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Structural Design Of

Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman

CE 6505
EXAMPLE 1: An 8 lane divided highway is to be
constructed on a new alignment. Traffic volume
forecasts indicate that the average annual daily
traffic (AADT) in both directions during the first
year of operation will be 12
000 with the
following vehicle mix and axle loads.
Passenger cars (1000 Ib/axle) = 50%
2-axle single-unit trucks (5000 Ib/axle) = 33%
3-axle single-unit trucks (7000lb/axle)= 17%

The vehicle mix is expected to remain the same

g the design
g life of the pavement.
p If the
expected annual traffic growth rate is 4% for all

hi l determine
d t i ththe d
ESAL, given
i a
design period of 20 years.
 Solution:
EXAMPLE 2: The projected vehicle mix for a
proposed 2-lane rural highway during its first
year off operation
i i given
is i b l
Passenger cars = 66%
Single unit trucks:
2-axle, 4-tire = 18%
2-axle,, 6 tire = 8%
3-axle or more = 4%
Tractor semi trailers and combination
3 axle
l = 3%
4 axle = 1%

If the first y
year AADT 3000,, and g
growth rate is
5%, and the design period is 20 yr, determine the
accumulated ESAL, using truck factors.
 Solution:
Prof. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman
Prof. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman