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Name of accused{(s): BOYLE, Joshua Ainslie Date of interview: December 30, 2017 Occurrence number: 17-312016 Person being interviewed: 911 Call TEAM: 1 911. JB. Denotes 911 Operator, Interviewer speaking Denotes Joshua Boyle, caller, Interviewee speaking DECEMBER 30, 2017 ~ 11:47:18 PM 911. JB. 911 JB. 911 JB. 911 JB. 911 JB. 911 JB. 911 urgence, do you need police, fire or paramedics? police where do you need the police? oh MEE i's not, i's not a great emergency it's self-harm eh what do you mean if, (inaudible), my wife is trying to kill herself 29 ya sory bn has she injured herself? | don't think so but she was alone in the room, she's run outside, she’s screaming at the top of her lungs that she’s gonna kill herself. She's bad for the children. Eh she has BPD eh 911 sorry she has what? Ws fame of accu Occurence Person being TEAM 1 eds) BOYLE, Joshua Anse Da sade Som © Date of inteviow: December 90,2017 Interviewed: 917 Cat 18. eh borderin personality srr eh exten mera iby as wl at PTSD anda few other things and tm realy wore fr he ight now 911. does she have anything on her orn the house that she used to ham hese? YB. mean every household has kives ad hat burgh now im inthe house ad she's out it 811, ok di she say how she wanted to harm hese? rr ‘nous that ne word woul be beter wou her, she's gonna ki hers, have no idea. have 3 chikdren here so cant un etna the ight chasing he. he pate, ‘hey’ under years ok 911. eh whats her lastname? JB. Boyle, BOYLE J2, mine or bare? 811, ore JB. Cate, CAITLAN 914, and whats er date obinh please? 48, ls somebody on ote? ott yoser 8, jst king your tie ok 11. senang on, masking questions which 211, witha ue oe? fame of ac Occurence ramsey se sth APs Daten contr so zor Person being interiowed 91 cay Team 1 JB ya 811. sowhat 8. November2", 85. S's my wie, weve been mare ore, eh going on 10 yea ow, We have 3 children 811, ok 18. inthe house 811, ok, ok give me a descton of he oe cn nd her JB. yach banat, eh she's wearing a scarf on her ead, do ink she has a coat on {2h what eh colour shit she wearing do you know? JB. eh honesty dont emamter 91. do you remember anything about er thing? JB, eh ke si, she's probably got. a hab scart on, brown paterned. se her ha. She na J8. ch average height and weight She might have psa, in oe back nan be quit. She JB. was steaming and banging on ngs. it whew bak