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Name of School: ESPERANZA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Specialization/Subjects Handled: SCIENCE-JHS

21st Century Level of Self-Learning Time Barriers/ Solution/
Target KSAV Resources
Literacies Competency Activities Framework Challenges Action points
- Knowledge and -Attend/ Every -Personal -Conflict of time - Collaborate with
skills in the participate summer Funds with school MAPEH teachers to
integration of training- break from related duties spearhead a school-
Arts and workshops 2019 to -School/ funded training-
Creativity in focusing on Arts 2023 MOOE -Insufficient workshops related
problem-solving and Creativity Funds funding and to Arts and
support Creativity to be
-Skills in - Technical participated by all
The preparing - Support - Lack of interest teachers
Arts and DEVELOPING instructional Attend/participate funded by in Arts and
Creativity materials training- school Creativity -Grab the
appropriate for workshops on opportunity to
Kinaesthetic type construction of participate when
of learners instructional there are offered
materials related
workshops offered
by the department

Ecoliteracy GOOD -Values and - Attend symposia June 2019 to -Personal -Lack of personal - Seek financial
Attitudes and seminars on May 2023 Funds fund assistance and save
towards Integrity Global and money for the
of Creation Environmental - Financial planned self-
issues Support -Conflict of time learning activities
with school
- Participate in -School/ related duties - Give/set time to
every activities MOOE participate
promoting Funds inseminars and
environmental trainings
awareness and its -Inconsistency on - Request the
sustainability the program’s concerned
conducted by implementation by authorities or
DENR and DepEd the concerned department to
department conduct regular
activities about
awareness program

Cyber- GOOD - Knowledge and - Enrol inshort- June 2019 to - Financial -Insufficient funds -Seek financial
literacy skills in the courses on the use May 2023 and Technical for trainings and assistance and save
(Computer application of of ICT Support workshops money for the
and ICT in classroom planned self-
ICT) instruction - Continue to use -School/ - Time learning activities
of multimedia in MOOE Management in
the conduct of Funds handling classes - Give/set time to
classes and using ICT enrol and study
making - ICT computer related
instructional Resources - Lack of technical courses.
materials, class such as computer skills
presentations and Televisions, - Peer-coaching and
computing of Desktop - Lack of usable learn from
grades computers, and functional colleagues who are
Laptop, ICT materials and expert in computers
-Consistently Projectors poor internet through Learning
involve and and Screens connection Partnership
collaborate with Program (LPP)
the students’ - Strong and during SLAC
learning through fast Internet session.
hands on activities connection
using computers - Upgrade the
to keep abreast internet speed
and research on
the latest
innovations and

- Attitudes and - Attend seminars All year - Financial - Financial - Seek help and
Values towards on Financial round from Resources Constraints financial advice
Personal Management 2019 (Money and from experts
Finances and its onwards Savings) - Multiple
management - Read journals, financial expenses - Save and invest
publications, - Reliable and obligations money
magazines and Reading
Financial research on wise Resources - Lack of savings - Self-discipline on
Literacy DEVELOPING ways to handle handling and
finances - Moral and - Insufficient spending personal
Financial income finances
- Engage in an support from
income generating family, - Unexpected - Spend money only
personal projects friends and expenses on the priority basic
and livelihood colleagues needs

Media DEVELOPING - Knowledge and -Attend seminar- June 2019 to - Financial - Insufficient - Give/set time to
Literacy skills in the area workshops on May 2023 and Technical funds to support attend seminar-
of information developing/ Support and materialize workshops
and enhancing skills in the planned self-
communication integrating and -School/ learning activities - Seek financial and
through using media tools MOOE technical assistance
application in teaching- Funds - Conflict of time
media in learning process with school
teaching- related duties
learning process
- Utilize - Multimedia - Lack of usable -Ask support from
ICT-accessed Resources and functional the administration
multimedia such as ICT materials and and colleagues to
instructional Televisions, poor internet address the barriers
materials in Radios,Deskt connection
teaching op computers
and Laptops
- Subscribe in
local news, social - Strong and
and educational fast Internet
media connection

