of individual to have parents
811. Children of obese parents have natural tendencies to be obese. Doctors
advise parents on maintaining the right weight of children age 0-12 by:
a. Giving balance diets with accompanying exercise
b. Reducing milk intake
c. Encouraging more intake of soda drinks
d. Reducing intake of chocolates, candies and pastries

812. After an airplane crush, passengers who choose a fight would say:
a. A seat closest to the cockpit be given to me
b. A middle aisle seat would allow easy escape
c. I want a reservation on the back seat
d. A front seat would be safest

813. National surveys are conducted to:

a. Estimate the political gains of presidents
b. Get the population of the country
c. Guide presidents whom to appoint in the cabinet
d. Assesses the perception of the people on cultural issues

814. Mass society is described as being composed of anonymous individuals. The

word “anonymous” is used to convey the idea that the individuals involved:
a. Are known only to those who control the mass media
b. Are unaware of other individuals exposed to the same stimuli
c. Are unaware that there are mass audience
d. Have little influence on decision making since they are not organized

815. Which of the following characterizes the behavior pattern of differed

a. The minority groups
b. The lower class
c. The upper class
d. The middle class

816. The El Niño phenomenon which grabbed control of the world’s weather
machine is identified by climatologists as:
a. Landslides, flash floods and warm air currents
b. Lack of rains, droughts and crop failure
c. Heavy downpours and tropical storm in some parts of the earth
d. All of these

817. A group which has an excess/deficiency of electrons is called:

a. Proton c. Electron
b. Molecules d. Ion

818. What is least likely to be a function of a trade association?

a. Protecting the reputation of the industry
b. Standardizing types of products
c. Influencing government policy
d. Encouraging completion

819. In every society, a certain positions are assigned to individuals on the basis of
age, sex, marital status, and other criteria. These patterns are:
a. University accepted and practiced
b. Cultural defined
c. Learned from parents
d. Taught in school
820. To be a moral person is to:
a. Be integrated in speech, feelings, thinking and action
b. Known and act upon the “ought to be” and the “ought to do”
c. Be able to follow the dictates of one’s conscience
d. Be acceptable by society

821. When lighted, the energy of the alcohol in a lamp is:

a. Transformed from chemical energy to mechanical energy
b. Transformed from chemical to heat energy
c. Lost while heating is done
d. Completely destroyed

822. Radium was discovered by:

a. Albrecht Von Haller
b. Pierre and Marie Curie
c. Joseph John Thomson
d. Albert Einstein

823. Fossils are most likely to be found in:

a. Ocean floor
b. Sedimentary rocks
c. Igneous rocks
d. Metamorphic rocks

824. Four circular holes of equal size arranged from top to bottom were cut 2 cm
apart into a large plastic bottle. The holes were covered with tape, and the bottle
was filled with water. The tape was then removed. Which of the following
statements will best described the result?
a. The sudden release of water will cause the bottle to collapse
b. Water from each hole will squirt out the same distance from the bottle
c. Water from the top hole will squirt out the farthest
d. Water from the bottom hole will squirt out the farthest

825. Symbiosis is defined by biologists as individuals of different species living

together in intimate association; regardless of whether the association is harmful,
neutral, or beneficial. All of the following pairs are examples of symbiosis, except:
a. Human and tapeworms
b. Dogs and fleas
c. Cats and mice
d. Ants and aphids

826. “How much money did you bring for shopping?” Which of the following
would answer this question?
a. I have some change in my purse.
b. None, but I have a credit card
c. I have PHP500.00 inside the envelope in my desk
d. All the cash I have was spent at the grocery store yesterday

827. Adults acquire new word and experience primarily through:

a. Casual explanation from peers
b. Formal instruction in school
c. Exposure to their use
d. Use of thesaurus

828. Which of the following is the numerical form for “twenty thousand twenty”?
a. 2,020 c. 20,020
b. 2,000,020 d. 20,000,200=
829. How many ten thousand are there in on e million?
a. 100 b. 500 c. 50 d. 1000

