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1S : 6215 - 1982 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR SHORT LINK CHAIN, GRADE T (8) NON-CALIBRATED FOR LIFTING PURPOSES ( First Revision ) Lifting Chains and Associated Fittings and Components ‘Sectional Committee, MCPD 9 Chairman Representing Sant S, Mazuanan, Directorate General of Technical Development, ‘New Delhi ‘Members Da BLK. Giraxnavanry ‘Tractel-Tiefor ludia Prt Ltd, New Dell Suni RN. Buazsacan ( Alternate} SuntS. Canin Tndian Register of Shipping, Bombay ‘Shar ALK. Cuorna ( lternate ) suar Nb, Cuavonant W. HL. trady & Co Ltd, Hombay ‘Sun B, Vanacanastass ( Altemate Sunt DL. Cuiuaxcia Tadian Chain Manufacturing Co, Caleutta Siri Pauante Guteeawara ( tena) Depury Dinreron (MP), A-l "Ministry of Railways, Lucknow ‘Assiwnawr Draicn EXciween (MP), A3 ( Allens} Sant A.'N. Cuca National Text House, Caleutte Stic Ml, Muriieswasce Directorate General Factory Advice Services and ‘Labour Tustitutes (Ministry. of Labour, Employment and Rehabilitation ) Suny >. Nae Jestop 8 Co Lid, Cateutta Shier Ac K. Bane (.llernate ) Sunt P. Ky Nuvarra Indian Link Chain Manufactarers Ltd, Bombay ‘Shar. V. Areh ( Alrmate) Sunt Asie V, Oza Ashok Steel Chain Manufacturing Co, Bombay Sune T. Pinar (Altemore) Suni. Pace ‘Tak Machinery Ltd, Bombay Site S.C. Busts ( Alternate) ( Continua on page 2) © Copyright 1962 INDIAN STANDARDS INSTITUTION ‘This publication is protected under the Tedion Copsigit det (XIV of 1957) sai reproduction in whole of in part by any means except with written permision of the Publisher shall be deemed to be an infringement of copyright under the said Act. 18 1 6215 - 1982 (Continued from page 1) Manbers Representing Sumr M.V.8. Rao Steel, Authority of India Ltd (solar Steet Plant ), New Delhi Swat A.N. Dorsa (Altente) Steel AUthorty of cia Led (Alloy Stee! Pant), ‘ew Delhi Sumi S.C, Rov Calcutta Port Trust, Caleutta ‘Sunt 8, K. Guuossar, (Alternate) Sunt B, B, Sanwa Heavy Engineering Corporation Lid (HMBP ), Sunt Ox Pmaxasie ( Alternate) Con R. Suvpatant Ministry of Defence ( DCI ) H Suet A. M, Sommayawtan ( Alien Sant SN Suman ‘Minty of Shipping sud Trauaport ( Develop ‘ment Wing) Sunt T. N. Unoviva Directorate General of Supplies & Disporale ‘Cnspection Wing }, New Delhi Snat P. S, Das, Director General, ISI (afi Member) Director (MOPD ) Sertary Sunt V. K, Senoat Deputy Director (MCPD ), 1ST Chains Subcommittee, MCPD 9: 1 Conener Simi P, K. Nuwar Indian Link Chain Manufacturers Ltd, Bombay Menbers Smt S. V_ Apne ( Alternate to ‘Shri B. i, Newatis ) DaP. ‘Tenctel-Tirfor India Pet Ltd, New Delbi Sunt iN. 8 Cyavouane WMHS Deady & Gy Lidy Dvatuay ‘Sint B, Vawarnsstax (Alternat ) wnt, L, Cuiruasots Tadian Chain Manufacturing Co, Calcutta ‘Sane Paapre Curstanara ( Alterate) sant Asnox V. Ozu ‘Riou Dteel Chain Manufacturing Co, Bombay Siner TC. Postar ( Alomate) Sunt §. C, Row. Caleutta Port Trust, Caleutta Suni §. K. Guosias( Alternate) Sunt T, Ne Unovese Directorate General of Supplies & Disporale ‘CTntpeetion Wing }, New Delhi Sunt R. K. Veas Hercules Hoists Led, Bombay IS : 6215 - 1982 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR SHORT LINK CHAIN, GRADE T (8) NON-CALIBRATED FOR LIFTING PURPOSES ( First Revision ) 0. FOREWORD 0.1 This Indian Standard ( First Revision ) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 26 February 1982, after the draft finalized by the Lifting Chains and Associated Fitting’ and Components Sectional Committee had been approved by the Marine, Cargo Movement and Packaging Division Conncil tandard was first published in 1970, The revision of this hhas been necessitated to rationalize the nominal sizes of the ins to bring them in line with international practice. A new concept of subjecting the chains to a manufacturing test force which is 60 percent of the breaking force, besides proof testing, has been introduced, ‘Morcover, under mechanical properties, the minimum energy absorption, factor has been deleted and in_place of guaranteed minimum elongation at fracture, the concept of minimum total ultimate elongation has been introduced. 0.3 In the preparation of this standard considerable assistance has been derived from ISO 3076-1980. “Short link chain for lifting purposes : Grade T(8) Non-calibrated for chain slings? etc, issued by the Inter- nativial Organicativi fur Stauslasdication (130 )- 0.4 For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, express- ing the result of, a test or analysis shall be rounded off in accordance with 1S: 2-1960*, The number of significant places retained in the rounded Of value should be the same a8 that of the specified value in this standard. ules for roanding off numerical values (ried), 3