- Attitudes and - Engage in work- June 2019 - - Lack of time and -Find and set time
Values towards related and onwards Engagemento chances to engage to attend seminars
the development professional social f colleagues in the activities and socialization
of Social skills gatherings and in social activities
and Emotional activities activities - Time conflict
intelligence due to work- -Study about Stress
- - Related related duties Management to
Social/ Attend/participate seminars increase Emotional
Emotional seminars related - Insufficient Intelligence
Literacy to improving -Professional personal funds
one’s social and Socialization - Conduct annual
emotional literacy programs and school-based
activities Professional
- Join and become Growth and
active member of - Personal Development
professional Funds program with all
organizations in staff and colleagues
the society
- Attitudes and - Attend symposia Every -Personal -Lack of financial -Seek financial
Values in and seminars Month of Funds and personal assistance and
developing a focusing on December funds to attend the moral support from
culture of respect globalization and from 2019 - Financial related activities the concerned
for Cultural cultural activities. to 2023 Support authorities to
diversity and - Time conflict pursue the planned
Globalization - Community -Moral due to work- activities
exposure Support related duties
-Find and set time
- Read and - Computer - Lack of support to attend seminars
Globalization research and Internet from the and conduct the
and information about Access concerned self-learning
Multicultural DEVELOPING global and multi- resources for implementing activities
Literacy cultural issues, research bodies/authorities
purposes -Coordinate with
the barangay
council for

- Conduct outreach
programs to be
conducted during
near Christmas time

Learner’s Name and Signature:ARNOLD C. PAGDATO Reviewed/Approved by: NILDA B. DRILON, Ed.D
Flexible Learner Principal II, ENHS-Main
GURO21/Batch11/Class 09





Education plays a constant dynamism and transformation. As the world traverse from generation to generation,
educational system poses changes and challenges that every person should adhere to. We should continue learning new things
to respond to the fast-paced transformations in order keep abreast with the system, the 21 st Century Education. In today’s
education system, it is a must for every individual to be equipped with necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values
(KSAV’s) in order to become 21st century educator/learner.

In the quest to quench our thirst for KSAV’s, we engage in a numerous activities like trainings, seminars, workshops,
demonstrations and the like. We can acquire learning formally in an educational institution, informal learning through enrolling
courses and non-formal learning through multimedia channels such as computers and internet. Definitely through these, we can
widen and enrich our knowledge and as a result we share and interrelate effectively with our fellows, colleagues and most
important, with our students/learners.

As educators, our aim is to provide our students/learners with up-to-date information especially in this modern world
wherein technologies have dominated every aspect of people’s lives. It is imperative for us to alert of the new trends and
innovations so we can become reliable, trustworthy 21st century facilitators in the teaching-learning process.

To achieve this goal, a good planning and its implementation is necessary. For me, enrolling in GURO21 enable me to
assess my weak, developing, good and strong 21st century learning literacy areas and think deeply something that would
improve my developing levels and further enhance my good levels of competency towards the attainment my plan and vision
as 21st century teacher. I realize the importance understanding myself so that I can carry on the qualities of modern teacher.

Designing my Personal Lifelong Learning Plan is not an easy task since it entails not only planning but requires careful
higher thinking evaluation of myself if I am equipped with the KSAV’s needed for the 21 st century education. It also requires of
making sure that the self-learning activities and action points will be put into action to achieve something productive on my
part and for the students as well. Upon designing and writing this plan, I anchored it according to the letters of my name,
In order for me to achieve the lifelong learning plan and become effective and efficient 21 st century teacher,
I believe that I should be Adaptable in the sense that I should adapt with the changes and challenges that I may face in my
journey in lifelong learning process. Along with being adaptable, I must be Resourceful to carry on the tasks to give an
optimum learning for my learners. I realized that it demands time and efforts to develop creativity especially, in integrating
skills in the teaching-learning process. Constant association and collaboration with others build confidence at the same time
learning from them can help if we imitate the positive practices.

Looking through the challenges and barriers in the plan can foster negative thoughts. To deal and carry on the plans,
I believe that with proper support and resources can be a powerful weapon to change negativity into Noble thinking. Aside
from this, seeking help from stakeholders, LGU’s and other support group, plans can be materialized. The target KSAV’s and
self-learning activities might be difficult to achieve, but being Optimistic, everything will be possible. Thinking of this plan to
be implemented is not an easy task, but once it starts to gradually accomplish, it will give us positive assurance that we will be
focused and guided towards our lifelong learning process. Implementation of this plan might take several challenges, but along
the way, our strong Determination will bear positive results leading ourselves to develop of becoming a real 21 st century
educator and facilitator of learning. The plan will help grow and develop holistically and equipped with 21 st century KSAV’s
not only in the lives of teachers and future of our learners but also in the betterment of our society.

Flexible Learner, GURO21/Batch11/Class09