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Jobo Virtucio IV Summative No.

Enzo Nebres Concept Paper Matrix

12G February 19, 2019

Topic: Text-Specific Issues (Propaganda)

Definition 1
Propaganda is the act of spreading ideas or information for
helping or damaging an opposing side.

Formal Definition
Definition 2
Propaganda is one of the many forms of spreading
information to promote a cause or inform everyone about
one’s point of view.

Definition 1
Propaganda may also be defined as indoctrination due to the
spreading of ideas to persuade or brainwash a person that
may or may not benefit the person behind it.

Definition by Synonyms
Definition 2
Propaganda may also be labeled as a form of brainwash
since in propaganda, one brainwashes the receivers of
information through persuasion.

Definition 1
For instance, the use of propaganda is seen in the political
field in Senator Trillianes’s “Anti-Duterte” video advertisement,
which focuses on showing the people the bad side of the
Definition by Example Duterte Administration.
Definition 2
For example, the “we can do it!” poster was a form of
propaganda against feminism and a boost in morale from the
Definition 1
Propaganda is like advertising as both serve the purpose of
spreading and sharing information to people for the benefit of
other knowing more about it.
Definition by Comparison
and Contrast Definition 2
Advertising and Propaganda differs from each other due to
advertising’s intent of selling a product or a certain innovation
while propaganda utilizes imagery to change people’s
perspectives or attitudes.
Definition by Etymology Definition 1
According to Online Etymology Dictionary (n.d.) Propaganda

English for Academic and Professional Purposes: Summative No. 4 (Concept Paper) Page 1 of 5
originated from “1718, "committee of cardinals in charge of
Catholic missionary work," short for Congregatio de
Propaganda Fide "congregation for propagating the faith," a
committee of cardinals established 1622 by Gregory XV to
supervise foreign missions.”

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1. Choose a partner and a topic as well from the list in your account.
2. Define, explain, elaborate your chosen topic by giving different definitions using various
techniques in explaining a concept.

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3. Make sure to paraphrase the definitions that you will get from your sources except those
terms which cannot be paraphrased like technical terms.
4. There are seven (7) techniques but I will only ask you to give me five (5).
5. Give at least two definitions per technique.
6. A sample is given below:

Topic: Anxiety

Definition 1
Formal Definition
(This is the most common Anxiety is the feeling of discomfort that is rooted from the
technique or way of defining. brain, a result of man’s freedom, and a main category with
You use the genus (general
category) and the differentia primary components, normal anxiety and anxiety disorder.
(how is it different from the Definition 2
others) to explain your Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness of what is to happen in the
Definition by Etymology Anxiety is derived from the two Latin words anxietas and
(This is defining by giving the
origin of the word.) anxius. According to Online Etymological Dictionary(n.d.),
(If you are going to use this anxietas means anguish and solicitude while anxius means
technique, only one definition
is needed) uneasy and troubled in mind.
Definition 1
Anxiety impacts the physical and emotional condition of a
person. For physical, an anxious person perspires
Definition by Synonyms
(Just give other definitions excessively, feels dizzy and breathes rapidly. (Anxiety
that are closely related with
Symptoms, n.d.).
the formal definition.)
Definition 2
Meanwhile, for emotional, a person experiencing anxiety is
obsessively suspicious and has a hard time focusing.
Definition 1
Even if anxiety is defined as a feeling of nervousness, this
should not be mistaken for fear. Fear is the body’s negative
Definition by Negation
emotional reaction to a known and real danger (Ankrom,
(Define it by explaining what
it is not.) 2018). Meanwhile, anxiety is the response of the body due to
the thinking of the possibility of a danger.
Definition 2
-Just give another one.
Definition by Example Definition 1
(Simply elaborate the topic
For example, a person who is afraid of spiders encounters a
by giving examples.)
spider. Most likely, the person’s body would trigger the feeling

English for Academic and Professional Purposes: Summative No. 4 (Concept Paper) Page 4 of 5
of uneasiness.
Definition 2
For instance, while you are walking, you feel anxious just by
thinking of a terrorist attacking you.

Other Types:
1. Definition by Function: What is the purpose of your topic?
2. Definition by Analysis: Compare and contrast your topic with others.

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