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Well as what I predict she had a physical health problem, problems in school and relationship
difficulties. Hm. Because first, stress on her classmates treating her and now she had anxiety.
For us to know anxiety, unlike fear, worry and anxiety are cause by imaginary rather than real
threating situations. These emotions develop later than fear that is, when the child is able to
imagine things that are actually present. Thus you may find a child who is worried over her class
performance but due to repeated failure suffers loss of self confidence.

Psychiatrist: Well may I know how manytimes did you parasuicide at all? And are you always
have a suicidal thoughts or behavior ?
Moderator 2:
As for know grade 7-9 year 4 in the Philippines :
11.6% among 13 years olds considered suicide and,
16.8% among 13 years olds attempted suicide.
Mother: I will not forget the first time that my daughter attempted suicide, its December 25, 2015
she is still a grade 6 student .The first time that her father did not go in Christmas .She drink a
lot of drugs and locked her self in her room when the Christmas eve end I saw her lying in the
bed and a paper in her hand then when I read it , it’s a farewell message she’s blaming her self
for a broken family .I immediate call the emergency hotline number and go to the nearest
hospital .Suddenly the doctor came out and say that Im fortunate that its not late to survive my
Student: *cry* *sniff*
To be honest I try it many times ,maybe 7 or 8 times… and when everytime I lock my self in my
room ,I always written a farewell letter saying that Im the one why my dad left us..
Mother: No dear don’t blame your self on what happened about in our family, Im the one who is
wrong at first and you are just my angle given by the God sooooo…. Don’t blame your self
…dear sorry….
Moderator 1: Stop crying Ms.Katrina shhhhhh…
Moderator 2: So what can you say about the situation of Ms. Katrina doctors?
Psychiatrist : stop crying Ms. Katrina we are here to comfort you. We will help you. You can go
with us to a group therapy in which the members often are simply not allow to get away with
self-indulgent or destructive behavior.
Psychologist: Well we can say that your case is have to a group you when you spout off about
yourself then meanwhile the submissive members of the group learn to assert themselves better
after dealing with narcissist. Through a continuing, process of such interaction group members
assist each other healing and find new opportunities for healing themselves.
Moderator 1: So what do you mean doctors?
Psychiatrist : So on what we observe on this student she had a narcissist Personality Disorder.
She’s done on depression and anxiety she had a suicidal thoughts or behavior and physical
health problems also problem in school, regardless about her dad they have a family problem or
relationship difficulties and as Mrs. Gina Say earlier this student try to commit a suicide by using
drug. As for now we can help her by the power of the group approach, for instance , often helps
in way that one-on-one therapy cannot.
Psychologist : Don’t be shy, you are invited to join us if you want
Mother : Thank you doctors well we will see later if we had a time for that
Student : Thank you Doctors
Moderator 2: we’re almost out of time. There are a few key things to wrap up .
Psychiatrist : Well for now we are in Bangkok Hospital that’s all thank you.