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| FFXI Windower |
| Version 3.41 |
| |
| readme originally by: Cliff |
| revised by: Cozma |

[ Instructions ]
1. Now that you have extracted the windower files, you can
move this entire folder to a location of your choice.
NOTE: It is recommended that you DO NOT use the directory
where your game is installed.
2. Open launcher.ini and set the line that says language = __
to the correct POL version you are using (i.e. EN, JP, EU),
and also enter the resolution dimensions you want the game
to run at. For fullscreen, use the full dimensions of your
3. Run(open) launcher.exe
4. If the game is being windowed succesfully you will see
"Windower Enabled" in the title bar.

If you have any problems with Windower, please visit our

Website at [ ] and check the news forum.
This forum will inform you of any currently known problems
and how to fix them if a solution is available. If you do
not see your issue in the current threads, please use the
Search feature to look for a solution BEFORE starting a
new thread.

[ Default Key Bindings ]

Toggle Console = Insert
Force Ambient Lighting = F11
Show FPS = F12
Screenshot = Print Screen
DrawDistance Lv5 = Control - F10
DrawDistance Lv1 = Alt - F10
Paste = Ctrl-V

[ Advanced Information ]
For command line execution:
+ Specifying an alternate ini file on the command line
Launcher.exe -c WindowerAlternate.ini
This will instruct the launcher to use that ini file.
(You can use this in batch files as well.)
+ Viewing available switches/flags for the launcher
launcher -h

Additional advanced information:

When the game is loaded, the init.txt file in the scripts
folder is executed in the console and will assign the
default key bindings and other settings. There is a large
variety of console commands available for use-- which are
listed in the commands.txt file. Simply toggle (activate)
the console in game to enter any commands, and then toggle
the console again (deactivate) when you are finished. This
will allow you to continue playing your game.
You can also edit the init.txt file to suit your own
For example, to increase (brighten) the gamma for the screen
gamma 50
gamma 60
Console commands can also be bound to keys, the syntax is:
bind <key> <up/down> "<command>"
If you want to bind this key every time you play insert
this line in your init.txt file.

[ Plugins ]
Included plugins are: ConsoleBG, Distance, EXPWatch,
LightLuggage, Recast, Silence, SSOrganizer, Timestamp, and
+ ConsoleBG places a dark background behind console text,
making the text easier to read in brightly colored zones.
+ Distance shows the distance between any target and
+ Expwatch shows: how many experience points until your next
level, your experience points per hour, the approximate
time remaining until you level up, and the time passed
since the kill of the last monster.
+ LightLuggage automatically stacks items in your inventory,
and also has other features/settings you can read about on
the Windower wiki.
+ Recast shows the time remaining until you can recast
or reuse a spell or job ability that you have recently
+ Silence prevents "Equipment changed." from being printed
to the chat log.
+ SSOrganizer organizes screenshots in more precise fashion,
rather than tossing them all into one folder. Please see
the wiki for more information on this plugin.
+ Timestamp adds the current time to the beginning of all
lines/messages in the chat log.
+ TParty shows the TP and MP of all party and alliance

There are MANY other plugins on the Windower Website. You

can find download links and information about them at:
[ ]

[ Disclaimer ]
Any damages or losses caused by this program are the sole
responsibility of the user. Use of this program will likely
void the EULA and may result in suspension/banning if caught;
With that said, the safest route to take is to not tell
anyone that you use this program. Keeping quiet about using
it will lessen your chances of getting caught. Please use
this software respectfully, not for cheating other players.