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University of Pune Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) 404 (C): Strategic Human Resource Management Max. Marks: 50 Time: 2% Hours Note: 2) Each question s of 10 marks 2) Out of following seven questions you ae required to atempt ve 3) Quertion No is compulsory FT a a 4 5} 4 7 What is strategy? Describe importance of strategy in Human Resources Management Wy Industries ae facing shortages in employees and what are the effective ways for dealing with employees shorteges? “strategies are formulated by Advisors and executed by Managers’ are you In agreement with tis? Pease anaiyze the above statement writ detailed report What are the various methodologies of compensation management? Describe the latest trend with special emphasis on variable ay. Detective Human Resource Ptanning can defeat the organizational strategy. Please write cial analysis with specifi emphasis on forecasting tectnigues ‘What is the importance of goals, policies and plans while formulation of human resource strategies with focuson A) Business Level 5] Functional Level Corporate Leve! 2] International Level ‘Write Short Notes on any two ofthe following A) Outsourcing of Human Resource management 5] Human sidein merger and acquisition 1 Retention svateses 5] HRasaprofiteentre University of Pune Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) 404(C)— Strategic HRM Max. Marks : 50 ‘Time: 2% Hours "Note: Answer to Section I & ILare to be written on separate answer sheet. nS Section (25 Marks) L_ Attempt both the questions: Each question carries 10 marks each 1. Deseribe in detail the role of HR as a Value Addition Function in Business with ‘examples foreach area of value ation 2, Traditionally HR Dept has been termed as Cost Centre. Strategically itis a Profit (Centre justify and prove it with various examples and eases. I Writea brief note on the following: ~ question carries S marks 1, HR isa strategie partner in business strategies and its impact on business. ‘Section It (25 Marks) 1. Whats dhe importance of HR as a Business Partner 2. Why is HR critical to company’s performance? 3, People Leave Managers, Not Companies. Please discuss 4, What are retention strategies for small companies? What are their advantages and limitations? 5, Write short notes on (any one) 4. Objectives of Compensation 1b, Job Description Outsourcing asa strategy