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bringing innovation and technology to lighting design

ChamSys MagicQ Illuminated buttons

Split T-bar cross-fader

Media Motorised parameter

adjust faders

Wing Source matrix

User defined
parameter limits
software 8 parameter encoder
LED and media
FX generator Quick and easy
to program

Integrate Media, Lights and LED Immediate Live Control

The MagicQ media wing is the ultimate in con- All the buttons, faders and encoders are
trol of media servers and moving yoke projec- electronically legended for ease of use when
tors. Connected to a MagicQ console or Mag- changing pages or changing shows.
icQ PC the MagicQ Media wing enables ad-
vanced mixing of media sources for generation The legended buton array enables immediate
of spectacular media events. selection and assignment of sources
whether you wish, with the ability for the
MagicQ combines mixing of media with mixing operator to customise the buttons to their
of lights and LED matricies to get the ultimate particular wish.
in control of the entire ambience.
And with immediate access to 8 individual
The MagicQ Media wing builds on the well parameters at a time through the encoder
established flexibility and live control features wheels, each with their own legended button
of the MagicQ consoles, to enable the operator to idenitify their current function, operation
to match the mood of live environment with is simple.
lighting and video.
MagicQ Media Wing has four separate pro-
The ergonomic chrome split T-bar enables fin- grammers for complete live mixing. In each
gertip mixing of 4 different sources which programmer you can create visual effects
themselves can combine multiple media layers. from a combination of layers, images, movies
Use the T-bar for controling just layer intensi- and effects. Seamlessly mix between the
ties, or for crossfading between complete different programmers using the T-bar fader
scenes - it is your choice. or the 4 motorised faders. ChamSys Ltd, Liners Ind Estate, Pitt Road, Southampton SO15 3FQ Tel. +44 2380 238666
Specification subject to change without notice.
bringing innovation and technology to lighting design

ChamSys The MagicQ Media Wing is available as a stand-alone unit, directly attached to a
console, or as part of a dual MagicQ Playback Wing. Stand alone MagicQ Media
Wings connect to consoles / MagicQ PC system via USB. The lower half of the
Media Wing mimics the lower half of a standard MagicQ Playback Wing whilst
the upper half provides the media specific functions.

MagicQ media wing provides the power with the style. The elegant chrome
T-bar, coloured buttons and motorised faders make the media wing the control
surface of choice for professional video directors. The entire control surface is
easily customised by the user to enable absolute realisation of their dreams.

MagicQ Media Wing is fully compatible with MagicQ software - the Media Wing
can be utilised to control industry standard media servers (e.g. Arkaos, Catalyst,
Hippotizer, Pandora’s Box, PixelDrive). MagicQ software supports immediate
media selection through thumbnails (retrieved from each media server indepen-
dently) on the MagicQ touch screen.

In addition, live previews of the layers and final outputs can be shown on MagicQ
screens as you mix the media live using the MagicQ Media Wing, giving
immediate feedback to your live changes.

Feature MQ Media Feature MQ Media

Software Wmg
Universes 12 Split T-bar fader for mixing 4 sources yes
Channels 6144 Electronic legening for T-bar 4 legened buttons
Number of media servers 50 T-bar corssfader user asignable yes
Layers per media server Unlimited*
Media FX library yes Matrix select buttons 24
Connection of media servers Ethernet or DMX Electronic legending for matrix buttons yes
Media protocols ArtNet, Arakaos, Catalyst,
Hippo, Generic, MSEX
Motorised faders for parameter adjust 4
In-built library of media servers yes Parameter top and bottom limits 8 legended buttons
Thumbnails displayed on screen yes Parameter Flash buttons 4
Thumbnails selected on screen yes Parameter adjust using encoders 8
Different media on each server yes Electronic legending for encocders 8 legended buttons
Thumbnail retrieval options auto / manual
Live updating of media yes Playback faders 12
Live previews on screen yes Playback buttons 40
Preview layers as well as outputs yes Electronic Playback legending yes
Page select buttons yes
Media FX generator yes
Media colour mixing yes Dimmable console lamps yes
Morphing of media servers yes Console lamps 1
Merging of media shows yes Internal PSU yes
User defined media FX library yes Powercon power connector yes

Copying of media layers yes Width (mm) 365

Copying of media servers yes Depth (mm) 580
Live adjust of media parameters yes Height (mm) 180 ChamSys Ltd, Unit G3, Liners Ind Estate, Pitt Road, Southampton SO15 3FQ Tel. +44 2380 23866
Specification subject to change without notice.