830. Which of the following statement is true of nuclear fission?

a. The energy process is identical to that which occurs in the sun
b. Energy is obtained by getting nucleus of the atoms to break up to split
c. After the lighter atoms are changed into energy
d. Scientists can combine lighter atoms to form heavier atoms

831. The skull of a person increase in size rapidly during:

a. Puberty c. Adolescence
b. Babyhood d. Adulthood

832. Metabolism and combustion are chemically similar. They both result in the
oxidation of some compounds. If completely oxidized which of the following
foodstuffs would yield the most thermal energy?
a. A cup of ice cream
b. A cup of sugar
c. A cup of milk
d. A cup of flour

833. In countries where medical skill and a public understanding about health and
disease are wide spread, which of the following changes are evident?

I. Accidental deaths have decreased

II. The communicable disease death rate has decreased
III. Infant mortality has decreased
IV. More people live a full life
V. People live long enough to succumb to degenerative disease

a. I, II and III c. I, II, III, IV and V

b. II, III, IV and V d. I, II, III and IV

834. Which of 0the following parts of the circulatory system carries digested fats
away from the intestines?
a. Lacteals
b. Pancreatic duct
c. Arterial capillaries
d. Pulmonary artery

835. When water evaporates, it changed into which of the following state?
a. Solid c. Gaseous
b. Matter d. Liquid

836. Which of the following statement is not true about comets?

a. Comets may go around the sun in any direction
b. Comets are mostly frozen gases and cosmic dust
c. Comets glow by their own light
d. Comets generally have elongated, elliptical orbits

837. A British physician and bacteriologist, Sir Ronald Ross was awarded the
Nobel Prize in medicine for his researches in:
a. Liquid fuel rocket
b. The prevention of hepatitis
c. The transmission of malaria
d. The control of cholera
838. A thermometer measures:
a. Energy c. Pressure
b. Heat d. Temperature

839. Which of the following forms of energy travels in waves?

a. Chemical energy
b. Sound energy
c. Mechanical energy
d. Electrical energy

840. A readability mismatch happens when the reading levels of books exceed the
reading levels of the students. In this situation, the students experience
frustration and they fall short of the expected desired output. A student who finds
himself/herself in such a mismatch will likely do which of the following?
a. Present an argument that the selection or story read was not properly written
b. Write a comprehensive reaction paper regarding the selection or story read
c. Give an intelligent critique of the selection or story read
d. Manifest an expected and commensurate emotional reaction to the selection
or story read

841. Which of the following principles is declared in the Constitution?

a. Civilian authority is sometimes supreme over the military

b. The Philippine Constitution is a democratic and republican state. Sovereignty
resides in the people and all government authority emanating from it
c. The state has the power to wage war in defense against outside attack
d. The separation of the church and state shall be inviolable

842. Which of the following is defined as a declaration and enumeration of the

individual rights and privileges which the Constitution is designed to protect
against violation by the government or by an individual or group of individuals?

a. Power of the State c. Suffrage

b. Bill of Rights d. Human Rights

843. Teachers have a responsibility for the development of children’s competence

in basic concepts and principles of free speech. Therefore, if were children to
develop their own voices in a free society, teachers must support participatory
democratic experiences in the daily classroom activities through:

a. Consideration for cultural gender differences

b. Concepts and principles of free speech
c. Indoctrination of the principles of society
d. Developing children’s citizenship competence

844. Kami ang kabataang siyang magiging pag-asa ng bayan.

a. Pagtula c. Pagtukoy
b. Pagtatanong d. Pasasalamat

845. Ikaw naman kasi, nagpahuli ka pa.

a. Pagkontrol ng kilos
b. Paglikha
c. Pagbibigay ng impormasyon
d. Pagbabahagi ng damdamin
846. Alin sa mga sumusunod na mga akdang pampanitikang nagdala ng maling
impluwensya sa buong daigdig.

a. Ang Romeo at Juliet

b. Ang Koran
c. Ang Divina Commedia
d. Ang Banal na Kasulatan

847. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

a. Ang bago’t malaking pabrikang pinagtrabahuhan nila ay malapit sa amin

b. Ang pabrikang pinagtrabahuhan nila malapit sa amin ay bago’t malaki
c. Ang pinagtatrabahuhan nilang malapit sa amin ay bago’t malaking pabrika
d. Ang pabrikang malapit sa amin, bago’t malaki ay pinagtatrabahuhan nila

848. Alin sa sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

a. Nagpapabata ang pulbos sa kutis na Clinique

b. Nagpapabata sa kutis ang pulbos ng Clinique
c. Nagpapabata ng mukha sa kutis ng pulbos na Clinique
d. Nagpapabata sa kutis ng mukha ang pulbos na Clinique

849. Piliin ang gawi ng pagsasalita: “Kasiyahan ko nang makitang kayo’y


a. Pagbabahagi ng damdamin
b. Pangarap
c. Pagkontrol ng kilos
d. Pagkuha ng impormasyon

850. Ang kaugnayan ng pagkakapatay kina Burgos, Gomez at Zamora sa

panitikang Pilipino ay:

a. Nanatiling masigla ang diwang Pilipino

b. Nakagising sa damdaming makabayan ng mga Pilipino
c. Natutong lumabag sa batas at lumaban sa may kapangyarihan ang mga Pilipino
d. Naimpluwensyahan ang diwa alipin ng mga Pilipino

851. “Walang tubig kahapon.” Ito ay pangungusap na:

a. Walang pandiwa
b. Walang paksa
c. May panaguri
d. May paksa

852. A computer system is actually made up of actual physical machines known

a. Monitor c. Printer
b. Hardware d. Software

853. A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline to travel 10 kilometers. After a tune-
up, it travels 15% farther on one liter. To the nearest tenth, how many gasolines
will it take for the vehicle to travel 230 kilometers?

a. 20.15 liters c. 23.15 liters

b. 23 liters d. 20 liters
854. The history of the earth has been divided by scientists into eras. Which of the
following shows the arrangement of these eras into proper sequence from the
oldest to the most recent?

a. Precambrian --- Mesozoic --- Cenozoic ---Paleozoic

b. Paleozoic --- Cenozoic --- Precambrian --- Mesozoic
c. Precambrian --- Paleozoic --- Mesozoic --- Cenozoic
d. Cenozoic --- Mesozoic --- Paleozoic --- Precambrian

855. If n<m and a<b, then ____________.

a. n + a > m + b c. n = a
b. m = b d. n + a < m + b

856. If the scores in a Mathematics test of 45 students are arranged from the
highest to the lowest, the 23rd score is the:

a. Mean c. Median
b. Variance d. Mode

857. To find perimeter (P) of a rectangle that has a length of 16 inches and width
of 12 inches, which of the following equation can be used?

a. P=2(16)(12) c. P=2(16)=(12)
b. P=(16)+(12) d. P=2(16+12)

858. What is the cube root of (32 x 3)?

a. 9 b. 3 x 3 c. 27 d. 3

859. Which of the following is closes to normal body temperature?

a. 32 degrees Fahrenheit
b. 50 degrees Celsius
c. 37 degrees Celsius
d. 212 degrees Fahrenheit

860. A change in the composition of a substance resulting in the formation of a

new substance is called:
a. Nuclear change
b. Chemical change
c. Mechanical change
d. Physical change

862. Which of the following gives the sum of the polynomials (a2 + b2 + ab) and
(3a2 + 4ab – 2b2)?
a. 4a2+b2+5ab c. 3a2+5ab-2b2
b. 5a2+5b2=5ab d. 4a2+5ab-b2

