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GR No. 177809 16 October 16, 2009
By Kylie Dado

 The Complaint by Rosalie

Rosalie respon!ent"#

Rosalie is the o$ner o% Ro%er&ane '(il!in) in 'aclaran.

* year a%ter the commencement o% the lease, Rosalie, thro()h co(nsel, sent the spo(ses a latter !eman!in)
payment o% bac+ rentals an! sho(l! they %ail to !o so to acate the lease! c(bicles.

-hen spo(ses !i! not hee! Rosalies !eman!, she /le! a complaint %or (nla$%(l !etainer  !ama)es a)ainst them.
he attache! to the complaint a contract o% lease oer 2 c(bicles in Ro%er&ane 'l!).

 The *ns$er by po(ses atip

atip petitioner"#

 The lease o% the 2 c(bicles ha! alrea!y

alrea!y been pai! in %(ll as ei!ence! by receipts sho$in) payment to Rosalie
Rosalie o% 
the total amo(nt o% 32,470,000. There $ere 5 receipts in Rosalies han!$ritin).
1. 32
2. 3400  
5. 370  

po(ses also aerre! that sometime in October 1999, Rosalie oere! %or sale lease ri)hts oer 2 c(bicles. ain) in
min! the bris+ sale o% )oo!s !(rin) the Christmas season, they rea!ily accepte! Rosalies oer to p(rchase lease
ri)hts. The imme!iate payment o% 32 $o(l! be (se! to /nish constr(ction o% the b(il!in) )iin) them /rst
priority in the occ(pation o% the /nishe! c(bicles. *n! as soon as the 2 c(bicles $ere /nishe!, po(ses occ(pie!

po(ses aerre! that the contract o% lease they si)ne! ha! been noate! by their p(rchase o% lease ri)hts o% the
s(b:ect c(bicles. Th(s, they $ere s(rprise! to receie a !eman! letter %rom Rosalies co(nsel.

;TCs R(lin)#

<n %aor o% Rosalie. <t or!ere! the spo(ses to acate an! pay rent arreara)es, 10= increase in the rent, attys %ees
an! cost o% s(it.

RTCs R(lin)#

Reerse! TCs r(lin). po(ses atio co(l! not be e:ecte! (ntil the e&piration o% the lease perio!.

<t !i! not )ie cre!ence

cre!ence to the contract o% lease since it $as not notari>e! an! incomplete, lac+in)#
1. i)nat(r
i)nat(ree o% ?er!
inan!,, Rosali
es h(sban!
2. i)nat(r
es o%
o% po(se
po(ses s atip the 1 st pa)e
atip on the
5. peci/c
peci/c !ates
!ates %or
%or the
the term
term o% the
the contra
@. ;&act
;&act !ate
!ate o% e&ec(ti
on o% the !oc(me
!oc(ment nt
4. 3rois
ion %or payment o% !eposit
!eposit or a!ance
a!ance rental
rental $hich is s(ppose!ly
s(ppose!ly (ncommon
(ncommon in bi) commerc
ial lease

 The entire
entire lease rentals
rentals %or the
the 2 c(bicles %or 6 years
years ha! alrea!y
alrea!y been pai!
pai! in the amo(nt
amo(nt o% 32.

RTC shot !o$n Rosalies claim that the 32 $as simply )oo!$ill payment by by prospectie lessees to their
lessor, an! not payment %or the p(rchase o% lease ri)hts. The co(rt sai! that apart %rom her bare alle)ations,
Rosalie !i! not a!!(ce ei!ence to s(bstantiate this claim.

C*s R(lin)#

Reerse! RTCs !ecision an! reinstate! ;TCs !ecision.

 The alle)e!
alle)e! !e%ects in the contract o% lease !i! not ren!er the contract ineectie.

On the issue of whether the amount of P2M+ merely constituted payment of goodwill money, the CA too !udicial
notice of this common practice in the area of Baclaran, especially around the "edemptorist Church# According to
CA, this !udicial notice was $olstered $y the %oint &worn Declaration of the stallholders at "ofer'ane Bldg# that they 
all had paid goodwill money to "osalie prior to occupying the stalls thereat#
po(ses atip appeale!.

<A;# -hether po(ses atip sho(l! be e:ecte! %rom the lease! c(bicles.

C B;C<<ON#

Spouses can be ejected since the lease ended in 2! ho"e#e$% the aount o' P2M( ust be
deducted '$o this liabilit) o' spouses to Rosalie*


ections 1 an! 2 o% R(le 129 o% the R(les o% Co(rt !eclare $hen the ta+in) o% :(!icial notice is man!atory or
!iscretionary on the co(rts, th(s tate 3rosec(tors . (ro is instr(ctie.

