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The invation by the norman in the middle English period made some changes on the position of
anglo saxon language at that time. Explain

2. the invention of the printing machine in middle ages later played a prominent part in the
development of literary works in the renaissance period.explain.

3. shakespeare’s plays are devided into four categories ; history, comedy,and late plays. Give an
example of each category and give brief synopsis only on one play that you know.

4. theaters wew closed during the commonwealth explain the reasons!

5. why did playwrights of the restoration make a new version of tragedy by Shakespeare?

1. mention invaders of England before the norman conquest.

2. There were kinds of plays were first introduced in the middle English. What are they?
3. Who instructed the translation of the bible into anglo sacon in the old English period?

4. who decided to cut contact with the catholic church in Italy and made himself to be the leader of
the church of England?

5. name other famous playwrights besides Shakespeare in the renaissance.

6. In the augustan, there was a new form of novel which is written as a series of docments , the usual
form is letter. What is the name of such novel?

7. name a woman writer in the romantic period who is known for her famouse novel entitled pride
and prejudice.

8. under the puritans . England was changed to be commonwealth for about 11 years. Who was the
first leader of the puritans and made himself as the lord protector?

9. who was the symbol of golden age?

10. detective story was another genre of novel which became popular in the Victorian, at first they
were called novels of sensation . name the famous fictional detective character in the novel by sir
arthur conan doyle.

1. who first introduced England how to write? Explain.

2. what are the differences between the language in the old English period and in the middle English

3. mention two kinds of drama appeared in the middle English period and give your explanation

4. there was an important change in religion occurred during the reign of henryVIII what was it?

5. what chiefly helped the development of renaissance? Why?

6. Shakespeare is chiefly dramatist not a historian. Explain.

7. why did a civil war occur in England during the commonwealth period?

8. who is oliver Cromwell? Explain.

9. During the renaissance period there were many new kinds of writing introduced . give three
examples along with a brief explanation

10.why are the drama on the restoration called the comedy manners?

1. what are the difference between augustan literature and romantic literature?

2. William wordsworth and Samuel taylor Coleridge are responsible for lyrical ballads, but they are
very different poets. What are the differences?

3. what is gothic novel? And give the examples of gothic writers and their works!

4. what is the main interest of jane austen’s in her novels? And what are her most well-known novels

5. what was described by Charles dickens in hard times?

1. A person, also known as a dramatist , who a. comedy manners
composes or writers a play.

2. restoration comedy which reflects the b. tragedy

manners and morals of the men and women
who had returned with the king form fance.

3. this period takes its name from the original c. Playwright

roman augustan age (27.BC-14 AD) which the
leading writes of this period greatly admired its

4. a style of writing that mocks , ridicules, or d. renaissance

pokes fun at a person, belief , or group of people
in order to challenge then. Often , this text uses
sarcasm, irony, exaggeration to assert their

5. unrhymed poetry written in iambic e. the jungle book


6. A literary works in which the hero is destroyed f. satire

by some flaw within his character and by forces
which he cannot control.

g. epistolary novel
7. the play that shows the mysterious or
miraculous events of the bible and the saint’s
lives h. blank verse
8. intellectual movement refers to the revival of i. mystery/miracle plays.
ancient greek and latin learning in Europe that
took place from about 1500 to 1600

9.a novel toldthrough the medium of letters j. augustan period

written by one or more of the characters.

10. a novel by Rudyard kipling tells the story of

mowgli who was brought up in the jungle by
animal and was taught that time the jungle has
its own rules and laws