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TWENTY » Brick, Stone and Cement Conerete Block Pavement brick paving ls adopted (OF tbe following uses : ase layer fe pave. base of cement '8.ago on the city ‘ages and disadvantages ste the advantages of brick-pavements for HIGHWAY ENGINEERING: BRICK,’ sTONB!AND!CEMENTICONCRETE BLOCK PAVEMENT Lu ° ge is overcome ang sch a8 2 chipping ea expected, parece Ah ks ate Ini on 2 a0 mm thickness COTTON Fig. 201, Brick pavement patteres, uch a thin specification, desirable 202, Stone Block Pavement 2021. Stone block pavement co: Jar of square stone blocks paving the roads in the iway yards, warehouses, transport godowns 22, Advantages cad disedvantages gare the advantages of the specifi 2 RICK, St0Me AND Ceutmur CONCHBTE BLOCE PAYEMLNF 95 202°3, Construction practice The stone block pavement is ui ouetete base, apout. 150 mm thick. A id over the Fasting as 2c The biocks are general wwidex 200-200 mm long. The side: of the bl properly so as Bulges or dep The width st “straight pa he. curbs. 203. Cement Concrete Block Pavement 2031. Precast cement concrete blocs pavements are ‘used in the following Jocations Pedestrian footpa ) Heavily teaflicked locations such as poris and container terminals. ) Roads subjected to wear due to studded tyres vsed ia ‘winter months. ) Desert roads. (2) Locations subject to ') Locations where ) Anfield caxiways, lement. sre laid under und. square and hexagonal shapes « dimension should permit manual bandling.. hickaesses rage of $0120 mia have been used, depecs namfered edges are preferred to sharp edscs ‘ength of about $0 N/mm" is geaer the range 25~3: are also 'y preferre. 2033. Construction practice The slabs are laid over a cushion layer which in turn is laid over a sub-base ular ts are filled elf should not be mete the: