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Course Schedule of Classes and Lectures

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenovsky University),

Тhe Department of dental surgery of dental faculty

Topic of practical of classes on dental surgery

academic year of 2018-2019 5 course

For the period from 04.09.2018 for 18.12.2018 15 training sessions

№ Topic of practical classes Date
1 2 3
1. Tumor-like formations of soft tissues of the face and mouth. Clinic, diagnostics, treatment 04.09.2018
2. Tumor-like formations of jaws. Clinic, diagnostics, treatment. The cysts of the jaws. Etiology, 11.09.2018
pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment.
3. Specific inflammatory diseases. 18.09.2018
Actinomycosis, tuberculosis, syphilis. HIV infection. Etiology and pathogenesis. Ways of infection.
Manifestations in the oral cavity clinic, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment
4. Colloquium 25.09.2018
5. General principles of surgical treatment of periodontal disease. Basic and advanced techniques of 02.10.2018
surgery on the periodontium. Indications and contraindications for surgery. Performance criteria for
surgery. The choice of surgical treatment tactics. Vestibulum, frenulum, mucogingival plastic.
Indications. Engineering operations, complications
6. Materials used during surgery on the periodontium. Principles of treatment furkatsionnyh defects. 09.10.2018
Periodontal indications for tooth removal. Endo-periodontal defects (periodontal treatment tactics).
7. Colloquium 16.10.2018
8. Anatomical background dental implantation. The phenomenon of osseointegration, the factors 23.10.2018
affecting the optimization of the process. Morphological features of healing of bone injuries, bone
contact area - implant. Indications and contraindications to the use of dental implants. Diagnosis and
treatment planning patients with dental implants. Primary and secondary methods of examination
required for treatment planning with the help of dental implants. Medication support implantation and
related reconstructive surgery. Surgical instruments used during the installation of dental implants and
reconstructive interventions on the jaw bones.
9. Types of implants, and features a variety of implant systems. Single-stage and two-stage approach in 30.10.2018
the use of dental implants. Prosthetics on implants, the general principles. Implantation of a complex
clinical situations. Features prosthesis using different implant systems. Features prosthesis with single-
stage and two-stage implantation technique. Construction of various types of prostheses on dental
implants. Justification of the professional oral hygiene during implantation and reconstructive
interventions on the jaw bones.
10. Types of defects and deformations of the jaw alveolar / alveolar. Local bone defects. The cause, the 06.11.2018
types of local bone defects, principles directed regeneration of bone tissue, surgical methods of
elimination of local bone defects.
11. Colloquium 13.11.2018
12. Bone grafting of the jaws, plastic autologous bone grafts, plastic allogeneic bone grafts, bone 20.11.2018
substitutes for plastic, synthetic bone, stimulating bone formation with osteoplastic operations.
13. Osteoplastic surgery: sinus lift, inferior alveolar nerve lateralization, guided bone regeneration using 27.11.2018
membranes, the alveolar ridge splitting, compression-distraction osteogenesis.
14. Complications of dental implantation, early: perforation of the cortical bone and broke off the wall, 04.12.2018
opening the alveoli of the neighboring teeth, perforation of the maxillary sinus, the pushing of the
implant in the maxillary sinus, nasal cavity bottom perforation, perforation of the mandibular canal,
and damage to the inferior alveolar nerve, bleeding.
15. Late inflammatory complications: periimplantitis (causes, classification, treatment methods) 11.12.2018
16. The final Colloquium. 18.12.2018

Head instructor, professor /__________ S.V. Tarasenкo

Professor’s assistant /___________ Е.А. Morozova

«_27__»_ аugust___2018___г.

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