862. Of the 50 students enrolled in the subject Curriculum and Instruction, 90%
took the final examination at the end of the term. Two-thirds of those who took
the final examination passed. How many students passed the exam?
a. 33 b. 45 c. 34 d. 30

863. A cube is a rectangle solid, the length, width and height of which have the
same measure called the edge (e) of the cube. The volume of the cube is found by
cubing the measure of the edge. What is the volume of the cube whose edge is

a. 27 cm3 c. 206 cm3

b. 64 cm3 d. 125 cm3

864. “While attempting to explain the role of imitation in language acquisition,

investigators studied the different aspects of language development.” An
inference which parents may make from this passage is that they should:

a. Realize that their child’s imitations may reflect several aspects of language
b. Be concerned when a child imitates their language
c. Should be unconcerned as imitation is too complex
d. Realize that their talking may over-stimulate their child’s activities

865. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right
triangle are 12 and 16. How much longer is the perimeter of the larger triangle
than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?
a. 84 b. 7 c. 12 d. 14

866. In a circle with center O, arc RS=132 degrees. How many degrees are there in
angle RSO?
a. 22 b. 24 c. 20 d. 48

867. One angle of a parallelogram is 35? What are the measures of the three
other angles?
a. 45˚, 65˚, 170˚
b. 145˚, 35˚, 145˚
c. 85˚, 135˚, 140˚
d. 35˚, 65˚, 65˚

868. One side of a 45˚- 45˚- 90˚ triangle measures 5 cm. What is the length of its
a. 5√3cm b. 5 cm c. 5√3 d. 5√2cm

869. An online shop sells a certain calculator for P850 and charges P250 for
shipping within Manila, regardless of the number of calculators ordered. Which of
the following equations shows the total cost (y) of an order as a function of the
number of calculators ordered (x)?
a. y=(850+250)x c. y=850x+250
b. y=250x+850 d. x=850y+250

870. How many glasses of cola each to be filled with 150 cu cm of liquid can be
made from 5 family sizes bottles of cola each containing 1.5 liters?
a. 60 b. 45 c. 40 d. 50

872. The edges of a cubical frame are made from plastic straws. How much longer
is the total length of the plastic edges of a cube whose edge is 10 cm compared to
a cube whose edge is 8 cm?
a. 32 cm c. 24 cm
b. 8 cm d. 16 cm

873. If the width of a rectangle is reduced by 20% and the length is also reduced
by 20%, what percent of the original area is the new area of the rectangle?
a. 60% b. 64% c. 80% d. 36%
874. How many square inches are in 1 square yard?
a. 900 b. 144 c. 1,296 d. 648

875. Which of these has the longest perimeter?

a. A rectangle 19 cm long and 24 cm wide
b. A right triangle whose two legs are 24 and 32 cm
c. A square 21 cm on a side
d. An equilateral triangle whose side is 28 cm

876. If 1 = a then x equals the _______.

x b
a. product of a and b
b. quotient of a and b
c. sum of a and b
d. difference of a and b

877. On a certain day, three computer technicians took turns in manning a 24-
hours internet shop. The number of hours Alpha, Bravo and Charlie were on duty
was in the ratio 1:2:3, respectively. The shop owner pays them PHP40 per hour.
How much would Charlie receive for that day?
a. PHP 230 c. PHP 160
b. PHP 960 d. PHP 480

878. A bus has seven vacant seats. If there are additional passengers that will
enter the bus, in how many different ways can they be seated?
a. 6 b. 210 c. 5040 d. 35

879. Roger’s grades in 6 subjects are 88, 89, 84, 90, 91 and 86. What is the least
grade that he should aim for the 7th subject if he has to have an average of 88?
a. 91 b. 90 c. 88 d. 92

