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The manager should apply techniques, skills and knowledge of motivational theory to
help to achieve what they want out of work.
2. The manager’s role is to influence each individual’s behavior and action towards
achievement of some objectives. The manager’s role is to influence each individual’s
behavior and action towards achievement of common organizational objectives. <br
3. For proper motivation among employees, the manager has to create:Conditions
where workers energies are not extended totally in meeting their basic needs.
4. A climate for inter-dependent work rather than dependency.
5. A competitive climate through recognition of good work.
6. A productive climate through personal example
7. A climate approach and problem-solving rather than avoidance, and
8. Motivate individually through guidance and counseling.
9. One of the most powerful motivators the nurse manager can use to create motivating
climate, which is frequently overlooked is positive reinforcement.
10. The positive reinforcement must occur to the event as possible.
11. The reward feedback system must be achievable.
12. Rewards should be unpredictable and intermitant.
13. The following are essential strategies to create a motivating climate for employees.
14. Have a clear expectation for workers, and communicate these expectations
15. Be fair and consistent when dealing with all employees.
16. Be a firm decision maker using an appropriate decision making style.
17. Develop the concept of teamwork. Develop group goals and projects that will build
team spirit.
18. Integrate the staff’s needs and wants with the organizations interest and purpose.
19. Know the uniqueness of each employee. Let each know that you understand his or
her uniqueness.
20. Remove traditional blocks between the employee and the work to be done.
21. Provide experience that challenge or stretch the employee, and allow opportunity for
22. 44. Let employees exercise individual judgement as much as possible.
23. 45. Create a trustful and helping relationship with employees.
24. 46. Let employees exercise as much control as possible over their work environment.
25. 47. Be a role model for employees.The following are the roles and functions of
manager/administrator in creating a motivating climate: <br />ROLE<br />Recognize
each worker as a unique individual who is motivated by different things.<br />Identify
the individual and collective value system of the unit; and implement a reward system
that is consistent with those values.<br />Listen attentively to individual and collective
work values and attitudes to identify unmet needs that can cause dissatisfaction<br
26. Identify achievement, affiliation or power needs of subordinates and develop
appropriate motivational strategies to meet those needs.</li>