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Set up of Approval Hierarchy

For approval of PO document we can set hierarchies.

There are 2 types of Hierarchies which are mainly used:
1. Employee-Supervisor Hierarchy.
2. Position Hierarchy

Here I am going to setting of Position Hierarchy & Approval of Purchase Order using the same type.

To set-up Position Hierarchy we need to set-up the following:

 Define Employee
 Define Job
 Define Position
 Assign Job & Position to the Employee
 Define approver groups
 Assign approver groups to position
 Define position hierarchy
 Define Buyer
 Define User
 Run Report “Fill Employee Hierarchy”

I’ll take the examples of below user:





Define Employee
HRMS Responsibility  People  Enter and Maintain  Click New (B)

Employee Name: ALI IACS

Employee Name: KHAN IACS
Employee Name: ADNAN.IACS
Employee Name: IMRAN HAQ

Define Job
HRMS Responsibility  Work Structure  Job  Description  Click New (B)
Job 1:

Job 2:

Job 3:
Job 4:

Define Position
HRMS Responsibility  Work Structure  Position  Description  Click New (B)

Position 1:
Position 2:

Position 3:

Position 4:
Assign Job & Position to the employees
Query the employees earlier & click on Assignment (B)

Employee: ALI IACS

Employee: KHAN IACS

Employee: ADNAN IACS

Employee: IMRAN.HAQ

Define Approval Groups

Purchasing  Set-up  Approvals  Approval Groups
Now assign the approval groups to respective positions

Purchasing  Set-up  Approvals  Approval Assignments


Senior Manager:

Define Position Hierarchy
Purchasing  Set-up  Personnel Position Hierarchy
Now verify “Use Approval Hierarchy” option is enabled in Financial Options.
Purchasing  Set-up  Organizations Financial Options

If box is checked, hierarchies are followed. Otherwise “Employee supervisor” hierarchy will be used.

Define Buyer
Purchasing  Set-up  Personnel Buyers  Click Add Buyer (B)


Define remaining three (KHAN IACS, ADNAN IACS, IMRAN HAQ) employees as buyer.

Define User
System Administrator  Security  User  Define

Give user name & attach the Employee in the person field.


Define remaining three employees (KHAN IACS, ADNAN IACS, IMRAN HAQ) as user & attach employee in
person field.
Run Request
Run request “Fill Employee Hierarchy”