880. In how many ways can 7 people be seated around a circular table?
a. 49 b. 720 c. 5,040 d. 14

881. A committee of 3 is to be selected from a group of 5 girls and 3 boys. What is

the probability that two boys are selected?
a. 15/56 b. 8/56 c. 3/56 d. 5/56

882. A student has ten posters to pin up on the wall of her room, but there is
space for only seven. In how many ways can she choose the posters to be pinned
a. 5040 c. 120
b. 604,800 d. 7

884. Janina, a retailer, buys candies for PHP 37.50. That pack has 25 pieces of
candies. If she sells each candy for PHP 2.25, how much profit does she make?
a. PHP 15.50 c. PHP 37.50
b. PHP 56.25 d. PHP 18.75

885. In how many ways can four boys and four girls seated in a row containing
eight seats if the boys and girls must sit in alternate seats?
a. 1,152 c. 40,320
b. 24 d. 576

886. During period of increased global temperatures, which of the following is

most likely to occur?
a. A decrease in earthquakes
b. An increase in atmospheric CO2
c. An increase in earthquakes
d. A decrease in atmospheric CO2

887. Which of the following human activities reduces the level of ozone in the
a. Releasing of fluorocarbons from aerosol cans
b. Using large banks of solar cells for energy production
c. Using artificial lighting in scientific polar station
d. Destroying large areas of the equatorial rain forests

888. If two variables X and Y are directly related, which of these is not true?
a. When X is low, Y is also low
b. When X increase, Y decreases
c. As X increase, Y also increases
d. A high Y is associated with a high X

889. What is the most significant cause of dwindling biodiversity?

a. Global warming
b. Large plant consumption
c. Destruction of habitat
d. Depletion of ozone layer

890. The existence of extraterrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea will
become more scientifically acceptable over time if:
a. Alternative hypotheses are proposed and confirmed
b. Hypotheses are made related to the idea
c. Increasing scientific evidence supports the idea
d. No one disputes this idea in a scientific forum

891. Why is incineration not favored as a method of waste disposal?

a. It is expensive for a country like ours
b. It releases noxious gases
c. The country lacks funds to install incineration
d. It requires large energy expenditure

892. Teacher Monica showed the class the potted plants placed on the window
sills. She asked them to observe the direction of their growth. The pupils observe
that the plants tented to grow outward. Then Teacher Monica asked the class this
question: “Why do you think the plants grow outward?” What was Teacher
Monica engaging the pupils to do?
a. Observe
b. Draw conclusion
c. Formulate hypothesis
d. Design an experiment

893. Which of the following has the smallest mass when measured in an equal
arm balance?
a. 1/8 sheet of pad paper
b. 1/2 sheet of pad paper
c. 1/4 sheet of pad paper
d. 1/3 sheet of pad paper

894. Which of the following activities help reduce water pollution?

a. Throwing only liquid wastes
b. Using organic fertilizers in farms
c. Cleaning with soap instead of detergents
d. Treating wastewater before it is discharge

895. Leaves are green in sunlight because _______.

a. they absorb the green light
b. their tints bounce off
c. they absorb the blue and yellow object and yellow light
d. they reflect green light

896. Which of the following is true about light and seeing?

a. Light enters the eyes enabling people to see objects
b. Light goes out from eyes, hits an object, and then returns to the eyes
c. Light rays coming from an object meets light coming from a light source and
then enters the eyes
d. Light hits an object, bounces, and then enters the eyes

897. A tray filled with ice was left on a table. After one hour, it was observed that
some of the ice had changed to liquid. Which of the following is true about the
temperature of the water and of the ice?

