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Tejas Bogguram Vasudev
(469) 486-1197


3728 Aransas Dr.

Plano, TX 75025
Activities involved

(469) 486-1197
❖ National Honors Society
❖ Mu Alpha Theta Club
EMAIL ❖ UIL Business applications and accounting
❖ Computer Science club president of the year 2018
❖ Vice president of chess club
WEBSITE ❖ Badminton club member
❖ Robotics club member
❖ Member of the history club
High School Skills
Liberty High School
→ Microsoft office tools
→ Experience with eclipse, blue j, Xcode, and
Microsoft Visual Studios
→ Can currently program in java, swift, C#
→ Currently learning Python, CSS, Java script,

Work And Volunteering Experience

❖ Working as a Grader in Brest Brain

Graded the work and notebooks submitted by the students
attending the classes provided
3 years of java experience,
with different problem ❖ Train and Help Babies
solving skills, also have 1 Sold raffle tickets as part of donations to fund new born babies
year experience with C# ❖ NRIVA DFW
and Swift - used my C#
skills to build my own sold raffle tickets to fund the event happening
game for Xbox. Have also ❖ Mind Bender Academy
created my own game for Introduce middle schoolers to programming and other concepts
iPhone using swift. through a web based ide
❖ Telugu Association of North Texas
Helped organize the group of events
Stacks Academic Performance
Liberty High School
Frisco, Tx - 75035
→ GPA: 3.6/4.0
Java, C#, Swift
→ AP Courses: AP computer Science, AP chemistry, AP physics1,
AP physics2, AP Government, AP calculus.
Tools and programs: → College Level Courses: Advanced Computer science, Computer
Maintance, Cisco Networking, Introduction to engineering
Microsoft office, Adobe
→ Highlights: Completed Algebra 2 on my Own, Xbox game, iPhone
Photoshop, Inventor,
game developed by me.
Cisco Packet Tracer,
Network Putty, Eclipse,
Blue J, Xcode, Microsoft
Visual Studios, Git Hub,
Trello. Personal Highlights

 Hobbies: Work on computer science projects, Volunteer, Learn new

computer languages
 Languages I can Speak: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
 Languages I can Read and Write: English, Hindi, Kannada
 Provide It industry development speeches in computer science club every
two weeks once
 Have attended robotics classes outside of school TEJAS
(469) 486-1197 B O G G U R A M VA S U D E V