 The po$er to ta+e :(!icial notice is to be e&ercise! by co(rts $ith ca(tion care m(st be ta+en that the reD(isite
notoriety e&ists an! eery reasonable !o(bt on the s(b:ect sho(l! be promptly resole! in the ne)atie.

Generally spea+in), matters o% :(!icial notice hae three material reD(isites#

1" the matter m(st be one o% common an! )eneral +no$le!)e
2" it m(st be $ell an! a(thoritatiely settle! an! not !o(bt%(l or (ncertain an!
5" it m(st be +no$n to be $ithin the limits o% the :(ris!iction o% the co(rt.

 The principal )(i!e in !eterminin) $hat %acts may be ass(me! to be :(!icially +no$n is that o% notoriety. ence, it
can be sai! that :(!icial notice is limite! to %acts ei!ence! by p(blic recor!s an! %acts o% )eneral notoriety.

 To say that a co(rt $ill ta+e :(!icial notice o% a %act is merely another $ay o% sayin) that the (s(al %orm o% ei!ence
$ill be !ispense! $ith i% +no$le!)e o% the %act can be other$ise acD(ire!. This is beca(se the co(rt ass(mes that
the matter is so notorio(s that it $ill not be !isp(te!. '(t :(!icial notice is not :(!icial +no$le!)e. The mere
personal +no$le!)e o% the :(!)e is not the :(!icial +no$le!)e o% the co(rt, an! he is not a(thori>e! to ma+e his
in!ii!(al +no$le!)e o% a %act, not )enerally or pro%essionally +no$n, the basis o% his action.

 Thin)s o% Ecommon +no$le!)e,F o% $hich co(rts ta+e :(!icial notice, may be matters comin) to the +no$le!)e o% 
men )enerally in the co(rse o% the or!inary e&periences o% li%e, or they may be matters, $hich are )enerally
accepte! by man+in! as tr(e an! are capable o% rea!y an! (nD(estione! !emonstration.

* co(rt cannot ta+e :(!icial notice o% any %act $hich, in part, is !epen!ent on the e&istence or none&istence o% a
%act o% $hich the co(rt has no constr(ctie +no$le!)e.


The atte$ "hich the CA judicial notice o' does not eet the $e+uisite o' noto$iet)* Only C* too+ :(!icial
notice o% this s(ppose! practice to pay )oo!$ill money to the lessor in the 'aclaran area. Rosalie, apart %rom her
bare alle)ation, a!!(ce! no ei!ence to proe her claim that the amo(nt o% 32 simply constit(te! the payment
o% )oo!$ill money. (bseD(ently, Rosalie attache! an anne& to her petition %or reie$ be%ore the C*, containin) a
 :oint !eclaration (n!er oath by other stallhol!ers in Ro%er&ane 'l!). that they ha! pai! )oo!$ill money to Rosalie
as their lessor.

 The reason $hy o(r r(les on ei!ence proi!e %or matters that nee! not be proe! (n!er R(le 129, speci/cally on
 :(!icial notice, is to !ispense $ith the ta+in) o% the (s(al %orm o% ei!ence on a certain matter so notorio(sly
+no$n, it $ill not be !isp(te! by the parties.

o$eer, in this case, the reD(isite o% notoriety is belie! by the necessity o% attachin) !oc(mentary ei!ence, i.e.,
 oint *H!ait o% the stallhol!ers. <n short, the alle)e! practice still ha! to be proen by Rosalie contraenin) the
title itsel% o% R(le 129 o% the R(les o% Co(rtI-hat nee! not be proe!.


On the iss(e o% $hether po(ses o()ht to be e:ecte!, $hat remains in ei!ence is the contract o% lease an! the
receipts. C r(le! that the contract is complete. <t nee! not be si)ne! by the h(sban! as he li+e$ise !i! not si)n
the other t$o receipts. 'esi!es, it is (n!isp(te! that Rosalie o$ns an! leases the stalls th(s, !oin) a$ay $ith the
nee! %or her h(sban!s consent.

On the conJictin) interpretations by the lo$er co(rts o% the receipts amo(ntin) to 32, C hel! that there is
nothin) on the receipts an! on recor! that the payment an! receipt re%erre! to %(ll payment o% rentals %or the $hole
perio! o% the lease. Th(s, since the contract o% lease remaine! operatie, $e /n! that Rosalies receipt o% the
monies sho(l! be consi!ere! as a!ance! rentals on the lease! c(bicles. This concl(sion is bolstere! by the %act
that Rosalie !eman!e! payment.