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Talk Act ivit ies Flowchart

W hich t alk act ivit ies can I use wit h my st udent s?

W hat is t he purpose of t he t alk act ivit y?

To get students to explain

To get students to critique and their thinking
get feedback on science models To get students to To reach
revise their thinking consensus
Where are you in the
Where are students in their
completion process?
How will students
think about this Are you going to Beginning Middle End
phenomenon best? moderate discussion?
They are working They have
on models completed models
Share-Trade Claim-Pass Idea Coaching

Three St ay-One St udent s St udent s writ e a In a pair, one

Agree-Disagree All-Day Post -It s
St ray observe a claim at t he t op st udent
phenomenon, of a piece of "coaches"
One person St udent models
writ e, share wit h paper and pass while t he
Teacher poses a are left out all
"st rays" from a part ner, t hen t he pencil. Each ot her
quest ion for day for st udent s
each group and t rade and share adds a piece of explains. Then
st udent s t o in ot her class
act s as a crit ic of again. evidence or swit ch.
agree or periods t o
anot her group's experience and
disagree wit h crit ique wit h No; this is a
models while passes pencil t o
and t hey move post -it s ? and chance for
t he t hree t he next person.
t heir bodies t o maybe ot her Through them to Yes; I am
remaining writ e Through
respond. t eachers, t oo. Written "work out" curious what
t heir crit icism. Images
Language their ideas they're thinking

W rit e and Pass Four Quadrant s Discussion Diamond All-Class Science Talk

St udent s writ e t heir ideas Print four st at ement s on a St udent s writ e t heir ideas Teacher poses a quest ion
and pass t hem around t o paper and st udent s at each in each corner of t he same for st udent s t o answer
t heir t ablemat es, who add t able "vot e" by placing an paper, share merit s of t heir wit h dat a and reasoning,
comment s t o t heir ideas. object on t he st at ement ideas, and t heir consensus encouraging st udent s t o
BY KERRI WINGERT & ABBY Then st udent s writ e a t hey agree wit h and in t he middle. t alk t o each ot her
RHINEHART | AUGUST 2016 revised st at ement . explain why.