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The Minnedosa

Since 1883
Volume 137 Issue 3 Friday, March 29, 2019 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE Richardson Pioneer Donates $12,500

this week
to Clanwilliam Curling Club

O n Thursday, March
21st, Geoff Pater-
son, Grain Merchant at
Minnedosa’s Richardson
Pioneer, presented Liz

Boyd Grant Davies, Clanwilliam Curl-

ing Club treasurer, with a
cheque in the amount of
Releases $12,500. The funding was
approved by the Richard-
Memoir son Foundation to assist

the group in upgrades for
the facility.
Richardson Founda-
tion explains the history
of the organization as fol-
lows; “Since 1857, James
Richardson and Sons
Limited has maintained
a strong belief in giving
back to the communi-
ties in which they serve,
and that belief continues
today. It’s a commitment
borne of respect and ap- Photo by Karen Mitchell

New Office preciation for the places

our customers and em-
Geoff Paterson, Grain Merchant at Minnedosa’s Richardson Pioneer, presents a cheque in the
amount of $12,500 to Liz Davies, Clanwilliam Curling Club treasurer.
Space on ployees call home and for
the moments that make up

Main Street life beyond the workplace. nadian charitable organi- new paint and upholstery Curling Association dur- skating rink was repaired

In 1957, to commemorate zations in the Visual and on seating, new light- ing that year. The records and in 1953 the roof was
the 100th Anniversary of Performing Arts, Educa- ing, refurbishment of the however only date back removed to make a larger
James Richardson and tion, Youth Initiatives and boards around the ice sur- to 1941 when the earliest open-air skating rink. In
Sons, Limited, corporate Environmental Issues. In face, new hacks and rings, known board members 1967 a new waiting room
philanthropy was initiated 2018, Richardson donated a new hose for flooding the were Archie Thom, Archie for the curling rink was
through the Richardson over $2 million to 92 com- ice and a new sharpened McQuarrie, Hjalmar Hag- completed. The very first
Century Fund. In 2000, munity projects.” blade on scraper. glund, Noble Shaw, Neil Honourary Life Member-
If your label reads this entity was renamed With the generous The Clanwilliam curl- McPherson, Harry Alldritt ship was presented to Neil
19/03/31 the Richardson Founda-
tion and a new vision and
donation, upgrades to the
Clanwilliam rink included
ing rink is believed to have
been built in the years
and Philip McMillan.
Records show that in
McPherson in 1953 and the
following year, Sid Proven
It’s time to renew
mission statement was the installation of cameras leading up to 1914. A certif- 1945 the seasonal curling received the honour.
your subscription!
introduced, focused on on the far end house and icate was obtained show- fees were set at $5.00 for
204-867-3816 helping create sustainable televisions so that viewers ing that the club became men and $3.00 for wom- Continued on
futures for registered Ca- can see the action better, members of The Manitoba en. In 1945 the roof of the Page 9

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