I. The temperature of the ice did not change

II. The temperature of the ice became higher
III. The temperature of water is higher than the temperature of the ice

a. II only c. III only

b. I and III d. I only

898. A stainless steel spoon feels colder than a plastic spoon because stainless
steel ______.
a. absorbs less heat from the hand than plastic does
b. is really colder than plastic
c. has a lower temperature than plastic
d. conducts heat away from the hand faster than plastic does

899. Why does the level of water in a beaker rise after a stone is laced on it?
a. The stone and water occupy the same space
b. The stone takes the place occupied by the water
c. The stone has more mass than the water
d. The water weighs less than the stone

900. In connection with government transactions involving public interest, which

policy, is adopted by the Constitution to assure the public of accountability and
a. Rural development and agrarian reform
b. Private enterprise and incentives to needed investments
c. Full public disclosure
d. Balanced and healthful ecology

901. With the Batasang Pambansa performing legislative and executive powers in
the Marcos regime, which form of government was implemented?
a. Monarchial c. Presidential
b. Parliamentary d. Dictatorial

902. In President Quezon’s time, the country had the Philippine Commonwealth.
What is true about the Philippine Commonwealth? The Filipinos were
__________. .
a. partially independent
b. granted total freedom to course their destiny only on matters of education
c. citizens of the United State
d. fully independent

904. As a result of EDSA I, the Philippines ______.

a. changed its form of government to parliamentary
b. became known worldwide for its People Power Revolution
c. intensified its participation in international affairs
d. saw the impeachment of Joseph Estrada as president

905. Rizal focused the “La Liga Filipina” to ______.

I. unite the whole country

II. fight violence and justice
III. revolt against the Spaniards

a. I and III c. I and II

b. II and III d. II only

907. What does the “presumption of innocence” mean in so far as human right is
a. Remains innocence until proven guilty
b. Has the right to remain silent
c. Is concerned guilty unless proven otherwise
d. Has the right to a legal counsel

908. What development has taken place in our form of government from the pre-
Hispanic Philippines to the present?

I. We have come from a one-man rule to a government of the people, by the

people, and for the people
II. We began with a one-man rule and have ended up with a dictatorial form of
III. We started with a dictatorial form of government that has developed into the
present democratic form

a. I and III b. III c. II d. I

909. Which is true of the Philippines?

a. It has been colonized by two European colonial powers
b. There have been attempts to change its government to a parliamentary form
c. It has never been united as a nation
d. It is the only Christian country in Asia

910. Which is true of the historical development of the Philippines?

a. It has been an independent nation
b. It has evolved from a colony to a fully independent nation
c. It has not achieved full independence from the very beginning
d. It has been an independent nation ever since

911. This year’s SONA was focused on education and economy. What is meant by
a. State of the Nation Address
b. Speech of the Nation Assembly
c. Speech of the Nation Address
d. State of the Nation Advocacy
912. Which statement is true of the pre-Spanish Filipino government?
a. Laws were formulated by a law making body elected by the community
b. There was a court created by the datu to hear complaints
c. The datu exercised all powers of government
d. Laws were formulated by a law-making body appointed by the datu

913. With which are the words “Cha-Cha” and “Con-Ass” associated?
a. Imposition of Martial Law
b. Amendment of the present constitution
c. Return to dictatorial form of government
d. Division between Senate and House of Representatives

914. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform and cooperatives are meant to:
a. bridge the gap between the rich and the poor
b. improve the country’s literacy rate
c. make all citizens equal
d. eradicate poverty in the country

915. How can the Comprehensive Agrarian reform Program bring about social
equity and economic prosperity in the country?

I. By distributing the ownership of land to farmers for value charge

II. By transferring the ownership of land to farmers for value
III. By helping the affected landowners to use their land compensation in viable
business activities
IV. By providing support services to farmer-beneficiaries

a. I, II and IV c. II, III and IV

b. I, II and III d. I, III and IV

916. When one company controls the supply of sugar, which terms applies?
a. Economic Stability c. Equilibrium
b. Monopoly d. Inflation

917. When parents decide to send their children to a private school and pay their
tuition fee instead of sending them to the public school, they don’t get their share
in the benefit derived from the taxes they pay. This is a case of ____________.
a. double taxation
b. social inequity
c. social injustice
d. double jeopardy